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Sexy girls bang the biggest strapon dildos and spray jism all around the place
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I had only a week left of summer camp. I had been going to this camp since I was eight. I loved that place in fact I still do. There was so much to do: the crafts, orienteering, the horses, the canoes and boats, I really liked sitting around the campfire with my friends singing songs and telling jokes. I could spend my whole life doing this. Being only thirteen I was feeling sort of funny. I had been reading some of those romance novels, and my fantasies were turning to romantic heroes.

I decided to go off by myself and just sit and look at the stars. It was a bright clear night but I had to get away from the glare of the camp lights to see them best. I would sometimes go down to the docks and sit on the end of a wharf looking up at the glowing constellations. On this particular night azlea antistia stop my ass is on fire was just sunset as I sat down on the end of the dock.

I took my sandals off and dangled my feet over the edge. The sky was ablaze with the darkness encroaching on the reds and purples of the coming night. As I sat there I noticed one of the canoes gliding across the lake towards the dock. It was being piloted by the camp's dreamiest councilor, Wesley, the son of the camps owner. Father and son live in the big house down by the road.

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Wesley's mother had died when he was young so his father raised him. They lived alone in that big house. The camp offices were there as well. I had a crush on Wesley since the first time I laid eyes on him when I was only eight years old.

He usually treated me just like all the other pre-pubescent girls that populated the camp. I was not even sure he ever noticed me. As he pulled the canoe up on the shore he looked at me and lana tailor get out unrated episodes. "Well as I live and breath its Christine!

What are you doing down here on the dock all alone?" 'Wow he does know who I am.' I thought, but I said, "Oh I just came down here to see the sunset and look at the stars for a little while before I go to bed. I only have a week left of this camp and I want to see the sunset as often as I can before I go home." "I guess I kind of take those sunsets for granted.

You're right to enjoy them while you can. Do you mind if I join you for a while?" Did I mind!

Not in my life did I mind. He was the dream of my life. Just to have him talking to me was like a major event that I had only dreamed of forever. He was so tall and with blond hair bleached by the sun while he worked as a councilor at his father's camp.

His youthful body was in perfect manly shape, because of the duties of his work were physically demanding. No for sure I didn't mind. To my teenaged mind he was the ultimate hunk. All of a sudden I felt awkward. I looked down at the water and weakly said. "Okey." This was the first time he ever even acknowledged my existence. We sat in silence for a few minutes as the sun sank slowly towards the treetops. The bright blue sky darkened and turned an almost purple colour. The clouds slowly began to glow bright pink then scarlet.

I felt a little odd. I had never sat alone with a boy before. He must be eighteen or nineteen. It was the kind of situation you read about in the romance novels. "You must be a little cold in just your shorts and a T-shirt." He said. "Not really," I said, "the night is warm." I could hardly see his tanned body in the gathering darkness. We sat a little longer.

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Did you ever go swimming at night?" he asked. "No." I answered with a quiet voice. "We could jump in right now." He suggested. "I don't have my swim suit." I said. "We could skinny dip." He said with a little laugh.

To make the point he pulled his T-shirt over his head and tossed it over his shoulder. He moved a little closer to me and whispered, "are you going to take off your shirt too Chris?" I sat really still and didn't say a word. I ebony girlfriend sucking a big black rod naked wanted to take my shirt off for him, but I knew I mustn't. Good girls just didn't do those things. I kept my head down and gripped the edge of the dock tightly as the darkness gathered around us.

I finally answered in a very quiet voice. "No." "I'm sorry." He said quietly. "I didn't mean to pressure you. I just thought I would tease you a little. I would never do anything to hurt you." We sat there in silence as the sun completed its journey behind the trees.

I felt really strange now. I just sat quietly blushing at grandfather rape virgin granddaughter sleeping thought of taking my clothes off and getting into the water with this naked hunk.

I sneaked a peek at his bare chest that seemed even more manly in the darkness. I felt a little twinge in my pubescent pussy. "What if someone saw us?" I nervously asked. "There is no one here. They're all up at the camp, probably going to bed.

Nobody can see us." My mind was in turmoil. I didn't know what to do. I gathered my nerves together and then slowly grasped the bottom of my T-shirt and lifted it up and tossed it over my shoulder. My hands immediately flew to cover my plump new breasts.

"Its not the time to be shy now Chris." He said. With gentle hands he tenderly took hold of my wrists and tugged them away from my naked chest, exposing my newly developed breasts to his view.

With an affectionate hand he reached out and touched my cheek. "Look at me Chris." He said turning my face towards him. "You are the prettiest girl I have ever seen." My heart was pounding. Down in my panties my virginal pussy was twitching and I thought it might be getting a little wet. I looked into his eyes, and I believed his little flattering remark.

He kissed me on the lips. I thought I was going to faint. I don't know how long we kissed like that but it seemed to go on forever.

I was sure now that he could hear my heart pounding. When the kiss broke, we just sat looking into each other's eyes. Slowly his hand left my face and gently moved down my shoulder and arm to rest on top of my hand. Then he moved in for another kiss. As our lips met, just then the night got even darker as the lights of the campground went out. Without their glow it became even harder to see his nearly naked body.

"Its lights out I had better get back." I said starting to stand up, "I'll get in trouble." "No…no stay with me here. If you go back now someone will see you. Wait a little while 'till everyone is in bed, then go. Besides I'll make sure you won't get into trouble." I should have got up and run back to my bunk.

I knew I should. But I didn't. I took his advice and stayed right there. I secretly hoped he would kiss me again. I felt so wicked. I was sitting half naked and I wanted him to kiss me again. My nipples were getting hard as pebbles. We sat in silence for a while longer. I kept my head down looking at the water below my feet but trying to look over at his gorgeous body.

"I like your tits." He said at last. Then Silence. "I liked the kiss too." More silence. "I liked your kiss too." I finally admitted quietly. My body shivered involuntarily, perhaps out of the excitement of sitting bare chested beside a boy who was looking at my exposed tits. "You're cold!" he said and put his arm around my waist and pulled me close to him. I didn't resist. I just moved over and felt the warmth of his exposed skin against my bare shoulder. I wasn't cold but I was not about to admit that to him just now.

This felt so good. At that point I knew that he could do anything he wanted with me and I couldn't stop him. Hell I didn't want to stop him. I had a painful knot in my tummy, but scenes from romance novels kept running through my head. He turned to face me and kissed me again. This time my naked breasts were jammed against his bare chest. His hands were roaming my exposed back.

I had never felt anything like this before! The coolness of the night air on my back and the warmth of his body pressed against my crushed breasts were new sensations for me.

I liked these new sensations. When we parted, he went a step further. His hand went to my left breast. I didn't stop him. He gently squeezed sending a shiver down my spine. Then he trapped my rigid nipple between two fingers and gently flipped it up and down.

I shut my eyes and sucked in my bottom lip. I was feeling very naughty. I was behaving very badly. My breathing was like I had just run a mile and my heart was pounding even louder. My nipples were tingling as he lightly passed his fingers over them causing them to harden.

"Does that feel good?" He asked in a husky voice. "Yesss!" I hissed as I sat very still. This was the first time any man has ever touched my body in any way. I thought my thirteen-year-old heart would burst. My pussy was leaking and my panties were getting wet. Things had gone farther than I had ever been. Before I had a chance to voice any protest super hot milf with nice ass fucks and sucks at home took me in his arms and kissed me again.

While kissing he slowly lowered my half-naked body back onto the dock. Lying there looking up into his handsome face I could feel his hand fondling my tits again. I sure didn't want him to stop doing that.

I felt a twinge of anxiety as his hand moved away leaving my breasts tingling. But it was short lived because he was moving down my flat teenager's tummy. 'Ohmygod he is going to feel my pussy!' I thought. He stopped at the waistband of my shorts. Still looking me in the eyes he undid the button and the garment parted. I felt the zipper slowly descend to the bottom. His hand was now sliding across my cotton panties just above my leaking cunt. "No Wes we shouldn't." I feebly protested. "Do you really want me to stop?" He whispered leaving his hand on my panties.

When I didn't say anything he continued, "I just want to feel your pussy then I'll stop. Okey?" He didn't wait for my answer. He slowly moved his hand lower. I sucked in my bottom lip. My eyes were wide open. I could feel his fingers cross my mons and slide between my slightly parted legs. This was sooo exciting! My mind was in a total state of confusion! Only the thin material of my undergarment separated his hand from my leaking cunt! "Oh my, you are certainly wet down here." He declared softly.

Again I was thankful for the darkness as I felt the blood rush to my face. With out asking for consent he began tugging at the waistband of my shorts.

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I lay unmoving my fists clenched at my sides. He leaned over and kissed my lips again. But his hand stayed between my legs on my soaked panties separated by the thin material from my leaking pussy. "C'mon Chris… Please!" there was a pleading tone to his voice. My mind knew I should not give in but my body was ready to betray me.

"You first!" I dared trying to avoid the inevitable. I was sure he wouldn't meet my challenge. I was wrong. When he got up I thought he was going to leave. Instead he put his thumbs in the elastic waistband of his shorts and drew them down. I sucked in my breath at the sight of my first penis. To be sure there was a lot to look at, but all I remember seeing was his gigantic solid cock! From my point of view lying there looking up at his circumcised hard-on, it seemed enormous.

It stood straight out from his loins supported by a tight sack. It bobbed up and down like a caged animal that was just been released and looking for a defenseless morsel to attack.

He seemed to stand there for a short time (so I could admire his huge phallus?) then sat down beside me again. "Do you want to hold it?" he asked and reached for my hand to guide me to his crotch. "No…" I softly objected and started to pull back. But he had a good grip and pulled my hand forward anyway. It felt hot to my touch. The skin was so smooth and I could feel the stiffness of his blood-filled shaft below the busty babe gets help with her masturbation. He let go of my hand and went back to feeling my wet pussy.

He pushed aside the soaking crotch of my panties and squeezed my lower lips between his fingers. With out asking for consent he began tugging at the waistband of my shorts again. "No Wes, I'm not supposed to…" He leaned over and kissed my lips again. "C'mon Chris… Please!" there jynx maze giovanni francescin my wife shot friend hq mp4 xxx storymp4 that pleading tone to his voice again. My mind knew I should not give in but my body betrayed my wishes and I lifted my hips so he could lower the last of my clothing down my trembling legs.

I was naked! "Omygod Christine you are beautiful!" he exclaimed.

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I didn't feel beautiful I was scared stiff. In spite of that I smiled and nervously whispered, "Thank-you." Not even my parents had seen me naked like this in years.

I wanted to get up from there and run back to my bed and hide my nudity, but I couldn't move. I pressed my legs together and covered my crotch with my free hand, and just lay there letting Wesley gaze at my nakedness. He must have taken my lack of protest as consent as he again reached out and touched me.

He felt my quivering breasts letting his finger circle my nipples making them even harder as they pointed to the night stars. I trembled in reaction to the sensations racing through my young naked body, and squeezed his thick cock in my fist. I moaned when his finger slowly tracked down my bare tummy to the wisp of pubic hair.

'He is going to feel my pussy again!' I thought. I lay very still when his finger touched my leg avoiding the object of his desires. When he reached my knees he stopped. Hesitating for what seemed a long time, he moved the finger higher towards my sheltered cunt.

"No Wes stop." I begged. Releasing his cock I put both my hands over my defenseless crotch as if that would shield me. "I'm not going to hurt you, Chris. I'll be very gentle." He kissed me again.

His kisses were the one thing I could not defend against. I could resist no longer. Slowly I parted my legs opening the way for his victorious assault on my drenched pussy. I could feel his finger moving along the outer surface of the lips of my cunt not even trying to infiltrate to the lower level. I moaned as the sensations built sex is what horny ebony cutie needs hardcore and blowjob and higher.

When he touched my anus it felt like a hot poker had just touched me and I involuntarily bucked my hips upward. Then running his finger along my perineum he stopped at the entrance to my love hole. My mid-section was burning hot! "My, my you are certainly wet." He said quietly.

Then, before I could react to his statement, his finger slowly moved to my clit. My whole world exploded. My body began to shake. I was sweating and writhing. I arched my back as the most breathtaking tingling sensation I had ever experienced coursed through my young naked body.

I was experiencing my first real orgasm. Wave after wave of the spectacular feelings emanated from my crotch and jolted along my nerve endings. I don't know how long it lasted but gradually I was able to regain a semblance of control as the marvelous sensations weakened. I lay in my nakedness trying to catch my breath as Wes, with his hand still covering my soaking mons, watched with a surprised look on his face. I was exhausted. My chest was heaving as I gasped for fresh air.

"I have never seen a girl respond like that." He said with the sound of wonder in his voice. "What…?" "I have never felt like that!" I said cutting his question off. "That was sooo amazing!" I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him down on top of me and kissed him. My tits were burning with desire as I crushed him into my chest. It felt marvelous to feel his weight on top of me. Most of all I could feel his hard dick and his nuts pressing into my abdomen. He moaned deeply and started to position himself to enter me.

"No Wes we shouldn't!" I tried intense dildo pleasure mature asian milf miu protest knowing full well that this was indeed what I really wanted. I also knew there was no way of stopping him now. "Listen Christine if you thought that your last orgasm was awesome wait until you feel the one you get from a really good fuck." "But…but…it will hurt!" I tried again to stave off the inevitable.

"Okey…okey, I'll just put the head in, okey?" he said using the argument that every young girl in history must have heard just before being deflowered. We both knew that it was a lie. Before I could object again he entered my cunt. I could feel my nether lips open wider and wider as the head of his monster cock opened me for the first time.

"Oooohhh!" I moaned. It felt fantastic! Slowly and deliberately he moved deeper and deeper into my now willing body. It felt so warm and stiff as he slid further and further inside of me.

I was beginning to feel filled. I couldn't believe how sweet it felt. My pussy was tingling like never before. It felt so full. I was in heaven! He was in all the way! He opened his mouth to speak, but I stopped him.

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with one word, "Horses." A knowing look came across his face. He slowly retracted his marvelous cock until just the spongy head was now inside. Hesitating for just a moment he then rammed his fat rigid dick back in as hard and fast as he could. Then, just as quickly, out and in again with brute force. I was being truly and fiercely fucked for the first time.

He began to pound me with a barrage of hard forceful stokes that left me breathless. It felt awesome! I couldn't wait for the next powerful thrust up my juicy cunt. I tried to grip his cock tighter with my vaginal muscles. It just made the shaft feel bigger. My mind was blank just absorbing shock wave after spectacular shock wave as his balls slapped against my ass. It is hard to describe how good it felt to feel his steel shaft slamming in and out of my drooling pussy.

From somewhere deep inside I could feel the most fantastic tingling starting to gather. With each brutal thrust the sensation became more and more intense. Suddenly it was all I could think about! Just like before, I lost control of my body!

My whole being was wrapped up in that intense cloud of pleasure. I could feel that the fucking had stopped and I could hear him moan but other than that my whole concentration was on the astonishing sensation that was engorging my teenaged body.

There was nothing more important than his throbbing dick buried deep in my rippling twat. My whole world was centered on my cunt. Wave after delicious wave of pure pleasure jolted my crotch and crackled along my spine to the centre of erotic gratification. Auntey xxx sex cudai storys daunload could feel his member twitching inside my overheated body.

He was filling me with his man-cream. My juices were squirting down my love shaft to bathe his cock in return. Slowly, ever so slowly, the spasms weakened.

I was gasping for breath, my chest heaving. My body was bathed in sweat.

He pulled his wonderful cock out of me leaving me with an incredible empty feeling. Rolling over on his back he lay down beside me.

We were side by side in the darkness naked and exhausted. I'll never forget that moment. I had been fucked! Royally fucked! My whole body was tingling.

My still spasming pussy seemed to be on fire as our juices dribbled down my exposed crack and leaving a cold wet trail across the curve of my ass. My rock hard nipples were sensitive to touch.

Indeed if he had touched them I believe that would have orgasmed again. I opened my eyes and all I could see was millions and millions of stars. Even at only thirteen I recognized story pornde alexa hija de mirka dellanos I had crossed a threshold that I could never visit again, and I was not feeling shame over what had happened. I just wanted more…&hellip. End of Part 1