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I could not believe that college was already over. My promise to the man I loved had seemed like one that was so distant in the future. We had known that we would get married once large love muffins asians salacious toying japanese and hardcore completed college together ever since our sophomore years. Back then it seemed like a dream that lacked the solidarity of the real world that played around us every day.

But looking around at my new apartment, my new married life, I simply couldn't believe the reality. I was no longer Ms.

Jennifer Jones, but Mrs. Jennifer Hart. The first few weeks were blissful, married life with James was what I had always dreamed of. But then, disaster struck. My husband's best friend from college asked if he could stay at our place until he secured a job or moved to another city. James didn't really ask me whether or not I was alright with it, he simply told me that he couldn't refuse Luke and that it would not be for long. I was not particularly happy with this development, no matter how short it would be, but I told him that I was fine with it.

What bothered me wasn't a lack of space in our apartment, more of a lack of privacy. We had an apartment with two bedrooms because we mom halp son ass mom could not settle for a smaller space. Luke would be able to use the spare bedroom and we would remain in ours without too much change to our living style, but I had just gotten used to having such beautiful privacy!

James and I had both been with roommates all throughout college and this was our first apartment by ourselves, now that we were actually married. I was dreading the day that our uninvited guest would be joining us. Luke was quick to jump on 'our' offer and in only a few days he was beginning to move in. It was a Sunday and James and I were going out for the day to enjoy the beautiful August sunshine. Luke showed in the morning and we gave him our extra key to the apartment.

When we all began talking that morning I instantly began to regret bearing so much malice towards him over moving in. Luke was always the popular party guy in college. He had that look about him, a sort of man's man look that let you know he was always ready to party.

Everyone seemed to love him in college, though I think if he hadn't been out partying so often he would already have gotten himself a job. I was not much of a party girl myself, and when I did go out with Luke and Jake I always noticed Luke with a different girl every time.

Back then I worried it might have a bad influence on James, but now it just seemed like harmless fun. You might as well live life to the fullest, and if that was his cup of tea, I was not going to be the one to stand in his way. He graduated and got his mechanical engineering degree with my husband anyway, parties and woman notwithstanding. Now here he was, in our apartment, telling us that he should be moved in by the time we got back.

He looked more mature than I remembered him somehow. He had told James that he had put the party life behind him since he needed to find a job so badly. Now he looked like someone that you might actually hire, with a serious face and a sly smile that let you know that there was more to him than met the eye. "You kids have fun, but don't have too much fun." He laughed. "I'll bring in my stuff and stow it away. I have a job contact that I am meeting tonight over dinner to see if I can get an interview with her company, so I made not be home when you get back." "Oh, look at you, getting so serious on us all of the sudden." I joked at him with a smile.

"Where did the old Luke go?" "He only comes out every once and a while now. when it's time to play." He winked and we all laughed at the end of his comment. "If you would like, you can make an appointment to see him." He added. "No thanks, I'm afraid James has me all booked up." I leaned into James and he put his arms around me.

Luke shrugged. "Suit yourself, I'll always have plenty of other beautiful women ready to make appointments in my office." He gestured toward what would be his new bedroom and I rolled my eyes.

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With that, James and I began to gather our things together for our outing and left Luke to begin his business of unpacking into his new 'office'. We drove out to a nearby trailhead with a picnic and long hike in mind.

As we began our hike James spoke up. "Babe, are you sure that you'll be alright with Luke moving in?

I feel bad that I made the decision without you." He looked down the trail, avoiding eye contact with me for the moment. He always did that when he was genuinely concerned. "Next time you really ought to ask me first before you okay something like this." I began, letting it hang a little to make my point. ". But Katy perry xxx porn storys was wrong to be worried about having Luke with us.

He's been such a good friend to us and I can tell that he really wants to get a job and get his own place anyways." I smiled and gave James a kiss on the cheek, wrapping my arms around his slender frame. "So you get off easy this time." I winked at him as he looked at me and smiled.

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"But you might have to make it up to me sometime soon." I added with a seductive undertone. We then stopped walking and began to make out on the pathway for as long as we felt we could get away with. I loved the feeling of his arms around me, pulling my body into him as our tongues danced together, making my body a little hot with us out there in the open. It didn't last long before we could hear a group of people talking further down the path coming our way and we had to get going ourselves.

After we had finished our hike, we went grocery shopping around town before we returned to the apartment. When we returned, Luke was not there. "Looks like he has already left for his dinner." James said as we walked through to the guest room. He had brought in several boxes and packs full of his things. He had made his bed already but most of his things were still unpacked.

I began to prepare dinner for the two of us and it felt just like an ordinary night in our apartment. James turned on the TV and we just enjoyed each others company until after dinner when we settled down onto the couch. He began to kiss my neck and put his arms around me. I ran my fingers down his back, letting him shower me in sweet kisses that ran along my neck and shoulders as he snaked a hand inside of my blouse and up underneath of my bra.

He massaged my breasts, kneading them slowly in his hands as he continued to kiss at my neck, now nibbling and licking to elicit soft moans from me. He was sliding a hand inside of the waistband of my panties when I spoke up. "Mmmm. what if Luke comes in.?" I asked breathily, enjoying his touch too much to protest strongly. "So what.? He won't care." He responded, sliding a finger across my pussy which was growing wetter as I melted further under his touch. "I-I will." I stuttered and pushed against him a little, trying not to moan as he easily slid his finger in and out of me, teasing me.

"Please. our room, I will make it worth your while." James decided to accept my offer and extracted himself from around my body, freeing me to rush over to our room and begin stripping down.

He followed my lead and closed the door behind us before he too stripped. I was on my knees, eager to give him a present for listening to me. He presented his dick to me and I didn't hesitate to wrap my lips around it, running my tongue around the head slowly.

I loved to suck him off because I always knew that I could take it all into my mouth, and that drove him wild. He moaned as I began to move my mouth up and down his shaft, feeling it slide into my throat. He put his hands through my long hair and I let him fuck my mouth slowly, enjoying his moans and the slight shuddering of his body.

After several minutes of that I decided that I didn't want him to finish too soon and pulled my mouth off of him. "Your dick is delicious and all. but I think you ought to put your mouth to work." I teased him and lay back on the bed, spreading my legs and exposing my neatly shaved pussy. I was wet and eager to feel his tongue against me, and he didn't waste any time obliging.

He got on the bed between my legs hammerboys tv present hammerboys 17 tube porn slowly ran his tongue along my lips, spreading them with his fingers as he licked me. His tongue began a delicate dance, using a gentle touch to stimulate my clit. His tongue flicked back and forth across it, teasing me, before he began to suck at it. I moaned and let the pleasure run through my body as my craving for him grew slowly.

"I want you inside of me, won't you make sweet love to your wife?" I asked him through my moaning. I loved to think about being his wife, that I was his and he was mine, there was something about it that just seemed to make the sex better for me.

He lined up with my entrance and rubbed his dick against my pussy lips, spreading me while he lubricated himself. I could hardly take it, laying on my back with my legs spread wide I just wanted him so badly. As he slowly slipped inside of me I felt the welcome satisfaction of being filled by him.

I had only been with three men in my life and James I thought was the best fit. He hit all the parts that mattered to me. He took me slowly and sensually as he always did, with long slow strokes that let him push all the way inside me. I worked my clit with my fingers while we made love, our soft pants of pleasure blending together as we both worked towards orgasm.

This was our routine, and it felt great. We came, one after the other, his orgasm explosively filling me with cum as I tightened in orgasmic delight. We smiled and held each other after that, letting ourselves drift off to sleep in each other's arms. Later that night, I awoke to sounds within our apartment that I could not immediately distinguish. James hadn't been woken (he was a deep sleeper), but I could clearly hear sounds emanating from the direction of the guest room.

There were two voices, and they were both moaning rather loudly. 'Dear God!' I thought to myself. 'It's only the first night and he has already brought someone home. So much for leaving that life behind him!" No words seemed to make it through the wall for me to distinguish, but it was clear that they were enjoying themselves.

The moaning and talking continued for a while until I heard the woman's voice raise for a pronounced "Oh my Goddddd!", followed by what could only be several smacks on her ass. My imagination was getting the better of me at this point and as I heard more spankings and the creaking of the bed I began to get a clear image of Luke taking this mystery woman from behind.

They had to be fucking very fast, and very hard. It was much harsher sex than James and I liked, with our slow and sensual love making. It was clear that he was not afraid of roughing her up and I wondered how her body could possibly enjoy the abuse. Thinking about it practically made me sore, there was no way that I could enjoy that kind of play. I banished the image from my mind and was thankful that James liked to please me tenderly and valued our romance. The woman's moans grew louder and I put a pillow over my head to drown it out.

'She must be a masochist or a slut to like it like that.' I thought to myself as I began to try for sleep again. 'I'll have to tell Luke to try to keep it down next time. maybe he will be embarrassed enough to listen, getting told off by a married woman!" In the morning, when I told James what I had heard, he simply laughed.

"I guess I will have to tell him to keep it down. We're lucky you're no screamer, huh?" "Of course I'm not a screamer." I said with indignation. "I like to moan in pleasure, not scream, it's so unladylike." I'll admit it, I was definitely old-fashioned in my view of sex and love making. I couldn't stand the idea of me screaming my head off with James or fucking so hard that the bed might fall apart.

And what was with people biting and spanking each other, where was the appeal? Why would you want to punish your lover so violently? But I digress, James laughed at me again and I scowled off to make breakfast before he had to go to work.

Luke had not made his presence known yet when I started breakfast and I suddenly wondered if the woman from the last night was still around. It was weird thinking that if she was then they were probably both still laying naked on the bed. I flushed the image out of my mind and finished breakfast for James and I. He ate and we made small talk before he left for work at Paulings, a local engineering firm.

I was staying home to work at my not-so-steady job of being a freelance writer. It was my dream to publish a best-selling novel, but until that ship came in I was using my hard earned English degree to work online.

I wrote opinion pieces and blog posts, earning a meager income compared to James, but I hoped that it would pay off big someday and neither of us would have to work very hard after that. It was around noon before Luke came out of his bedroom. I was so engrossed in my work at the computer that I had forgotten he was even in the apartment. I turned around in momentary surprise of the hearing the door open, to find myself staring at him in a towel on his way to the bathroom.

We both just paused at that moment, it was clear that he was still groggy from waking up and I was trying to process what to say at a moment like that. Finally I managed something to say.

"Is the woman from last night still here?" I asked, trying to be conversational. "No." He said, now smiling and and moving towards the bathroom door, remembering his original intent. "She had to go home so that her husband wouldn't get too terribly worried." "Oh." I said, watching him close the bathroom door behind him. I took me a minute before what he had said actually registered properly with me. Luke had sex with a married woman in my apartment last night. It sat there in my brain for a minute, then the next minute I was knocking on the door to the bathroom loudly.

"Luke!? How could you have sex with a married woman in our apartment!? On the first night!? What are you thinking!!" I shouted at him through the door, genuinely upset with him.

Sex with married women was something I definitely drew the line at, after all, I was one! He opened the door and there he was in that towel again. The water was running for his shower, and I actually noticed his mostly naked body this time because he was so close to me. He was bigger than James in the frame, and a little taller.

He had more muscle too, which made him a little intimidating to stand that close to when you were looking to pick a fight with him. "What the hell is so wrong with it Jen? It's not like her husband knows where she was." He was still smiling, clearly not bothered by my outburst. "It's immoral for starters, and it was also very loud." I wasn't going to let him get off the hook. I wasn't looking for these kinds of affairs going on in nasty mother id like to fuck gets punished hardcore and blowjob apartment.

"I don't care who knows or doesn't know, it's a bad idea." "It's an opinion on whether it's wrong, and all the best sex is loud, so both of your points are invalid. All marriages have affairs." He closed the door and I could here him step into the shower. I was mad for him blowing me off with such a statement. I was already regretting that I had reformulated my opinion on him so quickly.

I knew that he got around in college, and that wasn't bad in and of itself. but married women? I opened the door and closed it loudly behind me. "We weren't finished with our conversation." I said to the opaque shower curtain that separated us. "I'm married as you well know, so I take offense to your comments.

James and I love each other very much and would be hurt if either of us had an affair, so please, if you are going to have sex with married women, cock hungry slut satisfies two hard cocks at once it somewhere else." He didn't respond right away, simply continued moving around in the shower, presumably cleaning himself.

When he answered it wasn't the acceptance that I was expecting at this point. "Have you ever asked James if he's been unfaithful, or if he would want to be?" I was quick to come back on that one. "Of course he hasn't and of course he doesn't want to, he's got me!" "But you haven't asked him?

Not that he would tell you anyways if he did cheat on you, would he? But that's the whole point, what your spouse doesn't know can't hurt them. If you don't know about him and he doesn't know about you then no one gets hurt and everything is fine." "That's utter horse shit." I spat out. "It's wrong because you are breaking their trust. James and I trust each other." He groaned.

"Look I'm just trying to mess with you, let's just forget about me talking about James and all this and I won't bring a married woman here again.

Now will you let me enjoy my shower?" He laughed. His laugh brought me back from the edge a little bit. I relaxed from being so uptight to realizing I was yelling at Luke, the classic party boy, through a curtain and telling him not bang married women in our apartment.

If I was being honest with myself, it was pretty funny. "I'm sorry Luke, I don't know what got me going so much." I laughed a little bit in spite of myself. bdsm sub tied up and punished with bastinado long as you don't do it again, everything is fine, it just made me uncomfortable to think about.

I'll leave you to your shower." I walked out of the bathroom, closing the door behind me. I sat back down at my laptop and began to work again. After about 5 or 6 minutes, something in the things that he said began to bother me.

'Was it strange that he told me to forget about talking about James?' I began to wonder, a morbid sense of curiosity gnawing at me. 'Could it be that he knows something. something James did when we were first together?

Could James have cheated on me back then and I never found out about it?' I tried to wave the thoughts away with my trust in James and our love but it just wouldn't stop bothering me.

'Luke could have been the bad influence that made him do it. If he did do it, it was definitely Luke that was behind it and James probably regretted it terribly.

Maybe he was even drunk out of his mind when it happened!' The thoughts boiled over and I was back at the bathroom door again, knocking loudly. Luke opened the door in a towel, still wet from his shower. "I literally just got out, what is it now?" He asked, bemused.

I stared at him and asked him point blank. "Did James ever cheat on me? The things you said. they are bothering me." He laughed. "What happened to all of that about trust, don't you trust him?" "I trust him, but I don't trust you.

If he did ever cheat I bet that it was you behind it and you ought to fess up if you made him do such a dirty thing." Luke mia khalifa jim sex sex stories sighed and looked away. "It wasn't my fault when it happened Jen.

If it was, I i fucked my friends hot mom czechsuperstars take the blame right now, but I'm telling you that it wasn't. Just so that you know." I couldn't take it anymore and I just punched him right in the stomach, a pot shot to the gut and he fell right there in shock, holding his midsection. I just stared at him, not quite believing I had just punched him or that my husband had cheated on me. "W-What the hell Jen!" He groaned as he pulled himself back up.

He looked at me, not with an angry look but with a concerned one. He put an arm on my shoulder. "Look, Jen, all men want to have affairs, its natural. Some actually do kutte ka ladies ka sex story, it doesn't mean he doesn't love you and it doesn't mean that I was at fault for it." At that point I tried to punch him again but this time he caught my fist and wrapped me into a headlock.

Unfortunately this hand the side effect of him losing his towel onto the floor of the bathroom. I was faced away from him but I could feel his still damp naked body pressed against mine. "Get off of me." I managed through gritted teeth as he held me in place.

"Jen." The way he said my name made me shiver. "You know there's a better way to take your anger." He took his free hand and slid it across my ass, grabbing it and massaging it roughly. "Luke!! Get your hands off of me!" I struggled against him, kicking now too. It proved to be useless as he lifted me up and carried me out of the bathroom. He carried me all the way to his new room and threw me onto his bed, proceeding to shut the door behind us.

He looked at me and smiled devilishly. I was freaking out but I couldn't move any more, I was in pure shock. He began to advance on me and I noticed his erection, now rising as he surely thought of how he would rape me. It was huge, which frightened me as I thought of the shouts of the woman from last night.

'Is he really going to fuck me.!?' I thought to myself desperately. 'This is so wrong. of course I am upset with James but this isn't the solution, two wrongs don't make a right!' He was suddenly kissing me, his tongue forcing its way into my mouth as he ran his hands down my body.

I was wearing just a tight pair of jeans and a tank top over my underwear and he already had my jeans undone and was pulling them off of me. He kept making out with me, though now I was at least pushing against him weakly. He was such a good kisser that it was a shame he was trying to rape me. He moved to my tank top next and with a short break in kissing, I was laying there in my underwear, his arms around me, feeling him against my bare skin.

"L-Luke, please stop now, I promise I won't tell James what happened. we don't have to go any further." I made my plea to him now, hoping he would finally come to his senses. "Jen, I think you need this more than you think." He whispered in my ear, then nibbled my earlobe, sending a shiver of involuntary pleasure through my body.

"James will never find out either way, so I think it would be better to enjoy yourself don't you think.?" He ran his fingernails down my back, making me shudder yet again. I couldn't form any words to defend myself, to defend my body from his touch. He bit at my neck, harder than James ever would have done. It hurt, but I did something that surprised myself, I moaned.

It hurt, but somehow. it felt good. somehow I wanted him to do it again. It was like something was breaking inside of me, whatever it was that told me what was wrong and right was going all fuzzy under Luke's strong hands. I wanted him to bite me again, I wanted to feel him against me like he was now.

He obliged me without having to be asked and bit at the other side of my neck with the same strength and I moaned louder a miley mae sucks cock under the table before. He must have been encouraged because he pulled off my bra now too, exposing my breasts and my erect nipples to him. "That's it Jen, I think that you don't know what you've been missing." He now kneaded my breasts in his hands, pinching at my nipples as we made out again, this time mutually.

I was getting so turned on that I couldn't think straight, all I knew was that it couldn't be wrong if it felt like this. My body was burning up under his touch and every time that he pinched my nipples hard I felt like I was going to die. I was panting when he moved his mouth down to meet my breasts, his tongue ravaging my nipples after he had already abused them with his fingers. He quickly progressed to sucking and biting my breasts while his hand snaked down to rub me through my panties, which had now become soaked straight through without my knowledge.

"E-enough Luke.! I-I'm going crazy, it's too much." I was moaning loudly at this point in between sharp gasps when he would bite at me. He gave me the grin I was so used to seeing. "I think it's time to teach you how to really suck a cock then." He pulled back and presented his dick to me and I gave a little gasp. It was fully hard now and a true specimen, at least 3 or 4 inches longer than James was.

Even though my inhibitions were out the window at this point, I wasn't sure how to approach it, so I began by licking up and down the shaft to start with. Luke wasn't having any of that though, and practically forced it inside of my mouth.

I started sucking on it as best as I could, his hands in my hair forcing it further and further into my mouth and down my throat until I began gagging on it. He pulled it out and I gasped for air. "You'll have to work on your gag reflex a little harder to really please me with your mouth." he laughed.

"I have women who can take me all the way in." Somehow that felt like an insult to me, and I didn't like it. So even though I had just nearly been choked, I went straight back down onto him and began sucking him again. I was really fucking him with my mouth and he let out a gasp as I forced more and more of it down my throat. I was finally able to take him all the way after a few minutes of near gagging.

I stopped to catch my breath again.

"Was that better.?" I asked seductively. I was totally into it now, the only thing I could think of was satisfying the twisted desires that were growing inside of me, and one of the desires was to have that big thing inside of me. "Better, but I can think of something else that I want from you." He pushed me back down onto the bed and stripped off my panties.

"Get on your knees and I will show you just what I want." I obliged, my body burning up with desire now. He began rubbing his dick against my pussy. "From now on, you are going to call me Master, do you understand?

You are going to be my toy." I didn't care what he wanted me to call him, I couldn't take it anymore. "Yes! Master, please just take me!" I practically yelled at him.

He slammed inside of me, and the feeling was like nothing I was prepared for. I had always thought that James was the perfect size, but Luke blew him away. He was reaching spots that I had never experienced pleasure from before.

In just the first few strokes, I felt like I was melting into him. He spanked me, hard, and I just moaned and begged for more as he began to pick up speed. He was slamming all the way inside of me with every stroke and the sound and feeling of our bodies smacking together loudly just took me even higher. It felt like he was abusing me like he owned me, like I was just his possession and he could take me however he wanted.

I'm pretty sure that I forgot that James even existed as I orgasmed for the first time. "I'm cumming!" I shouted, my body bucking as he continued brutally rode me. I was tightening and contracting around Luke as waves of pleasure rocked me over and over again. He kept fucking me through my orgasm and I came for a second time almost immediately, something that I had never experienced before. I screamed "Oh God!", mimicking that very same married woman he had taken the last night, though I wasn't thinking of that at the time.

My second orgasm must have pushed him over the edge, because he began to go faster and harder, pulling my long hair as his eurobabe in lace stockings gets pounded for some cash became louder and louder. He didn't last long before he poured cum into me in big spurts, leaking out around his dick and onto the sheets of the bed. He spanked me nice and hard before pulling out and letting me fall to the bed.

I laid there, feeling used and abused, cum leaking out of me in a stream. Luke put his arm around me and whispered in my ear. "The score is even now my little kitten. I'll let you decide what you want now. You can pretend like this never happened. or you learn what it really means to have a master." I looked at him, into his playful eyes. There were so many questions going through my mind.

Was this his plan all along, did he want me from the start? Had he always been like this with the women he was with? Did he have others who called him their master, or would it just be me.? There was only one answer to him though, after I had been to this point, there was no going back.

A door had been opened that just couldn't be so easily closed. I didn't care what happened, I put my arms around him and whispered back in his ear. "Please be my master, Luke."