Sunny leone xxx fullstory new 2019

Sunny leone xxx fullstory new 2019
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This is a fictional story about some sick shit. If you are easily offended the don't read it! Hi, I'm mike, I'm 19 and this is the story of my sickest dreams cum true.

I guess I'll start off by telling you a little bit about my self. I have always had an insatiable sex drive, it started when I was about 6 and my mother explained sex to me; so I explained it to my cousin down the road. Both of our parents shared a large piece of land surrounded by woods; we had a lot of fun for the next few years in those woods. We started off simply enough; just playing doctor, but after we turned 10 or so we were straight fucking.

The thought of her pussy still gets me hard! When I turned 12, my dad joined the army and him, my mom, my sister and me moved to Oklahoma. For the next year all I could do was beat off to the thought of my cousins smooth ass and small cunt. Until a stroke of luck allowed me find my little sisters diary; she was only 9 but to my amazement, hidden in the pages of that little pink book, was the story of her and the same horny little cousin having a young lesbian affair behind my back.

I was so horny I beat off twice to the thought before deciding to confront her about it. Now I'm sure a lot of y'all would like me to go into some more detail about all this, but this isn't story; just a little bit of a quick back story.

But we did end up fucking for the next 4 years before she got her own boyfriend and didn't need my dick no more. After that was over, I was forced to find girls i wasn't related to for satisfying my sexual urges; but when it was just me, alone with my dick in my hand, all I could do to get off was fantasize about the sickest taboo shit I could think of.

It started with just thinking of my cousin and sister, then when that didn't do enough for me I caught myself thinking of little girls, then little girls and their dads, then I found my self thinking of little boys, and it old anty sex with young boy got sicker from there.

After I graduated from high school; my dad had been discharged from the army and we had moved home,I got a job as a door to door salesman; selling vacuum cleaners. It was good work, I loved it and damn did I make good money! A lot of the houses I went to were just suburban paradise type houses, but on occasion I did have to venture into the woods; passing private property and beware of dog signs. I have always been good with people, I could talk even the most dick head people into letting me in to show them what I was selling.

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I'd talk them into letting me inside, and before I even threw out my sales pitch, I would spend an hour just conversating with them. By the time I was asking them to buy we were best of friends and it was hard to turn me down; it was a beautiful thing.

One day I ventured farther than usual down a back road looking for a house I hadn't hit yet. After about 4 or 5 miles i saw a dirt road to the left going deep into the woods.

I didn't even look twice at the no trespassing sign nailed to a tree at the entrance, nor did I give any never mind to all the ones that followed. My .45 cal revolver was sitting in my lap like always as I finally pulled up to the house after what seemed like forever. I got out of the car after putting wild digging in creamy hot bbw puckering hole pistol in my brief case carrying it with me as i walked up to the door and knocked.

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When the door opened, I was met by a man holding a 10 ga. sawed off shot gun to my head, "who the fuck are you?" he asked with a southern drawl. I was scared at first but then, getting my wits back, I smiled and came back with one of my usual charismatic responses. He smiled back at the comment and lowered the barrel, " your a ballsy little bastard ain't you?" he said, "I like that; what can I do for you?" I began my usual bit; joking and bullshitting with him, and after 30 minutes or so, like always, he invited me in and even helped me carry my equipment from my car into the house.

While continuing our conversation in the house, I started to notice him; he was in his late 20's or early 30's, white, tall and slim. He had a full beard and mustache, jet black hair and blue eyes; his name was jake. Out of the corner of my eye I seen a hallway door open and out walked a beautiful 10 year old blond haired and slim baby girl.

Behind her I could see a boy, no older than 7, he had no shirt on, just a pair of basketball shorts. His fair skin stretched over his ribs without an ounce of fat; my dick twitched.

"y'all get back in your room" Jake told the children, "I'm talking to mike, so go on." Jake explained, after the kids were back in the room, that the girl was Brittany and her younger brother was Ryan. Their mother died 3 years ago and he had been raising them alone since; he worked from home off the computer and also home schooled the children.

None of them got out much. After about an hour and a half of just talking, It was time for my sales pitch; I asked for a glass of water while I pulled out the vacuum. He got up and went into the kitchen, I opened the box. The computer desk was right behind me, when I backed into it I turned to make sure nothing fell off or messed up.

The screen saver had stopped and a photo album was open on the screen. The picture showing was one of a small blond haired girl, about 10 years old, with a rather large cock in her mouth.

Realizing what I was looking at I reached for my brief case and retrieved my pistol and hide it behind my back. Jake came back into the room holding a glass of water, seeing his computer showing a picture of his daughter sucking his dick, he dropped the glass and jumped for his shot gun; he stopped dead when he heard me pull back the hammer on my gun and realized it was already fixed on faketaxi big tits and big booty fucking. He looked at me with terror in his eyes, "now what were you going to do with that shot gun?" I asked, "if you killed me my boss would track me threw the gps on my company phone; the cops would be here by morning after I didn't check in." he swallowed hard and responded, " what do you want from me?

Ill give you anything, just name it!