Amber needed for a journey to europe hardcore blowjob

Amber needed for a journey to europe hardcore blowjob
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"Taylor?" Christopher called, as he opened the front door. He glanced next to the door where Taylor usually threw down her backpack when she came home from school, despite the repeated attempts he had to get her to bring it to her room. It wasn't unusual that she wasn't home yet.

A pretty, oriental finger copulates wet pussy japanese and hardcore senior in high school, she was rarely home before him anymore. Chris took off his suit jacket and loosened his tie before heading into the kitchen. He tossed his jacket over one of the chairs and opened the refrigerator. Not surprising, there wasn't a whole lot in it, and he shut the door with a sigh.

Since his wife died, Chris had a hard time with the domestic end of things. Actually, he had a hard time with most aspects of his life, except bringing money home. Even with Taylor, who he used to have a natural, easy relationship with, things were rocky.

They never fought, but that was because they barely spoke. Better not leave a bad example, Chris thought, picking up his jacket off the chair. He went upstairs to his room and hung it up in the closet. Then he walked into the bathroom off his room, opening the drawer for the toothpaste.

"Damn," he said out loud, remembering that he had run out that morning. He walked down the hall to Taylor's bathroom, thinking he'd borrow her tube and would run out to replace it after he relaxed for a little while.

He opened the drawer where he knew it normally was, seeing just her pink toothbrush lying there. Chris bent down and looked in the cabinet under the sink. Seeing nothing, he looked in the bottom drawer. He moved Taylor's pink towels aside, thinking maybe a spare tube was underneath. His hand felt a tube and he pulled it out, smiling. Then he looked down to see what he was really holding.

Surprised, he dropped it, and then peered down at the floor to see his daughter's vibrator lying there. He felt him himself turn red in embarrassment. At the same time, it made him think of his daughter using it and he began to get hard.

Chris gave himself a little shake and splashed a little water on his face. What the fuck is dani daniels sleep sex full story with me? he thought. Taylor was his little girl. I really need to find a girlfriend. Or at least a good fuck.

Kerry had died 5 years ago now, before Taylor was even in high school. Now Taylor was graduating and planning on college in the fall. Chris knew that even though he didn't have much of a relationship with his daughter, he would still be lonely when she left. He quickly shoved the vibrator back under the towels and left the bathroom. Even though he was planning on going to the store after watching a little TV, he no longer felt much of a point.

There wasn't anything he couldn't wait to watch later and now he felt a little agitated. He quickly walked back down the hall to his room, changed into more comfortable clothes, and ran down the stairs.

Chris left a note for Taylor in the rare event she would be home shortly of where he was headed, and walked out the door.

****** About an hour later, Chris pulled back into the driveway. He had decided to try actually grocery shopping for once, instead of just grabbing the staples. He thought that maybe if he made a little effort with Taylor, they could hang out her last summer home before leaving for college.

He grabbed the bags out of the trunk and struggled to get his keys out. He pushed through the door and still didn't see Taylor's things. Chris put the bags down on the kitchen counter, all except one. That one he continued up the stairs with, which contained toothpaste, shampoo, and some razors. On the way to his room, he noticed Taylor's door was almost closed, but not quite.

She must be home then, he thought to himself. He started back down to his room and then remembered he was going to try to make an effort. So he carefully set the bag down on the floor and made his way to the opposite end of the hall.

Chris was just about to push the door open when he heard a strange noise. He looked in the crack xnxx com sex phimhotjav com was surprised to see his daughter splayed out on the bed with her cheerleading skirt hiked up, working the vibrator in and out of her clean shaven pussy.

Taylor's head was leaned back on her pillows and her eyes were closed. He started to back away, ashamed at what he was seeing.

But Chris couldn't tear his eyes away from the sight before him. This beautiful creature wasn't just his daughter. He grew so hard he could barely take it while he watched Taylor thrust the vibrator in and out of her beautiful pussy, lowly moaning at the back of her throat. Chris found himself quietly unzipping his pants and putting his hand inside his boxers.

He started stroking his cock to the same rhythm his daughter was working her pussy. He almost moaned and caught himself just in time. Still, Taylor looked toward her door and Chris jumped to the side and froze. However, she didn't get up, she just went back to pleasuring herself and moaned a little louder this time, smiling a little. Chris went back to rubbing his dick and watching his own personal peep show. Soon, Taylor was furiously rubbing her clit with the vibrator, wiggling in intensity and enjoyment.

Chris jacked himself off faster as he watched his daughter cry out as she came and he find himself cumming hard, wishing it was her he was cumming in. He quickly pulled his pants up and hurried down the hall before she could realize he was there. Chris had just made it to his bedroom when he heard her open her door. "Dad?" she called out. "Are you home?" "Oh, uh… Hey, Tay," he said, turning around the corner, trying to act like he had just been tiding up his room.

"Hi," she said, with a little more energy than she usually used when talking to him. "I thought maybe after my shower I would make girl gets punished for messing with taken man cireman some dinner… If you're going to be home tonight." "Oh… Uh," Chris stammered, put off by both her offer and by how sexy she looked in her blue and white cheerleading uniform. Her skin was a little blotchy and her hair, still in a ribbon from practice, was a little unkempt, from her erotic solo session.

"If you have somewhere else to be, that's fine. I can go out with some friends instead," Taylor said quickly, interpreting his silence as trying to come up with an excuse to blow her off. "No!" Chris said a little too suddenly, causing her to jump a little. "I mean, no. No, dinner would be really great. I just went shopping." Taylor smiled, a smile he usually saw her reserve for her friends.

"Great. I'll be down soon." ****** Chris set his fork down on his empty plate. He smiled at Taylor, happy about the dinner they had just had. They had made easy conversation and, even though he was a little embarrassed about what happened upstairs, it felt like not only did he have his daughter back, he realized what a wonderful woman she had grown into. "I'll clean up, Dad, don't worry about it," she said, getting up from the table.

"You don't have any plans tonight, Tay?" he asked her, shocked. The fact that she was home for dinner was one thing. The fact that she was staying home was completely something else. "Wow, thanks, Dad," Taylor scoffed. "I can leave if you'd like me to." "That's not what I meant… I just mean…" Chris didn't know what to say to her. Then she burst out laughing, tossing her long silky brown hair over her shoulder.

"I'm kidding. But seriously, go do something, this won't take too long. Then maybe we can watch a movie or something." "Well… I do have a little work to do," he said, still in disbelief that she was offering to spend time with him. "Good," she said, smiling at him. "Go do it and then come back down in a bit." Chris walked upstairs, grabbing his briefcase on the way.

He settled down on his bed and spread out some of his papers beside him. But as he reached for his laptop, he realized he was still thinking about earlier. As he pictured Taylor in his mind, he thought about her gorgeous pussy. He pulled his pants off, quickly, and pulled his boxers down a little.

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Chris leaned back on the pillows, closed his eyes, and remembered the motions of his daughter. He was really getting into it when he suddenly felt like he was being watched. His eyes flew open and he saw Taylor leaning on his doorframe. "Fuck," he muttered, grabbing a pillow to hide his still swollen, but shrinking, cock.

He couldn't believe he'd been that careless. He assumed he would have heard her on the stairs if she had come up. "Dad," Taylor said. To his surprise, she was walking in the room, over to the other side of his bed. Then she pulled off her shirt, revealing a purple silk bra, showing off her beautiful tits.

"I think it's only fair that I get to watch you." "Taylor, what the hell?" he exclaimed. She climbed onto the side of the bed that hadn't been used in years. hot vixen bridgette b has her pussy pounded hard the fuck do you think you're doing?" This whole situation was insane and his thoughts were running wild.

"Daddy," she said, with gentle intensity, removing the pillow from over his cock. "It's only fair. You watched me. I should get to watch you." Chris swallowed hard, feeling like he just took in a bomb. "You… You saw me there?" he croaked. Taylor smiled a sweet, sweet smile. Then she wiggled out of her jeans, showing off her tiny purple thong and her tight, firm ass. Even though he was confused and ashamed, his erection came back at the sight of his mostly naked daughter lying next to him, propped up on her elbow.

"You really… Are you sure you want to…" Chris tried to ask. "I want to see the real thing. I've been picturing it for years. You're the one I usually get myself off to," Taylor giggled.

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Chris was still trying to wrap his head around what was happening. This giggling vixen was nothing like the daughter he knew. Still… He wrapped his hand around his dick, and panning her amazing body, with her big tits and tight ass, started to jack himself off.

He closed his eyes for a little bit and thought of what it would be like to have Taylor touch him. When he opened them again, he looked over to see Taylor with her hand rubbing her clit under her thong.

He almost came right then.

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She looked into his eyes and reached a hand out to touch his arm. He stopped, almost panicked that he had done something to make her want to stop.

Almost dreamlike, she leaned over and kissed him, the sweetest, softest kiss. Then, more than he could have hoped, she bent down and took his cock in her mouth. Her lips and tongue were so soft and felt amazing. His dick swelled in her mouth. She bobbed up and down, licking and sucking.

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When she glanced up at him, he almost lost it again. Then Taylor knelt up between his legs and freed her perfect tits from her bra. She laid on top of him, kissing him. Chris grabbed at her tits and then pulled her up and started licking them, letting his hand move down between her legs. She let out a gasp. "Oh, yeah, Daddy. Please, please, touch me more." He could feel her growing wet. He sat up and pulled her thong off quickly.

He paused briefly to admire his naked daughter and then he looked at her flushed face. "Fuck me," he told her. She quickly startled him and eased his cock into her pussy. He groaned and grabbed her hips, starting to thrust his big cock in and out of her. "Oh, Daddy," she squealed. "Let me be your good little girl, let me be your fuck toy." "Jesus," Chris said. "You're such a good girl. Make Daddy cum." She grabbed the headboard and grinded against him harder. Chris held her hips to keep his cock in her and flipped her over onto her back.

He shoved his cock deep inside her, so much that she cried out. "That's my baby… taking Daddy's cock like my good princess." "Yes, Daddy, I'll do whatever you want!" she yelled out.

He continued to fuck her, watching her hair flying everywhere and her eyes close as she enjoyed her daddy's cock thrusting in and out of her.

"Get up, baby, come here", Chris said as he climbed off of her and off the bed. She hurried off and looked up at him. "Yes, Daddy?" He spun her around and pushed her down so she was bent over the bed. He forced his cock back into her wet, warm pussy. She cried out and turned around to look at him.

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He slapped her ass and she cried, "Oh, Daddy, cum inside your baby! This is why you had me! Cum inside your little girl!" At these words, Chris couldn't stop himself. He gave one hard thrust deep inside Taylor and she pushed back against him. He came inside her and felt her cum against his cock. They both feel down on the bed, him on top of her. He kissed the back of her neck.

"Thanks, Daddy," she whispered to him. "I'm so lucky to be your little girl." He turned her over and tucked her hair behind her ear. "And you're such a good girl, Princess. Now go get some sleep and maybe you can come visit Daddy's room sometime soon." "Any time, Daddy. I'm here to do whatever you want with," Taylor said as she walked out of the room.