Anal threesome with blondes in fishnet stockings

Anal threesome with blondes in fishnet stockings
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The Life of James Anderson. This is the first installment of many. It is going to follow the life of a boy called James as he progresses through life.

It will start in high school and will end when he goes to college. If you are just looking for sex scenes i don't advise this installment for you, it does contain scenes of a sexual nature but as it is an opening chapter they are mild. As the series goes on they will become more hardcore.for all you pedos there will be no sex until he is sixteen which is part two. Only mild foreplay in this section so skip to part two for more sex Part One.

As a young freshman, James stood about 5,8 tall and was considered to be quite tubby. He wasn't outrageously fat, but he had his fair share of meat on his bones.

He didn't take to sports and was considered by his father to be a lazy shit. James's naughty leggy nurse nikki plays with clit pump was a 6,3 ex military man and was built like house, James's mum had run away many years a go.

So now James lived with his father (Brian), his step mum (Katie) and his step sister (Caroline). James had always felt intimidated by Caroline.

She was one of those teens that you would see in the films but very rarely in real life. She was a stunner. She was about 5,8 and had the tightest dancing figure which made her look incredible. She had long brown hair with a very subtle golden tint to it.

Caroline always looked down on James in a way, she saw him as the weird short chubby kid who had a small amount of friends rather than a step brother, she would not even acknowledge him in school even if they were in the same class.

She was miss popular, always had huge numbers of friends with her, this was partially due to her big jock of a boyfriend Owen who was a junior.

All the girls would always be taken in by his charm, not a single girl in the school would say no to him. But all the boys just thought he was an asshole. Growing up had been tough for me, until the age of eleven i had no mother figure in my life, i rarely had a father figure as my dad was still in service at blowing fucking and a lots of cum point. When my dad retired from the military he married Katie who accepted me as one of her own and treated me like a son.

They had been dating for a few years and married when me and Caroline were 14. I knew from the day we moved into the house in the suburbs that Carlowine didn't take to me, She spoke down to me dirty girls anissa kate riley reid anikka albrite aria salazar compilation and fingering if he was second class. she stormed into the house before me and walked up the stairs and exclaimes, "this is my room".

She struggled to accept that her mum was fucking another man so my dad and step mum let her rudeness slide hoping she would stop being a snotty bitch. The first night of staying in our new house it was bare, we hadn't decorated and all we had in rooms were beds and the odd bit of furniture. As i was drifting into sleep at around eleven Caroline barged in and demanded i get up.

She just said to me in a demanding voice, "We are switching rooms I don't like the view from the window". I was petrified of her as I knew that she could get the whole school to turn on me so i just got up and walked out. I was furious on the inside, not even a thankyou! I later found out that the reason she wanted my room was because it was far enough away from our parents bedroom that they wouldn't be able to hear her and the window opens fully.

The second night I descovered in further depth why she wanted to change rooms. I woke up at around 2 in the morning and heard slight whispering coming from the next room (carolines). It was Owen and Caroline. I quite easily heard her say, "Shhh, we have to be quiet so we don't wake that retard up next door, so not to rough" which was followed by laughs on both parts.

I tried to ignore it feeling hurt and attempted to go back to sleep when I started to hear slight moans coming from next door. The moaning slowly got louder and louder. Then the dirty talk started."Fuck my pussy Owen, stick it in further, OH god it feels good". This went on for about two minutes when I heard him make a squeek.

I knew he was finished and started to giggle to myself knowing that he was an awful fuck. He may be perfect in everything else but the fact he wlasted two minutes in bed made me laugh. It was when I heard Caroline say, "is that it?" that i laughed out loud by mistake. "WHAT WAS THAT" Owen shouted. I quickly pretended to be asleep as Caroline opened the door.

She made sure i was asleep and went back. "nothing babe just creeks probably". What happened was just fucked up, I couldn't believe this girl was having sex at 14 and in a house which had adults in and me sleeping next door. As i relaxed again I noticed that it had actually turned me on quite a lot so i had to relieve my self. This happened on regular occasion, Owen would come and fuck my step sister for about two minutes and leave. About the third week in to school I was walking in the hall way with my best friend jake when I saw Caroline and Owen having a huge argument in front of everyone.

Even though she hated me i still felt obliged to be on her side as she was basically family. "YOU FUCKED HER AFTER FUCKING ME?!, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE" she screamed "Babe just let me explain" he said calmly as if he was innocent.

"EXPLAIN WHAT THAT YOU LEFT MY HOUSE WENT TO Horny wet crack of a amazing teen needs fuck AND JUST FUCKED HER TOO? WHAT THE FUCK!" "I dont need this, I could have any girl I want" he exclaimed proudly "Ha not after they all here that you can only last for a minute in bed" the crowd of people listening all started to giggle or make "ooo" noises "YOU LITTLE SLUT" he screamed before striking her with the back of his hand.

Everything just went silent. He had actually just hit her. A girl, he hit a girl in the face. This was so taboo no one had ever imagined it.

I was angry, i walked in front of the crowd and just screamed at him. "What the fuck are you doing you asshole, you just hit my step sister" I bent over to help her up and make sure she was okay "She deserved it" he said smugly as some of his friends laughed Caroline was sobbing now and i said boldly, " You won't find this funny when the principal finds out and your ass is out of here. His smugness turned to pure anger, he walked right up to me and grabbed me by the shirt and lifted me up to his level.

"Listen you little shit, if you go to the principal, Me and my boys will beat your ass so hard that you won't be able to talk, got it? " It must have been the adrenaline rush that I had got but i just spat in his face. Everyone was once again stunned including Owen. He dropped me and just looked at me, I then realised what I had just done. I thought about running or putting my hands up to defend myself but before I had time to react I met a meaty right hook and i was knocked out like a light.

I woke up a while later in the same spot with a group of students around me and the school nurse. I was taken to the infirmary and had my wounds treated, after i was out I must have been kicked a fair bit as I had severe bruising around my abdominal region.

I was sent home from school due to my injuries and Katie put me straight to bed. Apparently my dad wanted to go and teach Owen a lesson but good job he didn't as he would probably be sent to jail for murder. About seven at night I could just about walk. The initial pain had worn off and now it was just aches rather than full on pain. I was just lying in bed playing GTA when there was a light knock on the door.

I said "come in" expecting it to cherie has her twat licked and widened a parent.

To my surprise it was Caroline, she shyly stuck her head through the door and then walked over to me. I was done with the nice act with her for today so coldy just said, "what are you in here for, come to see the little retard have we". she looked at me and realised that i must have overheard her talking to Owen. "Im sorry" she managed to stutter out. " Thank you so much for trying to defend me today, out of all people i didn't expect you too help me".

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"your welcome" I muttered turning my attention back to the TV. "Im sorry, I havn't been good to you, I've been a foul human being and treated you like shit" she said getting closer to me, " Please can we hot nurse and patient blowing doctors cock for hot piss over" she said with a genuine sound in her voice.

I paused the game and looked at her, she had a big bruise accross her face and she had those big beautiful brown eyes that I couldn't just say no too. "okay, on condition you dont just decide to start being a bitch again" I said with a half jokey tone half serious tone in my voice.

"Deal she said smiling". She went in for a hug with me. When she leaned over her loose top felt the efects of gravity and i could see her cleavage. They were rather small, about a B cup, I started to get hard but also went in for the hug. "owe" i gasped as she touched one my bruises by mistake.

"shit sorry i forgot " she said before looking down to see where she touched. It was then that she noticed the small tent appearing in my light shorts.

she giggled and said to me sarcastically "perv" before winking and leaving the room. I was so embarrassed. The next day I went into school and was told by many students that Owen had been suspended and possibly expelled.

Before today no one knew me but today people actually knew me. Granted it was because i got the shit kicked out of me but atleast I was known.

I got lots of head nods which signaled how people approved of me standing up to the colossal arsehole. At lunch I was sat with Jake just talking when a bunch of senior jocks came up to our table. "James right?" the leader said to me, i looked at him nervously before nodding my head slowly thinking i was about to get finished off. He then surprisingly extended his and to me in a fist pump stance, " The names Mike! I heard about you yesterday bud and that was fucking courageous as shit!" he said looking round at his pals as they all nodded in approval, "Listen Pal we like guys shaved cunt makes a big cock disappear you who show some serious balls." I started to smile a bit and said, "i'd do it for anyone i guess" "which brings me onto my next point, if you are going to stand up to people, you are going to need to get a bit of muscke on you my friend!

tell you what come to the gym with us guys after school on mondays, wednesdays and fridays and we will build you up and show you some fighting skills, Eric here is semi pro mma, he won't train any f us but thinks you will need it" they al started to laugh and walked off.

"What the fuck just happened" jake said confused "Not a clue but I think I just made new friends" I said confused Later that night i was getting ready to go to bed when my door opened, it was Caroline again. She was wearing very revealing clothing, a loose tank top and short summer shorts.

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"whats up" i said trying not to fumble my words "well i just remembered that I didn't give you a reward for yesterday" "its okI dont need one " I said smiling at her "You may think twice about that" she said wnking as she pulled off her tank top to reveal her naked tits.

I choked for a second. "are these the firts booobs you have ever seen " she said with curiosity in her voice. " in real life yes" I managed to get out in a hushed tone "touch them" she said softly.

I did as i was told and slowly raised my hands to themat first i just started to cup them with a full hand. her breathing became heavier and she shut her eyes. I turned my attention to her nipples. they were small and pointy, i started to lightly twist them with my fingers which made her gasp.

I carried on experimenting with them, doing different things to them, she started to slowly hump my bed slowly. "I'm so wet" she said in a moan. I was so hard at this point. I decided totry and go a step further as i leaned my head into her tits. I expected her to storm off but nope she went with it. I took her nipple in my mouth and started to lick it.

Her moans started to become more regular and louder. I was sure our parents would hear. she started muttering things like "oh shit, oh god, fuck!" She suddenly stopped me, I must have looked so disappointed as she said to me, "dont worry, its your turn now" without having a chance to interpret what she meant she pushed me down and put her hands in my shorts.

She started to wank me off very quickly, she didnt start slow she just went for it. " slow im gggunaa ccum if youu kkeep this upp" she looked at me with lust in her hottie evelin stone cleans big cock of neighbor and said very quickly, " good" she pulled my pants all the way down and said, cum for me cum all over my tits.

I started to get this feeling through my balls and suddenly BANG! i shot load after load onto her chest. she looked at me straight in the eye and took her finger, wiped her chest and licked the finger. "mmmm" was the sound she made" and got up and walked out. What the fuck had just happened. I lay there confused when my phone buzzed. It was a picture from caroline, I looked at it was her underwear. The caption was look "how fucking wet you made me you devil ;)" I then looked closer and saw that the material wasn't meant to be dark blue they were light blue panties.

I was so horny again now! End of chapter one, please don't be too judgemental, just easing into the story, next chapter will have lots of sex in as they will be of legal age. G