Blonde housewife jolene gives a cum swallowing blowjob

Blonde housewife jolene gives a cum swallowing blowjob
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My name is Adam and I am 16 years old, a junior in high school.

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I have been swimming since I was in second grade, so when it comes to seeing mia scarlett jumps into a nearest car to suck big cock pornstars and blowjob in the locker room, I have seen it all. Swimming is more than just a good work out; it provides some wonderful sights as well. I have a slim build, but my muscles are very defined. Last year (sophomore year) a guy named Zak joined our high school team.

He said he was straight, but I always had a feeling about him. His build was very similar to mine, but he had nicely tanned skin and thick brown hair. I was excited to see how he would look this year, since I knew he was hitting the gym a lot over the summer. As he slowly took off his shirt on the first day of practice, I knew it would be a great season.

His pex were now very large and masculine, his abs were well sculpted and defined, and his arms were the perfect size.

He must have seen me looking at him because he looked up and said, "Yeah, I've been hitting the gym a few days a week." He didn't say it obnoxiously, but rather in a sexy, seductive way. Throughout the season, my attraction for Zak would grow. I have a major foot fetish, so I snuck into the locker room one day during practice to find out that he wore size 10.5 shoes.

I would try to sneak a glance of his junk when we would change into our Speedos before practice. He wore the same one from the previous year, so it was a little small, but I didn't mind.

It showed off his package and ass very nicely. Today was one of the last days of practice of our junior year, and I really didn't feel like going. I walked in to find that the entire girls team was there, but only four guys showed up, including myself.

The good news for me was that Zak was one of the boys there. After our usual 2 hour work out, we hit the showers. Everyone besides Zak seemed in a hurry to leave, so I decided to hang around a bit longer.

Besides, this was one of our last practices, so I probably wouldn't see Zak's gorgeous body until next swim season.

With only me and Zak in the locker room, we began showering off. We both still had our Speedos on, but as he started lathering up, I could only think about was what was under the Speedo. He would do this thing where he would shampoo his hair and slick it back like he was in a sexy, romantic movie.

Today, he did this very deliberately, glancing over at me every so often. Then he soaped up his body. He started up at his pex and slowly moved down to his abs, intensely looking at them as he washed the soap off. Next, he had his hands in his Speedo, making sure everything was clean. My eyes were fixed on his crotch and I felt myself getting a little hard. "You want some," he asked.

I immediately responded with a yes, and I walked over and grabbed his bottle of liquid soap. Zak grinned a little and said, "I guess you didn't know what I was talking about." I laughed nervously, but inside, I was so excited. I gril and boy doctor xxxx up and started to rinse myself off. When I turned around, I saw that Zak was standing in the shower, ass naked, with his back to me. I couldn't control myself; I was instantly hard, but my Speedo kept it down a bit, or so I thought.

Zak shut the water off, wrapped his town around himself and turned around. "So I see you do want some," as he glanced down at my boner. I smiled, a little embarrassed, and he started to walk out of the shower. Zak turned around and said, "Well?" "Well what," I asked. "Well, you are looking really, really hot right now, and I'm fucking horny as hell," Zak responded. As soon as the first word left his mouth, I left my shower and followed him.

There was an empty janitor's closet in the locker room that we rushed into, and locked the door. Zak was the first one in and he turned around. As I walked in, he grabbed me and we started kissing, very vigorously. As he continued, I lowered my hands down his back and around to his arms.

I kissed his chest and down to his abs, feeling every muscle with my hands and lips. Finally, I made it down to his beautiful penis. It was hard already, about seven inches, cut, with shaven pubes. I could feel him looking down at me as a stared at his cock, thinking about my plan of attack. I had never given a blow job before, even though I wanted to.

I looked up at him. "It's all yours," Zak said. I started down at his balls and licked right up the underside of his dick until I made contact with the tip. Then, I licked the head for a little and started blowing him. I loved the feeling of having Zak's rock hard cock in my mouth.

I moved my head forward and back, his dick going in and young teeny cutie hard dominati xvideos com of my mouth. I moved my tongue around a bit too, hoping that this would make it even more pleasurable for him. I held on to his legs as I started blowing him a little faster. As I said before, I love legs and feet. Zak shaved his legs about three weeks ago for a big race, so the hair was beginning to grow back in.

It felt like the scruff on a man's face. His legs were also very muscular, since Zak runs track and cross-country when he isn't swimming. I moved my hands up and down his legs as I continued to blow him, then I moved down to his feet. I massaged his ankles and the tops of his feet for a while. They were so smooth and sexy and it really turned me on. "I see you like my feet," Zak said. I nodded, with his cock still in my mouth. "Well, I wear a size"&hellip."ten and a half," I cut him off.

I looked at me, a little surprised. "So, you've wanted this for a while I'm guessing," Zak said. I shook my head yes.

"Well I wanted something for a while too you know," he said. "Stand up." So I did. Zak got down on his knees. "This is what I wanted for a while," he said pointing to my cock. My cock was rock hard and dripping a lot of pre cum. I was five inches, cut. My pubes were trimmed short, and like my hair, was bright red.

Zak went right down on my cock, giving me the most amazing blow job ever. I wanted to scream or moan.

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It felt so good, I was in total ecstasy. He continued blowing and licking my dick for a few more minutes. I felt like I was going to cum soon when he stopped and said, "Turn around." I did. While he was blowing me, he was playing with my ass a bit, which felt pretty good. When I turned around, he grabbed my butt and began to lick my ass.

I was a little surprised at first with this, but I liked it. He licked hollywood xxx ful film in ebony and down and played with the cheeks a bit.

Then he leaned down and licked my balls, then went back to licking my ass. It was a feeling that I had never felt before in my life. He finally told me to turn back around. He gave my cock one last big lick then asked, "Have you ever been face fucked?" I shook my head no.

He stood back up, so I figured I should get on my knees. He put his cock in my mouth and started humping my face. I always liked the idea of rough sex, so this was heaven for me. I held on to his ass as he pounded his dick into my mouth. Zak is somewhat quiet, so it was really hot seeing him so authoritative. He continued fucking my face as I moved my tongue around his dick. Finally he said, "I'm gonna cum." With that, I felt about five shots of warm cum shoot into my mouth.

It was such a hot and dirty sensation. Then he pulled his cock out and shot more on my face. It dripped down onto my chest as well. In all, he shot about eight times. I swallowed the cum in my mouth, then he kneeled down and started licking his own cum off of my face and chest.

"Okay," Zak said, "your turn." I stood back up again and he started blowing me, even better than before. I couldn't think of anything I wanted more than to have his mouth around my cock.

It was so hard in anticipation of everything. Finally I told him I was going to cum soon. He stopped for a moment and said, "When you do, I want all of your cum." Then he went back to blowing me a little quicker than before. In about a minute, I came.

I shot seven times into his mouth. I felt his mouth filling up with cum as I continued to shoot more in. When I was done, he swallowed in one big gulp. Then he licked whatever was left on my cock. "Holy shit Zak, that was amazing." "Well you were pretty good yourself too.

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One of the best first timer's A miley mae sucks cock under the table been with," he said. Then he asked me if I was into anything dirty.

I told him I would do anything he wanted, but I had no idea what he had in mind. "Good," he said, "cause I gotta piss." Right then, he started pissing right on my chest. It was pretty clear, since we drink a lot of water during practice.

It landed on my chest, splashing a little on my face and running all the way down my body. It felt so warm and kinky. He pissed on me for about a minute. And I didn't mind at all. When he was done, I stood up and we kissed a few more times before exiting the closet.

I got out and walked over to the showers to wash the piss off of me. Zak just stood there and watched. When I was done we both dried off and got dressed to go home.

Before we left, we looked at each other and our mouths met for one last passionate kiss. As we walked out, I said, "Too bad swim season is almost over." Zak responded just how I hoped he would, "Yeah it is, but we can still practice anytime you want."