Elicia solace got fucked in the bathroom

Elicia solace got fucked in the bathroom
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My Weekend at Howard's I had just started my junior year when I auditioned for a part in the school play, OUR TOWN. I was cast as a father, Mr. Webb. Howard Goldman was cast as my son Wally. He was a sophomore, shorter than I, and with his blond hair and blue eyes, looked nothing like swarthy, Sicilian me. Howie and I hit it off from the start. We had lunch the same period, so I invited him to eat with my friends and me. They weren't too keen on having a sophomore eat with us, but I persisted.

He soon won them over, with his wicked sense of humor, and soon was a part of the crowd. After a couple of weeks rehearsal, Howard and I got pretty close. His parents were going to spend a weekend beautiful gal is giving nice blow girlfriend homemade Manhattan and told him he could invite a friend to stay over until they returned on Sunday.

He asked me. I liked the idea, so he had his mom call mine, to confirm and stuff. His mom told mine that Mr. Goldman would pick me up after school on Friday, and drop me at home Sunday afternoon. I was really looking forward to getting out of the house for the weekend.away from my annoying younger brother and nagging grandmother.

Friday came and Howard and Mr. Goldman picked me up and drove me to their place. The Goldmans made sure Howie and I knew the safety procedure, the phone numbers, left money for pizza, etc., and left. Howard and I went down to the finished basement den to watch TV. They had a color set, something we didn't have yet (it was 1964). Hidden behind a loose wall panel were Playboy Magazines,pornographic playing cards, and other porn he had found in his older brother's closet.

His brother, Ian, was away at Albany State. It was fun looking at all the naked boobs and stuff in the Playboys, but I was most intrigued by the playing cards which featured pictures of women with wide open pussies and men and women fucking. The deck also had a few cards with pictures some of men with hard-ons dripping cum, others of men sucking cock.

One card showed a hunky guy with his dick up another hunk's ass. It was looking at those pictures that got me really aroused. I caught Howie staring at my crotch. I looked at his to see that he was responding as well. I turned to look at his face as he leaned in and kissed me.

I'd never imagined kissing a guy, and there was a part of me that wanted to pull away, but I surrendered to his lips and kissed him back. Our tongues were soon wrestling as we passionately sucked on each other's mouths. Next, his hands were under my shirt and he squeezed my nipples. I did the same, and before I knew it, he was unbuckling my belt. "What are you doing?" "Relax," he answered.

He unbuttoned my jeans, pulled the zipper down, and lowered them to my ankles.

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I knew I should resist, but I wanted to see what was going to happen next. I soon found out. He pulled my boxers down, exposing my erect dick. He took my dick in his fist.until then, my fist was the only one to stroke my pecker.and gently milked it. A drop of clear fluid, what we would later call "pre-cum", leaked out of my pee slit. He wiped it off with his finger and and then licked it off of his finger. And then he went down on my cock. Tentatively at first, then with confidence, he began licking my peckerhead, then taking the whole thing in his mouth.

I moaned with pleasure. I reached to his crotch and felt his arousal. I grabbed his hard cock and squeezed. "Let me get out of these pants," he said after jepang anal cute bangbros sex stories sexxxx my dick from his mouth. He unbuckled his belt and dropped his jeans. His white jockeys were tented with a gig wet spot where his cock had leaked into the fabric.

I impulsively hooked my thumbs into the waistband and pulled his underpants down and off his feet. I kicked mine off as well.

We were both now naked from the waist down, having on only our socks and shirts. As soon as his skivvies were down, his cock jumped free, standing straight up, hitting his belly. His shaft was quite pale, almost white, hard as marble, delicately streaked with blue veins.

Its head, though, looked like a busty floozy craves for cruel fuck naturaltits and hardcore strawberry. I leaned over and licked the dew off of it. I next opened my mouth, ran my tongue around the head, and took as much of him in my mouth as I could.

He moaned and held onto my head as he began to pump my mouth with that sweet rod of his. As I was sucking, I saw that his pubes were as blond as the hair on his head. A trail of hair ran up to his belly button, but the rest of his torso seemed hairless. He told me to lie flat on the rug and placed his legs on either side of my head, his dick even with my mouth.

I took his cock in and began sucking as he went back down on me. After about fifteen minutes of vigorous sucking and stroking, we were both about to cum. "Let's relax a bit. I don't want us to shoot to soon. I have some other things planned," he said. As he doubled winked at me, spit and cock juice drooled from his lip.

Still on the floor, we leaned back against the couch. He gently pulled and stroked my pubic hairs, tickled my balls and asked, "You ever go into the reference room of the library in town?" "Yeah. Why?" "Ever see a set of books on the top shelf, The Encyclopedia of Human Sexuality?" "Yeah. I looked at some of it when no one was around." "Me too. Ever see an entry for something called 'analingus'?" He asked. "No. I don't think I have." "You would have remembered it.

You know what it is? It's when somebody licks and eats out your ass." "That sounds gross." "I don't think so. Lay down." "What?" "Lay down. Here." He handed me a throw pillow. "Put this under your back. To lift you up." "I don't know." "C'mon. If you don't like it I'll stop." "Promise?" "Yup." And with that, I put the pillow under my back. He got down between my legs and raised them as he dived for my ass. He licked the cheeks around my butt hole.

It felt good, pleasant. Then, to my surprise, he kissed it and with his tongue began to prod my cherry hole open. I squirmed in delight. It felt good. I held onto my knees so he could further spread my butt cheeks open to better penetrate me with his tongue. I was in heaven. "Want me to stop?" "He'll no!

No. It feels great!" I squirmed and twitched as he continued to eat me. Then I felt him begin to probe my ass hole with his finger. He brought it my mouth.

"Lick it," he instructed.

I did, getting it good and wet, suspecting what was coming. (In truth, in the shower I always stuck a soapy finger up there to clean my anus well.

And there is a spot I'd always hit that always so good as I poked at it. Who knew that in high school I would be giving myself prostate massages! Though I didn't know then that that was my prostate.) I wasn't disappointed. He took the tip oh his soapy middle finger and began to gently insert it into my anus. Then, with a shove that made me jump, he was in up to his knuckles.

He began rotating the digit, hitting that special spot. "How's it feel." "Great. You're rubbing a spot that's really sensitive. See, as you rub it, you make me leak more." As I said that, a pearly bead oozed out of my cock slit. With his free hand Howard began stroking my dick, milking out a bit more before rubbing it into my cock head, making me squirm.

I grabbed his hand to slow him down as he continued to finger fuck me with the other. He went back to eating my butt hole, fingering me more and more vigorously as he did so. Then he stopped, looked me in the eyes and said, "Man. Your ass is so hot. I gotta fuck you." He rubbed his cock under my balls, prodding at my ass hole. I knew it was heading toward this and I willingly consented.

Now, I did see the entry for "anal intercourse" in the encyclopedia, and knew that some sort of lubrication was needed.

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But my young friend was prepared. He reached behind that wall panel and took out a jar of petroleum jelly. He rubbed some on his dick, then took some and greased me up with one, two, then three fingers. If his fingers felt so good, just imagine what his pecker would feel like. He withdrew his fingers and put the tip of his boy rod against my eager ass hole. He pressed, pushed, and popped the head in. I arched my back off of the floor and gasped, "Wait a second.

I read it may take a few seconds to adjust." With that he slipped out of me, still hard, still dripping. "Ok. Let's try again," I said. He pushed in again, just the head. He held it there a few seconds and slowly slid it up my ass. I held still, eventually feeling him brush my ass with his pubes when his boystick was fully inserted.

After a few seconds, my ass began spasming around his rod, adjusting to its invader. I sighed, "Go lucky kid drem blackmail mom. I'm ready." He began to slowly pump my hole. He looked me in the eyes. "How's it feel?" He asked. "Better. It's almost beginning to feel good." Howie shifted his position slightly, and began hitting that spot.

"Oh yes," I sighed, "keep hitting me there.

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Wow! Oh, wow!" He did, and more pearly beads dripped out of my cock as my ass tightly gripped his dick. I wrapped my legs tightly around his back as I rose up to take each of his thrusts as far up my butt as I could, never in my young life thinking such pleasure was possible.

"Oh, yes! Oh, oh, oh! Yes, Andy! Yes!Yes! Yes! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck me! Oh, yes! Yes! There! There! THERE! AHHHHHH!" I could feel a rope of fluid ooze out of my dick as my ass hole spasmed around his cock in what I would call in later life an "assgasm"___ not quite an orgasm, but a body spasm in which some semen and/or precum is usually ejaculated.

God. It felt good. We continued to fuck like this for a while before changing positions. He got on the floor on his back holding his erection up. Facing him, I lowered myself onto his waiting, dripping prick. "Ohhhhhh! Howard. You feel so good inside me." I began riding up and down on him as he thrust up into me.

He grabbed onto my cock and wanked me as we furiously fucked. But even at that age, we could only last so long. After a few minutes of this intense passion, he began thrusting harder up into me as I met him thrust for thrust. He then squeezed my dick in a death grip and exploded into my ass. I could feel five distinct shots out of his pecker, and with that, I shot all over us both, our bellies chests, and shirts.

I collapsed on top of him, rubbing myself in my sperm. We kissed long and warmly. "Thank you," he said. "You were my first, and it was so good." I kissed him.

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"You were my first too. And what a first. That was intense." "I'll say. Let's go get cleaned up and have a bite. Then I want you to fuck me." "You are on, Howie." I shivered as he withdrew his cock from my ass.

We cleaned up, ate,got naked, and went at it all over again. I fucked that tight boy butt of his after eating him out. I couldn't get enough of his pink pucker, ringed with that same fine, blond hair of his pubes.

I, too, finger fucked him with one, two, then blak mail mum stup boob fingers. He moaned as I hit his pleasure spot for the first time. He begged me to fuck him, and I complied.he got on all fours, and I mounted him from behind.

I was gentle at first, furious as he grew accustomed to the pounding of my almost six inches. Soon, he was crying out in pleasure.

I reached under and held onto his pecker, stroking him in rhythm to my thrusting. We kept at it for a while, and I could feel the love dew dripping out of his dick with each thrust of my boner. It was the first time I fucked anyone too, and the feeling of his warm, pliant ass milking my boy tool were beginning to get overwhelming.

I thrust hard, burying myself deep up his ass as I shot my inside of him. He gasped and shot his cream into my hand. His knees buckled and he collapsed under me, grasping my cock with his ass-ring, causing me to fall on top of him, my prick still deep in his ass.

"That was fucking incredible," he said as he squeezed himself around my pecker. "Let's do it again." He kept squirming and twitching his ass, and before I knew it, I was hard again. I began rhythmically fucking him again As he met me thrust for thrust. "Oh, yeah," he said, " this is going to be a real fun weekend!" And it was. We sucked, fucked, and fucked some more.

We remained good friends and regular fuck buddies and had lots of good times. Maybe I'll tell you about them sometime.