Spizoo petite abigail mac fucking a huge cock bubble butt amp huge tits

Spizoo petite abigail mac fucking a huge cock bubble butt amp huge tits
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I gently lowered her legs and got a warm wash cloth from the bathroom and cleaned her. When I was done I kissed her swollen lips one more time then moved her to the middle of the bed.

I wiped myself clean then its my birthday and i do what i want to so super excited that realgfsexposed decided to share me str in next to her. She turned over to lie across me and sleepily said. "I'm glad I waited. You made me feel so good and special. I know you'll make my sisters happy." Then she drifted off to sleep in my arms. The Girls Next Door 12 I awoke to Katrina's lips on the head of my shaft.

"I want you to fuck me again, but first I want to thank you for last night. I've been awake for an hour hoping you'd wake up but when you didn't I started without you, sort of." She put her lips back over my shaft and took as much of me as she could. The head was hitting the back of her mouth and she gagged a little as she pushed too busty nurse lauren phillips takes cock in her pussy. "My sisters said they can take it all.

I don't see how." "They've been practicing longer. It takes patience, ask them to teach you. By the way you do a pretty mean blowjob for a virgin." My pussy and butt may have never seen cocks but my lips have been intimate with a few. That's one way to distract you men." She went back to sucking and stroking, holding her head down hard every few strokes, gagging and then coming up for air. I could feel her throat quaking against my head. She rose up again.

"One day I'll get it all." "Do you think there will be more days?" "CJ and Anna think so. They even told Marisa when she was ready they would give their blessing. I think what they said was 'We should be one big happy family." Obviously I had been out voted again in a meeting I didn't know had happened. "They did say you had veto over everything but I hope you won't use it." I pulled her to the edge of the bed and stood her up with me.

After a quick hug I turned her around and had her bend at the waist with her head and shoulders on the bed. Before I had time to tell her to, she reached back with both hands and spread her cheeks.

"Is this what you want this morning?" I knelt down, again admiring her tight little anus, knowing that she would give it to me willingly but that would happen another day when there was plenty of time to enjoy it. Right now I was captivated by her seemingly perfect pussy lips with her nectar already moistening them.

Her sucking on my shaft already had her excited and it probably wouldn't take much to bring her to an orgasm. I spread her lips and licked the dew from her. She shivered and moaned softly as more nectar leaked from her hot tunnel.

That was one. When I put my lips to the entrance of her sleeve, sucked and used my tongue to collect the nectar she moaned louder and trembled some more. That was two. I moved my mouth to her anal crinkle and ran my tongue around it before probing it with the tip.

She tensed up. "You're not going to try to put that big dick of yours in there this morning, are you?" "Relax lover that won't happen until you want it to. I just want to know if it tastes as good as it looks and it does." I poked my tongue past her ring several times before standing up and aiming my dick at her recently deflowered vagina.

"If you're still sore tell me and I'll stop." With that I started pushing slowly into her. Again it felt like the skin on my dick was being stretched to the limit but the heat in there and her muscles quivering made a sensation that overrode any thought of stopping. I heard an 'Ooowww' from Katrina and stopped.

"I didn't say stop. Your cock stretching my pussy feels better than the little pain there is. Keep going I want it all." I pushed until the tip of my dick touched the back of her vagina and stopped to give her time to adjust to the intruder inside her. "Now fuck me slow and let me enjoy the feel of that big stick sliding in my pussy." As I slid in and out I reached under her and started rubbing her little clit.

She started shaking and groaning as she turned her head to look at me. "Oh god, fuck me hard. I'm ready to cum all over your cock." I drove hard into her and her whole body tightened up. Just as I felt her juices lubricating her sleeve, it began milking my shaft to bring me my orgasm. I shot a bucket of cum deep into her vagina as her legs started wobbling. We fell forward with me on top, driving my entire shaft into her. "OH DAMN.

It feels like you just pushed it into my stomach." Just then there was knock on the bedroom door "Is everything ok in there?" It was Anna.

"Better than ok, baby sister." "Can I come in?" Katrina looked at me then said "Sure." The door opened and there stood Anna and CJ. They walked in and sat on the end of the bed like what they were looking at was an everyday occurrence.

"Didn't I tell you my daddy was wonderful?" I pulled out of Katrina so she could sit on the edge of the bed next to me. Anna was looking at my cum slick dick hungrily and licked her lips. "If you need any help with that just let me know." Katrina put one hand on it and said, "That's ok little sister, I can clean up my own messes." Anna gave her a little pout.

"Well ok, but the reason we came in was to tell you mama wife said for us to bring you to breakfast." "Ok give us a minute to clean up and we'll be right there." As soon as they left Katrina climbed up on the bed and said, "Come on up here and let's clean each other." I climbed on top and as she cleaned my cock and balls with her tongue I licked off our mixed cum from her thighs and pussy. When we walked out of the bedroom with Katrina holding my arm I was surprised to find the dining room table stretched out completely.

This morning besides my four, there were Katrina, Marisa and Carly, and Keisha, Christina and Destiny. Amanda said Keisha, Christina and Destiny had asked to stay in one of the extra bedrooms for the weekend and Marisa and Carly had to do a lot of shopping and moving before they could be self sufficient in the other house beautiful babe with big ass gets fucked in wet cum on amateur pov video they would be over here a lot for a few days.

Katrina said, "Speaking of moving, classes are over Thursday and I was wondering if anyone would be free to help me move this weekend?" My girls said they had the motorcycle classes Wednesday, Saturday my step mom caught me spying brazier Sunday but I would be free and they just were positive I'd help.

Marisa and Carly said they had to get moved out of the dorms. Keisha spoke up and said they'd love to but they had already promised to go to Dallas with Christina's parents to visit a grandmother in the hospital, not expected to last many more weeks.

Alexis texas and kiara mia Destiny spoke up. "I'm free all weekend and I bet the three of us can get it done and have fun doing chris gayle with sunny leone I looked at Katrina giving Destiny an appraising look.

Then she looked at me. "I bet we would." I asked when she wanted us to show up. "If we want an early start you'll need to leave here before 6am to be there by 8 or you can just drive up Friday evening.

I have two bedrooms with king-sized beds." Destiny said school was out at noon so any time after that was good for her. Alissa told her to be here at 3pm and she could join in a little celebration they were going to have. Right after breakfast Marisa asked to borrow my truck to move. She promised to have it back by Sunday evening then her and Carly left for the dorms.

Keisha and her group headed for the pool and that left me with my four and Katrina. "Katrina tells me you ladies like to loan me out." "I think you should call me Kat like my close friends do and right now you've been closer to me than anyone." She squeezed my thigh as she gave me a sly wink. That started a fit of giggles from the rest. "Fine, Kat tells me you ladies like to loan me out. Like I have said before I think I should get a vote in these matters." "Why?

You'd lose the vote and you can always use the veto you keep talking about. Though we have yet to see you use it. So it seems we make some pretty good decisions without you." I had to admit they had me there. "Well at least tell me when I'm out voted." "Where would the fun be in that? We just wish we could have seen the look on your face last night." "Girls you would have loved it.

When he saw me there was a mix of surprise and lust on his face and he was almost drooling when I stepped off the bed." "Hey I'm right here." They just laughed and went about clearing the table.

Amanda said, "We were supposed to go bike shopping last weekend but we got a little sidetracked. What say we go relax in the pool and head that way around noon?" Everyone agreed so we joined Keisha, Christina and Destiny in the pool.

Keisha came up to me putting her arms around my neck and clamping her legs around my waist. I had two hands full of her bubble butt when she said, "You know Christina and I are still waiting our chance to thank you for taking care of Lamond." "My dance card is full for the next few weekends but I know we will get together before much longer.

She rubbed her mound against my shaft as she clung there then reluctantly moved away. I tried doing a couple of laps but ran into someone.

When I stood up I was face to face with Destiny. She didn't put her arms around me or touch me in any way mariarsquos big tits need a big bra to stand close enough for her nipples to brush my chest.

In her low husky voice she said to me, "You're the first white man I have every touched this way and from what I am seeing it won't be the last time. I can hardly wait to be alone with you Friday.

I hope you're ready to." She turned and moved away to where Keisha and Christina were and every time I glanced at them she appeared to be devouring me with her eyes. We left at noon for the dealership where they had bought my new ride with the girls all dressed in their tight low rise leather pants, their leather vests and of course their 5" heels.

When we got there I was surprised when Darlene ran up to us inside wearing a micro mini bikini and heels, "So your one tight busty blonde sabine in skinny jeans the models?" "Yep, I get to tease guys all day and if I get one to buy I even get a little bit of the commission. They want me to work as a salesperson full time when school is out but I told them they would have to let me wear what I wanted so their thinking about it." Go tell them there's a customer here that only wants to deal with you and see what they say.

We'll be right here." She ran off and we could see her talking to a guy in a suit. At first he was shaking his head no but after a few more words from Darlene he relented. "I had to tell him you might be a cash customer.

Is that ok?" "No problem, because we are." We walked around looking at the different bikes with Darlene holding my arm. The guy in the suit kept watching us until we told Darlene which two we wanted. When she went and asked for the best price on what we picked out he started smiling. When I pulled out my credit card and she went to have him run it his smile was almost sex mom porn son mobi com big as hers.

She came back with a pile of paperwork and when we sat down to sign she whispered to me, "He said I get the whole commission. Please let me buy all of you dinner, please?" We finished the paperwork and made arraignments for me to pick them up Monday since Marisa had my truck. When Darlene dropped off the paperwork she asked if she could take the customer to dinner. He told her since she was the only one that had sold two today he thought that was fair.

Darlene told us she had to go change and left for the back area. She came back out in tight Levi's and a cropped tank top with no bra. Alissa was driving. Amanda, CJ and Anna were in the back. I was in the passenger seat with Darlene in my lap. As we pulled out of the lot she took my hand and put it over one of her breasts under her shirt. "Can you feel how fast my heart is beating?

I was all ready excited from having everyone there looking at me but when he told me how much I would get from you buying two bikes I almost came standing in front of him." Darlene took us to a steakhouse and paid for everything. Just before we left she looked at my ladies. "I'm still so excited. Can I ride home with you and thank your Mr. Bill properly?" When they said yes she leaned over to hug me and gave my cock a squeeze.

"I hope you have a big load in there because I've been craving more since you fucked me silly at the party." We walked out to the car with Darlene clinging to me like she was afraid of losing me. While my ladies got in the back she asked if she could have a taste. Before I answered she squatted down unzipped my fly and pulled out my cock. She put her lips over the head and swallowed it down greedily. I was hitting the back of her mouth and she was not trying to take it down her throat.

She did hold it at her throat and let me feel it trying to pull me in. with the muscles kissing the tip. She pulled off of it and zipped it back in my slacks. "I know you like that and there's a lot more when I get you in bed." We got in the front seat and she pulled her top off. She pulled my head sideways between her breasts and held a nipple to my lips. "Here this will keep you happy until we get to your house." When Alissa pulled in our drive Darlene literally dragged me to the front door and was telling me to hurry as I unlocked the door.

When it opened she hurried us into my bedroom and slammed the door behind us. Like a woman possessed she took off my shirt and dropped my pants to the floor before pushing me back on the bed.

She took of my shoes throwing them to the floor along with my pants and shirt. She picked up my legs as she spread them and told me to hold them there. As soon as I grabbed my legs she started stroking my shaft with one hand as she used the other to hold my testicles where she could suck and lick them.

When she finished them she put her hand under my butt and had me rise up so she could rim my ass. She moved up and stretched her lips over the head of my dick and was rapidly stroking my shaft as she sucked the head like a straw. Suddenly she stopped and stood up. She kicked off her shoes and slid her jeans down to her ankles and kicked them away.

She was standing there wearing a pair of bikini panties with 'Bill' embroidered on them. "I have been obsessing about you since you made me beg you to stop fucking me at the party. I regretted it almost as soon as it happened and I've wanted another chance. This time I want you to keep fucking me no matter what I say. Will you do it now please?" "You'll have to talk to my ladies. I don't think they planned on you wanting me all to yourself all night." She ran out of the room hollering for them as I went to my bathroom and took one of the magical blue pills because I knew they would say yes.

I was back up in the middle of the bed, when she came running back in, so happy she was giddy. She jumped up on the bed and straddled me, still wearing her panties. "They said yes. They said yes. I have you all to myself all night and tomorrow if I can think I can handle you. But they also said the final decision is yours. Please say yes, please, please, please?" She was pleading as she covered my face with kisses.

"As long as you understand that I fuck you the way I want, when I want and as long as I want and you can't say no, even if I have to tie you to the bed. Those are my conditions. Once you accept there's no backing out." She sat up and looked at me for a moment and I could hd teen massage young zorah gets her smoothlyshaven slit fucked pure lust in her eyes.

She stood up on the bed, slid her panties off, dropped them on my face then lay down with her legs spread wide. "Come on old man.

Fuck me. Give me your best shot." I rolled off the bed, closed and locked the bedroom door then went back to Darlene. I grabbed her legs, pulled her to the edge of the bed and pushed them back to her sides under her arms. "Keep them there until I say different." I spread her outer lips with my thumbs and sucked on her clit like I was pulling a thick shake thru a small straw.

She jerked and started moaning. I alternated between sucking and nibbling on her little man until she shuddered and her hole flowed with her juices. I stood up and put my shaft on her slit and slid it back and forth coating it with her cum.

When it was slick I trinity gets fucked by a blindfolded guy it at the entrance to her wet tunnel and drove it in, holding it deep and soaking in the heat of her lust.

As I pounded into her, driving my 8" hard into her, her toes curled and her legs were shaking. "Oh god I have dreamed about this. Fuck me. Fuck me hard." I kept pounding her as I put my thumb on her clit and pressed on it as I rubbed it around. "OH, OH, OH." I kept up the pounding and rubbing her clit until her body shuddered and she came again.

I pounded into her some more and drove her orgasm mom and his dingal big story. While she was still high from the pounding she had received I pulled out, put my dick to her anus and drove it fully into her bowels.

"Oh damn&hellip. my ass……is so full…&hellip. Can I…&hellip.have a minute?" You don't get a choice, remember?" and I started fucking her ass like I had her pussy, hard fast and no rest. She was still shaking from her last orgasm and it did not stop as I continued rubbing and pinching on her clit. She was gasping for breath and shuddering when I took my dick out and spun her around pulling her head over the edge of the bed.

She started to release her legs and slapped her on the ass. "I didn't say you could do that." Just as she started to say something I pushed the head of my dick between her lips and holding her head I pushed in until I hit her throat and kept pushing until she swallowed and her throat opened to my shaft. I pushed all the way in and held it there feeling her throat contracting around me as she still tried to swallow. I was close to blowing my load as I fucked her throat like a second pussy.

I pulled out and let her take a deep breath then drove back in. 6 strokes later I shot my first load russian teacher and boy download her stomach and held my dick down her gullet until she pounded on me with her fists. I pulled out and because she had let go of her legs to hit me I turned her around, pushed her legs back down and started spanking her ass.

She started yelling and saying 'Why'. When I was done and her ass was bright red I said, "I told you to hold your legs until I said different and you disobeyed.

Disobey again and you will be punished again. Do you understand?" With tears in her eyes she hesitated a moment and said, "Yes sir" I turned her back around and put my dick back in her mouth. I pushed in and held it until she started kicking her feet but she didn't let go of her legs.

I pulled out, let her gasp for air and pushed it back down. I repeated this until I felt she had learned her lesson. I pulled out, had her drop her legs and roll over to her hands and knees. I squatted down behind her and drove my dick in her ass hard. "YYEEEOOOWWWW. Oh god my ass hurts." I fucked her ass hard and fast and soon she was pushing back to meet my strokes.

"Harder…Harder…Harder… Harder." When I was close to cumming again I pulled out rolled her over and straddled her chest. I was stoking my dick as I grabbed her hair and pulled her face up to me.

When I came it shot onto her face and into her hair. I used my dick like a paint brush and smeared it all over her face. When I was done she started to wipe at two horny sluts gets slammed by fat cock and I told her to leave it like it was. I rolled her onto her right side and pushed her left leg up to her chest before I put the head of my shaft to her hole and entered her.

As I slid in and out my balls were rubbing on her thigh, the friction sending tingles thru them. My left hand was between her legs pinching and twisting her clit.

She was writhing on the bed as I continued hammering into her pussy. "Fuck me&hellip. Fuck me&hellip. Fuck me&hellip. Make me cum." She went rigid and her nectar flowed around my dick from her hole. I kept on pumping into her hole and her orgasm continued to consume her.

Just as her orgasm passed I pulled out and pulled her up off the bed to stand in front of me. I pushed her down to her knees. "Blow me and make it the best you have ever done." She took my shaft in one hand and held it up out of her way as she cupped my balls in her other hand and kissed her way around my ball sack.

She kissed each testicle then sucked it in her mouth to swab it with her tongue and roll it like a marble. When she finished she kept one hand massaging my balls as she brought the tip of my dick to her lips she put the tip of her tongue to the super sensitive triangle under the head and gently probed it.

She took the head in her mouth and probed my piss hole with the tip of her tongue before running it round and round the head. She was still stroking as she started bobbing her mouth on my shaft taking a little more each time until it touched the back of her mouth.

She took just another inch or so in and the head was just in her throat as she started humming like she had at the party. She slowly slid the rest of my dick down her throat as she continued to hum. My dick felt like it was clamped in a tight wet vibrator. She stroked my cock with her throat only pulling out every few strokes to take a deep breath. The humming had my balls working overtime and I was just about to blow another load but I didn't want it down her throat.

Just as I felt my cum start to rise I grabbed her hair and pulled her of my dick and sprayed my load on her chin and tits, adding it to the dried frosting look of the other cum on her face and in her hair. I wiped my dick around her breasts smearing my cum all over them. "My cum looks good on you, leave it there to show the others at breakfast." I had been fucking her for over two hours when I stood her in front of me, bent her at the waist with her hands on the bed and slid my dick into her pussy.

"MMMM, fuck me. Fuck me and make me your slut. I'll do anything as long as you keep stuffing me with your man meat. Just fill my holes with your cock." Every time I drove into her pussy she said 'UNGH' when I pulled out and jammed it in her ass I heard 'OH'. For the next 10 minutes it was 'UNGH, UNGH, UNGH, UNGH, UNGH' and 'OH, OH, OH, OH, OH' over and over.

I put my arms around her waist and placed one hand on her mound rubbing, pinching and rolling her clit between my fingers. Her legs were shaking and her body was trembling as an orgasm over came her and her arms and legs went slack.

I eased her down to the bed and realized she was out cold. I pulled my dick from her pussy, drew my hand back and slapped her right cheek. She jumped up with a shriek. "No sleeping on my time." I pulled her up and laid her across my lap and started spanking her ass before she realized what was happening. "The longer you struggle the longer this will last.

She stopped struggling and yelling, only moving when she jumped each time I spanked her ass. Soon she started moaning as I felt moisture running across my legs from her pussy. "Oh fuck spank my ass, I'm cumming." I spanked her harder as she writhed on my lap, her juices soaking my legs. I stopped spanking her and she finally stopped cumming. I made her get on her knees and lick her cum off me before pulling her to the middle of the bed. I unlocked the bedroom door then laid down with my head on the pillows before making her lay down with her head on my thigh and my dick in her mouth.

"Suck on it all night and it better be in your mouth when I wake up." I fell asleep feeling her sweet lips nursing my dick like a baby on a teat.

I woke up to knocking on the door. "What?" It was Anna. "Can I come in?" "Come on." She came in and crawled up on the bed next to me looking at Darlene still asleep suckling on my dick.

"Mmmmm, looks like a comfortable way to sleep. Oh Mama wife says you two should come out for breakfast with the rest of us." She gave me a long kiss then said, "Well how was your night?" "We can talk about it over breakfast. Now take off. We'll be there in a little while." She got up giving me a little wiggle of her butt before she smiled and left closing the door behind her. I slapped Darlene's tender ass and she jumped awake but kept my dick in her mouth.

Make me cum so we can go to breakfast. She smiled around my shaft and sucked on it in earnest. She had me back in her throat humming on my shaft and now she was swallowing at the same time.

It only took a few minutes until I was ready to explode. I pulled out and shot a fresh load all over her already cum coated face and rubbed it in with my dick again.

I got up and pulled her with me. "Let's go out to breakfast." "Wait, don't I get to clean up first?" "Nope you're not thru yet." I opened the bedroom door and led her to the dining room where everyone else was waiting. When they saw the fresh cum on her face and all the dried cum on her breasts and in her hair they just grinned until Destiny spoke. "Oh girl it looks you had an interesting night.

Care to share the details?" "He fucked me so many times I lost count of them and the orgasms. All I know is my ass is sore and my throat feels like someone dragged a bale of cotton thru it." Then it was my turn. "And she's not finished. Now she has to decide if she's done or wants more, since she was told she could have today also if she could handle it. All she has to do in the next 30 seconds is say done or more.

She rubbed her ass and swallowed hard. In a voice barely above a whisper and looking down with a smile on her face she said, "More." "Then I think you should start by thanking all of these ladies for giving up their time so you could have your wish.

She started to say something but I cut her off. "I don't mean say thank you, I want you to get under the table and thank each one of them by kissing and sucking on their clits then suck my dick until we finish breakfast. If you do a good job you might get some food to go with the cum.

Now get started and do Anna last." She got on her hands and knees and crawled under the table. I could tell where she was by the sudden smiles on faces. Keisha was taking a bite of sausage when she jerked and spit out the bite. Destiny's eyes glazed over as she was eating pancakes. Finally Anna's eyes lit up as she said 'Oooohhhh'. Darlene put grandpa hardcore teen blow job cum in mouth he seized me wherever he wanted hands on my legs and pushed them apart then took my dick in her mouth.

While she was licking and sucking I ate breakfast and talked with the ladies. "Do you think she earned her breakfast girls?" All eight said they thought she even deserved something special from me for services rendered. I had them put a plate together for Darlene then pulled her from under the table.

Her face was wet and shiny form thanking everyone. I put her plate where I had been sitting and told her there were two conditions. She had to eat standing up and I was going to fuck her as she ate. She turned around, spread her legs and bent at the waist. As she started eating I put my dick to her slick pussy and entered her. She was chewing and moaning. She moaned as I pushed in and took bites as I pulled out. She shuddered halfway thru her breakfast and her legs wobbled. "Shit, this has got to be the best breakfast ever.

Hope I get to kiss the chef." I kept fucking her pussy until she finished eating and she had two more small orgasms. I turned to Keisha and asked if she wanted to join me and Darlene in the bedroom. She jumped up and ran around the table to hug me. "Yes, hell yes. I thought Destiny was going to spend a night with you before I could. Hell yes." I pulled Darlene to her feet and led them both to the bedroom. I closed the door and told Darlene to lie on her back on the bed and Keisha got on top before I said anything.

I stood watching them get comfortable in their 69 before I moved in front of Keisha and put my dick in her face. She supported herself with one hand as she put my dick in her mouth with the other. She was able to get just over half in before she gagged. She worked her mouth on me as she stroked what wouldn't go in.

I pulled from Keisha's mouth and slid my dick into Darlene's pussy. Keisha put her mouth over her clit and was playing with it as I drove into her pussy.

When I pulled out of Darlene's pussy Keisha grabbed my dick and sucked on it before I moved it to Darlene's ass. When I pushed my dick into her ass I heard Darlene moaning into Keisha's pussy. My dick was slipping in and out of her ass when Keisha moved from her clit to her pussy and was noisily sucking on her hole. Eventually I pulled out of her ass and moved around behind Keisha. I put my hands on Keisha's ass and spread her lips with my thumbs. As soon as I touched them she shook a little.

I was looking at her pretty brown petals nestled in their cocoa folds. The chocolate of her skin made her wet labia and clit shine. I had to put my tongue to them and taste the moisture that was making them glisten. When my tongue contacted her clit Keisha moaned loud into Darlene's pussy and pushed back latin cheerleader zara brooks gets dicked down my face.

I ran my tongue up thru her slit stopping to tease her tainer before licking around her crinkled little anus. When I stabbed my tongue at her anal ring she raised her head and looked back at me. "I've never done that, but I'll try if you promise to be gentle." I pushed against her sphincter and it relaxed a little allowing my tongue to enter her. I moved it in and out going as deep as it would reach with Keisha moaning louder.

I squatted behind Keisha. Aimed my dick at her pink hole and pushed it in until I hit her butt cheeks. "Oh damn I'm so full. I've wanted your dick in me since you put Lamond away. Oh fuck it feels better than I dreamed. Fuck me Mr. Bill, fuck me hard." I pulled out of her tight, hot hole leaving just the head inside then easing it back in. I did this until her nectar lubricated my shaft making penetrating her easier.

I pulled out and pushed back in hard. Keisha was gasping into Darlene's pussy with each stroke. The harder I pushed the harder she gasped. She was again pushing back meeting my strokes. I wet my fingers in her slit and used the slick juices to lube her anus and pushed a finger into her ass.

Her sphincter pulsed around my digit and I timed my pushes with it relaxing until I had my entire finger in her tight ass.

I stroked my finger in her ass as I stroked her pussy with my dick. When her sphincter relaxed, I slid another finger in. After a minute I was able to add a third finger. I spread them as I stroked stretching her ass as much as possible. When I thought she was ready I pulled my shaft from its hot tight sheath and placed the tip against her anus.

"Are you ready? I'll stop if you want." "Will you put it all in at once, then hold it and let me get used to it?" "If that's what you want I will." "That's what I want.

I'm as ready as I can be, I guess." I pushed until the head just passed her anal ring then pushed all 8" in, in one sexy latin milf sophia gets fucked good stroke. "OH FUCK MY ASS IS FULL AND ON FIRE. DON'T MOVE, PLEASE DON'T MOVE." I held her hips against me until I felt her slowly moving.

Her sphincter stopped clinching my shaft as she made small movements on me. It to her over 5 minutes but she was able to slide the entire length of my shaft in and out of her. I began pumping in her tight ass and soon she was driving back to meet me. "I'm cumming. Fill my ass with your cum." I drove into her one more time and stayed deep spraying my seed in her colon. As soon as my dick stopped pumping I pulled out and dropped my dick on Darlene's mouth.

She stretched her lips over the head and took it in using her tongue to clean my shaft. When she was done I had her and Keisha move up on the bed and lay down between them.

I pulled them to me and dragged the covers over us. With a chocolate beauty on one side and a blonde on the other we dozed off. CJ woke us about three hours later asking if we wanted to go out, in a little while, for a late lunch.

My stomach grumbled so I said yes but we needed some time to shower and clean up. I pulled Darlene to me and suckled on a nipple then pulled Keisha to me and sucked on hers. "Can I plan on you ladies staying with me tonight or do you have to go home." They both snuggled into me.

"Schools out and we can stay as long as you want us." I got them up and we went into the shower. With warm water flowing from the rain showerhead we took our time rubbing each other clean. I had to taste them all over to make sure they didn't miss anything and they had to spend a lot of time licking on my shaft and balls to make sure I was clean. When we got out of the shower I reminded them of the house rules against shorts, panties and bras.

I smiled and told them they would have to pass my inspection before we left. They went to find the other ladies and borrow something to wear since Darlene only had the Levis she wore here and Keisha only brought shorts. We ended up taking to vehicles since there were nine of us. Keisha, Darlene, Alissa and I went in Alissa's car and everyone else went in Keisha's car.

When we got to the restaurant Keisha and Darlene hugged up next to me. "You forgot to inspect us before we left." They slid my hands up under their tops so I could feel their bare breasts then slipped them under their very short skirts and placed them on their bald baby smooth mounds. We must have been quite the group walking in.

a 51 year old man with 8 young women. One 18yo blonde on one arm and an 18yo black girl on the other. We had to wait 20 minutes for them to put together seating for us and we ended up in the middle of the dining room with everyone glancing at us, especially with Keisha and Darlene sitting so close to me.

While we were eating we were talking about what we had planned for the next few weeks. Amanda reminded us of their classes on Wednesday evening and Saturday and Sunday. Friday was the 'Trash the birth control pills' celebration and Destiny was leaving with me to help Katrina move. Destiny really perked up when that came up. The next weekend was their big graduation sleepover weekend, 20 eighteen year old girls in the house for three days, lucky me.

Then Amanda said, "The weekend after that is our big ceremony." The girls all looked at me like they knew something I didn't. "Everything has been taken care of. All you have to do is show up on time. This will be something we will remember for a long time.

Marissa and Carly have volunteered to chaperone you that Friday and Saturday to keep you out of trouble and get you to the ceremony on time." They were all laughing at me needing a chaperone but past experience told me it would be an interesting Friday evening. When we left the restaurant it was already getting dark so we just headed home.

When we got there, Destiny and Christina said they had to go home. They said they would come back tomorrow for Keisha. I headed for the pool for the first time in days, just wanting to do a few laps and then relax but six naked girls had other ideas. Four of them jumped on me, wrestling me to the deck, as Amanda and Katrina sat in loungers egging them on. I knew I couldn't win but it sure was fun trying. I was grabbing pussies and tits and having them pushed in my face at the same time.

One of them had a grip on my dick and I heard Darlene say, "Damn his dick is getting hard again. I quit resisting and laid there letting them play. Keisha put her pussy over my face and I could feel hands and lips on my dick and balls. As Keisha rubbed her wet pussy on my lips my legs were pulled up and spread. One pair of Lips engulfed my shaft as another pair tried to swallow my balls. Pressure was building in my groin and as I got close, a tongue drove into my ass.

As it pushed in my cock erupted spewing cum into the lips around it. They pulled off and the rest shot in the air landing on my stomach. Keisha came on my face as Alissa, CJ and Anna licked the come off my belly. While I was licking Keisha clean, all four suddenly moved off of me. I looked up at Amanda and Katrina standing over me. "It's our turn now dear." They laid down beside me with their heads in my thighs and a hand on my dick. They passed it back and forth taking turns with it.

While one stroked it the other was kissing and sucking on the tip. I took Amanda's leg and pulled her across me placing super cute coed pepper xo spreads her tight pussy masturbation and striptease where I could put my tongue to her slit and the brown star of her anus.

When I ran my tongue thru her slit she moaned with my shaft in her mouth. As she did Katrina's lips sucked my testicles into her mouth and her tongue rolled them around like marbles. As I drove my tongue deep in her silky tunnel Amanda rose up and ground her slit to my mouth.

Katrina got up and straddled my waist, using one hand and placing my dick to her pussy, sitting down and taking it deep inside her. "Mmmmm that feels as good as it did the first time" Amanda and Katrina were kissing and playing with each other's breasts as Katrina rode my shaft and Amanda rubbed her clit on my tongue. Katrina's tight, newly deflowered velvet hole was tight and milking my shaft.

I was thrusting my hips up trying to push my shaft deeper into Katrina when Amanda shook and drove her crotch down cutting off my air as she flooded me with her sweet nectar. I drove up one more time and fired a load deep into Katrina's hot vagina. They both rolled off of me and helped me sit up so they could hold me tight.

I finally made it to the pool but without enough energy busty babe sophia leone enjoys a hard interracial sex swim my laps. The girls tried to make it up to me by taking turns hugging me and rubbing their mounds on my legs. Keisha and Darlene were the last. Keisha asked if I was ready to call it a night since I had to be up early for work. As we walked thru the house Darlene asked if we could just lie together like we did last night.

She really liked it and thought Keisha pretty beauteous gal rides up dick homemade and hardcore to. I hadn't yet figured out why all these girls liked sleeping while they suckled on my busty babe squirts all over while she masturbates for boyfriend. I got into bed with them on either side, their heads resting on my thighs.

Darlene told Keisha to take the head of my dick in her mouth and just relax and suck as she went to sleep. Darlene placed Keisha's leg across my chest with her chocolate pussy just an inch from my lips. "Maybe Mr. Bill will give you special wake up kisses in the morning." Then she moved enough to be able to suck my balls into her mouth and hold them there while Keisha nursed on my dick.

That's how I fell asleep, with the sweet musky aroma of Keisha in my nostrils. I woke up about 30 minutes before pretty nerd receives a hot cum after being fucked alarm and Keisha was still lying with her pussy in my face.

I felt her suckle on my dick every minute or so like a sleeping baby with a bottle. I put my hands on her hips and gently spread her outer lips. I kissed each of her inner lips before taking each one and sucking softly on it. Keisha moaned in her sleep and sucked faster on my dick.

When I ran my tongue thru her slit she took more of me in to her mouth and continued sucking. As I drove my tongue into her wet tunnel she woke with a groan and started bobbing on my shaft and taking in all she could without gagging and stroking the rest. Our movements woke Darlene and she began sucking on my balls. Keisha was rocking her hips on my face as I kept on tonguing her pussy.

When I moved to her swollen nub she shuddered hard and groaned around my cock. She was running her tongue around the head of my dick when I said I was ready to come. Darlene took my balls from her mouth and I felt two sets of lips on the head of my dick.

I shot five big ropes of cum before it slowed to a dribble. When it stopped they both turned to smile at me with cum on their cheeks and more on their tongues.

When they had swallowed and licked the goo from each other's faces they turned around and put their heads on my shoulders and wiggled close to me.

Keisha said, "I think I like your white boy cum and it sure feels like you like my black pussy. Let's don't wait so long to do this again." I hugged both of them and promised to see them again soon. I got up and dressed for work and as I walked outside both of them walked out with me nude. When I got on my bike she said, "Your ladies told us to remind you to ride safe because you have a lot to come home to now including a baby. Oh and I almost forgot." With that she pulled me down putting a nipple to my mouth for me to kiss.

Darlene stepped up and said the same thing and pulled me to her breast also. "You never get enough of a good thing." I rode off with a blonde and my Nubian princess waving naked in my mirror. When I got home Katrina had left to pack out her apartment, Destiny had came and picked up Keisha and Darlene to take them home and Marisa and Carly had asked to use the truck another day to finish their move.

Monday and Tuesday night were kind of quiet with the girls on line studying for the motorcycle test. When I came home Wednesday I expected to find the house empty with all four ladies gone to their first motorcycle class.

So I was surprised to see Marisa in the kitchen naked except for an apron that barely went from her nipples to her below her mound.

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She must have heard the door because without turning around she said, "I'll be your cook and company for dinner. There's no sense in both of us eating alone. Beside I want to get to know the man that might be my baby's daddy one day. Why don't you go get out of those work clothes? Dinner will be ready by then." I just said 'Ok' and headed off to the bedroom.

When I came back out, without my clothes, she was nowhere to be seen. "I'm in the family room." When I walked in she had put two plates of spaghetti, salads and two beers on the coffee table in front of the couch. The TV was on the news and she was sitting, nude, with her legs folded under her in the middle of the couch. "I thought we could just eat, watch some news and hardcore slut doing two cum loaded shafts. From what I have seen you don't get much time for that." When I sat down she put a towel in my lap and handed me the spaghetti and salad.

"It's hot and I don't want my sisters getting mad at me if you have an accident." She picked up her plate and sat down next to me pressing her hip against mine. We ate dinner and had our beers while we watched at the news. When we were done she carried the dishes to the kitchen and brought us a couple of cold beers.

I was sitting on the end of the couch so when she came back in she handed me a beer and sat down in my lap leaning back against the arm. She put her arm around me and just sat there looking at me. "Does it bother you having me sitting in your lap like this?" "No, in fact it's kind of nice.

And it doesn't hurt that you're easy on the eyes, especially this close" "Do you want to have sex with me?" "NO, what brought that on?" "I can feel your member swelling under my butt.

Are you sure you don't want to have sex?" "Hey I'm a guy.

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If you sat naked on any guys lap he'd get an erection or he'd be dead. If you're asking me to have sex with you I would say yes, but I thought you wanted to talk, not play." "We are talking and I already know more than you think from tonight.

You've been sitting with me touching you for more than an hour and haven't made one move on me. I sat in your lap and you still didn't try to touch me. I even asked you to have sex and you still haven't done anything.

That makes you a pretty good guy. What I want to know is why you just go along with everything my sister's want." "One reason is because it makes me sexting to lesbian teacher melissa moore gina valentina katie morgan. The other is even though they got me out of my funk after my wife's death I still haven't figured out why them, or you for that matter, want me. Besides I like being surrounded by young beautiful women and waking up looking at them and you is one hell of a way to stay young.

Now can you tell me why you thing I should be the guy to get you and Carly pregnant?" That caught her off guard and it took her a bit to respond. "My sisters talk about you like you're the best thing that has ever happened to them. When you're not around they talk like you are some kind of wonderful person.

You treat them like ladies and behave like a gentleman except when they ask, almost beg you, to treat them like sex toys jungle me mangal xxx ebony sluts.

Anna is proud that she's your baby slut. The more I'm around you the more I feel the same way. I haven't seen you treat any of these girls any way except the way they want and you even try to talk them out of that. If that's in your genes that's what Carly and I want in our children.

That's why we want you to be our baby's daddy." "If I agree, when do you want to start trying?" "Well just coincidentally, women are their most fertile two weeks before their period. For me that was yesterday so my body is ready now. The only problem is I've never had regular sex with a man. I've done oral and even anal a couple of times but never vaginally.

That's another reason we picked you. My sisters said you made sure they were ok before and after they gave you their virginity and made them feel special." "Are you really ready or do you still want to wait like you told me before?" "Will you be gentile and hold me until morning?" "I'll hold you all week if that what you want and nothing will happen if you change your mind. Do you want me to carry you to my bed?" "Would you?" I had her move off my lap, got up and picked her up in my arms.

She put her arms around me and laid her head on my shoulder. "Take me and make me yours. I want to feel what my sisters feel." I took her to my bedroom, placed her on the bed and closed the door.

I lay down next to her propped up on one elbow and just looked at her laying there. With her brunette hair spread out around her head and her brown eyes wide open with excitement she was a vision of beauty.

Her breasts were heaving from anticipation as I traced circles around her breasts and nipples with my finger. Her stomach fluttered as I traced circles down just above her mound. When I cupped her mound with my hand she moaned and opened her legs. When I bent down to kiss her lips as I rubbed my palm across her mound, she put her arms around me and crushed her lips to mine. Her tongue slipped between our lips and she hungrily lapped the inside of my mouth.

When I kissed her ears and neck she groaned and lifted her breasts to me. As soon as my lips touched a nipple she jerked and a tremor ran thru her body. I ran my tongue around her nipples tracing a line thru each little bump on her areolas with the tip.

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Her body was shaking as I placed my mouth over a nipple and sucked in as much of a breast as I could before flicking the nipple with my tongue. As I sucked on one breast I rolled the other nipple between my fingers and softly pulled on it.

"Oh damn I'm going to have an orgasm and you haven't been past my tit's. If this is how you treat my sisters, no wonder they stay with you. OH SHIT." I reached down and placed two fingers in her parted lips and pulled them back coated with the nectar from her orgasm. When I brought it to my lips I detected the faint aroma of strawberries mixed with her strong female musk.

When I put them to my lips it was like I had just pulled them from a bowl of sweet jam. Marisa was the sweetest of the sisters in more ways than one. I could hardly wait to pierce her honey hole with my tongue. I put my lips back on her nipple and teased some more before kissing across the soft flesh of her stomach to the top of her shaved, baby smooth mound.

I put my lips to the top of the cleft and put a soft kiss on it before sliding my tongue in. "Ooooohhhh, more. Please more." As she spread her legs further opening her outer lips so her wet inner lips were visible. When I pulled her outer lips apart more so I could access her clit she pulled on my leg until I was kneeling over her head. She put both hands on my shaft, stroking it as she guided the tip to her lips.

Pre-cum was already seeping out and she was flicking it off with her tongue. "Mmmmm, now I know why Anna and CJ said they like sleeping sucking on your cock. With that taste in my mouth all night, I want to try it to." When I sucked her little nub between my lips she let out a deep groan as she took half of me in her mouth.

She gagged as it hit her throat so she pulled it out and gasped. "How do they get that thing all the way in?" "Katrina asked the same question. It just takes practice. Some take to it faster than others. But I'll let you practice all you want." I buried my face back in her crotch and licked my way thru her slit. When I stopped and put my tongue in her virgin tunnel it just touched her intact hymen. She pushed her hips to my face and squirted me with her delicious nectar. "Oh, Oh, Oh, I'm&hellip.

ca…ca… cumming." With her sucking on my dick and her virgin pussy on my tongue my nuts felt like they were about to bust. I had to get off of her before I wasted my seed in her mouth. I lay down next to her and pulled her on top of me.

"Why did you stop?" "I wasn't sure I could keep from cumming in your mouth and that won't help you get pregnant." She bent down so I could massage her breasts and suck on her nipples as she rocked her hips, sliding my shaft between her lips. I held her hips as she rose up and put the head of my dick at the entrance to her virgin piece of heaven.

"This is your choice. You can do it all at once or go slow." Before I could say anything else she drove herself down burying the full length of my shaft I the tight confines of her hot deflowered vagina. "Oh damn, it feels so good and doesn't hurt as much as I thought." She put her hands on my chest for support and grit her teeth as she started sliding up my shaft.

"Mmmmm, there's a little stinging but your cock stretching my pussy feels much better." She was slowly riding up and down and moaning each way.

She was moving faster and driving down harder when I felt my nuts tightening again. I pulled her to me and made her stop so we could roll over. I pulled my knees up between her legs. Took her ankles in my hands and started driving into her tunnel. I was lost in lust when her head went back, her body shook and her back arched "Oh god fill me with your seed and give me a baby. Please fuck me pregnant." I blew what felt like a quart of cum into her virgin womb, hoping it didn't take so I could have her as a partner for a long time.

When I finished and she had milked the last of my seed, I pulled out and put her legs together so nothing would leak out. When I lay next to her she started to sit up and I told her to just lay there and let her egg soak in my swimmers. She giggled a little and said "Then bring your cock up here and let me have another taste." I moved up and straddled her chest.

She began licking my cum coated shaft like a large lollipop. "Mmmmm, Mmmmm, Mmmmm" was all I heard until she had licked every inch clean and even sucked on my balls. "Now lay down and hold me, please." I laid back down next to her with my head on her arm, a leg across her hips and put my lips on her nipple. She put her arm around me and kissed the top of my head. That's the way my four ladies found us when they came home.

"Well, what have you to been up to, as if I couldn't guess?" I opened my eyes to see Anna and when I looked around the other three were standing around the bed. Marisa smiled at the group and said, "We've been making a baby." The girls were just standing there speechless until Anna jumped up on the bed and hugged Marisa. "Sister does this mean you're not&hellip.?" "Yep" "And you guys&hellip.?" "Yep, your Mr.

Bill is now 4 for 4. We all gave him our virginity and he is giving us filthy whores in a gangbang smalltits and homemade you think it should be 'Our Mr. Bill' now that you're in his bed to?" The next thing I I knew they were all on the bed basically in a pile on top of us laughing and congratulating Marisa on her new status as a non-virgin and welcoming her to our extended family.

When they were done they dragged us out of bed to the family room and Amanda appeared with a cold bottle of champagne. "This was left over from our last celebration. I think this is a good time to finish it." We celebrated until the champagne was all gone then I walked Marisa back to the bedroom and we got back in the bed and pulled the covers over us.

"I promised to hold you till morning." She snuggled into my arms and the last thing she said before falling asleep was, "I know why my sisters love you." When my alarm woke me Marisa was still clinging tightly to me.

I tried to slip away and let her sleep but she woke up and pulled me back to her. "What's this, sneaking out like a thief in the night? Take my virginity then leave without even a kiss." When she saw my confused look she said, "I'm only kidding. Let's get in the shower and get you ready for work." We were standing under the warm water soaping each other when she said, "If your ladies say ok can we do this again tonight? Yesterday today and Friday are when they say I'm most likely to get pregnant and you're going to be gone Friday.

Then we have to wait until next month." "I guess I'll have to see if I have a sexy present on my bed when I get home. By the way if you're going to be part of the family we can practice a lot before next month." She hugged me tight and said she would see what she could arrange. When I was dressed and went out to leave she walked out with me holding my hand and swinging our arms like a school girl.

I got on my bike and she climbed up to sit side saddle in my lap. I know what my sisters say we should tell you every time you take off on your bike but I want to say there are six women who care deeply for you and want you to be safe at home with them so be careful. But I would like to have you kiss my breasts like you do for them. I love your lips anywhere on me." I kissed both of her breasts and lingered on her nipples.

I kerry cherry and roxy dee in sapphic shower lesbians by sapphix young teen going to have to get back home a little early I think. As I rode off I was wondering again what I had gotten myself into.

When I got home the house seemed empty until I heard laughter on the back deck. I looked out the kitchen window and saw six naked women sitting around the picnic brigitte rough fuck big cock best new video game that was loaded with food.

Anna looked up, saw me and after waving ran inside. She jumped up, wrapped her arms and legs around me and started kissing all over my face. "Hi daddy I haven't had much chance to hold you lately and I need to make up for it. Let's get you undressed and outside for dinner.

We've just been waiting for you to get here." She got down and pulled me to the bedroom where she slapped my hands away when I started to unbutton my shirt. Let me. It's like unwrapping a present." She took off my shirt then had me sit on the bed so she could take off my boots and socks. She stood me back up and unfastened my pants. "Now to see what you have in there for me." She slid my pants down and my shaft sprang free almost hitting her in the eye. "Oh daddy, I know we are supposed to be letting you get Marisa pregnant but it would sure be nice if you let me suck on that big stick for a few minutes before we go back out side.

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I promise I'll stop when you tell me to, but my lips are craving that meat. Please daddy, please?" I stepped out of my pants and sat back on the bed.

"Baby girl you know I'll give you anything you want but I want something to." "What's that daddy?" I lay back on the bed and pointed at my mouth. "Your sweet pussy right here." She squealed with delight as she climbed up on the bed.

"Daddy you sure know how to sweet talk your baby slut." She wiggled her butt as she lowered her moist lips to my face and slipped her lips down my shaft. I drove my tongue into baby sluts pussy and licked it in time with her lips sliding on my shaft. I had missed the taste of her tart musk and I tried to suck as much from her as I could.

I sucked on her clit as she moaned and held my dick as deep as it would go. I felt my balls start to tighten and I pushed her off of me. "No daddy, just a little more, please?" "You promised to stop." "But you feel and taste so good." I turned her around and gave her a kiss. "We need to go outside before they come looking for us." We walked out to the deck together. Baby slut was holding my dick in her hand like she was leading me and sat me down next to Marisa. She leaned over to her and spoke in a stage whisper.

"I made sure he had a big load for you tonight sister." Then she licked her lips and sat down at the table. They had gone all out. There were fried chicken breasts and thighs with potatoes and cream gravy for me and they were having smoked sausage, brauts and hot dogs. There had to be a message there somewhere. When dinner was done and the table cleared we sat outside and enjoyed the sunset together. As we sat there Marisa said, "I talked with Alissa and CJ and we have come up with a schedule.

We worked out when our periods fall and backed up two weeks to when we would our most fertile. All of your women have agreed to let us each have those three days with you." "What about Kat?" "We can add her in once she gets moved. We're gonna keep you very happy until we are all pregnant and then make you happier with beautiful babies." By this time Marisa had moved into my lap with her arms around my neck and Anna was sitting cuddled to my side.

Alissa, CJ and Amanda had decided to get in the pool and while I was holding Marisa, Amanda walked up the steps with water running down her body. As I watched it drip from her breast and run down her stomach, I noticed for the first time she had developed a baby bump.

It made her look just that much more sensual to me. They stretched out on the loungers as I got Marisa and Anna headed to the water. I wanted to swim some laps but they wanted to play. We reached a compromise, they let me swim after I promised Marisa I'd let Anna join us tonight. After half a dozen laps they decided I was going to tire myself out so they pulled me to the side of the pool and worked on convincing me we should go inside. With breasts and pussies rubbing against me and both of them nibbling on my ears and neck it didn't take long.

They told me to give them ten minutes then join them. I got out, dried of and laid down next to Amanda and put my hand on her stomach. "Pregnant looks good on you, I can't wait for you to get bigger so I can show you off." She put her hand on mine and said, "I can't wait until we find out if we have a boy or a girl." I held her until she reminded me I had a hot date in the bedroom.

When I went in the bedroom Marisa and Anna were sitting together with their legs folded under them in the middle of the bed. They were cheek to cheek looking at me staring at them. They were wearing matching blue shear lace baby dolls and tiny g-string bottoms that hid nothing but enhanced everything. Marisa said, "Do you like they way your presents are wrapped?

Would you like to come up here and start unwrapping them?" I got up on the bed with them squirting breastmilk in lengerie pregnant and fetish pulled Anna to me. She raised her arms and I pulled her baby doll over her head.

As I bent down to take one of her nipples in my mouth, Marisa joined me at the other one. She lay back on the bed as we continued to caress her breasts and suck on her nipples. I rose up and pulled Marisa with me. I pulled her top off but she pushed me down next to Anna then bent over us so we both could take a breast in our mouth.

As we suckled on her breasts she reached down with one hand and wrapped it around my shaft and stroked. After a few minutes Marisa turned to straddle Anna and slipped her g-string off before spreading her legs.

Marisa spread Anna's lips then ran her tongue thru her slit while Anna was pulling her g-string off. I watched as Anna pulled Marisa down and placed her lips on her clit and sucked. Marisa moaned into Anna's pussy as her body shivered. As Anna slid her tongue in to Marisa's pussy I bent down and ran my tongue thru her crack and around the star of her ass. As I licked across it she gave a little wiggle and when I pushed the tip at its center she pushed back.

When her star relaxed I pushed my tongue in as far as I could and moved it around. I put my fingers between Anna's lips and Marisa pussy and wet them with her juices. I replaced my tongue with one finger and slid it all the way in. Her sphincter was clenching and relaxing around my digit. When it relaxed I slipped in another finger and then a third and spread them stretching her ring as she drove back against my hand.

She raised her head and looked back at me. "I'm ready. I want you to put your cock in my ass. I want you to fuck my ass, then fuck my pussy and fill me with your seed." I knelt behind her and put my shaft where Anna lips were on Marisa's pussy.

Anna took my shaft in her mouth and ran her tongue around it before putting it to Marisa's wet hole. I slid it in several times until it was coated with her juices and slick before pulling out, removing my fingers from her anus and pressing the head of my dick against it. As the head slipped in Marisa raised her head again. "Mmmmm, put it all in. Fill my ass with cock." I slowly slid it all in and she groaned until my balls were against her pussy and I stopped. As I held it there Anna reached up and sucked in my balls swabbing them with her tongue.

I pulled back a little and Anna released my balls so I could fuck Marisa's ass. I was nice sex with legal age teenager girl her waist and stroking into her as Marisa grunted on each stroke. "That's if baby, fuck my ass. Pound it deep and long." I could hear Anna slurping at Marisa's pussy as an orgasm over took her.

While Marisa was still shaking from her orgasm I pulled my dick from her ass and guided it to her pussy. Anna complained that she wasn't done but moved anyway and licked my dick where it was disappearing into Marisa's tight sleeve. "Oh Bill fuck me. Fill me with your seed. Make me pregnant." My groin was already getting tight and it only took a few minutes until I shot my cum deep in her pussy to join the swimmers already there trying to find and penetrate her fertile egg.

Rocco siffredi joins ass gaping lesbian orgy I stopped pumping into her my legs felt like rubber and I rolled back on the bed watching her keep shaking as Anna assaulted her clit.

When they finished they turned and laid down next to me. Anna looked at me and asked if she could show Marisa how to deep throat. "If that's what she wants, go ahead." Anna and Marisa both jumped up and kissed me before they turned around and laid down supporting themselves on one elbow with their lips touching my dick. They took turns licking it free of Marisa and my mixed cum. Anna stretched her lips over the head and slowly swallowed all 8".

Marisa just watched. "I don't know how you can take all of that down sister." Anna raised her head. "Take it in until it just starts to feel like you're going to gag and hold it there. Swallow and keep swallowing as you take a little more.

Think of how much you want his all of his delicious meat in your mouth. As you swallow you'll feel it touch the opening to your throat and just keep trying to take in more. You'll feel it when it starts down. You don't have to do it all at once just keep trying every time you get to taste his cock. One day it will all go down like this." She swallowed my dick again and held it down swallowing stunning jenna has her tight butthole plowed my shaft and making my balls tingle.

This time when she pulled off of it Marisa took it in her hand and slipped it into her mouth. She pushed her mouth down on it until she gagged. "Not that far. Just until you start to get that feeling, then stop, hold it and breathe." Marisa pushed down again just not as far and just held it. She lay down putting her cheek on my thigh as she suckled on my dick, occasionally making a small movement trying to take more.

Anna laid her head on my other thigh and was watching her sister. "Sleep on it tonight and try again in the morning." Marisa just smiled and closed her eyes. I woke in the middle of the night to Anna stroking on my dick while Marisa suckled, like Amanda had several nights before when Alissa was sucking just the same. She smiled up at me when she saw my eyes open and put a finger to her lips for me to be silent. She kept stroking as she moved one leg across my chest and slid back until her pussy lips were on my lips.

I sucked on her inner lips and heard her moan so soft it sounded like a purr. Her grip on my shaft tightened as she continued stroking and purring.

A couple of minutes later, as cum pumped thru my shaft and Anna's grip into Marisa's mouth, She swallowed most of it with only a little leaking past her lips onto her cheek as she smiled in her sleep. Anna's nectar flowed into my mouth hd teen massage young zorah gets her smoothlyshaven slit fucked I held as much rubateen tall skinny russian teen gets a juicy creampie I could in my mouth and swallowed the rest.

When she finished she turned around and put her head next to mine. I pulled her lips to mine and pushed my tongue coated with her juice into her mouth. She quickly sucked my tongue then pushed her tongue into my mouth to claim all she could.

This time when she put her head back down she slept until my lesbian fingering compilation and hot blonde striptease hot ballet girl orgy went off. Anna woke me when the alarm went off and Marisa was still nursing on my dick. When Anna shook her awake she took my dick from her mouth and sat up.

Anna giggled at her and told her to go look in the mirror. When she came back from the bathroom she was hollering at us as we laughed. "How did I end up with all this dried cum on my face?" When she stopped laughing Anna told her what we had done.

"Damn it, you could have at least woke me up so I could enjoy it to." We got in the shower, cleaning up and joking about last night. Marisa said, "Don't I get another chance? You man bonks his oriental adorable gf hardcore and blowjob said wait until morning." I put her hand on my shaft and pushed her to her knees in front of me under the warm flowing water. She put the head in her mouth and slowly slid it in like Anna had told her.

I felt her almost gag then put out a little before sliding back down. I could feel the tip touching the back of her mouth like a hair tickling. She back off and tried several more times holding herself down until she needed a breath each time.

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Soon I felt the tip of my dick hard against the back of her mouth and her throat was sucking at it. I finally had to stop her so I could get ready for work. They walked out with me and Marisa gave me an extra long hug.

"Thank you for the last two days. I know why CJ and Anna love you so much. I just hope you'll let Carly and I love you as much. Now get to work and hurry home safe. Tonight is the flushing of the pills ceremony." I did their little kissing of the breasts and hugs ceremony and rode off to work. I had a lot on my mind. Seven women that said they loved me and a weekend with one of them and a hot Nubian princess.

When I got home about 4:30 there were a couple of extra cars in the drive. Inside were my four ladies along with Marisa and Carly, and Lorraine and Kathy. Lorraine and Kathy ran up to me and hugged me. "Hi daddy we've missed you." They made sure to show me they were wearing the nipple clamps and labia clips they were required to wear around me and they both handed me the remotes for the vibrating eggs in their pussies.

While sex is all this lewd mother id like to fuck needs hardcore blowjob were catching up there was a knock at the door. When I opened it Keisha and Christina were standing there side by side in short little skirts and tops that were little more than a 3" stretch band around their breasts.

Keisha handed me a leather leash. Here's your pussy for the week end. She and Christina walked in and I was standing there holding a leash that was connected to a collar around Destiny's neck. She was totally nude except for whiskers drawn on her face and a pair of cat ears on her head. When I told her to come inside, Keisha said, "Pussies don't talk.

Just tell her what to do." I pulled on the leash and she followed with a smile. 5 minutes later the girls were getting ready for their little ceremony and I was the only one dressed and I was leading a naked girl on a leash. Amanda said I was a little over dressed.

When I went to the bedroom to get undressed and sat on the bed my 'pussy' jumped up on the bed and sat on her heels next to me. When I took my shirt off, she started licking my neck as she leaned against me and purred. I kicked off my shoes and stood up to take of my pants she jumped off the bed and sat on her heels in front of me watching. I sat down to pull my pants over my ankles and my 'pussy' moved forward to lick my thighs like she had my neck.

She moved closer and licked at my flaccid shaft. As it started to stir I got up and pulled her up by the leash and walked back to the family room. I sat on the end of the couch to watch them destroy their birth control pills and filling adorable teen scarlett sawyer mouth with cream 'pussy' sat on her heels in front of me and pushed my legs apart so she could sit between them.

She started licking me like a cat again, this time putting her head against my leg and holding my shaft to her tongue. She just kept licking and licking as Alissa and CJ punched all the pills out of their holders and thru them in the trash. Alissa and CJ turned to me. "Now you can't poke in fun anymore. You have four women waiting for you to knock them up." everyone was laughing except Destiny, the pussy, She was busy licking my cock and balls like a cat. "Don't pussy's like cream? Suck here." I big boob colt 45 big boobs the head of my dick to her lips and she licked off the pre-cum that was trickling out.

She purred again then stretched her lips over the head and sucked on it as she gently stroked the shaft. When I put my hand on her head and stroked her hair she purred around my shaft again. Keeping my dick in her mouth she moved around to lie on her side on the couch like a feline. When I rubbed my hand down her back and side she moaned and nuzzled her head on me as she stroked me tighter. I cupped a breast with my hand and massaged it softly she stroked me faster and was sucking like she had a craving to fill.

When my balls let go with a stream of cum she swallowed it all then licked the tender tip like a cat before moving up onto my lap and nibbling at my ear. "Mmmmm, Mmmmm, mmeeooowww. Now are you ready for some real pussy?" She stood up and looked back at me.

"Fuck this pussy kitty style and let all these ladies watch." My dick was still semi-hard and when she spread her legs and bent over, her anus winked at me and my dick rose to the occasion.

I got on my knees behind her. I had to taste this gorgeous chocolate pussy. I spread her outer lips and lusty filly is down for some anal her inner lips were soaked with her juices.

I put my nose close and inhaled her musky sweet female essence. It was intoxicating. I dipped my tongue between those soft inner lips and was rewarded with tart, slightly fruity taste that I would like to have in my mouth all night. As my tongue traced the outline of her lips my Kitty pussy responded. "Mmmmm, mmeeoooowww, wow. Kitty likes the way you treat pussy's." I pulled her to my lips to keep her from falling forward while I devoured her tasty nectar.

When my tongue slid into her tasty wet pussy, she trembled and her legs started shaking. "Kitty thinks you need to fill her pussy before her legs fail her." As much as I hated to give up this tasty treat I stood up, spread her cheeks and put my dick between her legs and slid it thru her wet lips.

When it was coated in her slit juice I put it at the entrance to the delicious chocolate pussy I had just been eating greedily. I held her hips and slid all 8" into my raunchy threesome action with foxy mira sunset pornstars cumshot kitty.

"Oh god, Mr. Bill you just made Kitty's pussy very full and Kitty very happy. Now make Kitty cum." I was stroking into her when I looked up to see all eyes on us. Marisa and Carly were holding each other with their hands roaming each other's bodies. Keisha and Christina were together with Christina's mouth locked on one of Keisha's breasts.

Alissa, CJ and Anna were watching wide eyed as Amanda said, "Are we going to need a litter box for a new pet." Destiny, 'Kitty', replied, Kitty is house broken and likes to sleep curled up at the feet of her master and his lady, if that's ok?" Amanda smiled and said, "We'll see." As I fucked Kitty's pussy I put a finger in my mouth and wet it.

I rubbed it around and across her pucker anus. She pushed back to me a little harder as I pressed the pucker. I tightened at first but as I slowly stroked the tip in her it started to relax. "Do you want to fill Kitty's little ass? If you do, it will make kitty a very, very happy kitty. Kitty likes having big toms fuck her ass, almost as much as when they fuck Kitty's pussy." I slipped a second and then a third finger in.

stroking her ass and pussy, listening to her meow and purr. Without warning I pulled my finger and dick out and drove my entire dick into her ass until my balls were pressed against her pussy. "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck. Kitty's ass feels like it on fire and fuller than it's ever been. Fuck kitty's ass hard and make her cum, please." She was moaning until I hit bottom on each stroke. What I heard exclusive-hot blonde wants hard sex before the shopping "Mmmmm, ungh, Mmmmm, ungh, Mmmmm, ungh, Mmmmm, ungh." I pulled out of Kitty's ass and shoved my dick back into her hot pussy and kept stroking.

"Mmeeooww. Kitty's cumming, YYEEOOWWLL." As her body shuddered in its orgasmic throws, I pulled my dick from her pussy and pushed it into her ass again. Her legs went weak and all that held her up was my grip on her waist and my dick buried in her ass.

Fuck&hellip.me…I can't…control&hellip.my…body&hellip.fill…me with&hellip.your hot……cummmm." As I shot the first string of cum into her ass I pulled out and shot another on her ass hole before I got my dick in her pussy and finished spraying her pussy with my seed.

My legs were giving out also and I fell back on the couch pulling her with me. When we landed it drove my dick an inch deeper than when we were standing up.

"Oh fuck I think you pushed it into my throat." She leaned back against me with her legs outside mine and my softening shaft still deep inside her. CJ and Anna were on their knees in front of us as soon as I sat down. "Daddy can we taste you and your Kitty?" I pulled Kitty's legs up to her chest as my dick slipped from her cummy pussy. I let her slide down my lap until they both could lick at her pussy.

I watched as they slurped noisily at our cum that was dribbling out. When they finished she sat next to me nuzzling my chest as CJ and Anna took turns sucking on my dick and licking it clean. Soon I had a Kitty in my lap with Anna and CJ cuddling at my sides. Amanda walked by and reminded me it was 8pm already and I needed to leave pretty soon to go help Kat move in College Station.

I finally got Anna and CJ to let me up. When Destiny Kitty stood up she handed me the leash that was still attached to the collar around her neck. "I'm yours for the weekend, master." Then she looked at me with a twinkle in her eyes. "I will do anything you want." This rebecca linares and victoria sinn share a black guy get interesting.