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If you haven't read the first part of this story then mia khalifa fucked by small penis go and read it! I found no reason why I should object to his demand, even though I frantically searched for one inside my head.

I reluctantly laid myself on my back and hung my head off the side of the bed. I had never given head in this position before and I was scared to try something new with this powerful stranger. As if sensing my nervousness, he said to me, "Don't be scared, little one. I'll go slow." Was this man a mind reader or was my anxiety that obvious upon my expression?

Who knew? He stepped forward with his semi hard cock pointed toward my face and softly told me to open my mouth. My shaky jaw seemed to open on command, without me even thinking about it.

He grasped his cock and slowly directed it into my willing mouth.

I had to stretch my jaw to let his cock even enter between my teeth. I had never sucked off a man as big as him. His cock smelled good; having the scent of my bathroom soap on it. The aroma calmed me and made my mouth and throat relax more as his cock began to push its way into my open mouth. I adjusted my head, tilting it down more, so his cock could go into my mouth. This wasn't so bad. Bi chaps and their cute pretty gf was actually quite exhilarating; having my head hanging off the side made me already get a little woozy.

He pushed even further until three inches of his cock was within my warm, wet mouth. I felt his cock head start to stretch my throat and I tried to relax so he could push even further.

For some odd reason, I wanted to please him, and I wanted to please him well. He pulled out slowly as I began to suck and flick his cock with my tongue. He moaned as I practically sucked it back inside my throat; pushing myself off the bed slightly so his cock could once again enter my mouth.

He pushed deeper this time, and his cock head was guiding the rest of his cock down the now almost level curve of my throat. I gagged around him and tried to pull myself away, but he had his hands on my shoulders, keeping me in place. Still, Bbc slut anal creampie interracial big dick managed to expel myself from his grasp, but he pulled me back towards him before I could even let my throat relax for a second.

He pushed my chin down so that my head was off the bed and told me to open my mouth once more. I once again automatically complied and he wasted no time in pushing his cock into my mouth yet again. I sucked on his cock as it gained slow entrance into the depths of my mouth and the beginnings of my throat, which urged him on further. He kept pushing this time, and made sure he had a strong, firm grasp on me this time so I couldn't pull away again.

I lifted my arms to try to push him away, but he snapped a quick and loud "Don't!" at me and my arms fell back next to my sides. I tried to suck in a breath, which made me gag on his cock harder, but this made him give out a very distinct moan in response.

"Relax. Stop panicking," I heard him say to me, and I tried so very hard to comply. He just kept pushing. Further and further his cock went into my throat, which now burned from the stretching. A tear started to well up in my eye when I felt his balls tap my nose. He was finally all the way in.

It wouldn't have been that horrible had he not stayed in that position. "I'm going to count to 25 and then I'm going to pull out," he said to me. He began slowly, ever so slowly, counting. I felt like I was going to pass out and with all the blood rushed to my head, the feeling hurt. My head throbbed and I tried to unsuccessfully get away somehow, but he kept counting and kept me still.

When he reached 24, I said a silent 'thank you' to an agility helps chap to fuck adorable hottie hardcore blowjob source, and when he reached 25, he leaned down over me very quickly, spread my pussy lips with his fingers, and flicked my clit with his hot tongue just once.

I jumped and it made my throat gag around his cock yet again; by the time he had reached 25, I had gotten used to it being in my throat and was no longer in a panic.

He slowly pulled his cock out and I leaned my head up and coughed and grasped my throat with my hands. It felt like I had been underwater for several minutes, and then felt an electric shock before I was lifted up to the surface that was unreachable to me before.

"No. Back down," he said to me, and he pulled my head back down. "I'm doing it again," he added. I didn't want him to do that again; it burned my throat and made my head pound.

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But somehow when he pushed my head down, my mouth opened again, willing to accept the intrusion a second time. I took a deep breath as he pushed his cock into my throat again.

It didn't take nearly as long to get it all the way into my throat as it had before, but still took a reasonable amount of time, considering I was holding my breath. When he was all the way in, I heard him say almost effortlessly, "I'm counting to 50 this time." I panicked again and tried desperately to pull away, but it seemed to use up more of my energy that way, and made the time go by even slower.

When I finally relaxed, he was already past 20, and making his way to 30. When he reached 40, he leaned down over me again (which made his cock press even further into my throat) and parted my pussy lips again. He licked up and down my pussy and flicked my clit exactly five times, each time making me shudder and gag on his cock again.

"48.49.50," he said. On 50, he bit down on my clit, very hard, and I arched my back up into his mouth. He leaned up and said, "Very good.

Once more, pet." It was as if he was training me for something. I relaxed my throat and told myself as he begun to push inside me that I was just going to not let it get to me. I knew he was going to count over 50 and I knew that I could handle it if I would just remain calm. When he was finally inside me, I sex mian khalifa with condom the number to increase significantly, but it only went up a small amount. "I'm counting to 60, but I'm doing something different this time," he said.

Something different? What could he possibly mean?

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I soon found out. He counted to ten without change. He just stood there and stared down at me as he had before. After ten, he started to lean forward. I thought, 'Oh, he's just going to lick my pussy like before. Okay.' but I realized that I wasn't correct. He leaned forward enough to reach his hand comfortably forward and rub my clit with his fingers. I felt his cock start to move however; it moved out slightly.

Then I noticed it push in again all the way. He pulled out again, just ever so slightly, and then pushed in. He began a steady rhythm; only going about half an inch out of my throat each time. He sweet amateur babe gets her pussy toyed and fucked cum on body doggystyle his speed and pulled out a little bit more than before after he reached 20.

After every multiple of ten he reached, he increased his speed and the length he took out of my throat as well. His fingers started to rub my clit faster and faster; increasing speed with the rhythm of his cock. By the time he had gotten to 60 he had faded away in his verbal counting and I had forgotten he was still supposed to be counting.

Not after too long though, he pulled out all the way to get a breath, and let go of my throbbing clit. He entered his cock into my mouth again after he saw me take a quick breath, and begun to pound me as fast as he had before. He didn't stop to give me another breath for a long time after that, and by the time he had, I was squirming and writhing beneath him. I tried to focus on sucking on his cock; as I knew that was the whole reason for this anyway.

Harder and harder he pounded into my throat, now not even resisting his huge his cock. I managed to gain a quick few breaths once every minute or so, but that was all.

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He was standing straight above me, pinching my nipples with his palms as he kept thrusting deeper and deeper it seemed into my open throat. I squirmed under him more, but this time out of pleasure. The friction in and burning in my throat along with the pinching of my nipples and all the blood rushing to my head sent me into another place I had never been before.

I didn't even notice that I had started to push myself off the bed slightly to meet his thrusts. "Suck harder, little one," he said. "Make me cum baby." I sucked his cock harder as he pushed deeper and deeper into my throat. "Mmm, just a little longer," he said. I brought my hand up above my head and grasped the base of his cock.

I moved my hand up and down on his hard shaft and pulsed my grip around it as it slid easily in and out of my hand. Still fucking my mouth hard and fast with his cock, I began to feel his orgasm surface.

He groaned as I felt the cum go through his shaft and shoot into my throat. He mumbled something under his breath as he slowly pulled his cock out of my mouth, sexy lexxxi rides a massive meat pole straight lockhart with his cum and my saliva.

I swallowed all I could and sat up to swallow the rest. "That's it baby, sit up. Now that I've gotten you warmed up, I want you to prepare yourself for a surprise. I'll be right back. Do not turn around." I heard him leave my bedroom and then I heard some soft talking outside my closed door. Before I could figure out why he was talking to himself, I heard the door open. I resisted the urge to turn around.

"Now, stand up, love. Close your eyes." I stood up, with my eyes closed and turned to face his voice. I felt a pair of hands on my breasts and felt lips close over mine.

I drowned into the kiss and was lost within the lust that was rushing through my body when suddenly I felt a hand slap my ass. I pulled from the kiss and backed into another person. It turned out that the man I was kissing was a new man that I hadn't seen before, and I had fallen into the arms alexis texas and kiara mia my previous midnight stranger. "I'd like you to meet my friend, Will. He decided he wanted to join us in our escapade." I opened my mouth to argue; I had never been in a threesome before.

I felt the new man's lips close over mine again. His hands dropped from my breasts and rose up to wrap around my neck. I tried to back out of the kiss, but was pushed back into it by Sir. "No, little one. You're to treat him with as much respect as you have me. But I must warn you, he is not as gentle as I. You might as well enjoy it," he said, in a matter-of-fact tone. Will had let go of my neck and had broken the kiss to move down to my neck.

He sucked on my neck and bit on my earlobe as Sir reached under me to find my asshole. I felt Will lower his hand also, searching for my pussy. "Spread madelyn marie preparing tfuck her best friend legs," I heard Will tell me. I felt like I had no choice but to comply. I felt Will and Sir reach their different destinations almost at the same time. I felt Sir dip a finger down into my pussy before retreating back to my asshole, still sore from earlier.

He slowly inserted his finger into my asshole, but just a little, before he pulled it out again. Just as Sir began to tease and play with my asshole, Will found my clit and began rubbing on it fiercely. I felt the two men masturbating me and it felt so wonderful.

I couldn't imagine why I had never tried this out before.

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Sir pushed his finger further into my asshole as two of Will's fingers found entrance into my pussy. He shoved them into my hole violently, and I realized what Sir meant by he was not as gentle. He was not near as gentle. They began an alternating rhythm, and instead of going the same speed, Will went almost exactly twice as fast as Sir did with his fingers. Sir reached his other hand around to play with my nipple, and Will rested his other hand on my other nipple.

I could tell they had done this before. I jessyca aime donner des ordres aux hommes approaching orgasm faster than I ever had before. I had four different rhythms going on all over my body and couldn't focus on just one. "Ah, oh my god! Harder!" I found myself screaming at the two men as I remembered that they were originally here to violate my body; but I didn't care.

I was too lost in my current passion to care. I took sharp intakes of breath as they pounded my ass and my pussy faster and pinched and twisted my nipples harder. It wasn't another ten seconds before I came violently on their hands. Sir caught me when I fell back into his arms and whispered into my ear, "Okay baby, now let's see how you handle two cocks." My eyes went wide, even though I was still trying to catch my breath from my powerful orgasm.

"N-n-no! I've never been with two guys at once. I won't do it!" I found myself objecting. Why I was objecting, I didn't know, because I wanted it so badly. But I guess my common sense came rushing back to me once my passion had for the most part subsided. Still, I found myself being pulled towards the bed and thrown on top of it. I looked up at the two men before me, cocks hard as rocks, and lust in their eyes.

There was no way I could handle two men at once, but I was going to be forced to anyway. I saw Sir pick up the ropes from the floor and I tried to scramble off the bed, in hopes to maybe get free. I didn't want to be fucked by two men and I most certainly didn't want to be tied up while doing so either.

"No! Please! Don't tie me up again!" I screamed at Sir, tears gathering in my eyes. "Do as we say and I won't," he said.

I nodded my head in agreement and heard Will say, "Okay then, get back onto the bed. I haven't had a turn to use you yet." To be continued.