She craved for a thick dick to smash her delicious cunt hard pornstars and hardcore

She craved for a thick dick to smash her delicious cunt hard pornstars and hardcore
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"Mmmph.", I moaned, my mouth completely filled with the hard, throbbing member as I sucked it, my tongue working along the underside with horny zeal on it's way towards the tip. My head moved rhythmically back and forth as the head of his cock grazed my tonsils, then back out to the tip until my mouth was flooded with his thick, school girl joor koray sex cum.

As I swallow, the guy walks away and I open my mouth and stick out my tongue, awaiting the next hard cock to suck. My name is Alexa, I love jacking off and sucking cocks. I'm in my Senior year in high school. Growing up, I was always a little different than the other girls in school, I had developed earlier than the other girls, and my bigger boobs made me stick out like a sore thumb.

I learned early that the guys liked my boobs. I went on a lot of dates. When the guys would beg to fuck me, I would get them off with a hand job. I am the High School Hand Job Princess, and I like it. Despite the fact that I was rather popular (I was a cheerleader for 3 of my 4 years in high school), I never really felt like I belonged around them. I was always different to them and there was little I could do to change that. I am popular with the guys. I am 5'-4" tall (which contributed to long, slender legs that I am quite proud of) and my breasts, D-cup breasts that I occasionally try to cover up since they draw too much attention.

I went out with a guy named was John. He is on the football team and I was smitten with his blond hair and toned physique. He is attractive and cool and popular, and all of the girls want him, so when he asked me out I jumped at the chance and I felt like I was on top of the world.

He's been pressuring me for sex.

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We were at a movie for our first date, and he constantly would grope my breasts through my sweater. I told him that I wasn't ready to give up my virginity yet, but I didn't want to make him mad at me and dump me for a girl that would put out. So when he pointed down to his crotch and put my hand on his hard dick I gave in and jerked him off right in the middle of the crowded movie theater. One of his hands moved under my skirt to explore my thighs and pussy. The smell of his sex was strong as I undid his pants, the bulge within waiting to leap out.

I freed it from his pants. It was one of the smallest I've seen, only 4". It was slender too. I laughed a little and said softly "So it IS true. You DO have a little cock." John must have been embarrassed because his hard on went away and he zipped up.

"I need to go to the bathroom. I'll be back." he said. I didn't see him for the rest of the night. I later found out that he went home and called my best friend Jenna and cried on the phone that I was such a bitch.

After I figured out that John wasn't coming back, I went out into the lobby and saw one of my hand job friends named Chris. Chris has always been my favorite. When I jack off his perfect 9" cock with it's large blue veins and it's large purple head, I like to lick it just to watch him squirm with delight. "What are you doing here?" Chris said as he gave me his elevator eyes.

I was dressed in one of my sexy short skirts that showed sexy czech amateur shows her pussy at casting my tanned and toned legs, a tight polo shirt that showed off my tits and sandals that showed off my newly painted toenails.

"Oh, I was on a date with John, but he must have left because I made fun of his little dick." I replied. "Well, come and watch a movie with me, I'm alone tonight." Chris invited. We found a balcony seat in the theater. The movie 'Good Luck Chuck' was so lame that we were the only ones in balcony and only 3 or 4 other couples were in the theater. I was horny and I knew Chris was too, because he is always horny.

I rested my hand on his thigh and I immediately felt him squirm. Tonight I wanted to try something different. "Take your cock out Chris." I whispered. "I want to suck your cock." He immediately undid his college girl fucks at frat house party and soon his pants were down around his thighs. I leaned down and smelled his musky scent and tickled his balls with my fingernails.

His balls are so big. I felt them move from the tickle. "Lick the head", he instructed, and my tongue jutted out sheepishly towards his huge mushroom head. I was a little scared but I wanted to suck on his hot cock. With the first touch of my tongue, I fell in love with it: the smell, the salty taste of his hot, throbbing, turgid flesh, the texture of his member as the smooth head contrasted with the rougher flesh of the shaft, the taste of the his pre-cum that greeted me loose black whore needs it to be big my tongue's first journey across his cock.

I loved how the slightest motion of my tongue made his entire body react, as his cock throbbed in unison to my licking, his legs squirmed and his throat let out a guttural, low moan of satisfaction. My tongue moved all around the head, licking the pre-cum from the tip, all the way across and down the shaft, along the underside and across his balls. "Oh, fuck yeah." He said under his breath. "That feels so good.", he moaned, and I kept running my full lips along each side, letting my tongue gently flutter in unison as I went up and down his shaft.

"Now suck my cock" he demanded, his hand pushing down on the back of my head. My lips parted as the head slipped past them, the shaft parting my lips more and more as he pushed it into my mouth. "Don't rake my cock with your teeth." He instructed.

"It feels better that way." I began to suck, up and down, my head bobbing in his lap. The skill seemed to come so naturally to me. I worked, sucking down about 5 and a half inches of his huge cock. I am sure that the other couples could hear the sound of slurping and groaning as my head followed the guidance of his firm hand.

He told me that he was coming. I was ready for it. With a groan his throbbing cock filled my mouth with it's creamy offering. It was the most delicious, delectable, most satisfying taste I had ever experienced. I gulped down the entire load hungrily, sucking for more and more and more until he begged me to take his cock out of my mouth.

I looked up at him, grinning, a small streak of his cum dangling from my lips and onto my chin. "Oh baby. You are a natural cocksucker". After he said that, I decided that I wanted to suck and jack off as many cocks as possible. After that night, I sucked and jerked on guys cocks daily, sometimes 2 or three times a day.

All a guy had to do was ask and I was happy to do it.

I took great care to do it exactly the way the guys wanted me to do it every time. My mouth and hands were at their beck and call big booty secretary lola foxx fucked and facialed at office pornstars hardcore any time and I loved every second of it, especially the blow-jobs. Beauty bows down for a hard fuck hardcore and blowjob would make me blow him in his car, in the bathrooms of school, the mall, in the parking lot, at the lake, in our driveways and lots of other public places.

He seemed to delight on making me kneel down in the hard pavement or in soft grass to blow him so that the tell-tale signs would be visible on my knees. I always did, happily, and if people asked about it I told them the truth. I had no shame about what I was doing. My first experience in blowing more than one guy happened after I'd been giving blow jobs for about 2 months.

One night after a big football game, I went to meet Chris behind the quad, the way I always did so I could kneel in front of him and blow him before he gave me a ride home.

Tonight we ran late and I didn't even have time to change out of my cheerleader uniform. When I got there, Chris was already waiting there with 3 of his friends. I knew that Chris bragged about me and my cock sucking abilities, and I didn't mind. Actually, I liked the attention I got from guys. They knew what I would do and I knew that they masturbated to me, their fantasy hand job and blow job princess. They were my knights who would do anything for my special attentions.

"Hey Alexa", Chris greeted me with a smile. His friends all gave me the lusty once-over and I could tell what was on their minds. "Jerry wants to know if you will suck his cock later?" I blushed a little at Chris' boldness in front of his friends. I was a bit surprised that he would say something like that in front of his friends, but I figured that he was just trying to show off for them.

So I answered him truthfully. "Yes. Yes, I will." The guys began to stare at me hungrily. Chris turned to them and said "Watch this," to his friends. My knees became weak with excitement and my panties were completely drenched with the possibility of what was going to happen. "Wanna suck my cock right now?"He said with a grin.

My head was spinning with excitement. I did not hesitate to walk over to him, dropping to my knees in the damp grass as he undid his pants. The assembled guys fell silent as I undid his fly, reached in and pulled out his very hard cock. My tongue ran along the head, slowly working along the underside down to his balls, as I slowly licked the length all the way back up before sliding it into my mouth.

He placed both hands on the back of my head and I followed his rhythm with my head. First he pushed it down slowly as I let the entire length slide down my gullet across my tongue and into my throat. "Suck slowly, show them how fucking good you are." he said. Naturally I did as he wished, deep throating the entire length of his 9" cock, taking long slow strokes all the way to the tip and then back down again.

My mouth made a slow, wet slurping sound with every motion as I moaned in delight at the taste and the texture. I opened my eyes and looked over to Chris's friends. Some of them were stroking their own cocks through their pants as they watched me blow their friend. The thought of blowing my boyfriend in public in front of his friends made my pussy churn out of control as I started to rub myself through my panties.

Chris eventually reached a huge climax and I swallowed every drop. As I started to stand up again, Chris put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me back down to my knees. "You're not done yet." he doing what it takes to keep your job as he stepped away. By now I had noticed that Chris's friends were grinning and undoing their pants.

My heart raced with fear and excitement. I had never had never been in a group before, and now suddenly I was going to blow all four of them one after the other. I loved jacking off a guy and giving a guy head more than anything and the thought of blowing 4 guys made me even hornier. The next guy stepped up, fumbling with his zipper nervously. I looked up at him and could tell that he was nervous and horny.

Reaching up, I moved his hands aside and calmly undid his pants for him. The bulge in them was obvious and I reached into his boxers to pull out his cock, which throbbed with anticipation in my hand. Without wasting another second, I guided it into my mouth with my hand, slowly taking it down to the base until his pubes tickled my nose, sucking all the way back to the tip and down again. "Yeah, suck that cock" he said to me, his nervousness now replaced by confidence and lust. His hands guided the back of my head steadily as I blew him until he eventually filled my mouth with his creamy cum.

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I tilted my head back and swallowed it right down. "Which one of you studs is next?" I said. I didn't have to wait long. The next guy placed the hot, throbbing head of his cock on my outstretched tongue. I sealed my lips around the head and moved my head up and down, sucking with fervent zeal. The guy let out a long, labored groan of gratification as I did so, moving his hand to the back of my neck for control.

His other hand moved down to explore my breast, roughly pinching my nipple through my cheerleader's uniform. I took milking strokes as I worked my tongue along the underside, his throbbing 5" dick. "Man, you were not kidding.

Your girlfriend here gives amazing head." he called out. My head pumped back five legal age teenager honeys relaxing masturbation smalltits forth rapidly as his cum flooded into my mouth.

His load was bigger than the other two, and a drop of it ran down my lips and onto my chin. I swallowed what remained and then licked the remainder from the tip of his cock.

My open mouth was filled with the last of the four cocks. This one was larger than the rest, maybe 10" in length I gagged slightly, my face turning red as I struggled to take the entire length of this cock. My throat relaxed as if by instinct, allowing his cock to slide gingerly down my waiting throat. Before I knew it I had all of it in my mouth and down my throat, his balls dangling lewdly from my chin. "Holy shit, I had no idea she could do that.", one of the guys said. I gave this cock the same treatment as the others, slowly working all the way back to the tip and back down again, creating a delicate suction while sliding my tongue back and forth underneath his cock.

My jaw was beginning to get tired and it took me longer than the others but eventually I got his off.

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His hot sperm bubbled out, and I ravenously devoured all that was offered to me. After I had finished, I looked up at the guys who were all congratulating each other. Chris walked over and helped me up. "You are so hot, baby." he said to me, let's go.

On the ride home, I sat in the back seat between two of the guys I had just blown. They told me I was hot. I was so horny that I let them play with my breasts and soon the two took turns fingering my hot cunt.

Jerry was the best at it. He knew how to play with my hard clit. As his hands moved over my pussy, and his fingers searched for my G-spot, I soon felt a shudder in my pussy and I shot my young slut enjoy banging her step dad brunette and mature juices all over his fist. "Holy Shit!" he whispered. I grabbed his hand and licked my own juices from his hand. I then put his hand back into my hot cunt and soon I kinky brunette kitty jane gets hardcore vag plowing on his hand again.

This time I pulled his hand into his mouth and he moaned as he licked my juices from his fingers. I had already been jacking off a group of guys on a regular basis. But now that had I began blowing them too, I loved it. I was addicted. I liked to wear the sluttiest clothes I could get away with at school, miniskirts with tight tops and high heels.

On the weekends I could usually find a party or two where I would invite maybe four or five guys and blow them while they sat on the couch. Sometimes they would watch a porno which always makes my pussy soaking wet. I would blow them, one after the other. I loved the power of sucking a guy off. My girlfriend Jenna and I practiced giving head on banana's and cucumbers and hot dogs. Jenna is just as horny as I am. She loves to fuck.

She really loves to be watched by others while she fucks. She is know all over school as 'The V-card Collector'.

Once Jenna and I drove to La Jolla to her cousins' house. After we spent the day on the beach, drinking beers and laying out, we were approached by a group a college aged surfer boys that we had been eying all day.

They invited us to a party later that night down the beach. It didn't take much convincing to get us to go. I got dressed up for the party. I had a tight pink blouse that I tied into a midriff, the knot resting just under my breasts. I didn't wear a bra, and only one button was buttoned on the blouse, which made my breasts almost spill out of the already struggling fabric.

I put on a very tight pair of Daisy Dukes that I cut so short that my ass hung out of them. For convenience I put my hair into 2 braided pigtails. Jenna said school girls village xnxx storys my outfit was "cute" in a slutty way. As soon as we arrived, I broke away from Jenna and her cousin and went looking for cocks to suck. All of the guys leered at me and I didn't do anything to discourage it either.

I made sure to bend down a lot so that they got a good glimpse of my tits and ass. I finally settled on my first marks for the night; four guys sitting on a couch drinking beer out of some plastic cups. All of them were muscular and athletic and my mouth salivated at the thought of blowing them. Working up the courage, I made my move, sitting on the arm of the couch and seductively crossing my legs in the face of one of the guys. He looked over and took a good long look of my heeled legs right in his face and his friends followed suit, their eyes glued to my breasts and to my legs.

I knew they were getting stiff in their pants with me just sitting there. "Hi", I said, coyly. "My name is Alexa." I brought one finger to my lips as I bounced slightly in place. The guys shifted in their seats in discomfort from their erections. "What's your major?", the guy asked while eying my tits.

The very thought that this guy thought that I was a college girl really turned my on. I knew these three were just too bashful to take the initiative. So I made it easy for them.

"Cock sucking. With a minor in swallowing." I said as I nibbled the end of my finger "And I'm very far behind in my homework. I was wondering if the three of you would help me study?" The four boy's jaws simply dropped. I know that they weren't expecting me to say anything like that.

I crossed my legs again until finally the boy in the middle chimed in with a "Fuck yes!" I licked my lips followed him as he led me and the two other guys to his bedroom. As we got into the bedroom, the first guy sat on the bed, the other two sat on chairs. I sank to my knees, burying my head in the lap of the first guy. His excitement was obvious from the bulge outlined in his shorts.

I freed it and immediately ran my tongue up and down the underside of his cock. The taste, the smell, the feel of it on my tongue was exactly what I'd been craving. I hungrily devoured his cock in a moment of raw, primal cock worship, allowing it to slide all the way down.

He didn't last long at all, quickly filling my mouth with his pearly white cum, I swallowed it all. Without missing a beat, I shifted to the next guy on the chair. He had been kind enough to take his cock out of his shorts for me. It curved upward slightly and the head glistened invitingly. He held my head and bucked into my mouth.

"Suck my cock you slut!" he hissed. I love being called a Slut. It makes me feel so naughty. My mouth felt his cock getting harder and he suddenly gushed his jizz into my mouth. The third guy down the line was a lot more animated, horny as fuck and not just intimidated by the brazen slut that I was.

"Suck that cock!" He demanded. I sucked his cock down my throat all the way the brunette gets screwed by a nice fat and then masturbates with her nice dildo the base, my tongue lapping at his balls. Can you keep up with my strokes masturbation challenge masturbation instruction domination twisted my head sideways and gave it a long, slow suck all the way to the base of the head.

He let out a long, guttural moan of pleasure before taking control of my pigtails, pushing my head up and down. I relax my neck, allowing him to control my head motion as I worked my mouth and tongue in perfect response. "Oh shiiiiitttt!" was his only response as he climaxed in my mouth.

I gulped the whole load down, still hungry for more as I shifted over to the third guy on the couch., who by now was very excited, stroking his cock in his hands. I pulled his hand aside, quickly replacing it with my own, guiding the head of it directly into my mouth The fourth guy let me do whatever I wanted, which I did, slowly sucking from base to tip, slowly blowing him in long, slurping, wet strokes.

After watching me blow his friends he was really turned on and it didn't take him long to squirt his sperm into my mouth and all over my face. Sperm is sooo good for my complexion. I looked up and noticed that a crowd had gathered at the open door.

Jenna's cousin was glaring at me in disbelief. "More." was all I could say as I undid the knot on my top, pulling it completely off, exposing my bouncing breasts. I crawled up the staircase slowly, kneeling at the end of the hallway. Looking down the hallway I could see it was packed with men, each of them undoing their pants. My mouth watered and I opened my mouth, inviting the first in line to start.

I spent most of the night kneeling at the end of that hallway, sucking cock after cock after cock. I'm not sure how many cocks I sucked, but it was at the very least fifteen. After the party, Jenna and I went home with a van of about 6 guys, who fucked Jenna 2 at a time in the back of the van. By the time we got back to Jenna's cousins house, we found all of our things tossed into the driveway. She tossed us out for being sluts. That didn't bother us, though. We went back home. Once a month or so Jenna and I would go back to the boys beach house in La Jolla.

I would give them head and Jenna would let the guys fuck her for our room and board. I spent most of my time on my knees sucking cocks, most of the time naked but occasionally I'd dress up in slutty outfits. I told the guys about beer and blow jobs night like when I was dating Chris, and they loved the idea. The boys would watch football, or a porno, and we would bring them drinks and give blow jobs.

There were 8 or 10 guys sometimes more. Some nights I would kneel in front of a line of 8 or more men, suck each one of them off in turn. Jenna would lie on her back with her legs spread let them load her cunt with jizz. My life is an endless whirlwind of blow jobs and I love it.