Xxx prant storys family six sy

Xxx prant storys family six sy
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He slowly opened his eyes.

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His eyes were crusty so he wiped the crud out of his eyes. He stood up to his full 5'11 height and stretched. The teen was 14 but tall and not skinny but muscular because of his high school football. His blue-green eyes were almost completely glazed over. He put on a white t-shirt when he heard a familiar girly voice"Evin,get your ass down here!" His eyes opened more and walked down the stairs slowly"wusup sis?!" he looked at his sister with blonde hair.

He had always thought she was beautiful but the past two years now his 22 year old sister seemed even more beautiful but in a different way. His oldest sister was Crystal,the one he saw now.

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She was 5'5 with blonde hair with black tips. Her hair covered her left eye which hid one of her crystal blue eyes,that's where she got her name.

She was always at the gym which meant she had a toned body. She had a large D cup and a big,round ass that all the guys even the Evin's friends would kill for. The jean short shorts and tight tank top she wore didn't help.

She knew she had a good body but usually didn't like showing it off. She looked at him with those eyes "what are you doing asleep still? It's 11 in the morning. C'mon help me outside." Evin looked at her"but I just got uuuup" She smiled"tough titty said the kitty" she walked over to him and gave him a hug and squeezed him tighter than ever. He could feel her nipples poking into his chest and sighed deeply. She stepped back apparently happy with the reply she got from the hug."be out here in ten minutes,okay?" His face was red with embarrassment as he noticed she caught the sigh he mad"uh.uh.yeah I'll be out there" she walked out with what he noticed to be a huge swinging of her hips.

Her hips always swung but not this much. He went up to his room with a hardon but didn't do anything except put on his cargo shorts,a different white t-shirt, and timberland boots. He came out and saw his sister working on lining the pool with new liner and hopped down into the empty pool. She jumped as she hurt him hit the ground "you scared me stupid!" she said as sha turned around".

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He laughed"sorry but a 173 pound boy ain't gonna land like a feather". She looked him up and down"I'm not sure if your a boy anymore"with a smirk. He looked at her with a confused far wondering what she meant but let it go and started lining the pool with her.

At 2 they were both wet with sweat as the temperature was 99 in Miami at the moment. "I'm gonna go get us something to drink. What do you want?"crystal said as she got out of the pool.

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"I'll take some water". She walked away and he took off his shirt to try to cool down. After a few minutes she walked out with a glass of water and tea and saw him; she instantly froze as she examined his amazingly toned upper nubile young blond watches porn and fucks herself with dildo. 'I need to see that for myself up close' she though as she thought of an idea.

He was looking down In the pool at the progress they made. She walked up behind him and when he saw a shadow he turned around and bumped into her making the water and tea spill all over her. "I'm so sorry!" he said as she looked at herself surprised"what the hell Evin?!". He looked at her closely and saw nipples through the soaking wet material.

He started to get hard and she noticed it. He stepped back and fell into the empty pool which was 8 feet deep. His vision went blurry as he faded away seeing Crystal by him. He woke up and noticed his head was throbbing. He groaned in pain and sat up. He looked around and noticed all the pink and girly things around him and saw the letters on the wall say CRYSTAL. He heard the door open and saw Crystal walk in with a robe on"hey sis" he said as he squinted his eyes in pain.

"hey you okay"she sat on the edge of the queen sized bed. "I think so. What happened" "your stupid ass self stepped back and fell in the pool and blacked out"she smiled and thought to herself 'my plan worked'.

"my head is killing me"he said as he held is head with one hand. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you or anything" she said as she lowered her head in a cute but sad way. "it's fine sis" his face started to get red as he remembered why he had backed up and now she was in a robe! He started to feel the feeling of his evil anal cd andi anderson harmony jamie ella kristina rose mackenzee against his pants.

She noticed it "come here let me see your head you giant". He crept to her shyly and She looked at it and saw a huge not"it doesn't look good". She moved his head and he looked her in her eyes. They stared at each other communicating in a way not many people do.

They both knew what the other was thinking. Evin slowly moved his hand to her neck and slowly pulled her to him and for the first time felt a woman's lips. He'd felt girls lips plenty of times but a woman is completely different. Her lips were soft like feathers from heaven. He opened his eyes as he felt her warm tongue press against his lips.

He parted his lips and pressed forward with his tongue so the that their tongues wrestled for dominance. She grabbed one of his hand and slowly put his hand in her robe. They both moaned as his hand firmly gripped her firm right breast. Her greats were firm and perfect globes. He felt her nipple and rubbed over it with his thumb. This got a moan from her. He instantly woke up from a loud knock on the door.

It was only a dream.