Playgirl is indeed good at cock riding hardcore creampie

Playgirl is indeed good at cock riding hardcore creampie
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Sasha age 33 never married is a weekend guest and had followed me, when I stopped and walked into the shed. She stepped closer to the other side of the shed, giving me lots of room. She feels me looking at her and her pulse grew more rapid. She cursed herself for being curious, " Hi, Sasha." Her heart gave a lurch and she turns to look at me momentarily. She isn't sure what to do. Ignoring me would be outright rude and insulting, but I looked rough and dirty this morning.

" Hi, John." she said, as brusque and unfriendly as she can manage without giving offense, she hoped. " Your looks nice hair, Sasha. I love brunette hair." She had curly, long brunette hair and I reach out and slide my fingers through it on the right side.

She shuffled forward a bit, going deeper into the shed, but I moved forward too. " You're a real pretty little thing. You know that?" " Thanks," she gulped. " Always loved brunette hair," I mused. " Is it natural?" She didn't answer, hoping now that ignoring me would discourage me.

" Hey, is it natural?" I poked her shoulder and she turned, glaring up at me. I'm well over six feet tall and weight way more than twice what she did. " Yes! Okay!" she snapped. " Don't get bitchy, Sasha. Just curi She turned away again, turning her back on me. " You got a nice ass too. You know that?" Catfight where big titted blonde gets overwhelmed heart is pounding furiously now, her body tense as her fear grew.

Her pulse is hammering in her throat and she is breathing in shallow pants. " Real nice little ass," I sighed. " Nice body, in fact. You're kinda small but you got a nice body. Hard to see what your tits look like with that t-shirt on. Why don't you take it off and let me see." " Please John leave me alone," she said, her voice small.

" Leave you alone? I ain't touching' you, Sasha. You accepted my invitation for the weekend. I just asked is all. I want to see if you got nice tits like you got a nice ass." She turns away again, ignoring me, her skin tingling, light headed with terror now.

" Hey, I bet a guy my size would really squash you? I bet you prefer fucking on top." Again she didn't' answer. " Or maybe you like the doggie style, huh? You like it on all fours, that round, tight little ass in the air. Is that it? Huh? Hey Sasha, I asked you a question." " Leave me alone!" she cried, turning and trying to dart past me. I backed up into the entrance, completely blocking it as I leered down at her.

" Let me out," she demanded, her voice quavering. " Why? Nobody here but you and me. Hey, I bet you got one really tight little snatch." I reached towards her and she jumps back, almost falling down in her haste to evade my touch. I chuckled and folded my arms across my chest. " Real, real tight," I said, my eyes sliding up and down her body. " Tell me what your favorite position is, Sasha." " Please leave me alone," she whispers, hovering on the edge of tears.

Nothing better than sucking on a nice tit, I always said. Hey. Tell me, You got big brown nipples, or nice little pink ones? I bet you got nice little pink nipples, don't you?" " Please let me go back to the house, John?" she begs, her voice breaking now as she fought to hold back tears. "Hey. I'm came down here to get my tool bag, Sasha." I moved forward and she cringed back into the far corner, her eyes wide as she stared at me.

" You ever deep throated? Helplessteens michelle martinez bdsm sex humiliation and pornstars know guys really love deep throating. I could show you how if you want." She trembled and begin to weep. I grinned, my hand coming out and touching her hair again. " Real nice hair," I said. My fingers sliding through her hair with growing possessiveness, my body blocking her back into the corner.

She is sniffling and trembling and looking down at the floor as I gripped her t-shirt ripping it off and look at her breasts. She is wearing a red bra. I look at it for a few moments. " Looks like you got nice titties, Sasha. Could I see them? I'd really like to see them." She wept harder. She is terrified I'd hurt her and her fingers moved, trembling and shaking to unhook it.

Her mind is blasted with waves of terror and fear and humiliation and she can't think straight. One by one she unhooked it. " Pull it off," I said, my voice impatient.

She did as I told her, shaking and whimpering, dazed and fearful. She then let it slide aside, covering herself with her shaking hands. Tears are streaming down her face now and her eyes are blurred by them as she huddles miserably in the corner.

" Let's see them," I demanded. She slowly, trembling, pulled her hands apart and down, standing, slumping in the corner, her head bowed, body quivering.

" They're nice and pink. Do they get real big when your boyfriend three asian sisters fucked by a lucky dude asian them? Or is it your girlfriend? Play with them, Sasha. Pinch them and roll them in your fingers.

I want to see them hard." Dazedly, she did what I ordered, her hands going to her breasts, slowly rubbing her nipples as I looked down.

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" Why don't you take off your clothes, Sasha. I want to see how nice you look without them. Leaving her naked. " Please," she moans. " What?" "Please. Please don't," she wept.

My voice and presence are so menacing she thought she might faint. She stood, sobbing now, gut wrenching sobs that made the tears drop down onto her naked breasts. " Sasha. Look at that pussy.

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Sure is shaved nice. That's so you can wave your ass around in those tiny little bikinis, isn't it? She huddled in the corner naked as I leered down at her.

" Nice body. Real tight I bet. You ever suck a cock?" Answer me!" " Yes." she gulps. " Ever take a cock down your throat?" " Noooo," she wept.

" You're going to, Sasha," I snickered, leaning closer. " Ever get a big thick cock up the asshole? You ever get fucked in the ass?" " Nooo," she whimpered, sobbing again. " You're going to," I laughed. I took her hand, pulling it against me, rubbing it against my crotch, up and down. She feels my hard erection inside my jeans and tries to pull away. I held her wrist there against me, grinning down at her.

" Let me see you stick your finger up your cunt. Stella son mari veut la voir se faire enculer par des blacks on. Do it or I will. Push your finger up your cunt." She looks around as if in a daze. " Do it!" I roared. She jerks as if struck, then her hand, her free hand, slips down to her groin and she eases a trembling finger inside her pubic lips, wincing as she screws it up into her tight, dry vagina.

" Deeper. Bury it up your snatch. Yes, that's it. Jerk off on it. Beat your little pussy. Spread your legs more, Sasha. Wider. Now bend back, arch your back.

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I want to see those hard little nipples sticking out. Yes. Look at them. Look how hard they are, all stiff and wanting to be sucked." Her nipples are hard, for she is freezing, her body covered in goose bumps, trembling and shaking in the shed. " I bet you want this, don't you?" I squeezed her hand down harder against my erection. " Don't you?

Bet you want it up that tight, wet pussy of yours, huh? Or maybe you want it up your ass? Let me hear you beg for it." She wept and said nothing. " Beg for it," I snarled. " Beg me to fuck you. Beg for it!" " P. p. pleeeasse. p. pleease f.

f. fuck me," she stutters, her voice strangled and weak. " Say it louder." " P. p. please. f. f. fuck me," she gasps. " Beg me to fuck you." " Please. f. f. fuck m. me." " Beg me to fuck your ass." She moans and sniffles and shook her head. " Beg for it!" I hissed. " P. p. please fuck. fuck my. my. ass," she whimpers. " Well, I bet its tight there. Course I fucked tight asses before. Tell you what, you turn around and bend over. Spread your legs and grab hold of your ankles, and I'll consider it.

" P. pleeease," she whimpers. " You don't have to beg any more, Sasha. Go on. Do it." She turns her back on me, trembling and shaking, slowly bending over girls and horas black guy sexy story com spreading her legs. She shook and almost fell, then bent way over and pawed at her bare ankles, taking several attempts to grip them.

" Straighten your legs. I want to see that round tight attractive teen a hole is fucked ass sticking up," I ordered. " Beg for it again," I said. " Beg for it, Sasha." " P. p. please. f. fuck. me," " Get on all fours.

Get down on all fours like the bitch dog you are. Yes, go on. I shove my foot against her ass and she drops to her hands and knees. " Raise that little ass, and spread your legs. That's it. You've done this plenty of time before." She trembled violently, almost throwing up as her stomach churned.

She waited for me to get down behind her, to use her, rape her. She thought of all the times she had refused to have sex and what a waste that had been. " Reach back between your legs, and play with yourself. I want you to get all warmed up for me." She closed her eyes in humiliation. " Jerk off for me. I want to see those fingers jerking off that tight cunt." She reached back with one hand, her trembling fingers touching her vaginal entrance, rubbing in jerky movements.

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" Harder, Sasha!" I snarled. " Rub that little snatch." She rubs harder as I watch. " Stick your finger up your asshole!" The words struck her like a slap. " Do it!" She eases her fingers higher, up against her asshole, then slowly presses one finger against her crinkled little anal opening. She feels her hand gripped tightly, my fingers pressing her finger straight and jamming it into her asshole hard. I pump her own finger in and out of her asshole as she whimpers, moans, and sobs. " Dirty little whore," I sneer.

She hears my zipper and her whimpers turn to sobs again. She closes her eyes and waited, trembling violently, then sensing my movement behind her. She feels my hands on her ass, rubbing, and squeezing. My hand cupped her pubic mound then and begin squeezing. " Nice," I said. She feels pressure against her pussy, the pressure growing greater. She feels my cock sliding into her, forcing its way into her tight, dry vagina.

She winces, gritting her teeth against the pain, praying mz peachtree and shawty red it to be over. " UUUUHhhhhhgggg!" she cried, as I thrust forward.

My cock stabbed into her with savage force, ramming deep into her, ripping through her tight narrow canal without slowing down. She feels intense pain as her tender vaginal walls are stretched. I grip her hips hard, beginning to jerk and twist my cock inside her, ignoring her whimpers and cries, heedless of the pain I'm causing her.

I throw my hips forward hard driving my cock into the center of her belly, burying my thick prong inside her. " Yeaaahhhh. How's it feel, Sasha? How's it feel with a big cock in your belly? Bet you love it. Don't you, slut? Huh? Love it, don't you? Huh?" " Don't you?" I demanded. " Yes," she sobbed. " I knew it. I knew you were a slut when I saw you." I fucked her with hard, brutal strokes, the pain almost unbearable for her.

She feels like she is being ripped open from the crotch inward. She sways and shook and bit her lip as I slam into her with cruel strokes. " Uh, yeahhhh!" I grunted and snorted, thrusting harder and then giving a series of hard, sharp thrusts into her.

" Oooh babyyy," I gasp. " You got it now. Got my juice up inside you. Got my cum in your cunt." She feels nauseous at the thought, yet tremendously gratified that I had finished. She hoped against hope I would soon leave. She feels my cock jerking a few more times but she can tell it is softening. I pull it out and she closes her eyes in relief.

" Okay, slut, come with me." I gripped her arm and jerked her to her feet, then dragged the naked woman out of the shed and across the yard. I opened the door to the guest house and I led her into the room. He led her in a few feet then through her down on her knees. " Suck it hard again, Sasha." I held my cock in one hand and her hair in the other. I pressed my cock, oily and wet, against her lips. She keeps them tightly closed, staring at it in horror. " Suck it, slut!" I hissed. " Open your mouth." She did as I ordered and I pushed my wet, dirty dick into her mouth.

Again she almost threw up. teen kelly and milf cherie sharing long cock You're gonna suck me hard and then I'm gonna fuck you right up your tight, buttery little asshole," I chuckled. " Oh please noo!" she sobbed, trying to pull away, tearing her mouth free of my cock briefly. " Do it"!

I snarled. I gripped her hair and pulled her face in against my crotch. I push my cock head against her lips and she reluctantly opened them, taking it in.

I grin down as she sucked my cock, taking the whole thing into her mouth. That is easy enough, it being soft, but as she worked it over with her tongue and sucked on it, the long thick snake begins to thicken and harden. " It's gettin' hard, slut.

It's getting long and thick. Soon it's gonna be up your asshole. You'll like that, won't you, whore. Won't you!" Her muffled moans and soft whimpering contradicted me and I chuckled with glee. I begin to pump my cock in her mouth, sighing in pleasure as my prong turns to steel against her tongue.

Finally I pull it free, rubbing it across her face as I chuckled.

" Okay, Sasha. It's ready. Turn around and get on all fours like the bitch dog. Go on." " Please! Please don't!" she begs. " Shut up and do it!" " Please. It's sick! It's horrible. Can't you. can't you just. just fuck me in the cunt again?" " I'll do whatever I want to you, slut!" I push her to all fours and knelt behind her, my cock sliding along her slit, rubbing against the tight slit.

" So you don't want it up the asshole, huh, baby? Okay, beg for it then. Beg me to fuck your dirty cunt." " Please fuck me," she gasps.

" Please fuck my cunt. Fuck my dirty cunt!" " You're twat? You're pussy? You're fuck hole? You're slit? You're slash?" " Yes! Yes! Fuck my twat! Fuck my slit!" " With this big cock?" " Yes! Yes! Fuck my slit with your big cock! Shove your giant cock in me to the balls! Bury it in my dirty fuck hole!" " Please fuck me!" she whimpers. " Please John!

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Please fuck me in the cunt, John!" " Does little Sasha want a hot cock up her cunt again?" " Yes, John! Please fuck Sasha up her cunt, John!" " You jav taytli sekreter pornosu turkce altyazili it, whore. Reach back and pry your dirty little cunt lips open for me. Go on. Pull them open." She reaches back behind her and pulls her cunt open, shaking with fear.

" Wider! Wider!" She moans with pain as she opens herself wide for me. I grin in pleasure. " Now grab my cock and put it in, then back onto it." She uses the fingers of one hand to hold her cunt lips attractive hottie likes passionate fuck a lot wide as she can, then reaches between her legs and grips my thick prong, pressing it against her opening.

She shuffles her knees backwards on the floor as she slides her velvet sheath over my cock and jams herself back onto my shaft. She drove herself back onto the shaft, impaling herself until she had the whole shaft inside her. " Now fuck me, bitch. Work that little ass on my cock." She sobs as she begins to push back against me. Under my lashing tongue on her neck, she is soon grinding her hips and slapping her ass back against me with vigorous thrusts, jamming herself again and again on my hard cock.

Suddenly I pull out, holding her in place. " So I've fucked you again. I said I would? I fucked your cunt again. Now I want that virgin asshole." " Pleeeeeassssee!" she sobbed. " Reach back and pull your ass cheeks apart." " Please, John! Please John!" " Do it," I snarled. Sasha is shaking as she reaches back and pulls her ass cheeks apart, whining and groaning in anxiety and fear.

She gave a short cry as she feels my cock head pressing against her anus, then gritted her teeth and gasped in pain as I put more and more pressure against her sphincter. My cock head slowly forced her asshole open and sank down into her. She groans and moans in pain as my log sank deeper and deeper into her rectum.

Her ass stung and ached as my giant cock slid further inside. " Yeahhhh," I sighed. " Nice little ass." I gripped her hips and thrust hard, drawing a cry of pain from her as my cock drove deep. I drew back then thrust again, burying my cock in her tight ass. With hardly any hesitation, with no time to let her ass become accustomed to my girth, I begin to thrust, my cock sliding in and out of her. Soon I'm slamming my cock with savage force and speed, ass fucking a sobbing woman with no regard to her pain.

My cock skewers her with with force, ripping in and out of her tight, aching ass. My cock head pumped like a butter churn in her anus as my hips slammed her again and again. Then I came, forcing thick, white loads of cum into her ass, sighing in pleasure as I feel the sperm shooting into her trembling body.Then I pulled out leaving her, curled in a fetal position, sweaty, cold, and the guest house.