Amateur shana lane sucks cock in car

Amateur shana lane sucks cock in car
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I wanted to share some of the stories of some great and horny times I had with a lovely girl called Steph. This is the second of what I think will be lots of stories I submit to this page. My girlfriend Steph is 25, a gorgeous red head, with a fantastic body, sexy arse and 32E boobs.

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She has a lovely tight pussy and is constantly horny. What more could a man want. A few years ago, after Steph had an encounter with Neil my flat mate (first story submitted) we were looking for new sexual kicks. We used to fantasize about her fucking another man while I was there watching and joining in. I used to make scenarios up and could make her come by just talking to her, it was a great feeling, to see this sexy young woman orgasming over and over again.

I suggested that we placed an advert on a contact website, Steph was not sure, but was excited at the same time. We got a lot of replies due to the description of Steph, from horny guys all over the UK. One guy called Sugar replied and after a few e-mails sent a picture of himself. Steph liked him a lot, he was early 30s, black and was very muscular.

He asked for a photo of Steph, I took lots of Steph in her tiny thongs and matching bras, she looked hot. Once Sugar saw them he was really keen to meet.

We lived in Manchester at the time and Sugar in London so it was difficult. My work was taking me to London so we agreed to meet in a few months time. In the meantime Sugar sent a short video clip of himself fucking a sexy girl. He had a massive cock looked to be about 10" and very, very thick. Steph and I fucked long and hard that night, I had no doubts about whom and what she was thinking that night. We kept in contact with Sugar via email over the next few weeks and although he sent us his mobile we had up till now not contacted him verbally, I suppose we were still nervous of how genuine he was!

Before I went to London to work, Steph treated me to a night in a top hotel.

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We got there and hit the spa and pool. Lovita fate in sexy blonde teen fucked by big cock looked stunning as she stepped into the pool, a tiny white bikini that somehow managed to hold in her huge boobs!

We swam, kissed, played, splashed just had a good giggly time. We went into the steam room, we were alone so we kissed and she playfully rubbed my cock through my shorts, I got hard instantly. I followed suit and pushed a finger inside her hot, now wet, pussy. Steph reached inside my shorts and started to stroke my hard cock and balls. I continued to play with her pussy, and clit, then after a few minutes found her g-spot, I heard her moaning loudly, and after a few minutes of this she climaxed hard, grinding down on my fingers.

We both wanted to fuck really bad so we decided to make the most of the hotel room. We couldn't wait and both got quickly dried and dressed and were soon back in the room. We tore each others clothes off and I pushed my cock straight into her tight soaking pussy, I pushed her legs on to my shoulders and fucked her really hard.

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After only about 5 minutes we both so horny that we came together and collapsed on the bed. After a few minutes Steph was ready again, I normally take a bit to get hard again, which disappointed Steph. She teased me playfully that she thought Sugar would be able to get hard over and over again. I suggested she should text him, and find out. She picked up her phone and text him.

Almost instantly he replied back and said he normally came 3-4 times in a session, and asked what we were doing. Steph told him we had been fucking and was ready for more but I wasn't.

He replied saying that was too bad and a shame he wasn't there to help out, she sent one back agreeing. He told us he was horny and was wanking his cock over Steph's pictures, and he had done this lots before. This made her even hornier and she started to rub her clit and started moaning loudly. I suggested that I should take over and she should talk to Sugar. She did, and as I played with her clit, Steph put the phone onto speaker and I listened as he told her how he wanted to fuck her, and he listened as she moaned and screamed in delight at the thought.

After maybe 5 minutes I heard Sugar breathing heavily then letting out a loud groan he came, this set Steph off and she shuddered to a 3rd orgasm. We wished each other good blonde riding dildo watch part on ulacamcom and I felt like my cock was stirring, and slowly wanked it whilst Steph sat up and watched.

Once I was hard, I turned Steph over and fucked her doggy and after about 10 minutes she came and I pulled out and came thick spurts on her sexy back. Nearly 2 months later we met Sugar in London, we met in Covent Garden, figuring that if Sugar was not what we thought we could probably leave the bar and blend into the crowd.

We needed not worry. Steph wore some tight jeans a tight low cut top and her sexiest thong and bra. We all got on really well had had 3-4 drinks and a few shots.

So by the time we got back to my apartment we were all pretty buzzed. We decided to play a drinking game that got us all a bit looser, this became a stripping game. Lingerie babe teases and gives a blowjob had a run of luck and Sugar and I ended up in just boxers, Steph was definitely impressed with what she saw in Sugars boxers and licked her lips as she looked.

She then won again and had the choice of removing an item off one of us, she chose me and I stood, and was pleased that I had a semi, so was sporting nearly a 6" cock. Sugar looked over and I could sense he was pleased in the knowledge he was bigger. Steph then started to lose (intentionally I think) and was soon down to her sexy thong and bra.

I then won and said that Sugar should remove his boxers so I didn't feel so bad. He stood up next to Steph and pulled down his boxers to reveal his thick black cock, which was easily 8", and he wasn't even hard. Steph gasped as she saw it. The game came to an abrupt ending as Steph led Sugar into my bedroom asking me to fix some drinks. I sorted out some vodka for us all and could hear Steph moaning as I poured. I quickly went to the room and stood by the door watching for a few minutes.

Steph was lying on the bed and Sugar was kneeling on the floor licking her pussy and finger fucking her, all the time asking if she liked it.

She moaned back yes over and over again. I drank the first vodka as I watched, and moved closer to the action. After a short time Steph started to moan loudly and started to come, Sugar lapped at her wet pussy as she came.

Sugar knelt on the bed next to Steph and I knelt on the other side. She took my cock in her hand and started to wank it, she then grabbed Sugars cock and did the same.

She changed position and knelt on the bed and pulled us closer. Sugar was fully erect now and was over 10" and was as thick as Steph's delicate wrist.

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Mine was significantly smaller than Sugars and I guessed I would be taking a back role that night. Steph said that she wanted us to come over her tits, as she wanked us both I came first, sending 2-3 hot spurts of spunk onto her tits.

I collapsed on the bed after I came. Steph then turned her full attention on Sugar, he had his head thrown back as Steph's small hands wanked him, not even able to fully encircle his monster cock.

After a few minutes he started to come and he shot spurt after spurt of thick cum, which seemed like it would never end. When it did, I noticed that Steph had Sugars cum on her face, her tits, dripping down to her stomach, and still a pool that overshot her and landed on the bed. She slowly sucked and licked all of the remaining cum off his cock. She got out of bed went to the bathroom and cleaned herself up and came back into the room.

She said she wanted to fuck me so that I could help prepare her for Sugars cock. She tried to get me hard, unfortunately it wasn't happening, so she leaned down and started to rub Sugars cock, it twitched to her touch and I watched as she got him bigger until he was soon fully erect again.

She pushed him onto his back and his big rod stood tall and asian nurse nasty jerks cock and gets sticky cumshot. She climbed on top of him and grabbed the base of his cock and positioned it gently at the entrance of her dripping pussy.

She then started to slowly lower herself onto his cock, she was moaning loudly and I looked and saw he was only half way in. I could see that fat bbw plumper oral blowjob tube porn was losing control, so I knelt behind her held her steady, this helped and she started to lower herself deeper, until she had his full cock inside her, and she shuddered to a deep climax.

She laid on Sugar kissing him, with his cock still packed inside her. He started to raise and lower his hips as they kissed and Steph closed her eyes, as Sugar started to pull his cock almost totally out then drove it slowly all the way in. He kept this slow pace up for 10 mins, ignoring Steph begging to fuck her hard. Eventually he picked up the pace and started to get faster and faster, and after 5 minutes of this, he grabbed Steph's hips pulled her tight to him and came deep inside her, as his cock exploded she screamed loudly and came herself.

They lay like this for 10 minutes, I started to get hard again, and pulled her back, and I saw Sugars cum and Steph's juices drip from her pussy. I pushed my semi inside her doggy style, and she gyrated with her hips, making me get fully erect and I started to fuck her hard and slow, getting the pace quicker until she came.

I pulled out and shot a fresh load onto her back. Sugar then took his semi and pushed it inside Steph making her squeal in delight.

She reached under her body and started to tickle his balls, this did the trick and as he pulled out of her pussy and then drilled in again I could see that he was fully erect once more. He continued this for maybe 20 minutes, Steph came several times during this time.

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Eventually he pulled out as I had and came thick spurts again, no less that the first and second time, which was pretty impressive. We all had a drink and went to sleep. I woke a few hours later, Steph and Sugar were not in the bed, the shower was running, and they were soaping each other. Sugar turned Steph round and with her hands on the tiles, he fucked her from behind till she came once again.

She then knelt down and sucked his cock until he started to cum, she took some in her mouth, and swallowed it hungrily, the rest she aimed over her shoulder and it hit the glass door of the shower, again as much as the other times.

I dried her off with a towel and Sugar left, we laid together kissing each other and drifting into a long sleep. We did meet Sugar again a few months later, the night went pretty much the same as the first meeting.