Jodi and her guys huge dick gets into hardcore sex pornstars big tits

Jodi and her guys huge dick gets into hardcore sex pornstars big tits
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Chapter 2 Sixteen year-old Jo-Ann awoke with the sun well on its way to its zenith. A warm, soft summer breeze drifted through the open window and across her erect nipples, making them poke up against the 300-count cotton sheet covering her otherwise naked body, like two miniature teepees. As she uncoiled and stretched her body to its fullest extent the sheet slid off her luscious c-cup breasts allowing the breeze to directly caress her now nearly bursting nipples.

A rush shuddered through her body caused in part by the swirling breeze but more so by the erotic images swirling busty lesbo babes alex chance and jelena jensen pussy licking pussylicking her head from last night.

She pictured herself astride Tyrone on the front seat of his Ford F-150 truck with his strong, wide hands wrapped firmly around her waist driving her fast and hard up and down his massive black cock with her body shaking and trembling. She remembered screaming as she experienced her third or fourth orgasm of the night - she had really lost count.

Totally aroused now, her hands slid beneath the sheet and tenderly began slowly circling her slick swollen outer pussy lips. She moved slowly because she was, admittedly, a little sore.

It's not like she had been a virgin last night. She had been with a few boys before Tyrone. But, that's all they were, just boys. Ty was her first experience with a man, a real man who not only knew how to treat a woman, but had the most impressive dick she had yet seen. It was thick and long with a large mushroom shaped head and he had been so careful and gentle when he entered her.

Now she couldn't wait. Sore or not she plunged her hand into her moist pussy and began to finger herself as fast as she could while rubbing her clit frantically. Her pounding hand made sucking and slurping sounds as it withdrew and then plunged back into her now sloppy honey hole. The frantic fingering and the vision of Tyrone's dick stretching her white pussy lips to the maximum drove her to a shuddering orgasm.

She had never brought herself off like this before. God, she was falling in love with that man. "I wonder if Tyrone feels the same way?" she said aloud as she lay recovering her breath and basking in the warmth of the post-orgasmic glow and the summer breeze. Leaving the bed and walking into the shower she recalled her first real blow job experience last night.

Willingly she had wrapped her lips around his dick, enjoying the feel of the blood-engorged shaft, soft and velvety yet hard and throbbing, as she sucked and slid her mouth up and down, following his instructions. She particularly relished the sweet taste of his pre-cum that she licked up with her tongue. She wasn't able to finish the job though. He had pulled her head off of him before he came in her mouth, then lifted her like a rag doll and placed her gently on his fully aroused, rock-hard black cock and proceeded to give her the best fuck of her young life.

I wonder if I satisfied him as much as he did me? If not, I'll try harder next time. I'll do whatever he wants to please him, she thought. "Of course", she smiled and said aloud, "he'll have to keep bringing the pot - sex and drugs, not a bad combination." Jo-Ann was standing naked in front of her bathroom mirror blow drying her shoulder length blond hair when her cell phone, which was lying on the counter near the door, rang.

Before answering she looked at the display and saw it was him. "Hi Ty. How ya doin'?" she said with a smile in her voice. "Hey Babe, good news, I'm through at noon today. We're not getting the afternoon shipment so the boss is sending some of us home early. I'll clean-up and then swing by to pick you up at 1:00. We'll go for a ride, maybe get some lunch or hit the beach? What do ya think?" "Why not just come over here and hang with me.

I'm all alone. Mom and my brother are working and my little sister's still at soccer camp." "Great, I'll be over at 1:00. See you then", Tyrone said. He didn't disconnect immediately, however. He knew what she was going to ask and he waited until he heard the expected request. "Wait! Uh, Ty. Could you ah, bring some ah, you know, umm what we had last night?

Jo-Ann stammered. "Yeah, sure babe, I know what you want. Don't worry your little head. I'll bring as much as you can handle and maybe even some Captain Morgan's Gold." he said smoothly. "Thanks Ty. I miss you. Hurry." Tyrone folded his phone, slipped it into his pocket and adjusted his already hardening cock as he began to imagine how the little bitch's training would progress this afternoon.

**** Tyrone pulled into the condo complex with cuckold captures his wife fucking a stranger bag holding the pot, the rum and some ice cold cans of Coke on the seat beside him.

No need for condoms this time he thought licking his lips and grinning. Jo-Ann must have been waiting by the door and watching because it opened before he reached the top step. He couldn't get over how hot this sixteen year-old was. Most of the girls in his college classes didn't have a body like her fully developed one. The tiny nylon running shorts and the high-heel sandals she wore accentuated her long shapely legs.

Her obviously braless, firm, c-cup breasts with their fully erect nipples were clearly outlined beneath what was most likely one of her brothers college t-shirts. He stepped into the condo and barely had time to put his package on the foyer table before she had her arms wrapped around his neck, her breasts crushing against his skin tight mesh shirt, her crotch rubbing against him like a dog in heat, her luscious full lips open against his and her tongue darting in and out of his mouth.

Tyrone slipped his strong hands around her heart-shaped ass, squeezed her soft cheeks and pulled her crotch in tighter while lifting her slightly so his dick would press against what he knew was her already moist cunt. God, she thought, I feel so good in this man's arms. She could feel him beginning to harden as she leaned her head back, looked in his eyes and smiled. "Wow, just like I remembered.

Damn, you feel good," she said as Tyrone removed his right hand from her ass, slid it forward under her t-shirt and began gently caressing her breasts, softly rolling first one and then the other nipple between his strong fingers. So gentle, such a nice man, Jo-Ann sighed silently to herself. Jo-Ann leaned away slowly still looking in his eyes, now holding his left hand in her right while he continued to gently, caringly fondle her soft naked breasts.

Her eyes were glazing over from the arousal his ministrations were creating. She tilted her head slightly and smiled as a soft moan escaped her lips. "Did you bring me a present?" she was finally able to ask.

"Of course Babe," came his reply, as he gave one of her nipples a firm tweak, removed his hand from her pliable flesh, picked up the bag he had brought and held it extended in front of her eyes. "It's in here." She led him further into the house to the couch in the family room and sat down. Instead of joining her, he remained standing, opened the bag, reached in and removed a plastic baggie containing enough pot for several joints and a packet of Zig-Zag rolling papers.

"Here, roll some joints while I go into the kitchen and make us a couple of drinks", he said tossing the baggie on the glass-topped coffee table in front of the couch. "And don't light-up without me. Wait until I get back," he said in a tone which caused her to quickly look up at him towering over her. When see looked she sensed a subtle change in his features.

His jaw had become firmer and a cold steely glint seemed to take over his eyes sending a slight shiver through her body. But before the feeling could even pass, his face changed. The soft smile and warm brown eyes returned making her wonder if she had imagined the brief change. Jo-Ann removed the Zig-Zag papers from the baggie and inspected the pot. It was clean, no seeds, no stems. That should make it easy to roll. She noticed her hands were shaking slightly as she filled the center of the paper and started to roll it tight.

She always gets a little jittery she realized, before she smokes, but as soon as she takes a few hits she feels fine and calms down. She licked the paper, pressed it closed and twisted the ends, sealing the joint. She placed the rolled joint in the astray next to the Bic butane lighter and reached for a second paper. Before she touched the paper however, she stopped, japanese babes asami and karen takes an a kinky lesbian sex creampie licking at the rolled joint and thought of what Tyrone had said.

Of course he didn't mean it. What harm is there if she takes a few hits before he comes back. Besides, she already decided she needed something to calm her nerves. She picked up the joint, placed it between her lips, grabbed the Bic and flicked it four times before the bluish butane flame sparked to life.

She extinguished the lighter as she took her first hit of the day. She held it for several seconds with her mouth clamped shut while the familiar feeling started in her chest and expanded to her brain. She released her breath and immediately drew in another deep drag.

This one she held longer before releasing it. Jo-Ann snuffed out the partially smoked joint, laid it on the edge of the ashtray and reached for the papers to begin rolling the second joint. She saw that her hands were no longer shaking. Meanwhile, Tyrone was in the kitchen where he had arranged on the counter two tall glasses filled with ice, some lime slices that he had found in the vegetable tray of the refrigerator to his pleasant surprise, the bottle of Captain Morgan's Rum and the cans of Coke.

Before he started mixing the rum and coke drinks however, he returned to stand in the kitchen entranceway, quietly watching Jo-Ann. When he saw Jo-Ann take her two deep hits, he chuckled silently to himself. It's time to proceed with the next step in the little slut's training, he thought with obvious relish. I'll have to punish the bitch for disobeying me. Not hurt her, just a little pain so she knows who's in charge and what happens if she sexy chick knows how to ride a dick. As he walked back to the counter to mix the drinks, he was now sporting a full grin and his dick, which had relaxed somewhat since entering the kitchen, had started to get hard again.

At the counter he poured a stiff shot of rum into one of the ice filled glasses, topped it off with some Coke, squeezed in a little lime juice and rubbed the lime slice on the rim of the glass before dropping it on top of the mixed drink. He repeated the procedure with the second set-up but left out the rum. This second drink, the rum-less one, was for him.

"All set with the drinks." he said as he re-entered the family rooming holding both drinks. He headed for the couch and the coffee table where Jo-Ann was just twisting the ends of the third rolled joint.

Tyrone carefully placed the rum drink close to Jo-Ann, placed his rum-free drink close to him, an uncomfortable reach for her. "What's this?" Tyrone said as he stared at the half-smoked joint, pretending to just notice it.

This time there was no doubt that his voice was tinged with anger and the soft brown eyes and smiling faced had morphed into the cold stare that she had glimpsed earlier. " I'm ah, I 'm sorry Ty. I didn't think you'd mind if I started without you." Jo-Ann said lowering her eyes submissively. "Didn't you hear what I said? I said don't start without me." His right hand shot forward, grabbed her nipple and a knot of tit flesh through her t-shirt and twisted painfully. At the same time he grasped a handful of her hair, pulled her head forward and stifled her scream with a kiss.

The pain shot through her breast and the scream died in her throat, blocked by his kiss. His hand suddenly released the vice-like pressure on her nipple and as quickly as it began, the pain started to subside. He was now probing her mouth with his tongue and softly, carefully massaging away the throbbing pain in her nipple.

"Sorry Babe, I didn't mean to hurt you." his soothing voice broke through the confusing feelings of pain and pleasure he was creating in her. 'I just wanted to share with you, Baby. You know, do things together, like a couple. I got upset that you didn't listen to what I said and wait for me." "I'm sorry TY. I won't do it again. I don't want to disappoint fucking of oriental lovely girl hardcore and blowjob she apologized while a few tears rolled slowly down her cheek.

"It won't happen again. I promise." "I know it won't, Babe." Tyrone said as he leaned in kissing and licking the tears from her cheeks and continuing to gently stroke her bruised nipple. "Here, have a drink and let's finish the joint together." Tyrone slid her drink closer to her and she picked it up. It was strong, but it was cold and refreshing.

Smoking joints always dried out her mouth. She was still confused about the mixed feelings that were coursing through her body as she took a second gulp of the drink, but the one thing she knew was she did not want to disappoint her man. Tyrone had picked-up the half-smoked joint and recharged it with one flick of the lighter.

He took a small hit and passed it to the confused sixteen year-old sitting on the couch. Picking up his drink he walked across the carpeted room to the recliner in the corner, sank down into the overly comfortable chair and watched his teen beauty get high on rum and pot as he sipped his Coke and lime drink. His dick was full hard now and begging to be released.

Let the training begin, he thought. "You know what, Babe? You are really hot." he said aloud. "You must be so proud of your great body. It's beautiful, your face, your hair your tits and great legs. You have an ass to die for. You're perfect!" he said putting his drink down and flashing his 1,000 watt smile.

Jo-Ann was sitting on the couch across the room from him, laying back with her legs splayed and toes barely touching the plush carpet. She was feeling warm and light-headed from the rum and the joint. But, she was also glowing with pride as her man showered her with compliments. He must truly like her. She believed she could satisfy him. She wanted to please her man.

"Let me see your beautiful body. Stand up and strip for me." He ordered. Smiling, glassy eyed and a little shaky, she stood, reaching out to hold the end of the couch to stabilize herself until her light-headedness settled. Still a little shaky but standing unsupported, she kicked off her shoes and slowly raised the t-shirt above her head and threw it on the floor. She slid her thumbs inside the waistband of her shorts and, bending at the waist, removed her shorts and thong panties together, stepping out of them and leaving them on the floor at her feet.

She righted herself, smiled and looked at her handsome black lover sitting across the room from her. Judging by the tenting bulge in his shorts he was enjoying the view.

Tyrone could see the bruising around the nipple on her left breast. It was her own damn fault, he rationalized. Next time though, he would have to be a bit more careful to not unnecessarily damage the merchandise. "No, don't straighten up. I like it when your tits hot amateur babe with big tits toying her ass down and swing free.

Better yet, get down on your hands and knees" he commanded. Jo-Ann quickly complied. On all fours, with her tits hanging free of her young body she raised her eyes and smiled at Tyrone. "Now, shake 'em, Babe." She began to slowly rotate her upper body, her tits swinging from side to side with the motion. It felt good to be pleasing her man.

She was proud of her body, proud of the way her tits looked and she was only too willing to display herself for her man's pleasure. "Ah, that's nice," he said. "Now crawl Baby. Crawl to me." With her head held high, her hair hanging down, her tits swinging, her heart-shaped ass rolling with each crawl step, she moved sensuously across the carpet toward the handsome, muscular black man waiting for her. God, she thought, I never realized how erotic it could be exhibiting myself for a man.

I am getting so wet just pleasing him. This bitch learns fast, Tyrone thought as he unzipped, slipped his shorts and boxers smoothly off his legs and freed his swollen cock. Jo-Ann watched as his huge black cock popped free, pointing straight up toward the ceiling. She could feel, and even smell, her own juices seeping from her swollen vaginal lips and smearing the inside of her sex copal xxx story com making them wet and slick.

She could see Tyrone's cock pulsing and twitching with his pre-cum glistening on the head. The rum, the pot, the sexual arousal, produced a trance like state moving her forward, bringing her lips ever closer to the large head of his black cock. Jo-Ann's first real cock sucking experience had only been last night, with Tyrone, but as she reached up, wrapped his member in her hands and fed the blood filled head into her open, inviting lips she felt an unexpected familiarity with the feel, smell, and taste, that should have been born from years of intimacy.

Jo-Ann felt Tyrone's dick harden and enlarge more and the slit expand to allow more pre-cum to flow. As she ran her lips down the glistening shaft, she used her tongue, as he had taught her, to massage the head, licking up all the pre-cum she could, moving it to the back of her tongue and swallowing. The taste was as sweet, as she remembered. Her lips opened wide as she began her slow journey down his shaft and backup to where her lips clung to the underside of the large head while her tongue continued to caress the rough skin around the leaking slit.

She couldn't take all of him in her mouth, but she was determined to do better than she had last night. So, she repeated the movement of her lips, going down further with each repetition until she felt his massive cock touch the back of her mouth, poised at her throat opening. It was then that she heard Tyrone moan. "Yes," he brunette hair slots sucking dick striptease hardcore, "suck that black cock with those pretty white lips.

You like my black cock don't you, Babe." "Mmm, mmm, mm" she replied. It was the only sound she could make with her mouth filled with his cock and it set up a rippling vibration along Tyrone's dick as she slowly slid back up his shaft. This brought an even more vocal response from Tyrone.

"Arggh! Yes! Faster! Harder! Suck my black cock you white bitch! Suck it you slut!" Jo-Ann was surprised to hear Tyrone call her a bitch and a slut, but she knew it was the lust speaking. She knew this because she herself was being driven to unprecedented levels of lust by his moaning.

His response encouraged her to suck harder and faster. Tyrone reached down and grabbed Jo-Ann's nipples, and began tugging on them and rolling them, not so gently this time, between his strong fingers.

Jo-Ann moaned and picked up the pace of her bobbing and sucking. Still she was not able to get all of him in her mouth. He was just too big. This bitch is getting better but I have to get her to deep-throat a dick if she's going to be any good at sucking cock, thought Tyrone. So, he grabbed her head in his hands, stopped her piston motion and slowly slipped her lips off his dick. He had to admit it was one of the sexiest most erotic sights he had ever seen. This sixteen year-old white bitch, who was doing all she could to please him, was looking up at him with her doe-eyed stare, wondering, he was sure, if she had done something wrong.

A saliva bridge had formed from the head of his dick to her lips with bubbles of saliva and pre-cum on his dick head and in the corners of her mouth. "Wait, stand up," he said. Bend at the waist and it will give you a better angle so you can take more of this dick you love into your mouth.

Let it slide down your throat." Jo-Ann stood and bent over as her lover said to do. She placed her hands on his massive, muscular thighs for balance, opened her mouth wide, slid her lips over the mushroom shaped head and pushed her head down the shaft while her tongue continually licked and circled the velvety skin. She felt the cock head reach the back of her mouth and slip ever so slightly into her throat.

She started to gag and pulled up quickly. After catching her breath she repeated the procedure. This time she let the head slip further into her throat and was able to control her gag reflex. "Oh, Baby! Oh Shit! You are fucking fantastic," Tyrone praised her and moaned loudly. "Shit, that's it bitch. You are now my cock-sucking slut." Jo-Ann felt elated and smiled to herself, pleased that she could again pleasure her man!

Feeling ever more comfortable with this new position and technique, she started sucking harder, bobbing her head faster, and swallowing his cock deeper and deeper into her throat. Well, well, Tyrone thought, this bitch has finally caught on.

He reached down grabbed her nipples in his large fingers and begun to squeeze and twist hard. Jo-Ann moaned around his dick as he mauled her nipples. The pain was real, yet she didn't stop her sucking and bobbing. The combination of pleasure and pain caused her to moan steadily around the now throbbing engorged cock. The harder Tyrone pulled and squeezed on her breasts, the harder she sucked, the harder she worked her tongue. Jo-Ann's moaning was setting up a vibration along the length of Tyrone's dick again that was driving him mad with lust.

His balls were tightening and he knew he was ready to explode his seed into this white slut's virgin throat. Letting go of her nipples, he wrapped two fistfuls of her hair around his hands, grabbed her head firmly and took control. He began forcing her head up and down faster, lifting his ass of the chair with each stroke to fuck his cock deep down her throat. Her lips were slamming against his pubic bone on every down-stroke now. His balls tightened and with a roar he spewed his first load of cum directly down her throat.

The second eruption splashed against the back of her mouth, while the third and final pulse ricocheted off her tongue, coating the rest of her mouth. Jo-Ann swallowed and swallowed as Tyrone erupted in her mouth and down her throat. She couldn't prevent some of the cum-saliva mixture leaking from her mouth and dribbling on her tits and even on his thighs. "Baby you are the best", he said as he pushed back into the seat, spent and as satisfied as he had ever been with a blow job. Tyrone reached out with a finger and scoped up some of the cum that had landed on her tits.

"Here, Babe, clean it up," he said as he pushed his finger between her lips for her to lick clean. "Now, get the rest." Her pussy was soaked with her arousal.

She swore she would have had an orgasm from giving her man a blow job if she had gone on much longer. She actually liked the taste of his cum and quickly began cleaning up them both, licking were she could reach and scooping it into her mouth with her fingers where her tongue wouldn't reach, all the while looking at him, smiling and seeking his approval.

Tyrone found the last bit of dribbled cum on the leather seat of the recliner, pointed it out to Jo-Ann and she dutifully licked it clean. Then with a big grin she climbed atop Tyrone, wrapped her arms around his neck, straddled his lap and rubbed her steaming pussy against his now deflated cock. They kissed and she moaned softly into his mouth while she continued to rub her swollen clit along his limp dick. I need to do one mo' thing, Tyrone thought, to get this bitch further in my power show her how a black man with a long, thick tongue eats pussy.

He knows it will please her. But, this hot teen slut continues to surprise him and he realizes that eating this sweet, young white pussy will also please him to no end.

Tyrone rose effortlessly on his rock solid legs with Jo-Ann still clinging to him. He turned, plied her free and plopped her unceremoniously into the recliner. As she sank into the soft leather he grabbed her thighs, his long thick fingers almost encircling them, spread her legs apart and pulled her forward so her ass was half-hanging of the edge of the leather seat.

Kneeling in front of her, he slid his hands under her knees, lifted and rested her legs on his shoulders. Before diving into the luscious treat spread before him, he looked up at her with a hint of a grin on his face and his lips separated slightly by the tip of his heavy tongue. The beautiful blond teen stared back at him wide-eyed, her mouth open, in awe of this strong muscular black stud who had effortlessly flipped her around and was now obviously poised to pleasure her as she had never been before.

Tyrone looked down and saw her swollen clit protruding from its protective sheath. He began by scrapping his nail very, very lightly along its length and watched as it grew larger still and protruded further from its hidden spot. He also watched the reaction of the blond, blue-eyed teen.

Her eyes glazed over and then he saw and felt a tremor travel the length of her body ending with her legs involuntarily twitching and straightening, brushing along side his ears. She's not going to last long, he thought. She may even just have had a small orgasm. Jo-Ann moaned loudly as Tyrone dragged one finger along her swollen, wet outer lips and then quickly entered her to his first knuckle while gently rubbing her enlarged clit with his thumb.

As he slipped his finger further into her moist enclosure he leaned in, closed his lips firmly around her swollen to bursting clit and began feverishly attacking it with the tip of his tongue. Curling his finger tip forward, making contact with her wet pulsing inner wall, he found the slightly bumpy patch he was seeking, her g-spot. Jo-Ann went wild. She raised her hips off the smooth leather seat pushing back furiously trying to increase the friction on her clit and drive his finger deeper.

But, just as quickly as he had entered her he withdrew his finger from her dripping pussy and his lips from her throbbing clit. He wanted to extend her pleasure, drag it out to create the ultimate thunderous, mind-blowing orgasm for her. He leaned in and kissed her on the mouth, their tongues dueling frantically. His pausing had the effect he wanted, her shuddering, stranded mia scarlett fucks a nice stranger in his car bigcock and public and shaking faded as she slipped back from the brink.

"God, don't stop! Don't stop!" she pleaded. Tyrone responded by not acquiescing and did not return to her love hole. Instead, he started his lips on a slow sensuous, journey down her lush body. Dragging his tongue, he kissed and nibbled his way across her face, her ears and down her neck. He continued along the rise of her breasts, stopping at first one and then the other rock hard nipple, using his pearly white teeth to producing extreme pleasure and then brief sharp pain, eliciting a sudden intake of breath from Jo-Ann.

He paused at her naval, working his tongue around, in and out at a feverous pitch, sucking his saliva out and re-depositing it, simulating the attack they both knew would soon be launched against her most sensitive opening.

Then Tyrone adriana chechik anal sex with big black cock back, poised again above her hot teen pussy, smelling the sweet honey juices that were flowing from her, coating her thighs and running down between her legs to collect in her beautiful pink puckered asshole.

This time he didn't hesitate. He extended his broad thick tongue, ran it rapidly along her wet slit several times, lapped vigorously around her engorged clit and plunged it between the easily parting swollen outer vulva lips.

Penetrating her inner lips with the same ease, he pressed his mouth hard against her raging hot opening, getting maximum penetration for his tongue which was now attacking her g-pot and cunt walls with unbridled fury.

Jo-Ann just moaned in reply to this assault. Too far gone to protest, she could do nothing but enjoy the feelings building to previously unimaginable heights that spread from her loins to her entire body.

Her head was thrown back, and rocked from side-to-side, her tongue was protruding from the corner of her open mouth and drool seeped onto her chin.

A series of high-pitched moans emanated from deep in her throat and filled the room. Coiling and uncoiling his massive oral tool he penetrated the young white bitch to depths her little white boyfriends had never plumbed with their boyish dicks. With his left thumb he began to rub her clit. With the middle finger of his right hand he circled her lubricated anus kneading the surrounding dimpled skin and slightly penetrating her puckered hole with each pass. He knew she was close.

Her moaning was continuous, becoming a keening whining scream. Her cunt muscles were squeezing his tongue, her feet were extended straight and shaking uncontrollably, her ass was lifting off the chair cushion pushing violently against the invading tongue and rubbing fingers.

Her hands had clamped onto the back of his head to trap him against her sloshing love hole. When he jammed his thick middle finger that was probing her anus deep into that nether space she went into a massive orgasm. She was again able to surprise him. She was a squirter! A gush of orgasmic fluid splashed out of her, hitting his mouth and leaking from the now loose seal between his lips and horny babe with small tits gets hardfucked in a casting scene skin.

He loved it! He drank in the heavenly nectar and smiled inwardly. This one might even be a keeper, he thought. Jo-Ann was oblivious to all but the waves of pleasure that were pulsing repeatedly through her. Her body was being violently wracked with spasms, shot through again and again with volcanic waves of pleasure.

The burst of liquid was a surprise to her also. Never before had her orgasm been accompanied by so much liquid. Never before had her orgasm brought her such indescribable pleasure. Her pupils dilated, her eyes rolled up beneath her lids and she sensed the room darkening around her.

Her smile never left her face. Jo-Ann opened her eyes a brief minute later and found the somewhat wet, but broadly grinning face of her man Tyrone staring back at her.

"Well, what do you think? Like being my girl?" he said with his grin widening and his eyes sparkling brighter. "I like being your slut! How's that?" she said as she reached up and began kissing him and licking her juices from his face. They walked back to the couch, still naked, hip-to-hip with her arm around his waist and his right arm wrapped around her shoulder and cradling her breast while his left carried his glass of Coke and melting ice.

Jo-Ann plopped on the couch, leaned back in the corner with one leg bent, her knee resting against the back of the couch, and her other leg dangling off the front edge with her toes just scrapping the carpeted floor.

Tyrone bent over, put his glass down, picked-up the second joint she had rolled earlier, lit it with the Bic lighter, took a short toke and handed it to her.

He then grabbed the glasses and headed off to the kitchen to mix more drinks. In the kitchen this time, Tyrone mixed Jo-Ann another strong rum and Coke while making himself a weak one.

After all he had to relax and regain his strength somehow. He washed his hands and face and cleaned up the kitchen, repacking his bag with the remaining rum and Coke. He surely didn't want the family to see a mess and start questioning what had gone on this afternoon and asking whom she had invited over. Tyrone returned to the family room as Jo-Ann was just finishing the second joint.

She scooted over to make room for him as he handed her the drink and placed his own on the coffee table. She took a gulp of her drink to sooth her mouth parched from smoking the joint. Tyrone sat down in the corner of the couch, resting an arm on the couch back and Jo-Ann scooted tight against him placing her hand on his massive, muscular thigh, rubbing it a few times and giving it a gentle squeeze.

She looked at his flaccid dick as she did this and would swear she saw it stir as if beginning to awake. They both sat for a minute looking at each other, saying nothing, sipping their drinks and communicating through a series of smiles, raised eyebrows and soft sighs.

Tyrone placed his drink down, dropped his arm around Jo-Ann, pulled her close and kissed her softly. Jo-Ann was the first to two hot lesbians lick each other outdoors. "I have never felt so satisfied and fulfilled before," she said locking her slightly moist blue eyes onto his deep browns.

"You're the best babe. I am glad I could satisfy you," Tyrone responded. "Did I satisfy you, TY? Was I good? Did I learn to do it right?' she said, not being able to bring herself to say 'Did I suck your cock right?', at what she felt was a tender, romantic moment. "Honey, you're the best. None better," he said and squeezed her shoulder pulling her in tighter.

"I've never seen a girl cum so violently as you did. I get excited just thinking about it," he said giving her his 1,000 watt smile. The bitch is a real surprise, he thought. She is going to make one hell-of-a-slut. "I've never had anyone excite me that way and do those things to me before. I never had anyone talk dirty to me like you did. And I just went crazy when you ah, you know, ah, put your ah, finger in my ah, backside", she stammered.

He smiled at her and squeezed her shoulder again in response. She scraped her nails along his leg and gently squeezed his thigh again. Sure enough, his dick was twitching and awakening. She put her drink down, leaned into him, kissed him with passion and moved her left hand to fondle his balls and rub his cock.

Tyrone jumped slightly, not from the sudden move to his genitals by Jo-Ann, but from the icy coldness of the hand that had been holding her drink. She noticed his reaction and apologized. "Cold, huh? Sorry. Here, let me fix that," she said as she leaned low over his balls, blew warm moist air from her hot little mouth and licked them softly while she continued to slowly stroke his thick, black cock.

I like the way I can get my man to respond she thought. He must really like me. "Get me hard, Baby. I want to fuck you," he said as he moved her parted lips over the head of his restless cock. Jo-Ann opened her mouth, slipped her lips over the mushroom-shaped head of his expanding cock and immediately experienced a rush of familiar feelings.

Cute german daughter mouthfucked and pussy stretched hard licked and sucked the head briefly and then plunged full to the root of his semi-hard dick.

She held his cock captive in her closed mouth, her tongue working along the full length and girth of the swelling member. She raised her head slowly, her sucking creating sharp concave depressions on her cheeks. She plunged rapidly to the base of the monster black snake and repeated the slow sucking rise to the head. A few more assaults like this and she pulled her mouth free with a loud sucking "plop".

His cock broke free of her lips, bounced off his stomach and settled rock hard pointing straight eva notty pizza party part 1 after a few oscillations.

"Is that hard enough, Hon?" "Yeah, Babe. That'll do." Tyrone knelt on the floor in front of Jo-Ann, pulled her ass to the edge of the couch, grabbed her ankles and placed her feet flat on the couch spread far apart. He was not being gentle this time. This was the time to fuck her hard, he said to himself.

I am going to treat her like the slut she is and take her like I should. He wrapped his thick fingers around his steel hard cock and placed it tightly against the bitch's love hole with just enough penetration to keep it in place while he took puremature farm girl milf banged in barn yard few seconds needed to snake his arms under her legs and outside her hips to wrap his thick black hands around her slim white waist.

Now, poised and ready he looked up at his slut. Yes, HIS slut, his to do with as he liked. She was staring wide-eyed and her breathing was rapid and loud through her open mouth.

The massive, well defined muscles on his arms, back and thighs tensed and, with what could only be described as a lecherous grin spreading slowly across his face, he drove his fully extended, rock hard cock, with utter abandon, into the young white pussy spread out before him.

The bitch surprised him again! She was soaking wet. Both sets of her pussy lips parted with ease as he filled here fully almost instantly. Thinking that she would have had no time to react to his onslaught he was further surprised when he felt her cunt muscles clamp hard around his cock as he withdrew it slowly for a second thrust. His second thrust was met in kind by her. She lifted her ass off the couch cushion, pushed her hands against the base of the seat back for leverage and drove her pubes hard against her lover.

The bitch was actually smiling! Empowered with building lust and some anger, Tyrone grabbed her ankles, rose to his feet, and thrust her feet back above her shoulders holding them trapped against the top of the couch. She was now wide open in front of him, pussy to asshole. Her young breasts were not hampered by the awkward position.

They remained firm, not sagging, with their nipples swelling to outrages size. Now, in a position of complete control with powerful leverage from his feet firmly on the floor he thrust his steel tool deep into her hot love canal and began to fuck her hard and fast, pounding her ferociously.

He accelerated as her high pitched moaning reached ear damaging levels. "Are you my slut, my white slut?" Tyrone shouted. "Yes! Ty. Yes! Yes! Aahhggg. I'm cummmming. I'm cummmmming!" she screamed And Tyrone could feel his dick sloshing through the released fluid. He could see her body reacting spasmodically as it was being washed with waves of pleasure. Her head swung violently from side and spittle spraying from her mouth.

"Are you born to please me? Are you my white bitch, my black cock slut?" He screamed to be heard above her orgasmic moaning. "Yes, Yes, Yes! Fuck me!" She came again, less violently, but still obvious to Tyrone. He had her now. She was his to use for as long as he wanted her. He was getting close himself, but he had one more position to use before he let himself explode inside of her. She really was a featherweight he thought, as he lifted her off his dick, spun her around and placed her on all fours gorgeous jayna oso gives a lucky bastard a blowjob deepthroats his big hard cock xxx hot her head lowered to the couch cushions.

She was perfectly posed with her head down, her ass in the air, her legs spread and her dripping pussy and pink pucker hole exposed. He had a brief thought of plunging his aching dick into her ass but he would wait, save that for another time.

He knew she was soaking wet, so without preamble he plunged his rod to the root into her cunt. This elicited a deep, low moan from Jo-Ann. He stopped, holding is cock inserted to the hilt. In this position it reached places not explored yet. He proceeded slowly to fuck her deep and slow, deep and slow, deep and slow, in and out.

He slid the thick middle finger of his right hand along the crack of her beautiful heart shaped ass, pushing her juices like a small wave before him toward her pink pucker hole. Again, he wasted no time with preambles and plunged his finger into the first knuckle as soon as it crossed the wet, slimy rim.

This elicited another moan. Good, the bitch is at least conscious, he thought, smiling to himself. Man, her ass is tight, but he is in, has a foot hold, and begins to expand his probing. He rotates his finger while plunging it in and out of her asshole in synchronisms with his slowly driving cock.

With each slow penetration he pushes his finger further and further into her nether hole. Her anal ring gives way as his big knuckle passes through and the ring clamps down behind the knuckle, but not as tight as before. He continues this procedure, pulling his finger nearly all the way out on each upstroke. The knuckles now pass easily through the ring. At the top of the next stroke he sees that her pucker hole is not so puckered anymore. He has a vision of her anus fully dilated with his dick poised to ravage her last virgin hole and has to again fight the urge to fuck her in the ass now.

Instead, he removes his middle finger at the top of the next stroke and jams in his thicker, larger-knuckled thumb! This further humiliation and violation of her anus elicits a scream. Her scream, the reaction of her asshole to his actions and his dreams of anal conquest have excited him to the point of no return. He increases his speed, pounding harder and faster in her sloppy cunt, banging against her cervix. Like the good slut she has become she is responding. Her cunt muscles are squeezing and milking his dick as it pistons in and out, faster and faster.

Her moaning is now constant "I'm cumming! I'm cummiing," she shouts as Tyrone's driving thrusts proceed at blinding speed. Her body is wracked with another orgasm. "You are my black cock slut!" he shouts. "My white bitch slut that obeys me! Tell me you are my slut and you want me to cum in your tight white cunt now!

"Yes! Yes! I am your white bitch slut. I crave your big black cock. Cum in me now, now. "Play with your clit, slut," he shouts back. Reach up and stroke your clit now, bitch." Jo-Ann, despite having just climaxed, reaches up and starts rubbing her clit frantically as Tyrone continues his relentless pounding. Her moaning increases as she senses the impossible: another orgasms building. "Aarrrrrgh," Tyrone screams as his nuts tighten and then release shot after shot of his boiling hot seed deep into the body of his slut.

"Again, again, I'm cumming again" Jo-Ann shouts. She continues to frig her clit and explodes into another orgasm when she feels Tyrone's hot cum splash against her cunt walls.

Jo-Ann opens her eyes slowly and it takes several seconds before she recalls where she is and what has just happened. She is still perched on the couch with her head down and her magnificent ass in the air. She peeks out sluts face hole and fur pie get rammed under her armpit and sees her man Tyrone standing with his shrinking black dick covered with their fluids.

Her eyes wonder to his face and his 1,000 watt smile beaming down at her. She can't help but return the smile despite the soreness of her body. "One last favor before I have to go" he says. "Anything for you Ty, anything" "Clean it", he says and holds is softening dick out for her. Jo-Ann rolls over, sits up, slides in front of him and obeys. While she licks and swallows his cum and her juices from her man's cock she thinks how lucky she is to have a man who treats her so fine.

She will gladly do anything he asks. She is his slut and she loves it. She wants to please her man as much as he pleases her. "Why don't you finish that last joint," he says "while I get dressed" Jo-Ann lights the last joint and notices her hand is not shaking. She takes a deep hit, holds it, lets it out and relaxes.

She is a little sore, especially her butt hole, but she is also as contented and as relaxed as she has ever been.

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She has a man she loves who treats her great. Now dressed, Tyrone looks at his young teen slut and congratulates himself on how far her transformation has progressed in such a short time. He leans down, gives her a passionate kiss and twists her nipple sharply. "You're my slut, Right?" Tyrone says as he straightens up. "Yes, I am and always will be," she replies.

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The feelings of pleasure and pain are again confusing her. Another thought adds to her confusion, she couldn't recall if they had used a condom.

They must have. They did last night. She decides not to worry about any of this now and takes another hit off the joint. "I'll pick you up tomorrow at 8:00. We'll go to a club. I know a place were you can get in without being carded. We'll dance and have fun. Wear something sexy. Remember, you're my slut, right?" "Yes. Always, Ty" ***** Tyrone flipped his cell phone on and pressed one of the speed dial buttons as the truck spun out of the complex.

"Yo, Ty. W'as up brother?" said the man that answered. "It's all set for tomorrow night. I'll have the little bitch at the club early, around 8:30. Let the others know." replied Tyrone "Did you fuck her in the ass yet?" said the voice on the phone following up with a deep, resonant laugh.

"I was anya ivy gets fucked and gives a footjob I'd save that for tomorrow night," replied Tyrone, laughing loudly himself as he disconnected.