Kylie page in perfect specimen of a booty

Kylie page in perfect specimen of a booty
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The door slowly opens and before Pvt Brown enters my office I stand up to my full height and cross my arms in front of my chest. This is usually a pretty intimidating stance and it is even worse when you are facing someone that scares the hell outta you.

I could feel the fear washing over me as Pvt Brown entered my office and slowly closed the door. She took a few timid steps forward before going to parade rest. I looked her up and down real quick to get a feel for her. She dressed very fast into a pair of PT shorts and a PT shirt.

Her short cropped hair was still a little wet and I could see some drops of water from hardcore with hawt hotty pornstar and creampie shower still waiting to fall.

She didn't even have a chance to fully dry off, as she is standing in front of me I can see water spots forming on her shirt and start clinging to her skin. This isn't helping my dirty thoughts and arousal at all! In a much quieter tone than she anticipated I leaned forward and said, "He dummy, what in the fuck were you doing in there?" At the word "dummy" she visibly flinched.

This confirmed to me that she has probably suffered from some bouts of name calling at whatever high school she went to before this. "Drill Sgt, I was just taking a shower. There was no one in there, it was my turn and&hellip." I threw my hand up to cut her off before she could finish and I see in her eyes that she let something slip. Something that they have been doing in the bay that we aren't supposed to know about. Sneaky little fuckers! "What do you mean 'Your turn'?" I said this as sarcastically as I could.

"It also didn't look like you were cleaning your body all that hard. You seemed to be concentrating in one spot over and over!" Her pale skin started to turn red in a few different spots on her face, not in uniform way that most people do.

She took a deep breath started mentioning that she was just taking a shower cause she felt should would be able to squeeze one in before we started doing anything else on this slow Sunday. "Bullshit Brown! What the hell were you saying by 'Your turn'? There are ten shower heads in there so there is no reason for anyone to be taking turns and you shouldn't even be taking a shower until the prescribed hygiene time before bed anyway!" I finally let loose with a shout that made her jump and hunch her shoulders a bit.

She is definitely intimidated by anyone that is loud and if that person is a man than it's probably even worse for her. Luckily that one and only time I raised my voice to her is all it took to break her down and start admitting things to me. The flood gates came open and I just started absorbing knowledge. Apparently the females set up a rotating shift for the showers on every Sunday.

This would be concentrated on having some personal time under hot water where you could do whatever you want. For most of them this included taking a shower without being rushed and the time and privacy to stroke out a nice clean orgasm without having to go to the bathroom stall. Wow. These bitches have got an orgasm schedule going! And they seem to be doing it right! We haven't caught hard fuck with french amateur couple putain et salope to this yet and this is the third week of training.

Damn! Well, now I know what to look for and will look forward to catching a different female in the shower next time. "&hellip.was supposed to warn me but the lookout never came and mentioned that you were in the bay Drill Sgt.

I would never ignore when one of you comes into our bay. My battle buddies just didn't care if I got caught!" The tears start flowing from Brown's eyes. Probably from humiliation more than anything else. Time for me to throw the dice and see what happens! I want this small thin girl like I wanted Princess and Bitch from the last class!

I wait for her to quit sniffling and quiet down. The whole time I'm just staring at her with my poker face and start to walk towards her. She almost takes a step back but stays at parade rest like she beutifull girl big butty sex stories story been taught.

Old habits die hard for most people but she is getting it down. The next trick will be giving her some new habits! I get up next to Brown and catch the sweet smell of whatever lavender soap she was using, "Did you finish Brown?" "Yes Drill Sgt. I got washed up and I swear I won't take another one tonight. I know that it is wrong to do exactly what you tell us&hellip." "I don't care about the shower, dummy.

Did you finish rubbing your pussy?" This really made her stop short and now her whole face went scarlet and I could see the red going down her neck and over her collar bone! Damn she is shy! "No Drill Sgt. I just started a couple minutes before you caught me&hellip." She sounds ashamed at this point and suddenly I feel like I know exactly the type of household she was raised in.

Probably had a religious nut for a father or mother that only condoned sexual acts for the purposes of making more babies just so you can push your misery off onto someone else as they grow up!

She mia khalifa sex story time 20 minimum probably taught that she would burn in hell fire for impure thoughts and rubbing her pussy! Sony liyan se xxxx videysupop down so that I'm eye level with her (no mean feat since I'm 14" taller than her) I pull her left arm from behind her back and tell her in the most conversational tone that I can muster, "Why don't you finish what you started and then you can return to your bay." Now she is mortified and unsure of what to do.

Forestalling the inevitable reply I try to bring the heat, "If you don't do what I tell you I'm going to kick you out of the Army. Before that happens we will sit down on next to that desk over there," pointing at the very same desk that I fucked Soldiers on before, beautiful memories! "and we are going to call your Mother and you will have to explain to her why you are being separated from Military Service." That really hit home!

She started begging, stammering, and pleading. Saying that she would do whatever I asked her to do, just please don't call Mother! She got so worked up that it slipped her mind riding on a huge male rod hardcore and blowjob all I wanted her to do was to finish her orgasm. "Knucklehead, I told you what I wanted. Just slip your hand back into your shorts and start playing with yourself again right where you are standing. No one will ever know what is going on and I swear that you will not get into trouble." She looks at me a little doubtfully but realizes that she has no choice and her loins start to itch as they remember the orgasm that almost happened about 15 minutes ago.

"Yes Drill Sgt, I will do what you want." "No Brown, you are doing what both of us want," with that her hand slowly went into her shorts. I looked down and saw that she didn't even put on panties she was in such a hurry! Shit it just keeps getting better and better. Moving behind her I tell her to close her eyes and start rubbing herself faster. She moans as she starts to do what I instruct her and as her pussy starts to get slick again.

Her hand is moving up and down in her shorts matching the rhythm that her hips are making back and forth. Now, I'm standing behind her and whispering to her what a sexy little girl she is and how hard it makes my cock to see her touching herself. I tell her that as soon as I saw her ass in the shower I wanted to jump on top of her and slam my dick deep inside of her body.

That got a deeper and longer moan out of her as she started plunging her fingers in her pussy now. A loud squishing sound was starting to develop as she rocked her hips back and forth to meet her hand that was actually fucking her pussy. "You are such a dirty little girl!

I want to lick your delicious looking pussy till you pass out from pleasure you dirty little slut! I want to suck on that long beautiful neck of yours while my cock slowly enters your pussy.

I want you to feel and love every inch of my cock as it goes deeper and deeper inside of you!" I'm stroking my cock at this point as I keep talking dirty to her. My pants are still up but I unbuttoned them in order to give myself a little freedom. Damn I needed it!

"Drill Sgt! I'm about to cum! Oh GOD!!" Brown's legs start to buckle under her and I catch her before she falls, her hand still moving vigorously. The only thing she is concerned with now is her nut she is about to bust, not caring if she fell and hurt herself at all! I pull her shorts down, move her hand and replace it with my hand.

I easily cup her small pussy, my fingers move up and press against her asshole while my thumb rubs against her clit. She is small and light enough that I actually pick her up one handed like this and move her towards my desk. Her shorts around her knees keep getting in the way and my cock is actually hurting a bit cause when I caught her it got smashed between her boney hip and the metal part of my belt.

Fuck that hurt! I caught her reflection in my computer monitor and saw that her eyes were still closed. Her hips moving against my hand as she is rubbing her clit on the top of my thumb. I set her knees on my desk and she instinctively grabs the far corner and assumes the position. My cock is throbbing from pain at this point but I cannot pass up this opportunity. I dive into her pussy face first and catch the tail end of her orgasm on my tongue.

Damn she tastes sweet! A little sticky as well but overall pretty damn good! Brown puts her head down on her two hands that are acting as a make shift pillow and teen babe kristen gets her twat licked by her nympho teacher making mewing sounds, little shuddering gasps from the effects of her orgasm.

I step back and just stare at her body. Very small girl, narrow hips and not much of an ass to speak of. A very pretty pussy and clean looking asshole to go with it! Add in the fact that she is inexperienced (just an assumption on my part) but eager to try things and it makes me really want this girl.

Not usually the type I go for but I want to pound that pink pussy. I pull out my droid phone and start recording, just for my pleasure. I zoom in on her pussy and ass as it sways ever so slightly as she starts to come back to her reality.

Her head starts to come up and I quickly put my phone away. Her face is still flush as she speaks to me while getting off the table, "Is that better Drill Sgt?

I'm not in trouble am I?" "Yes Brown that is much better and no you are not in any trouble." "Did you mean all those things you were telling me when I was…you know." Still a little shy she can't bring herself to say it. I'll get her over that.

"No, Brown I don't know. Why don't you tell me." "When I was playing with my kitty. Do you really want to do all those things you said to me?" "Yes I do, Brown and we are going to do them. Not all right now but as your Military training progresses we will meet once in awhile like this and I'm gonna do more things to you.

How does that sound?" Finally I get a genuine smile from her, "It sounds good, Drill Sgt. I've never had a lover before. Only had a boy touch my kitty once but I have never been brave enough to go beyond that." Inwardly I'm jumping for joy cause it seems that she is on board and I won't have to threaten or cajole her anymore. "Well I plan on doing much more than what we did tonight Brown. Just you wait.

Before you go I want you to finish getting naked. Lemme see your tits!" "There isn't much to see Drill Sgt," embarrassment is back and I can tell that I have found one of the many chinks her self-esteem. Still, she complies with my order like the good little slut that she is becoming and takes her shirt off. I move quickly in front of her and lower my head down to her nipples, sucking first one then the other in my mouth.

Her head rocks back as she moans and without even looking I know that her eyes are closed again. Putting my hands on her small ass I pull her closer to me and start to lightly bite her nipples to see how she'll react. She jumps in my hands like a small colt that just got stung by a bee! A little squeak escapes her mouth as I keep sucking on the nipple I just bit. Without realizing it my cock is back at attention again and now it's between her legs, twitching, knowing that there is a home for it within a couple inches of where it is resting.

I feel her hands move towards my cock and she moans louder as she starts to play with it. "So…damn…biiiggg!" Brown tries to say something else but I smack her ass while biting her other nipple and cut her off.

"Ok Brown. I got you off and gave you one hell of an orgasm, right?" "Yes, Drill Sgt you sure did. Much better than I've ever given myself!" "Time for you to return the favor, girl," now her head comes up a bit and her eyes open. I pull back from her chest and those delicious small nipples, giving her more room to stroke my cock. I know I have a decently sized cock as it is but put it in the hands of a small girl like Pvt Brown and I look like a monster!

Holy Shit! She's looking down at it in wonder and starts to pull harder, causing me a bit of discomfort. "Hey Brown, it's too fucking dry right now. You gotta get some lube on it first!" "Sorry Drill Sgt, I've never done this before." Holy fucking shit! I sure can pick them, right? "It's ok Brown. Just do what I tell you and this'll be good. First spit in your and then spit on the head of my cock. There you go just like that.

Now place the hand you spit in onto the head and slowly move it down my cock making sure you get everything nice and wet. That's a good little girl," she is taking instructions well but we'll see how this ends soon enough. "Now spit one more time on my cock and pump your hand slowly up and down. Yep, just like that. Now stop!" Her hand freezes chubby girl shows her big booty in backstage the tip of my cock and I can feel it pulsing, just waiting to cum all over her pretty little face.

"Next time you move your hand down the shaft you will place the tip of my cock in your mouth and try to get as much of it into your mouth as you can.

Once you can go no further you will bring your head back and have your hand follow it back to the head of my cock. Spit on it again and repeat. Do you understand?" "Yes Drill Sgt. I think I got this!" She settled down now and has a determined look on her face like she doesn't want to let me down. Also, I can sense a little excitement and confidence working in her.

Before I can tell her to start her hand slowly moves down and I can feel her tongue gently touch my piss hole before sliding under the shaft and her lips wrap all the way around it.

She gets about two inches of it into her mouth before she starts to gag. "Easy, Brown. Go slow, nice and easy. No big rush right now ok?" Nodding her assent she tries again and this time gets half of my cock in her mouth before she comes back and pulls it out.

I catch a small smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye as she spits just like I told her to and she goes after it again and again. God, this is starting to feel awesome! Her mouth is so small that her cheeks are bulging out comically and I can see her eyes widen every time my cock goes a little farther in her mouth. "Ok girl, this time you are gonna try and take it a bit deeper and swallow at the same time that it gets to the back of your mouth.

You understand?" Not pulling my dick out of her mouth she slightly nods her head and says "MhmmHmmm" which I took to be "Yes Drill Sgt". What a good little girl! Her head moves forward and I put my hands on top of it making sure that she can't come off my cock too soon.

The suction from her mouth increases as she gets my cock a little farther then she has before. She starts to choke and I tell her to swallow. Her throat quickly works and before I can give her any more instruction she takes in a breath through her nose and my cock goes just a bit deeper before coming out.

There is a triumphant look on her face, "Is that how it's done Drill Sgt?" "Yes it is Brown but now you honey loves riding on a hard rod hardcore and blowjob to keep doing it till I cum.

Then you get to swallow my cum. Got it?" She leans back over my cock and mumbles, "Hell yeah Drill Sgt. I got this." Now she is sucking me as hard as she can. Almost causing some pain! Like she is trying to give my dick a hickey or something! The change in this girl has been incredible during the last 30 minutes but I can't let her get too out of control. Holding onto the backs of her ears I pull them forward as I start to fuck her mouth instead of letting her do the work at her own pace.

Her eyes bulge out as I go a little deeper and faster than she yo vyvan hill kiss n licked by granny used to. Grunting with effort she is trying to keep up. After 30 more seconds she isn't even using her hands on my dick anymore.

Just resting them on my thighs while trying to hang on as I face fuck her. "Good little cock sucker. Keep going just like that slut! My little slut Soldier, you're gonna keep blowing me until I give you permission to stop!" Now I'm starting to enter her throat every other time I thrust my cock forward. Brown starts gagging hard and pushing my thighs with her hands. Damn! She is about to throw up! Pulling my cock out she gasps real heard and lets out a tremendous burp.

Tears are starting to flow from her eyes slowly and her small tits are heaving as she is trying to catch her breath.

"Hey Brown, this stopped being a blowjob and now it's a face fucking. You got it?" "Yes Drill Sgt. I got it and I'm good." Before she can say anything else my dick faketaxi big tits and big booty fucking back in her mouth and I start pounding down her throat again. Not even a minute goes by before I start breathing harder and cumming in her mouth. Right away she starts swallowing as one of the biggest loads of cum I have savannah fox double stuffed by black men shot off is deposited in her mouth.

Her throat is working hard to get it all down but she has to take a quick breath around my cock and some seeps out dribbling down her chin. I start to feel myself getting soft in her mouth and she starts bobbing her head back and forth again. Working on my shrinking dick as I start to relax and pull it out of her mouth. "Good job Brown! I was hoping to get something like this outta you!" She is beaming from the praise that I'm giving her.

This girl has had some issues growing up. Am I taking advantage of that or am I helping her out? At this point I don't care too much. "Thank you Drill Sgt. That was a lot more fun than I thought it would be." She starts getting up and I can see the sweat gleaming off her thin body, her hard nipples proudly sticking out and the slick spots that are starting to dry out on the inner part of her thighs.

This girl is gonna be dynamite in the sack by the time I'm done with her! "Ok Brown, get dressed and get outta my office before your battle buddies wonder what happened to you." I smacked her ass as she bent over to pick up her clothes and took a seat as I watched her get dressed. She wasn't trying to be sexy while she dressed but it was the awkwardness and the newness of being naked in front of a man that made it look sexy.

At least to me it did. Pvt Brown walked to my door quickly. "Hold up, Bown!" Stopping she turned and looked at me. I moved in and locked my lips onto hers. Instantly her body almost jumped into mine as we started kissing. With tremendous amounts of regret I pushed her away and told her to get back to her bay. She looked a little sad and excited at the same time and left my office. As the door clicked shut my thoughts drifted back to Smith and Jones.

My little Princess and Bitch. ******* I moved towards Smith, my eyes locked onto those long legs of hers and that perfect looking sweet pussy that was just begging me to fuck it. As I got closer she put her hands on the back sides of her knees pulling her knees closer to her head and rocking her hips up. Without a word I just looked into her eyes and sunk my cock deep into that tight, velvety tunnel that I discovered a couple days ago. Holy shit she feels amazing! Smith's head rocks back and she starts panting and repeating over and over "fuck yes, fuck my nasty dirty bigest dick with small girl pussy, fill me up and pound the shit outta me, please don't stop…"over and over this almost became her religious mantra as I fucked her.

I could tell her arms were getting tired from holding her legs up so I moved her legs together and grabbed both of them by the ankle in one hand. I was disappointed I couldn't see the look on her face anymore but I forgot that soon enough with how much tighter her pussy just became. Looking to my right I see Jones getting comfortable on the floor. She found an old fiber glass handled hammer and was slipping the shaft of it in and out of her pussy while she rubbed her clit.

I just laughed a bit and figured Jones would be good on her own while I tended to Smith. Focusing my concentration back onto Smith I pull my cock all the way out and hear a small cry of displeasure.

Right away her hands try to move to her pussy but me holding her legs they way I am makes it a little difficult to do. I gently lay my cock on top of her pussy and move it back and forth gently rubbing against her clit.

Her thighs start shivering and her mantra stops. I realize that she is about to start cumming again! Is she trying to set a fucking world record or something? Shit! "Please put it back in my pussy! I need it deep inside of me Drill Sgt!" She continues begging for about a minute. The begging gets worse and I realize that I took away her orgasm! She was about to cum and I stopped it from happening!

What a dick I am!

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Finally I can't wait anymore and with a laugh I sink my cock back inside of her pussy. Almost instantly her pussy grips me very tightly and she starts squirting, getting her juices on my stomach and almost up to my chest. With every thrust it squirts out a little higher and she moans a little louder.

I move her legs all the way over to my right forcing her body to lay on it's left side and this completely changes the angle of penetration. A scream of delight rips from her throat as I keep fucking her, feeling her pussy adjusting to the new way that my cock is penetrating her. "You like this Princess? You like being jayla foxx fucks in xmas tree lot and tossed around like my little fuck toy?" "Yes Drill Sgt.

I absolutely love it!" She is just along for the ride now as I keep fucking her. Without missing a stroke I move her legs to the other side and feel her pussy tighten around my cock again. Moaning she starts having a small spasm and then keeps breathing like she was. Smith just had a small orgasm! Almost like the aftershock of an earthquake! Awesome! I pull out of her pussy and place the tip of my cock at the entrance to her asshole.

"Get over here Bitch. Princess is gonna need you!" "Moving Drill Sgt!" Instantly dropping the hammer she slowly gets up and looks at how we are laying with envy and lust in her eyes.

She sees where my cock is and goes right for Smith's clit, attacking it. Smith begins to wiggle and moan. It is getting tougher for me to hold onto her ankles. I start to apply pressure to her asshole, still feeling like the luckiest guy in the world being able to fuck these two hotties asses in the same evening.

"Fuck yes! I want this too!" "Shut up Princess. I know. Just relax and let me fuck your ass otherwise it may hurt a little more. Bitch, work that clit and get her cumming so that this easier on her!" They both respond, breathless with, "Yes Drill Sgt." Music to my fucking ears! Two minutes go by and I'm finally balls deep in her ass but with every little move I make she screams a bit and whimpers a bit more. Jones is working that clit as hard as she can but cannot overcome the pain of my cock ripping into her tight ass.

I pull out with an audible pop. Instantly the ass closes shop.

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Shit, maybe she hasn't been assfucked before! Not the first time I've been wrong. "Get up Princess. Put your feet shoulder width apart and lean over slightly.

Now, point your toes…yep you got it!" She is already pointing her toes in like wwxnx com name kagil agarwal taught them for the cavity searches.

"Hey Bitch you keep working that clit as best as you can while I loosen her ass up." Jones continues rubbing and pinching her clitoris trying to take Smith's mind off what is about to happen. "Ok Princess, inhale and relax," right after I said relax I grabbed her hips and started putting my cock back inside of her tight butt. She pointed her toes together even more, relaxed at the same time and I almost fucking fell in her ass! Smith screamed with triumph and shuddered with delight as I slowly pulled out a bit and sunk my cock deep back in her ass.

Jones, feeling like she wasn't needed anymore moved back to her hammer and popped it back inside of her loosed up pussy. I held onto Smith's hips as tight as I could while my cock started slipping in and out of her ass even faster.

Smith started her telltale moan and quiver. Fuck, anal is giving her an orgasm! Her butt clamped down on my dick tighter than anything I have ever felt and she started shuddering again, her pussy juice squirting on the floor and on our feet. My cock felt like it was in a fucking vise! Like a boa was wrapped around it and wouldn't let go! Holy shit!

I tried to pull out but that wasn't happening so I pushed in a little further. She jumped a bit and I started cumming inside of her ass. With every spurt my sock felt bigger and her ass felt tighter. This made her start moaning more and more increasing in volume until I was sure that another Drill Sgt would come down to the cellar to figure out what the fuck was going on. Exhausted from cumming three times I begin to pull out and Smith starts to stand up.

My dick felt raw from today but it was worth it! Smith looked over at Jones and Jones just finished cumming on the hammer, "Come here Bitch and help me clean him off!" Ha! I didn't even have to give commands anymore! The day ended with both Smith and Jones cleaning my cock one last time.

It was a first for all of us but definitely not the last! After I was cleaned off they didn't say a word as we all got dressed. At the top of the stairs to the cellar I kissed both of them deeply and passionately. ******** Before I went home for the night I took a quick shower to get the smell of Brown's sex off of me. She has a very distinct smell that I didn't notice until I calmed down and caught my breath. That's two ebony teens fucked afgan whorehouses exist smell of pent up sexual frustration!

After I got out of the shower I walked over to my computer to shut it down. On a whim I opened my Outlook email. One new message and the subject said Princess on it&hellip. *****This is my first set of stories. If you have gotten this far please take the time to post a review and let me know what you think! I have many more of these stories in mind, just need to know how people are taking to them.

Thank you!!