Beautiful secretary gets fucked on the couch

Beautiful secretary gets fucked on the couch
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This was the time of my life.

I had the girl of my dreams as my girlfriend, and she loved sex as much as I did. Her perfect body, personality, face, everything! She was the full package. But damn, there was Ariel, the head cheerleader. As much of a bitch as she was, her slamming hot body was one a lot of guys fantasized over.

She had the nice round ass and the large D-cup breasts accentuated with miniskirts and extremely low-cut skintight tops.

And to think of the fact that Jack. nevermind, let me tell the story. So one normal school day, I was planning on walking home with Jessica when she came up to me and kissed me on the cheek.

"Sorry, babe, but I have to make up a history exam I wasn't able to take. You can go on home without me. It's Friday and we can fuck all weekend long!~" "Sure, babe, see you then!" I was already envisioning the things I would do to her the entire weekend; rip open her top, fondle those huge round tits of hers, spank her round ass and shove my cock into her dripping-wet pussy.

Jessica giggled as if she mirrored my thoughts and then whispered in my ear: "I'll make sure all of your cum stays in me forever!~" With that she squeezed my cock, giggled and walked off, leaving me to think of my amazing weekend come up. This was when someone in a cheerleading outfit had grabbed my arm and was pulling me down the hall.

"Hey! Wait! What the hell-" "Shut up! You're coming with me!" I recognized the voice - it was Ariel, the lead bitch of the cheerleading team.

"Let go of me! Go fuck Jack or something! What the fuck is your problem-" "Just shut up!" She pulled me outside of the school and behind a clump of bushes where we could not be seen by anyone. "Why in the hell are you with that bitch?" "Wait, what the fuck?" "Why are you going out with Jessica? Clearly I'm the hotter one! I mean you never look at me or anything and I seriously thought you were gay!" I was confused but then it began to click.

I was the only guy who hated her this much and never drooled over her. My laughter caused her anger to die off into confusion, but then she got angry again. "Hey! I'm TALKING TO YOU!" "What?" "What the fuck is so funny? I asked you a question! Answer it!" "Well, maybe because Jessica is really hot and isn't a total bitch, that's why!" "Well, maybe that slut knows nothing about fucking!" Ariel grabbed my belt and yanked it off.

I was frozen in shock, but then I yelled, "Hey! What the fuck are you doing!" Ariel grabbed my hands and placed them on her breasts before pulling down my pants and letting my hardening cock spring free. Fear amateur teen self and chubby cum tits first time stealing will only get you fucked evident in her eyes when she saw it, but then she covered it up and grabbed my cock and began to awkwardly stroke it in short jerks.

"Whoa girl, do you not know anything about cocks?" "I know that guys want their dicks sucked and they want to touch tits and fuck me! I know arab dance sex mia khalifa tries a big black dick I need to about sex!" She dropped down and took my cock in her mouth. I jumped back in pain from the contact of her teeth. "What the hell! You seriously don't know anything, do you?" Her eyes lost their anger and she was confused and afraid.

".what?" "Come on, don't use teeth! Imagine it's like a popsicle or something and suck the juices out of it." She slowly approached my cock, grabbed it and gave it a lick. The familiar jolt of electric pleasure shot up my spine as I groaned.

She snuffed knowingly and began to suck on my cock. There is no such thing as a bad blowjob, but it was sure as hell nowhere near Jessica's skills.

"Ariel, slow down. You can't just do it without caring about what you're doing.

You have no idea what's going on and no pleasure is coming out of it!" She got angry and threw down my dick. "I'm done with your shit! You think you know everything? Seriously? I-" I cut her off with slapping her across the face as she fell to the ground.

Now normally I'd never hit a girl but Ariel is a colossal bitch who I believe deserved it. It gets worse… "Honestly, I don't really give a fuck Ariel. You brought me into this, and this here," gesturing to my hard-on "isn't going away anytime soon. So care to apologize for your attitude, after all you brought me in here." "Fuck you, asshole. I'm never-" I cut her off by grabbing her head and shoving it throat deep on my cock so fast she didn't even have time to choke.

I held her as she pounded on my thighs until the pounds were weaker and her reddening face began to beg for air. I released her and she choked and coughed, a long string of spit connecting her lips and my cock. While choking she cursed at me. "Fucking bastard!" followed by more coughing. I grabbed her and turned her around, firmly planting my body on top of hers so she couldn't move.

She was pressed flat on the ground, and so I lifted myself up grabbing her arms and in a flash they were behind her back which was arching so her head could look back at me. She was struggling. "Let me go!

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I will never-" I held her arms with one hand and rubbed my dick against her pussy lips with the other. Her eyes widened with fear and her struggling became more energized.

I quickly shoved myself all mia lelani spreads cheeks for white guy way in, tearing her barrier and cutting her maidenhead. She cried out, screamed, tears running down her face and blood running down my cock. I just slammed into her while she cried and yelled "It hurts!

Stop! Please!" I didn't let up. This colossal bitch was finally getting what she deserved. I just had no idea how she kept her virginity this long. After some time, the raw animalistic pounding didn't serve me well enough from behind with her body on the ground, so I roughly turned her over and pinned her body under my hands by her chest, roughly kneading her breasts and pinching and pulling her nipples while still pounding her with my cock. Tears still streamed down her face and her body and face flushed bright red, but eventually she was moaning but still tried to contain her dignity.

"Still being a prudent bitch, huh?" "Fuck… uh… you… uh…" I placed a thumb on her clit and furiously rubbed it in circles as my other hand alternated kneading her breasts.

I hastened my poundings until I felt my entire body begin to boil, especially my balls. She saw what was coming in my eyes and pleaded.

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"No! uh… Don't kristara barrington honey wilder herschel savage in vintage fuck scene uh… inside! You… uh… asshole! NOOOO!" I thrust as deep as I could and let out a large amount of cum; not nearly as much as I did earlier with Jessica but enough to flood out the edges of my cock still buried hilt deep in Ariel's pussy.

Ariel's eyes clenched shut and her body rose as much as it could in her state of confinement, trying to contain her scream but eventually letting it out so loud I actually thought to cover her mouth. Then I decided "to hell with it, let someone walk by and see this bitch get fucked. Literally." Her pussy then started milking the last drops of spunk from my cock, and I didn't let up rubbing her clit until she passed out from the sensations. I stood up, shoving my cock in her mouth and roughly cleaning my dick off, and then I picked up my clothes and left her lying here, naked with our mixed cum flooding from her pussy as she panted in her state of unconsciousness.

I started to walk away from the clump of bushes only to meet Jessica, her look of horror explaining everything.

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She must've heard a scream and came over, her test finishing in the time that Ariel and I did our thing. All she must've seen was our finish and me standing up and walking in her direction until our eyes met. In this moment I wanted to shoot myself. "…A… Aaron?" "Uh…" my voice croaked. "Ok, look, Jessica, I can explain…" I said hastily.

Her eyes began to water and then she turned around and ran. I started to run after her, then stopped and looked back at Ariel, who was conscious and smiling of victory. "Well, well, karma got you, bitch. That's what happens when you fuck with me." "Good thing I already did that. Who says I won't again?" Her face paled. "I'll tell the whole school-" "That you're a colossal slut AND a bitch? Oh boy great news for you.

Let's see their reaction to that, especially your cheerleaders and underclassmen you picked on and called them exactly those words.

And then they get word you fucked some nerd? Ha! Joke's on you! Good luck with that one." I spat on the ground and walked away from her before she could even reply. My mind now had one objective: Jessica.

I needed to get to her, explain to her, or just… I have no idea.