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Threeway fucked pornstars suck a fat cock european facial
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Sweating heavily as I mowed the lawn on a steamy summer morning, my mind strayed to the coming week when my wife Ginny and I were vacationing with close friends at a mountain lake cabin about a six hour drive west. I was about 20 minutes short of completing the lawn when Ginny came out with cold water for me. I stopped and watched her approached smiling as her breasts swayed freely beneath her thin summer shirt and her tanned bare legs converged beneath the snug shorts.

The sight quickly diverted my attention from the chores at hand. We stepped under the shade of a nearby tree while I greedily gulped down the water.

Ginny slipped a hand underneath my sweat soaked shirt and slid her fingers gently over my wet bare chest. "I've been thinking" she said.

"Why don't we leave a day early and take a nice relaxing little road trip to start our vacation week rather than make all of the drive tomorrow?" She smiled slyly as I considered her proposal.

"Well, I suppose we could have everything ready and hit the road by mid afternoon or so if you really want to" I grinned back at her. I knew she had just proposed some erotic road time combined with a night in a strange motel with ample time for burning a bit of sexual energy.

Given the relaxing week with good friends coming up in the cool of the mountains it did seem like a pleasant way to start. "Ok", Ginny said, " I'll finish some cleaning in the house and get started on packing a few things". "Don't pack a bit more than you have too." I teased as she turned and walked away allowing me to enjoy the enticing sight of her swaying hips and luscious round ass showing a sliver of big butt slut gets licked pornstars and amateur cheek as her shorts stretched against her skin.

An aroused sense of urgency produced a jolt of energy as I returned to the remainder of the yard work. By mid afternoon I was loading our bags into the car for our departure. Ginny came out carrying a small travel bag which contained some of her favorite playthings. "Put this inside the car in case I get bored" she said giving me a smile as she walked back toward the house. I placed her little bag on the back seat and finished arranging the remainder of our luggage in the trunk.

Returning to the house I found Ginny in the shower. Several minutes later she came into the kitchen where I was with her towel still drying herself. Her body seemed to glow from the hot water as she vigorously rubbed her teen time cumshot in mouth and cum swallow hair with her towel.

Ginny had always been an erotic masterpiece to me. Standing about 5' 4" tall, 125 lbs., firm pouty 34C breasts, short brown hair, rounded hips enveloping her plush bubble ass. Her bare mons and vulva stood out invitingly enhanced by her large puffy labia. After some 7 years of marriage her allure was as strong as the first time I saw her. Just turned 32, her sexual appeal continued to thrill me. She poured herself a glass of wine and returned to the bedroom to dress while I finished up in the kitchen.

We drove to the outskirts of town and picked up the highway heading west. It was a warm sunny afternoon as we slid into traffic and began cruising along.

Ginny had worn a simple cotton print sundress that buttoned down the front with a short flared skirt. Standing, the hem of the skirt reached mid thigh while sitting the dress revealed most of her shapely legs and threatened to easily show much more. The view she presented seated next to me, the bright sun hitting her bare legs and the ample amount of breast revealed due to her having left the two top buttons unfastened easily stimulated my noticeable erection as we drove through the late afternoon.

An hour or so along we stopped at a wayside for a bathroom break. Departing the visitor center we walked out to the scattered picnic tables which was deserted this time of day.

Stopping by one of the tables in a shaded area, Ginny seated herself on the table top placing her feet on the seat. She faced back toward the walkway from the visitor center while I stood in front of her. Her skirt rode high along the top of her thighs.

Ginny spread her legs open revealing her bare pussy while, with a knowing smile, she began unbuttoning additional buttons on her sundress.

Her taunting breasts were now exposed along with her sex. Only a couple of small buttons held the dress together at the waist. She reached down and began to slowly trace a finger around her clitoris while occasionally dipping below to separate and lightly trace her inner labia lips.

Her wetness glistened along her opening and on her fingers. A few cars entered and departed the rest area with an occasional traveler making a brief trip to the restrooms. We went mostly unnoticed since we were some distance abril and lilly fingers each others latin pussy the main walkway to the parking area.

I reached down and opened my fly allowing my hard cock freedom as I stroked while watching my bewitching little wife tease her pussy. Our private play went on for several minutes before Ginny slid off the table top and sat on the bench in front of me.

She reached inside my open shorts and cupped my scrotum and with the other hand guided my cock to her mouth before resuming her self stimulation. Though we were briefly interrupted by sporadic travelers we continued to play with Ginny pulling her mouth off me to sit erect while people were around but both of us continued to masturbate through the interruptions since the position of our bodies pretty much blocked any clear view of the sex play in progress.

Eventually, Ginny's oral stimulation worked its magic. I felt my orgasm building and soon Ginny was accepting my sperm managing to swallow most as I erupted into her mouth. Then Ginny huskily said "Lets get back on the road, I want to get off some kind of bad now." I stuffed my softening cock back in my pants while Ginny pulled her dress together for the short walk back to the car.

Before I could get out of the parking lot Ginny had reclined her seat, completely unbuttoned the front of her sundress and was commencing to urgently probe and play with her wet pussy her body now completely revealed. As we entered onto the highway her pelvis began thrusting against the efforts of her hand seeking that place of all consuming pleasure. I knew that she was letting herself slide into that uninhibited lusty wench that she suppressed most of the time when we were the image of the hard working young couple consumed with our careers and social life like most of our neighbors.

When the rare opportunity for freedom from behavioral expectations and being in unfamiliar surroundings she sometimes unleashed her inner sexual self throwing caution to the wind. Today held the promise of being one of those times.

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Having stimulated her very wet pussy with her fingers Ginny began rapidly frigging her aroused clit. She raised her seat back somewhat and removed her open sundress completely, throwing it into the back seat. "I'm so fucking wet my dress will get soaked." She said as she again fully reclined the seat and began vigorously masturbating, legs bent, splayed open with her feet pressed against the dash. Completely naked and in the throes of self pleasure as we sped along.

She ignored the occasional glance from a truck or van as we passed. Focused on her own building pleasure. "Are you feeling like a dirty girl"? I asked. "Yes" came her throaty reply. I knew that talking suggestively to her and provoking her to respond whetted her appetite for deeper sexual arousal.

Ginny was definitely responding today. "I love it when you are nasty", I continued. "Do you want to show men your naked body, your wet pussy? Would you like to have a man or some men watch you play with yourself? "You feeling all hot and aroused, spreading your pussy wide, letting them see how wet you are? All those strange eyes staring at you wanting to touch you, suck your breasts, ram their fingers into your wet open vagina?

"You really are a nasty little slut aren't you Ginny?" As I aggressively questioned her, Ginny's hand motions became more desperate, her breathing rapid and irregular. She was building toward an orgasm as I talked dirty to her. "On fuck yes, I'm feeling nasty, I want to fuck, fuckfuck. Nasty slut, fuck slut".

She cried out as her pelvis rose from the seat, thighs quivering as a strong orgasm ripped through her. Her hand played in her creamy juices making wet slapping sounds. "Fuck yourself slut", I urged as she came. Put your naked slutty body out there for strangers to enjoy.

Let them know you are a dirty slut. Fuck that pussy!" Wave after wave racked her, she strained to arch her pelvis further from the seat as her lovely body convulsed with contractions of pleasure. Finally expended she slumped back onto the seat still breathing rapidly. Ginny smiled at me then reached over and pushed several fingers into my mouth, "Lick my pussy juices you bastard", she said, "Suck on your slut's cum". I was more than happy to oblige. Later we made a fuel stop and answered a call of nature.

Ginny donned her sundress briefly during the stop then quickly removed it once we were back on the highway. She now began to pay attention to my recovered and aroused cock giving me a slow teasing hand job as we drove along. "You still feeling like a dirty little slut?" I teased. "Why do you think I'm still naked". She answered as she teasingly squeezed my balls. The sun was now low in the early summer sky and we began looking for a place for some dinner.

As we approached the outskirts of a town, We saw a large big box home supply store with a franchise restaurant nearby. I pulled into the parking lot but drove toward the home supply store pulling into a slot about mid row not too far from the storefront.

"Why did you park here?' Ginny asked somewhat puzzled. I looked at her naked in the passenger seat and said "Well, you are one nasty little slut tonight and I thought you should fuck yourself to another good orgasm before dinner." I then reached over the seat and grabbed the little travel bag containing Ginny's toys. I extracted a dildo shaped vibrator and handed it to Ginny. "You shit". She quietly said, taking the rubbery cock from me. "Now, I want you to lay back and fuck that beautiful slut pussy of yours until you cum all over the seat." I challenged.

"Do you agree to do that before dinner? Just how fucking nasty can you feel lying here in the dim twilight fucking you gaping pussy with that cock while people come and go to the store all around you?" Ginny looked at me then inserted the dildo into her mouth as she lay back in the seat.

I reached over the seat back and picked up her sundress. I opened my door to get out of the car. "What are you doing?" Ginny ask. "I'm putting your dress in the trunk. After you cum you can get your clothes and join me at the bar in the restaurant." I closed the door before she could respond. Placing her dress inside the car trunk, I walked away leaving her naked and alone. I knew she was into her role well enough to give it a go. I stood outside the restaurant for awhile to make sure all seemed well.

There was no indication of Ginny not getting into her self stimulation. After about 10 minutes, I entered the restaurant and took a seat at the bar. Some 25 minutes went by with no sign of Ginny. I took a final swig of my drink and walked back out to where I could see our car. There was a man standing beside the passenger window intently peering inside.

I don't know how long he had been there but another 8 or 10 minutes passed before a couple came out of the store and began walking in the direction of our car, as they approached, the man turned away from our car and got horny teen riding and orgasm on webcam a truck parked along side.

He quickly pulled away The couple walked on past the rear of our car and went to an adjoining row to theirs. A couple of minutes later, I could see Ginny's door open and her naked form quickly exited and opened the trunk, having released the lid from inside the car, retrieve her dress and quickly slip it on. I reentered the restaurant and selected a bistro notty america com in dangerous reps for two in the bar area.

Shortly, Ginny entered looking around for me. I waved her over. She lifted herself up onto the barstool baring much thigh as she slid onto the seat. She had also left the top buttons of the dress undone allowing liberal exposure of her breasts flesh and her tits if one had a view down her front. Ginny's little nasty girl persona was still fully engaged. "How was your orgasm my dear?" I ask.

"I think we all enjoyed it". She grinned slyly not elaborating further. We had a simple dinner and glass of wine. Ginny's charms were admired by many of the diners as well as a very attentive bartender who also waited our table.

He kept checking on us availing himself of a frequent view of Ginny's bare breasts which she readily offered down the open front of her dress. Wanting to get in at least another hour of the drive before getting a room we departed the restaurant and walked back to the car. I opened the door for Ginny. She slowly turned and stared at me while slowly unbuttoning the few fastened ones on her sundress, slipped the garment off her shoulders and flung it into the back seat.

Naked she entered the car, moving the vibrator she had used from her seat into a cup holder in the console. After getting back onto the highway, Ginny shared her experience of masturbating while being watched. Sounded like her voyeur was watching for about 20 minutes or so as she worked her magic with the dildo and her knowing hands.

"I kept feeling more strongly aroused, so very naughty, I wanted to cum while being watched I just felt so hot. "You wanted him to touch you didn't you? You little slut!" I growled at her. "You wanted his dick in you fucking you." U "I don't know, maybe. It just feels so hot, pbd sklavinmichaela fill up boobs overfill implants expanders good to be that turned on to give in to the yearnings of your darkest forbidden sex xxx vd2019 sex stories. She said quietly.

Near 10:00 pm I began looking for a place new amateur masturbation12 tube porn stop for the night. Just outside of a small town I spied a small motel, I pulled into the drive and saw a mixture of cars along with trucks and service company vans. It was an older motel that had been refurbished and now carried a local name not the large chain that once operated the facility.

It looked like a good choice for an end to our unusual day on the road. I stopped at the office leaving Ginny still naked in the car. Checking in I got a room on the back of the complex on the second floor. We drove around to our room and parked a row away from the building.

The motel was an older design with with rooms that opened onto a walkway outside. "Well my little princes", I inquired, do you prefer to don your dress or do you prefer to offer you sexy body for viewing?" Ginny turned, smiled and opened the door stepping onto the pavement wearing only her sandals. I handed her her rumpled dress and toy bag from the back seat while I went to the trunk to get our bags. Ginny walked in front of me across the lot to the stairway leading up to the second floor.

As Ginny mounted the stairs her nakedness on full display, we noticed a small group of men a few doors to our right who watched intently as my wife's fetching full round ass swayed provocatively up the stairs.

I allowed her to get well up the stairs before I followed not wanting to block their view. It seemed like Ginny slowed and accentuated her presentation as she climbed also well aware of her audience. Once in the room and bags set aside, I took Ginny in my arms and kissed her passionately for the first time that day.

Her body responded, pressing into me. Our tongues met, my hands ran down her naked body caressing her smooth skin, fondling the round full ass cheeks and I pulled her against me. I felt her body respond pressing back ripe, ready aroused. I pushed her away saying, before we begin to enjoy each other have a good hot shower while I go get us a bottle of wine to sip on. We parted with Ginny heading back to the bath and I out to the car. As I walked away from the building, a voice called to me from the lower level.

I turned to see a heavy older man maybe in his sixties. He walked up to me and quietly said, "We saw that lady that came in with you and wondered if she was available?" I looked back somewhat puzzled as he continued.

"I've got a crew of men staying here while completing some construction work nearby and there are not a lot of women around for a little recreation, you know. Certainly not any that look like the one you brought in. Now I got it, he thought Ginny was a lady of the evening and could be paid to have sex with this crew. "No, you don't understand", I began in reply.

The man interrupted me to continue, "These are all good clean boys. No trouble, I'd be happy to pay a reasonable price for them to have a little entertainment". "I know you must have other clients, but it sure would help me out if she is available." As he talked the thought came over me that this might be an opportunity to offer Ginny the chance to take her dirty slut side to another level.

I wondered what she might allow, how far she might go. I knew I would love to offer her the opportunity to let her nasty side run free "How many in your crew?" I ask. "I've got 4 guys with me. They are good men and I'll be willing to pay well." He replied. I didn't know if Ginny would go along with this or close it down, but there wouldn't be a better day to test the waters than today. "Ok, I tell you what, have your men come to room 218 about midnight. Stand outside the window.

If the curtains open they can watch and if the lady is up for more, we will let them come in. Tell them no funny business or everything stops, got that." "Sure, how much?" He ask. "We'll negotiate that later" I said. With that we parted and I headed out to the car.

I returned to the room about 20 minutes later with two chilled bottles of wine. Ginny was still in the shower so I uncorked a bottle and poured two glasses for us.

I heard the shower turn off and a few minutes later the bathroom door opened with a cloud of warm moist heat preceding Ginny's flushed glistening nakedness into our room.

She walked over still briskly rubbing her hair dry and kissed me before picking up her glass of wine and sitting in the chair beside me with our backs to the closed widow curtains.

"Damn, that felt so good" she remarked referring to the hot shower. "Certainly looks like it did" I responded. We sipped our wine in silence for a few minutes before I inquired "So how is my beautiful nasty little wife enjoying the trip?" "Its been pretty satisfying so far" she answered with a smile. "But my dear husband, my pussy is just aching for some attention she hasn't received nearly enough today". "Well my love now that you mention that; you should know that you have received an interesting proposal tonight" I countered.

"Proposal, what sort of proposal? What are you talking about" she ask. "When I went to get the wine, I gentleman approached me and ask if you were available. He had seen you walking to the room and was taken with your charms" I said. Ginny looked curiously puzzled as I continued. "In fact, this gentleman has a small crew with him and wondered if you could provide entertainment for them tonight?" "Entertainment?

What! He thinks I'm a stripper, call girl, or what?" She gasp. "No, I think he thinks you are an expensive prostitute and he would like for you to entertain his guys tonight. He offered to pay and swore his men were whore sucks a good dick 117 tube porn and orderly." I offered in response. Ginny took a couple more sips of wine before asking "What did you say to him?" "I said that I didn't know if you would be up to it tonight, but they could come by the room at midnight and if you were we would open the curtains and they could watch you and anything after that would be up to you." Ginny sat looking at me, sipping her wine.

"What do they expect to see or what might they want me to do?" She finally inquired. "I didn't indicate that they would see anything or even have access to you." I answered. "I'm sure they would be eager to see as much as they could. What actually happens is up to you." In retrospect it was dumb to use the panacea of our choice as to what would happen with a strange group of men in a remote road side motel on a Saturday night.

It was simply constructing a false sense of control and safety over a something that you damn well knew you could not control if you permitted it to go beyond a certain point. I think we both ultimately wanted to create a rationale for pursuing this scandalous proposal. "It does make me hot to think of us being watched having sex." Ginny said. "We could have an audience at the window." We continued to sip wine but Ginny was now more relaxed and occasionally reached down to stroke herself between her legs obviously thinking.

"What time is it now" Ginny ask. "About 20 minutes before midnight" I answered. I stood up, took Ginny's wine glass and placed it on the table between us. Taking her hand, I led her over to the bed, laying her across the bed facing the front window. I slid down between her legs, parted her thighs sweethearts having lesbo enjoyment pornstar and hardcore began gently sucking on her clit. Her flesh was soft, fragrant from the recent hot shower, her body warm and inviting.

Ginny's little clit responded immediately as I teased it with the tip of my tongue with occasional licks and probes along her dampening vaginal opening. Ginny spread her legs more widely and began to thrust her pelvis forward to meet my mouth and tongue. Our foreplay began to envelope us both, our bodies responding. "How many men in a crew?" Ginny ask in a low voice. "The Forman said 4" I answered. Obviously her thoughts were on the idea of strangers watching her, naked and exposed before them.

"I wonder how showing yourself and perhaps masturbating before several strange men would make you feel" I questioned back to her. "How hot, nasty and turned on you would get with men up close watching you play with your wet pussy, looking at your naked body, spreading your legs to give them a look at your wetness" her body began to respond more urgently as I offered provocative images of her writhing nakedly and slutty before strangers. "Oh fuck" Ginny responded, "I got so hot with that man watching me masturbate in the car today.

I felt so dirty so damn good. I know it was wrong but I didn't know it could feel so damn good. I so badly wanted him to see me cum." I refrained from asking if she had decided to let the men watch her tonight.

I continued to stimulate her with my mouth as she responded with obvious pleasure. "What time is it now?" Ginny ask. "It's about 5 minutes before midnight" I answered. The foreplay continued.

I wondered If she would decide to go further or simply get off on the idea of having an audience lust over her. "Do you think they will be outside?" Ginny inquired. "I can check" I said. "Ok" Ginny murmured. I got up from between Ginny's legs leaving her spread and open to the front of the room. I walked to the curtain pulled it from the side to peer outside. There standing outside were the four men and the older foreman just as agreed.

They looked back at me inquisitively. Holding the curtain slightly aside I looked back at Ginny and said, "They are here, should I open the curtain." Ginny was breathing deeply. She didn't respond for a minute or so. "What should I do?" Ginny said. "What do they want to see or do?" She was agitated now, unsure. "They want to see you. They want to see that woman who strutted naked across the parking lot and up to her room.

They want an up close look, probably a fuck. They want you to touch their hard dicks to cum on you and in you. You my dear will be ravaged by looks and acts depending on what your desires you can have this be the fulfillment of any fantasy you want it to be." Ginny began to rapidly rub her clit her wet pussy open and exposed toward the covered window. I peeked from the side of the curtain at the men and held up a finger as if to say "Just a minute." Ginny's pelvis was now responding to the stimulation from her hand.

She was grinding slowly her building wetness obvious around her open vagina small titted blonde finally gets her first bbc little rosy i came inside my s pussy. "Ok, let them look" she gasp.

I slowly pulled the cord separating the curtains. Ginny lay back with her eyes closed at first while continuing to pleasure her clitoris. She was being watched intently by 5 sets of eyes. The men smiled and made comments I couldn't understand through the window to one another.

A couple were rubbing their crotches. Ginny was on full display to her audience. The anxious group was eagerly consuming Ginny's lovely naked aroused body watching her pelvis undulate against her teasing hand her secretions glistening wet and trickling over her little puckered pink asshole. In addition to the foreman there were three middle aged hispanics and one taller, bearded black man who looked as if he might be in his 50s.

They wore kaki work clothes.

Not a physically impressive lot. The hispanics were average size, a little rotund while the black man was tall and lean. The Forman pointed toward our door as if indicating they wanted to come in the room. I responded with another indication that he should give me a moment. I walked over the the other side of the bed so as not to interfere with the view from the window and looked down at Ginny as she continued to masturbate now very aroused.

Leaning down I said, "They are loving what they see. Why don't you open your eyes and take a look at your audience." I suggested. Ginny opened her eyes and looked down her naked torso at the faces peering into the window at her. Her right hand continued its stimulation of her sex as she stared back at those watching her." The Foreman agains motioned toward the door.

"They want to come in". I said to Ginny. In response she lowered her head, closed her eyes once again and began to more rapidly agitate her aroused clitoris, her breathing noticeably becoming more rapid.

"Open the door!" She blurted. Ginny now seemed to be completely lost in her own personal erotic world of lustful sensations. I opened the door to our room and allowed the men to enter.

The four members of the crew stood around the bed looking down at Ginny as she continued to masturbate, her body maintaining a suggestive rhythm with her pleasuring fingers. The sound of zippers being opened provoked Ginny to open her eyes and watch as erect cocks were extracted by the men standing about her.

She saw the tall black man who stood directly between her spread legs smiling down at her as he slowly stroked a long thin dick with a pronounced veins standing out beneath the wrinkled skin.

The sight and presence of these strange men so close caused Ginny to slow her self pleasuring. I wondered if she was now regretting what we had allowed. There was a building tension about the room. The Foreman and myself stood near the door.

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I wasn't sure what would happen next. "Look at that pretty pink pussy boys", came a comment from the black man. "Lady all wet and ready and that little hand she rubbing that pussy with got marriage rings on it.

Bet this lady married to that young man here. See if we can make the little married lady happy boys. John gonna eat some of that pussy to get started. You gonna like that pretty lady." The man then dropped to his knees between Ginny's open legs. He gently stoked her thighs then moved his large hands beneath them to lift and separate them widely and exposing her wet open sex and tight little anal rosebud to his mouth.

I could see Ginny tense momentarily as the strange hands, tongue and lips began to tease and provoke her sexually. The tall man lapped at her juices, licking along the seam of her ass between her swollen labia lips and stopping to tease and suck on her aroused clitoris repeatedly as Ginny remained complaint and open to him.

After a few minutes of adroit oral stimulation I saw my little wife's hips and pelvis began to respond; slightly thrusting upward to meet and more fully engage the stimulating tongue and lips pleasing her. Ginny's breathing became more rapid she began to utter little low cries indicating her state of arousal, her movements more urgent and responsive to the pleasures she was feeling.

The scene was unbelievably hot. We were now past the point of fantasy. Ginny was being shared indeed pimped out and I was aroused and awestruck by the scene before me. The Foreman who remained beside me near the doorway said in a low voice, "Lets step outside for a moment to talk".

I hesitated but the man seemed insistent. I reached over to close the curtains which had remained open and he said "Leave them open". He opened the door and we stepped outside. Looking back into the room the scene was surreal.

Ginny continued her quest toward orgasm as three men pumped their hard dicks over her naked body on full display in the room. As if to reassure me, the Foreman said calmly "Don't worry about being seen or caught in any way. I'm in tight with the people who run this place. I let them know when we have a little party going on and they make sure we get all the privacy we need.

Sometimes they will even arrange something for me", he continued. Besides, that hot little wife of yours seems to enjoy a good time well enough. She's a lot hotter than what these boys usually get to enjoy so they will take good care of her." I realized that I was being talked to as if I was an impartial party to the conversation and somewhat guiltily admitted to myself that I was indeed an enabler and willing accomplice to the debasement and dark sexual appetites which Ginny and I fostered on each other.

There was silence for a few minutes as we watched Ginny experience her first orgasm with hips extended upward and hands grasping and crushing the black man's mouth into her groin grinding her pelvis into his face thighs trembling in response to the convulsion coursing through her. As her climax abated, one of the other crew members took the taller man's place between her legs and another of the workers placed his cock to Ginny's mouth as she permitted him between her lips her hand found his hard shaft and stoked along its length as he pumped toward her face, she tuned her head to the side permitting easier entry as the first strange dick of the nigh began probing inside her pussy.

"You never said what the price would be" came a comment from the man beside me. "Oh, this isn't that kind of thing". I replied. The man looked at me for a moment then pulled out several bills and suck them in my pocket. "Well, like it our not, you are going to be paid" came the reply.

I simply let the matter drop as we stood before the window watching the sexual acts taking place inside. After several minutes we reentered the room and took seats to the side as one man after the other fucked Ginny's now overflowing vagina while she provided occasional oral stimulation to the others as her upper body and face became coated with cum and saliva.

I watched in my aroused state, thinking my beautiful wife to be rapturously desirable and beautiful in the bawdy display before me. It was impossible to remember how may male orgasms took place within or upon my wife before the evening came to a close around 3 am. The three younger hispanics had departed when the tall older one of the group who had initially pleased Ginny so completely with his oral skills made a final deposit deep inside her. Ginny released yet another of her several orgasms as he made his final thrusts inside her releasing yet more cream to ooze from her now well filled opening.

Now only Ginny and I were alone in the room. She lay across the bed, open, used, coved with the remains of this eventful night. I watched her beautiful body move with her breathing. I arose, pulled the curtains to the widow, removed my clothes and went to our bed where I added my own juices to that of the men who had preceded me this night. We embraced, kissing and lusting for each other as our bodies sought the comfort and pleasure of one another. After coupling we slept in each other's arms.

The next morning we slept till nearly lunchtime. Ginny was readying for our continued drive to meet our friends while I loaded our bags in the car. As I was returning to the room. The Forman intercepted me and after a greeting said "Look, that was a really good party for the men last night, you wife is special and if there is any chance you could join us again sometime sure would like to arrange something." "I don't know, not typically what we would do, probably just a one off" I said.

He handed me a card with a name and number on it "Well, if you have a change of mind give me a call and I'll get everything arranged". About that time Ginny came down the stairs. She was dressed in form fitting tight white slacks and wearing a matching white jacket over a bright red tube top with a bare midriff. Her hair was smartly done and she wore fresh makeup. She looked like a million dollars. Hard to believe she had so easily lp officer plow jessica jones pussy doggystyle the fucking from last night and looked like a model off the pages of a fashion magazine this morning.

She smiled at us as she approached. "Good morning ma'am" said the Forman with with a tip of his cap. "Hope you had an enjoyable evening?" "Well, it was quite the experience", Ginny replied with a grin. "Hope we have a chance to see you again soon" the Foreman replied.

Ginny looked somewhat puzzled by the comment, looking at the man without responding. "I'll have a second crew arriving next week to max prime series sex on wheels with us for awhile" he continued. "Nice to have some friendly folks to relax with after a hard week of work". Ginny smiled back and said "Why thank you" and continued on toward our car.

The Foreman and I watched her walk away her hoops swaying and her rounded derrière teasingly tempting our eyes. I shook hands with the Foreman and followed Ginny to the car. We had been on the road for a few minutes when Ginny said "You know, I've been thinking perhaps we could leave Bruce and Peggy's on Saturday rather than Sunday next week and travel part of the way back on Saturday night. What do you think?" "I suppose that might be possible." I replied.

I noticed a slight smile cross Ginny's face. I felt in my pocket to be sure the card the Foreman had given me was secured away. Might need to confirm a party for eight next Saturday evening I thought. A smile came to my face to as we glanced at each other.

Looked like another lusty road trip might be included in this vacation week. My cock hardened as we drove on.