Que rico mueve el culo le saca la leche a

Que rico mueve el culo le saca la leche a
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Right before graduation I had gotten dude staffs his rod in wet pussy. It was late April early May and the weather was hot then cold then raining and it repeated like that for about a couple of weeks. By the end of the week I was cold but sweaty, wasn't eating, and all I wanted to do was just lay in bed.

I was glad that I didn't have class or have to go to my internship because by Friday I didn't have any energy to do anything. My dorm mate noticed especially since I had on underwear and laid in bed most of Friday. With my whole body under the covers and medicine plus tissues all over the place, my roommate had enough.

Brian said "J I know your still mad at me but I'm going to help you and I'm not taking no for an answer". I couldn't even fight him because that's how weak I was. So for an hour Brian cleaned the dorm, took my temperature, got me up into a chair and changed my bedding got me in the shower AND ACTUALLY GAVE ME A SHOWER. You could tell Brian had boner but he didn't try anything which was shocking.

He finished getting me into my royal blue thin night pants, grey ankle socks, and grey t-shirt. Which was odd that Brian knew that I loved wearing just that when I was sick (don't know why but I do). Brian helped me chic fists sticks monster cock up old guys ass into bed, covered me up and said "I'll be back, don't try to do anything". Brian came back about an hour later and I had already fallen asleep. He woke me up and said "J, wake up you have to eat something".

I rolled over and said "no thank you". But Brian wasn't having it; he rolled me back over to show me he had soup, water, crackers, ginger ale, tea, tissue, and some new medicine that I never used before. He said "J your going to eat at least half of this soup and take a big gulp of each of these liquids plus take some medicine and then I'll leave you alone, well at least until you have to take your medicine again".

But once again I rolled over and said "no thank you". As soon as I closed my eyes, Brian punched me in the side and said "you're going to do what I say and you're going to do it now J". Laying there in pain, Brian rolled me back over and said "come on now, sit up" in a deep authoritative voice. So I did what he asked as he fed me. As he fed me, the tray was on my lap and his hand slightly brushed up against my cock. I looked at him as Brian said "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it and I'm not trying anything.

I'm just trying to help." Once I had eaten half of the soup, took the medicine and a big sip of all the liquids he had on the tray, he moved the tray so I can lay back down.

Brian looked at me and said "good night, J", as I rolled over to go to sleep and said "thanks Brian". It felt like I slept for days but it was only like 5 hours when Brian woke me up, telling me I need to eat some more food and take some more medicine. Again I said "no thank you, Brian", I just laid there until Brian punched me in my side again as he said "I guess it had to be a full repeat of earlier".

I rolled over to sit up as Brian sat next to me. He had already warmed up the food and had everything else ready to go. I just looked at him with the meanest look I could give him at that moment.

Brian handed me the medicine and said "you won't be able to fuck Donna and Derek, if you're sick" with a smile on his face. I didn't move I didn't even take the medicine, Brian said "fine you big baby, I'll just give you the dose". Brian fed me the medicine, food and liquids and told me "you have to stay up for a couple of hours; you can't just sleep the day away". I couldn't do anything but stare at him. Brian didn't pay me any attention as he sat up his laptop to connect it to my mini projector.

Brian grabbed his throw blanket and sat next me on my bed and said "cheer up, you're gonna love it. I'm not going to suck your dick but your still going to love it" as he scrolled through his movies. We ended up watching Fast Five, and all I remember was around half way through the movie I fell asleep on Brian's shoulder. I woke up in an awkward position. My head was in his lap so I jumped up; I guess I scared him because he screamed a little as he said "what's wrong".

With my confused looked I said "oh um nothing" as I quickly went to the bathroom. When I came out Brian was still in my bed and as I sat down he said "can I ask you a question". I really didn't want to answer him so I responded "I feel a lot better, thanks for your help, I really appreciated".

Brian laughed and said "you're welcome but that wasn't my question". We had an awkward pause until he said "J, are you still mad at me for ruining your spring break". I looked at my socks and replied "we had this conversation, I'm not mad, I'm just confused because you still never answered any of my questions" as I lifted my head to look at him. Brian moved my face so that I would look at him in his eyes and started spilling his guts, I don't remember everything but he said something along the lines of he was confused about his feelings because he had never cared for anyone as much as he do for me; he still wanted to see if it could work between us and that he still appreciate me not telling his parents what happened; and he will never stop chasing a good love.

Then he said "because I miss us hanging out, I miss us working out, I miss us being friends". He laid his head on my shoulder as he said "don't keep pushing me away I can't take it".

I couldn't say anything I was lost for words as he said "I'm not asking you to love me, I'm asking you for your company as friends as we were". I didn't know what exactly came over me because I kissed him. Brian pulled away but he stopped and kissed me back. He broke our kiss to say "we can be friends with benefits, please that's be friends with benefits" as he stood up and removed his clothes.

I stood up in front of him as he undressed. Brian with a tear in his left eye said "please, J, please, or just this one time, I just want to feel you inside me". He kissed me and pushed my pants to the floor.

Brian pushed me onto my bed and shoved my hard cock in his mouth. He gagged hard as he fell back onto his bed. I jumped up and ran the five feet over to see was he OK. Brian just laughed as he said "I know not to do that anymore" as he pushed me on the floor and slowly eased my cock back into his mouth. Brian went half way down my shaft as he stroked the other half as he let his salvia drip down.

His lips went up and down the sides of my hard dick. I was in aww of him and the way he made me feel as he stroked my cock was just incredible.

Brian rubbed under my shirt pushing my shirt upwards as he continued to suck on my balls. Brian was the best; all I could do was grip what it felt like his throw cover. Brian stopped and went to my dresser and grabbed a condom and lube. But he throw them on the floor and hop on top of me as he slowly pushed himself onto my cock, kissing me telling me "thank you" as he moaned.

Even though he didn't go all the way down like I wanted him to, but he slowly went up and down making passionate love to me. He kissed my neck as he hugged me still going up and down. It was like he was a virgin again because his hole was super tight but I loved the way he felt on top of me as he took control as he placed my hands over my head.

It felt like our first time again, he made me weak as he went faster whispering "I want you to cum inside me, I need you inside me" as he kissed me again hot cute blonde teen first time bigbreasted blond sweetheart cristi ann is on vacation that tear finally fell from his eye onto my face.

With that he went even faster as he placed his feet flat on the floor and lifted off of me to grab my thighs. He made me want him even more. I couldn't hold on any longer as he thrusting his body against mine like it was his last.

I moaned "Brian, I'm". He placed his hands over my mouth and said "don't say it, just do it, let me have it, give it all to me". And with that I stiffened up and my toes curled as my legs stretched, it was like a weight had lifted off my shoulders as I came inside of him as Brian pounded his body on mine as I slightly moaned "fuck, don't stop". Brian moaned "yes, that's what I wanted".

I came down from my high as Brian slowed down. Brian finally stopped and laid on top of me and said "that's the J I remember, always lasting forever inside me". I made an awkward sound as I laughed and coughed while catching my breath and said "WHAT", Brian said "we started having sex an hour ago and I loved every second of it".

I giggled and said "thanks time clock" as I kissed him. When we finally started breathing normally he said "what now, do you go back to not talking to me". I looked at him and said "look me in the eye and tell me was this the only reason why you took care of me because you wanted this to happen". He looked sexy teen anya olsen shares her boyfriend with his stepmom as he said "J did you see yourself earlier you looked horrible, I couldn't let you go on like that, plus I saw the opportunity for you to actually see me again, not just look at me".

Still looking him in his eyes I said "round two then". Since I was still inside him and still hard, I slowly thrusted my cock inside him. But he stopped me and said "I want you to pound me out, I want it rough and I want it sloppy and I want it now.

Fuck me like you did before". So I flipped us over so that I was on top of him.

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I sled out of him and grabbed the condom & lube plus finished getting undressed. I squirted the lube all over his hairy hole, on my cock, and then rolled the condom on as I dipped lubed on it. I spreaded his legs a part as wide as possible as I sat the tip of my cock on his hole, Brian placed his hand on my abs and said "ruff as you want and I need it ruff".

I slammed my cock into him as hard as I could.

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Brian's body shook as he moved his hand to say "yea, all that". He wrapped his legs around mine as I laid on top of him and kissed him as I pounded away as fast and hard as I could.

You heard every stroke as it echoed through the dorm. He moaned in my ear as he said "I need you, you're the best". But all I could think about was I was glad that most of the people on my dorm room floor left on Fridays. However, that thought quickly left as I continued going in and out of him felt like the best thing on earth.

Brian must have felt the same because his eyes were shut tight, mouth was open, head was tilted back, while his leg grip gotten tighter as I found the energy to go harder than I was. Brian looked me in my eyes as he turned even more red than he was and said "don't stop" as his finger nails gripped my back and he yelled "fuck" as he jacked himself off with his free hand, fast as he could and squirted cum everywhere as he reached his orgasm.

I was trying to last even longer but cute babe sadie leigh sucks a pawn mans cock for money his cum between us pushed me even closer to my peak. But surprisingly to me I was still pounding away until I was cumming in an indescribable way like I didn't need to stroke in and out of him.

I just laid my body against his as I came inside of him. He kissed me as I came down from my orgasm. HERE'S THE PART WHERE THE BOMB DROPS. I laid to the side of him to catch my breath and Brian looked at me.

And as soon as he turned my direction I hurried to cover my mouth because I started coughing. Brian slowly got up and said "damn that was good but I gotta go to this party. I hope you feel better".

I was still coughing like I was almost choking as he went to the bathroom to take a shower. I finally found the strength to reach some water and the cough slowly went away.

When Brian got out the shower he notice I was still on the floor and he had the nerve to ask me "what's wrong with you, get up and get in the shower". I told him what happen because I had just finished coughing and how I felt weak, when he came in.

Brian just finished getting dressed and LEFT ME THERE IN THE FUCKING FLOOR! Do you know how disgusted I asian dick sucker gets fucked on the couch I didn't mind him going to the party or whatever he went to go do.

But if a person tells you that they were feeling weak and couldn't get up, what would you do after you had sex with them and you knew they were sick. But even though all that happened I wasn't really mad at Brian, I felt happy because in the end he screwed himself. Brian just had sex with a person who was sick so guess who had gotten sick during finals week.

The only time I said anything to him was that Friday after my last final and I told him that I was moving into the fraternity house during my master's program. I left feeling like a million bucks as I headed straight to Derek's and Donna after I dropped my stuff off at home. (Moving that stuff to the third floor was NO JOKE) But they had a surprise for me.

I was told to by their help to meet them at some hotel downtown. I played along just to see what was going to happen.

And once I got to the room, I was speechless as candles and roses were all over the place; with a trail leading to the bathroom. Donna was standing there fully clothed (she had on a sun dress, heels, and almost 5 & half months pregnant) and said "congratulation grad, are you surprised". Still speechless I just nodded my head yes. Donna came over and kissed me to say "your surprise is in the bathroom, fuck him as you want, he's your slave for the day and tomorrow".

I got instantly hard as she grabbed my dick. She whispered in my ear "don't move", as she slowly undressed me. Donna smacked me on my ass hard as she yelled "go and get him, I'll be back later". I walked in the bathroom and Derek was there handcuffed to the tub naked. I walked over and kissed him as he said "I've been waiting for this for a month now, graduate".

I smiled and said "why". Derek with a smirk said "I heard you were sick and we haven't had sex in a month, meaning I haven't had sex in a month. And why didn't you call me, I could have took care of you while you were sick". I paid his comment no attention as I lifted his legs to put his ankles on my shoulders, I looked down he already had a condom inside him plus he was lubed up I said "oh you were already prepared and everything".

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Derek kissed me and said "just shove that beautiful cock of yours inside me". I was speechless as I rammed my cock into him as I kissed his leg.

He screamed "oh right there, keep going, right there J". Still handcuffed to the tub, Derek said "oh oh oh oh shit, wait slow down". I looked at him tight attractive teen a hole is fucked laughed because his facial expression was too funny as I started to speed up. The most shocking thing happened as I rammed him harder, DEREK CAME ALL OVER THE FUCKING PLACE. I was just in shock like damn Brian as I thought to myself.

Derek said "fuck I told you to slow down; I haven't had sex since your birthday. Damn that shit was good, make me cum again daddy". I said "um you suppose to make me cum, this is my weekend to do nothing" as I took the handcuffs off of him and went to lay on the bed as I told him "get to work slave".

Derek still with cum on his stomach grabbed a towel wiped himself off as he came over to me and kissed me from my feet to cock. He licked the sides of hard cock and lifted my legs up as he shoved his tongue in my hole.

I gripped everything around me as he licked all around my hole and sucked on my balls. Derek then put my legs down and to slide his ass onto my cock. I looked at him and said "redeem yourself for your ten second orgasm earlier".

Derek laughed and started riding my fast like his life depended on it. He and I both moaned. Until I notice Derek was starring at the clock, so I slapped him on his chest and said "you waiting for something". He kissed me and said "I got what I was waiting for" as he slowed down. But I started to pump faster because I was close to cumming.

Derek said "wait", but before he finished I was already gushing out cum inside of him as he started to go a little faster. I just laid there in pleasure as Derek looked at me and said "my turn", he jumped up and flipped my legs up and so effortlessly sled his cock into me.

He had my legs so far apart that I thought they would break as he slowly sled in and out of me. But yet again I was disappointed because he came in like 3 minutes. I smacked his chest and said "get out of me, what the fuck is wrong with you". Derek moved his face close to mine and said "I gotta tell you something and its important" as his facial expressions changed from satisfied to sad. He slowly dropped my legs to his sides and said "your dad knows about us".

My heart dropped and I could barely breathe as I said "what" in a weak voice. Derek continued with "your father came to my office this morning and told me that Brian told him all about our relationship and that I should stay away from you".

All I could do was stare at him and say "what", but Derek just placed his head on my chest and slowly slide his cock in and out of me. He said "I thought this would be a great last time, since we probably can't see each other anymore". A tear fell from my eye as I put my arms naked female bodybuilder shows off big biceps and boobs him and said "fuck me harder".

Derek put his hands on my shoulders and pounded away but it wasn't the same he felt different. He just stopped and said the unthinkable.

Derek said "J I LOVE YOU, don't leave me", I kissed him and said "fuck me hard". Derek went straight to it as he fucked me senseless and kissed me over and over saying "I love you". In no time he made me cum as I held him close to me and he whispered "light weight, made you cum, without touching yourself".

I started to laugh as he came inside me and gripped his cock with my hole. He just clasped on top of me and said "your sex is amazing but I love you even more, say something don't just lay here". I was speechless; I had not one word to say so I tried to kiss him. He pulled away from me and pushed his cock in me hard and slapped my chest and said "you don't have to say it back, I was just telling you how I feel.

I know I'm married and I'm in love with Donna but I do love you J". Still in pain from him ramming me I said "I have strong feeling for you and Donna. And I'm going to fix all of this tomorrow night". After that we just laid there talking about all the craziness of the lovely chick expreses her nastiness hardcore and blowjob month we didn't see each other.

Until my ass started hurting and I slapped him and told him get out of me. He apologized and carried me to the bathroom, gave me a shower, carried me back to the bed he remade, and gave me a massage. He had the oils and towels ready as he gave my hole special treatment since he hurt me. As I was enjoying one of the best massages ever, Derek started to suck my cock while I was face down in the bed and as it started getting good the door to the hotel room flew open.

We both jumped up holding the comforter over us. I looked and it was Donna laughing hard a hell, so we relaxed as she closed the door. She undressed and said "FUCK you guys, guess who wasn't cleared to have sex today". She laid on the bed and asked Derek "did you tell him all the news".

Derek looked like someone stole something from him with a tear in his eye. I looked over and said "WHAT news". Donna took a deep breath and said "well your dad told us to stay away from you, but we can't because we both told him that we fell in love with you, and your father probably broke Brian's arm when he was telling your business to him" as she sled behind Derek like I couldn't see her.

In head I was just thinking when did he even talk to my dad and why is Brian so much into telling my business. I was just all confused and didn't know exactly what to do. I'm really not one for emotions but I actually started to cry. I guess all the emotions that I've been carrying around finally came out.

Donna over first and hugged me as Derek followed. I pushed them both away and said "this is all you guys fault". And Derek immediately pushed me on the bed as he stuck my cock in his mouth. I just went with it because I wanted to feel better.

Derek always knew the spots to touch to make me feel better as he continued to go up and down. Plus he stuck his middle finger inside my hole, it was just priceless. Especially, as I came in his mouth forcing his face to never leave my pubic area as he caught all my juices. Donna just looked at me with hope in her eyes. I took a shower and got dressed. Looked at them and said "I'll be back, have fun". Once I gotten in my truck I called my dad and as soon as he picked up the phone he yelled "get here now, don't care what you're calling for, if you're not on your death bed I don't want to hear it.

You have exactly 10 minutes to get here" and he just hung up on me. Thirty minutes later I unwillingly went home to find my father in the living room with Brian. I looked at my father as he said "what are doing with your life these days", I responded with his usual answer of "explain what you mean".

Brian jumped up and said "he's talking about how you're FUCKING everything walking". My father hates when people talk for him, so he got up and just looked at Brian and Brian sat down very quickly and quietly.

My father punched me in the chest and pushed me in the kitchen and told me that Brian came to him crying that I broke his heart, I'm having sex with Derek and Donna, and how Brian added a whole bunch of stuff that didn't even make sense. Teen fuck hidden cam xxx ryder skye in stepmother sex sessions I explained to him how much of a liar Brian really is and how much he's lied about. I looked him in his eyes and said everything firm and direct so he knew I wasn't lying.

My father was just shocked as he said "look I don't care who you have sex with especially since I don't want to keep talking about your sex life, just don't have your business out in the open and slandering the name I built.

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I was the same way when I was younger having sex with anyone who would let me but even though I don't like that your having sex with my employees (as he smacked me in the back of my head) and a married couple at that this business party ends in such wild way he smacked me in the back of my head again) I will let you know that it's your mistakes, your life, and I'm here just make sure in the end you make the right decisions". I looked at him strange like WTF have you've done with my father as he hugged me and I said "thank you" awkwardly; my father yelled for Brian to come to the kitchen.

When Brian arrived rubbing his arm my father said "look here you little fucker, stay away from son"; as I put on my shoes and left as Brian was still getting cursed out by my dad. I went right back to Derek and Donna and caught them in a strange 69 position on the bed as I slung the door open scarring them.

I said "hey, save some for me" as I closed the door and started to undress. All I could say is that was one amazing weekend before graduation because who knew graduation sex was better than regular sex!