Sugar daddy sex xxx flunking associates step daughter gets a golden rachel starr

Sugar daddy sex xxx flunking associates step daughter gets a golden rachel starr
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This happened this weekend and it all happened because of XNXX/stories. I've posted 3 stories on this site so far and I seem to be enjoying the idea of finally exposing all these events that have happened to me over my life and have them read by strangers.

I love the comments and the Private Messages. Very rewarding! (keep the following information in mind while reading the rest of the story…for those of you who have never posted a story on this site, they recommend you write out your story and then copy and past it because they fear that the system might time-out and you will lose all you have written. So I have gotten in the habit of doing just that, I write the stories on my phone in my spare time and then copy and past) Back to the story: Friday night, my wife and I had our friends from the neighbourhood over for drinks.

This type of party happens every other weekend and almost always with the same group of 5-10 couples. Before everyone had arrived, the house was clean, everything was ready and my wife was running last minute errands so I had some time to finish a Dom/Sub story (my first fiction story that I was going to post) and just as I copied it and was about to past to the site, my first guest showed up early.

Same people as usual showed up, as well pleasing my stepson is a full time job alessandra snow a new couple from the neighbourhood. They were close friends with Christine, my neighbour.

We've known Christine and her husband Mike the longest and hung out with them every weekend. Regardless of the fact that she had a very sexy thick body, medium size tits and beautiful face, I never really had sexual thoughts.

Cant explain why, it's just the way it is. At this party, I had made a dish that everyone was talking about and mentioned that I would share with them the recipe. As the night went on, my neighbour Christine, asked if I could text her the link to the recipe.

As I searched through my phone to find the link, I "thought" a chose copy and proceeded to find her name on my phone and text it to her. I'm sure you know where this is going…… Found her name, pressed "past" and not even thinking for a second as I looked up at her and said "there you go, just sent it". (As you may have figured out by now, I did not send her the link to the recipe, I sent her the Dom/sub story that I was just about to post on this site before everyone arrived.

In the story, there are parts that talk about being tied up in a door way and teasing for hours, blindfolded, squirting, another women bla bla bla - you will have to come back and read it when I post it) As far as I was concerned, nothing special. Sent her a text and kept chatting it up with the neighbours Christine told everyone that she has to go home to go get something and she will be back in a bit.

Daughter in panties teasing father an hour later, she walked in and we crossed paths in the hallway and she says quietly and in a shy voice "when you sent me that text earlier, was that for me or did you mean to send it to someone else?" I told her it was for her and "let me know what you think?" She was silent for a couple of seconds and said "ok" and then she said she'll get back to me and I thought nothing of it.

She replied via text about 30 minutes later and said. "I'm shocked to be honest that you felt that way and I didn't expect you to tell me busty pickedup euro fucked outdoors for cash european and pulling that. Btw, your sick!

;) But I'm not going to lie, it's the reason I went home and I read it and reread it, came twice how's that for my thoughts?

Lol. Please delete though old man getting a massage don't tell anyone!!!!! He checks my phone once in a while so PLEASE delete, I don't think your wife would be happy if she sees that you sent that to me.see you tomorrow;)" As I was reading this message from her, I was thinking WTF!!!, she must have meant to send it to someone else but I looked at my texts to her and good god!!!

I sent her the pasted story for this site. My body felt so heavy, that same feeling you have when you forget your phone somewhere or lose your wallet or purse or car keys but 100 times worse than that. I had to step outside to catch my breath and cool down because my mind was all over the place: - how could I have sent that? - So stupid! - I'm fucked! - What if her husband/my friend finds out? - How do I explain me writing that story in the first place?

- My wife is going to flip out! - Our relationship and that of out friends is over! - Everyone is going to be talking about it!!!!!! BUT WAIT - *deep breath! I re-read her text and her words of acceptance and her opening up about cumming twice and wanting to see me later and her wanting me to delete the message? Was I safe? NOW WHAT? Now I was turned on!

I made my sexy neighbour go home and sneak away and masturbate based on what I sent her and she thought I was writing about what I wanted to do to her and she was INTO IT!! This became one of those moments that changed everything. My natural dominant mindset settled in and I was contemplating my next move.

The next day, we had about a dozen women come over in preparation for a surprise baby shower that one of the ladies was having and Christine was one of the women. She did amazing, not acting like anything had happened, probably because I to her texts since the previous night. The women were having some drinks and laughing and I was catering to their needs and at one point, my wife wanted me to show the women a video on YouTube and we were all huddled around and Christine stood in front of me as I leaned through the group to shuffle through the videos until I found it and as soon as I was right behind her, I could feel her hand on my thing and she was digging her nails in and pulling me in tighter into her ass and within second, I knew she could feel my cock growing lengthwise through my jeans and on her ass.

I was so turned on!! Christine kept on wanting to see the next video to obviously keep me close and at one point, asked me to go in front of her so that I don't have to lean over and through everyone. No sooner did I go in front of her, I could feel her hand on my hip and her tits on my back and as I turn slightly sideways to reach in to type something, her hand went in my pocket as she tried to feel my cock through my pocket and suddenly touched the tip.

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Cock gets deep inside the wet pussy hardcore blowjob body jerked automatically as she lightly rubbed the tip of my cock with her nail, which were for some reason, made my feet feel really hot and tingling. Not sure if I could have came like that but felt amazing. We were soon done and the women walked away laughing as I went directly to the washroom with a hardon that was almost impossible to hide.

Hoping that my cock will settle down. She obviously saw me grab my phone before going to the washroom because as soon as I was in there, I received a text from Christine and all it said was: "when we leave, I'm leaving my phone here and I'll come back around 5pm to pick it up ;) " Everyone knew that my wife and all the women were going to another friends house to have the surprise baby shower (just the girls) so she knew my wife would be gone as well.

Around 4pm, we all said our good byes at the door and I kissed my wife before she left and my wife said that she would call me to come pick her up later. At the same time as I acknowledged her, I looked past her and I could see my neighbour looking at me in a really dirty way. As they all walked out, I can see Christine place her phone on the bench as she made sure she was the last person to walk out.

5pm came and nothing. 5:15 pm she knocks at the door You would think I would be nervous but my natural instinct was to be dominant when it comes to anything sexual so answered the door as I normally would, acting as though nothing was going on or different.

Knowing it would throw her off and mess with her in a playful way. I opened the door and let her in. All of a sudden, she was acting kind of shy.

she said: "ummmmmm, that was really hot!.but i shouldn't be here! After I left, I realized that it's wrong that I'm here, there's just something about you after I read that text, I&hellip." I didn't let her finish her sentence, I said "no worries, it's not a problem" and I grabbed her hand and before she can realize what happened, I pinned her up against the wall (face against the wall) with her one hand pinned up high over her head and then I grabbed the other and pinned it behind her back and I pressed into her with my cock pressed hard against her ass cheeks.

She was wearing really comfy clothes, form fitting and sexy but not restricting. She could feel every part of my cock and she immediately pushed back hard and moaned really loud.

Especially when I gripped the back of her head and pulled her hair back as I kissed her neck and it seemed like mom catch tson fuck by sister almost melted. She whispered: "OH-MY-GOD that feels so good!" I released the pressure I had against her and the wall, took a step a back and grabbed the waist of her loose fitting pants and yanked them down to her ankles and as I was face to face with wife with big ass receives the cock ass, I reached up, spread her cheeks and bite her ass and she squealed but in a very accepting way.

I stood up and pinned her hands back up against the wall with one had and my other hand reached in front of her and pulled her shirt down hard and her boobs just popped out - no bra to my surprise! I rubbed her nipples slightly with the palm of my hand and her hard nipples made my cock rock hard!!

My hand then slid down towards her pussy and she squirmed slightly so I got a little aggressive and as soon as my hand reached her pussy, I cupped my hand and immediately pushed my index finger in, while the rest of my hand gripped her pussy and I was able to control her.

She felt helpless and I was in control. I held it there and just listened for a few seconds while I listened to her breath, I can almost hear her heart beating out of her chest. I stayed there for a few seconds released her hand from over her head and I pulled her hair back.

Slowly and I sucked her earlobe into my mouth and whispered: "I'm going to make you cum harder then you've ever cum before" Her mouth opened as she whispered, "do it" While one hand gripped one of her tits and pushed her back against the wall, I leaned over slightly to get a better angle and my hand which was in a cupped position the whole time, working her pussy, had a little pool of all her wetness sitting there. I turned her slightly towards me and then I placed another finger in and found her Gspot.

I applied a little pressure and I rubbed that spot at a regular pace, not too fast, definitely not slow andwith a good amount of pressure and I only stroked that spot 10-12 times and her breath and voice got louder after every rub and I had her screaming and yelling and collapsing as her legs buckled while I held her up and worked it harder and harder and faster and faster and it just got wilder with every thrust.

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She was full on CLIMAXING like crazy and dripping down her leg and on occasion, squirting. This drop me insane and I could not stop, her body was swaying and she yelled out: "WHAT IS GOING ON!?!?!?!" She gripped her stomach and I didn't stop because it just got better and louder and I figured I was going to make her wish that I was the one making her cum from now on!!!!!! Funny enough, I had to stop because the strain from holding her up, while working her spot and trying to go harder and faster all the time - my hand just gave out.

(I found out teacher and student jabardasti xxx vedio that night, after she left, that she has never had that done to her and has never had a Gspot orgasm) I backed off and looked at my Christine's half naked body, tits out of her shirt, pants around her ankles, still shaking and moaning something under her breath (don't know what she said) With her juices were all over the ground.

I waited for her to recover but I wasn't done though. This all happened in less then 5 minutes! I asked her to stand up, I stepped on her pants and they stayed between her ankles and I told her to walk out of them. I grabbed her hand and walked her up to my upstairs loft on the third floor, laid her on my bed, where my wife normally lays. She asked me to fuck her I said maybe ;) She sat up and gripped my neck and looked at me and said "fuck me" I pulled back to remove the perception of control that she thought she had for a second and I spread her legs and went down on her.

On my way down, her head went back and she said "oh fuck" REALLY LOUD! I started just above her asshole because I didn't know if she was into that and licked upwards. But stopped just before her clit.

Her body was heaving so that she can push her pussy into my mouth but I pulled back a sex is what horny ebony cutie needs hardcore and blowjob and just slightly teased the tip of her clit so softly, making her squirm.

I did this repeatedly until she was begging to get fucked. Without any warning, my head went in, I sucked in her clit hard and I flicked a few times and she almost came again and I thought to myself, this is going to be so much fun. Then I told her "this will never happen again. So I'm going to make it count".

I told her to close her eyes and I positioned myself between her legs and let my hard cock bounce over her pussy and tap her clit slightly and I did this for a bit, bringing her to the point of climaxing and then I would stop and I repeated this over and over. She had to know that it was my way and I controlled what was happening and I controlled when she was allowed to cum.

But then again, I also had my own limits. After teasing for what seemed like a good ten minutes, the tip of my cock sitting at the entrance of her pussy.

I leaned over her, almost chest to chest, I kissed her neck and whispered "keep your eyes closed" and as I was saying that, I waited for that moment when she wasn't expecting it and pushed in deep.

I pushed slow yet hard until I was all the way in and her moans got louder. Once was in deep, I held it there as she arched her back and my cock was pulsating inside of her. I waited for her to relax and for her to settle the grip that her pussy had on my cock. I told her to push her legs down beside me and tuck then in under me so that I could straddle her legs.

(like if I was ridding her) She laid her legs flat and then together as my cock was jammed between her tights and in her pussy.

I started off slowly as I began to ride her. I told her to keep her hands above her head as I enjoyed watching her tits sway as I began to push into her harder and her. She started to moan loud and I stopped! She looked at me and I simply said, if you make a sound, I stop!

She said "what am I supposed to do?" I told her that I want o watch her slowly orgasm in complete in complete agony and silence and if she can cum without making a sound or a movement, maybe this will happen again. She tossed her head back and said "FUCK OK!" I sat there on top of her, for the next 5 minutes, slowly pushing my cock through her thighs and into her tight pussy while slowly rubbing her swollen clit.

I didn't want to push hard because I wanted to see her entire body and face as I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and begin to pulsate as I knew she was having this insane orgasm and she wasn't allowed to move or make a sound. Watching her experience something for the first time, under my control and direction, has been one of the best experiences. Have you ever looked at a woman who looked so anya gets her ass xxxxx off but at the same time, overwhelmingly satisfied?

Neither have I until that moment. She sat up, seemingly defeated and exhausted but not wanting to leave until she showed me what she can do. I told her to sit on the edge of the bed; I went to go grab one of my wife's panties. (not thongs but still super sexy ones) I wrapped my wife's panties around the base of my balls tightly and used the other end, the part that covers a woman's pussy and covered the tip of my cock with it.

She started by watching me and trying to figure out what I was doing, I told her to give me one hand and I placed it on my balls and told her to pull down hard on my balls as she sucked on my cock until I cum. There was no hesitation, she gripped my balls and licked the tip of my cock, through my wife's panties and soaked it before taking it in and she did not disappoint!

She pulled down hard on my balls and stroked and suck the length of my cock and I cam so quickly knowing I was cuming in Christine's though my wife's panties. The build up seemed like it lasted forever and when I came, it felt filipinguy and american girl fucking story2 GRIPPING THE BACK OF HER HEAD AND GRINDING MY COCK INTO HER FACE. The feeling of my wife's panties slipping of the tip of my cock, while it was in her mouth at the climax of my orgasm and feeling her wet mouth and tongue working the tip was enough to make my entire body jerk and she loved every minute of it as she released my balls and grabbed my ass and shoved me deeper inside of huge tits bondage first time your pleasure is my world. I laid next to her, equally exhausted and she looked and me and said "now what?" we both busted out laughing and I asked her if she was returning to the baby shower, where my wife was?.

She nodded yes and I said perfect! She looked at me with those eyes, wondering what I had planned. I told her to stand up and I told her that I am going to make sure that she is remembering me for the rest of the night.

What I told her to do next shocked her! But she got so turned on. I told her to put on my wife's panties that were covered in my cum and go to the party and not taking slut loves to get her ass plowed off until she gets home to her husband. I told her that this will be a constant reminder of what just happened. Under her breath, I can hear her say "this is going to keep me so wet all night. I'm going to be so turned on" I said the perfect, because you are going to text me a pic later on of your pussy and those panties better be on.

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She simply nodded yes On her way out, she was telling me that it feels so good to feel my cum on her pussy. My response to her comment made her begin to doubt what she had just gotten herself into because what followed was another set of instructions that she didn't know if she had the courage to do. I said: "when you get home and see Mike, I want you to tell him that you want him to go down on you" she looked at me carefully, waiting for the next words to come out of my mouth and I continued with "I want you to make him lick your pussy through my wife's cum covered panties while they remain on you and you can't take them off, I want you to cum in his mouth and make him suck and lick all the juices from the panties" She shook her head in acceptance with a silly grin on her face and as she was about to get into her car, she hears me yell out "I want them back tomorrow" &hellip.and she drove away Depending on the "likes" I get and the positive responses, I might continue the updates playgirl likes the way that adorable babe gets nailed they come.