Milky boobs suck by twmen dailymotion

Milky boobs suck by twmen dailymotion
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There have been many amazing moments in my life that I love to look back on and the one I'm about to share with you is probably one of the best. Let me introduce myself, my name is Kevin and I'm currently home from college for my spring break. My break has been pretty uneventful up until now. The first two days, I was literally doing nothing but lying around the house. But on this very day my life got turned upside-down.

It all began this morning when I woke up to discover that my younger sister Carrie was home from school today. "Hey Carrie how you doing?" "I'm doing good, tired, but pretty good." "That's good to here, but…aren't you supposed to be at school?" "Oh, I guess mom forgot to tell you that we have off today, since it was an in teacher service day." "Cool, well I guess I'm stuck with you today hahaha." The morning went on as usual with us watching TV and hanging around talking.

It was around ten in the morning when I was getting bored of watching TV and decided to go up to my room to jerkoff to some porn. I got upstairs, closed my door, and opened my computer and began watching all different kinds of videos ranging from teens to matures.

I had the volume on low and was so engrossed by the images on the screen that I didn't hear Carrie coming up the stairs. I thought I locked the door, until I heard the handle turn and the door pop open.

"Kevin what you doing in here, you've been in there for over an hour and I came to see what you may be up to," she said curiously opening the door to say hi. "Oh shit, Carrie close the door I'm busy!" She quickly closed the door frightened that she accidently did something.

"Carrie I'm dominant chick with a submissive male bitch I yelled, it's just I had something that you shouldn't have seen." "And what was that… porn" "Umm…well…yeah," I said nervously.

"Well you shouldn't be nervous to say that around me, when no one is home I look at porn all the time!" "Wait hold on you look at porn?" "Yeah, it seems like everyone does. How about you open your computer and we watch some videos together," Carrie suggested. So we sat down in front of my bed on the floor and opened my computer.

I brought up the site I was originally on and we decided on watching teen porn first. Let me described my sister for nice teenie is geeting peed on and blasts wet hole she's seventeen years old, is about 5 foot 5 inches, and has a very petite but athletic body. I always admired her and always wondered what it would be like to have sex with her. We were about three videos in when Carrie took her hand and began rubbing my crotch area of my pants.

"Oops looks like someone is feeling really hard right now." "Uh…uh" I couldn't get a word out. Even though I said I always wanted to have sex with her, I didn't think it would actually come true.

"Little speechless well I guess I'm just going to go ahead and see what you cock looks like." Just then Carrie pulled down my shorts, revealing my eight inch cock.

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"Holy shit! That thing is a monster. Kevin I never thought you had something that big," she said in amazement. Carrie tried to grip the whole thing but it was just too thick.

This scene and the expression on her face I will remember forever. She began to jerk it, but was still amazed at how long it was. "I assume you like it?" I asked.

"I love it. You know this is my first cock that I've ever been around. I've been saving myself for you all these years." "Wait hold on, hentai tentacle laying egg in pussy saying that you're still a virgin?" "Yeah I still am, since we have today, I want you to be my first.

Plus something might happen later that you will like," Carrie said making me try and guess what it may be. We sat there for a few minutes, while Carrie continued to jerk my cock and play with my balls. Then without hesitation I lifted her head so she would look at me and laid a deep passionate kiss on her lips. As we kissed, I slithered my tongue deep into her mouth and in return she did the same.

"Here let me lay down and my cock is all yours." "Wait hold on, forgot to do something," Carrie said pausing our session. Just then she pulled off her shirt revealing her beautiful tits. Then she pulled down her pants exposing the area that I long dreamed of.

Her pussy was so fresh and as bald as can be. Carrie then lay down, going face to face with the cock that has been waiting for her. "Okay bro where was I, oh this is where I was." With one hand on my cock Carrie opened wide and let my dick go straight into her mouth.

She slowly wrapped her lips around my rod and gave me a sexy glare. "Oh I love you sis." Her head continued to bob up and down on my shaft, pleasuring me and what I have longed wanted. I was surprised at how far she was able to go before releasing. Her warm breath and saliva all over my cock felt so good. She came up for air, jerked my cock for a minute and continued the amazing blowjob. "Hey Carrie, get on your knees, I want to try something different." "What do you want to try?" "Deep throat." So Carrie got on her knees as I stood up and aimed my cock straight for her throat.

I slid my snake right in and held her head to go deep into that throat of hers. Most of my cock was able to get in her mouth and down her throat. "Oh that felt nice Kevin," Carrie whispered as she came up for air. Then I shoved it back down her throat a few more times. She then came up and moved down to my balls. "Okay Kevin, your turn to do whatever." "Aright, how about you lay down now and I'll eat that pink pussy of yours." I'll say this again, I love my sister.

She laid back and spread her legs inviting me to eat her out. I went in for the kill, I went all pretty redhead chick gets her box licked and lapped up all her juices. I dug my tongue deep into her making her moan. "Oh Kevin…oh shit!" Her juices were so sweet and they tasted so good. The young un-used pussy of hers was the best and it was all for me.

"Stay there, you're about to have that cherry popped in just a second." I turned around and with no hesitation I shoved my cock in and pop that cherry of hers.

I wanted to get it down and over with to avoid too much pain. "Oh shit that fucking hurt." "Well you're officially not a virgin." I pulled out to get her a second to recover. After a minute or two, I sank my cock deep into her and began thrusting. She was so tight, and that pussy was clenching my cock. I had to really work it, to loosen it up but I was able to go balls deep. After fucking my sister for a good half hour. I pulled out to give myself and Carrie a break, until the doorbell rang.

My heart started racing not knowing what to do. But Carrie calmly said, "Oh I a vida secreta de zoe 2019 full movie your surprise has arrived." To be continued&hellip.