This pretty babe has musical pink flaps

This pretty babe has musical pink flaps
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It was cold. I lay hidden behind the bush close to the grassy path lining through the dark wood, it was my fifth night waiting. Often times a man or a group would walk past, but that wasn't what I was here for. It wouldn't be long - maybe tonight would be my night. I sat patiently, eager for the sound of footsteps. I checked the time. 12:54.It seemed quiet for a change. But then I heard the rising sound of faint footsteps followed by the crack of a few twigs.

Then I seen her. Down the path to my right was a lone girl. Young, definitely. She looked to be nearing 5'4". I prepared myself. As she passed, I grabbed my equipment and began following.

After a few seconds I caught up, but she noticed me too late. Quickly strapping her mouth with strong duct tape, her scream was cut short.

I tackled her to the floor pretty poor girl force by rich, then pressured her shoulders with my knees. Once she was pinned, I knew I had her. Pulling the zip-tie out of my pocket, I bound her hands and turned myself around.

She was attempting to kick out but compared to my muscular, 6'5" body she was not escaping any time soon. I tied her ankles with the zip tie and knew she was mine - at least until I'm finished with her. I often wonder if these girls deserve this, walking out here all alone. Either way, I win. I stepped off he body and stroked my throbbing cock through the material of my pants.

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I could see her struggling but it was already over. I picked her up with ease and took her to the side of the path behind the bush, where I had already organised what was going to happen. I laid her stomach down and sat on her legs, eager to get to work. In the little light I had I could make out her fat ass, slim figure and long curly hair. I decided I needed to know about her. Knowing what she would do without it, I decided to inform her about my gun.

"You see this?" I asked her, lifting the pistol in her face, "If you try anything, you know what's going to happen".

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Knowing I had her shaken, I peeled the tape off. Just as I thought, she didn't speak out, just let out a huge breathe. She was developed for someone so young. no awesome lesbians try out new sex toys. Stroking the outline of her arm, I continued on and started to slowly pull down the waist of her jeans.

She was wearing a bright red thong, and after the jeans reached past the bottom of her butt, I could see it. It was large for somebody so young. I pulled down her jeans to her knees and started tracing my fingers upwards towards her underwear. Still on her stomach, I lifted her ass up and pulled down her panties, exposing her trimmed pussy. I began running my cold finger along her opening, leaving goosebumps all around her legs.

I began massaging my way in, and stroking her inner walls with my cold fingers. She let out a moan, and I decided she wasn't liking this.

But it wasn't her choice. I leant down and began licking her pussy, her sweet juice immediately had me strung in. It was hard to resist, I kept eating her pleasure centre and began to taste her hot cum on my lips. I sat up and began to unbuckle my pants.

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Her hands were still bound and I rubbed my rock hard, 7" dick around her opening. I got off of her legs and turned her on her side, moving around to her top half. Her breasts were as big as her ass, and I pulled her shirt down just enough for them to fall out and be revealed.

After laying her on her back, I sat on her crotch and began sucking on her nipples. She took a deep breathe in and tried to withstand her hormones going out of control.

I worked upwards and began kissing her. She tried to resist but I grabbed her face towards me violently. After awhile, I got bored and decided I finally needed my dick wet. I sat up and slowly began to enter her mouth with my cock. With her hands bound behind her back, she was helpless. I began slowly fucking her face and soon enough I was getting 5" in. She started to gag but it didn't stop me. I started to push in more and finally got all 7" in. Leaving it in her throat for a few seconds I felt her begin to choke.

I pulled out and saliva fell everywhere. It felt amazing having somebody so young suck my huge dick, but I still needed more. I turned her over again and jammed two fingers in, releasing a faint moan.

I began to finger her violently, until I felt her sweet cum on my fingers. Giving my dick a massage, I directed it towards her young pussy, I began slowly. "Please, please don't" she pleaded.

It was too late, I was three inches in and I decided to go further. Whilst at 5" she asked again "No, no please stop it, I'm begging you.". I slipped out and thrusted back in. I was at 6", then after awhile 7". I was feeling emmence pleasure and started to speed up.

She was starting to make noise because of the pain, Small teen big dick cumshot compilation and flexible fucked by coach teen mia pearl was decided to tape her mouth again.

After grabbing her fat ass my big cock was ploughing her pussy from behind furiously, and I knew it was soon until I was going to cum. I started to hear footsteps. I looked up and a man was watching us. To my surprise, he didn't look startled. He spoke, "Good catch then?". "Yeah, I guess" I told him, still slowly fucking the girl. "I'd love to help" he added. "I suppose so" I said reluctantly. After sorting things out, we decided what was to be done.

I guess I wasn't the only guy looking for sex in these woods, this man seemed to expect me to be here. I began to plough into her again new girl first time in webcam rom masturbate beautygirl this time I could hear her even louder. Despite sucking the other man's dick, she was letting out moans, I just sped up making the most of my situation.

The guy came pretty quick in her mouth and left straight after, but it wasn't long until I was back to my session. I decided to turn her over and began fucking her from the front. Taping her mouth again, I lifted her legs above my shoulders and began to drill into her. I was soon to climax, but I didn't want my seed to go to waste. I began kissing her again and felt close to cumming. In my final moments I slowed down giving her hope, just to speed straight back up and fucking her as quick as ever.

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I felt the blood rush and my cum fill her tight, young pussy, leaving her hot and sweaty. I felt her thick thighs and pulled out way too late, leaving her pussy leaking with my hot seed.