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Sexy escorts jynx maze selena rose fuck the same dude digital playground
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From Lonely Housewife to Perverted Slut Chapter 18 re-posted Edited by a friend. True Story, Anal, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Erotica, Exhibitionism, Group Sex, Interracial, Males / Female, Wife, Written by women Author's infos Gender: female Age: N/A Location: N/A Originally Posted Sun 28th of June 2015 No persons involved in sexual acts or even witnessing the same are included in this series under the age of consent.

A person under the age of consent may be mentioned in passing but he or she as the case may be is only casually attached or included in this series as a casual informal non-participant in any fornication of any nature.

Mariarsquos big tits need a big bra version was modified by Geo.Venereal Introduction: on going story about Joan and new Neighbors From Lonely Housewife to Perverted Slut Chapter 18 My Neighbor Coaches I went to the kitchen where I put on my knee length spring coat so that I was covered enough to go out in public and catch the bus.

I didn't drive so had to take the bus to the Junior College and didn't want my neighbors to see me half nude even though I had gotten it on with my next door black neighbor and the black neighbor across the street a few times. They were both coaches, the neighbor across the street the basketball coach and the neighbor next door the football coach. IF ANYONE WANTS TO READ HOW I MET AND GOT IT ON WITH THEM PLEASE ASK ME TO SEND YOU THOSE ADVENTURES.

However, I also had some elderly white nosy neighbors and I didn't want them reporting to my husband what I was wearing or lack of wearing.

My new husband Paul and I had just moved into our new home and were living there a few years when our old neighbors the nosy elderly white couples one next door and one across the street moved out.

I think they moved into the same senior retirement home. I really didn't care I was just glad they moved. I won't go into detail about my neighbors moving into the two houses but to say they were black and muscular.

I found out the neighbors that were moving in were both coaches at the Junior College in another community neighborhood. The one across the road was the football coach while the one next door was the basketball coach. Both coaches were in their early thirties. As you know from reading about my other adventures I like to be kinky while cheating on my husband. I like to be cheating so close to my husband I could actually get caught cheating on him.

I have never in all our years of marriage been caught cheating on him. I of course introduced myself to my neighbor across the street once he moved in. Why wouldn't I he was such a muscular hunk of a man and being black just added to his hot looks.

As you know after reading my adventures or you should know I am a cock lover the bigger the better. Mark was very polite when I introduced myself to him as his neighbor across the street. We got around to talking about our spouses and I told him my husband was a lousy lover and he told me so was his wife. The only reason she married him was because he was going to play for the big leagues but injured himself so couldn't play.

His wife liked to mix with the famous wives and go to social events but as far as giving him good sex that was a waste of time. He had plenty of fans come after him but once they found out how big his cock was they backed off. So of course I had to know just how big his cock was being a cock lover and all. "My cock is actually just over ten inches and as big around as a pop can.

That's why most girls think it's took big for them to handle. So I never get a decent blow job. The most a girl or woman can take in their mouth is just a little over my cock head. Most can't even take that, they just lick it. The most I have gotten inside a woman's pussy is my cock head. Man the times I have had to jack off is unbelievable." He said with pride in his voice.

We were standing in front of his house and anyone could see us. "It's not that I don't believe you Mark but if I step in front of you could you pull your cock out and show me?" I asked. "You've got to be kidding right in front here." Mark said. "You are a kinky woman.

I bet if any woman that can do my cock justice it's you." "I'd like to show you just how kinky I am if you let me that is. Your wife has left for some kind of meeting. Right?" I asked. "That's right her stupid girlfriend came and got her just after breakfast. What do you have in mind?" "Lets go behind your sport's car and I'll show you.

My husband will be leaving for work soon so it makes it all that much more kinky." I said. "That is you are kinky enough for me." "I am lets go behind the car. I'll lead the way." Mark said while smiling. As soon as we got behind Mark's sport's car I looked up and said. "First show me what you have and you better not have been lying about the size of your cock." "I wasn't but I'm not hard so it won't be as big as it get's when I'm hard." "Just show me." I said smiling up into Mark's handsome face as I ran my hands over his muscular bare arms.

"My but you have nice muscles." "Thanks Joan. I work out enough to earn those muscles and my legs are muscular as well not to mention the muscle between my muscular legs." "Well pull down those sweats and show me then." I said rubbing my hips up against his big bulge.

Mark pulled his sweats down and his bulging jockstrap came into view. "Don't stop there." "Don't worry I'll show you it all." Mark said tugging his jockstrap over his huge bulge. He wasn't kidding his cock soft had to be over seven inches and uncut. Wow even soft it was so big around. I pulled my dress open until my huge breasts came bouncing out. "How do you like these." I said leaning over and taking Mark's cock in my hands.

Yes, hands it was so big it took both my hands to hold it. I liked his huge low hanging balls that had to be stuffed full of cum they were so heavy. I pushed my dress down over my hips and let it fall to the ground and stood totally nude in front of Mark. "How do you like my body big boy?" I asked. "I like it but you said something about your husband coming out to go to work soon and your behind my car nude?" "I know so what you still your T-shirt on. Come on and take off the rest of your sweats and jockstrap Mark." I said bending over grabbing his sweat pants and tugging them down sexy and horny brunette at the car wash muscular legs as well as with his jockstrap.

When I got to his feet he lifted one at a time and stepped out of then and stood only wearing his runners and socks. I once more took a hold of his huge cock that was starting to swell up and licked his foreskin. "Mmmmm that tastes good for a coming attraction and I took his cock head in my mouth as it grew harder and stiffer I ran my tongue over his cock head.

It was soon it's full pop can thick over a ten inch hard cock. I let Mark take a hold of my head as I took more of his thick cock in my mouth taking a deep breath. I knew I'd be able to swallow it all but wanted to take my time "Fuck you're not kidding you can take a cock.

You have more in your mouth than any woman has ever taken in their mouth before. You're still swallowing it. Oh yes, suck that cock." Mark moaned gripping my head between his large hands as he shoved his cock down my throat without me choking. "Shit you're not even choking. You're an amazing slut." I could only moan around his pop can thick cock.

He suddenly slammed his cock all the way down my throat until his big balls smacked my bottom lip. He started to pull his cock out of my throat when I heard Paul from across the street. "Hello have you seen my wife. She's about five six wearing a light blue dress with long dark blonde hair and hazel eyes. You wouldn't have missed her with her huge breasts." I heard Paul ask.

"No man." Mark groaned. "Sorry but I have to fix my car engine or I'd help you look for her." "That's one great car you have." Paul said. "Can I have a look at it. I'd come over now but I'm late for the construction site. If you see my wife tell her I had to leave for the site.

She'll understand. You'll have to come over sometime so we can get acquainted. I was still on my knees just behind Mark's car with his cock down my throat. He let go of my head and I moved my head until only his big cock head was in my mouth. No sooner was his cock out of my throat with his cock head in my mouth I started to swallow his big cock again. I heard Mark groan in lust.

"Oh yes, yes." "What did you say?" Paul asked. "Nothing I was just talking to myself about my car engine." Mark moaned as I kept swallowing his big cock. He took a hold of my head between his large hands and shoved his cock deeper in my throat. "Well have yourself a good day, my name is Paul. Nice to meet you." Paul said. Mine is Mark. I'd come over and shake your hands but like I said I have my hands full just now.

Nice to meet you Paul." Mark answered thrusting forward causing more of his thick ten inch cock down my throat and pulled it sexy split by gabriela pliant webcam girl teaser of my throat holding my head with his big hands.

He was right his hands were full but not fixing his car. I heard a car starting up and I imagined it was Paul. "Don't worry about your husband he is driving away now." I kept my mouth wrapped around Mark's thick cock. I figured he would understand I could have cared less about Paul driving away. I had something much better to think about. He thrust his cock down my throat again and brought it out until only his cock head was remaining in my mouth.

"Wow can you swallow my cock. I've never had anyone suck my cock like you're doing. You're a real natural slut." I wanted to thank Beautiful gal is giving nice blow girlfriend homemade for his praise but my mouth was overly full of his huge cock head at the moment as he thrust his hips forward causing me to swallow his cock again. My throat was overly full of his pop can thick cock.

"I can even see the shape of my cock in your neck every time I push my cock down your lovely throat." Mark kept fucking my throat with his big cock for another couple of minutes before he moaned. "I'm cumming bitch. Take all my cum." I felt my throat expanding as his huge cock spurted his cum down my throat. He pulled his hard cock out of my throat spurting another load all over my tongue before shoving his cock deep in my throat again.

"That's one saved up load bitch. Now for another." Mark moaned as he started to pull his stiff cock out of my throat. "This time I think I'd rather fuck you inside the living room." Pulling his cock out of my mouth and helping me stand up. He picked me up in his big strong black arms and carried me into his house. He laid me on the couch and moved around and on top of me aiming his thick black cock at my wet puffy cunt lips and pressed it inside me. I felt as his big cock head fit inside me.

I moaned. "Oh yes Mark push that big cock in my hot pussy. I really need your cock in my pussy." "Wow you really weren't kidding you do like cock. At this point most women are asking me to take my cock out of them including my wife.

Oh yes, yes I'll give you my cock." Mark moaned pushing more of his pop can thick ten inch cock. I tried to help Mark by pushing my hips up to receive his thick cock and get pleasure as his cock pressed against my hard clit.

"Oh yes push it all the way in me Stud." I moaned continuing to push my butt off the couch. Mark suddenly rammed his entire beer can thick cock into my wet pussy and groaned. "I can't believe my cock is all the way in your hot pussy slut. Wow this feels the best ever." He slowly pulled his cock out of my pussy only to ram it back inside me. He pumped in and out of my pussy for at least a half hour before he shouted. "I'm cumming bitch. Take my cum.

I can't believe how great it feels to actually fuck a hot pussy." "You will have to fuck me more often. You're so hot and I love that big thick black cock pumping into my hot pussy." I moaned as Mark pulled his big cock out of my pussy and spurted a huge load over my head and into my hair. Mark and I cuddled for a while before he told me he had to go to the gym and work out before heading out to talk to the team. I was sorry he had to leave so soon. I would have loved for Mark to fuck me again.

I remembered my dress was still outside behind Mark's sports car so I went outside and put my dress on. Mark got dressed and drove off as I went home. It was a couple of days after getting it on with Mark when my next door neighbor Ted moved in.

He was the Junior College school basketball coach and was he ever tall. He had to be close to seven feet tall and dark brown with sparkling brown eyes not to mention a hot muscular body. I had seen him when I got home from the gym.

He was moving in next door. He was standing watching his movers as they were taking a couch inside. The movers were also hot, two teenager black muscular movers that were at least six four if not taller. I walked up the sidewalk and over to where he was standing. "Hello, I'm Joan your next door neighbor, welcome to the neighborhood. Mark was telling me about you Ted." I said.

"Hello Joan you're one up on me then. Mark told me about you and your hot time in his lane way and then in his living room. Is it true you took his entire cock down your throat?" Ted asked. I felt my face heating up and was sure my face must have been turning beet red. "That's me alright and Mark was telling the truth I took his entire cock down my throat and especially into my hot pussy.

Why do you ask Ted?" I asked. "I was hoping you would try me out. My cock is a foot long and at least as thick as Mark's cock. Care to try me out sometime." Ted answered with a big smile. "You don't have to blush I was giving you a complement about Mark. I've only seen his cock soft but he told me it is just over ten inches hard and as big around as a pop can and you took it all. He suggested I get it on with you." "How about right now.

Are you busy?" I asked looking up into Ted's brown eyes. "My husband is having a BBQ in the back yard but he won't be expecting me home for at least an hour we have plenty of time." "My wife is gone for the day with Mark's wife on some kind of committee meeting. My wife and I got married around the same time Mark got married and they might as well be sisters the way they act alike.

My wife like Mark's is more interested in appearances than she is with our marriage. I need a real good fuck and I hear your the one to give it to me.

So lets head inside and upstairs." "Sounds like a wonderful idea." I answered pressing my hand against the huge bulge in his gym shorts. "That feels very impressive Ted." "Let's not waste any time in that case, follow me." Mark answered leading me inside through the living room, up a flight of stairs, down the hall and into a big bedroom with a deck. "Don't stand around get undressed. I'll unzip your dress at the back." Ted moved behind me and undid my dress and pulled down the zipper. As soon as the zipper was undone I wiggled my shoulders as my dress fell from my shoulders dropping to the floor.

I turned around just as Ted pulled his T-shirt over his head revealing his muscular chest and stomach. He pushed his Gym shorts down his muscular legs leaving his well packed jock strap up. He sat down on the side of his bed and kicked off his shorts and stood up.

I walked over and felt his packed jock strap and went to my knees. He was only wearing his socks, runners and jock strap. I tugged his jock strap off orissa indian girlfriend fucked by boyfriend in forest with audio his thick hard cock.

Yes he was definitely hard and ready for what ever I had to offer him. I pulled his jock strap down his muscular legs to his feet. He stepped out of his jock strap one foot at a time. I took a hold of his foot long cock in both my hands not being able to lift it with one hand.

I went right for his low hanging balls and started licking them. "Oh wow they are great tasting." I moaned after licking his balls. "Mmmmmmmmmmmm. You can eat them all up anytime Joan." Ted said looking down at me and smiling. I took one of his big balls in my mouth and swished it around before letting it out and taking his other ball in my mouth. I must have looked like a chipmunk with nuts in his mouth. I spit out his other ball out and kept licking his ball sack.

I finally had to to lick the thick long cock all the way up the underside until I reached his mushroom shaped, purple cock head. It was huge and I had to stretch my mouth as wide as possible to take his cock head in my mouth. I felt his big hands both sides of my head as he I started sinking my head down his thick long cock. I straightened out my neck so my throat could accommodate his thick cock and looked up into Ted's eyes as he looked down hardcore with hawt hotty pornstar and creampie me.

"Wow, I've never in my entire life had a woman take half my cock without choking. You're doing great Joan." I kept letting Ted shove more of his cock in my mouth after taking a deep breath through my nose and letting it out his huge cock entered my throat. He pushed ever so slowly more and more of his cock as his balls came closer and closer. Then his balls slapped my bottom lip and chin. He immediately started pulling his cock from my throat until only his huge cock head remained in my mouth.

Then he shoved his cock slowly in my mouth and back down my throat again. He was still gripping my head as he pulled his cock out of my throat allowing me to take a deep breath before shoving it down my throat again. He kept pumping his cock in and out of my throat faster and harder holding my head in between his huge hands. "I'm getting ready. OH fuck yes." Ted moaned louder and louder as his cock erupted in my throat. I felt his cock expanding even more than it was as it filled my entire throat.

I felt his cum shooting out of his huge cock and straight down my throat toward my stomach without my even being able to have a little taste of it.

He pulled his cock out of my throat until only the head of his cock was in my mouth and he shot another huge load all over my tongue. It tasted nice and salty as well as musky jut like a hot load should taste. He pulled his cock out of my mouth shooting lesbian anal sex ass worship ass sniffing load all over my face. Finally I licked my lips with a large moan. "Oh yes that is tasty I said no that I had finally gotten a taste or two of his hot sperm.

"Where did you want your bedroom furniture Coach?" One of the boys asked Ted. "Bring the bed in here Len. While your in here how would you and Dan like a bonus?" Ted asked. "Sounds good. What's the bonus?" Red and blonde lesbos have a massage asked turning and looking at the hot young black muscular young Jr.

College student behind him. "How's it sound to you Dan?" "It would be a bonus if we could bang that hot woman you have?" Dan said with sunny leone first anal 2 on yousex fairy tales mouth wide open looking at me on my hands and knees. "That is your bonus. I think the two of you should bang the hot slut while I take a break. How's it sound to you guys?" Ted said.

"Don't just stand there boys, strip down and get at it. She hasn't got all day." Both hot young boys were stripping off their T-shirts revealing their matching muscular chests. They threw them on the floor and pushed their work pants down their muscular legs after undoing them. They sat on the bed they had brought in the bedroom and pulled their overalls over their work boots and took them off along with their underwear.

Dan who was around six three jumped off the bed first and walked over to me. I was still on my hands and knees watching the two tall muscular Jr. College Students stripping in front of me. I licked my lips looking at their equally large cocks. I would say Dan's was a half inch longer than Len's.

Chubby girl showed her pussy on camera

Len's being at least nine thick inches. I took Dan's big cock in my mouth looking up into his brown eyes. "How about we take this to the bed." Dan said. That way you can lay down with your head over the end of the bed so Len can ram his cock down your throat and I can pound that hot wet pussy. It looks like it's had some work out today already." "That's because it has but don't let that stop you Dan." I said standing up and getting on the bed on my back my head over the back of the bed. I spread my legs and waited for Dan to crawl between my stretched legs.

"Come on Dan fuck me with that nice big cock." "I sure will." Dan answered. He spread my legs wide open and got on top of me pushing his big cock into my wanting pussy. The same time Len was behind me holding my head back so my neck was stretched out straight ready to take his big cock in my mouth and down my throat. "Wow you have a wonderful throat. It's like velvet and nice and tight." Dan's huge cock entered my pussy pushing past my hard clit.

I pushed my hips up to make sure I got his entire big cock into my wanting pussy. It was so big and thick. Meanwhile Len pulled his big cock out of my throat giving me enough time to take a deep breath through my nose and letting it out.

Then he shoved that wonderful cock down my throat again. They both pumped my throat and pussy just the way I liked it nice and hard black lingerie ebony at ass cumshot interracial and hardcore my hot pussy over and over as well as my throat.

It was Dan that was the first to yell out in lust. "I'm cumming. Wow I'm cumming." I felt his cock expanding in my hot pussy as he shot his big load in my hot pussy. A few seconds later Len was groaning above me as his big balls slapped my nose. "I'm cumming. Oh yes cumming big time." He pulled his cock out of my throat and shot another load all over my tongue and then across my face. Mean while Dan shot a big load all over my stomach as he stood up. Thank you coach for allowing me to fuck this hot slut." "Okay boys you had your fun now get dressed and back to work." Ted said and smiled.

"I want to fuck Joan again before she leaves." I got out of bed and walked to the bedroom window and looked outside into my back yard. I saw Paul flipping burgers standing over the BBQ. I also saw the good looking young construction workers wearing shorts and T-shirts walking around the back yard. "Wow I'd love to get into those hot young good looking construction workers pants so they could fuck me." I said.

"Damn you are a slut Joan. I'm getting ready to give you a good hard fuck and you're already looking for other men to fuck brutally fisting her teen twat in bondage domination and extreme. I've never met a hotter woman in my entire life. Lets go back to the bed so I can throw a good fuck in you." "I have a better idea how about I lean against your balcony door and you fuck me doggy style so I can look at my husband at the same time." I said getting down on my hands and knees looking outside.

"What if your husband looks up and see us fucking around?" Ted asked. "He's busy out there he won't look up. What are you a chicken?" I asked. "Don't you think it would be hot to fuck me just in case Paul looks up here and sees us?" "I have to admit that would be hot.

Lets do it." Ted said gripping my hips with his big strong hands and thrusting his big hard foot long cock into my pussy. At the same time Ted shoved his cock in my wet pussy I saw one of the construction workers looking up. I didn't think he could possibly see in the window but then he tapped one of the guys beside him on the shoulder and they both looked up.

I saw both men open their mouths wide open as well as their eyes. "Shove that big cock in my pussy Ted." I moaned. "Show those studs you can fuck me." "Damn is that all you think about is your next fuck." Ted groaned plunging his big thick cock into my pussy again and pulling it out.

Ted kept fucking me a good half hour good and hard pushing his cock int my pussy and bringing it out. I had already had two great spurting orgasms and was working toward my third when I felt his big cock vibrating in my pussy. I pushed back and arched my back as I felt myself reaching yet another huge orgasm.

"OH yes give me your hot load." I moaned. He shot a big load in my pussy bringing it out shooting another load across my back so high it went above me hitting the balcony door above me. "That was one great fuck." Ted announced getting off me and standing up. "Yes it sure was lover boy. Can you wash my back for me so I don't get your cum on my dress." I asked.

"Why not take a shower?" Ted asked. "I haven't got enough time." I answered.

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"Just take a damp towel and wash my back for me before I get dressed. I'll slick the rest of the cum in my hair to make it look like hair-jell." Ted wiped my back and slicked the cum that landed in my hair to make it look like hair-jell.

I got dressed, went down stairs, went outside, around the house to the back yard and greeted my husband Paul in the back yard. I saw the way his construction workers all cheered me at the same time. I smiled and sat down.

That is how I met the two coaches. I've still got to enjoy the hot black and white muscular construction workers all evening I hope? This ends Chapter 18. of From Lonely Housewife to Perverted Slut.