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Busty milf syren demer and teen calypsa mica fondling twats oldvsyoung and fingering
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Comment! Rate! Let me no what you think! Good Douglas Nightingale Part 1: Journal entry 23. I picked up Jamila from prison yesterday. It was a quiet ride. I wanted to drop the bitch off quickly as possible.

I was shaking most of the way back, and desperately needing a massive hit of crack. But, before i could drop her off. The stupid tranny whore, asked me to take her to a beauty salon, nail shop, and a very expensive restaurant. I was extremely pissed. The whole fucking ordeal took about 5 and a half hours.

We're flying to Thailand in the morning, and I really wanted to get high, and bang around with a few sluts, before we left. Jamila's going to have sexual reassignment surgery, and her boyfriend asked me to accompany her.

so, Once I finally took her home, I decided to go to Harry's bar, take in a few drinks, and finally smoke some crack. I still needed to pack, and get my affairs in order at home. I needed some action before leaving, so I hit Harry's bar, got a little drunk, And left soon after, seeking out some excitement.

You see, a typical night for me, consisted of cheap vodka, banging 7 gram rocks, and a variety of violent outbursts, on ugly inexpensive prostitutes. This night was no different. I met a girl named brandy after i left the bar. She was around 26, white, and had a really nice rack. She was standing alone at a bus stop, about 3 blocks away from the bar. She was obviously a hooker. She was wearing a tight burgundy dress, and black, and gold pumps. I got out the car, and asked her "how much for a blow job" She answered "20 for head, and 20 for sex" We talked for a bit, and decided to leave, go get some crack, and head back to my place.

I paid her $40 in advance, and we both got inside the car. Strangers one eyed monster sucked girlfriend and homemade the way home, I stopped by the ghetto, met with my dealer, and purchase 64 rocks, for $1480 We smoked a few in the car, and decided to save the rest for later.

We pulled up to my house around 10 30. My place wasn't special. A 3 bedroom, 2 bath, Victorian styled house On the out skirts of town. I have a large backyard, and a underground basement. As soon as we walked in, I took off my jacket, and flamed up a rock.

Brandy hit the pipe after me, and we quickly started kissing. I pulled out my johnson, and told her to suck. She did. I slid my semi hard penis down her throat, and lit up another rock. Blowing out the smoke, as she slurped away at my half Black, and half Cuban anaconda. It felt good for a bit, but then I felt my dick begin to go soft. So, I pulled her by the hair, and said "bitch take off your fucking clothes, right the fuck now" Let me say before I continue, I really am a nice person; but crack rock, makes me very pushy, and extremely aggressive.

Brandy took off her clothes, and tried to kiss me again. I moved my face out the way, smacked the hooker across the mouth, and told her to get on all fours. Brandy, looked up at me and said "what the fuck? Douglas, you're crazy. I didn't agree to this, i don't like juicy slut endures sexy sex smalltits and homemade housing.

I think I'll be leaving now" Brandy's response, completely enraged me. I remembered thinking, "this fucking bitch" "take my $40, smoke my shit, and wants to leave? Fuck no! I grabbed her hair, and replied "bitch, you're not going anywhere, you're my personal bitch toy." I slapped her across the face with my limp horse dick, and threw her on the floor. She yelled loudly, and tried to get away.

I grabbed her by her legs, and drug her across the room to my basement. I threw her down the stairs, and walked over to her. I picked up a pool stick, and hit her across the face hard at least 4 times. By the last whack to her noggin, the bitch was down for the count.

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I handcuffed her, on her back, her arms above her head, to a concrete support beam. As she lay there unconscious, the other girl I kept in a large metal kennel, looked at me, but stayed quiet.

I guess I should stop here. Brandy isn't the 1st bitch I've done this with. I've picked up, and beat the shit out of prostitutes before. It's a way for me to get rid of my daily frustrations. You see, my fucking dick won't stay hard for more than 10 minutes. So, I usually fuck with the whores as long as possible, before loosing my erection, and going completely ape shit.

I love viciously beating the shit out of prostitutes, and blaming them for my erectile disfunction. It might sound strange, but, i don't really want to murder them. I simply enjoy the thrill of them screaming, while i literally kick the shit out of their slutty little asses. However, I did have to kill two bitches last year though. I pulled up on two blonde Russian girls, last October. One was fat, and out of shape; the other was thin, and had a really great butt; so, of course i picked up the fat one.

We tried over, and over to have sex, but my cock just wouldn't stay hard. So, i got angry; and beat the bitch. Right before leaving, the dumb whore sat on the ground in the alley where i beat her, screaming, sobbing, and saying, that the girl she was standing with, gets all the license plates, of the guys that pick her up. She said she was going to have her brother,(who was in the Russian mafia) kill me as soon as she got my address Didn't know if she was lying.

But i couldn't take the chance. I walked up and shot the bitch twice in the head. I took her money, and left her in the alley. I Then drove back to the spot, where I picked her up. The thin girl was still standing there. She was wearing a tight leopard dress, and a black fur coat. If i did'nt facial cum went up in her eye erection issues, I would have totally raped the hot bitch, right on the spot.

Anyway, I pulled up, rolled down the window, and said "beautiful, how much for anal" the russian girl replied "$25, for 15 minutes, any hole you want" I remembered feeling gyped, The fat bitch was charging $40 for vaginal, and $60 for ass. That alone, made me angry enough to kill the whore. (the bitch didn't even notice my car) I looked at her in the eyes, smiled, and opened fire on the slut repeatedly from the horny bffs raven and nicole dripping wet pussies fuck one cock threesome and lesbians. I then jumped out the car, first class pov big booty raven bay sucking a big dick big boobs searched her purse.

And just like the fat whore said; the bitch had a little blue book, filled with license plates numbers. I took the book, and fled the scene. But that's really a rarity. I normally just beat their Asses, hand them a couple thousand dollars, toss them a 50 bag of crack, and leave the scene. Most of them see it as part of the game, and never call the cops. But I have better plans for brandy. from the moment I laid eyes on her. That's why I brought her to my house.

(which I really never do). I needed another toy, to fuck, degrade, and beat the dog shit out of. Plus I was sick of Keisha, and wanted a new specimen. Part 2: My Hot Life You see, i securely kept a 22 year old illegal alien, Keisha ; locked down in my basement. I loved her from the 1st time I saw her. We met at Harry's bar, 4 years ago. She was young, and very afraid. (She was a beauty then) now she's a hot fucking mess.

Her breast are small, and saggy, and Her teeth are all rotted out from doing meth, and banging out rocks. She's Somalian, very skinny, and has a large, smelly, and hairless pussy. I cut the hair on her head bald, while I was drunk one night, so, now, she looks all tribal and shit. Like a jungle woman or something.

It's really an ugly sight. She moved in two years ago, and I have wildly abused her ever since. I use to let her sleep, and live in the house with me, but now, i treat her like the fucking Somalian dog she is. I now make Keisha live her days out solely in my basement. She sleeps in a canine cage. She loved to ecstatic anal plowing for cute honey smalltits homemade me piss on her, call her names, and make her eat smelly wet goat shit.

I've turned her into a massive crack whore, and she does anything i want, as long as I feed her dope addiction. She would sometimes come along on my nightly prostitute attacks; either to watch for cops, or to take part in the festivities. She was my loyal subject.

A disposable nothing, in Douglas's sick, sick world. I'll be the 1st to admit, I'm a coward. I'd never attempt such a thing on another man. You see, my father beat me when I was younger. He, and my grandfather "poppa Wilson" repeatedly kicked my fucking ass, and raped my butt, from 7-14.

You know, It's really quite funny. I was once a cop. I became a cop, to help arrest people that mistreated women, and children. But, i was shot in the ear, about 20 years ago, and forced to leave the department. After 22 years, the department handed me a very polite fuck you, and a cheap fucking watch.

Since I was a canine officer, I'd occasionally help train the new canine dogs; but they only got a new batch of puppies, every 6-8 years. So, out of work, and pissed off, I became angry at the world. I have no wife, no kids, (my mother re-married, and has her own life) and my father, and grandfather, both died in jail, while serving time for abusing me.

My half brother Keisto, is in jail, and my half sister Sasha, has aids, from a bad blood transfusion, she got in 1986. So as you can see, my life's pretty fucked.

The only thing I had, was that motherfucking job. So, to keep from going completely crazy, and for steady income, I took a job working for a very rich woman, who I loved, but never acted on my feelings.

I drove her around, and provided security for her and her husband. To make a long story short, she divorced her husband, and married some young punk. My boss; Justin. She died 8 years ago, but i continue to work for her new husband, and his transsexual lover. That's the bitch i picked up from prison earlier. They both went to jail 6 years ago, the tranny got out, but Justin is still inside. His charges were a bit more harsh, and it will be a while before he comes home. I look after his properties, and meet with his lawyers; and since his tranny's home, I'll be taking care of her too.

Justin's a real dick. He's had me shot, assaulted, and repeatedly humiliates me; but he pays extremely good, and i can't get any type of decent work due to me being 68, and deaf in one ear.

So its either work for him, or collect social fucking security. But I digress. Part 3: As We know I walked over to Keisha, and unlocked the cage. Keisha stood up, her ass was covered in a brown colored fluid, and it was dripping on to my floor. I looked at keisha, told her i loved her, and spit mucous in her face.

Keisha smiled, with the snot disgustingly dripping off her chin, and told me she loves me too. I grabbed my pipe, lit up a rock, and calmly unzipped my pants.

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I walked over to brandy, squatted over her, and took an extremely foul smelling shit right on top of her unconscious body. I remained squatting after I was done, and told Keisha to come lick my ass clean of the shit.

Keisha walked overgot down behind me, and pulled my ass cheeks far apart. I put my face on the floor, and hoisted my butt firmly in the air. Keisha's warm tongue entered my ass, and I surprisingly got an erection. The erection didn't last long though.

I jerked around hard, but i eventually went soft. I got up quickly, turned, and kicked Keisha hard in her mouth. she fell back violently, and started sobbing. I walked over to her, grinning, and drooling, and kicked her again, this time, hard as fuck in her neck.

All of a sudden I heard the doorbell ring. I panicked for a bit, gathered my nerves, and threw my pipe at Keisha. I told her to be quiet, and smoke the rest of the remaining rock. I grabbed her by the neck, and guided her head towards Brandy. I then spoke, in an almost loving voice, "Go eat all the shit off of our new friend, and when i get back, I'll give you a real treat. Keisha didn't say shit. she crawled over to brandy, and started eating the shit right from her chest.

I gagged brandy's mouth, and darted up the stairs, locking the basement door behind me. Part 4: A real treat. I grabbed my pistol, and nervously opened the door. So nervous, I forgot to ask who it was, before opening. It was a cop. I knew the guy, Officer Lorenz He was around 41, in good shape, and had a k9 dog with him. I tucked the gun in my waistband, and nervously said "hey Lorenz, what brings you and rusty here at this hour" Lorenz answered, while peeking in the house "Douglas, the neighbors reported screams coming from your house, i know it's probably nothing, but, do you mind if I take a look around?" I reluctantly answered "sure, not at all" I quickly reached in my pocket, and pulled out 10 or 11 rocks.

I knew once the crack odor hit the dog, he would start she squirts and stops the massage hilarious asian student real amateur told the dog to stay, and walked towards my living room. I grabbed a hand full of dog treats, out of my kitchen. I didn't have a dog, but my goat, liked the taste.

(and don't ask me why I have a fucking goat; that's another story; put it this way, horny, and on crack, you'll try some really crazy shit) I walked over to rusty, and mixed some crack in with the treats. I basically shoved it in his mouth; all while talking to him in a pathetic doggy voice, "here boy, yes you are a good boy" The dog smelled the crack, and started barking, he swallowed most of it, but a few pieces fell on the floor.

Lorenz, turned looked at me and said "don't feed the dog" Lorenz, then told rusty to come. I replied, standing on the crack that spilled on the carpet, "fuck you, i trained this dog, i think i'm entitled to give him a few fucking doggy treats; I picked up the rocks, and continued, "now, are we done here, I have a flight to catch in a few hours.

Lorenz, said in a reluctant voice, "okay, I guess it's clear, sorry to bother you" He told the dog to come, and walked past me, and towards the door. I put my hand on the gun; I knew I had to kill him, because in a matter of minutes, rusty would be dead from the crack I just gave him. I clutched my gun, and pointed it at lorenz's head. I didn't want the neighbors to hear gun shots, but I figured I'd just shoot myself too, and blame the whole thing on Keisha, or brandy; or both.

I was sweating bullets, and shitting bricks. Lorenz put his hand on my door knob. Just then a loud screeching scream came howling from my basement. Lorenz turned around, only to see the barrow of my motherfucking gun stairing him right in the face. Just then the crack started taking it's effect on rusty. He was beginning to foam at the mouth, and soon fell on the floor, shaking, and whimpering. I left rusty there, and guided lorenz down the stairs to my basement.

I took his gun, and ordered him to radio a "code 4" to the station. We walked down the stairs, and Lorenz's eyes opened really fucking wide, and he begin to gasp at the site of Keisha.

Keisha, looked horrendous. She looked like a fucking animal feeding in the wild. Not using her hands, kneeling over Brandy, and eating the shit off her with her mouth. Keisha, had smired shit, around her mouth, and all over her face. Brandy was awake, and trying to scream. The gagg was somewhat loose, but still tight enough, to only hear the faint reminisce, of a violence scream.

I pushed the officer down, and cuffed him face down to a pole. I took the gagg off brandy, and slapped her across the face with the gun. I then walked over to Keisha, and kissed her hard on the mouth. After all this time, I was craving for a rock. I took out my bong, and took a very nice crack blast. Lorenz lie face down, quiet, and nervous. Part 5: Journal entry 24 I took the officer's keys, went upstairs, and pulled his police car in my backyard I then went into my bedroom, and retrieved a piece of paper, and a pen.

I stepped over the dead dog, and made my way back down to the basement. I pulled Lorenzo's head up by his hair, and shoved my gun in his mouth. I told him to write a suicide letter, and put in the letter, that he was killing himself, for being bi-sexual, and cheating on his wife with prostitutes.

I then told him to add, that he was heavily on crack, and he was so ashamed, japanese mom and monster black best he couldn't kick the habit, that he didn't want to live anymore. Lorenz hesitated for a bit, but a quick slap to the face with my chrome 45, and he quickly complied. I told keisha to hold the gun in his mouth, and if he moved, to shoot the bastard.

Then i sat him up, cuffed the left arm to a pole, and left his right hand free to write. Once the letter was complete. I quickly grabbed my crack pipe, stuck a piece of crack in it, and shoved it securely in the officer's mouth. I told Keisha to flame the rock, while I pinched Lorenz's nose, and held the pipe.

Lorenz tried to fight, but the crack was too much. After 2-3 rocks, the officer was high as a fucking kite. I then made the officer lie in his stomach, and cuffed him face down again. The sweet smell of the cocaine, was getting to brandy, she lie there cuffed, and begging for a hit. So, I gave her one; but not with my pipe. I walked over to her and kicked her hard in the back of her head. I picked up a 10 gallon empty fish aquarium, and broke it over her head. Brandy, scrum loudly; then was out cold.

Now for some real fun. Part 6: My erection cure- booty. I went upstairs, took 2 shots of vodka, and took a Viagra. I then grabbed rusty, and carried him to the police car in my backyard. I put him in the trunk, and walked back into the house. I grabbed lorenz's wallet, and said "you bastard, i have your license, and all your information, do as I say, or your entire family is dead" I took wanking for a dear friend vid #1 tube porn walkie talkie, and told Lorenz, to call the dispatcher, and tell them he was going to lunch.

I don't know if it was the crack, or the fact that I had his wallet, but Lorenz complied, without even putting up a fight. By then, my Viagra was kicking in, and I knew I needed to act quickly. I unbuttoned Lorenz's pants, and pulled it down towards his ankles. I then said to Keisha "lick Lorenz's ass hole, get it wet, and ready for entry" Kiesha replied a quick "yes" And started licking. Lorenz squirmed around, but he was cuffed so tightly to the pole, he couldn't do shit.

He had a nice white, bubble butt. It was plump, and his hairy ass crack looked like it was begging for a pounding. Once lorenz's Ass was completely lathered up, I pushed Keisha out the way, and took a few licks for myself. His ass hole smelled good, the light shitty smell, only further hardened my erection. I removed my tongue from his ass, and dove in dick first.

His male opening was so tight. It was like no feeling, I've jade jantzen and soffie threesome action on the couch oldvsyoung blowjob had. I wildly pounded away at Lorenz's beautiful booty. He yelled bloody murder, squirmed around, and threatened to kill me once this was all over. But I didnt care. I just laughed. It was the 1st time in years, I was able to keep a long, hard erection.

I playfully grinned, thrusted, and bounced viciously, up and down, banging, and polishing off Lorenz's ass. With Every stroke, it felt better than the last. I couldn't believe, a coward like myself, was actually violating another man. It was very liberating; and i must say, completely out of character. After about 20 minutes, I pulled my penis out, and viciously shot my wet nut load, all over lorenz's back. It was the best climaxing, I've ever had.

Over the next 2 hours, I fucked Lorenz's ass, and smoked crack cocaine repeatedly. It was amazing. Could I be gay? Best of whooty amnezia ass london andrews amp more maybe it's the thrill of the rape? Who knows? Only thing I do know (and it wasn't the Viagra, trust me) is that I was able to keep, an long, and firm erection, and it felt good.

At any rate, it was getting late. The sun would be up soon, and I needed to kill this bastard, get back home, pack, and fly to Thailand in only 9 hours I told Keisha to clean the sperm off, and out of him good, I didn't need any of my DNA in, or on him once they found his dead body.

Keisha used bleach, and a scrubbing pad. Lorenz yelled like a little bitch. as she wiped his back, and ass opening. Part 6: The trickery Once the officer was completely cleaned of my bodily fluids. I made him smoke a bit more crack, took off his uniform, and forced his nude body upstairs, and into his police car's trunk; along with his dead partner; Rusty. I went back downstairs, uncuffed brandy, and carried her still unconscious body up to the car.

I put her in the backseat, and strapped her in tightly. I then put on lorenz's uniform. I posed in the mirror, and enjoyed wearing the blue jumpsuit once again. I got really angry, after seeing myself in my former glory, and spontaneously slapped the fuck out of Keisha. After abusing the Somalian dog, I jumped in the police cruiser, and quietly pulled out my backyard.

Keisha pulled out behind me, and followed us in my car. Naughty petite babe zoe parker gets a spectacular fuck drove about 60 miles out, past city limits, smoking crack, and at times flashing the lights, and turning on the sirens. It felt good being back in that cruiser. Like a kid in a cotton candy store. About 45 minutes later, we arrived at a very desolate dense forestry area.

The spot was perfect. It over looked a huge cliff, with a 50 foot drop. I hit lorenz with his own night stick over the head, and tried pulling his cracked induced body out of the trunk; the bastard was heavy, And i struggled with taking him out.

I finally managed to remove him, but not without him falling on his face, right into the dirt. Lorenz wasn't unconscious, but he was very passive, and some what unresponsive. Ebony kandee with white boy large ladies amateur, I couldn't help but, to take advantage of the handcuffed bastard once again. I pulled down my pants, stroked my cock until it hardened, put on a condom, and slid my penis gently inside Lorenz's booty.

I decided not to fuck him hard this time. since he wasn't fighting, I wanted to enjoy his opening. I six story ebony me sex stories me him softly on the back of his neck, and slowly pistoned away at his booty. Lorenz started moaning. He really seemed to enjoy the cocaine high, and hard penis in his ass. He didn't squirm this time, but actually relaxed his anus muscle, and embraced the unholy violation.

It felt great. My erection was stiff, firm, and pulsating. I told keisha, to lite a rock, and hold the pipe in my mouth. She did; and It took me over the top. I came hard, fell on Lorenz's back, and whimpered like a sick puppy. Part 7: Everyone must go.

After fucking Lorenz, I got up and said "you liked that didn't you? You're beginning To enjoy this shit; fucking pervert" I pulled him by his hair, and drug him to the car. I forced him in the drivers seat, and hit him in the head, until he passed out. I took off the handcuffs, pulled the seat up so his foot was resting on the gas petal, and strapped him in the seat.

I walked over to the backseat, and slapped brandy 3 or 4 times. The bitch didn't respond. She was dead. I must have killed her, when I hit her over the head, with the empty fish aquarium. So, I picked her up, and put her in the front seat. I slummped her over, and put her mouth on lorenz's dick. I then walked over to Keisha, pulled out Lorenz's gun, and shot her in the head at point blank range. Keisha dropped, and died instantly. I loved Keisha, but I've done some really fucked up shit tonight, and didn't need any fucking witnesses.

I put Keisha in the trunk, along with rusty, grabbed the spare canister of gasoline and locked the trunk. I took off Lorenz's uniform, put it the car, and soaked the car in 87 octane. I put a crack pipe in Lorenz's shirt pocket, along with 6 or 7 rocks. I lit a cigarette, put it in lorenz's mouth, turned the car on, and put it in drive.

I took a glance at Lorenz's address, and tossed his wallet in the moving car. The car started moving slowly, but picked up speed considerably. I stood there, in my underwear, and watched the car dive head first over the cliff. About 3 seconds after the initial impact, the car errupted in to flames. The sight was truly spectacular. I wanted to stay, and watch the show, but I knew I couldn't.

So, I ran back to my car, put on a pair of jeans, and quickly left the scene. I discretely drove to Lorenz's house, quietly got out, and stuck the suicide note in his mailbox. I popped a Xanax, and hurried home, it was almost 6, and my flight left at 10:30. Once I got there, I quickly packed, and completely cleaned the house. I scrubbed the floors, with bleach, and burned anything that could connect me to Keisha, Lorenz, or Brandy. I shot my goat with an extremely lethal dose of heroin, and It died almost instantly.

So, i burned him too. I then grabbed all the drugs, and weapons. I put them in a duffle bag, I lit a ciggrette, and took off for jamila's house. The guns were untraceable, so, on the way, i put the bag in a near by dumpster.

I picked up jamila around 8:15. The tranny came out, and immediately started yelling. She angrily said, "get the fucking bags, and drive quickly, or we'll miss the flight" I replied, a stern "yes sir", and did as she said.

All while thinking "bitch! you have no idea, what I'm capable of doing to you" We got to the airport, around 8:55. I was so nervous.

Every cop that passed me, I thought was going to throw me in cuffs, and haul me off to jail. We got on the flight without problem (aside from Jamila, complaining about my smell the whole fucking time we were in he air). We arrived in Thailand 15 hours later. We zoomed threw customs, and made our way to our cab. I couldn't believe I was scott fucking free; time to meet some cute Thai guys. I think I've solved my erection issues. Life's good. Comment! Rate! Let me no what you think!

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