Latina bitch doggy style fuck for some money

Latina bitch doggy style fuck for some money
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No one under the age of fourteen has any sex in this story MORTEY'S SEXY HOLIDAYS: * MORTEY'S CRAZY HALLOWEEN NIGHT: * "Mortey……&hellip.aren't you getting rather old for this kind of thing?" "Oh, Sexy blond milf brandi love is massaged ampamp fucked by her masseur. I have been doing this since I was six years old.

And I thought that I would do it just one more time. You aren't mad at me are you?" "Sure, change the subject, huh!" "You know me so well, Mom. How can I get around your negativity on this occasion?" "Clean your room first, take out the garbage, trim around the lawn that your father mowed, and come over here and give me a great big kiss, my baby boy!

Well, the last thing will suffice now, actually." So, for the ten thousand time, he moved up to his lovely mom and gave her a great big kiss,……&hellip. right on the nose and then ran out the door to his evening adventures. Her voice followed him down the walkway to the sidewalk with, "I'll get you for that later, you can count on it!" With a lot of laughter.

When he got down to the bus stop, he hefted his big bag and took out his notebook with his notes on this evening. Mortey was developing into a real planner of things. And, of course, this was preceded by a fact-finding program, which in this case involved a hidden voice recorder in the girl's bathroom at the high school. It was easy to get it in there, but tricky getting it out and he was almost caught by the early arriving janitor for his evening shift.

And he did duck a girl who was busy in one of the stalls, too. But, she didn't even notice him, just thought that he was another girl that had missed her bus or was waiting bathing party slut jizzed group sex and cumshot a late arriving ride, she must have surmised. With this and several fact finding missions, he had a detailed itinerary for this evening.

If it worked out, it would be epic. A thing of beauty celebrated for years underground in the local urban legends. First up in his plan was an intimate time with Doris, an annoyance to him since almost preschool. He would have to use his voice disguiser with her, since he was going to preempt a date she planned for Cecil, her boyfriend. And she knew his voice very well, of course. According to what was recorded on the recorder from the bathroom, she was planning on giving it up to him this evening for the first time.

Not the first time for her, she made kinky payton pleasures two fat rods threesome cumshot to her cohorts, but the first for him, and she was going to put on an act that it was her first time, too. With some strawberry jam up in her pussy to simulate the virginal blood.

She said that she knew that Cecil would be fooled by that, since he was faint at the sight of blood anyway. She had to slap him in the face the first time she took off her pad in front of him a few months ago, when she changed for them to go to a movie. As she told her girly friends, his eyes just rolled up and he turned deathly white in her bedroom, as she lowered her panties and removed the bloody pad to put in another one.

And she laughed with them over him together. 'Very funny,' thought Mortey. Mortey knew Cecil to be one of the really nice guys in their school. He actually deserved much better than Doris, but he smiled when he thought that she would do until Cecil met someone better. So, according to the recording, she was expecting him to come through her bedroom window at exactly seven o'clock. So, Mortey planned to be there at five thirty to preempt the later date.

So, he sat at the bus stop through a couple of stops by annoyed drivers and with the timing in mind, he then hid the bag in a bush behind the kiosk and moved purposely to her window.

She had said that she would be writing letters for a couple of hours before Cecil arrived, so she should be ready to be interrupted when Mortey got there.

Outside her window, he quickly put on the serpent costume and the voice disguiser and climbed through the window without braining himself on the window sill. And Doris was stunned to see a giant snake come into her bedroom. And then Mortey through the translator, trying to simulate Cecil's speech pattern moved over to her to give her a hug.

She took that well, but then asked him if maybe something was missing on his costume. His dick was hanging out to her amused sight. For some reason it seemed a bit longer and slimmer to her eyes, but she admitted to herself that she had never studied Cecil up close before this. He mumbled that the effect was on purpose and then rolled Doris on her back and lifted her skirt to play with his delights of hers underneath.

She protested, "Isn't this a bit fast Cecil? I was hoping to enjoy this for at least an hour!" "No, Doris, I have a party to go to after with the family and I need to get back as quickly as I can." "Well, okay then. We can linger another time." And with that, Mortey gently pulled her panties down, to discover her shaved pussy that was already red in heat and leaking her girlish cum with his very aggressive antics.

And then low and behold, he moved his mouth down to kiss, lick and suckle on it, something that he (the supposed Cecil) had never done before. With this, she began to moan and squirm as the plastic of his asian beauteous chick needs warm cock juice rubbed roughly on her intimate tissues. But, then it got better when his mouth opened and his spittle started to grease up the cleft.

By this time she was all in on him being all in as soon as possible. So, since his cock didn't need any encouragement this time, she leaned back and opened her legs as widely as possible and Mortey moved up into her magic land to serve up a little magic for her. After pumping up into her for a couple of minutes with his precum and her cum slickening up her tunnel, he erupted in her to her complaints that he was supposed to have pulled out and emptied up on her face.

But, it was too late to change that and so he leaned down and kissed her leaking pussy vault and then saying 'goodbye' he moved back out the window to his further adventures for the night. An hour later, the real Cecil showed up and Doris said to herself, 'Oh well!" And welcomed him into her pussy, too. When Mortey got out of the window, he ducked behind the bush there and took off the snaky outfit and put on his Big Bad Wolf one, when he retrieved it from behind the bus stop kiosk.

This was to allow his interaction with Millie, the little fourteen year old that he had found out from his brother in his auto class that she was going to dress as Little Kristina rose is a cumhungry latina looker pornstars and brunette Riding Hood.

He knew where they lived and decided to accost her when she turned the corner to walk down the only empty block on both sides of the whole neighborhood. All of the girls in the neighborhood were nervous when they went down that block, but nothing had ever actually happened to any of them,…&hellip.yet.

So, when faketaxi hot student lets cabbie cum in her mouth got halfway down the block, he jumped out from behind a bush conveniently next to the sidewalk and with his translator back on he growled. "I am going to Huff, and Huff and Huff and blow your panties down!" She couldn't help it, she peed her panties in shock and then laughed when she saw his penis sticking out of his wolf costume. He then growled, "You laugh now, but wait until I eat out your pussy and see how you feel about it then!" Her eyes widened at that, but she made no effort to run away, so he guided her gently into the darkness of the woods and lifted her up to his costume and gently pushed her panties aside, and then worked his cock up into her tight pussy to her additional surprise, but not to any resistance and then he pumped himself up into her and shot off his load again.

Then, he put her down and backed her up to the tree trunk and lowered her pissed panties and suckled on her pretty little pussy until she leaked some of her cum.

He didn't even mind the slight taste of little girl pee, either. And she in the spirit of the moment, screamed and ran out of the woods from the Big Bad Wolf, without even retrieving her panties.

He moved to the other side of the block and changed out of this costume again. The next Monday morning at the bus stop while awaiting the school bus, she sidled up to Mortey and whispered to him, that someone dressed as a wolf had accosted her Halloween night when she was in her Red Riding Hood outfit.

Mortey asked if she was hurt in any way, and she replied, "Um, Noooo, but I sure would like to know who he was!" So, Mortey said that maybe he would hear about her desire through the grapevine and show up to her horny blonde mother kisses guy before they passionately fuck on sofa. And he suggested that she wander in the empty block area again, maybe he might be there. And she looked up to him and asked him, "How did you know where it happened?" This question was accompanied with squinted eyes.

And he answered, "Just a lucky guess, I guess!" And then the bus stopped to pick them up. Mortey then sneaked back home on Halloween night and took a nap in his bed for a couple of hours, since his next foray was going to be with his girlfriend Lexi who would then be back from the party that her parents insisted that she attend instead of going 'Trick or Treating.' For Lexi, he was going to dress as Zorro, only with a dull edged and tipped foil for safety's sake.

He walked right down the street, because this was his sixteen year old girlfriend that everyone knew about. What they didn't know was that she had promised to give him it all that night. She had always been very affectionate in their three months of going steady, but had drawn the line pretty high on her body so far, so he was very curious of what she considered 'it all.' Even this late at night, there were still young kids out and about in their costumes.

Thank goodness, almost all of them had chaperones with them to watch over them. He shuddered at what might happen to them, if left alone, even in this relatively safe neighborhood. They greeted him as he passed by and knew who he was, even with his mask on. When he got to her house, her father was on the steps and Mortey wondered what that was about. Mr. Norman addressed him and told him to go home, Lexi wouldn't be available to see him that night.

In fact, he politely, but emphatically asked Mortey to stay away from her from then on. So, Mortey with his intimate plans for Lexi in ashes remained silent and turned and left the vicinity of their home.

On Monday at lunch, she approached him while he was eating his lunch and sat across of him at the table. He looked up and noted her presence, but made no greeting, nor any comment to her being there. She took this in and then said that she needed to explain what happened. Someone in the family had been nosy and found some things in the bedroom that gave away what was going to happen between her and Mortey that night, and her father was furious with them, mostly her, and put a stop to it, before it had even started.

Mortey looked up at her and, "Sounds good, except I know about Henry arriving back home from basic training yesterday and I saw his car in your driveway." And then he lowered his head to continue on with his lunch. She slunk away, knowing that her dates with Mortey while Henry was out of town were over now. She would have to recruit another guy, but that might be difficult when the ones that heard this interchange reported on it around the school. But, as Mortey left Lexi's place Halloween night, he remembered the party that Lexi had just come home from and decided to walk the extra six blocks to its location and see if he could get in to it.

When he got there, he recognized two senior girls from his high school and they were out behind the pool shed taking a drink of something from a suspicious bottle. So, he angled around the yard out of view of the party goers inside and joined the two of them to see what was up.

The two girls were twins, and very drunk. Also, their costumes were made up of only paint, and one of the slurred, "They wouldn't let us into the party. So, I looked in the pool house and found this bottle in the little fridge there.

Want to try some?" Mortey demurred to that suggestion, but gathered them into his arms and led them back into the pool shed. They settled up on the couch, with one of the twins, he could never tell them apart especially with similar paint jobs, had the bottle by the neck trailing in her hand.

"You sure, you don't want any of this, Mortey?" "No, I don't think so!" "But," pointing to their pussies with each of his hands, "I would like a lot of that!" They looked down to where he was pointing and the one without the bottle managed to get out, "You mean you want our pussies?" "Si, Senorita, esta muy bien!" "I just love a Zorro, who speaks Spanish," they harmonized together.

And grabbed him to cuddle with them on the couch. And with that his hands began to search their bodies for the proverbial 'lost sexy things,' to their delights. When his fingers got up into their slits and became very wet from the cum there, the two girls moved a finger each from his hands up into their pussy vaults to stir up the situation a bit more.

And then he lowered himself, while divesting himself of the metal sword, to engage his fleshly one to meet up with the first pussy of the two. She was delighted with this and encouraged him to advance his skills in fucking her (her words) and he did. With his swordsman pantaloons down, he thrust his cock sword up into her where it would do the most good.

And soon delivered his liquid gift right up to the target zone. With that he exclaimed in his lame Spanish, "Usted esta muy bonita y muy caliente" and left it at that. With her sister temporarily satisfied, the other twin moved him over to give a little love to her pussy, too.

And though he was somewhat drained from his romping that evening and night, he managed to just barely squeak a small load into her, too. And then, the two of them passed out on the couch, with their hind ends up in the air and with them dead to the world in their alcoholic daze. So, Mortey, still horny as hell, stared at the two gorgeous bare behinds and then decided, 'Why not?' He might never get a chance like this again.

So, he found some sun lotion and using it as a lube, he greased up first one and then the other's anuses and moved his cock excitedly up and into one and then the other. When he was up in the second one, she roused up a bit and moaned, "Oh, the little guy wants some back end action, huh?

And she shook her twin up and coaxed her into the action. They backed him down on the couch. It took both of them to get him, there, because he didn't know what they had in mind, and with one with her anuses on his mouth, the other put her anus over his cock and plunged down.

It at first felt really good, and then it hurt a right good bit. "Take our asses while we are out of it, huh? Well, how does this feel little man?" And soon, he was sobbing, because it hurt his cock so badly. So, they felt a bit ashamed at their treatment of him and so turned off the lights in the pool house and curled up to him for the rest of the night. In the morning, when the fog in their minds began to clear up a bit, and they remembered what they had done with him the night before and how they had abused him after his doing them up the asses while they were unconscious, they gathered him up into their arms and told him to come to their house on the next Saturday and they would make it up to him.

So, he gathered up what was left of his Zorro costume and made his way to face the music with his mom, over his over-the-night adventure.

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Mom was pissed off in the morning when I showed up. Not only was I grossly late, but the costume sort of gave away what I had been late doing. After the fireball of anger calmed down, and I was suitably sorry, I took it upon myself for the rest of that day and Sunday to do everything around our house and place that I could think of. Mowed the lawn again, trimmed around the edges, trimmed the bushes that were crowding up to the front porch, vacuumed the whole house (even under the furniture), and cleaned her car inside and out and waxed it up.

I was exhausted when I was finished and in the shower trying to relax some very sore muscles. Mom came in and brought me a fresh towel right out of the dryer and said over the top of the shower curtain, "Okay you are forgiven, but don't ever do that again without calling home and letting me know where you are at.

I can guess what you were doing. Be careful with that, too." Mortey waited a week to give Millie her little surprise again, and he chose a Saturday, when he knew from her brother that she walked past the same empty block on that weekend day most every week to go to the library.

She was a dedicated book worm, and he thought that that was fine. So, he moved to his hiding place behind the same bush and this time in just his regular clothes and waited from about eleven in the morning until she would walk past at about noon to catch the bus at the stop at the end of that block.

Even though, she had been down this way over and over for the past week, she was still nervous when she passed the bush. And when she came up to it again and heard, "I will huff, huff, huff and blow your panties down!" This time she held her pee and moved around the bush to see who she had expected all along. So, she allowed him to move her up to backing up to the tree and his lowering of her panties and bringing his mouth up to her this time pristine pussy to give it the business.

Few walked down that empty block, and if they had that noon they would have heard her moans and low volume shrieks at the feelings he was awakening in her with his tongue. And when studying and fucking with nerdy teeny facial cumshot natural tits rose up and mounted his cock up into her, she was crazy with desire and begged him to finish up in her. And when she knelt down to give him a newbie Blow Job, she retorted, "I guess that this makes me your girlfriend from now on, doesn't it?" He nodded yes, and then added, "There sex xxnx cnm sex stories story shil band no others now." So, after he emptied up into her mouth, they walked hand in hand to the bus stop and to one of their favorite places by the bus.

The library&hellip. * MORTEY'S FRANTIC THANKSGIVING: * On the Tuesday at school after Halloween and the showdown between Mortey and Lexi in the lunchroom, but before his encounter with little Millie on the empty block of street, other drama's played out that would affect greatly his current relationships with several of the high school young ladies.

After the previous day's showdown with Lexi over her breaking of their intimate date through her father and then lying about the pornstar riley fucked and filled pornstars and hardcore to Mortey, everyone was waiting the next day for the next bombshell. Lurking in the background were Doris, Millie and Dina and Tina the twins among others.

First up to serve, was Doris who had become very suspicious about who the guy was in the serpent costume who had invaded her body in the guise of Cecil, her boyfriend. She approached Mortey and let out, "Hey, Mortey, I heard several stories about your whereabouts and activities on Halloween evening.

You weren't by any change near my home were you?" "Well Doris, I might have been, I covered a lot of ground that night." "Did you happen to see any activity around my window at about five thirty that evening?" "Can't say that I did, Doris" And then he rose to avoid any further questions by the determined Doris.

She simply wanted to know who belonged to the other dick that penetrated her that night. She was of a mind to ask for a return visit, but didn't know for sure who to give the invitation to. In Algebra class, Lexi who always sat in the chair right behind Mortey and continued to do so to try to punish him for now dropping her after she had dropped him.

During Miss Barton's chalk board work to help her students to qualify for Mr. Morgan's Advanced Algebra course the next year, she passed a note to Mortey.

In his annoyance, he read: 'Why are you avoiding me?' He wrote, "You mean that your breaking up with me and then lying about it isn't enough?' Then the return, 'Breaking up, whose talking about anything like that?' 'Your father that is who. And besides you have Henry.' Further scribbling, 'He is already gone back and left me alone.

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Who am I going to date, if not you?' 'I think that your father answered that it wouldn't be me!' At that, Miss Barton turned around to assess the low level of background noise in the room that indicated something was going on that shouldn't be. This annoyed half of the boys in the class who were constantly trying to see up the back of her skirt when she scrunched up at the chalk board.

The highest that anyone had seen so far and reported to his fellow admirer of her was up to above the back of her legs to halfway to whatever mystery lurked above that. As she looked at several of them, the note passing between Mortey and Lexi was obscured by ten sharply focused pairs of eyes on her and she admonished them that they better get their attentions on the black board, if they wanted to move up to Mr. Morgan's class, which was a prerequisite to the advance courses in Physics and Chemistry that they would need if they wanted to move on to the sciences in college.

Most of the focused boys on her upper legs and butt were fuck me in the norway shower on the bed and let me swallow the sperm themselves that they could substitute the lower level Algebra second year class, ADVENTURES IN ALGEBRA, but unfortunately for them the advisers wouldn't be fooled by that.

But, with the class provisionally focused back on the chalkboard, she turned around again and a couple of boys were besides themselves, because they imagined that they had just seen her butt crack. But, it was only a mismatched seam in her skirt. And with that, the note resumed being passed back and forth, which the whole class knew about, too.

'Isn't there something that you would like to do with me, now that Henry is out of town for several months?' 'You men like lighting your tits on fire?' 'No, I don't think that that would do!

Think lower.' 'Oh, you mean dig out your belly button?' 'No, lower yet!' 'I don't think so!' And with that, Miss Barton had had enough, so she called Vanessa the class suck-up to pass out the pop quiz that she had prepared to punish the class with in disruptive times.

And with a lot of sighs, the students moved their attentions to the pages in front of them with only fifteen minutes to complete a half hour quiz. Good thing that the grading would be on a curve, unless Leslie the class brain aced it and flushed the rest of them down the toilet. While their attentions were riveted on trying to make something out of the quiz, Miss Barton was roaming the classroom, insuring that there would be no, or at least little cheating, she saw the note that she expected and while Lexi was straining in unbelief at the difficulty of this quiz, the teacher snatched the offending note before Lexi knew what hit her.

In fact after turning in her answers, the few of them that were present, Lexi spent several minutes trying to find the lost note. She didn't succeed, of course. After class was dismissed and during her unclassed hour that she usually spent correcting foul testing efforts or just drinking coffee with other idle fellow teachers, she took out the note and read it.

The other teachers duly noted her hysterical reaction to it and observed her hurried exit in the direction of the vice principle in charge of security and discipline. And after taking it and excusing Miss Barton back to her class, he took it to the Una buena follada para las hippies servipornocom for his consideration. He looked it studiously and then told hd passion hd madison ivy jerks guys dick till cum explosion vice principal that he would take care of it.

And after the V.P. left, his honor took it and mounted it up on the wall under an obscuring covering in his 'Passed Notes' Hall of Fame until it was surpassed in wackiness by another one. He only kept the top twelve in perpetuity. And then the second fateful meeting of Mortey and Millie happened and they became welded together and Lexi had to turn her wiles on other guys in school, all of whom knew all of the details of her lies to Mortey. That complicated things considerably.

But, it did help out Mansur, who had never had a date. And he even got a handful of pussy on his very first date to ensure his continued interests in her. Lurking and wondering why Mortey hadn't pursued a repeat of his active interests in their ass holes, Dina and Tina, twins, circled about the social horizon awaiting a chance to pounce upon Mortey with any trip up of Millie's watched out for. Millie, finding out in some way that Mortey never could identify, had found out about his rear end adventure with Dina and Tina and inked bombshell has her juicy snatch rammed they were ready to pounce on him at the least sliver of stress with the newly dedicated to each other couple.

Millie was very small in stature, but big in determination to ensure the permanency of this teen love affair with her future in consideration.

So, she planned to lay a trap for him at the coming Thanksgiving family celebration at the family's cabin in the woods, with his family invited to share in the festivities this year. So, two important things happened over the next couple of weeks until the holiday.

First Millie made it her primary purpose in the meantime to find out every sexual practice that she could consider to give to Mortey. And second, Millie's mother sensing the undercurrents between her daughter and the lovely boy, Mortey, who she welcomed as a prospective mate for her Millie, just not in actuality at the ages of fifteen and sixteen with a soon appearance of a grandchild, had her to the doctor and on pregnancy prevention.

Knowing what this meant and more importantly inferred, Millie moved ahead with her preparations for the holiday. Tina and Dina just circled like female ass-fucking loving vultures awaiting a break in the relationship of Millie and Mortey.

A week before the big dinner, the mothers of the two families got together and divided up the meal chores for the meal. Mortey's mother was especially adept at cooking of a turkey, so she centered herself on that and the stuffing.

Millie's mom centered herself on the desserts and both families just filled in the remainders, including the dreaded cranberry sauce and fruit cakes.

Then on the day in question, the two families loaded up the meal preparations and headed up to the cabin, with Mortey and Millie riding side by side in her family's van and her younger sister riding up with Mortey's folks. Upon arrival, the foods were all put into either the heat or cold necessary for their dinner later in the day. In the meantime, the kids all spread out around the cabin to enjoy the woods and the lake nearby. No fishing at this time, but the water was beautiful and inspiring even to kids at this time of year.

Mortey and Millie managed to do some hiking around, but there were others about and so they contained their affections for later in the night. When the dinner was served the two families felt as close as they ever had, even though they had known each other for years, and much of the union was centered and displayed in Millie and Mortey.

You would have to be stupid to not see how very much that they were devoted to each other now. But, there was great food to eat and the two families made a very heroic effort to erase all of it to be in their tummies.

After dinner came napping time, and so before going home, they all decided to rest up a bit for the drive down the mountain. During the naps, Millie's dad herd an unexpected noise from the bathroom and got up to see what the matter was. He found that someone had left a faucet running and the water supply had been temporarily used up and so it was echoing in its dry air outpouring.

But, this led him to investigate some other suspicious sounds in the small bedroom, right next door. It was assigned to Millie and the other young girls for their naps. But, when he opened the door, he saw no grouping of young girls napping or chattering. What he saw was Mortey behind his daughter's raised up butt and his cock up his dear daughter's behind.

He was shocked to his core and then let out a roar befitting a papa bear and a, "What are you doing to my daughter???" With this, Mortey froze in position with him just having emptied up into Millie's ass, as she had planned.

With the roar, Millie didn't move an inch, because this had been her idea and she had wanted it to ensure Mortey's continued love of her. But, Mortey backed away from Millie's behind and then because he had left that opening without his cock shrinking back to normal size, the cum that he had delivered into Millie came leaking out, dripping down her pussy and then slipping down the insides of her thighs and legs towards the floor.

When Mortey saw this and then turned to see the absolute fury in her father's face, he just turned to stone as it were. White as a sheet and with the look of a deer in the headlights to his eyes and face. At this moment his folks joined her mother to come up and see what the furor was about. After their first glances they motioned for the older children to gather up the younger ones so that they wouldn't see this scene. Too late for some of them.

Then Mortey's folks awaited to see what the resolution would be for their son in the face of her father's pronounced fury. What happened was that her father next collapsed in tears and moved to gather up his precious daughter to protect her from this scene and actions. And Mortey's folks did the same for him. And then they separated into two camps in the house as far apart as they could be in the cramped quarters, now deciding to wait for morning when they would all be calmer and more sober from the alcohol that they had consumed to face the tricky drive back down the mountain.

There was not a peep in either families' camp for the night, just a dread of what the after effect of this would entail. When the two families loaded up to leave in the morning, the two fathers stayed behind in the cabin to confer. And Millie's father told Mortey's father that he would think things over for the next couple of days and then confer with him again before he did anything officially about this travesty. Mortey's dad nodded in agreement to meeting with him again to discuss this in a calmer environment.

A week later the two fathers met again, and Millie's father laid out what he intended to do with the two lovers. And after reflection Mortey's father agreed with the terms and felt that under the conditions, Millie's dad was being very understanding. So, the meeting of the couple with her dad was arranged to be alone at her house. Mortey was very fearful of what the result of their meeting would be and concerned that no one from his family would be present to defend him. When he came into the room, Millie was sitting on the couch and Randy, her father in his recliner.

He motioned for Mortey to sit next to Millie and made no protest when he took her hand.

But, with a hard set of eyes, in earnest tones he set out a contract for them to agree upon to heal the breech between him and the boy and the interests of the two lovers. "This is what you two will do for the next six months, after that we will see depending on what you do in the meantime. You two will do no dating and have no social contact at all. You ARE NOT GOING STEADY from now on.

There will be no affection demonstrated between you two for the six months, either. Nothing at all, not even hand holding after you leave this room in a few minutes. What you may do is still attend classes together, wave at the library when you are both in attendance and eat at the same table during lunch but on opposite sides of the table. There will be no communications to each other over the net and any written ones will be reviewed before passing them on. That will about cover it.

If you, Millie break this covenant, you will be sent overseas to a private girl's school and forbidden to ever see him again. If you break this covenant, Mortey, I will bring official charges up against you and whatever the courts do about it, your life will be ruined. And the charges will be valid, despite the fact that this outrage was mostly of Millie's inception, because she was still under the age of sixteen, the age of consent in this state.

Because you Mortey are only a year older than her that would work in your favor, but not necessarily excuse you for your share in this conduct. And the fact that it was sodomy would work very much against you, despite that adults have the freedom to pursue this at their leisure in this state.

You two will be under virtually constant observations and so it mom and son 2019 sex stories very unlikely that you could subvert this decision. And would you want to take the chances of what would happen if you did? I have a scene of my beloved daughter and her dude likes hammering wet cunt hardcore blowjob boyfriend burned into my mind, heart and soul.

I hope that someday that it will be supplanted by another. Maybe even it including both of you. But, it is up to the each of you now. So, now you are officially broken up. But in recognition of the love that has been evident between you two, I will now permit you to hug each other and kiss yourselves off into your separation of the next six months. I hope for the best for each of you and maybe the both of you, if you prize each other enough to weather this personal storm." At Christmas, Mortey sent her by FedEx a very small box with a mood ring and a loving message to her.

Her father returned the mood ring, but allowed her to keep the message. On New Years Day, he made an eight by ten sign on his parent's front lawn, saying, 'MILLIE, I LOVE YOU!' with bright white lights. Millie's father heard about it and drove past it one night with Millie in the back seat and he made no comment about it at all.

At Valentines Day, he sent her a full page letter with only the message that he loved her and missed her very much. Her father wrote 'APPROVED' on the envelope and laid it on her bed for when she got tomas falsas (segunda parte tube porn from the library that day. Neither of them violated any of the conditions of their contract for the whole six months and a few days after.

But, during that time, Mortey had a number of other issues to deal with. * MORTEY'S LONELY CHRISTMAS: * During the days after the monumental meeting with Frank, Millie's father with the young couple, there was genuine despair among both the young ones and parent level ones over this.

They had all seen the wildfire welding of the couple and at various levels reveled in their partnership.

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But, they all knew that whatever had happened, that it must have been very serious and so were in for the two lovers to survive this and eventually resume their loving relationship. Even Frank was now wondering if he had overreacted, but even if so, if they were to build an adult life together, which even he favored in the long run, they would face a lot more serious obstacles than six months of social and sexual abstinence.

So, he was going to let the contract continue and be as supportive as he could under the circumstances. Among the unofficial elements of the high school and other young women's numbers, was a subset that was all in allinternal misha cross in hardcore petite creampie sex sexual experimentation.

It could be with the 'bad boys' for the adventure. But, at least some wanted it to be with a 'nice boy' and preferably an experienced one with no intentions of a long lasting connection. The L.C. (LIFELONG COMMITMENT) was held back by these girls for their future husbands who would be selected on a financial or notoriety status.

So, in the meantime a fine fellow who knew something about the mysteries that they were curious about would be in high demand. Inter the newly separated Mortey, who if the rumors were true, also knew and was experienced in what they wanted to know what all of the hubbub was about. Doris, Lexi, Dina and Tina were among them. But, there were others lurking in the shadows too.

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And no one really expected Mortey to become a sexual hermit during his season of despair, least of all Millie nor her father. How he handled this too, would make a mark on his long range expectations.

First up to bat was Lexi, who with her permanent beau out of the social picture in his early months of military training was looking for social and sensual stimulation's until his permanent return or her joining up with him with her graduation. Because of how she had treated Mortey during the Halloween night arranged date and her lying about it afterwards, she was struggling to get any dates.

Mansur was helpful in a social way, but was a dud in bed, only opting for straight sex, which she was already well aware of. So, she decided to reach out to Mortey again and see what would happen.

During Miss Barton's Algebra class, a note again was sent up to him this time through several hands, since Lexi didn't sit right behind him anymore. And with Miss Barton again at the chalk board trying to adjust some common misconceptions about algebraic maneuvers, the note arrived and Mortey read it: SORRY ABOUT YOU AND MILLIE!

And the return addition was sent on back, YEAH, IT SUCKS! Most of the class knew what was going on, and were being unusually quiet. So, Miss Barton suspected first that the shorter skirt that she was wearing, because of a shortfall in clean clothing, this day was riding up too high and giving the in house teen pervs too much of a view.

So, she turned very quickly to read the situation and found the class all looking forward and amazing gang bang along steamy japanese babe in heats attentive to her lecture and chalkboard demonstrations. But, she did give the pervs an alternative show with her sizable breast works in motion with her sudden turn. 'Oh well,' she thought. 'At least their attentions were directed in the right direction.' The next lap of the note had the addition: I AM HERE TO HELP!

And that was answered with, WE SHALL SEE! And the paper conversation rested with that. On the way home that day, he found Doris sitting next to him and being very bodily friendly. This was in the sight of Millie, who when Mortey turned to look her direction just shrugged at Doris's obvious maneuver.

Her riding on this bus was unusual, since she usually rode the one that dropped off in the other direction from her home, the one that she rides with Cecil and her other long-time friends.

But, with this effort on her hot pov blowjob session with jaylyn rose, it was obvious that something was in the works. When the three of them got off of the bus, Millie sadly went on her way in faithfulness to the CONTRACT, and Doris took Mortey's hand to lead him up to her house, 'to discuss somethings' she asserted.

When they entered the empty house, he insisted on phoning his home to leave a message as to where he was for the present. No use riling up Mom again, he reasoned. And then, Doris led him up to her bedroom, which she acknowledged that he already had some familiarity with, but through a different egress, the window.

She smiled and reminded him of his serpent costume and the missing panel of it where his member was. He smiled and flashed a bit of a flush with that. She sat him on the side of the bed and in low tones said that there were some things that she wanted to discuss with him, and then proceeded to let her fingers do the walking. They first moved up to his head and turned it to be lightly and then aggressively kissed. With this, her lone free hand moved down to the location of the missing panel of his previous costume and with this his fingers began to enter the manual conversation with fingering sentences of his own.

Starting with her titties that soon became exposed to his usage. After leading her pretty little titties to his mouth, his fingers worked their way down to below her waist and under her school skirt to shortly after that to under her panties' waist band. Then his fingers, as hers were massaging his cock within his shorts, began to travel about her pussy area, briefly stopping at its various venues of tactile interest. Eventually centering on her pussy hole and interior.

With this, Doris rose up and moved to her knees and unloosed the one eyed monster to her view and attentions. And it quickly disappeared into her mouth and probed down her throat.

She wanted his cum down her throat, but he had other plans and eventually, she responded by hitching herself up upon the bed and with her clothing still on, but his trousers off, took his seven plus inch cock and guided it up to her vagina, to lurk within. It was happy to just rest within at first, while their attentions were directed elsewhere with their mutually active mouths at work with coordinated attentions to her breasts from his hands.

Then when he felt rhythmic pulsations in her vagina, probably from Kegel exercises, massage his cock and he with deep plunging's emptied it up in to her with her sympathetic climax coming too.

And then they rose and after he was fully dressed again, he held her close with his hands steadying her on her ass cheeks and their lips welded together. She was imagining that they would be together teen solo dildo up close im ultimately starting to understand my power, but Mortey had no intention of doing that.

He didn't want to be too connected with any of the girls that he mated with until Millie came back into his life fully. So, he would rotate through several until then. But, he would see Doris again sometime, and he told her so.

Then to make it official, he left through the window again. When Mortey got home that night he was kept awake with his ache for Millie. He was not above enjoying others for time being, but what he really wanted was the passion and adventures that he shared with his lady love.

So, he made a pact with himself that he would see others only every two weeks and never a second time in a row, so that he could keep himself tapped off in his desires, but not have his heart moved from its center on his little dear Millie. Over the next couple of weeks, the twins, Dina and Tina kept up a litany with their mother about inviting the tragic younger boy that they knew from school.

He was a sophomore at the time and they were seniors.

And they related what was generally known about Mortey, Mille and her father's pact with them. No one but the immediate families' knew what the offense was, but everyone figured out that it was pretty outrageous to have such a mild mannered man as Millie's father react the way he did.

And since the general feeling among his school and family contemporaries was solid acceptance of their relationship and joy at seeing its public out workings, there was an accompanying heartache in them to see something that they aspired to also go into such a tragic suspension. And they all hoped that whatever they were guilty of that the contract between them and her father would be the means to wipe their guilt clean off the face of the Drained before date joi watch her live cam show at. So, they prevailed on their mother to invite him to share in the holidays in order to calm his aching heart.

They had the idea of calming another part of his anatomy, too. But, their mom said that he would probably want to be with his family for the holiday. But, Tina offered that his family had their dinner on Christmas day, and her family had it on Christmas Eve because her father's job, so that he should be free on the Eve to share it with them. So, their mom gave them permission to invite him and he after consulting with his parents got their acceptance of this as long as he showed for his own mz peachtree and shawty red celebration the next day.

They thought that it i had sex with fat girl while husband sleeps be good for him to get out with other people other than mourn for his temporarily lost love. He being somewhat encouraged that Millie got to keep his Christmas card, but not the mood ring, was then ready to accept this Christmas Eve meal and celebration. He was invited to arrive as early as noon to enjoy company with the twins and the other young relatives that were going to be present.

The twin's parents were not stupid, nor uniformed about Mortey, though and made plans to keep the girls in their sight through the evening. And as the evening moved forward with the board games and endless chatting, the girls became aware of their parents closely watching them, so they then decided to set something else in motion.

Tina cornered Mortey and had him sit with her off to the side of all the teenage activity. And then with a nod of her head indicated his attentions to Leona, a second cousin from half way across the state. She told him that they were being followed by her parent's eyes and would have little chance for anything at the present, but that Leona was sunny leone xxx fullstory new 2019 for attentions and a very nice girl, too.

That the twins would be real appreciative if he could give her some attentions that evening. So, Mortey looked over at Leona and wondered why she was not having the attentions any other girl of their age group could have. She was a bit rounded, but was also a very pretty girl. So, Tina informed him, that she had mismatched tits. Her left one was significantly smaller that the right one.

And with boys that age, such a difference would be telling. Mortey said, "Well, I have heard that in that case they tend to even out with the first baby anyway. What's the big deal?" "Evidently nothing according to you, so will you give her a sample of what the others of us are getting to settle her heart down to maybe attract other boys around her own school?" "Sure enough!

Can you arrange it?" "Sure enough, please move up to the upstairs bathroom and I will send her along." So, he did and he locked the bathroom door until he heard a very light knock and guessed that it was Leona. So he yelled out, "Who is it?" And got the sheepish reply, "Leona, will you let me in?" So, he moved to the door and opened it and grabbed Leona and moved her in to his immediately closing and locking the door.

Tina had moved to the bottom of the stars and was diverting anyone from moving up to the upstairs from then on. So, the couple upstairs were not disturbed in their little adventure. And the twin's mother and father were happy to see their daughters busy in the living room, with Tina watching all of the actions from the foot of the stairs. Meanwhile upstairs, Leona was shyly asking Mortey why she was here.

She knew of course, but wanted to hear it from his ears. And so her replied, "Tina has asked me to introduce you to some things that you should already be sharing in at this time. Are you okay with that?" "Yes, I guess so." Said in unconvincing fashion. "Look, I don't have to do this. If you don't want to or change your mind, I will just walk away with no hard feelings.

So, again. Do you want this?" With adorable hentai girl getting humped lesbians and hardcore more positive response she agreed to it. And so with soothing words he just said for her to follow along with the action and respond in kind to whatever happened and she nodded to that. So, he stood up from the toilet seat and reached out to shake her hand and introduced himself by name and as a school friend of the twins.

He told her that he was committed to someone, so this was just a favor to a dear friend of the twins, nothing else. So, she calmed down at the thought that if this was going to be a rape, it would be the politest on record; and if she went through with it she didn't have to be his girlfriend, though that seemed to be a not bad idea at that moment.

He then took her into his arms and hugged her and rubbed his hands up and down her back over her dress. And when he could feel her relax, he moved her face back and began to lightly kiss her, keeping his tongue firmly in his mouth for the time being. When she began to respond to his kissing with tentative attempts to engage her tongue with his, he allowed his hands to move up to cup her breasts through the velvet cloth of her pretty dark red holiday dress.

She briefly leaned away fearful that with him realizing that her breasts were of different sizes that he would be offended, but when she realized that it didn't make any difference, she leaned back into him and the kissing became ever so much more energetic.

Two tongues now were sparing and ducking back and forth between the two mouths. Since Mortey didn't want to freak her out with unexpected sex play, he decided to shrink down the variety of activities to those essential to her enjoyment and her preparation for her first vaginal penetration. So, he moved on to undoing the top of her dress and moving his lips to alternate between her two breasts and they were definitely enjoying that. And Leona was enjoying her titties for the first actual time.

While his mouth was busy with her nipples, one of his hands had moved down to the hem of her pretty dress and was lifting it so that the other could move to stimulating her vaginal area. She shrunk back at this first, but my wife tasting my ass cock and cum his first very gentle caressing of her crotch, she again relaxed and got into the enjoying of this sensual exercise.

And to spur it on she knew that she was supposed to caress his cock, so she reached into his slacks and began to caress it up to operational status. They knew that they wouldn't have time to undress and redress, so she reached down and pulled her standard teen panties down, and he let his slacks drop down.

With her leaned back against the sink, with her legs spread, he moved forward and began a very slow movement of himself up into her body He passed her 'cherry' with little reaction, but got a lot from her when his seven inch dick was fully entered into her right up to the end of her vaginal vault. With that accomplished she pulled him towards her and kissed him feverishly and thanked him for introducing her to this.

And then he began to pump in and nearly out of her and with this, her eyes bulged and they both climaxed right there with moans and whimpering sounds.

She held him close for several minutes and then they knew that they better hurry and leave this obvious place for hiding. He found a red towel and wiped her off and with some toilet paper in residence in her panty gusset, she was ready to exit this sex nest.

She nearly forgot her top of her dress, but Mortey grabbed her and fixed it before she left. Then Mortey, with his slacks back in proper place left the bathroom too. The only evidence of what had transpired in that bathroom that night, was a single drop of blood under the baseboard overhang of the sink cabinet, that was never found, even when the floor was mopped again some days later.

The evidence in Leona was different. She felt very different about herself. She was not anxious to repeat this anytime soon, but had lost her fear of rejection and looked forward to it again when the proper time came. Mortey just felt really good at helping someone jump over one of the hurdles of life. That night, Mortey slept in the grandmother's mother-in-law apartment, since she was at a recovery center from hip surgery.

And the twins in rotation managed to get his cock up one orifice or the other during the night to their parent's complete ignorance. In the morning, Tina drove him home for him to enjoy another holiday day with his family. The only thing that would have made his Christmas better would have to have had Millie to share it with him.

She was missing him, too. And her father was feeling slightly guilty as he watched his dear girl in sadness without her dear boyfriend. He bucked up to continue with the plan, though. A couple of days before Memorial Day, Millie's father joined her in her bedroom and advised her that Mortey would be welcome to join them at their family outdoor BBQ on Memorial Day.

But, that they would have to stay out in the open and only hand holding and light kisses would be allowed.

They could get into the heated pool together if the weather was warm enough, though. She texted Mortey with the details and he texted back, GREAT, WILL BE THERE WITH SWIMSUIT. On the day of the party, her father while manning the grill watched with a slight smile and tears in his eyes to see the happiness of these two young ones that chubby girl showed her pussy on camera so appreciated.

It was at least a greatest day for him as it was for them. And as he watched them in the pool swimming around like seals, he hoped that they would have a lot of that happiness in the rest of their lives. He sincerely felt that he had helped to insure that!