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Horny amateur fattie taking a bbc on cam
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Kerala aunty breast milk feeding boy woke up the next morning in a strange room, lying in a strange bed. He was lying on his back, with a weight settled on his chest. A few long strands of hair lay across his face and he blew lightly out of his mouth, removing one from where it tickled his nose. Cody lifted his head up slowly and glanced down, to see Bailey's head on his bare chest, facing away from him.

Her body angled off to his left, her back facing him and giving him a great view of her naked ass. His hand was resting on her left hip. Cody let his head fall back on the pillow and smiled. After the first time they'd had sex last night, Cody and Bailey had done it three more times, each time lasting longer than the last.

After the final time Cody spent hi dwindling fuckjuice in Bailey's sore pussy the two of them had fallen asleep right where they lay, not caring if London walked in and saw them. Cody turned his head t the side to look at London's bed. It was empty. Huh. Why didn't she come home last night? He mentally shrugged.

Doesn't really matter. Cody moved his hand from where it was resting on Bailey's hip, and cupped her asscheek. After a few seconds he moved his hand even lower, and began working a finger into her warm cunt. Bailey began to stir, woken up by the feeling of Cody's finger sliding between her pussy lips. Her eyes slowly opened, and the first thing she saw was Cody's waist, hips, and quickly growing cock.

She smiled lazily, and moved her hand from where it was lying on the bed to grasp Cody's cock, and began stroking it slowly. Cody slipped another finger into Bailey's fiery cunt, and began working them in and out more furiously now. Bailey moaned softly, and then bent her head down over Cody's cock, licking the length before taking just the head into her jade nile and savannah sage amazing trio in the bedroom, and swirled her tongue around the tip.

Cody groaned, and placed his thumb on Bailey's clit. She moaned as he rubbed it energetically, causing her hips to buck. She busty stripteases are licking and riding passioantely bobbing her head up and down now, taking more and more of his fuckstick in as she did. As Cody's attention to her cunt began bringing her to climax, Bailey's legs tightened with the ecstasy she was feeling, and Cody rubbed her clit even faster.

"Ahhhhuuuuunnnnghhhh!" she screamed, as her fiery pussy erupted and spasmed as she came to her orgasm. Cody thrusted his fingers in and out of her cunt faster, lengthening her orgasm and drawing out her moans and screams. When it finally subsided, her legs loosened and Cody was able to remove his hand. Bailey sat up, her mouth leaving his cock.

She crawled around his body so that she was sitting on his knees, facing Cody and giving him a great view of her large tits. She grabbed hold of both breasts, and bent down over his cock again. She placed each tit on either side of his cock, and then squeezed them together. Cody groaned as Bailey began moving up and down, his tender fuckrod sliding between her perky tits. She craned her neck downward, and placed her mouth over top of his dick, moving it up and down along with her breasts.

Cody's head fell back into the pillow as he groaned, the smooth skin of Bailey's breasts stimulating his sensitive cock, his balls building up with pressure.

"Unngggghhhh" Bailey swirled her tongue around the tip of his cock again, and that was it for him. "I'm cumminggg!" He moaned, his hips bucking up, forcing his dick farther down Bailey's throat. She pressed her head down, forcing her lips farther and farther down on hid rod, until they were pressed up to the bas and her nose was in his pubic hair.

"Ugggghhhhhh" Cody's cock exploded, the tip spraying his built up jizz down Bailey's throat. She let up a bit, letting her lips slide back u Cody's long cock, trying frantically to swallow it all and not let any leak out. She succeeded, and when it was all gone lifted her head off of Cody's dick, licking it clean. His head fell back again, his body loose and breathing lightly.

Bailey climbed up his body and Cody smiled as he hugged her to his chest. "What a great way to start the morning, right Bailey?" "Perfect." They lay there for several minutes in peaceful silence, until Bailey spoke up, saying what neither beautiful carla gets banged in the shower them wanted to say.

"You have to go soon; London could be back any minute. We're lucky she didn't come home earlier. I'm not even sure where she is." "You're right. I don't want to get up though." "Me neither." But Bailey rolled off of him, and Cody sat up, and gathered his clothes off the floor and got dressed quickly.

He turned back to Bailey, who had wrapped a robe around herself.

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"See you soon, babe." He kissed her on the lips tenderly, and slipped out her door. Halfway back to katy perry xxx porn storys room he ran into London, who looked much more disheveled than her usual perfect self.

"Hey London. Where were you last night?" "Uhhhh…what do you mean?" "Well, you never came back to." Cody cut himself off. Dumbass! She doesn't know you were at Bailey's. And I'm not supposed to know London wasn't there.

"Ummm nevermind. See you later!" Cody ran by London, before she could ask again. He opened the door to his room and shut it quickly behind him. He gave a sigh of relief, glad o be back in his empty room. Woody wasn't with them for the week; he was visiting family back in the US. Cody showered quickly and got dressed for work, getting ready to settle into another long day of folding towels.

After London left his room in the morning, Zack showered and ate a breakfast of cereal and milk, before getting ready for his day off of working. It was Saturday, which also meant no school. He wondered what he would do the whole day. Maya was working again, as was Cody. And Woody was on vacation for the whole week and didn't get back until Friday. "What to do, what to do…" He said aloud. He looked around his messy room. I could clean that, I guess.

He looked around again. Nah. I'm not in the mood for cleaning. What am I in the mood for? He looked at his unmade bed, where he and London had slept the night before.

Well there's that…but I don't think that London would be so keen to come back right away. And Maya's working. What other girls are there that I could convince to hop in my bed for s quick fuck? He thought about it, but didn't come up with anyone.

Jessica, but I can't think of a way to get her away from her twin. And the only other girl I know on this ship is…Bailey. He paused there, a plan forming in his mind. I know that she and Cody are having sex now. He's working, and she's probably alone in her cabin doing work.

I could get her to go to his cabin… No! That's wrong. I'd be cheating on Maya, and causing Bailey to cheat on Cody. But I really want to fuck. Shit. How could it hurt? They probably wouldn't talk about it later; they're too shy to bring that up in conversation. It really could work. Zack exited his room and strode across the hall to Cody's room, opened the door, and walked in.

Cody wasn't there. At work already, that looser. And knowing Cody, he probably left his phone here, being the good worker that he is. Sure enough, there it was, lying on his neatly made bed. Zack sat down on the bed attractive girl pounded on camera girlfriend and homemade grabbed it, flipping it open and sending Bailey a text.

Hey babe Seconds later, he got an answer. Hey honey:) They didn't need me at work yet, and I've got an idea;) Again?

Again. Well if you're sure… Just come on over, and you'll see. Be right there:) Zack closed the phone and tossed it back on the bed. He shut off the lights and stripped to his boxers, throwing the clothes to the side. He only had to wait a few minutes before there was a knock on the door.

Zack walked up to the door, opened it, and stepped back so that his face was shrouded with shadow. Bailey immediately walked in, wearing tight shorts and a tee-shirt. She turned and shut the door behind her, again casting the room into complete darkness.

Bailey turned back around and peered up at "Cody", unable to make out his features. Zach moved closer, and Bailey pressed her body up against his. "Why are you still in those clothes, baby?" He whispered, trying to disguise his voice.

She immediately dropped her shorts, showing that she wasn't wearing any panties. In the very dim light, Zack could see the small patch of pubic hair, trimmed neatly. His cock began growing in his boxers, as Bailey pulled off her shirt to show off her perfect, perky tits. Zack fondled them, and whispered "I have a surprise for you." Zack saw her smile, and watched as she got on her knees in front of him, pulling his boxers down, his cock springing free.

He stepped out of his boxers, and Bailey grasped the bottom of his shaft. "Bigger than ever, I see." Zack smiled at that, and then moaned softly as her supple lips closed around his cockhead, and began moving up and down.

She sucked on his cock for several minutes, until he was at full hardness and then stood up. Zach bent down and grasped the back of her thighs near her ass, and picked her up. Bailey wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist, Zack's fuck rod resting between her asscheeks.

He staggered over to the wall, and placed her back against the cold surface. Bailey whimpered slightly as Zack's engorged cockhead entered her sore pussy, and then screamed softly as he thrust the rest of the way in. "Ahhhhh!" Zack began thrusting up and down, pushing against the wall and Bailey, sawing his long cock in and out of Bailey's puffed out pussylips. She was amazingly tight; just as tight as London had been the night before.

It was obvious that she and Cody had started fucking only recently. Zack slammed his hips up into her, his cock penetrating Bailey as far as it would go, the girl crying out in rapture as her pussy spasmed with pleasure. Her arms were clenched tightly around Zack's neck, and her face was buried in the crook of his neck. She picked it up slightly, her mouth resting against his ear. Her warm an heavy breathing spurred him on, as she whispered "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me Cody!" Bailey kissed his ear roughly, and then bit the lobe lightly as she bounced up and down, her tight body pressed up against his.

Zack felt the pressure building up in his balls, and he began pumping in and out even faster, Bailey's cry's growing louder as she came to her own orgasm. "Ugh ugh ughhhhhh!" she groaned as Zack continued to pound her pussy, her juices squirting on Zack's slick cock as it slid between her pussy lips. He reached his own orgasm, the slit on his dick spewing forth its white liquid, depositing its load deep in the crevices of Bailey's eager cunt.

I really hope she's on BC. The thought flew out of his mind immediately as he thrusted four more times, deep and slow, as his cock finished spewing his cum. He leaned against Bailey, the two of them breathing heavily as they pressed up against the wall.

Zack felt his cock shrink up slowly, the limp and hot amateur busty gf sucking and fucking on home video thing slipping out of Bailey's pussy and hanging between his legs.

She unhooked her legs from behind Zack's back and placed her feet unsteadily on the ground, and Zack stepped back. She looked up at him, her eyes growing accustomed to the near-darkness. Large cock enters tiny twats hardcore and blowjob eyes widened. "Wait…Zack?!" He winked at her, too out-of-breath for words.

Then his head booty blonde allison squirting her trimmed pussy to the side as her open palm connected with his face, the pain of the stinging slap following shortly after.

She frantically got dressed and ran out of the room, crying. Zack stood there in Cody's room, rubbing his burning cheek.

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Then he shrugged, gathered up his clothes, and crossed the hall to his own room. He hopped in the shower again, washing off the sweat. When he got out of the shower, a towel wrapped around his waist, he stopped in surprise to see who was standing in his room. It was Cody. Zack opened his mouth to speak, but his twin brother cut him off.

"HOW COULD YOU DO THAT?!?!" he yelled, stepping up to Zach and punching out with his left fist. Zack raised his own hand and caught Cody's fist. "Cody calm dow-" Zack started, before Cody's other fist came up and hit him in the nose. Cody wasn't a very physical person, so the blow didn't do much damage, but it still hurt.

"OW!" He yelled. "And you deserve a lot more than that!" Cody yelled again. "Let me explain!" "Explain what? That you faked being me so that you could sneak a quick fuck in with my girlfriend? What kind of brother does super cute coed pepper xo spreads her tight pussy masturbation and striptease can explain." Zack repeated.

"Oh yeah? Go for it." "Well, you see…I had a reason…it was…" Zack trailed off, realizing that there was no excuse for what he'd done. "Yeah?" "I…I'm sorry, Cody." "Sorry doesn't make up for fucking my girlfriend!" "I know, I know! But…I don't know, I wasn't thinking!" "You never think, you idiot! FUCK YOU!" He shouted, turning around and leaving the room, slamming the door shut behind him. Cody stormed across the hall to his own room and swung the door open, and slamming it behind him.

Inside was Bailey, standing in the middle of the room and crying. "I'm so sorry, Cody," she sobbed. Cody just stood there, shaking his head. "Just…how could you do it?" He asked. "I would think, that after last night…you would know me! I thought we had shared something special!" "We did!" She cried.

"Then how couldn't you tell it was me?!" He exclaimed. "I…I don't know! After last night…I wanted more! So when I got the text from your phone, I just rushed over here and got right to it, not even pausing!

It was dark, and I just didn't think about it." She started sobbing again. "I just don't know where we go from here." Said Cody. "I need some time alone." Bailey nodded, and quickly walked past Cody, brushing against his shoulder before leaving the room.

Cody stood still for several seconds, before whirling around and punching the door with all his strength. "OW!" He yelled, holding his hurting hand.

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He wrung his hand and sat on the edge of his bed. Cody knew that he was being hard on Bailey, but he was too angry to care. He didn't know how Zack could do something like that. With Bailey, it was an honest mistake. But Zack…Cody just didn't know. He didn't know if he could ever forgive him. Zack sat in his room alone, thinking, still wearing his bath towel. Why had he done what he did? It was just plain wrong, thinking back on it.

To fuck your twin brother's girlfriend…it was just plain wrong. Who does that? People who really like sex. And I really, really like sex. But it was still wrong. There was a knock on his door, and Zack stood up to get it. He opened it slowly, wary of another punch in case it was Cody. It was London, standing there in a short skirt and white blouse. "London…what are you doing here?" "I want to fuck," she said matter-of-factly.

"I'm not really in the mood, London." "But look!" She said, and then quieted down. "I'm not wearing a bra. Or panties." She lifted up her skirt, and sure enough, no panties. Just a hairless pussy with puffy lips. Zack stared at her for a second.

I'm really sorry for what I anal latin big tits teen did to Cody…but I'll think about it later.

Zack yanked London inside and closed the door, and pulled her up close to him.

She flung her arms around his neck and their mouths met, tongues fiercely intertwining and lips mashing together. His hands went to her hips and grabbed onto the hem of her shirt, pulling it up and ripping it off her. Hotmosa anal sex with mom perky tits bounced up and down with the motion, and Zack grabbed onto both and started massaging them.

London groaned and unwrapped his bath towel, the white cloth falling to the floor and his cock springing free. The Asian girl grabbed on to his pole and stroked it several times, bringing it to full hardness. Zack reached down to her skirt and yanked it down, and London stepped out of it.

He stepped forward, pressing her back up against the closed door, and reached down to her ass. He grabbed on, and lifted her up, high enough that his cock angled right towards her pussy. He lowered her down slowly, and London reached down to his cock and guided it into her snatch, the fiery cocktip easily sliding in between her moist lips. Zack lowered her down all the way, and London gasped as her cunt engulfed his entire cock.

Her legs wrapped around his waist and Zack leaned forward, keeping their weight pressed up against the door, his hands still holding onto her ass for support.

He began thrusting up and down, retracting and reentering her hot pussy, bottoming out every time. They stayed there for several minutes, pressed up against the door as London moaned and Zack groaned, his constantly moving cock bringing London to an orgasm.

After her orgasm subsided Zack continued to thrust in and out, trying to give himself his orgasm. But London brought her mouth u to Zack's ear and whispered "Bring me over to the bed." Zack complied, walking over to the bed with London still sitting on his cock, her legs wrapped around his body.

His knees hit the edge of the bed and he slowly bent over, lying London down and then pushing her forward, lying on top of her. He continued to pump his hips, working his sensitive cock in and out of her squeezing fuckhole, long and fast. London reached up with her hand again and pressed it against his chest, pushing him to the right and doing the same with her hips.

Zack rolled to his back and London swung up to straddle his waist, Zack's engorged cock still buried deep within her cunt. She placed her hands on his yo vyvan hill kiss n licked by granny and began bringing her hips up and down, sliding her pliant pussylips along the length of Zack's shaft, his groans causing her to go faster.

He began bringing his hips up to meet hers as she came down, their skin slamming together and Zack's balls hitting the back of her ass each time they did. "Oohh, ohhh fuck…" he moaned aloud, as he felt the explosion building up in his balls. "Ahhh shit, that's great, that's great…faster, faster…" Zack felt the moment coming on, and called out to London.

"I'm gonna cum soon baby…" London brought her hips farther up this time, Zack's cock slipping out of her pussy and slapping against his stomach. She swung herself around and jumped off the bed, kneeling next to the edge and Zack took the cue, sliding his hips over so that he sat on the edge. London grasped the base of his cock and stroked it once before placing her lips over the tip, the warm insides of her mouth exciting his cock again, after being deprived of her fiery pussy.

London bobbed her head up and down, and Zack moaned in ecstasy. Her little Asian tongue swirled around the tip of his cockhead and his toes curled up, brushing against the carpeted floor.

"Ohhhhh London I'm about to cum…" She pressed her head down farther on his prick, taking most of it in, before pulling back, taking a breath, and going down again. This time, she was able to take it all, and Zack gasped has his cock slid down her constricting throat. "Ohhh…" His cocktip exploded, just as London retracted her head, the first several spurts of cum filling up her mouth before she pulled her mouth off of his cock completely, the last few falling short of her face and landing on her tits.

After it stopped, London removed her hand from his cock, licking off the jizz that had dribbled onto it. She swallowed, and then licked her lips clean. Zack fell back on the bed, exhausted and satisfied.