Huge boobs blonde milf gets twat smashed

Huge boobs blonde milf gets twat smashed
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So here I was standing in a tight pressed crowd of an open air festival. I never heard of any band which was supposed to play here. Most of them were rather unknown indie bands which were insiders' tips within the scene.

That meant the organizer had a limited budget and couldn't afford - nor generally needed - armies of security personal watching the crowd or protecting the stars. What was way more important to the audience was loud - and i mean LOUD - music equipment. This music genre - I suppose it was something between punk rock and death metal but as I said I don't really care about the music itself - lived from its volume, from making you feel the beats flow through your body, from drowning out all other sensations with the sound of the band.

The saner concert goers which found a place in the area near the loudspeakers would therefor wear ear plugs. It is one thing to feel your body shudder with the music but another to get deaf after ten of such experiences. One of the huge speaker towers stood right left to me ass and bawdy cleft lanced with ramrod hardcore russian while not exactly being sane, I still had my plugs tightly stuck in my ears.

Even though it was a mild night with the moon offering most of the illumination offside the stage, I was beginning to sweat. The heat of thousands of bodies, pressed together in one place without much space for the cool air to flow through just made sure of that. I looked around a bit, mustering the crowd. Because the first band was still busy with preparing and testing all their equipment, most of flock talked with their friends about this or that creating a white back noise of murmur.

The majority seemed to be young males in their teens or twenties - of course there were some "too young to be here" and "I'm not old when I keep going to such events" types too.

Women were not exactly rare neither, some obviously came with their boyfriends others were part of small groups. Occasionally there was a girl who seemed to be alone, but that was really the exception.

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I was still musing about the crowd when the band finally got their stuff together and played the first tune to get the attention of everyone.

And they did, earning excited cheers and screams. A moment later they blasted away with the first song. I yawned. This was the boring part, as I waited for the crowd to get heated up which generally takes a few minutes. Once the third song started most fans were pretty much into it, shaking their head with the rhythm and jumping up and down when the space would allow it. Now it was time for me to have fun. But first I needed to find me a date. Mostly the choice was limited by chance: The area was so packed, that I couldn't just walk around and check out potential soon-to-be-fucked women.

Moving five foot into any direction took several minutes and a lot use of physical strength to shove people away. So my radius was limited to maybe 10 to 15 foot. But luck was on my side today - and against one of the female fans: About six foot in front of me I saw two women standing. I didn't think that they belonged to any of the other bystanders, at least the gestures and behavior didn't indicated it. The one on the right had blond hair, a slim figure and wore a short, tight jeans and a blue babydoll tee.

I was however more interested on the girl beside her: Her shoulder was covered with her long black hair which flew through the air as she jumped to the beat. Her medium sized but firm looking breast were covered by a black bra and bounced beautifully every time her feet landed back on the ground.

Over the bra was a fishnet see-through shirt and long, fingerless gloves covered her arms. Further down a short black skirt sat on her hips and again there was fishnet, this time in the form of a pantyhose. Black leather half-boots finally build the closure of the outfit. I could only get glimpses of her face, but I could see her brown eyes, outlined by black mascara building a stark contrast to her white skin. It was hard to tell her age but guessed that she was between 17 and 21 years old.

I decided jessie wylde panting in public would be my unwilling playmate tonight and started my way towards her. It took quite some shoving and I had to use my elbows now and then to get rid of some less cooperating people, but a few minutes later I reached my destination and stood behind the two women.

I watched my victim as she continued to enjoy the music, breathing in her scent and admiring her view. Finally I was done being an observer and started my game. First of all I used my body to slightly shove her forward, reducing her free scope to even less than it was before.

While she might have been a bit annoyed to be pushed forward it was nothing out of the ordinary - everyone wants to be in front as far as possible. The space I created behind me was quickly consumed by the crowd. Now our bodies were so close that they touched rubbing them together. I could see that she grew a bit uncomfortable being confined that much, but again that just happens on such events, just like in a crowded train.

She tried to make herself a bit space by pushing forward, but the guys in front of her didn't let themselves be pushed aside and she didn't have the strength to force them to. Finally she gave up bothering about this and put her attention back to the music trying to move with the beat as much as the space allowed it.

I placed my left hand on her ass and squeezed it a bit. This was impossible to mistake as an accident, and instantly her hand shot down and slapped mine away. Her head turned around to look at me and I stared the first time into her angry eyes. Her glare told me "I know sofi goldfinger deep anal hardcore gonzo scene by ass traffic you did it intentionally, pervert.

Don't try it again!". She might have said something, if the music wouldn't have drowned any communication. Once she felt that I had received her glare-message, her look went back forward. I didn't waited long and put my hand on her ass again, massaging it slightly. When her hand came down to slap me away, I grabbed it tightly and forced it on my jeans covered crotch, making her feel my 7 inch erection with her fingers.

She tried to pull her hand away, but I held it there for a few seconds before I let go. It vanished in front of her, trying to get away from being forced to touch the bulge on my jeans. The attention of my hands again drifted to her ass and this time no interference came. She tried to move away and wiggle my hand off, but there just was nowhere to go and I kept my touch. She realized her tries to get away were useless and there was no way she could call for help or get the attention of someone to help her.

Everyone was consumed with the performance two hot babes share two big cocks the stage. So she just stood there, waiting for when I had enough of groping her behind.

And I had enough. It was time to move on. When my hand left her, I could nearly feel her relief. It was short lived however, as my fingers crept up her back below her shirt until they found the clasp of her bra.

Once there I opened it and gently tugged at one of the straps. Her hands flew in front of her, trying to keep her bra from sliding off and revealing her breasts to everyone who choose to look.

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She was successful at first, but my tugs became stronger and stronger and finally despite her desperate tries to keep the bra in place, it gave in to my pull sliding off to the side until I had the whole bra in my hand. I put it into my pocket as a trophy before my fingers went to their new aim in front of her body.

I practically hugged her from behind and let each hand cup one of her breast, enjoying the feel of having those young and firm apples sized tits in my hand.

She started to fight again, using her hand to get rid of my embrace, but I kept my grip on her breasts. When her fingernails dug into my arms sending small jolts of pain, I took her right nipple between my fingers and squeezed it hard. I couldn't hear her scream, but I could feel it. She understood my message hand her arms went limp, hanging down while I continued to play with her breasts and caress her pink nipples until they reacted and became hard.

She stood there motionless, waiting for it to be over, while a tear mixed with the mascara, ran down her eye and made a black streak on her cheek. My hand slid slowly downwards reaching her skirt slim girl pawns her pussy and pounded by horny pawn guy vanishing inside it. I couldn't see anything down there from my angle so I had to trust my touch senses to explore her neither regions.

The first thing I felt were here soft satin panties, covering her mound.

I traced my finger along them, feeling a slight texture change which must have been a strip of trimmed pubic hair. Lower still, my finger found a small hill with a gap on top: Her slightly swollen neither lips and the slit to her inner parts, building her vulva.

My finger went on, until I could feel it on top of her entrance. I applied pressure and the elastic panties gave in, allowing my finger to travel a tiny bit into her hole, before the satin finally stopped it.

My toy shook her head wildly desperately trying to tell me that she didn't wanted this. Well I knew already, I just didn't care. My finger left her entrance and went back upwards until it reached the edge of her panties over her pelvis.

Then my whole hand slipped below them and covered her mound. She tried made a weak try to get away once more, but my other arm still had her in a tight hug so that she couldn't move an inch. I rubbed her pussy and circled her little clit with my fingers, until I could feel her body reacting. It doesn't matters how much you not want it, your body will give in at some point and before long my fingers were coated with her wetness. I took them out and held my hand in front of her face, making her look at the glistening surface and taking in the scent of her own arousal.

When she understood, she moved her head to the side ashamed, so she didn't had to look. The time for the grand finale drew near. I released my grip on her, so that I could grab her panties with both hands and ripped them off with one tug. They went to the place were her bra already was. I freed hot andy rides a massive meat pole penis from his jeans prison and allowed him to touch her ass before I grabbed one of her hand and wrapped it around my shaft.

Her fingers were a cold touch on it, so for her it must mma training and fucking with shyla stylez felt like a hot rod. I moved her hand up and down, jerking myself with her. But of course I had no intention to end the performance with a forced handjob. I let go of her hand and slid my penis slowly down her bottom cleft. She could feel the unprotected cock getting closer and closer to her innocent pussy. The idea of some stranger knocking her up on this concert gave her enough reason to fight again.

She struggled and tried to shove away the crowd in front of her to make an escape route. I paused my journey into her, grabbed each arm with one of mine and pinned them on her back, making any further try to escape futile and painful.

For the second time this night she turned her head and her tear stained eyes pleaded to let her go and to not do this to her. I only smiled and put one finger on my mouth, in the universal gesture to be silent and calm. Then I pointed to her friend. She had been oblivious to all what was happening and didn't notice that her friend was just moments away from being raped, a few inch besides her.

One couldn't blame her, it was impossible to hear or feel what was going on and the interesting thing usually happened on the stage and not beside you.

My date understood the threat. She was going to get fucked here and even if her friend would notice, she couldn't help her.

So the question was if she wanted her friend to watch while some man on the concert had his way with her. In the best case it would be a shameful memory which followed them for the rest of their friendship and in the worst case her friend might think that she consented to it and was just a total slut.

She realized once again that she had no choice and all the will to fight left her body. Nevertheless I kept her arms pinned and pushed her back forward as far as the space would allow it while spreading her legs shoulder wide. Then I resumed to slide my cock closer to her pussy.

My penis vanished between her thighs, before I could feel the head making contact with her slid. I pushed forward a tiny bit and her pussy lips started to stretch around the intruding penis head. As it went slowly in, they had to accommodate more and more until with a small plop the head of my cock was inside her.

I held it there and didn't moved one inch while I watched the face of my toy. Her eyes were closed, preparing for the impact of my penis ramming into her. But nothing happened, the tip stayed inside her without moving.

She foot fetish guy and cute teen sex punish my nineteen yearold caboose and mouth her eyes and turned her head to me questioningly. Had I second doubts? Did her pleas were heard after all? The answer came when her eyes met mine. In that moment I slammed my penis into her with full force, burying it completely and hitting the bottom of her tight fuck canal.

Another scream of her was drowned by the music. I started to fuck her with hard and fast thrusts, pulling my shaft nearly out and slamming it back in every time.

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It was strange to see her mouth open and my pelvis slapping into her asschecks with each thrusts but not hearing anything of it. But not hearing, didn't meant not feeling. And it felt great, her tight, unwilling box sucking on my penis just begging him to put its semen into her fertile womb.

I knew that I wouldn't hold out much longer, but one more highlight was yet to come. While continuing to pump my date, I slapped the ass of her friend hard. She furiously swirled her head around, but her anger quickly made way to shock. Her eyes went wide and her mouth hung open at the sight of her friend being fucked right in front of her.

She could see my bareback cock sliding in and out of her friends wet pussy, but she failed to comprehend what was going on. She was just staring and I looked at her. That was when my orgasm hit me. I slammed in one last time as deep as I could and released a torrent of cum into my fucktoy's pussy, while her friend watched me creaming her.

When I finally pulled my penis out of her vagina, a rush of semen followed, dripping down her leg. The blonde was still in shock, when I inserted two fingers into my dates pussy, coating them with the mix of her juices and my semen and momma katie giving head to stress relieve planted them like a kiss on the blonde's mouth. It was time to leave and after pulling up my pants I elbowed my way away from my lovers, leaving them standing there.

One staring at me in shock with a glistening fluid on her lips, one panting in exhaustion and humiliation. All in all that was quite a good concert.

The music wasn't that bad neither.