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Sexw sxxxxx blak amrkan vedo
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I turned thirteen today. that means one thing on The Island, it it was something i had been looking forward to and dreading for a long time. sex. My name is Allysa, but I go by Aly, and I was born and raised on The Island. most people dont know we exist. most people dont really want to.

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But we do exist, and I am so deeply ingrained in this life style that i sunny leone sex stories xnxx 2019 it hard to live without it. You see, The Island is a complex, a settlment started by some of the vangaurds of hippies in the late fifties, and it has only grown since then. it was settled by 8 families, but since it's inceptiom, 5 have left and 3 remain. of the remaining three, im part of the bastions, the first family to settle here.

I walk to my fathers home, a small, un-imposing hut, tucked away a little, out of view of the shore line. I love my father fine, but im not sure im ready for what is to come today. as i approach his hut, my heart beats faster and i began to draw quicker breaths. I open the door without knocking, a custom not needed in our home, and look around. my father is still out gathering providing.

I look around his bedroom and see our insignia on just about everything. "Beyond the Seas" resort and spa. it is our false front. we do no real buisness. After taking stalk of the room and catching my breath, I sigh, and decid not to forstall the inevitable.

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I pull of my shirt first and look down at myself. Still developing, or so im told. my average-small breasts are covered by my bra and my pants hug tightly covering the rest of me. I remove my Shoes and socks and neatly place them aside, then add my pants to the pile. I consider removing my Bra and Panties as well, but realise my father would probably enjoy doing that more.

Did I not mention that our little "resort" not afraid of getting caught actually an erotic-incestous sex cult? these things slip your mind when you are raised with them.

I sit, waiting for my Father, and allow my mind to drift.

The first time I had sex comes to mind. my two older brothers convincing me I should have by then, them sharing me, taking me back and forth, using me as they saw fi. I catch myself and look down.

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my hand is in my panties and rubbing back and forth, up and down, in and out. I quickly remove it and wipe it on the back of a pillow. I want to enjoy this experiance, and having it post orgasm would not be as likeable. I jump when I hear the nob turn even though I am expecting it. My father enters, shirtless and glistening from the days ordeals and smiles when he sees me.

"There is my little girl" he says, the grin spreading from ear to ear "happy birthday, sweet ally" "H-Hi Dad" I stammer, nervous despite myself "and thank you" My father, while not unattractive, is not exceptionally gorgeous.

Manual labor keeps him lean, but not completly fit, and his non-perfect physique and features somehow help to humanize him for me. I take a deep breath and start to relax, and return his smile as he closes the distance between us.

"Let's get started then, my sweet daughter" he says as he puts his knee onto the bed and proceeds to move even closer. His musk from the days ordeals is so masculine, so intoxicating, that I cant resist any more. as he moves eve closer to me, I lean forward, and our lips meet in our first sexual kiss as father oldman enjoys some fucking apologies from nasty bernice daughter.

His hands surrond me, and i Lean into him, moaning softly and trying to be as close to him as possible.

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His first sexual act to me on my thirteenth birthday was still, I believe, His greatest. he abondands all decorum and reches straight into my panties with his right hand, placing two fingers directly into my slit. I gasp softly, and he grins, undoing my bra with his left hand. I shake out of my Bra, and his mouth moves from my lips and tounge down to my young breasts, licking, sucking and enjoying them as much as he can as his right hand continues to move in and out of my pussy.

I feel an orgasm coming on, but want to save the sweet bliss until we our joined, and so I push him away. he smiles and leans back, and lean forward, bringing my face even with his belt. Its now my time, to show what I can really do.

I unbuckle his belt and he arches his back as I pull off his pants. his sizable six inch penis springs to full ateention and I grin at it. My brothers had told me all kinds of lies that men had nine, ten inch cocks.

I knew they were dumb. I envolpe his shaft and head in my warm mouth and proced to move up and down, licking all over and getting him nice and lubed up. I move to pull away when My father says "No, baby, don't stop" I am curious, but dont question him.

I put his dick back in my mouth and move it up and down, left and right, licking and sucking, enjoy his manhood to the fullest. my hands work the base of the shaft and the balls and this continues for almost a minuet until he lets out a grunt and explodes in my mouth.

warm cum fills my senses and I swallow gredily. I mop up ever drop and place it im my mouth, swallowing all the cum my father could muster. I wait a moment and then clean his dick off with my tounge, not wnating any to go to waste. college teen babes show off ass and orgy on speedboat

he leans back and smiles and I hazard a question: "Daddy, why did I finish you off in my mouth? I thought we were spposed to be filled by you on our birthdays." "Oh, sweetie, you are, and you will be, but there is something you forgot to take into account about today" I leasiurely suck on the end of his penis, getting the last drops of cum out and making sure he is hard aain and ask "Whats that" he grins down at me devilishly and replies "Why, its your cousin hanna's birthday too"