Old lady forced a young boy

Old lady forced a young boy
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Please rate and comment What a Day thought Megyn as busty babe needs a big black cock took the elevator down to the parking garage. The news day starts early with intense preparation. Then there is always the expected unexpected as news breaks through the day. Exhausted she wanted to get home to a relaxing bath. Megyn always watched her attire. She had to or somebody would catch in a bad light and the press would jump on it.

Today she had on a knee length light colored dress, matching jacket and white blouse. Blonde, beautiful and very bright Megyn has everything going for her. Yet all these qualities don't make it easy. People are always looking for you to fail, just a dumb Right Wing blonde newscaster.

It really pissed her off that the lefties could say whatever they wanted and do whatever they wanted. Yet they looked for even the slightest wrong word, jumping on anything she said.

Her mind was on a rant about some Post comment s about her. Like, she was not real woman because of her beliefs. She was some dumb ass bitch even though she had earned a LAW degree the hard way. Well fuck them. Megyn fumbled looking for her car keys. Damn, I thought they were here. She looked up to find a big man standing in front of her. "Can I help you?" With a lump in her throat Megyn replied. "No my car is right here." Her pulse quickened. He was a big black man, low rider jeans and a black t.

His arms were full of tattoo's and really bulked up. She knew she shouldn't feel this way because he was black but the garage was deserted. She headed to her car but he blocked her way. Blood rushed to her head. She fumbled for her car key or cell phone. Suddenly unaware of her ideal girl is gaping soft cunt in close up and getting off g strings rubbing her bag was knocked from her hands, she wa grabbed from behind.

Two pair of strong hands grabbed her. She kicked and tried to scratch but the two men were so strong and the third man in front of her joined in.

She could see a white van approaching as a hood slid over her head.

Her hands were bound behind her back and she was hustled into the van. The van sped off, she could hear it winding its way down the ramps. Her heart raced. She kicked out but they bound her ankles.

She turned and twisted but there was little she could do. Megyn could hear the traffic as the van travelled down the city streets. But where? How could she be so careless. So preoccupied with work she had forgotten the basics of safety in the city. The ride took forever it seemed. The men said nothing but she could hear laugh's. The hands started running al over sex new xxxsex stories story 2019 body. Hands on her butt, her breasts, up her thighs, over her belly.

strong caloused hands, they covered most of her body. She knew this was just the start. How would it end. What should she do? Could she resist? They would never let her go, or maybe. It was almost impossible to think, to sort out every thing. She almost passed out when she felt the van enter a building. She tumbled to the ground, still bound and hooded. Men and women laughing. No, NO, what was going to happen? Please this can't happen to me. Why wasn't I careful.

This is a mistake. Hands pulled her up to her feet. Her legs are unbound and then her hands. "Listen bitch, you better behave or things will get a lot worse." Her hood came off and she strained in the light to see around her. She felt ready to pass out. There were like a dozen men and a couple of women.

Obviously gang members, dressed for the hood. Please don't hurt me. I can get money. I can pay a ransom.

"Well listen to Miss Snow White." "All about the money." "Yea you a rich bitch, talking all that hate trash on TV." "Now its payback time, reparations." "Yes Yes, I can pay." Cried Megyn.

Let me pay. "We don't want your blood money." "Just some of that sweet white pussy." "OH God no." Megyn pleaded but she knew…&hellip.

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"Git up there and dance." "What, up there? Dance?" Megyn looked at a small wooden platform. "You fucking deaf or just stupid." "Get the fuck up thereand dance. Loud Rap music started up as Megyn got up on the platform and started to dance. "What the fuck is that supposed to be?" "Fucking shake it bitch." "Fucking whore, dance." Megyn was shaking and crying.

I got to pull together, be strong but she felt so sick she could barely move." "Look at the bitch cry, so fucking sweet. Get that white ass moving or we will whip it for you." One of the Black girls got up on the platform.

She grabbed Megyn by the hair. "Watch me bitch, you better dance or the boys can get real ugly." "U gotta dance like a Ghetto Hoe." She watched the girl bend over shaking her ass wildly the turning around, cupping her breasts and shaking her titties. Megyn pulled herself together doing the best she could to follow the girl. The guys were shouting and skinny teen cutie pounded by thick dong. "Shake it Bitch.

Trash Dance Whore." Megyn was a sight, still dressed in her conservative suit, shaking her booty in front of the gang bangers. When she turned to face them shaking her titties she could see them laughing and mock dancing her.

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One of the guys jumped up on the stage and grabbed her by the hips. "Grind that ass into my crotch bitch." The gangbanger was dry humping the white bitch in front of his friends. One of his friends got up on the stage and stuck his crotch in her face as she was still bent over. Her rubbed her face up and down over his crotch. The Black girl grabbed her hair, and looked her in the face. "U in fo a treat when you get all the black cock in your cunt." "Dem black guys all worked up over your white pussy." Megyn could barely think.

She was panicked. The rough strong hands had her head in a vice like grip rubbing her face in his crotch. The man behind her tightened his grip on her hips, rubbing his crotch around and up and down. More body to sweat with sexy japanese gal shiina the men were on the stage. Different men took their turns holding her. The men closed in on her. They were all around, everywhere she saw men. Hands pulled her skirt up to the top of her thighs.

A hand reached under her dress, the man laughing. "RIPPPP." Her blouse was ripped off and wrapped around her neck. Next her bra disappeared. Megyn felt hands grabbing her breasts. The black bitch pulled up her head.

"Snow White, you get ready for some heavy ghetto fucking." To Be Continued