Huge juggs stepmom and teen slut some sex on valentines

Huge juggs stepmom and teen slut some sex on valentines
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This is my first story Please forgive me if its crap but all advice will be read and may be acted on !. Kelly Here I am a single father trying to raise to Girls and a son after my wife left, No excuse illness was the cause having the youngest in a bout of post natal depression she just walked out and never spoke to us in 3 yes 3 years don't blame her, She couldn't help herself and I was no use to her.

Yet for me and the kids it was the best thing she could have done for us at the time.

When the Kids were of an age where the eldest could be left in charge I started going out at night Kelly was 15 Tom was 13 and Lilly was 10 years old.

I had a surprise coming to me. I had been to a union meeting and had stayed for a couple of drinks, I had intended to stay for a full session for some reason I didn't fancy it so I made my way home. I am in way a prude myself and the kids had never been afraid to walk about naked and they could ask me anything which at times they did, I always answered them the sunny leone xxx story sex stories 2019 and truthfully as I could about anything if I didn't know the answer I would say so and promise to find the answer out for them, which I inevitable did Drifting away a little bit As stated I decided to go home.

As I approached the front door I noted how load the music was, nothing strange as teenagers always had there music load, I entered the house and none heard me I went into the lounge and there was Lilly ready for bed in here night clothes watching her film on the T.V. I asked were her sister and brother was she told me Tom was in his bedroom and Kelly was in hers and she had her friends in nothing strange there Lisa being a friend from starting school when they were 5years old, I asked if she wanted supper she asked for pizza this is her favourite, I started for the door to find out how many wanted supper, I went to Toms first he and his mate said they wanted some I then went to my daughters bedroom the door was open as I reached it I got a hell of a shock she was there with her boyfriend, Lisa and her boyfriend not surprising you may say.

All four were naked I was stunned and stood there and stared Kelly on her Knees Lapping her Lisa's pussy while taking a cock in her own pussy Lisa was sucking a cock (Kelly's boyfriends) as I said she was 13 5' 00 small frame 28" chest bust the size of a tennis ball with dark nipples her pussy had wispy thin curly black hair which I had seen on many occasion and never really took any notice of with long jet black hair and the others about the same age the boys probably 15 and they certainly seamed to be doing a good job of it, I couldn't take my eyes away what a sight instantly I got a rigid cock I don't know how long I stood there it was quite a while what a sight and how horny a sight my little girl (not so little now) sucking pussy while being screwed by what looked like a fair sized cock and loving every second, I couldn't move I stood in the doorway watching getting hornier.

I would have loved to join in but knew I couldn't As I watched Kelly turned her head to the door looked straight at me and smiled she turned back to the others and said something I couldn't her what but with the others jumping up and looking at me I can guess they looked fantastic heads down not daring to look towards me and the lads cocks losing there stiffness at a rapid rate, I looked round and said well your all having fun, I left that to sink in Kelly turned to me with a look of wistfulness only she can do, How long have you been there watching I smiled back at her and said long enough to see all I needed to.

I am ordering pizza if your finished come down and get some.

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With that said I turned and went down stairs. After a few minutes they all appeared in the lounge not saying a word I just smiled Lilly had jumped up and sexy lesbians fill up their massive butts with whipped cream and splash it out sitting on my lap and snuggled down to watch the end of her film.

After about 30 minutes the door bell rang I asked Kelly to get tom and his mate which she did I went to answer the door as I had presumed it was the pizza I went through to the kitchen telling them to come and get it, they all followed. After pizza which was eaten in silence I told Tom and Lilly to get ready for bed they both scooted upstairs into the bathroom, I rang toms friends parents to see if he could stop over instead of me walking home, as I didn't want the others running off yet.

I told Kelly to go upstairs with her friends until I have finished getting the youngest to bed then they could come down for a chat which she agreed to.

After getting the bairns to bed and settled down I called Kelly to come down. They came into the lounge while I was in the Kitchen tiding up I walked back through to the lounge bring a beer to drink, They all looked around the room and not towards me, I burst out laughing at this point they all looked amazed. When I had calmed down and dried the tears from my eyes Kelly burst out saying she was sorry, I asked her what she was sorry for the act or being caught, She replied both I suppose.

I told her there was no need to be sorry I had been her age once they all looked at me with a look of shock on there faces.

Look there is no need to be frightened of me your not in trouble for being caught all I want to know is what precautions are you taking, Kelly and Lisa both chirped up together were always using rubbers, at least your careful then I said, yes we don't want to catch anything I asked what about becoming pregnant, they said well thr rubbrs stop that I laughed they didn't stop my brother and his wife did they.

Anyway this is getting of topic a bit. First how long have been screwing about Lisa chirped up I have been playing with my b/f for about a year, Kelly said I have stated with my b/f about 7 months full sex happened about 2 month ago. The boys just nodded I asked and how long have you been playing with each other, Years they said At this I couldn't say I was surprised as they had always been close for as long as I remember I told them if they could be trusted to do nothing at the moment until I decide what was to be done they could go back upstairs, which they agreed to, by the way I said keep the music down please They disappeared with a look of relief upon their faces.

I sat sipping my fisting her wrecked teen pussy till she squirts hard thinking about what I had seen after a few minutes I realised how uncomfortable I was looked down at my crutch were I saw a tent in my jeans I knew I would have to relieve myself before I burst so I made my way upstairs to my bedroom and striped as I dropped my jeans and underwear the door opened and in walked Kelly she looked directly at my cock and said that is hell of a boner dad, There was no point me trying to hide it, I looked at her and said this is all because I saw you all screwing she walked over and made a go of holding my cock I twisted away from her and said no don't that is wrong you don't play with your dad she looked at me and said sorry can't I help you, no I said I am going to get a shower, with that I told her to go back to her mates which she did on the way out she muttered something that sounded like "I would love to try that cock" I couldn't believe what I heard I thought to myself that I was mistaken, Left it oral sex with a hot beauteous hottie that and went through to my bathroom turned on the shower waited a couple of minutes and got under while under the shower my erection throbbed even hard so taking myself in hand started masturbating I closed my eyes all I could see was Kelly with a cock in her while sucking her Lisa's pussy I started to cum opened my eyes and I just pumped out string after string of cream, I knew I had cum so much in my life, I started to shrink and as I did I shivered, I shampooed my hair and washed my self dried and went into my bedroom, put my night clothes on which consited of boxers and a robe, I went down stairs just as the lads came out from Kelly's bedroom with a sheepish smile on there faces they said goodnight and went downstairs and let themselves out.

I went into the lounge switched th T.V. On and settled down to watch it. After about half an hour Kelly and Lisa came in and dropped onto the couch and snuggled together I didn't take a lot of notice to them until they started to become noisy I looked over and Lisa had her hand up Kelly's shorts and was playing with her pussy I said do you have to do that while I am in front of you, she grinned and said "my dad dosn't mind me playing with Kelly in front of him" this somewhat surprised me as I always thought he was a bit of a prude.

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I said nothing more and watched as Kelly started to gasp as Lisa played with her pussy. I noticed I was getting hard again, suddenly Kelly gasped and shuddered I knew she was having an orgasm in front of me she starred straight at me smiled and said " guess I have done it again haven't I Looked at her she laughed and pointed at my crutch I looked down and again there it was a stiff throbbing boner the girls looked at each other and started laughing.

Lisa asked if she could see it I knew then I was lost I opened my robe pulled my boxers down up sprang my cock Lisa looked at Kelly and said your right it is bigger than dads I sat open Mouthed she got up walked over and said its a lot thicker freak monster cocks gay anal The next was a shooker bet he fucks better than my dad too, I looked at her and asked has he fucked you she smiled and said yep ever since I was 10 he fucks me in every hole I have and he has screwed Kelly too she loved it when he did her they other week I was stunned looked over to Kelly were she shrugged her shoulder and grinned at me.

Loved it she said he had me twice, that was my undoing as I starred at Kelly, Lisa had lent over me and had opened her moth and started to suck me I was astonished she was a pro and I was gone.

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