Small girl big peenas hairy las vegas

Small girl big peenas hairy las vegas
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The day was finally here, she couldn't believe it, after two months of chatting with her online dom from Craigslist, the day was finally here for them to meet. Things started off casually with some text messages but quickly progressed to phone calls, and before long her dom Eric was controlling her life. Every morning Martha would wake up with a text message from Eric, who was in her phone as Daddy. This message would tell her what she was supposed to wear that day, what color underwear, jeans or a skirt, and what color top.

She enjoyed looking good just for Him, and sent a picture every morning to show off her outfit. In the morning messages she would also be told if there were any special tasks for her to do that day, and there almost always were. It was summer when the two "met" and Martha remembers her first task was to walk around the block at night naked, she was so scared but she did it, not only impressing herself but Eric as well. Martha certainly did have butterflies about meeting Eric today but she thought it would be like when she walked around the block naked the first time, she would be scared at first but have a great rush afterwards.

Part of the reason she was so scared is because she was only 19 and Eric was 30, quite an age difference she thought. Not to mention all the hardcore stuff they had talked about on their late night chats. Sure that stuff always has interested her but could she do that in real life?

Could she handle being whipped, hurt, and eating ass as she thought to herself. They were to meet at 8:00pm on a Saturday night at Eric's house. Saturday drug on and on for Martha, why 8? Why so late she thought, the more time she had to think about it the more nervous she got. Around 4:00 she got a text message from Eric: "Dear Creampie, (that was his nickname for her) Take a bath and clean yourself, make sure to shave your cunt.

I don't want to see a single hair on your pussy. Wear the leather skirt that you know I love and your small black tank top, send me a picture before you leave to come over." "Don't worry daddy my pussy will be bald :)" she responded. Martha started to get ready, she took off her clothes and heres a chic that has a empty bottle fetish that she got into the bath tub looked at herself in the mirror. Damn I look good, she thought to herself.

Martha had a petite frame and impeccably rounded C cup tits that looked perfect on her, not too big and not too small, a mouthful for sure. She wondered if she would have any marks on them when she came home.

She hoped so, boys always made love to her and never fucked her like the whore that she wants to be. She ran her hands through her long red hair, continually admiring herself before getting into the tub. Her nerves calmed a little bit as she sat in the hot bath soaking and washing herself.

Martha grabbed the razor and started to shave her pussy she didn't have much hair there but wanted to please her Master. She also shaved her legs while she was at it, she wanted to be the best piece of fuck-meat she could be. She walked over to her bedroom and grabbed her skirt and tank top, she reached for the drawer with her panties but then realized Eric's message didn't say anything about underwear so she closed the drawer. Martha put on her ridiculously short skirt and tight top and walked back to the bathroom.

She sat on the toilet, spreading her legs and took a picture of herself in the mirror in front of her. In the mirror you could see her plump lips between her legs, enlarged as she anticipated her night with her Master. She sent it to Eric saying "Is this how you want me daddy?" Eric responded "Put on your leather boots and come over now.

Oh, and put your butt plug up your ass before you come." Martha got nervous and wet at the same time, it was a strange feeling. She had never been fucked in the ass before but she bought this butt plug just because Eric told her too, she knew that she was going to get fucked in the ass tonight.

Of course Martha had to get a butt plug with a tail because she thought it was sexy and easier to pull out, but the tail was longer then her skirt. Anyone beautiful slutty babe payed and fucked then gets facial would see her walking to or from her car would know something was up. Martha looked at herself in the mirror and said to herself "go get fucked you whore" and walked over to her car.

Though a bit uncomfortable with the plug up her ass, it was not a long before shed reached Eric's house, but it felt like forever. She was so excited. When she got there she parked on the street, and her phone rang, it was Eric. "Hello" "Come on in whore the front door is open" "Yes Daddy." Martha said nervously as she started to walk towards the house, it wasn't too late to back out she thought.

"When you get inside you will see a blindfold, put in on and wait for me, stay standing." Eric hung up. Martha walked in and took a deep breath and thought to herself, 'Okay.

I'm going to do this,' and put on her blindfold. And then she just stood there, waiting. She could start to feel her cunt getting even more wet and running down her thighs, thinking 'Where was Eric, what was going on?' She felt a soft warm kiss on her lips.

There he was! There was the man of her dreams, the man that was responsible for all her orgasms over the last several months, there he finally was, she was beyond eager. Eric was a tall man, standing at six feet two inches, his beefy body weighed in at 200 pounds. It was sculpted to perfection with a chiseled chest, a rock hard six pack and thick thighs that you find only in the dictionary next to the word 'muscular'.' Eric stared at her with his dark brown eyes, of course Martha couldn't see him, but he was staring her down like the piece of fuck-meat he was going to use her for.

After kissing for a few seconds Eric whispered in her ear, asking if she was sure she still wanted to do this, all Martha managed was a simple yes sir. Smiling, Eric asked her if there was anything off limits.

Martha responded "No sir. Just don't kill me and I'm yours to do whatever sick things you want" Eric smiled and said "Okay Creampie." A few seconds had passed when Creampie felt Eric unzipping her skirt, she just stood there while her daddy stripped her, next came her top. There she was standing naked in front of a man that she never had laid eyes on, she felt so vulnerable. Then she felt Eric's hand rubbing her cunt and her legs got weak. Then she revealed lovely teen face all in hot spunk hardcore blowjob true whore colors and said "Hurt me daddy." As soon as she said that Eric stopped rubbing her pussy and she felt his hands pull her behind her back.

Eric cuffed her hands behind her back and said "Theres no going back now slut." Eric put a ball gag in her mouth and wanting to make her completely helpless, put ear plugs in her ears.

A few minutes passed by and Creampie had no idea what Eric was doing, she started to get scared. Her life was completely in his hands, she never even met this man and there she was standing naked with her hands behind her back, she couldn't scream, she couldn't see, she couldn't even hear. She thought to herself why did I tell Him to hurt me, what kind of person am I?

Eric took some pictures of her standing there naked and stripped out of his shirt. Then she felt Him, she felt His touch, it was His hand on her pussy and she was happy! That was until she realized that he was rubbing something against her pussy, but what was it? Her pussy started to burn and she realized, that He was rubbing some type of cream, a menthol- Icy Hot, all over her pussy.

When He had completely coated her skinny russian amateur fucked in the kitchen in Icy Hot He stopped. Creampie thought to herself what a dumb whore she is, here she was thinking that He was going to rub her pussy and let her orgasm, but he was just hurting her.

Her pussy burnt badly, Creampie started to cry. This only excited Eric more as he walked her over a couple of feet to the middle of the room. Eric quickly uncuffed her hands and attached them to the ceiling fan. It took a minute because Eric reconfigured the situation so each hand had one cuff on it and the other was attached to the ceiling fan. For a brief second Creampie thought about running, but she knew that was a silly idea.

She couldn't even see! Her pussy finally started to calm down when she felt a hard smack across her back, it was Eric's flogger. This she didn't really mind, in fact she liked this and was anticipating him blow by blow as he walked around her hitting her all over. She was wishing he would hit her in her pussy, she was dying for any kind of attention on her pussy when she finally got her wish.

He started putting clothespins all over her as he stared and idolized at her pussy. The pinch felt great, she was liking it more and more as he put clothespins all the way up her side to her tits. She was in pure ecstasy as he pinched each nipple with a clothespin. Eric took the butt plug with the tail out of her ass, and took her ear plugs out along with it. She heard Him say it's time for you to suck something.

Creampie perked up, she spicy peach gets cumshot on her face sucking all the jizz ready to suck his dick and make him feel good, she wanted to please her daddy. Eric took the ballgag out of her mouth and before she could even close her mouth Eric put the butt plug in her mouth, it tasted horrible! She wanted to spit it out but Eric was holding it and then she heard Him say bite down and hold.

Reluctantly she agreed and held the butt plug in her mouth while Eric untied her hands from the ceiling fan, her hands tingled because they were starting to fall asleep. "Drop to your knees" she heard Him say, it was hard for her to get on her knees with her hands tied behind her back but she managed.

Eric left Creampie waiting there for a few minutes with the butt plug in her mouth while he took some more pictures. Satisfied with them he grabbed her by her hair and she crawled following him. Eric led her to the bathroom and had her step into the tub, on her knees.

Eric took the buttplug out of her mouth and Creampie said "Thank you Master." She heard Eric unzipping his pants. God she really wanted to see His cock but she still had this damn blindfold on. "Open your mouth wide and stick your tongue out" instantly she did as she was told, her pussy was on fire. Eric rested the tip of his half hard cock on her soft wet tongue and said, "We're going to play the quiet game now." A smile came across Creampies face, the quiet game was one eve angels sexy tits scene manuel bengochea her fantasies that she told Eric about.

It was a simple game. All she had to do was hold his cock all the way down her throat for 10 seconds without gagging, simple.

Wanting to give Creampie extra motivation he asked her what she would like as a reward if she succeeds on the first try. Thinking for a second Creampie said that she wants to see her master.

Agreeing Eric thrusted her face a few times warming her up and getting his cock all the way hard. Creampie felt the tip of his cock hit the back of her throat and she thought he was all the way in when she felt his cock push another inch down her throat.

She heard him counting 1.2 when she started to gag. Eric pulled out of her throat. "I'm sorry Master, you are just so big. Please let me try again, hold my head, please daddy. Even if I gag I want to be able to hold you in my throat. Please, it makes me feel so full." Creampie pleaded. Eric replied, "You know if you gag you lose.

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Even if you hold it down your throat. "Yes, Creampie answered. Eric decided to let her try again thrusting her mouth a few times and then going all the way down her throat again, the same result. After two seconds she started gagging but Eric held her face there and the gagging intensified, her face turning red and throat wrapping around his cock and releasing with every gag.

When Eric reached 8 he felt something hot and warm ejecting from her throat. A second later vomit was erupting out of her mouth. It wasn't pretty, but she did hold his cock down her throat for all ten seconds. Eric turned the shower head on and cleaned her off, but he didn't give her any mouth wash to clean off her mouth. Creampie asked for something to get the taste of her vomit out, but Eric told her that it was her own damn fault that her mouth tastes bad, accepting that he wasn't going to do anything to help her she waited for instruction.

Eric untied her hands and told her to lay on her back and rub her pussy slowly, to not get too greedy. She started to rub her pussy, and it was so hard to resist shoving her fingers inside of herself, but she knew that was not what she was supposed to do, and he would punish her.

But maybe that is what is wants after all, she started to think to herself that if she fingers herself, maybe he will bend her over his knee and spank her. Eric told her to open her mouth, she did and soft moans came out, a few seconds later Creampie felt a hot wet liquid hitting her tongue and xxx mom papa milk vedio into her mouth, she heard Eric say swallow it all.

Thinking to herself why she had ever even told Eric earlier that she wanted to taste piss? But it turns out it wasn't that bad and it was actually making her pussy even hotter, she didn't think that was possible. She felt her blindfold coming off her face as she was drinking his piss. She couldn't believe her eyes, it wasn't Eric pissing in her mouth but the piss of another girl. This wasn't the kind of girl that you would expect to be pissing in another girl's mouth either.

She looked young and had long red hair and adorable little freckles to match. Her frame was small and she had puffy little nipples.

She finished pissing in Creampies mouth and rubbed her shaved cunt up and down on her face until it was completely coated in urine, and then slid down her body and kissed her. Eric introduced the redhead to Creampie as Samantha, but told her that she can just call her Mistress. And thats how you fuck a thick bitch doggystyle continued to kiss Creampie's mouth, as Creampie was still in shock that there was another person there yet alone another woman.

Creampie had never kissed another girl before, and now she had a feeling that she would be doing a lot more than kissing her. Creampie then gazed over to Eric, seeing her master, the man who had been tormenting her for the last hour or so for the first time ever.

She couldn't take her eyes off his dick, it was huge, girthy, a full eight inches long, she gazed up to his toned chest before making her way up to naked female bodybuilder shows off big biceps and boobs face. Eric had a neatly kept beard and a otherwise normal face. This was not the kind of man who looked like a pervert, he looked like an average guy, a guy who could be your co-worker at work or the man serving you your daily coffee.

Samantha reached down and massaged Creampie's cunt, rubbing her until Creampie started moaning into her mouth. Eric asked Creampie if she wanted to cum, and Creampie replied " Yes Master, pleaseeeeee, I want to cum," waiting a second. Eric replied, "If you want to cum you are going to have to make Mistress here cum." Still having her pussy rubbed Creampie managed to ask how could make her cum.

Eric replied "Why don't you ask her?" Samantha stopped rubbing Creampie's cunt, catching her breath Creampie looked Samantha square in the eyes and said, "Mistress how can I make you cum?" Creampie never thought that she would say those words, but here she was under a girl who she did find attractive but she never really thought about girls like that before. The cutest smile came across her and she whispered something into Creampies ear, it must have taken a full minute to explain what she wanted.

Creampie wasn't very excited to do whatever Samantha wanted but she looked over at Eric and said "If she cums then I get to cum, right master?" Eric replied "Yes Creampie." Creampie locked eyes with Samantha, softly kissed her on the lips and said "Mistress I want to make you cum." Samantha got up and walked over to the bedroom, telling Creampie to follow behind her.

Eric walked behind Creampie looking at the sexy asses of them both. Samantha grabbed the flogger and sat on the bed, petting her pussy she looked at Creampie and said "Come here my pet." Creampie knelt between Samantha's legs, leaving a few inches between her face and her pussy. Samantha grabbed her by the top of her head, and said "Eat my cunt bitch." Creampie wasn't really sure what to do, she had never eaten a pussy before but she knew how she liked her pussy eaten so she licked Samantha up and down her pussy, sucking her lips in between licks.

She tasted better than good, she tasted exquisite. Creampie had tasted her own juices before but Samantha seemed to taste sweeter. Samantha ran her hands through her hair playfully "Good girl, now put your fingers inside me." Creampie put one finger in her new mistress, then two, she made the 'come here motion' that she loved when guys did it brunette teen gets fucked hard and euro hd xxx the suspended step sis her.

Samantha took the flogger and started hitting Creampie on the back. Creampie looked up at Samantha "Am I doing a bad job, is that why you are hitting me?" "No. I just like hurting pretty little girls" she replied while she shoved her face back into her cunt, holding her head there.

Creampie thought that Samantha looked so pure and innocent, and found it hard to believe that she liked hurting other girls. Creampie felt her tongue going into her pussy and could tell that Samantha really liked it, so she shoved her tongue deep into her juicy cunt as it oozed with cream, she really wanted to make her cum, so she could do the same.

She had been to cum all day. Then Creampie heard her say "Eat my ass bitch." Creampie was so nervous she never thought that she would be hooking up with a girl, hell it wasn't even hooking up, it was more like servicing another girl, let alone eat some girls ass during the process. She hesitated for a while, long enough for Eric to step in and slap her ass.

Samantha repeated herself "Eat my ass bitch" This time Creampie just went for it she licked around Samantha's ass. It did not taste good like her pussy, but she wanted to cum so bad, she started to shove her tongue into her asshole wanting to do anything she could to get her mistress off.

Samantha was moaning like wild animal, for she was in heaven and Creampie knew that she was close to cumming.

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Creampie started to rub Samatha's cunt, which sent her over the edge, and she started to leak juices down her cunt onto Creampie. Creampie licked from her asshole up to her pussy getting all the juices, she really did enjoy the taste.

Samantha grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up to her face. "Good job bitch." Creampie replied, "Thank you mistress" and the two kissed passionately. Eric was aroused and stroking his cock, Samantha broke their kiss and looked over at Eric " do you want me to tie her up for you Daddy?" When Creampie heard this her pussy got even wetter, god she really wanted to cum but she knew Eric would make her work for it, but that is one of the things that she liked about him.

Eric responded "Tie that bitch up to the bed," then look over at Creampie. "Face down bitch." Creampie obediently laid down on her stomach, her tits pressed together against the bed. Samantha got the bondage ties and tied Creampies arms to the bedposts as she spread her open, and then laid on the bed, doing the same to her legs spreading Creampie open.

Eric remarked to Samantha "We could just leave her here, go out, get drinks and come back, she's not going anywhere." What?!? Creampie thought that would be terrible. Here she is tied to a bed naked with a pussy that just wants to cum. 'Would he really do that to her,' she thought?

Thinking quickly Creampie started to beg Eric to fuck him, she remembered that he always liked begging. "Please fuck me sir, please I want to be your bitch." she pleaded with him.

Eric did not respond. "PLEASE!" I want to be used by you Sir," she pleaded again as she felt Samantha pull her head up by her hair, Samantha said softly "Make daddy want you." She caressed her hair.

"My pussy is really wet Sir, and tight, I think it will make your cock feel good." "And what if he wants your asshole?" Samantha asked. Almost instinctively Creampie said "My shit hole is really tight Sir, it will hug your cock nicely." She felt Eric pour some lube onto her ass, and Samantha rearranged herself so that she was straddling Creampie at the small of her back, facing her ass, she started to rub the lube all over her ass and into her asshole.

Samantha's fingers felt nice, but Creampie was afraid that Eric's big cock would hurt. But she wanted the attention and more than anything she wanted to cum. Samantha spread Creampie's soft ass cheeks and looked up at Eric " She's ready for you Daddy." Eric pressed the tip of his cock into her asshole, and she wasn't lying. Her little shit hole was tight! Eric pressed on sliding his cock into her warm, moist asshole, he pushed with a steady thrust as Creampie let out a long slow moan. "Thank you Sir!" Creampie exclaimed.

"Thanks you for filling your whore up!" Eric young girl gets ass hole drilling tube porn to slowly fuck her ass not letting on too much that he was liking it, he didn't want to give Creampie any satisfaction knowing that she was pleasing him. He would never let her think that she could call the shots even if she had something that he wanted.

Eric and Samantha started kissing, hot and heavily. Eric moaned aloud, "Mmmhm, Samantha your lips are so soft, I love them." This made Creampie jealous, there she was getting fucked in the ass, and he was talking about kissing another girl. Didn't her asshole make his cock feel good? She pleaded again, "Use me Sir, please use me." But she got no response from Eric, and a tear rolled down her cheek not that anyone could see, nor would they care.

Creampie thought to herself why she was she the one getting abused all night and why wasn't she the girl getting her pussy licked and why she had yet to cum. She also asked what was wrong with her and how sick she must be to be actually enjoying it. Her pussy felt like an inferno. She need to cum, but she needed his cock inside her. Samantha whispered to Eric "Can I taste her asshole off your cock Daddy?

I want to see what she tastes like." Eric gave her what she wanted on the first ask, but made Creampie beg and beg. He was succeeding at getting kinky sophie dee strapon fucks her girlfriends pussy her head. Samantha laid down on Creampie and started sucking his cock, Creampie was getting no attention other than feeling Samantha's nipples press against her ass.

After a few minutes Samantha got up and said "I have an idea, can I show you Daddy?" "Of course" he said as they kissed softly on the lips. Samantha quickly ran downstairs but was back in a minute. Creampie felt something poking at her asshole, it was too small to be Eric's cock and too big to be Samantha's fingers.

The mystery object prodded it's way in and out of her asshole for a few minutes before Samantha came around and sat in front of Creampie.

There Samantha was with a carrot sticking out her pussy, with the wide part of the carrot inside her pussy. Creampie would have never guessed it was a carrot fucking her. "Eat up" Samantha said, with a playful tone. "Yes mistress." Creampie responded and started to eat the carrot, she didn't really like carrots and she did not like the taste of her ass but she didn't really mind. There was something about Samantha's aggression and control that she liked, and because of that she was willing to happily do anything to she wanted.

At least Samantha was appreciative of her. When she finished the carrot she asked Samantha if she could eat her pussy, she said that she wanted to make her cum again. Creampie really wanted to please this girl, she was beginning to become her world. That is until she felt Eric's rock hard cock poking at her cunt.

"Do you want to cum?" "Oh please Sir, please," she responded," still trying her best to lick Samantha. Eric swiftly slid his entire cock into her pussy in one easy thrust, and Creampie's legs started to shake. Samantha lovingly rubbed Creampie's ass.

"Yess yessss thank you Sir," Creampie mumbled as she slurped pussy juice from Samantha. Looking down at Creampie, Samantha was beaming, "Yeah, bitch lap up my pussy juices like a sexy kitty cat." It wasn't more than a few minutes of hard steady fucking before Creampie yelled out "I'm going to cum Sir! I'm going to cum all over your big fuck stick!" She started to shake violently as her orgasm rippled all over her body, she was breathless, but managed to pant 'thank you' over and over again.

Thinking that she was going to have a minute to rest she was in pure bliss, this whole experience was well worth it. Then taking her by surprise Eric slipped back into her asshole, she thought that she was being fucked hard before, but now she was getting destroyed, she started screaming like a bitch, but before beauteous teen keisha grey cant resist sex suggest could make a fool out of herself too much Samantha covered her face with her pussy, Samantha loved the vibrations, Samantha moaned out "Daddy, this bitch is making me cum, cum with me daddy." Eric deposited load after load of cum into Creampies asshole.

Samantha got off her face and went around to Creampie's ass and shoved a straw in her. Samantha sucked up all of Eric's cum mixed in with Creampie's ass juice. Samantha swallowed it all, hot real nasty hoe gets a cumshot, Eric said that he was going to take a shower, and instructed Samantha to untie Creampie.

She laid there for a few seconds before getting up still a little weak on her feet from it all. She thanked Samantha for everything she had done and told her that she was really nervous when her blindfold came off, but when she saw her she was really glad. With the cutest look on her face Samantha said "Awwwww" and the two hugged, naked and satasified. Samantha told Creampie that she would like her to drive home that way, Creampie responded "Yes Mistress, anything for you." Samantha chuckled, "I think I'm making you into a lesbian." "I think so too," Creampie smiled as she walked out the door and got into her car looking back at Eric's house, glad that she had decided to go in.

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