John cena sexy story sex stories download

John cena sexy story sex stories download
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[b]When I was 13 I was headed to my room one evening and heard some really strange noise coming from my Sister's, Linda, room.

I pushed the door to her room open just enough to be able to see what was going on and there is Linda sucking our dogs huge cock. She is turned so that roscoe is licking her cunt while she sucks his cock, she is moaning more and more as he he licks her cunt and she is increasing her tempo as she bob's up and down his swollen member.

Unknown to me why, my cock is growing inside my jeans, getting harder than I can ever remember it being. I am amazed by how she can take his cock all the way down to this huge swollen part at the base of his cock. His cock had to be 10" and she was swallowing all of it.

Now I had my cock out and was stroking it, imaging Sis was sucking me and it wasn't long before I shot a huge load of cum all over the wall. I ran to my room and grabbed my Polaroid camera and went quietly into her room, she was too occuppied to notice me and I snapped a picture of what she was doing. The flash caused her to pull off Roscoe and as she did cum was spaying all over her face.

" What the fuck do you think you're doing " she yelled.

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I looked at her cum soaked face and said " I think you're going to do anything I want or Mom and your friends see this picture". " Just what is it you want?" she asked. My reply "sex, any time and how ever I want it." I told her that since Mom was going to be gone for the weekend our first session would take place then. Saturday finally came and Mom left I told Linda to get undressed and follow me to the shower.

We got into the shower and I told her to wash me, which she did and when she got to my cock and balls she slowly soaped them and my best frends hot mom stroking my cock.

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I was getting hard and she rinsed the soap off and started sucking my cock, without having to be told. Now my cock wasn't near 10", but it was 6 or 7" and quite thick, she swallowed it down to my stomach several times and I was ready to shoot my load. I grabbed the back of her head and shoved my cock hard into her throat holding her head there, yelling " swallow all my cum, slut Sister." she did without missing a drop.

Linda then told me she wanted busty chinese hot pussy fingers show part teenxxxnetworkcom get into bed and fuck. I laid down and she straddled me, her cunt inches from my face " lick it " she said.

I did without hesitation and while doing so she held my hands on the bed over my head and suddenly she slipped ropes ver each hand tying me to the headboard.

Grabbing my legs she tied them to the foot of the bed and said "now it's my turn.

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" I had no idea what she had in mind as she left the room returning shortly with Roscoe. She also had my camera and some peanutbutter with her. She took some peanut butter and spread it on my cock, balls and down the crack of my ass. Next she coaxed Roscoe over until he got the scent of the peanut butter at which time he started licking. As his tongue reached my ass and he was licking hard trying to get all the peanut butter my cock was started to get hard and I was trying to push my ass towards Roscoe.

His tongue licking my secretary pussy play for sexy shay hendrix was driving me fucking crazy. Linda is snapping picture after picture and telling me I'll do as she says, too.

Roscoe had pretty much cleaned off my balls and my now hard cock. I told Linda to let me loose, so that I could get on my hands and knees and she could put more PB on my ass for Roscoe to lick.

She untied my feet, but left my hands tied told me to turn over and raise up on my knees, which I did. Hardcore fuck for a tight muff hole spread PB on my ass and then, to my surprise, slid some into my ass. Roscoes tongue was working double time, and he was licking inside my ass to get to the PB, Damn I couldn't believe how FUCKING horny this was making me.

"FUUUUUCCCCCKKKK, LINDA I'm Going to CCCUCUUMM" I stammered. She quickly got under me and just as she got her face in front of my cock I shot a huge load, hitting her in the face until she got her mouth on me and finished sucking me dry. The next thing I realized was Roscoe was on me trying to shove his cock in me.

" NO, Linda, get him off me " I yelled. Linda laughed and I thought she was going to pull him off, but instead she guided his cock to my ass and allowed him to start pounding my ass with that huge cock. At first, it hurt like hell then it started to feel good, and my cock was again getting hard as a fucking rock. Thank God Linda kept him from pounding his knot into me. It wasn't long before I felt him fill my my ass with hot dog cum and I shot another load of cum the bed without any help from my Sister.

Linda pulled his cock out of my ass and I could feel his jiz running down the crack of my ass which Linda licked up. I'm too worn out for anything more than a shower after all this. After a rest I walked into my Sister's room and she was asleep, so I jumped on top of her and tied her to the bed now it was her turn for the dog.

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I forced her up on her knees and got Roscoe, he needed no coaxing to lick Lindas' cunt and ass, and she was really turned on I could see the juice oozing from her cunt as Roscoe continued to lap at her. While he was enjoying licking I started jacking him off getting his cock ready to fuck my slut of a Sister.

Once his cock was nice and hard I guided him to her ass, to return the favor. He was pounding her as and she was yelling " FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG COCK, I WANT HOT DOGGIE CUM IN MY ASS ".

I was once again hard and decided that I was going to fuck her mouth while Roscoe had his way. As I started to fuck her mouth she let out a scream horny teen nice riding dildo on webcam He's ripping me apart " I looked and realized that he had pounded his knot into her ass and they were now locked until he was done.

I grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth. I pushed my hard cock to her throat and when she gagged I held it there til she couldn't breath then pull back just enough for her to catch her breath. After about 7 times of my cock popping into her throat I new I was about to cum and shoved hard as deep as I could, pushing into her throat where I held it unloading a huge HOT LOAD OF CUM.

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" UUUUGGGGHHHH FFFUUUUCKKK " I moan as my jiz filled her throat. By now Roscoe waqs cumming in her ass and she was delerious " OH GOD FILL MY ASS WITH CUM " she yelled.

I had had to hold Roscoe down afterward as he was trying to pull out before the swelling in his knot went down. We had many more fun times and even got caught by Mom, who surprised us by joining in.