Dirty cop fucks latina beauty hardcore and reality

Dirty cop fucks latina beauty hardcore and reality
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My best mate and roomy bought a girl home one nightas he was fucking her I walked in on them one thing led to another and we both enjoyed a night of pleasure. Her name was Kim and I ended up dating her as she was a very kinky girl and Edd could not handle her erotic suggestions. Kim and I married the following year and for twenty five years we have had a blastwe have been involved with swingerssex clubsand beastiality weekends.

This story starts after we got marriedknowing what Kim was like and me enjoying the samewe tried to find places to go where the we could find sex fun and caravan parks was our first. Arriving late one Friday our caravan was business woman masturbates in pantyhose darknesstrying to find our way in we were assisted by a friendly man who was next door so to speakhe showed us the lights and how to light the gas with that he parted.

Next morning we awoke to a dog barkingout side our window was a huge Great Dane and the guy who helped us the night before. He apologised and asked if we would like a coffee.

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Getting dressedwe wandered out and sat with our neibour a German man called Hank and his friend Kurtplus the huge dog Brutus. These two men were extremly well tanned and looked around 50 ish they told us they had been there for several years and it was the holiday home. As we settled in they became very helpful and often had drinks and food so we could eat togetherBrutus was always hovering around Kim Hank just used to tell him to go away, then one afternoon we were suning ourselves when HankKurt and Brutus came back from the beach and Brutus just went straight for Kim's crouchshe never moved but slightly opened her legs and Brutus licked her inner thighKurt smiledyou liked that didn't youhe asked ,my dog loves ladies.

Later that day we all met for dinneras it was a very hot evening we were all still in our swimmersKim was just in her very skimpy bikini and we men were in our trunkswine flowed and talk soon busty babe takes it in the butt telsev around to sexHank was asking Kim if she liked what Brutus did earlier and weather it got her hotKimtold himshe loved it and asked if he would like to do it again, Hank looked over to me I just gave him a nodwith that he called Brutus over.

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Brutus came over and sat next to Kimshe stroked his head and he rested himself on herthen his nose went to her groin area Kim opened her legs so he could get between themKurt moved closer and told Kim he would help her enjoy the experience. Kurt remover her bikini top to reveal her very now hard and long nipplesKurt started to eat and chew on themKim was now very turned onher legs went wider and she pulled back her sunny leone sex xxx bipi story to reveal her now wet cunt which Brutus was now enjoying his tongue was darting in and out of Kim and Kurt was enjoying her tits and nipples.

Hank suggested we move into there caravan so we could all enjoy Kim.

Hanks sat on the edge of the bed holding one hell of a cockWaiting on her ass full on ezzerscom removed Kim's bikini and his trunkshe then got Kim on all fours kneeling in front of Hankthen invited Brutus to tongue Kim from behindI watched Brutus tongue Kim's ass and cunt then Kurt held Brutus back and started to fuck Kim and told her to suck Hank's cockBrutus was frantic and wanted to get back to Kim's ass ,it was then I saw Brutus stating to get an erection and wanting to mount Kim.

Kurt finally pulled out and he helped Brutus mount her asshis cock was waving all over the place Kurt held him and guided Brutus to her openingBrutus humped and humped finally he found the mark and hid cock went deep in Kim.

Brutus fucked rapidly then suddenly he knotted and his cock expanded she let out an almighty scream and he filled her with cum ! Kurt held her tight and told her what to expectsometime later Brutus releases him self as he came out cum gushed Kim then sucked Hank till he blew then Kurt filled her mouth up. As we sat around after Kurt asked if we would like to come to there farm for a few daysKim asked what did they have in mindHank repliedwe breed miniature ponies and the stallion needs relief now and then are you interested, Kim smiled and asked if they thought she could take the stallions cockyou took my fist and arm earlier and never flinchedso yes you are perfect.

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The weekend soon came as we drove to there farm Kim and I talked about how erotic it was going to be and looking forward to,seeing her take a ponies cock. Hank kissed her as we arrivedKurt was busy in the kitchen getting dinner readylater that night after dinner it was suggested that we get naked and have some fun. We men sat on the couch and Kim sucked us one by oneI came first as usuallthen I watched her enjoy both Hank and KurtI loved watching her suck men off and especially watching them fuck her hard and blowing deep in herwhich both Hank and Kurt did that night.

Next day they took us una buena follada para las hippies servipornocom to the stable to see the stallion,he was so cute and very blackHank rubbed his coat and stroked his backthat got him to release his cock from his sheath and boy was it a huge cock for a small ponieit had a huge bell headKurtsmiledyou want that Kimyes please she begged.

Hank explained need how it was going to happenwe then went into the room where it would take placethere was a leather cradle about two foot of the floor which Kim would be lying in and eat her side she would have her ankles in leather loops so her legs would be wide apart exposing her open cunt to the stallionthe bar above Kim's head would hold the stallions front legsso he does not hurt Kim and would give him access to the target.

Time came and we went down to the stable block, Kim was placed in the cradle and her legs were placed in the leather strapsKurt knelt between her legs and lubed her all over her tummy and ass he then fingered her she moaned and he went a little further and fisted her up to his elbowhe looked at hersmilledand said you will enjoy his cock. Hank led in Jock the stallionJock was restless and made some silly noises Hank helped jock mount the barJocks cock was all over the place and it looked huge and thickKurt had to help his guide it to Kim's cuntit found its mark and Jock started to enter Kimas he pushed her cucnt opened up and took the headher head went back and she let out a huge gasp then spokeGod he is huge love the size give me moorjock started to rythemly fuck Kim and moor and moor of his cock disappeared she took the lot and wanted moorshe was taking around 13 inches and must have been at least 8 inches roundJock suddenly snorted and he blewshe screamed as he camefuck he is filling me up and with that her tummy expandedJock was pulling out and he was still cumming cum covered her body and it was oozing out all over the floorwe all have her around of applausethat weekend Jock fucked twice moor

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