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Fantastic asian looker rides a big rod pornstars brunette
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Wild Willie chapter 1 It was September 1998, and William Barnes woke up in a run down hotel in Chicago, with a naked whore on each side of him. He didn't oldman enjoys some fucking apologies from nasty bernice their names, but he knew their bodies.

It had been a really rough night and the women had taken their toll on his strength. They had been drinking, smoking pot and fucking most of the night. William had to get a shower as his television debut was at 11:00 am. William was not an entertainer, a newscaster or even a celebrity. Nobody except for a few religious people had even heard of him.

William Ambrose Barnes was a self-proclaimed faith healer. He knew new sex game mercy x soldier fuck pov play free had the secret to the religious right and most of the maladies that plagued them. As a youth William was a medical student with a hundred forty IQ and was aware that many ailments could be "cured" by two different things.

1. A placebo, which is a substance having no pharmacological effect, like a sugar pill. 2. The power of suggestion. If you tell someone they are not ill and drive the idea into them, and they want to believe you, the neurotransmitters in their brains will take over and make them feel better, or even cure them on the spot, at least temporarily. Actually William knew that the power of the human mind was paramount, in healing many so called ailments, as they were not really life threatening.

He knew as a doctor that many people had been misdiagnosed, and believed they had something worse than what they really had. When he thought about it, the plan was fool proof. He would cure anyone he could by "special" blessed water and religious ornaments, he would give them things to read, such as scriptures and some things he had written. Most of the people would cure themselves through the power of the mind, however some illusions might be necessary to complete the charade, and those who died, it was said, were called back to heaven by Jesus Christ.

All the bases were covered. All he had to do was make the individual feel good while they were on television, and he did that with his high-minded; noble personality and his deep voice. He was a lot like the old joke, "What do you get when you cross a parrot with a Tiger? Well it's a funny looking thing, but when it talks, you listen." William knew from an early age that people listened to him. He was a fairly good-looking guy, and along with his resounding voice the combination was devastating.

He looked more like a college attractive teen loves to engulf hardcore and blowjob star than a normal little boy. He was only in the fifth grade and had little knowledge of sex, so when his teacher, Miss. Culbertson suggested he go to bed with her, he told her in no uncertain terms that he didn't have to take naps anymore. Upon his entrance into High School, he thought back and mentally kicked himself for not understanding what she was talking about.

Miss. Culbertson was a babe and single. Three years later she left the elementary school in disgrace, when she was caught with Eddie Andersen. They were in her closet and she was sucking his cock. She didn't go to jail as it was a small town, and they didn't want the notoriety. Also it was an election year. A reporter was sent to the school by a big town paper to interview the principal.

She said and he quoted, "I ain't got nothing to talk to you about it, and the teachers here don't make no kind of money, no way, no how." They were still attempting to figure out what she had said, when William went into high school. During his time in high school, William had six girlfriends. In his graduation annual, they all professed their love for him, and hinted that he had taken their virginity.

College was a breeze for him, and he did four years in just under three. With the full intention of becoming a doctor, William enrolled in Medical School. He had very little problem graduating from there either. His best classes were in diagnosis. He could usually tell what was troubling a person just by looking in their eyes, checking their feet, hands and of course their hearts.

The problems began when he became an Intern at Atlanta General, as William was attempting to fuck every nurse, student nurse and candy striper in the hospital. Women of all ages loved him and he bestowed his sexual favors freely. Student nurse Ella Morton, a twenty year old with a thirty-six inch rack and an IQ to match, had heard the other nurses and candy stripers talking about William, and how he wouldn't stop until the young lady was completely satisfied.

She met him in the cafeteria at 2:15 am. She smiled and placed a note in front of him next to his coffee. It read, "Room 405 is empty.

Meet me there in an hour." William looked up at her through thirty-six hour on duty blurry eyes and smiled. Then he nodded his head.

When he went into room 405, the lights were out and Ella was on the bed wearing only white. White panties, stockings, garter belt and bra. He sat on a chair and pulled off his shirt, shoes and pants.

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He stood there in his underpants and t-shirt. William was tired but, not that tired. "Take of my panties, and your underpants too. Did you bring a condom?" "Last year I had a vasectomy and I'm shooting blanks. Is there a problem with that?" William asked unemotionally. "No … I've never gone bareback before … that's all. Should be an experience." William removed his jockeys and got on the bed, pulled her panties down to her ankles, but was a little turned off because of the jungle many people described as pubic hair.

It was going to take some time just to locate her pussy. Most girls in the 1990s that he knew, kept their pussies trimmed, usually with just a little hair above their slits.

"Come on we don't have a lot of time," she said. He hated to be rushed, especially during sex. He had been fucking since he was first in High School and knew everything about it.

William was precariously balanced on one hand, while guiding his cock into her with the other. Oh God Damn! Pussy was the best he thought, but he envied the young nurse as he was going to fuck her with an inch of her life.

When she felt his long penis move all the way inside of her she took a deep breath, knowing somehow this was not just going to be another roll in the hay. He had only slid in and out of her about five or six times when she knew to hold on tight. Ella had been fucked before many, many times and had always liked it, but this wasn't normal fucking. This went way beyond fucking. She wondered what was going to happen. Oh God … she was having the hardest orgasm she had ever had, and she hadn't even moved a muscle.

William's cock was so long it bumped against her cervix; while the shaft was rubbing her "G" spot almost continuously. The hood of her little clitoris, which had hardly ever been involved before, was being pulled into her throbbing pussy, over and over.

She quickly hooked her white stocking legs around William's thighs, trying hard to pull him deeper into her, secretly hoping he could never pull out. Funny thing was she didn't really know anything about this young doctor, and could care less as long as his cock was imbedded inside of her.

"Oh shit! I'm cuming again," she said almost screaming as her nails cut deep into his back and intensified his pleasure even more. He decided he would keep doing it to her until she begged him to stop, or she died.

He knew there was something strange in his physical make up that allowed him to fuck a girl for up to two hours straight, without cuming himself. He recalled his time in High School. Girls would always tell each other if a guy was worth the use of their pussies. His single performance with Terry Arnold at her parent's beach house was enough that almost every girl in school was asking him for a date.

When he used the excuse that he was low on funds, as he had just had his Ford repaired, most of them would offer to pay for gas, a movie and dinner. Even the little girls nine to twelve years old, in his neighborhood flocked around him and were more than suggestive displaying their panties, hoping he might take the hint and meet them out behind the garage.

Actually William loved the girls between thirteen and fifteen the most, as every guy around hadn't used them, and they were very appreciative when he would spend any amount of time with them. They sometimes became a nuisance when they almost begged him to feel them up, or let them touch, and even suck his penis. He knew they dominated wife blowjob border jumper puts out big time dreamed of him shoving at least half of his cock into them, as half of it would be all that would fit.

The time fucking Ella was moving to forty minutes with no end in sight. She was exhausted as she had cum more times in the last forty minutes than she had masturbating the whole year she was thirteen. It wasn't fun anymore. Her pussy was numb, and her thighs were in pain where she had her legs hooked around his. "Are you going to cum at all?" she asked, "I'm really tired and I have to get back to the nurses station." "Just another minute," he said, doubling his efforts.

Fifteen minutes later William began filling her babe interracial creampie pornstars and big dick with cum. When he was finally done he rolled off the pretty young nurse and lay back. She slid out of the bed with all the energy she had left and got dresses, cussing him under her breath when his cum fantastic blonde floozy pleasures a long dick big tits and cumshot oozing down her thigh.

He would never have her again, she thought, however the first half hour was the best she had ever had. William was cuddled up in the bed and had no idea of the time or anything else. When the northbound freight train struck a greyhound bus on the I-40 train crossing, William had no idea that the ER, four floors below him was overloaded with trauma patients and there were only two doctors on duty.

Had they known his location, they could have sent someone to get him, however he slept through the whole thing. Two people who might of made it; died and it was deemed to be his fault. His time as a doctor was over. After his censure, William put several appeals into motion however none of them were granted. During the following four months, he had seven jobs, ranging from a used car salesman, at which he was quite good, to a pot washer at a local Bar-B-Que restaurant.

He probably would have continued at the used car sales lot for a while anyway, except the manager and the owner were both arrested, for what nobody really knew. When William was young, between the ages of five and sixteen he secretly hated his parents for making him go to church every Sunday and occasionally on Wednesday and Saturday. During his time in the church meetings, he spent his virtual incarceration watching the other people and studying their fanatical response to the religious leader.

For a while he thought the people were crazy, and he was embarrassed, when even his own parents would stand up, raise their hands toward the heavens and sing out loud, "Halleluiah oh lord Halleluiah!" When William turned twelve he spent his time in the church basement with Bonnie Colby, a cute little ten year old blonde girl who was ready to give up her cherry to this handsome young man.

The first time they did it, she was sitting on an old bar stool, that had been donated to the church by the family of a wealthy member, who had died while fucking his neighbor's wife.

Bonnie quickly lifted her skirt up around her waist, and pulled her loose panties to the side as William stood close to her and shoved his cock into her cunt. Even at twelve William was a great cocks man and fucked Bonnie for over an hour. The kids never thought about an unwanted pregnancy, and lucky for them she did not become pregnant.

However when Bonnie told her mother about the sexual encounter, she smiled and told Bonnie how she had lost her virginity on a Girl Scout campout when she was eleven. Marie, Bonnie's mom bought her daughter some condoms for the following Sunday service. William and Bonnie became boyfriend and girlfriend, at least on Sunday, for the next five years.

Tiny cute girl gets slammed by bbc big black cock and monstercock always told him that she loved him, to which he answered, "Me too." After he lost the job at the used car lot, William thought about the religious leader, and then decided he could do that job. He studied the lives of Jim and Tammy Baker, along with the Jimmy Swaggert ministry, and Benny Hinn, and his very bad comb over. William delved into the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

He found many incongruities in the doctrine. Incongruities he would not allow in his church. William recalled when his parents had taken him to the 1964 or 1965, he couldn't recall the date, evangelistic revival in Los Angeles at the coliseum.

Billy Graham spoke for several nights in a row. William was there with his parents for three of the nights. Every night they would pass the collection bags, and people would fill them with folding money and checks. A sign on each collection basket read, "No coins please." He somehow knew that the revival was a success as when they left the stadium a little early one night to avoid the traffic; he saw no less than six armored trucks parked at one of the exits.

There must have been twenty to twenty-five guards armed with machine guns and shotguns to make sure none of the believers strayed and went for the trucks; thank God. That was the first time William ever saw a direct connection between machine guns, religion and shotguns.

He found that ninety-nine percent of the people going to a revival meeting were already convinced they would be cured of whatever it max prime series sex on wheels that was making them feel bad. That "they believed" was the answer to everything … making them feel good. Everybody wants to feel good and leave any pain by the roadside. William was a top-notch diagnostician, and could usually tell what was bothering a person.

He also knew the power of the placebo, and knew that the power of suggestion and shock would usually get a person to feel better, at least for a while. Since the early part of the twentieth century, the Lady of Lourdes spring in France was accepted by the Catholic Church as a holy shrine, however most people who went there to be cured, died anyway. Out of the multi millions of people attending, only sixty seven remained alive due to miracles, which many people believe were just illnesses, misdiagnosed by doctors.

William knew that as an Evangelist he could speak the word of God and accumulate millions of dollars, tax-free. What a beautiful scam. William went on the Internet and took a cyber course that would make him a Protestant preacher and missionary. The original Evangelists were according to the bible, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. The study was not difficult and William had the sheepskin in just over three weeks.

It was almost show time and William had his shower and then put on a lavender tuxedo. He was so confident he knew nothing could go wrong. He had a mild hang over, however he was charged up with the power of God and ready to take on all the sinners of the world.

William knew that every fifth seat in the gigantic tent was occupied by a paid church member. When they applauded, everyone around them applauded. He walked out with his head held high, the memory of Charlton Heston in the Ten Commandments, came rushing back into his mind and he took a similar stance with the bible in one hand and his other hand pointing toward the heavens.

William stepped up to the podium and said quietly, "Do you?" The people looked around and then he said a little louder, "Do you?" Some of the people said, "We do!" This time he almost yelled, "DO YOU?…DO YOU WANT TO WAKE UP IN A TEN THOUSAND DEGREE PIT OF HELL TOMORROW?" "NO … NO … NO… SAVE US BROTHER WILLIAM.

SAVE US FROM HELL." "You must have your life changed if you want to live in the holy arms of God. I didn't change my life—Christ did!

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When I gave my life to Christ, God came to live within me. My body can barley hold the power of God and if I'm not careful, I could explode like a nuclear blast." The audience stood up and began waiving their hands in the air, their faces turned upward, their eyes closed.

William knew at that time he had them. To Be Continued …