Explicit legal age teenager trio hardcore and blowjob

Explicit legal age teenager trio hardcore and blowjob
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When I was 9 yrs old, I used to go out to play in the woods behind my house, and quite often saw older men playing with themselves, but as a innocent child, I did,nt understand what they were doing.

One day when I went to the woods I saw them again,and I hid in a large tree stump, they took their trousers down ,and played with each others stick, and after a short time of play some white stuff came out of the end of their sticks.

What I had not been aware of ,is that they new I was thereand they had known I was watching them and had been doing so for some weeks, so when I next ventured out to the wood ,to see if they were there ,I could,nt find them, thinking this was,nt there day,I headed further into the copse, until I found the this honey gets stripped and fucked squirting and japanese in the center. I always enjoyed trying to spot the tadpoles or whatever type of creature was in there at the time, but on this day I found nothing.

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So turning around and re-tracing my stepsand headed back towards home, I bumped into the men,Hello I said in my innocent manner, what are you up to they asked,Oh just playing, I replied, well would you like to play with us, yes please I said,what are we going to play. The taller of the men saidfind my willy, that sounds interesting, and with that he laid his hand on my small hand ,and showed me how to trace a line onto his flies.What am I looking for I enquired, I,ll show you in just a girl boobs inject by injection animated, and suddenly I found myself in his grasp, what are you doing to me, Quiet he said, and he put his big hand inside my trousers, and soon found my willy, found it he said with a large grin on his face.

. Now I suddenly realised that I might be going to have a problem, because instead of taking his hand out of my trousers he, took them down,off my hips,and also removed my under pants.Well this looks nice ,he said to his friend, yes ripe for fucking, now thats a new word to me, I wonder what it means I thought to myself, I was soon to find out.

I started to wriggle trying to get away from his grasp, hold still boy, he saidthats a nice cock you,ve got there,and an even better assjust ripe for my cock. Now for 9 yrs old ,I was a tall boy, extra tall for my age,and I was quite strong as well, but that did not stop two men aged about 50 yrs or so, and they took a small piece of twine out of there pocket,and tied my wrists firmly behind my back.

I was completely stripped of all of my clothing, and led a bit further,and deeper into the wood,a part I had not seen before. My cock,(as I found out ,what it was called), was getting very stiff, one of the men,put his finger into my anus, and rubbed spit into the little hole, he then gently poked his finger up my anus, and lubed the passage for rear entry.

The other man ,had taken his trousers and pants off revealing a big 8" cock, which I could see was very hard.I in the meantime had been pushed down onto the floor, and still with wrists tied tightly ,was in no position to try and get away. Open your mouth the man said,as he pushed his cock to my face, No I repliedhe leant over me ,squeezed my nose,I opened my mouth to breathe and his cock went, he held the back of my head very firmly,and said SUCK, I did,nt really have any choice, It did,nt taste like any lolly pop,and it grew bigger in my mouth, he pumped it in ,and further in my little mouth,I nearly choked, but that was all part of his pleasure.

He suddenly stopped his pumping,holding my head even tighter,and whooosh ,an out pooring of white stuff flooded into my mouth, his cock was shooting burst upon burst of sperm, and he made me swallow each and every drop.Soon he pulled his cock out of my alice wonderbang and the big green toy was all floppy, and with a very swift motion, I was pushed to the floor, but could,nt lie down,as my bonds restricted my movements.

A knife was produced and the twine was cut free, rubbing my sore wrists,I continued to lie down my belly as requested, the second man put his arm under my waist area and pulled me up to kneeling position, he soon took his now very hard cock,and started to enter my anus, it hurt,and he kept on pushing, it did,nt take long,and his cock glided up fully into my bowels, and just like the other man,started to heave himself into mehe took ahold of my hair ,and rode me ,telling me how they would fuck me ,every time they found me in the woods, and not to tell anyone,or they would tell the Police of my trepassing on their land.

Whilst he continued to ride me,his right hand took hold of my cock,and proceeded to wank me off.

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Meanwhile his friend, had got a hard cock again,and was waiting to fuck my arse, but he was still firmly inside me, in and out,in and out, his cock went, until he suddenly held me tighty, and let rip, he ejaculated so much spermit leaked down the side of my bottom.

He kept extolling the virtues of my body,and indicated he wanted more,and younger boys to shag on a regular basis, he kept on say how he gained pleasure from touching young skin, small cocks, and taking innocence away, and while he was telling the other man of his desires and fantisies, he put his sticky cum covered cock into my mouth for cleaning.

The other mans name I found out was Bill, they had been very careful not to use names in front of me, but a mistake had been made, and now I knew.Their various threats of bodily harm and the police,discouraged me from sharing it with anyone.Soon I licked his cock clean, Dave that was the other mans name, in the meantime had got some water from the pond and was busily washing my anus clear of spent sperm.My clothes were given back to me,and arrangements were being made for our next meeting, once fully dressed ,I was led back towards home,they walked behind me, I looked around to see where they were,they had gone out of site, leaving me with the news that next Saurday, I needed to be here at 2pm sharp, and if I was lateI would be punished.

Chapter casting a spell on a love muscle deepthroat blowjob. When I got home from my escapade, I told my Mum that I had walked miles ,and needed a bath, she boiled some hot water in front of the fire,as in the early 1960s central heating was a luxury just comming in, I soaked my body ,and thoroughly cleaned myself.

My Mum had been a widow for about 6 years,and with no father to keep an eye out for me,I was easily led astray.The week went by very quick, I had thought about what went on in the woods, and I had played with my cock, but nothing came out of it, I remembered that one of the men had masturbated mebut I did,nt get to come.

It was nearing 2pm ,and I was still doing my chores,and lost the track of time,only realising I was lare,when Mother said,you go off out now dear and play,I assume your off to the woods again,yes I replied ,and ran as fast as my legs would carry me.It did,nt take long to find the men, but they were not pleased to see me, well they were in one way, but they did,nt greet me with a friendly manner.

It was where have you been, Im sorry,but I was late helping my Mum, this will not do. Bill firmly took hold of me,brought over his knee ,and proceeded to spank my young and tender bottom, I yelped loudy,as I wore shorts in those days,he easily slipped his hand up the inside of my trousers,and squeezed my cock whilst spanking me.He delighted in telling me how he was going to stick his cock inside me, and just repeating that the longer I was late in the future the harder he would beat me.

I was crying, but that did not stop him, he drew my trousers down over my hips,and closely followed by my underwear, and still spanked me,so much so, he came in his trousers, he then stopped.Dave came over and started to kiss and lick my very sore bottom,his kisses were cooling, Bill was watching and stroking my little cock, he then said we have a suprise in store for you,a friend for you.And with that statement said, he quickly redressed me,and led me further into the wood.

We went about a mile ,and came to a clearing,where there was a large caravan parked,in fact it was up on bricks.The Caravan door was pushed open, I was pulled inside,I quickly noticed a boy about my age sat on the bench seat.He like me was dressed in shorts ,shirt and sandals, come here,Dave said to me,meet your companion for the day, his name was Roger.Roger get up please,he arose came over to me,we exchanged nods, and then Bill grabbed hold of his right arm, and put him over his knee,whereupon,he took a cane, and started to cane the backs of his legs, he yelped, Dave said, I told you to greet Jo with a kiss,and put your hand down his trousers, you did niether,and this is the sort of punishment you will recieve when you disobey my instructions,sorry Roger ghetto babe gives head and nailed by nasty pawn keeper Dave stopped, can I suck your cock please ,Roger said to Dave,now thats a good boy.

I was still stood close by,and when Daves cock suddenly came into view, Roger wrapped his tongue around the bell end and worked his lips up and down his shaft, help him I was told, and I was alicia toys her juicy hairy pussy with a toy tube porn to the ground, and started to lick the other side of his cockBill came up close beside me,knelt down and undid my flies ,put his hand inside underwear and proceeded to stroke my hardening cock, he pulled it tightly,which made me fall over onto my back, he took no time in removing my clothes,and once I was naked, climbed on top of my chest.He started to feel & stroke my hair and face,quickly moving down my chest to my belly button, in the meantime Rogers head was now in a clamped type position,and Daves cock was firmly inside his throat,making him gag.

Dave suddenly stopped pushing ,he dragged Roger off his feet, got him too as bending position,and plunged his big cock up Rogers arse, it did,nt take long before he exploded inside Roger, with sperm oozing out,and trickling down his legs into his socks.

I still found myself with Bill perched on my chest, with left hand behind himself ,fondling my cock, and every so often,would lean xxxstory boss and sacretary sex my face,and repeating over and over again, on how he was looking forward to fucking my arse and shooting his white stuff into me.Bill had been engrossed with the scene of Rogers cock still hard as hell and needing relief, so not only was he stroking mine, he also took little Rogers into his mouth, it did,nt take long for us both to orgasm,but all that came out was wet dream liquid.The men decided they had better return us to our homes as they wanted the pleasure of our bodies again soon.

We were encouraged to clean ourselves thoroughly,and re-dress, also we were reminded not to tell anyone,we were both given 5/- that could buy lots of chocolate bars.

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And so I quickly made my way home looking forward to next week, but remembering I had to be on time. Chap 3. School went by very quick that week, and Saturday soon arrived,I had been promised 12/- if I was a good boy for the men, so arriving at the clearing at 1.30pmthey told me not to be late, no-one was their, but the Caravan door was open, I went in,sat down,and waited.I noticed a magazine with German writing on the front, I opened it,and inside it revealed young men with the biggest cocks ,I had ever seen, they were doing lots of funny things with thier friends.

Some men had two big cocks in there bottom at the same time,another one was tied to a beam by his wrists,and a younger man was sucking his hard cock,and yet another man was hitting him with a cane,just like the one I get hit with at school.

I was so engrossed with the book,that I did,nt hear the van door open, Bill shouted what do you think your doing, Oooo Im sorry, I was early and came in.Come here he said, and I went over,he promptly got hold of me, smacked the back of my legs, then hauled me over his knee ,and started to smack my bottom.He seemed to gain a lot of pleasure from the pain he inflicted on me, so he continued to hit me,and then my trousers were unbuttoned,and allowed to drop down my legs to the floor.

My bottom was becoming sore,and he realised that my cock was getting hard,and his was straining to be released from the confines of his pants.My pants were now on the floor, and his fingers were delving into my anus, feeling my hairless ball sac,and stroking my cock,just getting me into the right position ,for rear entry, beautiful carla gets banged in the shower then rubbed his big cock up the inside of my cheeks, he pulled my cheeks apart,and forced his way in, I screamed in pain, as he had used no form of lube.

He fucked me,and held onto my waist, his hands were playing with my cock, he has his tongue in my right ear, it felt very strange. He encouraged Dave to use my open mouth,and he slid his big fat cock in, lick the end he kept telling me,he jumped a little when I touched the slit, lick the sides boy,he kept saying to me, softer,my teeth would rasp the girth of his cock, softer he kept shouting, what do expect I thought, here I have a little mouth,and Im expected to suck this giant thing with care.

It did,nt take bbw german mature fucked hardcore and blowjob long for both men to cum, my mouth filled up with sperm very quickly, and I was,nt eager to swallow, he just pinched my nostrils, and having to open my mouth too breathe in fresh air,I had to swallow, and down it went.

I did not like the taste at all. Likewise my bottom was swimming with more sperm, it oozed out,and onto the floor.Both Bill & Dave were totally spent.

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After about 3/4 of an hour, there was a loud knock on the caravan door, Bill got up,and opened it, at the door stood Roger with his wrists tied in the front of him, he was without any lower body clothes, but behind him stood two big black men, Hi you two, been having fun, yep, this boys arse is real tight they both said,and came in, the taller one of two took his big black cock out of his pants, looked at roger, and said open ,he opened his mouth without saying anything in protest, proceeded to suck this man penis .to be continued