Haley reed all i want is bbc

Haley reed all i want is bbc
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Project Assassin the Perfect Killer I awoke in the desert at least I believed it to be the desert. I looked around the barren landscape before me as I stood up from where I had awakened. I stood there looking around at this strange place wondering where I was. The air was foul with the smell of death all around me. The ground humorous legal age teenager plays with big tool girlfriend homemade me had a reddish cast to it almost as if soaked in blood.

No plants or trees stood anywhere. There were only small clumps of dirt piled up maybe three feet high. They looked like mini volcanoes as a puff of smoke came from them every now and then.

I scanned around me see thousands of them surrounding me. I looked to the sky above not a cloud in the orange colored sky.

It was light however; I saw no sun anywhere in the sky. I stood there listening to only the puff hiss of those mini volcanoes around me. I looked to my body to see that I was dressed in a suit and tie. I looked to my hands to see two big diamond rings on a finger on each of my hands. One was one jessie wylde panting in public first finger of my right hand and the other on the next to last digit of my left hand.

Around my left wrists was a gold watch with diamonds around the timepiece. It suddenly came to me that not only did I not know where I was but also who I was for that matter. I stood there trying to remember who I was and what had happened to me. Where was I and why was I here? The ground below my feet started to shake and tremble.

Those mini volcanoes shook back and forth, as I watched them. I fell to my knees as the ground moved beneath me. I was on my hands and knees staring at one of those piles of dirt. Flames shot from one then another nearby. They all shot flames about five feet into the air one after another as if in vary vary young girls sexs. The ground stopped moving and I jumped to my feet as I saw something pop from the mound in front of me.

It was unlike any creature I had ever seen. It was almost frog like in appearance. However, I do not remember frogs being yellow with red horns sticking from their heads. It was about two feet tall standing on two short little muscular legs with webbing between its three toes that had claws at the tip. It looked like a frog from hell was the only way I would describe this thing before me.

I reached into my suit jacket to the left side. My hand touched an empty holster. My hand went to my right ankle to another empty holster. I stood there looking at this creature wondering why I had even checked for a gun. The frog from hell looked at me staring into my eyes as I stared back into his eyes. The creature's eyes were round and big, greenish in color. The creature's eyes turned red as if they filled with blood.

It's mouth opened as its tongue shot from its mouth. "WHAT the fuck," I screamed out as pain came to my thigh. I looked down to see the tongue of the creature stabbing into my thigh. It retracted the tongue as it shot back into its mouth. I looked to the wound let behind. The wound hurt like hell however, no blood flowed from the hole in my thigh.

The eyes of the creature returned to green as its tongue slipped back into its mouth. Suddenly another creature popped from a mound nearby. Once again, I stood there watching this strange ugly creature.

I watched its eyes turn red as its tongue shot from its mouth. I grabbed the tongue with my right hand before it dug into my left thigh. The tongue was slimy and wet as it wrapped around my hand. The frog like creature closed its mouth as the hairs stood up on the back of my neck.

Suddenly my body was jolted with what felt like a lightning bolt. The jolt knocked me off my feet and to the ground. I lay dazed as my body shook and trembled upon the ground. "SON of a bitch that fucking hurt," I screamed out as I rose to my knees.

The creature looked at me as the tongue uncoiled from around my wrist. His eyes returned to green as the slimy tongue returned to its mouth. Another creature popped from another near by mound. I did not wait around to see what it was going to do. I took off running for my life. I ran and each time I ran past a mound of dirt one of those creatures would pop out from it. I stopped at the next mound and as the creature popped out from it.

I drew my foot back and I kicked at it with the heavy boots I wore. The creature bellowed a horrific scream as I kicked it high into the air as you would a football. The creature exploded in mid air sending lighting bolts raining down to the ground below it. At least I knew I could kill the little fuckers I thought as I took off running again.

I saw a mountain range in the distance. As I ran to it, I saw an opening in the side of it. It looked like a cave or something so I ran for it hoping to hide from those creatures.

I ran into the darkness of the cave not knowing what awaits me inside of it. I entered with caution once again reaching for a weapon inside my suit jacket only to find none. I stopped about a hundred feet inside the cave to catch my breath. The air inside this dark cave was fresh and clean as I fell to my knees.

"What is this place and why am I here?" I asked screaming it out loudly. My voice echoed inside the cave however, no reply or answers came back to me. Suddenly light filled the cave. The bright light hurt my eyes so I closed them.

When I opened them, the walls of the cave were white, I looked around and I saw a bed and a table with a chair. I stood up and I walked to the table where a small stone tablet lie.

As I sat down in the chair, I picked the tablet up and saw writing craved into the tablet. The words were unlike any I had seen before. I ran my fingers over the deeply carved words on the tablet. As my fingers touched each word, they changed into words I could read and understand.

I saw these words. "The torments of hell will help you to understand your own sins. Ones handed down to you from your father. Oh, what dreadful torments await those who die without knowing why? For you will be tormented day and night forever and ever." (Rev. 20:10). There will be no rest from the torment of the flame frogs, because their tongues burn "day and night forever and ever." It is but for you to understand your sins." I sat there staring at those words trying to remember where I had heard them.

No thoughts entered my mind as I tossed the tablet against the wall. It broke into pieces as it fell to the floor. I watched from the chair as the pieces regrouped until they had formed a tablet once again. I went to the tablet picking it up once more. Once again, I saw words I did not know or understand. I took it back to the table with me as I sat down into the chair once more.

I ran my fingers across the tablet as these words appeared. "Hell is of this world and there are men who are unhappy escapees from hell, escapees destined ETERNALLY to reenact their escape." "Was this HELL?" I asked myself as I lie the tablet down. What had I done to reside in hell? How does one reside in hell without knowing his own name? Just who was I and why was I here I wondered to myself as I sat at the table. I looked to the bed as I thought that maybe this was all a dream.

I realized then that this could have only been a nightmare. I got up from the table and walked to the bed. I climbed into the bed and closed my eyes hoping to awake anywhere but here.

I opened my eyes to see small hands and fingers dancing before my eyes. A strange hanging orb was before me with a teat or nipple hanging from it. I sucked it into my mouth as peace and calm filled my body. A lovely woman's face filled my eyes as I suckled at her breasts. Her sweet milk filled my mouth as she smiled at me.

Her hand brushed across my forehead. She bent over kissing me gently on my forehead with her red moist lips. "A lovely boy god has given us my husband," "We shall name you Samuel," the lovely woman said smiling. "His damn name should be Samael: Demon angel of death," A loud deep manly voice yelled out. I suckled happily upon her breast listening to them. My eyes closed as my belly filled with her sweet milk. When I awoke, I was in this woman's arms as she held another child. That child was suckling upon one of her breasts as it hung from her chest.

I wrapped my mouth around the other drawing her sweet milk from it. "The lord has blessed us with yet another healthy and fit child, this time a girl," The lovely woman said.

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"We shall name her Lucy," she added. I awoke sitting up in the bed. I looked around to find myself still in that cave. I ran to the entrances only to see those creatures waiting for me to leave the cave. They stared at me daring me to onkel hilft nichte bei hausaufgaben und fickt er sie from the safety of my cave.

I shook my head as I went back to the bed in the cave. My memories started to fill my head. "My name is Sam," I said as I sat down onto the bed. "I have a sister named Lucy as well," I added as I rubbed my hands to my face.

I sat there thinking as it all came back to me. I remembered how I ended up here. I guess I should share with you just how I got to this strange place as well. For I know I am not leaving this place forever and ever.

My tale begins on an eighty-acre farm in Ohio. I was born to Ned and his wife Elizabeth. The following year my sister Lucy was born. We seemed like your normal everyday loving family. We all lived in the county with the nearest town Sebring, Ohio many miles away.

Our family seemed like a loving and caring family at least when we were but kids. Our mom Elizabeth home schooled us which was always the way Lucy and I had thought it was. Dad and mom never beat us, yelled at us as we grew up at home. Lucy helped mom and I helped dad with the farm when mom was not teaching us something. We had television but hardly ever watched it. Everything we knew was what mom and dad had taught us both.

Mom taught Lucy about doing the women chores around the farm. Dad taught me how to run the farm and he taught me how to shoot a pistol as well as a rifle. Which I took to as a bee does to honey daddy would say. Dad told me I was born to kill. I use to practice by shooting at the frogs in the many ponds around our farm. Dad and mom taught us both what was right and wrong.

At least I thought they had. Lucy and I grew up together not only as brother and sister but also as the only friend the other had. Neither of us had ever been off our farm ever. The only person to leave our farm was babe sucks shaved hard dong hardcore and handjob dad.

He would leave and be gone for days, weeks or months. Neither Lucy nor I ever questioned him about where he went too. When he returned, he always had gifts for us like new bikes, new clothes and new equipment for use around the farm.

He also always brought me home a new weapon, which I would soon master. I was in my mid teens as was Lucy when I started to notice things. I was at that age when a boy notice stuff. Like two farm animals going at it. I had also seen my mom and dad fucking much like the animals had as well.

Lucy and I had gone to bed as we shared a bedroom. She slept in her bed and I slept in mine. I awoke one night and found myself thirsty so I got out of bed to get myself a glass of water. I walked by the living room where the T.V. was flickering however no picture was on it. I heard moans coming from the couch.

I moved a little to see mom down on her knees with her head bobbing up and down in dad's aunty saree strip boob suck. Daddy pulled her hair lifting her mouth from his huge cock. "SIS you still suck a mean fucking cock," Dad said as he pushed her head back onto his cock.

I watched as mom sucked at his cock while she rubbed her hands at his hanging balls. I felt something filling my shorts as I watched them. My own cock had grown hard as it did every morning when I woke up which normally meant I had to pee. However as I watched them I did not have to pee. "You still got the biggest cock I have ever seen brother," mom said as she removed her mouth from his cock. I watched as she wrapped both her hands around it. I pulled my shorts big tits small waist and big ass in front of me as I looked to my own cock.

Hell there was that much cock sticking out from mom's hands. I watched as mom moved her hands up and down on his cock. I moved my own hand to my cock and I milked it the same way mom was doing his.

Dad was moaning telling her how good it felt with her hands wrapped around his cock. "Take your clothes off woman," daddy said to her. I stopped pulling on my cock as I watched her standing up from her knees. Mom swayed back and forth, as she unbuttoned her top. She slipped it from her shoulder bending down shaking her huge fucking tits in his face. Dad's hands went to her tits grabbing at them through her bra.

Mom backed away from him and she shook her finger at him. "Not yet brother I am not done teasing," mom said smiling at him. Mom swayed some more than she slipped her pants down. She was standing in front of him dancing in just her bra and panties. My cock throbbed in my hand as mom pulled her panties down.

She had a full growth of hair covering her front. She turned around as she shook her ass at him. Dad grabbed her ass with both hands pulling it into his face. I watched him running his tongue up and down between her butt cheeks. He had her bend over as he pulled her butt cheeks apart. I could see her brown eye opening and closing as he did.

Dad shoved his tongue up it then poked at it before he started to lick it. I thought that was somewhat gross as you shit from there. However, mom sure was moaning as his tongue licked at her asshole.

"NOT yet brother," mom cried out as she pulled her ass from his face. Mom reached behind herself undoing her bra. She removed her bra and her tits fell out bouncing up and down. Mom had huge tits and I was always looking at them. I always wanted to take one into my mouth as I could remember nursing on them until I was seven or so. I always wondered if she still had milk in them. My hand went back to my cock as mom's tits swung back and forth in front of her. My hand moved faster as I watched her taking one of her tits into her own hand.

She lifted it up bringing it to her mouth. Her tongue shot from her mouth licking at her nipple. It grew hard and she pinched it with her hand as she brought the other tit to her mouth. She licked the nipples hard then dropped them from her hands. They bounced as if in slow motion as I watched them.

I suddenly felt like I had to pee as my eyes rolled up into my head. I pulled my hand off my cock. I looked down to it to see clear gummy stuff leaking from the head of my cock. I left out a slight moan when it did. I looked up to my mom to see her looking at me. She smiled then moved her face to besides dad's head. I ran back to the bedroom. I jumped into bed pulling the sheets up over my head. I lie there scared knowing dad would be at my bed before long.

I waited for a long time before I came out from under the sheets. I thought that maybe mom had not seen me as I sat up in my bed. "What are you doing?" Lucy asked from her bed. "SHHHhh they will hear you," I whispered. Lucy climbed out of her bed and she climbed into mine as I pulled the covers over us. I told Lucy what I had saw mom and dad doing. Lucy looked down to the front of my shorts.

Her hand grabbed me between my legs. I pushed her hand away looking at her. "Let me see it I know it is different than mine," Girl with wet panties gets fucked at the club video said softly. "OK but you have to show me yours," I replied as I slipped my shorts off covering my cock with my hands. Lucy pulled her nightshirt up over her head.

When she did, I noticed she had a bra on as I stared at it. I did not know she even had tits. Lucy lies back as she slipped her panties off her legs. I looked to see that she even had some hair down between her legs. I just stared at the slot with hair around it. Lucy smacked me on my head as she said, "Show me yours now." I moved my hand away from my cock and we both sat there watching it.

My cock twitched then it started to grow. It went from maybe two inches to almost six inches. Lucy looked to me with her mouth hanging open. "What just happened to it?" She asked. "I think it wants inside your mouth," I replied as I told her how dad's cock grew then mom took it into her mouth. Lucy pushed me back down onto the bed as she placed her face beside my cock.

I told her to run her hand up and down it first. I showed her with my own hand. Lucy took my cock into her hand and she started to run it up and down it. "Squeeze it a little tighter with your hand," I said. Lucy did as I closed my eyes thinking about mom's tits I had seen tonight. I opened them as Lucy moved her mouth to my cock. Her mouth was just about to touch it when I pushed her head away. "You have to take that off as well," I said pointing to her bra.

Lucy looked at me funny like. I told her I did not know why but that mom had taken her off so she had too.

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Lucy reached behind herself removing her bra. She did have tits after all I thought as I stared at them. In fact, her tits were like tits on tits. She had her tit then a big puffy mound where her nipple sat. I reached over and I lightly touched her nipples with my fingers.

I rolled her nipple between my finger and my thumb as I had watched dad do to mom. Lucy's nipples grew hard as I played with them. "MMmmmmmm that feels good it my makes me tingle down here," Lucy said as her hand rubbed at the mound between her legs.

"Get on your hands and knees for me," I said to Lucy. Lucy was soon on her hands and knees with her butt sticking high into the air. Her ass was nice and round as well as very smooth. I ran both my hands lightly over her ass. I placed my hands on each side of her butt crack. I slipped my thumbs between her butt cheeks as I spread them open. I saw two holes as I pulled her butt cheeks apart. One was pink while the other was pink but with a dark spoon fed spunk pornstars and big tits around it.

I moved my face closer to her holes. I sniffed at both of her holes. They both smelled like baby powder to me. I stuck my tongue out and I poke it into her lower pink hole. My nose brushed against her other hole as I did. I started to lick at her pink hole using my tongue. "AHhhhh Samuel that feels good," Lucy cooed out as she backed her ass into my nose. Her pink hole started to get wet and sticky like as I used my tongue on it.

Lucy was rocking back against my tongue moaning softly as she did. I shoved my tongue up into the inside of her pink hole. I wiggled it around up there as it buried itself into her pink hole. "AHhhhhh," Lucy moaned out. Wet stuff splashed against my tongue as I continued to lick at her hole. At first, I thought she had peed in my face. However it did not taste nor smell like piss to me. Lucy pulled herself away from my tongue.

"My turn brother," she said as she pushed me down onto the bed. I lie there as Lucy took my cock back into her hand. Busty older woman unloads a cock in her face cumshot mother ran her hand up and down my cock squeezing it tighter each time her hand went upward.

Lucy removed her hand and she placed her mouth around my cock. She just had the head of my cock between her lips. She took more of my dick head into her mouth then stopped. "Suck on it like you do a straw," I said to her. I watched her cheeks going in and out, as she sucked at the head of my cock. Lucy.

I told her to use her hand to rub my balls as she sucked at my cock. I felt Lucy's hands rubbing at my balls. My whole body started to tingle as my eyes rolled up into my head once more. I felt my cock start to twitch in her mouth as Lucy pulled her mouth from my cock. "UGHHhhh," Lucy cried out as she spit a bunch of clear sticky fluid from her mouth.

Lucy made a face telling me it tasted very salty like. She also told me it was not that bad tasting however there was just too much of it in her mouth. Lucy was staring into my eyes when I felt her arms wrapping around my neck.

I stared into her eyes as her lips touched mine. She moved her lips around mine then pulled back from me. "Mom told me that was kissing," Lucy said. Lucy wrapped her arms around me again and placed her lips on mine only this time she slipped her tongue into my mouth. She broke our embrace as she added, "That is French kissing with tongue." "Did mom show you that also?" I asked her.

"Yes," Lucy replied. "Samuel your thingy is getting hard again," Lucy added as she pointed to it. "Has mom showed you anything else?" I asked. Lucy smiled as she lies back onto the bed. She was on her back as she spread her legs apart. I watched as she slowly ran her hand over her mound. I watched as she slipped one then two fingers up inside herself.

Lucy started to run her fingers in and out of her pussy as I watched. I lie down close to her pussy watching as I took my cock into my hand.

I ran it up and down on my cock as she fingered her pussy. Lucy's tits started to heave up and down as she worked her fingers deeper into her pink wet hole. "AHhhhhh brother," Lucy moaned out as she shook on the bed. "AHHHhhh," I moaned out as my eyes went shut. I felt fluid jetting from the head of my cock.

I managed to open my eyes to see the last sticky clear fluid flying up into the air. Some landed on my hand so I brought it to my mouth where I licked at it with my tongue. Lucy smiled at me as she slipped her bedclothes back on before she returned to her own bed. I slept well that night and well into the morning. When I awoke I saw that Lucy was already up and gone from our bedroom.

I dressed then I walked out into the kitchen. Mom was standing at the sink doing dishes. I walked to the table and I sat down in the chair at the table. Mom turned toward me as she said, "Morning Samuel I see you slept in today," as she smiled at me. I looked at her however; I was staring at those big tits hanging down almost in my face. Mom had on a silk robe and nothing else. Her robe opened and both her tits rather fell into view as she kissed me on my forehead.

I felt my cock starting to grow as I stared at her tits. I could see that her nipples were long and huge. Mom stood back up realizing her tits had fallen out she stood there staring at me as she shook they from side to side. My eyes followed her tits as they swayed back and forth. She scooped them back into her robe as she smiled at me.

"You naughty little boy just like your father you are," Mom said. "What would you like for breakfast?" she then asked. "Just a glass of milk will do for now," I replied smiling at her.

Mom smiled and gave a little laugh as she went to the refrigerator. Lucy came walking into the kitchen. She walked up beside me and I felt her hand grabbing at my now hard cock under the table. "MOM, Samuel thingy is hard again," Lucy yelled out to mom. "Most men are like that dear when they see something they want," Mom replied looking at me.

"Where is dad at?" I asked mom. "He will be back when he gets back," she replied as she returned to the morning dishes. "He left you a list of chores to do in the barn," she added.

I drank my milk and I took my hard on out to the barn with me. I found his list of chores. Fuck, it was more like a novel of chores. Feed the animals, cut this cut that, repair this repair that.

I only read the first two pages. I checked them off as I got them done. It was almost 5 o'clock in the evening by the time I finished. His chore list ended like this. You are a good son and now you will find a new rifle in my office. You go practice killing those damn frogs and when you can shoot, the eyes from one at 100 yards you go have some dinner then some fun with mom and Lucy. Dad I ran to his office wondering what he meant by having fun with mom. I was more interested in this new rifle as the thought of mom drifted from my mind.

Inside his office, I found a 30.06 rifle with a scope attached to it the manual lying next to it. I sat in his chair reading up on this new weapon. Every since I could remember it seemed like no matter what I would read I could remember everything about what I had just read. I was not for sure but I thought Lucy had this ability as well. I read the book then I sighted the scope and rifle in before heading for a pond.

When I shot the first frog, I thought it was going to be hard to take out both of its eyes as the damn thing blow into pieces each time I shot one. I scanned the ponds bank until I saw a huge frog painted on a piece of wood. I knew dad had painted it up for me.

I lined the right eye up, I fired then moved the rifle a fraction to the left, and I shot again. I peered through the scope to see both eyes taken from the frog painted upon the wood.

I returned home happy knowing I had yet mastered another weapon. I walked into an empty house. I went into the kitchen to find dinner on the table with a note. The note read "A man should come home hungry from a days worth of teen kiara night gets impaled and cum showered work, your dinner is ready," signed mom. It also read, "If you followed your dad's order and took those eyes from that frog then join us in my bedroom after you eat," this was signed Lucy and mom.

I shoveled that food into my mouth as I sat down at the table. I rinsed my plate off and I headed toward my mom's bedroom. The door was closed however; I could see light shining from under the door.

I slowly opened the door and saw mom and Lucy lying on the bed. I stared at them wondering what they were doing. Mom was lying on her back while Lucy lie on top of her with her face buried between mom's legs.

Mom had her hands on Lucy's butt pulling her down onto her face. I walked over closer to the bed and I could hear wet licks coming from their mouths. My cock twitched and grew in my pants as I stood there watching them eating each other's pussy.

I dropped my pants then my shorts as my hand wrapped around my cock. I had only given my cock a few pulls with my hand. "You go shower first young man then you may join us," Mom said to me removing her face from under Lucy's ass.

I showered as I had ate dinner fast. I dried myself out and did not even bother with putting any clothes on busty holly halston pussy licked sucking doggy big dick and blowjob body. I hurried back to mom's bedroom. I found them both sitting on the bed with robes around their bodies.

Mom smiled as she told me to come into the bedroom. "My you are going to be a handsome man when you grow up," Mom said as she eyed my body from the bed. "Lucy don't you think your brother is handsome?" Mom asked her. "Yeah I guess so," Lucy replied smiling at her. "Get up onto the bed Samuel," mom said as I did Lucy and her climbed down from it.

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I sat up on the bed looking at mom and Lucy standing in front of me in their robes. Mom and Lucy removed their robes together as I watched. They both were dressed in outfits that were alike. They both wore high heels as well as nylons that ran up to their thighs. The nylons attached to little hooks or something from a strap that ran around their waist. Their tits covered in shiny black leather vests.

However, their tits hung from holes in the vests. I could barely take my eyes off my mom's breasts as I stared at them. They were huge as they hung from the holes in her vest. I allowed my eyes to wander up to her face. Her eyes sparkled as I stared into them. I never realized just how lovely my mom was until now. I felt my heart start to beat faster as I stared at her lovely red wet lips, her cute little nose and those yellow green cat like eyes.

I always wondered why her eyes as well as Lucy's eyes were like that while dad and I had clear blue eyes. Her long black hair styled as it flowed from the top of her head.

I felt my cock tapping my midsection as I stared at her. I took a quick glance at Lucy who stood there with her head looking to the floor; however, my eyes fell back upon mom. A strange feeling came over me as I stared at her.

It was a warm, peaceful feeling of wanting and needing her as my cock throbbed. My onil ethiopian sex vidfrre douwnlod followed mom as she moved behind Lucy.

"Isn't she lovely Samuel?" Mom asked me as her hands rubbed at Lucy's shoulders. I wanted to tell her not as lovely as you are. Blonde babe loves a nicec hard cock, something inside my head told me not too. "She is as lovely as the morning sun rising in the east," I replied smiling Lucy lifted her head as she asked, "AM I brother?" Mom gave me a look with her cat like eyes before I replied, "You sure are sis," as I smiled at her.

When I had said those words, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Mom and dad were really brother and sister as well. My mind had no time to dwell upon that as mom and Lucy came toward me. "Lucy, show me how you please your brother," Mom said to her giving her a push toward me. Lucy came to me and she lightly traced my face with her finger.

She traced around my eyes, my nose and my lips with her finger. She then lowered her lips to mine and she kissed and licked at them lightly. Her lips and tongue felt good upon mine as my cock danced between us. With her hands still at the back of my head, Lucy rubbed her breasts lightly into my face. Her body swayed just as moms did that night I saw her and dad going at it. Her hard nipples tracing around my eyes and my nose as her finger had.

Lucy ran her breasts under my nose and I could not help but to open my mouth. I flicked my tongue at her nipples as they passed my mouth. She pulled them back to my mouth and I suckled lightly on one nipple then the other. I felt her hand wrapping around my cock as she placed her tit back into my mouth. I kissed, licked and suckled on it as her hand ran up and down on my cock. I felt the room start to spin as my eyes rolled up into my melanie pees and fucks herself fetish teen. "AHHHHHhh LUCY," I yelled out.

My cock jerked in her hand as fluid shot straight up between us. It squirted three or four times as her hand pumped at my cock. Some of my fluid splashed to the under side of her breasts. Lucy moved them to my mouth where I licked my fluid from her breasts. "Good girl Lucy you made your brother cum fast," "However you do not want him to cum to fast," Mom cooed out as her mouth went to Lucy's mouth.

They embraced and kissed as I sat there watching them. I wished that those were my lips pressing into my mom's lips. I watched as their tongues slipped into each other's mouths. As they swapped tongues, I saw Lucy placing her hand onto mom's breast. She toyed with her nipples pulling and pinching at them lightly. Lucy removed her hand from mom's breast her nipple was rock hard and huge as it stuck out from her tit.

I reached up and touched it. Mom turned to me and I saw her eyes go from yellow green to red. "You may look Samuel but you must never touch mommy for I belong only to my brother as Lucy belongs to you," Mom said. "Why is that?" I asked not understanding. "You must not spoil the broodmare," Mom replied.

I looked at her wondering what the hell she was talking about and it must have shown on my face as she said, "You will understand when you are older," as she smiled at me. "Now you scoot on over in that bed and give your sister room to lie down," she added. I did as she had told me letting Lucy upon the bed. Lucy lies down and she spreads her legs widely apart. Mom pointed to different parts of her pink hole telling me what they are and what function they served.

Mom took her finger and she rubbed it at the top of Lucy's pussy. A small round head thing poked from the hood of her pussy.

Mom pointed to it as she told me that was her love button or her clit. She went on to explain how it feels good to a woman when you give pleasure to their clit.

"Show him mom please show him how you lick my clit," Lucy rather moaned out from the bed. Mom got between Lucy's legs as I lie to the side watching. She lowered her mouth to Lucy's clit as she stuck her tongue out from her mouth. She flicked her tongue at it beating it from both sides. Then she rather wrapped her tongue around the clit that had grown bigger.

Mom slipped two fingers up inside of Lucy's pussy as she took her clit into her mouth. She moved her fingers in and out, as she sucked at Lucy's clit. "AHHHhhhhhh," Lucy screamed as she shook on the bed. Liquid came squirting from Lucy's pussy. It flowed over mom's finger and splashed on her face. Mom pulled her fingers from Lucy's pussy and she buried her face into her pussy rubbing it into it.

"AHHHHHhhHhhhh yeah," Lucy moaned out as her hands went to mom's head. They stayed like that for some time. Mom finally pulled her wet glazed face from between Lucy's legs. Lucy just lie there with her legs spread wide trying to catch her breath. I dove over Lucy's thigh flicking my tongue at her clit. Lucy screamed out as if in pain as I pulled back from her clit looking at mom. "You have to give her time to recover," mom said to me with a little laugh.

"However I see you are ready to go again," mom added looking at my cock. Mom looked to Lucy as she said, "Your brother needs your help." Lucy rolled over and she crawled to me pushing me back up onto the pillows.

She kissed both my eyes as they closed then she licked at them. Lucy worked kisses all the way down my face and down my chest. I left my eyes closed thinking it was mom who was doing it to me. I felt Lucy's kisses on my cock. "Do his cock the way I showed you on the banana," mom said to Lucy. I felt Lucy running her tongue up and down my cock. Her tongue felt good on my cock backing it jerk each time her tongue licked at the head of my cock.

Lucy then took my cock into her mouth and she ran her mouth all the way down to the base of my cock. My eyes rolled but when then rolled back I noticed my vision had greatly improved.

As Lucy bobbed her head up and down on my cock, I soon forgot about my vision. Lucy started to suck at my cock as she worked her head up my cock. Her hand went to my balls and she toyed with them as she sucked my cock deeply into her mouth. "When he cum this time takes his seed into your mouth," mom said to Lucy as she stroked at her hair.

Lucy's mouth was bobbing fast and deeply on my cock. I felt my cock throb inside her mouth as my eyes rolled up into my heads. Lucy sucked hard at my cock as it fired four blasts of cum into her mouth. My eyes rolled back down and I looked across the room to a small alarm clock on the dresser. It read one o'clock in the morning.

I wondered how I could see such small numbers from so far away as the alarm clock was no alarm clock but a wristwatch leaned against the jewelry box that sat on the dresser. Lucy removed her mouth from my cock. She climbed up my body then pressed her lips to mine. She kissed me deeply however I never tasted any cum as she did for she had swallowed it all.

Lucy broke our kiss as she stared into my eyes. She had this strange look on her face as she did. "I love you brother," Lucy said to me staring at me. "That's enough for tonight children," Mom said as she sent us from her bedroom into ours. Lucy undressed and she climbed into her bed. I sat on the edge of mine thinking about what had gone down tonight. Mom and dad were brother and sister which meant Lucy and I were inbreeds I thought.

I had seen movies on the TV where inbreed the children were deformed and idiots. Yet we were not like that. "Lucy you awake?" I asked as I walked toward her bed. Lucy made not a sound as she slept with nothing but a smile of her face. I tried to wake her however; she would not wake up no matter what I tried. I walked from our bedroom to mom's bedroom figuring on telling her that I could not wake Lucy. I got to her closed door as I realized something.

It was pitch-black in our house yet I had run into anything as I walked to her bedroom. I looked around and it was as if I could see in the dark. I slowly opened mom's bedroom door. I walked to beside her bed as I called for her. Mom did not move just as Lucy had not moved. I walked from her bedroom closing the door and returned to my bed. I lie my head down onto my pillow as I fall into a deep sleep.

My mind filled with dreams. I dreamed of doing everything I had with Lucy only it was my mom in my dreams. I awoke with a big wet spot on my bed I must have had fun with mom in my dream I thought.

I looked to see that Lucy was already up as I got dressed. I walked to the kitchen but stopped as I heard mom and Lucy talking. Mom was telling Lucy she could never be with anyone but her brother. "You hold the key to his success," mom said. "You will bring forth one when his time has ended like I have for my brother," she added. "Mom what if he does not love me?" Lucy asked.

"Then your time shall come my busty babe sophia leone enjoys a hard interracial sex mom replied. "Your time will come," mom added with a little evil laugh this public euro amateur screwed in cab for cash. I leaned against the wall trying to figure out what they meant.

I turned from the kitchen and I walked outside. I went to the barn then into my dad's office. I sat down into his chair as I wondered. What is this all about? Why could I have Lucy and not my mom? Why did they both fall into a deep sleep after last night?

How did Lucy hold the key to my success? Why did I have to love her? Just what did mom mean by "Then your time shall come my child?" I looked down on my dad's desk at the papers laying there. I scanned them however; there was nothing important on any of them.

I opened the drawers to his desk searching for something that would tell me what was going on here. The first three drawers I checked were empty. The fourth one did not open it was locked. A bobby pin caught my eye as it lie friends jade amber and kelsi monroe get nailed the desk.

I picked it up and I inserted it into the locked drawer. I fiddled with it for a while until the drawer unlocked. I wondered how I knew how to pick that lock as I opened the drawer.

A journal lies inside the drawer. I removed it and placed it onto the desk. I opened the journal then I read what written inside the pages. A STUDY OF ASSASSINATION DEFINITION Assassination is a term derived from "Hashish", a drug similar to marijuana, which was used by Hasan-Dan-Sabah to induce motivation in his followers, who were assigned to carry out political and other murders, usually at the cost of their lives. I use it here to describe the planned killing of a person who is not under the legal jurisdiction of the killer, who is not physically in the hands of the killer, selected by a resistance organization for death, and whose death provides positive advantages to that organization.

Firearms in assassination are often very ineffectively. The assassin usually has insufficient technical knowledge of the limitations of weapons, and expects more range, accuracy and killing power than can be provided with reliability. Since certainty of death is the major requirement, firearms should be used which can provide destructive power at least 100% in excess of that thought to be necessary, and ranges should be half that considered practical for the weapon.

Public figures or guarded officials can be killed with great reliability and some safety if a firing point established prior to an official occasion. The propaganda value of this system may be very high. After World War 1, they decided that there was a need for an elite type of an assassin.

Our first attempts failed due to the comparative physical weakness of the assassin and the fact that the training of an assassin is a lifelong process, where experience is the real teacher. What we needed was a pure bred of an assassin. One grown from cells and raised to kill.

One which would have total commitment to the mission and the job were required above all else. We also needed a person that could handle the psychological ramifications that result from killing another person. Our plan worked about mid way through World War 2. From 1941 to the present time, we have designed and bred the elite assassin through genetic engineering. We also took it one-step further by producing females this wonderful farmer girl raina ogami is ready for some naughty action she gets picked up by a hand would give birth to the perfect killing machine.

From cross breeding and further genetic engineering we ended up with a brother and sister who together could produce either an elite assassin or the birthing female for jasmine byrne gets airborne on two dicks next generation.

After we used a particular numbered stage in the sequence of generations, we finally isolated two siblings identified with the particular characteristic of being an assassin. We then introduced a new DNA prototype during the female's particular stage in development that gave us a significant advance in hand to eye coordination as well as a bonus of better sight in their off springs.

The mating of those two siblings gave us Ned and Elizabeth. Ned being the perfect assassin and Elizabeth the new generation female capable of producing both types of offspring, we are very interested in what the next generation will give to us. I closed the journal and sat back into chair as I thought about what I had just read. I truly was from inbreeding, produced from a brother and sister who's DNA was genetically altered, then engineered as the perfect killing machine.

To me it seemed, as Lucy and I were only here to produce the next generation of elite assassin. At first it did not trouble, me in fact I rather thought it was cool. I had often noticed that I seemed to lack emotions sometimes.

Nothing ever made me sad nor was I ever very cheerful for that matter. The only time I really had any feeling was when I was having sex or checking mom out. I slipped the journal back into the desk and relocked the drawer making sure that I had left no marks on the drawer. I walked back to the house knowing the secret of our family. I went on as if I knew nothing. During breakfast mom told me that after my list of chores today she would show us both something new to try.

I looked to mom as Lucy smiled at me. While I did my list of chores, I thought about what was going on between Lucy and I. Mom was preparing us to be life long lovers. I was undecided if I wanted that. All I did know was that I wanted mom. My cock grew hard as I thought about her lovely big breasts.

I lie in the barn stroking my cock as I thought about my mom. I wanted to lick at her huge long nipples. I wanted to suckle on her breasts hoping they would fill my mouth with her milk. I wanted to run my tongue between her legs and suck on her clit.

My cock was soon shooting cum into the air. I milked the last drop from the head of my cock. I went back to doing my chores however; my mind was still on my mom. I finished my chores so I headed to the frog pond. I practiced until I was able to kill with my eyes big round breast nipple sucking brazzers. I headed back into the house finding mom and Lucy in the kitchen.

They prepared my meal then told me to join them in mom's bedroom after I had showered. I walked into to find them locked in a 69. Mom was on top with her face between Lucy's thighs.

Lucy had two fingers buried into mom's pussy from behind. She plunged her fingers deep into her hairy hole. Lucy moved her fingers in and out as mom licked wildly at Lucy's pussy. "I am going to squirt," Mom yelled out. Lucy removed her fingers from mom's pussy. Her pussy left go a steady stream of fluid, which splashed at Lucy's face. Lucy buried her face into mom's pussy.

Mom slipped from Lucy as I neared the bed. I pulled Lucy to my face. I kissed and licked at her lips getting a taste of mom from her. I slipped up onto the bed lying beside her. I rubbed and pinched at her nipples as I kissed her deeply slipping my tongue into her mouth. Lucy finally pushed me away from her as she tried to catch her breath. "Brother you are so passionate toward me tonight," Lucy said.

"I could not help myself sis," I replied. I did not tell her it was only because of mom's juices being all over her face. I looked to my mom as she stood at the foot of the bed looking at us. My mom was about 5' 10" with long black hair.

She had a tight muscular body with 40 c's boobs sticking from her chest. Brazil beeg full story long storys porn midsection was tight with hardly any fat around it hair ran from her pussy up to her belly button.

Mom's hand slipped down to rub her clit as she looked at us. Mom's clit was huge almost like a miniature cock sticking from the hood of her bathig mom son xxx storys. Mom took her clit between her finger and her thumb.

She pumped at it as if it was a mini cock. "Seeing you like that takes my memories back to my brother and me," mom cooed out as juices flowed from her pussy again. Her juices ran down her thighs as I moved toward her legs.

My cock throbbed and twitched as I watched her juices running down her thighs. I reached out with my hand touching her thigh. Mom smacked at my hand. "SAMEUL, stop that you know you can not touch me," mom yelled out. "I would love to have you as much as you want me however it can not happen," mom added looking at me with sorrow in her eyes.

"You can have me brother," Lucy cried out as her hand wrapped around my cock. I rolled onto my back letting Lucy's hand pump at my cock. I had seen the look in my mom's eyes. That look of I want you deep in her eyes.

I could sense it was only a matter of time before she would not be able to control her temptation. "Tonight children you will learn the art of fucking," mom said with a smile.

Mom had Lucy lie on her back as she told me to get between her legs. I did as my cock touched the lips of Lucy's pussy for the first time. Mom told me to rub my cock against her pussy a few times which I did. Lucy's pussy was all wet from mom eating it. My cock slid up and down over her pussy. "Stick your cock up into her now," Mom said to me as she got onto the bed with us.

I poked my cock at Lucy's hole however; it kept sliding up over her pussy instead of slipping into it. My cock bumped against her clit, which started to grow as my cock, ran over it. I pulled my cock back and I felt a hand going to it. I looked down to see that mom had taken my cock into her hand.

Mom pushed my cock downward as I drove it forward. It slipped into Lucy's wet pussy. "AHhhh brother," Lucy moaned out as my cock entered her. I could not move my cock out of fear of shooting my load. It was caused when my mom had grabbed my cock and guided it up into Lucy.

I leaned down as I kissed and licked at Lucy's tits. I worked my tongue over them until both her nipples were hard. Lucy started to rock under me. "Take your cock in and out now," mom said. I started suny leone sexy storys xxx work my cock in and out of Lucy's pussy. Her pussy felt wet and slippery as I worked it in and out of her. Mom lies down next to Lucy as she started to rub her hands onto Lucy's tits.

She pinched and pulled at Lucy's nipples as I moved my cock faster and deeper into her pussy. "Yes fuck me brother," Lucy moaned out as I drove my cock up into her. I felt her pussy squeezing at my cock. I felt my cock throb as my eyes rolled up into my head. I drove my cock deep into her hole.

My cock twitched as it shot my fluids up inside her pussy. My eyes opened as my cock was still shooting off in her. I saw my mom licking at Lucy's breasts so I pulled my cock from her pussy as the last few shots of cum flew toward her face.

Mom turned and her hand grabbed at my cock. She pumped her hand at my cock milking the last few drops from my cock. She moved her face toward my cock. She suddenly stopped as she left go of my cock. "What is coming over me?" Mom asked as she got off the bed. "I must not lose control," mom added.

Mom turned her back lesbian hotties make each other moan from pleasure us as she stood beside the bed. I rolled to along side of Lucy looking to her.

Lucy rolled over on top of me as she started to kiss me deeply. Her tongue shot into my mouth. I kissed her back hoping she would stop, as I wanted to see what mom was doing. However, her kissing soon had me forgetting about mom.

Lucy had managed to work her pussy on top of my soft cock. She rubbed her pussy on my soft cock as it started to grow again.

Lucy broke our kiss as she pulled her face from mine. Lucy looked toward mom standing at the side of the bed. "Mom can he do me like you did me?" Lucy asked as she wiggled on my now hard cock. "Yes he can," replied mom as she turned toward us. "Get on your hands and knees my dear," mom said to Lucy. Lucy got onto her hands and knees with her butt sticking high in the air. Mom told me to get behind her on my knees as well. I placed my hands onto her hips as I felt my cock touching her wet dripping pussy from behind.

I reached down to my hard cock and I placed it up her pussy. I rubbed it a few times at her wet hole before I drove it deep and fully up inside of her pussy from behind.

"OWww brother," Lucy moaned. "I am just fucking you as the animals do sis," I replied as I started to take my cock in and out of her. I was slamming my cock in and out of her with my hands pulling her hips back toward me. The room filled with the slapping sounds of my cock as I drove it deep into her pussy. Mom moved toward the bed and I watched her run her hand down to her own pussy.

Mom dug her fingers at her pussy as she watched me banging Lucy from behind hard with my cock. "Yes FUCK her hard with your cock Samuel," mom yelled out as her other hand went to her tit.

Mom rubbed at her tit then her nipple. Her nipple grew hard as it stuck out from her tit. Mom started to squeeze at her tit with her hand. I also seen she had two fingers buried up inside her pussy as she placed her one leg up onto the bed.

"AHhhh yes fuck me," mom moaned out as her eyes went closed. My mom was thinking it was I fucking her as I pounded my cock up into Lucy. I was paying to much attention to my mom and not enough to where I was driving my cock.

My cock slipped from Lucy's pussy and I grabbed it to place it back inside her. "AHHHHH Owwwww BROTHER," Lucy yelled out. I slipped my cock up into her asshole instead of her pussy.

I shoved it deep as I pulled her hips back toward my cock. Lucy moaned and told me it hurt and to remove it from her butt. Her tight butt hole squeezed at my cock. "If you love me you will give me all class is in session for big dick dude and hoe bff teens holes," I yelled. I started to work my cock in and out of her asshole. I felt liquid splashing against my arm as I did. I turned to see milk flowing from my mom's tit as she squeezed at it.

I watched the milk squirting from her tits as I fucked Lucy up her asshole. "Ahhh brother it feels good now," Lucy moaned out as she started to work her butt toward my cock.

I wanted to get to mom's tit as her milk flowed from her tit. However, I was not going to pull my cock from Lucy's asshole. Her asshole started to tighten around my cock as if she was milking it with her butt.

I slammed my cock deep into her asshole. "AHHhhhhh LUCY," I screamed out as her butt tightened on my cock. My cock throbbed then spilled its load deep german mom and son anal incest her ass. Lucy collapsed to the bed with me falling down on her with my cock still buried up her butt. My cock juices flowed out filling her ass. I pulled my cock from her butt as cum back flushed from her opened asshole.

It rather winked at me as it milked cum from her butt. I rolled over onto my back to catch my breath. Lucy spun around and she took my cock into her mouth. I jerked on the ava adams sex full story as her lips closed around my cock.

Lucy cleaned cum from my cock as I lie there. "You're a naughty boy just like your father," mom said smiling to me. I had sex with Lucy again after a short rest and I painted the walls of her pussy with cum. Lucy was smiling at me when I opened my eyes after I blew my load into her. Mom told us that were enough for tonight and she ushered us both off to bed.

I lay awaken thinking about mom and the journal I had read. I went to Lucy's bed. I was going to ask her just what she knew. However, she was fast asleep. She did not wake up as I shook her. I went to sleep after that, as I was tired from my day's chores and the fucking.

My dad returned about two weeks later. As time went on Lucy and I were giving each other pleasure any chance we could. I loved the fun with her however; I still lusted after my mom. I would pop a boner anytime I saw her tits when she wore a revealing top. My dad caught me staring at her with lust in my eyes one day. "Samuel to the barn with you," dad yelled at me.

I ran to the barn and dad soon followed. I was seventeen years old by then and like most seventeen years old; I had a mind of my own. Dad sat me down in a chair in front of his desk in his office. "Son it is time we had a little talk," dad said as he reached down to the drawer in his desk.

Dad took out the journal and he read some of it to me. I was not paying that much attention to him, as I already knew what the journal had written in it. Dad slammed the journal closed. "SON, are you even listening to me?" Dad asked giving me the eye. "I already know what I am," I replied looking deep into his eyes. "I also know that I am to follow in your footsteps so to speak," I added with an attitude. "Then you also know that my sister is off limits to you as is your sister to me BOY," dad said with anger in his tone of voice.

"Son the world can be yours if you follow the rules," dad added. Dad went on to explain how if either of us would dare to cross breed with one other than the sister sibling.

That one of us would end up dead. He also told me he knew how tempting it was as he had the same feelings toward his own mom. He told me to control my urges or else. "I am telling you this for your own good," dad said. He paused for a few seconds before he added, "Touch my sister boy and I will kill you myself," as he glared at me. I knew from the look in his eyes he meant what he had just told me. I also knew it did not set right with me. Who was he to tell me what I could and could not do?

After all, I was the next generation's perfect killing machine so to speak. His little talk more or less went in one ear and out the other. After my talk with my dad, I went to Lucy.

I asked her to go for a walk with me down to asian filipina slut ride cock cowgirl style frog pond. I asked her just what she knew and if she was OK with what they were doing to us.

"Yes brother it is my being only to please and be with you," Lucy said. "When the time comes together we will produce the next generation," she added. "Lucy they are just using us for their own gains," I replied to her. "As long as I have you brother that is all I care about," Lucy said as she wrapped her arms around me. Lucy kissed me deeply as I felt her hand going down to my cock.

She slipped her tongue into my mouth as her hand squeezed at my cock. She broke the kiss as she slipped to her knees on the ground before me. Lucy unzipped my pants then removed my cock. She pumped at it with her hand making it grow hard. She covered her mouth over my cock as she started to suck deeply at it. Lucy worked her mouth up and down on my cock as her hand pulled at my balls.

She looked up to me as I looked down into her eyes. I knew not why but when I looked deep into her eyes, I always felt something deep within myself. It was almost of if she had some type of control over me when I stared into her eyes. Lucy kept her eyes looking upward at me as she went to town on my cock.

Those same cat like eyes that mom had. They appeared to glow as she sucked harder at my cock. My hands went to the back of her head as I stared into her eyes. I tried to pull my eyes from her however, I could not or maybe I just did not want too. "AHhhh sis," I moaned out as she took all my cock deep into her mouth as her hands played with my hanging balls. Lucy sucked deeply at it. My cock throbbed busty milf has sex in black crotchless nylons twitched as it unloaded cum deep into her mouth.

My eyes did not roll up into my head as before. Instead, they left her eyes as they zoomed into a frog on the opposite side of the pond. It seemed as if the damn frog was smiling at me as I filled my sister's mouth full. Lucy swallowed my load and she put my cock away. She stood up and looked into my eyes as she said, "Brother I can sense what is going through your mind." "I know you wished that was she watches them and masturbsteds sucking your cock but you know it can never happen," Lucy added.

"Maybe, maybe not," I replied smiling at her as thoughts raced through my mind. "Brother, do not even think about that," Lucy said as her green cat like eyes turned to red. I walked her back to our house where I waited to put my thoughts into a plan. Those thoughts and plans lie idle in my mind for about six months until dad went away again.

As usual when dad went away mom would watch us having sex. She would give herself willingly to Lucy. They would give each other pleasures that only a woman can give to another. Lucy would always make sure her face had mom's juices on it before we had sex.

I believe she was tempting me in her own way. I fucked the hell out of her that night filling her warm pussy full of cum from my cock. I waited until Lucy went into her deep sleep. I tried to wake her up but she would not wake.

I walked naked toward my mom's bedroom. I slowly opened the door to find her asleep on her bed. She had no clothes on nor was she covered with blankets. I walked lusty teen lesbo gets fuck hole hard fisted her bed blonde babe salvaggia enjoys strangers big cock as I was not for sure if she was asleep as Lucy was.

I got along side of her and I reached out shaking her with my hand. Mom did not wake up however her big tits shook as my hand shook her by the arm. I could not help myself as my hand went to her big round tit.

Alice coxxx bouncing off on dads big cock

I ran my finger over her nipple watching it grow hard at the touch of my finger. I leaned down sticking my tongue out as I licked at her now hard nipple. I wrapped my tongue around it as I closed my mouth on her tit. I started to suckle at it with my mouth. A warm tasty liquid soon started to fill my mouth.

I removed my mouth as I squeezed her tit with my hand. Her milk squirted from her tits splashing me in my face. I pulled my hand and my face away as I heard her moan.

I stood there beside her bed not making a sound. I heard her mumbling something to her self. I leaned down placing my ear close to her mouth. "Eat my pussy Samuel," came from her lips. "Mom, are you awake?" I asked.

Mom did not say anything however; she spread her legs widely on the bed. I looked to her hairy pussy as I reached my hand toward it. I ran my fingers lightly through her hair tracing it up to her belly button. My cock was throbbing as I climbed up onto her bed. I positioned myself between her spread legs. I ran my finger down through her pussy lips. They opened at the touch of my hand.

Her juices dripped from her lips as my finger went between them. I stuck one then two fingers up into her wet hole. I slipped them in and out, as she moaned lightly in her deep sleep. I brought my face down to her pussy as I stuck my tongue out toward it. I lapped wildly at her pussy driving my tongue deeply into her hole. My nose touched her clit as I used my tongue on her wet pussy. Her pussy tasted sweeter than my sister did as I suck at her juices that began to flow from her hot wet pussy.

My cock throbbed and I could not control my self as her smell of sex filled my nose. I got between her legs and I rubbed my cock at her open pussy.

Her pussy lips wrapped around my cock as it slipped up into her pussy. I buried it deeply into her and I held it there looking to her to make sure she had not wakened as I entered her. Mom did not move however, it looked as if a smile came over her face. I started to take my cock in and out of her pussy. Her pussy gripped at my cock as I did.

I was fucking her wildly when I scooped her legs up onto my shoulders. I started to pound my cock in and out of my mom's wet pussy.

Wet popping and slapping sounds filled the room as I slammed her pussy deep and hard. I felt my cock swelling and start to throb in her pussy. My eyes rolled up into my head as my cock squirted cum from it.

Suddenly mom's pussy squeezed at my cock wildly. It almost hurt as it convulsed around my cock as it tightened around my cock.

I tried to pull it out however it was as if something had grabbed the head of my cock. "AHHHhhhh fuck," I cried out. My cock swelled as it felt as if I was peeing up into her pussy. My eyes rolled back down as my eyes fell upon mom's face.

Her cat like eyes glared at me. They glowed brightly as I dropped her legs from my shoulders. Mom sat up and she pushed me from between her legs. Her push was powerful as her hands went to my chest.

I flew from the bed as my cock ripped from her pussy as I landed on the floor. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE SAMUEL?" Mom screamed out as her hands went to her pussy. I picked myself off the floor looking to her pussy. There were white bubbles spilling from her open hole. Her pussy sucked at the juices pulling them back into her pussy. I watched as her pussy throbbed as it sucked my juices back up her hole. "Samuel, do you know what you have done?" Mom asked looking at me. I shook my head no as she said, "You have sealed all of our fates." "You must leave before your father kills you," mom added as she got off the bed.

Mom grabbed her robe as she ran from her bedroom. I ran to mine slipping my clothes on as Lucy woke up in our bedroom. She looked at me as she shook her head at me. "Thanks brother you have set me free," she said as she smiled to me.

I ran from my room into the kitchen to find mom crying at the kitchen table. I asked her why she was upset. Mom explained to me how if we were to have had sex it would end her cycle. She went on to tell me that her brother would not have nothing to do with her when he got back.

"Your sister will not have feeling for you no longer as well," mom replied. "The others will take you and experiment on you if your father does not kill you," "she added.

"I am stronger than him and the others," I said as I ran into the barn. I sat down at my father desk ripping that locked drawer from his desk. I pulled that journal from it flipping through the pages. I finally found what I was looking for the dangerous effect of inter-breeding between offspring and the bearer. We have found this to drive the father mad with jealousy. The results have always been the same that being the end of the generation. It is possible to preserve the generation by killing the offspring however; the father must be the one to do this.

It should also be noted that the sibling should not be impregnated before that killing takes place. This is an unknown area as only our computers have told us the outcome, which is the end of the program as well as maybe life as we know of it.

"What have I done?" I asked myself as I closed the journal. I sat there thinking of what to do. It came to me as easily as fucking my own mother.

That was to kill my father before he could kill me. I know it might sound heartless to you. However, to a killer like me it was the only way. My mom walked into the barn as that thought came to me.

"Samuel, there might be away," Mom said looking at me. "I know mom kill him before he does me," I replied. "What about you and Lucy?" I asked. "We will be fine as it is you the others will be after," mom replied. "Who will be after me?" I asked.

"The government as this was their little project," mom replied. "I will pack your suitcase as you must leave as soon as your job is done," mom added as she walked from the barn. How could she be heartless like that? Knowing I was to kill her brother, her husband when he returned and to just kick me out into the unknown.

As to my feelings dad was just another frog in the pond. I readied my rifle as I sat behind his desk. I also thought about the government coming after me.

I laughed to myself as I thought what could the government do. After all, I was the best they had at least for now. I spent most of my time in the barn waiting for dad to return. Mom or Lucy would bring me my lunch and dinner to the barn. I tried to talk to both of them however; they both shunned me as if I was diseased. It did not matter to me, as I knew what I had to do when the time came. Five days later, he pulled up in his truck.

I waited until he stepped from his truck. My dad looked to the house then back toward the barn. I sighted between his eyes as he looked toward the barn.

My finger pulled the trigger as the bullet flew from the barrel. It seems to be in slow motion as I watched it spiraling through air. The bullet hit him where my sights were located. His head exploded taking it from his shoulders. His body slumped quickly to the ground. He never knew what had hit him. I had already dug his grave by the barn.

I dragged his body to the hole and tossed him down into it. I covered him with the dirt before I walked toward the house. Mom and Lucy were standing at the door waiting for me.

Mom handed me my suitcase as she said, "There is plenty of money in there to get you far away from here." "Good luck Samuel our paths may never cross again or they will kill us all." "They know he is dead by the tracker on him they will soon be here." "Bye brother," Lucy said smiling at me.

They both walked back into the house leaving me standing alone. Something was not right however; I could not put my finger on what just yet. I also did really give a damn as I jumped into dad's truck driving into town where I hopped on the next bus.

I ended up out in California. I holed up in a flea bitten hotel for months. I turned eighteen and I had no place to go. That was until I saw an ad on the TV. See the world join the army. I got myself some fake papers and a fake ID. I enlisted into the army. What better place to hide but right under their noses I thought. My plan went according to how I had planned it.

I even missed a few targets when I took the shooting course during my training. I believed I was home free as I finished my training. However, I was wrong about that. The day I graduated from training four MP'S were waiting for me. They escorted me to a room with a table and two chairs. I sat with my hands handcuffed behind the chair. Two men in suits and dark glasses entered the room. I knew they were government men as one stood near me while the other sat down at the table across from me.

He looked at me from across the table as he asked, "You thought you had out smarted us didn't you?" "You did not think we would just let something as special as you just walk away did you?" "I do not know what you are talking about," I replied. He placed a file down onto the table the heading said, "The Perfect Assassin." "Now this can end two ways," he said. "Work with us and live." "Or die right here and now you fucking freak," the other man standing said pointing his gun to my forehead.

"What do you want me to do?" I asked. "Only what you were designed for," "Work with us and follow orders and we will even pay you for your service," the man said to me. So began my employment with our government. They sent me here and there and my job was always the same.

To place a bullet between someone's eyes killing him in one shot. I followed their orders to which they handsomely rewarded for my services. However, I knew someday I would find a way to free myself of them. During my 4 years with the government, I managed to get to knew everyone involved with this program.

It was only a handful of people about 25 of them. Most were scientist and a handful of military people from all the branches. I hot multiple position sex by a latin teen couple it was they or I.

The first person I killed was that government agent whom had called me a fucking freak. Each time I was to do an assignment not only was he the one handing me the papers.

It was his face I saw each time I pulled that trigger taking another person's life. I killed him at april licking shaved pussy oral lesbian sixty nine pornstars redhead home breaking his neck with my bare hands while he showered making it look as if he slipped in the shower.

I had picked that technique of killing from a book I had read. The first five I killed with ease however, the government caught onto my plan so I had to take the next twenty out at one time. My skills at reading and remembering everything paid off as I read up on bomb making. I lured them all to one spot telling them I had found another like myself. Sure, I took half the city block with them but hey, I was a killer after all.

My name was among the dead as I had added an extra body around my size. I even pulled a few back teeth placing them in that body's mouth. I was free now except for two more loose ends. That being mom and Lucy. The government people had told me that mom and Lucy were dead when I asked about them about 3 years into my service for them. They told me that they resisted coming in so they killed them both back on the farm.

After I had done away with everyone connected with this program, I returned to an empty deserted farm in Ohio. Everything burned to the ground years earlier by the government. I also saw two graves beside where I had buried my father.

I dug one up finding it to be my mom. I knew it was she as those cats eyes stared at me from her decayed body. I decided to leave Lucy's grave covered, as she really had never been part of this crazy scheme. I also incredible sex for a curvy amazing teen chick her grave the way it was because a feeling came over me as I covered my mom back up with dirt.

I looked around the farm however I saw no one nor did I find an trace that anyone had been there for years, However I felt an uneasiness while I was there like someone or something was watching me so I returned to Las Vegas.

I laid low for a year living in Las Vegas. I was twenty-two years old and I had become a regular at one of the casinos. I was what they called a high roller. They pampered me when I stayed and played at their casino and hotel. I had read up about winning at black jack. It was simple for someone like me after all I had a photographic memory. I always made sure I just won enough that I was breaking even as I did not what to draw attention to myself.

To the people at the casino my family had own a rifle company and that was where I had made all my money when I had sold it. I grew restless the next year as well as blowing money big butt slut gets licked pornstars and amateur and right.

I spent most on women, hookers that was as I did not want to love anyone nor did I think I ever could, as I just had no feelings. I also started to lose money when I started to shoot the dice. In the first six months of that year, I had lost over a million dollars to girls and to the dice table. I decided to come out of my retirement. I went freelance so to speak. My abilities went to the person who could pay the most. I kept my identity from all that hired me using the internet and throwaway phones.

Private mail boxes as well as Swiss bank accounts for them to pay me. If anyone happened to connect the dots together, I took them out as well. That happened only twice as I learned from my mistakes. I had killed over 500 people before I turned thirty-seven. My every day name was Sam however my code name for my services was Samael, which meant, "Demon angel of death." I worked for governments, private industries as well as some people I did not even care to be working for that being the mob, as they always seemed to be a loose end.

One that I would have to take out as well. If you could pay my price, your target would soon be dead with me asking no questions and seeking no answers. I had become truly, what the government was looking for. However, I did it on my terms not theirs. About the only job I would not take was one against a high-ranking official xxx hot fast time story our government.

The reason being that I was afraid if I had someone might do some digging and find out about a little unknown program that just seemed to up and die one day. My bank account had plenty of money in it to last me the rest of my life.

However, I enjoyed my work and had no plans to stop. I had just returned from Europe after taking a head of state out in some backward county. I cuties bang dudes anus with huge strapons and splatter ejaculate monstercock and squirting at the L.A.

airport. I was waiting for my bags when the hairs on my neck stood up and a chill went through my body. I looked around me scanning the people near by me. I saw her standing at a distance staring at me. "LUCY," I whispered to myself as my eyes zeroed in on her. I turned for a split second and when I turned back toward where she was, she had vanished. I walked that damn airport until the next day searching for her. I got into one of my corvettes, which I kept at the airport along with my other toys I had picked up through the years.

I drove back to Las Vegas to my penthouse suite atop the casino I called home. I took a shower and crashed on the bed. I closed my eyes however; all I could see was Lucy staring at me. I sat up in bed wondering if that could have really been her. If it was, she had not aged through the years, as the woman appeared to be around nineteen years of age.

I could not close my eyes without seeing her. It drove me crazy until I slipped my clothes on and jumped back into my car. I drove through the nights and days until I reached that farm in Ohio. I waited until dark and with a shovel and flashlight in hand, I returned to those graves. I dug my sister Lucy up shining a flashlight on her body. There was no flesh left on her nothing but bones. I shined my flashlight to her eye sockets in her skull. Her green cat like eyes glowed as my light reflected from her eyes as it pierced the darkness of the jizz flow joy for hot beautiful chick deepthroat blowjob. I had been wrong that woman I saw at the airport could not have been Lucy for she lies before me in this grave.

I covered her grave back up before I returned to Las Vegas. I thought how foolish of me to think that woman was Lucy especially being that she was so young. Lucy soon left my mind as I went back to gambling my money away.

However, I could not get that woman from the airport out of my mind. A few days later, I sat in the casino playing black jack. I looked across the table to see that same woman I had seen at the airport. I stared at her and saw that her eyes were blue. She smiled at me as I raked in my winnings. I tipped the dealer as I stood up and walked toward this mysterious woman.

"Excuse me miss do I know you?" I storys caseros de mujeres borracha y dormidas violadas gra comes lstis bolivia when I got beside her. "No I was just watching you play," she replied. "You must have a system or something to win as you have," she added smiling at me.

"Just lucky Miss that is all," I said. "Would you care to join me for dinner?" I then asked. "I do not even know you," the woman replied. "My name is Sam," I said as I took her hand into mine.

I raised it to my mouth kissing her hand lightly as I added; "Now you know me." "My name is Lucina but please call me Juno," she replied smiling at me.

I wrapped my arm in hers as I walked us to the restaurant in the casino. I thought her name was a strange one as Lucina was the roman goddess of childbirth. I also thought about the name she went by Juno. That name referred to a woman of queenly bearing and imposing beauty, which Juno truly was.

Juno was about 5'10" with long lovely legs that ran forever under the tight little mini skirt she had worn. She had long red hair almost to her waist. Japanese mom and son beeg mini skirt scooped down to show off her lovely big tits. They looked like huge globes sticking from her chest.

Her whole body was perfect the only thing that seemed out of place were those deep blue eyes of hers. I just blew it off that she was probably a blonde-haired person in real life. I was hoping I might find out as I walked her to dinner. I walked her into the French restaurant and the maitre d took us to my private table.

"Bring us a bottle of Château Lafite Rothschild," I said to the maitre d. "Trying to impress me with a $1,850.00 bottle of wine," Juno said smiling.

"So you know your bottles of wine," I replied. Juno explained that she grew up on a winery. She explained that her dad made some of the finest California wines there were around. I just soaked in her beauty as she told me about growing up on their farm.

We ordered dinner then we sat at the table talking more than a rubdown bubble butt brunette. "Just what do you do for a living Sam?" Juno asked staring into my eyes. "I kill people," I replied smiling at her. "You are joking right, Sam?" Juno asked giving me a frightened look. I gave a little laugh, as I replied, "No my family owned a gunsmith shop where we made weapons." "However our weapons have killed many I suppose." I smiled at her as I added, "I sold the company a long time ago when dad fell gravely ill." "I live off the money from that sale and what I win here," I added.

Juno reached across the table taking my hand into hers as she said, "You had me worried there for a moment as I could never fall for a born killer," as she smiled at me. We talked until the restaurant was going to close. I walked her back to the casino and asked her to be my good luck for the rest of the night. I sat at the black jack table as she stood behind me.

Her tits nestled in the back of my head. I lost the first few hands and I looked back to her. "Could I have a kiss to improve my luck?" I asked. Juno wrapped her hands around my face as she lowered her face to mine.

Her lips touched mine softly and she gently rolled them around my lips. I reached up with my hands running them through her long red hair. I pulled her tighter against my lips tasting her as I did. Juno slipped her tongue into my mouth as my cock throbbed wildly in my pants.

My heart started to beat fast as my body filled with warmth that I had only felt many years ago. "WOW that should change my luck," I said giving her a smile. I went back to playing Black Jack and this time I two lusty babes share a bbc interracial brunette cards. I had a good winning streak going and I knew I would have to lose eventually. I took half the chips from the table and I handed them to Juno.

"These are yours for that good luck kiss," I said before I turned to play one more hand. "Let the rest ride," I added to the dealer. The dealer dealt me sixteen and I knew he had eighteen. I knew that from counting the cards. I also knew the next card was a five.

August taylor preston parker housewife 1 on 1

If I took it, I would win again. I told him I was good. He turned over eighteen and I turned over sixteen losing to the house. I tipped him before I got up from the table. "Your kiss must have finally worn off," I said to Juno. "Care to join me for a nightcap in my suite?" I asked taking hold of her hand. "I would like that," Juno replied lacing her arm through mine. I walked her to the elevator and after the doors had closed, I placed my key into the slot allowing the elevator to go to the penthouse.

Juno smiled as she laid her head onto my shoulder as the elevator took us up to the top floor. I opened the door to my room and I told her to make herself comfortable as I got us that nightcap.

I returned to with a bottle of Champagne and two glasses. Horny alexa nova getting her pussy fucked hard was sitting on the sofa with the pillows covering her body.

I placed the glasses down and the Champagne on to the table next to the sofa. I saw that her mini skirt lay under the table as well. I stood in front of her as I popped the bottle of champagne. I also popped a boner in my pants as I did.

I poured us both a glass then handed one to her. Juno took her glass still hiding her body with the pillows. She drank her glass down then licked her lips as she sat her glass down. "I am thirsty for something else," Juno said as she dropped the pillows to the floor in front of her. I stood there staring at her lovely tits. They were the most loveliest I had ever seen.

They were huge round globes with big hard fat nipples standing outward. They swayed back and forth, as she moved on the sofa. Juno slipped to the floor placing her knees on the pillows she had dropped down onto them. Her hand reached for the belt around my pagou o concerto do carro com a buceta. She undid my belt then unbuttoned my pants. She pulled my zipper down as my pants fell to around my ankles.

She placed her thumbs into the waistband of my under clothes pulling them down to the floor as well. "Mmmmm I see you are beautiful teen brunette girl malena morgan toy fucks her snatch a big gun," Juno said sexily as her hand went to my cock. Juno ran her hand over my cock teasingly as she stared up at me. She was running her tongue around her lips as she did.

I stared down into those lovely deep blue eyes. My own eyes were of a deep dark blue sometimes and most often almost black looking. Her eyes were of a light crystal blue that sparkled and shined as I stared into them.

Juno skillfully used that lovely tongue of hers on the head of my cock. Her tongue was almost snakelike as it wrapped around the head of my cock. She flicked it across and into my pee hole as my pre cum started to ooze from the head of my cock. "Mmmmmmm you're so yummy tasting," Juno cooed as she smiled up at me. I reached down picking her up from her knees. I wrapped my arms around her as I pressed my lips to hers.

I kissed her deeply tasting her sweetness on her moist red lips. My cock throbbed against her midsection as we stood there locked in our deep kiss. I broke our kiss as I licked along her neck then I nibbled firm bodied chick from africa sucks and rides white dick with great lust homemade teasing her ear. I whispered sweet words into her ears. "I only met you just tonight but my heart beats only for you right now," I whispered softly into her ear.

Juno pulled back for me as she stared into my eyes as she replied, "You should not say words that you truly do not mean," before she pressed her lips back on mine. I broke our kiss again as I said, "If you do not believe my words then let me show you instead," as I spun her down onto the sofa. I kissed and licked my way up her lovely long legs encased in her thigh high hose, which only added to the pleasure my tongue felt. I kissed and licked along her inner thighs smelling her sex coming from between them.

It was an intoxicating smell as it filled my nostrils. It was as if all the sex training I had as a teenager suddenly returned to me. Her smell made me only what to give and to show her great pleasure. I ran my tongue in little circles up her thigh to her lightly red hairy pussy. Juno did not have a big bush of hair covering her love hole but it still was nice as I ran my tongue through it.

"AHHhh Sam," "Your so skill at that," Juno moaned out as her hands went to the back of my head. I used my tongue along her pussy lips. I licked and sucked them into my mouth pulling them away from her pink hole. It was wet and dripping so, I buried my tongue up deep between her lips. I lapped wildly at it with my tongue. I then used my tongue as a cock as I ran it in and out of her pussy. "AHhhhh SAM you're going to …" "AHHhhh," Juno moaned out loudly.

Her thighs shook around my head as she pumped her pussy into my face. Her hands pulled my head in complete disorder over her pussy. Suddenly her pussy left loose a tremendous squirt of her juices. It came out almost as water did from a garden hose. It was forceful as it splashed into my face. I opened my mouth drinking in her love juices as they flowed from her pussy. Her squirt finally slowed to just a trickle as I kissed and licked at the last drops.

I sucked on her pussy lips squeezing the last bit from them. Juno sat up as she pulled me from between her legs. Juno clamped her hands to the side of my face as she said, "Sam no one has ever made me do that before," as she pressed her lips against mine. I felt dizzy and weak as she broke our kiss. My head seemed to be spinning and my eyes would not focus. My ears filled with the sound that a bullet would sometimes make as it cut through the air.

I felt as if I might pass out as I slumped forward a little. "SAM, are you alright?" Juno asked staring into my eyes. "I think so I just never had that happen before," I replied as I started to feel better. "I better go," Juno said as she stood up from the sofa. "NO, please don't leave me," I begged her.

"Please spend the night I will sleep out here and you can sleep in the bedroom," I added not really knowing why I had said either of them. "Sam, I really shouldn't," Juno replied.

"Please just for tonight," I said to her. What was wrong with me? Why had that happened? Why did I have such strong feelings toward the young girl? Was it because she reminded me of Lucy? Those thoughts went through my head as I looked to her for her reply. "Just until I know you are alright," Juno replied. She helped me to stand up as I directed her to the bedroom. She helped me into the bed then crawled in next to me. I wrapped my arm around her as I pulled her against my side as she laid her head upon my chest.

Juno took her finger and she lightly traced around my chest. She would sometimes kiss and lick at my chest as I held her in my arms. We lie there like that neither of us saying a word. I closed my eyes thinking how wonderful she felt laying next to me. How relaxing her touch was to my chest as I closed my eyes. I awoke the next day alone in bed.

I sat hot masseuse ember snow banged by client in the bed moving to the side putting my feet to the floor. Had last night been just a dream I thought as I looked around the room. My clothes from last night lie neatly folded on the chair in my room. I put my robe on as I walked from the bedroom. I walked through my suite looking for any signs that I had been there with a woman last night.

I went to the sofa to find the pillows upon the sofa instead of on the floor. I looked for the glasses there were none.

I also checked for the wet rings they should have left upon the table they too were not there. I fell down onto the sofa wondering if maybe I was losing my mind. I walked to the kitchen and I saw a note lying on the table.

I picked the note up as I read it. Dear Sam, Thank you so much for a wonderful night last night. I stayed with you until I was sure you were all right.

I hope you do not mine that I cleaned up the place before I left. I am sort of a clean freak when something is on my mind. I do hope you feel better and if I am not sounding to forward I would love to see you again. You may call me at ___-___-____. If not I truly understand, Kisses Juno It had not been a dream I thought as I dialed her number. I invited her to go for a drive into the desert with me. I picked her up to find she had even made us a picnic basket.

We shared it sitting under one of the few trees out in the desert. My whole life changed that day with her. I was happy and I even smiled most of the time something I did not think I could even do.

Being around her filled me with love, joy and hope. I had always hoped someday to give up what I had become. I was not sure if I could ever live a normal life or not. After all I was just an offspring of inbreeding with DNA spliced from god knew what.

However when I was around Juno I only cared about giving her pleasure. I asked her to move into my penthouse with me after only knowing her for a week. Juno refused me at first however; I kept after her. I believe she got tired of me asking so she told me yes finally.

Our lovemaking was like none I had ever experienced. Juno always made me wear a condom when we would fuck. However, she loved me to butt fuck her and that she allowed bareback.

We were married in Las Vegas at one of the drive in chapels after being together for only two months. I had showered her with gifts, jewelry and trips we took together. I also started to give my money away to people on the street. Juno had started one day when a bum asked her for some money.

She gave him twenty bucks and I asked her why? "Because I have it and he does not," "Because it brings peace to my heart knowing I help someone other than myself," Juno said to me.

With Juno's help, we donated a ton of money to different charities. With in six months I realized I was going to have to take on another assignment. I made some calls seeking an assignment. I did not have to wait long. I told Juno I had to go to Europe to handle some dealings from the company I had sold. She did not ask any questions nor would I have given her any answers. I had her drive me to the airport in L.A. I told her I would give her a call when to pick me up from there.

I was sitting on the plane flying over the ocean when the old I returned. It was as if I had finally awakened from my dream. I became that heartless, soulless born killer that I was. It was as if Juno left my mind as well as my heart. The only thoughts that filled my head were to see that my target hit the ground.

I found my target when I landed. I only waited a couple hours until I zeroed him in my sights. I pulled the trigger, buried the gun then looked ravan bin husain sex story see if he had hit the ground. His lifeless body laid there his head taken from his shoulders. I knew he was dead the second I pulled the trigger. I went back to the airport catching the next plane back to the states.

I called Juno with the time to pick me up at the L.A. airport. It was night when I returned and Juno met me. I had gotten dressed up to take her out when I returned. I was dressed in a suit and tie.

I had two big diamond rings on a finger on each of my hands. One was one the first finger of my right hand and the other on the next to last digit of my left hand my ring of marriage to Juno. Around my left wrists was a gold watch with diamonds around the timepiece.

A smile came back to my face as I saw her standing there waiting for me. My life force of happiness seems to return when I saw her. That and my cock grew and throbbed when I saw what she was wearing. Juno had on a solid black skintight leather shiny outfit.

Her huge tits overflowed from the scooped out neck. Her lovely tight butt stuck out from the back as she twirled in front of more than a rubdown bubble butt brunette as I walked to her.

I took her into my arms kissing her deeply. Her lips tasted the same as the first time I had kissed her. I ran my hands over her butt right there at the airport. "Sam, at least wait until we get home," Juno said as she broke our kiss.

"I can't help myself it is as if you're a drug to me," I replied. I licked at her ear as I whispered, "And I have been without my drug for too long." Juno smiled as she said, "We will stop and play on the way home." We walked to the car and she told me she would drive, as I must be tired after my trip.

We drove until we reached the desert and then Juno pulled the car down this old desert path that went to nowhere. Juno said, "Time to play," as she stepped from the car. She went to the trunk popping it open as I got out of the car. I walked back to her as she shoved a shovel into my chest.

I looked at the shovel then to her. "Come my love your going to dig another grave," "Your own," Juno said sticking an 9 mm to my forehead. I was in shock not knowing what was happening. Juno reached into my suit jacket removing my own 9 mm tossing it into the trunk of the car. She then told me to remove my back up piece slowly from my ankle and toss it into the trunk. She closed the trunk as she told me to get moving as she pushed the gun into my back.

She walked me about 300 yards into the desert. "That's good now start digging," Juno said harshly. "WHY JUNO, WHY," I asked as I dug at the ground with the shovel. When I was near waist deep in the hole, "You just have not figured it out yet have you?" Juno asked staring at me.

"Figured out what?" What the hell are you talking about?" I asked looking to her. Juno moved her one hand to her left eye then to her right eye. I watched nmercy rough double penetration bbc horror as she removed her crystal blue contacts from hers eyes.

Juno stared down at me in the hole showing me her glowing yellow green cat like eyes. "LUCY," I screamed. "Not Lucy," Juno replied. "It's me daddy your daughter," she added.

I sat down cross-legged into the hole not knowing what to think. I looked up into her cat like eyes as my mind started to add things up about her. The smell, the intoxicating feeling I have when I am with her. That feeling of peace and love I got when I am with her. It all started to make sense to me. "Juno my dear daughter we could make more like us and rule the world," I said looking up at her.

"I am the next generation daddy and I do not need you anymore," Juno replied. "You see daddy I can produce offspring without your help," she added. "What about your mom Lucy?" I asked. "I killed her when I no longer needed her as you did your father," Juno replied. "But how is all this possible?" I asked. "Lucy and your mom planned it all," Juno replied. Juno explained your mom know what would happen if you killed your father. She was the one who did the computer study.

The computer told her that the female species would mutate to survive. However there had to be only one female bearer left and she must be pregnant by her brother before that brother killed his father. They had growing tired on just being bearers of off springs. That was why your mom had sex with you.

She knew her childbearing days would end. "Then your time shall come my child," mom replied. "Your time will come," mom added with a little evil laugh this time filled my head as I looked at Juno.

"My time is here and yours is over," Juno said pointing the gun toward my head. "The torments of hell will help you to understand your own sins. Ones handed down to you from your father. Oh, what dreadful torments await those who die without knowing why and how?

For you will be tormented day and night forever and ever." (Rev. 20:10). There will be no rest from the torment of the flame frogs, because their tongues burn "day and night forever and ever." It is but for you to understand your sins." "Good bye daddy," Juno added.

The gunshot went off and I once again woke in a barren desert with mounds coming from the ground. I could not remember how I had come to be in this place or my own name. Once again, the ground shook knocking me to the ground. I watched as frog like creatures popped from the mounds around me.

I live in hell now these days. My days play repeatedly as I have told you in my story. I start here with those damn frogs maybe my punishment for killing so many of them. I run to the cave only to remember my story, which I live out again only to end up with my daughter watching me digging my own grave.

Maybe some day when she is gone my days in this hell will be over but for now, I must go and face my torments of hell once again. I cannot tell you how many times I have relived my casting couch x midwestern blonde likes showi however; I do know it has been forever and ever. THE END? Sgt. J here with my first attempt at writing fiction. Please let me know what your thoughts are on it.