Caballrompe el cula puta y lyena de semen

Caballrompe el cula puta y lyena de semen
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Winter I was administered to the hospital. I had a leg injury that had gotten infected resulting in hematomas, which is a pooling of the blood within the tissue of the muscles causing a hardening of the muscles, as well as a rash infection on several areas of my leg. There was a constant itching effect as well as burning sensation. Because of the infection I became ill with 104.5 fever and severely dehydrated resulting in hospitalization.

On the first night their main concern was lowering my temperature and rehydrating me. By morning I was feeling considerably better but because the root cause of my illness was the leg, I had to stay till the problem was fixed.

ever 4 hours someone had to apply an ointment to my infected areas and ever 2 hours someone had to massage the hardened homotobin areas to loosen the muscles so that blood clots didn't occur.

Throughout the day I got accustomed to someone entering my room checking blow and weenie bounding girlfriend and homemade, applying ointments, and giving me massages on my leg. By night time the burning and itching sensations were mild and for the most part tolerable now.

The constant waking to check vitals and apply the ointment was quite annoying, but then someone would give me a nice relaxing massage on my leg and i would'nt care as much. As the night grew long as I was extremely tired now, I tried my best to keep my eyes shut and ignore everything the nurses had to do to me. I knew there had been a shift change cause I could feel the difference in how the ointment was applied and how much longer the massage seemed to take.

I had kept my eyes closed this time but was well aware of everything being done. The second time this nurse came to my room this night made me become more alert. As she folded the blanket to the side to expose my leg I noticed she layed the blanket down across me and hesitated a moment on my groin area.

I didn't really think anything of it at first till I noticed that she was massaging higher up on my leg than where the problem areas were.

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Again I didn't really think to much of it, thinking she was being just thourough with her work. That's when I noticed my blanket being pushed further aside and I felt fingertips graze along my balls. She carefully slid a finger under the elastic of my underware and again was being gentle as she explored the limited access she had.

I could feel myself getting aroused but decided to play along that I was still asleep. Her other hand soon was rubbing up and down and squeezing my now hard cock on top of the blanket while her fingers continued to touch and caress inside my shorts.

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I don't know how long this lasted. It seemed like a good 30 minutes but my guess with as tired as I was, it was probably more like 5 minutes when she suddenly stopped and replaced the blankets back to normal. The next time the nurse came in must have been another shift change cause everything was back to the way it was previously.

Damn it! Morning came and I awoke to my wife sitting and reading by my side. We chatted awhile and had some breakfast together when my mother-in-law walked in asking how I was feeling. I knew that she worked at the hospital but didn't know the exact job she had till she explained that she had worked the night shift and had been assigned to my room. I was in shock. I didn't know what to say with my wife sitting right there saying how brother and sister xxxx sleeping it was to have family instead of a stranger there to take care of me at night while she was at home with the kids.

All I could think of was "if only you knew how she was taking care of me". I knew that she was a lonely woman. I've known her now for 15 years and have only heard about one boyfriend, and that was over ten years ago. She got tired of the rejection of dating and just gave up. I assumed last night was out of curiousity and since no harm was done, decided to keep it to myself and let her have her curiousity and fun.

I managed to get some much needed sleep during the day and as night was drawing near a nurse brought in some pills for me to take. I asked what they were for since I was still on an IV and didn't recall hearing the doctor say he was going to be giving me any other medication.

The nurse stated that there were notes from the night shift claiming that I had made a complaint about sleep and being kept awake by the massages, so sleeping pills were prescribed to help me asleep so that they could do the massages without waking me.

This sparked a brokenteens tight asian teen getting her pus of my own since I never complained at all. I slipped the pills under my tongue and pretended to take them. after the nurse left I removed them and placed them in the corner of the kleenex box to save for later in case I truely needed them.

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Nurses came and went into the night and I actually slept good, till I recognized the difference in touch once again. This time though my mother-in-law whispered next to my ear asking me if I was awake. No doubt now who it was but again decided to play along and fake sleeping. This time she pulled the entire blanket and sheet off of the bed. She raised my gown and folded it across my chest.

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She hooked her fingers under the waistband of my shorts and tugged them gently down. I moved my arms and head a bit to make it look like I was in a deep dream state. She applied the ointment and did the massage. I could feel myself get aroused at the thought that my mother-in-law was looking at me completely nude wondering what was to come. My cock twitched continuously as she massaged me and occasionally I would mumble something like "don't stop" or "touch me" to make it look like I was having a sexual dream.

She grabbed ahold of my cock and slowly gave me an enjoyable handjob. She stopped suddenly and minutes passed as I could sense her presents and could hear movement but she was no longer touching me.

It hit me then that she was removing her clothes as I could feel her climbing onto the bed. she strattled my legs and rubbed the tip of my cock back and forth along her pussy lips. Omg was she wet. I could feel her wetness dripping down onto my balls getting my bedding all wet. She scooted up a bit with my cock laying upward on my belly as she climbed up further and basically was grinding her pussy back and forth on the length of my cock.

I assumed that she was not going to penetrate since it hadn't happened yet.

I could feel that she was flicking her clit while grinding me. Again I played along that I was having a sexual dream and placed my hands on her hips and started to slowly gyrate my hips to meet hers. This shocked her but I just kept going and mumbled out "don't stop honey, I love making love to you". She must have thought I was dreaming about my wife and then started to get back into the rhythm of it again.

Omg this is the wettest sex I have ever experience. Every now and then my cock head woukd snag the opening of her pussy and she would frig herself vigorously. I would make the attempt of trying to penetrate her forbidden tunnel but she would correct her position and continue to rock against me.

I could feel the cum boiling inside of me and knew I couldn't last much longer. My cock head snagged her opening once again and this time when she milky boobs suck by twmen dailymotion a bit to flick her clit I slammed my cock full strength up and deep inside of my mother-in-law's pussy hitting her g-spot at the same time as I erupted and filled her insides with my hot cum.

This triggered her own orgasm as she flicked her clit very fast and moaned out softly "I'm gonna cum". With that she started to shake and let out a low long moan as she started to spray her cum all over me. I could feel my chest and my face being sprayed with a hot musky liquid. I opened my mouth a little and took in what I could without being too obvious and tasted my mother-in-laws cum.

My cock deflated and she climbed off. She must have been prepared cause I then received a nice sponge bath and changing before she left the room. I drifted off into a very peaceful sleep and awoke again to my wife sitting beside me reading. Again my mother-in-law joined us and asked how my night went and If I slept any better.

I looked deep into her eyes as I licked my lips remembering her taste and told her it was the best night of sleep I've ever had. I then thanked her for her consideration with the sleeping pills. I was discharged later that day and kept her little secret all this time since last February. This last weekend my wife and I joined her for supper and to exchange xmas presents.

Before supper my wife noticed she had forgot a present at home and left to get it. The kids were all in the livingroom playing games when I decided to give my mother-in-law her present from me. I took her to her bedroom saying I didn't know what her reaction would be and didn't want the kids to see. She was puzzled as I handed her a small jewelry box.

She opens it and sees a kleenex wadded up. I tell her to open it. Slowly two little pills she clearly recognizes fall into view. I look her in the eyes and hope this doesn't backfire as I tell her "show me your tits and your daughter doesn't see the video of you taking her husband after you drugged him." She doesn't even hesitate as she stares me in the eye as she unbuttons her blouse. She drops it to the floor and reaches behind her to unfasten.

She drops that to that floor as well and her breasts fall into view. I open my pants and pull my cock out and start masterbating in front of her. I tell her to get on her knees and I continue to stroke my cock as she stares at my cock with a lust I busty client keisha grey sucks and rides masseur pornstars hardcore got to see last year. Moments pass before I erupt and spray her tits with my cum. I tell her to get dressed and leave the cum on her so that she can feel the stickiness and smell my cum the entire night.

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She had a naughty mischievous smile on her face the rest of the night and as we kissed goodbye, my mother-in-law slipped me the tongue and squeezed my cock. I'm pretty sure this was a happy xmas for her this year.