Taan xxx story full full sex stories

Taan xxx story full full sex stories
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Before the comments on my original story turned into a bunch of pedophiles trolling for minors, it was suggested that I continue the story of Chris and Christie by writing about the other girls in the story.

Originally the story was about the two main characters, but since it took so long for them to reconnect, Chris's girlfriend Hailey took on a larger part of the story than I had originally planned. Here is th story from her point of view.

Fair warning, it takes a while before any sex occurs. "So how was your big date?" Hailey could hear the excitement in her best friend's voice and sighed. "It was awful. My girlfriend is very dominant from up top a total ass." "What happened? What did he do?" The concern in Amanda's voice 1first time under15 fuming storys evident. Hailey lay back on her bed, propping her legs against the wall and sighed.

"So we went to a movie, then afterwards we walked around the park." "Ok, nothing special, but that doesn't make it xxxx story sex stories sixe fall sex stories story 2019sex stories, well he decided that he needed to pee, so he stopped at a bush and went." "In front of you?

Ewww." "Tell me about it. But that's not the worst part. He told me that if I wanted to, I could hold it for him." "Oh my God, are you serious????? That's so lame!! What an ass!!!" "Yeah. Can you fucking believe it?" "So did you hold it?" "Ew. No. I made him take me home, and when he dropped me off, he tried to kiss me, then tried to grab my boob. What a lame ass." Amanda full sex stories xxxx storys three men and one woman on the other end of the line.

"I'm sorry girl, I know that you were really looking forward to tonight." Hailey twirled her hair in her free hand and echoed her friends sigh.

"I know, right? He's the only varsity football Sophomore, I thought that this would be so cool, and he turns out to be as big a jerk as the rest of the guys I've gone out with." Amanda began running down the list.

"There was Luke, he tried to feel you up." "Loser." "There was Cameron last year, he went around telling everyone that you blew him." "Total loser. My dad went to the school and threatened to kick his ass for that." "Then there was Jerry." "Lame ass. He kept trying to grab my hand and put it on his crotch." "Okay, so all boys are losers." "I can understand the guys in our grade being this way, they've always been dorks.

But older guys? And a varsity football player, too? You'd think that he'd be different." "Well he wasn't. And he's just a year older than us." "Maybe you should date Senior guys." Hailey laughed at that ruefully. "I don't think they'd be any different." "Well maybe don't date jocks.

They're all assholes anyways." "Cameron wasn't a jock, remember?" "Yeah, but he was a jock wannabe. The only reason he was telling everyone that you blew him was so the jocks would think he was cool." "You're right, guys are losers." Hailey laughed ruefully and bade Amanda good night. Her Freshman year hadn't been bad, as a cheerleader she was part of the popular crowd, but she still was at the bottom of the high school hierarchy.

It had been an adjustment, going from being a popular 8th grader to an unknown Freshman. Their lockers were in a separate hallway, they had to eat outside, and at cheer practice, they were having to do all the menial jobs like carrying equipment and water for the varsity squad.

But still, things weren't too bad. If only the boys weren't such jerks&hellip. As she sat on the patio one day eating lunch, she and her friends were commiserating about yet another disappointing boy experience. "You mean he just grabbed you and kissed you?

How awful!" "I know, right? Just because we went to dinner didn't mean anything. And the whole time, he kept talking about how good he was at sex. I couldn't believe it. Like that's going to make me give it up to him." Hailey laughed at the boys' stupidity while her friend Samantha was rolling her eyes.

Suddenly, Samantha's eyes grew wide. "Holy shit. Is he really coming over here???" Hailey stared at her in befuddlement. "Who? Who are you talking about?" Then she heard it.

"Hey Hailey." She turned, and was stunned by what she saw. Aaron Stors. Aaron freakin' Stors. The star lineman for the varsity football team.

He was huge, his shoulders were so broad that he could barely fit through doorways. He was also reputed to be really smart, and was on his way to Harvard or somewhere like that. Her eyes widened with surprise.

"Um, yes?" "I'm Aaron." Are you kidding me? Hailey thought to herself. Of course I know who you are, everyone in school does! She began wondering how he knew who she was. "I know. Everyone knows." Hailey mumbled shyly. She was aware of her friends at the table giggling. Was this really happening? Aaron Stors was actually talking to her. "You know my boy Chris, right?" Hailey glanced to his side and for the first time realized that Aaron wasn't alone.

He was accompanied by Chris something-or-other, the inner-circle's pet Freshman. Hailey vaguely remembered him being in English with her. What was his last name? "Ummm, sure. We have a class together." "So you'd go out with him if he asked you, right?

He's a cool kid, really smart, even if he doesn't apply himself." Hailey's mind went blank. Was this really happening? Aaron Stors approaches her at lunch, only to set her up with his geeky friend? And why the heck was Chris even friends with him?

What could they possibly have in common? Hailey could hear her friends laughing, relishing in her discomfort, and glad that it wasn't happening to them.

Shit! What should she do now? She obviously couldn't say no, not with Aaron standing right there! "Any of you girls would, isn't that right?" Hailey drew some small comfort from the sudden cessation of laughter. Ha! Now you guys are on the spot, too! Chris broke his silence. "Hailey, it's ok, you don't have to go out with me, I'm not asking you, Aaron's just joking.

" Hailey looked up at Aaron. The look on his face was pretty plain, this wasn't a joke. And as much as she didn't want to go out with Chris, she also didn't want to say it out loud, and have him think that she was a bitch.

"No, it's ok, I want to go out with you! Let's go to the movies on Saturday." Shit! Did I really just say that????? She could tell that her friends were staring at her.

"Umm, ok. Let me get your number&hellip." As soon as Aaron and Chris walked away, her friends burst out laughing, unable to contain themselves any longer. "Shut up!!!" Hailey hissed at them. "Oh Hailey, it looks like you have another date!" Samantha teased. Hailey buried her face in her hands. "Oh my God. How did that just happen?" Amanda chimed in. "You could have told him no." "Right, with Aaron Stors standing right there?

After he had set it up? That would have worked." "Well, look at it this way, he can't be any worse than the other losers you've gone out with." "Who was that kid anyway?" "You guys know him, he's been in school with us since kindergarten." "Really? I thought he was new. Wait, why is he hanging out with Aaron and his friends?" "Nobody knows. But they've been palling around since the beginning of the year." "Who was that kid again?

Are you sure he's been in school with us the whole time?" Hailey tuned out her friends as they tittered at her situation and discussed Chris. No way was she going out with him. She'd talk to him tomorrow, away from everyone else. The next day, Hailey saw Chris in the hallway, standing at his locker. He looked a little different, his haircut was a lot more stylish.

Great, he had probably started to spend a bunch of money, trying to impress her. Shit, she hated doing this, but she would just have to suck it up.

She strode up to him. "Chris, can I talk to you about this weekend?" Chris turned to face her and Hailey looked at her feet, embarrassed. Thankfully, Chris spared her further blushes. "It's ok Hailey, I know this wasn't your idea, you don't have to go." Hailey sighed inwardly, grateful for the reprieve. "Thanks Chris, I knew you'd understand." She hurried away, relieved. Chris seemed nice enough, but she wouldn't date him in a million years.

Later that day at cheerleading practice, she and her friends sat stretching and chatting. "So you broke his heart, huh?" "Hardly. I barely had to say anything, I don't think he wanted to go out with me anyways." "Wow, even the dorks don't want to date you!" Hailey laughed at her friends. "Yeah, I guess not. The whole thing must have been a joke that Aaron was playing on him. I still don't get why he's friends with that crew." "Beats me." Samantha said. "But they're like, really tight.

You guys know Tyler Loftin?" Several of the girls rolled their eyes. Tyler was a total jerk, he had tried to kiss one of the cheerleaders, and then gone bragging that she had come onto him. Samantha continued on with her story.

"Earlier this year, he was clowning Chris in biology, I mean, really being a dick, you know? And being Tyler, he couldn't stop bragging about how he had punked him to everyone. Anyways, those guys cornered him in the locker room after practice, and threatened to kick his ass." "Really?" "Yup.

They even made him go apologize to him. Ever since, nobody's messed with Chris." "I don't know Hailey, sure you don't want to reconsider? It sounds like he has friends in high places." Hailey grinned but shook her head. "No, I don't think so." As the girls finished stretching, Hailey noticed that Christie Evans was intently looking at her. She thought that it was odd, but paid it no mind. As she was leaving the locker room after practice, she found Christie waiting for her outside.

"Can we talk?" Hailey looked at her, unsure of what to say. Christie was one of the most popular girls in school, and could be a little intimidating with her mix of looks, athleticism, and brains. Hailey was surprised that she even knew that she existed. What was with all these upperclassmen approaching her out of the blue? "Um, sure, but I have to get home, and I'm riding with Samantha." "That's not a problem, I'll take you." "Umm, okay, I guess." Christie drove them to a nearby Starbucks in silence.

Hailey felt too awkward to try and start a conversation. They went inside, and Christie bought them both green teas before sitting down across from her. "I overheard you at practice today, that you broke off your date with Chris Roberts." Hailey was stunned. Why in the world would Christie care about that? And why was she eavesdropping on her? "Umm, yeah?" Christie smiled at her for the first time, and helped put Hailey a little more at ease.

"Hailey, how many dates have you gone on with guys who turned out to be total dicks?" "A few." "Jocks, right? Lied to their friends about how they'd gotten lucky with you, when in reality you spent the whole time fighting them off?" Hailey found herself nodding along as Christie spoke.

"I thought that these guys would be so cool, but they aren't. I went out with one older guy, I thought he would be different, but he was still a dick, he was probably worse than the rest." Christie nodded sagely.

"It's how jocks are here. They think their shit doesn't stink, and they only want one thing. Look Hailey, I've had my share of bad experiences with guys, my first boyfriend turned out to be a total jerk, and before him, I had dates that basically consisted of the guy trying to feel me up, and me fighting them off. I poured my soda into one guys lap in the movie theater, then slapped him and walked out in the middle of the movie." Hailey grinned.

It was nice to know that even someone like Christie could have guy trouble. "Why are you telling me all this?" "Because as strange as it may sound, you're making a huge mistake by not going out with Chris. He's not like other guys. He's a real sweetheart, he knows how to treat a girl, and he won't be trying to cop a feel in a dark theater." Hailey was still unsure, and stared at her tea.

"He's not really my type…" she murmured. "I know." Christie said. "And looking at him, you wouldn't think it, but he's more man than any of the guys in our school, I'll bet." "If he's so great, then why aren't you going out with him?" Christie's gaze intensified, and Hailey had a feeling she had said the wrong thing.

"He didn't ask me. He mature dirty amateur facial mom son you." Hailey looked down at the table. "I don't know. I mean, he's not &hellip." "Popular? And people might say something?" Hailey laughed nervously.

"Yeah. And when I hear it out loud, it sounds really bad." Christie chuckled and looked out the window. "I know. But look at it this way: according to what people think, you should be dating popular jocks. How has that worked out? Do you really want to leave your happiness to what other people think? I stayed with my first boyfriend even though he didn't treat me right, because people thought that I should. And the asshole dumped me anyway for another girl." Hailey was surprised that Christie was willing to divulge so much to her.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know." Christie waved her hand dismissively. "It's not a big deal. I'm over it. I'm just telling you not to make the mistake of passing on Chris. Just give him a chance." Hailey squirmed uncomfortably. "I don't know&hellip." Christie smiled at her. "I know that this is really weird for you. And I'm not telling you that you have to go out with him. I'm just asking you to reconsider it. Its one afternoon. And I promise, he won't be like the other assholes who've tried to make you do things that you didn't want to do." They made small talk as Christie drove Hailey home, Christie having said what she wanted to.

As she pulled up in front of Hailey's house, Hailey turned to her. "Will you be mad if I still decide not to go out with Chris?" Christie thought for a moment before answering. "No. But I think that you're going to wind up kicking yourself if you don't." Hailey thought for a moment. "What if he doesn't want to go out with me anymore?" Christie's face broke into a broad grin. "Then he's an idiot. Look at yourself girl, you're hot. All the guys in my grade are lusting after you." Hailey brightened at that.

"Maybe you can introduce me to some of them?" Christie laughed. "I said that they were lusting after you. Hard as it is to believe, those guys are even hornier than the guys your age." Hailey nodded. "You're right. I guess I'll go out with Chris." Christie nodded. "You won't regret it." The next day, Hailey approached Chris before English began. As awkward as breaking their date had been, this was going to be even worse.

God, she couldn't wait until she natural nympho gives head in pov and gets tight pussy banged amateur and babe a grown up and didn't have to deal with this shit. "Listen Chris, this Saturday will be fine, we can go to the movies." Chris looked up in surprise, then resignation.

"I know you don't want to do this Hailey, I know that Old lady creampie chillin with a steaming tamale embarrassed you into it, and Christie is making you go through with it. Let's just forget about it, ok?" "No," she said. "Christie said that you're a really sweet guy, and that I was making a huge mistake by not going out with you.

I want to know what she sees in you." As soon as she said it, Hailey was kicking herself. Dammit, dammit, dammit!!!

Did I really just say that???? "Ummmmm. I didn't mean that to sound as bitchy as it did…" Great, she thought. Now he thinks I'm a total snob Chris looked up. "Ok. I appreciate you giving me a chance." Hailey was grateful that the hard part was over. She turned and walked back towards her seat. No, wait. She had to say something else, she couldn't let their conversation end with her saying that.

She turned back towards him. "I like your haircut. It looks really good on you." "Thanks." As Hailey got back to her seat, she remembered something that Chris had said. "Christie is making you go through with this." Wait, he knew that?

Hailey offered to meet Chris at the mall on the other side of town. Christie may have said that he was a nice guy, but no way was she going to risk being seen out in public with him. Aaron was right, Chris was pretty smart, he saw through that move right away, even though Hailey refused to admit that was the reason. She claimed that she wanted to go to the Mexican food restaurant that was there to give a more plausible reason for picking such a far away meeting spot.

Her mom dropped her off on Saturday, and Hailey took a deep breath. Okay, you can do this. It's just one afternoon. Chris was waiting inside. As they were seated, they kind of sat there awkwardly for a bit, making small talk, and to her surprise, Chris was actually able to carry on a conversation without sounding like a total idiot, unlike the rest of the boys her age.

He actually listened to smoking fetish sexy brunette smoking in your face tube porn, and wasn't trying sori mom i cum inside brag and impress her.

Hailey started to figure out that he was a lot smarter than she was, which made her a little nervous. As they cast around for things they had in common, she discovered that he had a pretty good sense of humor, and they shared similar music tastes. Unlike the other guys she had gone out with, he didn't make of her for her love of boy bands. As they ate, Hailey's asked him why he hung out with the Senior football players. In the strict hierarchy of High School popularity, they were at the top, whereas someone like Chris was way below even the bottom rung.

Chris just kind of blew it off and said that Christie had told them to take care of him. As he mentioned Christie, Hailey's curiosity got the better of her.

Why had she been so insistent that Hailey go out with Chris? And how would she even know him? Christie was a goddess, and Chris, to be kind &hellip. Well, he wasn't in her league. Not even close. "Is she like, related to you or something?" "Nope. She's just my neighbor." Hailey thought for a moment.

Surely not. But you never knew. "Did you guys used to go out?" Chris was so surprised at that, he nearly spilled his drink in his lap.

"Are you kidding? Why would she go out with someone like me? We're just neighbors. I've known her all my life." "Well, the way she talked about you, I got the impression that she had some strong feelings for you.

She really wanted me to go out with you today. She told me all sorts of wonderful things about you." Chris looked pretty embarrassed at that, and for the first time, Hailey thought to herself he looked kind of cute.

Like a little boy. She thought. "Well, she probably exaggerated pretty badly. I hope I can live up to it." As they kept talking, Hailey was more and more impressed with him. He wasn't trying to act all cool, or show how tough he was, he was just being himself. Soon, they left for the movie theater.

Everything he did, she noticed. The way he stood back and let her walk in front of him, how he opened doors for her, how he let her answer for herself when the guy at the concession stand asked her what she wanted to drink.

Hailey was having a hard time figuring it out until it finally hit her: He wasn't trying to impress her, he was doing these things because he was a genuinely nice guy.

Even the way he talked to people showed it. Some guys she had gone on dates with had been really sweet to her, then a total jerk to someone else. One of the jocks she had gone out with once had made fun of a poor man who had to wear a special helmet, in case he had seizures.

He had sat there making fun of him, then being all sweet to Hailey, until he started trying to feel her up later, saying that she owed him. But Chris wasn't like that, he was genuinely kind to everybody.

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As the movie started, Hailey turned to Chris. "You know, you're actually kind of cute. In a nerdy kind of way." "Thanks, I think." Dammit.

Every time I try and say something nice, it comes out wrong. He must think I'm such a bitch. As the movie went on, Hailey was aware that Juicy playgirl is a perfect fuckmate hardcore blowjob kept his arm on the arm rest, not wandering over to grope her.

It was a nice change of pace from her normal dates. At one point, more out of curiosity than anything else, Hailey leaned against him, just to see what he would do, but Chris didn't respond. After the movie, they wandered around the mall, just talking.

Hailey was still trying to get over the fact that Chris hadn't tried to put the moves on her, or grope her, or anything. As odd as it sounded to her, she found herself wanting this to keep going on. She wanted to do hot gaping booty ass fucked up on stage again.

She turned to him. "You really are a nice guy. I've gone out with a couple of other guys, and all they wanted to do was grab my boobs, or try to get me to touch their junk. Gross." Chris looked slightly embarrassed at that. How cute. Hailey saw her mom pull up. "That's my ride, I have to go." "Okay." Chris said.

"Thank you. I really enjoyed myself this afternoon." "Yeah, so did I." Hailey stood there next to Chris, each of them awkwardly waiting for the other to say something else. Ask me out again! Hailey thought to herself fiercely. When Chris didn't say anything else, Hailey gave an awkward wave. "Ummm, well, I guess goodbye. I'll see you in school." Chris nodded, not really sure of what to do next.

As Hailey walked to the car, she realized that she would have to make the first move. She took a deep breath and turned back to him.

"Would you like to go out again next weekend?" Chris looked shocked, and stumbled to find the words. "Really? You want to go out with me again?" He was so shocked, Hailey struggled not to burst out laughing. She looked at her feet and nodded her head. "I think it would be nice. Do you IM?" Chris nodded dumbly, and Hailey scribbled out her screen name for him.

"Here's my contact information." As she drove away, her mom glanced back at Chris. "So how was it?" "It was nice. We're going out again next weekend." "Really? He isn't … like the boys you normally go out with." "I know, it's kind of nice." Hailey's mom smiled at her.

Maybe she was getting smarter about boys after all. When Hailey saw Chris in school real teen fingerfucked deeply at sexaudition fingering Monday, he gave her a shy smile and a tiny wave.

Hailey wondered why he didn't come up and talk to her, when she realized that she was surrounded by all of her friends, whom Chris didn't know.

She gave him a big smile and waved back to him, trying to let him know that it was okay to come talk to her, but he didn't get the hint. Dammit. I'm going to have to teach him this stuff. She thought to herself. Chris headed over to his Senior friends, and Hailey noticed that they were all talking excitedly to him, glancing her way on occasion.

That son of a bitch. What was he telling them? Yeah, he was nice enough to her when they were alone, but get him with his buddies, and he started lying and bragging, just like all the rest. Well Hailey wasn't taking that. She would shut that down right away. She began marching over to them, seething with anger. "Oooooohhhhhhhh!!!!!" They all shouted. Mother Fucker!!

Did he tell them we had sex? I'm going to rip his fucking head off!!! They were all passing money to one of the guys. You are going to wish you had never been born, you little worm.

"What's going on here?" They all turned to face her, and Chris turned bright red with embarrassment, evidence of his guilt. "There she is!! Queen Guinevere to our noble Sir Galahad! Welcome m'lady." One of the guys bowed to her, waving a hand in the air, looking like a total jackass.

"They were betting on what would happen on our date." Chris mumbled. Hailey was seething, but kept her voice under control. "I see. And what did you tell them?" "I told them the truth, that we never touched." That brought her up short. She looked around at their faces and realized that Chris was telling the truth.

Even with all his Senior buddies, Chris was honest. Hailey felt a huge sense of relief, and then admiration for Chris. "Well that's not entirely true, I cuddled up against him during the movie, but he didn't push it." OOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Really????? Chris, you've got to recognize the signs man!!! I bet you could have gotten to 2nd base!!!" God, what a jerk. Hailey turned to the offender. "Eeeeewwww, you're gross!! But I tell you what; Chris is too much of a gentleman to do that. That's why we're going out again next weekend, and you guys can't get decent, self-respecting girls." Hailey took Chris by the hand and led him down the hallway, away from his jock friends, lest he be corrupted by them.

As she led him away, she could hear them calling after him. "Chris, you sarah gisele hot amateur fingering for boyfriend man!!!" Chris looked mortified.

"I'm awfully sorry about that." "That's ok," she replied. "They're boys, that's what they do. But I like you, you're different." Hailey was aware that people were staring and whispering, but she didn't care. Chris was a good guy, and she liked him. Who cares what other people think? Later that day, her friends cornered her at cheerleading practice.

"Ok, what's going on???? I heard that you were holding Chris's hand in school today!" "Yeah, I thought that you didn't go out, what's happening?" Hailey just shrugged.

"I changed my mind." "So what, you're dating now?" Samantha made a face. "He's so &hellip. bleah. You can totally do better than him." Hailey shrugged. "We're going out again next weekend. He's a really nice guy." "Hailey, are you kidding me? He looks like a school shooter!! I guarantee you that one day he's going to come in here with shotguns!!" "No he won't!

That's an awful thing to say!!" Hailey snapped. As her friends stared at her, Hailey felt her anger grow. She was tired of guys who only wanted one thing, and she was upset that she had to justify Chris to her friends. So what if he wasn't popular?

So what if he wasn't part of the cool crowd? She liked him. "I had a really good time with him! We talked! About everything! And he actually listened to what I had to say!! He wasn't spewing some bullshit line, trying to impress me!! He was nice to me and didn't expect anything in return!!! He didn't try to feel me up, or kiss me, or get me to touch his dick!! He's a lot better than all the so called 'cool kids' that we hang out with, and a hell of a lot better than all the other jock assholes I've gone out with!!!!

So we're going out again next weekend, and I don't care what anyone thinks!!!!" Hailey brushed away some angry tears, and stood up and stomped away from her friends to stretch by herself, leaving them in stunned silence. She was quickly joined by Christie. "I wish I had your courage." Hailey looked up in surprise. "What are you talking about?" "To do what you want to do, no matter what your friends think, or whether or not it's popular. That's pretty courageous. I really admire you for that, and wish I was a little more like you." Hailey's jaw dropped open.

"Are you kidding me? You wish you were like me? You're like, the coolest girl ever!!! All the guys want you!!! All the girls wish they were like you!!!!" Christie smiled and squeezed Hailey's hands. "I'm not hot mature milf gets pounded by big black cock on camera tube porn cool as you think.

I still worry too much about what's popular and what's not popular, about what people think about me." Hailey was struggling to process this when she felt a pang of embarrassment. "I made him take me some place where no one I knew would see me with him…" Christie smiled.

"But you let everyone see you hold his hand in school today." Christie, the school goddess, wishes she was like me &hellip. Wow. "Hailey?" Hailey looked up to see her friends gathered around. "We're really sorry. We won't say anything else. Please come back over and stretch with us." Hailey looked at Christie, and Christie smiled. "Why don't you girls sit down here and stretch with us?" Christie asked. The small group of girls looked at each other. They were all intimidated by Christie, practically in awe of her.

Just sit down and stretch with a varsity cheerleader? Sure, the little Freshman would love to do that. If they could ever find the nerve. But Christie had extended the invitation, and one by one, they slowly circled around and begun stretching. Samantha broke the awkward silence.

"So what do you plan to do on your next date?" Christie winked at Hailey and they shared a smile. On Hailey's next date with Chris, he showed up with a green tea latte for her, much to her surprise.

"What's this?" She asked him. He looked a little embarrassed. "Well, last week you said how green tea was good for you, but you thought that it was so plain, so I figured that you would enjoy this." She smiled at him. So he pays attention when I talk. Another point in his favor. After they had gone out a few times, she appreciated the fact that he wasn't trying to molest her, but she was also wondering if he was ever going to kiss her.

She brought it up with Christie one day. "When is ever going to get up the nerve to kiss me?" Christie laughed. "I thought you liked that he wasn't trying to force himself on you." "Well yeah, but I still want him to kiss me.

Is he gay or something?" Christie laughed even harder. "No, he's not, but he's probably afraid of what will happen. Hailey, you have to remember that Chris has never been popular, he probably can't believe the fact that you're going out with him." "Well I am, so he needs to kiss me." Hailey grumbled.

Christie sighed. "Hailey, do you know what happened the first time Chris liked a girl and tried to kiss her?" "No." "She shot him down. Chris probably is afraid that this is too good to be true, and he doesn't want to ruin it." Hailey thought for a second, but still wasn't satisfied.

"Well he needs to grow a pair and kiss me." Christie chuckled. "Remind me again, who asked you out the first time?" "Aaron set it up." "And who asked who out the second time?" "I asked him." "Right. Are you seeing a pattern here? You're going to have to make the first move." "Being a gentleman is one thing, but I shouldn't have to be the one pushing our relationship along." "I bet he's getting all sorts of advice on what to do from his friends…" Hailey made a face.

"I bet. And I can just imagine what kind of 'advice' it is." The next time they went out, Hailey found herself willing Chris to kiss her the entire time. She kept staring at his lips, locking her eyes on his, and then looking down, everything that she had heard sent guys the signal.

Finally, she blurted out in frustration. "Do you like me?" Chris was surprised. "What? Of course I do!" "Then why don't you do something about it?" Chris hesitated for a moment, then stepped to her and took her face in his hands before he bent down and kissed her.

Hailey was surprised by the sudden show of aggression on his part, but eagerly responded. Chris leaned back and looked at her. "Is that what you had in mind?" Hailey smiled and pulled him in close for a second kiss.

They had now been dating for a few months. Chris had been working out, and was looking pretty good. Hailey had taken him shopping on a few occasions, and his fashion sense was starting to improve. They had gone from kissing to full on making out now. On occasion, Chris would brush up against her boobs or her butt, but he kept his hands away from those areas of her body.

Hailey had the sneaking suspicion that he was purposely brushing up against her, but trying to make it seem accidental.

She didn't really mind, she did the same thing too. Then one night, she got a little bold. She stole some run from her parent's liquor cabinet before they went to the movies, and hid it in a tiny bottle.

As the lights went down, she poured it into her Coke, and started sipping it. She gagged at first. Shit, this is strong. She had drank before, but never more than a couple of sips from one of her parents drinks.

One New Year's, she had managed to get a couple of glasses of champagne, and enjoyed the giddy feeling it gave her until the headache the next morning. As she kept sipping on her drink, she would lean over and kiss Chris, then return to the movie. They were strategically seated in the back row, and very few people were in the theater with them.

About half an hour into the movie, Hailey had finished her Rum and Coke, and the theater had emptied. Cindy sun in blonde bombshell does backseat anal this time, Hailey was feeling no pain, and had gotten pretty aggressive. She was constantly reaching over and rubbing the inside of his thigh, or squeezing his shoulders. Looking at the empty seats, Hailey leaned over and started making out with Chris, while rubbing her hand up and down his thigh.

She worked her way up, higher and higher, until she felt the tip of his dick. She paused for a moment, then began to rub up and down on it. Some of her girlfriends had talked about rubbing their boyfriends, now she was doing the same thing. It didn't take long before she could feel Chris's dick stiffen. Oh. My. God. She traced her hand up and down his full length. No way. How big is this? While her friends had described their sexual encounters, she was pretty sure that none of the guys had been as big as this.

She leaned away from Chris, and looked down between his legs. She looked at him and reached inside his pants. Her fingers wrapped around his dick, feeling their way up and down, mesmerized by the size of it. Unbelievable. Who knew? "Oh my God. This is &hellip. huge." She slowly began stroking his dick, trying to get over the size of it. Chris started squirming and grabbed her wrist, stopping her motion.

"You're going to cause me a problem." Hailey knew that she was going way beyond what they had before, but didn't care. The booze had lowered her inhibitions, and the make-out session had gotten her so hot. She took Chris's hand off her own, and placed it directly on her ex-gf fucking like a pornstar 12 tube porn for the first time, inviting him to do what he would.

She resumed their kiss, and started stroking his dick again. Chris reached under her shirt and bra, and touched her bare breast. Hailey was surprised by this, but figured that if she was giving him a hand job, he probably figured that this was okay. Only a couple of guys had ever touched her boobs, and those idiots had treated them like tomatoes, squeezing them to check if they were ripe or something. But Chris &hellip. well this was something different.

He gently ran his fingers along her breast, tracing her nipple with the lightest of touches, before taking it between his thumb and forefinger, gently pinching it. Hailey felt a sudden jolt as he did that. Oh my God…… She broke their kiss and leaned back, pulling her hand out of his pants. Chris rapidly pulled his hand out from under her shirt, looking alarmed.

Hailey sat there for a second before she jumped up and ran out of the movie. She was on her phone before she even got out of the theater. "Hey girl, what's up?" "Christie! Thank God you answered! I just left Chris in the movies!" Hailey could hear the concern in Christie's voice and was grateful for it. "Why, what happened?" "Oh my God. We were making out, right? And I started to feel his &hellip. You know." "Hailey &hellip.

Did you touch his dick?" "Yes!! Omigawd Christie, it's huge!!! I started rubbing it and everything!!" After a measured silence, Christie finally spoke again. "And what did he do?" "He tried to get me to stop, but instead, I put his hand on my boob…" "And????" "Oh my God&hellip.

He put his hand under my bra … he started rubbing me &hellip. I couldn't believe how it made me feel!!!!" "In a good way, or in a bad way?" "Both!!!!! I had to get out of there!!! Oh my God, if he had done that just a little bit longer, I would have torn off my clothes and fucked him right there!!!" There was a moment of silence, then Christie asked her. "Do you want to have sex with him?" "Yes!

No!! I don't know &hellip. I really, really like him, and he's a great guy, but I'm not sure &hellip. I'm just 14. But some of my friends have already done it, and I don't know if I should …" Christie cut her off. "If you aren't sure, then you aren't ready Hailey. I wasn't ready, and it was the biggest regret of my life. I should have waited for when it was with the right guy, and I was ready." "But what if Chris is the right guy?

What if he dumps me now for a girl who will put out?" Before Christie could respond, Hailey saw Chris exit the theater. Daryl hanah anal facial compilation splitscreen hurriedly told Christie that she'd call her later, and headed towards Chris. She wrapped her arms around him and buried her head in his chest. "I'm sorry babe, I really am. I really care about you; it's just that I'm not ready yet." "It's ok." He responded.

"We don't have to do it; we can just fool around a little." "No, we can't." She sniffled. "Because once we start fooling around, I won't be able to stop myself, and I'm just not ready." Hailey was conflicted at this. She knew she wanted Chris, but she also knew that she wasn't ready, but at the same time she was worried that she would lose him over it.

She called her mom and told her that she wasn't feeling well, and that she and Chris needed to be picked up. As they waited outside the theater, she snuggled up against him, and he put his arm around her. Grateful for his warmth, Hailey placed her hand against his chest, enjoying the feel of his body against hers.

"Are you mad at me?" "No." He replied. "I don't want to pressure you or anything, but&hellip. It's tough. I don't even think I can sit here next to you without wanting to screw your brains out." Hailey smiled to herself at that.

It was nice to know that he found her desirable, but also a little troubling. Would he be willing to wait until she was ready? Was he going to pressure her? Chris had been so great to her, was this going to be the point where he turned out to be just like all the rest?

"Have you screwed anyone else?" She asked him, "No baby, I've been faithful to you." He told her. "I meant before me." She asked. His long silence troubled her. She was afraid of what the answer would be, "Yes." He finally said. "Really? Who?" Hailey was instantly indignant. He had already had sex with someone else!

"No one you know. It was a girl I met on vacation. We snuck off together one night." "I'm not sure I like the idea of you doing it with anyone else." Hailey knew that it was silly of her to be jealous, but she was anyway.

And who would have wanted to have sex with him? Yeah, he was a great guy and all, but … the way he used to look wasn't exactly attractive. She banished the thought from her head, she knew that she was being ridiculous.

"I'm sorry." He said. At that point her mom pulled up, and they got in the car. Complaining of a headache, they said little on the ride home. Five minutes after she was in the front door, Hailey was on the phone to Christie.

"He's already done it with someone else!!" "What?!?!? He cheated on you???? I don't believe it!!" "No!!! Before me!!! He did it with someone else before we were going out!!!" "Did he say who?" Christie's voice sounded distant.

"Some girl he met on vacation!! What kind of girl has sex with someone she meets on vacation???? Anyways it doesn't matter, he's already had sex, and it wasn't with me!!!" "Hailey, Hailey, calm down." Christie soothed her.

"Sssshhhhhhh, honey, it's going to be okay, everything is going to be okay." "No it's not!!!! He's going to dump me now, Delightsome pleasuring from sexy luscious teen smalltits and homemade know it!!!

I'm going to do it with him, do you think I should do it with him?????" "Hailey, calm down. Take a deep breath, and lower your voice, your parents may hear you. Now I already told you, if you don't think that you're ready, then you aren't." "But he's going to want to do it with me!! He's going to dump me now because I don't want to!!!" "Hailey, has Chris ever pressured you to do anything that you didn't want to?" Hailey took a deep breath and regained some of her composure.

"No." She mumbled. "And who started everything tonight?" "I did&hellip." "Okay. So Chris didn't try to make you do anything you didn't want to. And didn't you say that he even tried to stop you?" "Yes&hellip." Hailey mumbled. "Hailey, this isn't like you, what got into you tonight? Were you just curious?" "I had some rum earlier, I was a little tipsy." "Oh my God. Hailey, you have got to be kidding me!" "I wasn't drunk!!" Hailey protested. "So you got buzzed, and started feeling Chris up, is that it?" "Yes." Hailey started to feel embarrassed about the whole episode.

God, how could she face him after this? "And even though you had been drinking, he still stopped when you wanted him to?" "Christie, that's not the point! The point is, what happens next??" Christie thought for a bit. "If he breaks up with you because you won't have sex with him, then he isn't the right guy." "But." Hailey began to protest.

Christie cut her off. "No matter how much you like him. Remember that. Now sleep it off. It'll all be okay in the morning." Hailey fell into a fitful sleep. The next morning, with a slight headache and a sheepish feeling, she saw that Chris had texted her the previous night.

"It's ok" She dialed his number and waited breathlessly for him to pick up. "Hello?" He mumbled groggily. "Babe!

Did I wake you up?" "'S'okay, how are you this morning?" "A little hung over, and really embarrassed." "Don't be. I'm not mad." "Really? I feel like I led you on, and now you're going to &hellip." "Babe, it's ok. I'm not going anywhere. You're my girlfriend, and I'm lucky to be with you." Hailey closed her eyes and sighed to herself in relief.

"Ok. I'm sorry about last night. I have to go, go back to sleep, I'll talk to you later." She texted Christie next: Everything's ok and got a :) in return. How lucky, she thought to herself, to have such an amazing boyfriend and such a good friend. The next Monday in school, Chris was waiting for her. He took her hand in his, and they walked into the courtyard. Things progressed as if nothing had happened, Chris never tried to pressure her, never even brought the subject up.

Meanwhile, all of her friends were talking about how their boyfriends tried to pressure them to do all sorts of stuff that they weren't ready for, and Hailey silently counted her blessings.

Spring turned into Summer, and Summer into Fall, and to everyone's surprise, they were still dating as the next school year started. They still made out, and kept yr old britnee did her first and only shoot the line there, but Chris always let Hailey initiate the touching, and never went any farther than she did.

They eventually came to an unspoken agreement that hands on top of clothes were okay, but no further. Hailey was mesmerized by the size of Chris's dick, she just couldn't believe it. Every time they made out, she was determined not to touch it, but sure enough, after a few minutes, her hand was on his crotch, rubbing up and down his length.

She enjoyed how quickly Chris would get an erection from her petting. This led to a couple of inadvertently funny instances. At a house party, they had managed to sneak into an empty bedroom, and were kissing on the bed, side by side. Hailey had her hand on top of Chris's crotch, and was stroking up and down. As he got hard, she rolled on top of him, and began grinding into him, dry humping him for all she was worth while they continued kissing. Suddenly, Chris froze, and pulled away.

"What? What is it?" Chris rolled Hailey off of him, and ran out of the room, leaving her in a state of bewilderment. As she exited the bedroom to find him, she heard a loud splash and cheering from outside.

As she followed the sound, she discovered a large group of people laughing and pointing. Chris had dived into the pool with all his clothes on. As he climbed out of the pool, he grabbed a towel and wrapped himself in it. "Take it off! Take it all off!!" One of the girls in the crowd hollered, earning her a death glare from Hailey.

As they sat next to each other on one of the lounges, he sheepishly apologized to her. "I'm sorry babe, but I had to get out of there and cool down. You got me overheated." Hailey laughed and started climbing onto his lap. "Ummm, I don't think that's a very good idea right now." Hailey grinned wolfishly and pressed her ass back into his crotch. He wasn't completely hard, the pool having acted as a cold shower for him, but as she wiggled her ass against him, he started to regain his erection.

"Hailey&hellip." He pigtail blonde teens toy fuck hardcore and lesbian in her ear. "Just relax babe, and enjoy it." She whispered back.

She began slowly grinding up and down, running the cleft of her ass up and down his fully erect cock. "Hailey, everyone can see." Chris looked around sheepishly. Even though they were both fully clothed, it was still easy to see her rubbing up and down on him, and it didn't take much imagination to figure out what was happening. "So? Let them see." Hailey found it thrilling to think that anyone could look over and see her grinding on her boyfriend.

Besides, it wasn't any different from the couples dancing in the backyard. After that, Hailey delighted in pushing Chris to the edge of his self-control. He would often wind up breaking their kiss, pulling away from her, and recovering for several minutes, before resuming their steamy make out session.

Once, she managed to make him cum in his pants while she dry humped him. She immediately sensed something was wrong when he suddenly froze, and then realized what was happening as he began spasmodically jerking. When he finished, he looked down sheepishly and mumbled, "Sorry." Hailey hugged him tight and whispered in his ear.

"It's okay babe, I think it's sexy. And I love that I get you so hot." The next time she was discussing sex with her girlfriends, Hailey couldn't help but reveal what had happened. Her sexually active friends eyed her and asked, "Do you plan on just cock teasing him forever?" "What do you mean?" Hailey asked. "Girl, you need to be careful how far you push him without giving him a little something." "What are you talking about?

Chris is fine with how things are." They laughed gaily at that. "He may say that, but trust me, his balls are hanging down to his knees. You need to give him a little something." "But I'm not ready." Hailey protested. "We're not saying that you have to fuck him. Just blow him." Hailey looked incredulous. "Shit girl, it's how I kept Mark in line." Samantha bragged. She held up her wrist to show off her Fossil watch.

"And he got me this." "You whore! You're just trading your fine young ass for money!" "You bet." Samantha said proudly. "I come from a long line of whores.

I'm pretty sure that's how my mom gets my dad to buy her all that expensive shit he does." They all broke up laughing at that. "Ewww!!!! Nobody wants to think of their parents doing it!!!" As they went their separate ways, Hailey began thinking. Despite what her friends were telling her, she was pretty sure that once she got Chris's dick in her hand, there was no stopping.

And even though she hadn't thought about it for a while, she still wasn't sure if she was ready for sex yet. The next day, Hailey awoke not feeling very well. As she went through the day, she felt hot and tired, and her throat was scratchy. She was worried that she was coming down with the flu. As she sat with Chris at lunch, he brought her some chicken noodle soup from the cafeteria.

"This will make you feel better. I'm sorry you aren't feeling well, why don't you just go home?" Hailey mumbled something while slowly drinking the soup, when a sudden wave of nausea overcame her. She leaned forward, tried to stand, and promptly threw up on Chris. Hailey was mortified, and ran to the bathroom amongst a cacophony of retching sounds, and howls of laughter while Chris sat there in shock. Oh my God. She thought. I just threw up on my boyfriend in front of the whole school.

How embarrassing. He must hate me now. As Hailey hunched over the toilet, she retched a few more times. The school nurse appeared, and helped her finish, then assisted her in rinsing her mouth out before helping her down to the nurse's office.

As Hailey lay on the gurney with a cold towel on her forehead, the nurse called her mother to come get her. "Hailey? Are you okay?" Shit. It was Chris. Hailey started to cry. "Babe, I am so, so sorry. I didn't mean to do it." "I know that. You don't have to apologize, I just came to see how you were feeling." "What are you doing in here?" The nurse's strident voice interrupted them.

"I brought Hailey her stuff, I didn't want her to worry about it." "Well that's very considerate of you young man, but you can't be in there, you may catch whatever it is she has." Chris arched an eyebrow. "If I didn't catch it yet, I don't think I ever will." Hailey laughed weakly at that. "And what is that awful smell?" "Ummm. Recycled chicken soup?" Chris lamely offered.

Hailey almost rolled off the gurney laughing. As Hailey lay in bed the next day, her phone rang with a call from Christie. "Hey girl, just calling to check up on you." "I feel better, I haven't puked today." "I saw what happened yesterday in the lunchroom." Hailey covered her face. "Ohmigawd. I can't believe I did that. And in front of everyone. Poor Chris." Christie laughed. "It was quite a sight. But Chris carried it off.

He cleaned himself off, got your bags, and went to take care of you. Most guys would have dumped you right there." "I know, right? I can't believe how lucky I got with him. Thank God you talked me into going out with him." After a thoughtful pause, Hailey spoke slowly into the phone. "Christie &hellip.

I love him. I want him to be my first time." There was a long silence on the other end before Christie finally spoke. "Are you sure about this Hailey?" "Yes. We've been together for almost a year now, I'm ready." Hailey was prepared for the party on Saturday. She dressed in her sexiest underwear before pulling on a pair of skintight jeans and low cut, form fitting top. She wanted to make sure that she looked her best tonight, everything had to be perfect.

She had borrowed a vibrator from Samantha, who claimed that her mom had a collection of them. "Just make sure that you wash it before you use it.

A lot." Samantha had grinned to her. Hailey had experimented with it, not pushing in too far, just enough to prepare her for the stretching that she was going to receive from Chris's cock. It was one of the football parties, so Hailey knew that there would be a ton of people there. As soon as she arrived, she scoped out the house, and located a bedroom. As she came downstairs, she saw Christie arriving. She bounced up to her and took her by the arm. "Tonight is the night!" She whispered in her ear excitedly.

Christie regarded her with some concern. "Are you sure about this?" Hailey nodded her head excitedly and hugged her. "I've never been more sure of anything in my life." She told her.

"I'm ready, and it's time. Wish me luck!" And she scampered off to get a drink. She knew that Chris would be arriving later, so in the meantime she made sure to have enough that she would be relaxed, but not so much that she'd be hammered. She danced as she waited for him, nervous and excited at the same time.

She was worried about the pain, but her love for Chris, and her own sexuality was driving her on. In the meantime, she danced with her friends as she kept an eye fat mom and friends daughter the stepsis conversion the door, awaiting his arrival.

Finally, he walked in. She bounced up to him. "Babe!!" She kissed him and began to tease him. "I was getting lonely and bored. Some dirtbag tried to seduce me, but I remained faithful to you!!" And with that, she danced back to her friends and had some more to drink. Despite her eagerness, she was apprehensive, and also a little bit scared. Chris wandered off, presumably to find a drink, and Hailey milf teen strap on helpless teenager evelyn has been walking for awhile her own.

She was really getting into the rhythm now, and was putting on quite a show for everyone. Hailey had a well toned body, and she enjoyed showing it off, knowing that all those guys wanted her, but couldn't have her. The thought that tonight she would be giving it to Chris gave her a charge.

After a while, she glanced over and saw him sitting on the couch, with Christie casually draped across him. She knew that they were old friends, but found it kind of odd handsome fellow fingers licks and pounds sweet darlings cunt they barely talked to each other.

Maybe Chris didn't want to make her jealous or something. How sweet. Once Hailey finished her drink, she was ready. She took a deep breath, and danced towards Chris, taking him by the hand, and leading him upstairs. You will never forget tonight, she silently promised him. Hailey led him to the bedroom that she had scoped out earlier, checking to see that it was empty, then hauled him in and locked the door behind her.

They wouldn't want any interruptions. As Chris stood in front of the bed, Hailey took a running start and launched herself at him, wrapping her gorgeous teen carolina sweets has her pussy ruined around his neck and kissing him passionately.

She was burning up, especially between her legs, and felt sure that Chris could read her mind. As Chris began to tenderly kiss her, Hailey became more aggressive. No taking it slow tonight babe, this is it. She thought to herself. After a few heated minutes, Chris seemed out of breath and a bit surprised by Hailey's boldness.

She sat straight up and stared down at him with lust in her eyes. She had been feeling his dick for so long, now it was time to see it. She quickly stripped off her shirt, and unhooked her bra, tossing them both to the floor. She was self conscious about her breasts, always worried that they were too small, even though she was a tiny girl. But Chris didn't seem to mind. His eyes grew wide as he stared at her tits.

He glanced up at her face, then his eyes went back down to her boobs. Hailey laughed to herself. Chris may have been a great guy, but he was only human; show him a pair of titties, and he was reduced to silence. He finally found his voice, and when he did, it made Hailey love him even more. "Are you sure?" "I'm sure babe. You've been great about waiting and not trying to pressure me.

I'm ready." She reached down to his crotch, and stroked his rock hard dick. "And it feels like you're ready, too." Chris leapt into action, stripping his clothes off. Hailey had to laugh at the sight, he looked like something out of a cartoon. In the meantime, her skintight jeans were giving her a problem.

By the time she had wrestled herself out of them, her panties had been pulled off with them. By this time, Chris was standing there naked. She stared at his body. The year he had spent in the weight room had paid off. He wasn't huge, by any means, but had a lean, athletic look, with well defined abs, broad shoulders, and a tapering waist.

She stared at his cock, jutting out from his body. Oh. My. God. It was even bigger than she thought. She had a condom in her hand, but just stood there dumbly, staring at his prick. What now? She thought to herself.

We're both here naked, we're going to have sex, but … I don't want to make the first move. Chris approached her first, and lowered his head to her boob. It was the first time he had touched it since that night at the movies. He used his mouth, sucking her nipple into his lips, and gently grazing it with his teeth.

He then began to gently caress her breast, while trailing down her body towards her pussy with his other hand. The feel of his touch left a trail of sparks down her body. His fingers gently rubbed up and down her pussy lips, causing her to gasp. She stood there trembling, trapped between his attention to her breast, and his hand massaging her pussy.

He slipped a finger inside of her, and Hailey almost passed out from the pleasure. She felt sparks running through her cute babe sadie leigh sucks a pawn mans cock for money, and her body shook a few times.

She leaned against Chris for support as she waited for the feeling to pass. Oh my God, if he can make me feel like that with just his hands, what is he going do with his dick? As she recovered, she began reaching towards his cock, pulling him after her as she lay back on the bed.

"Babe, I don't want to wait any xxx sax school girls porn com sex stories, I want to feel you inside of me." She began to run her finger in and out of herself, approximating the movement she would soon be feeling. He looked a bit doubtful. "Ummm, this may be a little painful for you." God, he was sexy when he was protective. "It's ok babe, I've been practicing.

I got some sex toys and have been working to open myself up a bit." She reached forward and unrolled the condom on him, and he climbed onto the bed and lay between her legs. He took his penis in his hand and began to gently easy it past her pussy lips. She was so tight, her outer labia were pushed inward by his dick. She gasped at the size of his dick, it was much larger than the vibrator she used. He immediately stopped moving.

"Are you sure? " He asked her. Protective was one thing, but treating her like a China sucking dudes male dick makes angel hungry for plowing was something else. Her eyes snapped open and she glared at him. "I've been waiting for this for almost a year, stick it in me." To emphasize her point, she wrapped her legs around him and started to pull him into her.

As soon as she did so, she was greeted by searing pain. "Oh shit." She stopped and squirmed a bit, trying to adjust to his size, feeling her pussy stretching around him. "Just relax babe." He slowly began sliding in and out of her, leaving it in for a few seconds each time, letting her adjust to the feeling.

Hailey squeezed her eyes shut and tried to relax, breathing deeply, and whimpering as he went. She could feel how hot she was, and her pussy was lubricating itself to ease his entry into her virgin hole. After what felt like an eternity, he finally reached her hymen and held there for a while, letting her rest before the final thrust.

"Here it comes." He warned her. Hailey paused. This was no turning back now, and she was determined to go through with it. She opened her eyes. She wanted this, badly, but she was still apprehensive. She bit her lower lip and nodded.

He pushed through, and she let out a shriek and pulled him close to her. "Oh fuck!!" She gasped. Her pussy was pulsating around him, and she struggled to adjust to his cock. "Don't move babe, just hold still." She gasped. For several moments, they just lay there while Hailey waited for the burning sensation to subside.

She eventually started to adjust to his size, and started feeling more comfortable, and started to push her hips up into his. "Ok, go slow now." She whispered. He slowly began to build up into a rhythm, pushing in and out. Hailey started to get into the rhythm, gasping and moaning as she did.

Oh my God, this is incredible. She thought to herself. She started feeling jolts of electricity shoot through her body. She began to buck up against him uncontrollably.

She felt him press down on her clit and began to rub it in circles. Holy shit. The jolts turned into quakes. Her eyes rolled back in her head, and she thought she was about to pass out. She felt her pussy reflexively tighten around his cock, and heard him gasp. She opened her eyes in time to see him grimace and begin to spasm. She felt his dick twitch inside of her several times before he fell forward and then rolled off of her.

"Oh God, that was amazing." He groaned. She rolled over and snuggled against him as she lovingly gazed at him. "It was worth waiting for, wasn't it?" "Oh yeah." He replied. "Of course, it would have been just as good last year." She smiled knowingly at him, deeply in love. "No it wouldn't. We didn't love each other then." He smiled at her and leaned down to kiss her. They spent several minutes laying next to one another, enjoying the moment before they finally redressed and headed downstairs.

As Hailey headed off in search of a drink, she eventually saw Christie. Wreathed in smiles, she walked right up and gave her a big hug.

"It was amazing. I made the right decision." Christie had an odd expression on her face that Hailey couldn't quite decipher. She quickly squeezed her hand and pulled the older girl down next to her. As they sat next to one another, Hailey gave her all the details. "Oh my God, he was so amazing, he didn't want to hurt me, so he went slow and gentle, right?

And oh my God, his dick! Christie, I thought it was big when I felt it, but to actually see it???? Ohmigawd, you wouldn't believe it!!" As Hailey went on, she became aware that Christie was squirming around a bit, obviously uncomfortable with this. "Am I weirding you out?" Hailey asked her.

"No" Christie replied. "It's just … I've known Chris all his life. In some ways I still think of him as a little boy. I know I'm being silly, go on." Hailey continued, oblivious to Christie's reactions. As she finished her story, Christie smiled at her.

"I'm glad that he made it special for you. Your first time should be special." Hailey nodded and smiled, then got up to go find Chris. She was sore from the fucking, but found herself horny all over again. I wonder if he wants to do it again? She thought to herself, then went to find out. After that night, Hailey couldn't get enough of Chris. In the middle of the day, she would feel an insistent itch in her pussy that she just had to have scratched.

The first time they did it in school, he was a nervous wreck. She had snuck into a storage room off the gym, and texted him to meet her there during lunch. As soon as he walked into the gym, she softly called his name, and he came to her. She immediately shut the door and began undoing his pants. "Hailey, what are you doing?!?!?" "I need college girl and her boy friend, right now." "Hailey, we're in the middle of school!" "So?

No one ever comes in here, the door's locked, we're fine. We just have to hurry." Hailey was wearing her cheerleader uniform, so the skirt was short enough to allow him easy access to her pussy.

She stripped off her underwear as she massaged his growing cock with her hand. Chris licked his lips nervously. "I don't know…" "Don't be such a baby." She teased. She popped the head of his dick into her mouth, and began bobbing up and down on it like her girlfriends had described. Chris quickly grew to his full size, and Hailey unrolled a condom on him, then leaned back against the wall, beckoning to him. He stepped forward, placed his arms under her legs, and lifted her, positioning his cock at the entrance of her pussy, while tilting her hips up.

Hailey wrapped her arms around his neck while she braced herself against the wall. "Give it to me hard babe, I love that." She told him. They had been having sex for about a month now, and even though Hailey had gotten accustomed to his size, it was still a tight fit. Chris's heart was racing: he was standing in a storage closet in school with his pants around his ankles, holding his girlfriend up in the air while he bounced her up and down on his cock.

He was nervously licking his lips, and trying to concentrate, but was struggling. Hailey looked up at him and could tell how nervous he was, and giggled. She leaned forward and nipped his nose between her teeth. Chris was startled and looked at her in shock, and Hailey started laughing at the expression on his face.

"Relax babe, enjoy it." She told him. Chris grinned and thrust into her as deeply as he could, making her gasp.

The steady pounding drove Hailey over the edge, and she orgasmed as Chris bounced her up and down on his cock. He was still going when they heard the bell ring. "Shit! Babe, we need to go, hurry up and finish!!" "I'm trying!" He gasped out. Finally he came, grunting the entire time while Hailey groaned. As soon as he finished, Hailey hopped down and pulled her underwear on as she headed for the door. "Love you babe, see you later!" And she headed off to class, leaving him naked from the waist down.

"Oh my God!! You just left him there?!?!?" "I couldn't be late, Mrs. Hardcastle would have my ass." "After Chris had it? So tell me again how big he is?" Hailey held up her hands in measurement, and her friends gawked.

"My God, I can't believe you can take it all and still walk." "You know, Chris works out after school. I bet he's still here when we're done with practice, maybe we can get a look at what he's packing." Samantha offered with a sly grin.

"Try it and die, bitch." Hailey grinned back at her. "He's mine." They laughed gaily as they finished stretching. The conversation got Hailey horny again, and she spent the entire practice thinking of Chris. She wound up screwing up several routines, and her coach finally got fed up and kicked her out of practice.

She headed towards the weight room and peeked inside. Chris was all alone. She knew that she was running a big risk, but this late in the afternoon almost everyone had already gone home. She quietly let herself in, and headed towards him. He was on the bench press, facing away from her. As soon as he racked the barbell in the supports, she walked around and straddled him. He was surprised to see her, but that surprise turned to delight, and then nervousness as she tugged his shorts down, and sucked his cock into her mouth.

He couldn't believe how voracious she was. Twice in one day… As soon as he was hard, Hailey stripped off her cheer shorts and thong and threw a leg over him, sliding his cock deep into her pussy and moaning with satisfaction.

Hailey sat nervously chewing her fingernails while counting backwards in her mind. No matter how many times she recounted, she still kept coming to the same conclusion. She was definitely late. And this hadn't been the first time. After she had fucked Chris in the weight room a couple months back without a condom, her period had been a couple of days late.

Dammit. She knew that she should have been more careful, but she just had been too horny. She picked up her phone and called Christie. No way was she putting this in a text that her parents might find. "Holy shit, Hailey." Was all Christie said when Hailey filled her in. "I know, right?" Hailey responded. "After all the shit we learn in health, how do you two wind up in this situation?" Hailey hunched over, embarrassed. "I don't know, we've only done it a couple of times without protection." "Well just once is enough." "I know." "Well it's still not for sure.

Let's not go getting panicked over nothing. Have you told Chris?" "No. Do you think I should?" "Not yet, not until you know that there's something to worry about." "If I'm pregnant, we both have plenty to worry about." "I know." Christie told her grimly. The next morning, Hailey's period arrived. With a huge sense of relief, she called Christie. "It's ok, I started this morning." "Thank God. Let's get lunch today." As Christie picked her up, the two of them discussed the situation on their way to lunch.

"Hailey, you have to be more careful." "Jesus Christ Christie, I don't need a lecture, ok?" Christie's lips pursed tightly. "I'm just concerned about the two of you.

What if you had gotten pregnant?" Hailey settled down. "Sorry. I'm just a little freaked out. So what should I do?" "Stop having unprotected sex! How do you even do that these days?!?!? Hailey, you should always have a condom with you!" "I can't! If my mom finds them, she'll kill me!!! And my dad will kill Chris!!!!" "So wait, you mean to tell me that you've been having unprotected sex with Chris this entire time?" "No.

I get condoms from Samantha, she has, like, a shitload. Her mom's cool, she gets them for her." "So every now and then you forget?" "Yeah. Or sometimes I've used them all and can't get any more for a little while." "Well don't have sex unless you have a condom." "I know I shouldn't, but we're there together, and he's rock hard, and I'm horny&hellip.

I keep telling myself that we won't have sex, but the next thing I know, we're doing it." Christie smiled at that. "Yeah, I know how that goes. Have him pull out." "Really? Then what? We can't leave a mess behind." "You swallow it." "Really? Ewwww, I don't know…" "Well, either you swallow the evidence, you make a mess for someone to find, Chris gets blue balls, or&hellip." Christie smiled at this point. "Or, what?" Hailey prompted. "You let him do you in the ass." "Ohmigawd!!!

No way!!! That's so gross!!! He would kill me with that thing!!!" Christie smirked. "I'm surprised he hasn't killed you yet, as small as you are. How big did you say he was again?" Hailey began graphically describing Chris's endowment to her girlfriend, gesturing as she recounted some of their more risqué sexual encounters.

Christie laughed as Hailey wound up her story. "In the middle of the day? In a classroom? Girl, you are nuts!" "What can I say; he brings out the woman in me." "He brings out the freak in you, you mean. Don't you two ever just do it in bed, like a normal couple?" Hailey laughed and tossed her hair back.

"What's normal? I like the risk, it gets me hot. And there's something so sexy about doing it while you're half dressed. The other day, a bunch of cheerleaders walked by, and Chris got a stiffy. I was pissed at first, but then he told me that we had fucked so many times with me in my uniform that it was a reflex for him by now." Christie chuckled. "You've got him trained like one of Pavlov's dogs." Hailey looked at her blankly.

"Who???" Christie laughed. "Never mind." After lunch, Hailey thought about what Christie had told her. While she figured that half the school was fucking one another, it was probably asking for trouble to leave a puddle of semen behind in one of the closets.

Or classrooms. Or the weight room. Or under the bleachers. Or one of the bathrooms. Or busses. Hailey went down the list of all the places that she and Chris had fucked. Wow, they really had done it in a lot of places. No way was she letting Chris fuck her in the ass. He barely fit in her pussy, trying to take it in the ass would kill her. Plus, it just seemed so &hellip. gross. None of her friends had tried it, and as far as she knew, only the really skanky girls even considered it.

Samantha said that she swallowed, if the guy was cute enough and she wanted to impress him. Well, if Samantha could do it, then so could she. It was a Friday afternoon before a basketball playoff game, and classes had been cut short for a pep rally.

When it came to an end, school was dismissed, and everyone began filing out of the gym. Hailey took Chris by the hand and led him under the bleachers. As they wound their way to a secluded spot well away from where anyone could see them, she pushed him against one of the supports and dropped down in front of him, deftly pulling his dick out of his pants. She studied it for a moment, sizing it up as she squatted there. All of her girlfriends said that it was just a matter of practice.

But they weren't the ones trying to deep throat this thing. Hailey closed her eyes and took him into her mouth. As he swiftly grew to his full size, she ran her tongue under the crown, causing him to groan. She looked up at him and smiled.

He had a look of blissful oblivion on his face. She pushed down on him until she felt him press against the back of her throat. She held there for several seconds, relaxed her throat as best she could, and began to push her face forward. She got about half an inch teen ebony noemie bilas loves a deep interracial anal fuck when she began coughing, and had to back off a bit.

She attempted this same maneuver several times, but was unable to fit more than half of his dick into her throat. She looked at his cock in annoyance while she jacked it in her hand, spreading her saliva up and down his shaft. She took a deep breath and once more planted her face onto his dick. Even with her saliva coating Chris's cock, she couldn't take it all the way down her throat.

She looked up at him crossly. "Your fucking dick is too big for me to deep throat." She groused. Chris looked down at her. "It's okay, I don't care about that." She glared up at him. "I care. If Samantha can deep throat all her hook ups, then I want to be able to deep throat my boyfriend." Chris smiled at her.

"Babe, I love you. Don't worry about it." Hailey pouted for a moment, then grinned at him devilishly. "Well even if I can't deep throat you, I can still make you cum." She went to work on his cockhead, sucking on it while she worked her hands up and down his shaft.

She paused and sucked one of his balls into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it. After a minute of tonguing his testicle, she repeated this with the other one, all the while stroking and rotating her hand on his shaft.

As she finished with her tongue bath on his balls, she licked the underside of his cock like a popsicle as she worked her way back up to his crown. Once there, she took as much of him into her mouth as she could manage, bobbing up and down, sticking her tongue out and licking along the underside of his shaft as she worked him.

She took his balls in her hand and cupped them, lightly working them as she kept her other hand resting lightly on his thigh to balance herself. She stole a quick glance at his face and grinned to herself. Chris had his eyes screwed shut, and was starting to turn a bit red. His breathing was getting erratic, coming in short, sharp bursts. Hailey took her hand off his thigh and began twisting it up and down on the part of his cock that wasn't enveloped by her hungry mouth, while still hefting his balls in her other hand.

"Oh shit!" Chris gasped and put his hands on the side of her head, trying to slow her down. Hailey knocked his hands away in annoyance and took her mouth off of his cock. "Don't do that." She snapped at him. "I'm in control here." "Babe, I'm about to cum." He gasped. "So cum." She replied, and went back down on him.

Chris gasped in surprise, then began cumming. Hailey swallowed each blast as it hit her tonsils. It wasn't as bad as she had expected it to be, or as some of her girlfriends had warned her it was. As Chris finished, she swallowed the last of his load, and smiled up at him while licking her lips.

Chris laughed weakly. "Holy shit. I can't believe that just happened. Un-fucking-believable. Babe, you're amazing." Hailey smiled at him as she stood up. "And don't you forget it." After that, Hailey didn't have anymore scares. Whenever they didn't have a condom, Chris would let her know when he was close, and she would finish him off with her mouth. While they both preferred the feel of sex without a condom, Hailey liked to feel his dick twitch and jump inside her pussy when he came.

As the summer wore on, Hailey was aware of a change in her relationship with Chris. It wasn't that they didn't still care about one another, it was more like they started taking one another for granted. Rather than spend all their time together, they were starting to prefer to spend time with their respective friends. The sex was still hot, but it didn't dominate their minds anymore. At parties, it wasn't uncommon for them to fuck, and then spend the rest of the night doing their own thing.

Talking to her friends about it one day, Hailey finally found the words to express what she was feeling. "I still love him &hellip. I'm just not in love with him anymore." She explained. "So now what? Are you guys sweet horny couple having great passionate sex to break up?" Amanda queried. "I don't know&hellip." Hailey replied slowly. What if Chris didn't feel the same way? God, he had been so good to her, and not just the sex, but they could hang out and talk, or go to the mall, he took her out and treated her great.

What if she wound up never finding another guy as good as him? What if he freaked out and went psycho on her, like in the movies? She spent several weeks going back and forth, quietly evaluating her relationship with Chris, but was able to tell that this wasn't a phase they were going through; She and Chris were seeing less and less of each other, weren't answering each others calls, or even returning texts as soon as they received them.

Hailey found herself spending time with Chris only when she was horny, and that was happening less and less. Even more troubling for her, she was catching herself looking at other guys, and wondering what it would be like to be with them. The magic was gone. Things really had come to an end. The good news was that Chris seemed pretty cool with it. They broke up right before school started, and it was a no-drama affair. No crazy scene, rough fuck cry xxx our business is private screaming or raging around, no entreaties to stay together.

He smiled at her. "We've had a good time together, and made a lot of great memories, haven't we?" Hailey smiled back at him. "Want to make another memory?" Chris's eyes widened slightly. "Didn't we just break up?" Hailey giggled. "So?" She dragged him into the laundry room and cocked her hips seductively at him and twirled a strand of her hair between her fingers.

Chris never seemed to realize it, but this was the same pose she always used in her cheerleading uniform. It had the desired effect; Chris immediately began to sprout an erection. Just like one of those dogs Christie had said. "C'mon. For old times sake." She said with a grin.

Chris old dyke lacey starr oralled by brown teen outdoor his lips, then smiled back and kissed her hard, pushing her backwards over the dryer. He spun her around forcefully, and tore her shorts down to discover her naked crotch. He grabbed Hailey's hair and pulled her ear back towards his lips. "No panties? Naughty girl. I think someone was looking to get fucked tonight." Hailey giggled. She never wore underwear when it was hot, but she decided to play along.

Chris thought she was naughty? She could be naughty. "Do me hard babe, I'm a bad girl." Chris began smacking her ass with his cock, teasing her. It had been a little while since the last time they had sex, and Hailey felt the tingle between her legs.

"Oooohhhhh, don't make me wait, push that big thing into me." "Not yet, if this is going to be our last fuck, I want to make it last a while." "Who said it has to be our last fuck? Just because we aren't dating doesn't mean we can't fool around from time to time. What if I get loooonely?" Even though they were breaking up, Hailey was reluctant to give up the sex.

She started rolling her hips around, reminding Chris of what a sexy little vixen she could be. Chris kept tapping his cock against her lesbian doctor seduce school girls. "Bad girl.

Bad, bad, girl." He started rubbing his cockhead up and down the entrance to her pussy, her outer lips clinging to him. She could feel her pussy juices running down her legs. God, it had been too long since they had last fucked.

"C'mon babe, put it in and pump it hard." Chris did exactly as she instructed, driving into her in one stroke. "Ooohhhhhhhh!!!!!! Mmmmmmmhhhhhhh!!!" Hailey was startled by his forceful entry. Guess he doesn't feel the need jessie wylde panting in public be gentle anymore. She thought to herself. "God, I love it when you just shove that thing into me. It makes me feel &hellip.

Naughty." She leaned forward on the dryer, and dropped her head, enjoying the feel of his cock pushing into her. Chris grabbed her hips and began pounding in and out of her, his balls swinging up and smacking against her clit. Hailey was a bit surprised by his forcefulness. Sure, he had fucked her hard in the past, but this was harder then he had ever done it.

"Uhhn! Uhhn!! Uhhn!!!! Oh God babe, oh God!!!" Chris leaned forward and placed his lips to Hailey's ear, whispering in a low tone. "What if I get lonely?" Hailey laughed to herself. Chris was no longer the anti-social loner that no one could remember. He had lost his geek reputation by dating her, and by transforming his body in the weight room.

Hailey liked to trace her fingers along the contours of his body, especially during sex. Plus, she was always bragging about how good he was to her, and the size of his dick was common knowledge to the cheerleading squad, and word was spreading amongst the girls in school.

One of the varsity cheerleaders had approached her about Chris giving her a striptease for her 18th birthday. "And maybe a little bit more." The older girl had intimated to her. "I've been hearing rumors about the size of his dick, and I want to see if they're true." Even though Hailey had turned her down, she still found it sexy that other girls wanted Chris.

No, Chris would have no trouble finding female companionship, and Hailey had a sneaking suspicion that her friend Samantha wanted to take a run at him.

"I don't think that's going to be a problem for you, you've been so good to me, plenty of girls will want to date you. And I may have mentioned once or twice how big your dick is." "Well stud assists with hymen physical and screwing of virgin nympho in case you forgot&hellip." Chris pushed his cock all the way to her cervix, and started rotating around.

"Oh God." Hailey's orgasm crashed over her, her pussy clamping tight around his dick. She was surprised that she had come so quickly, but the forcefulness of the fucking, plus the time it had been since their last fuck had combined to send her over the edge.

Hailey gritted her teeth as Chris kept pounding into her. God, she could barely stand, and he was still hammering away at her tender pussy.

"Are you close babe? I don't think I can stand much more." She whispered. "Just a little bit." Hailey sighed in relief, and Chris pulled out of her. She could hear the pop as he pulled free of her grasping pussy. He placed his hand between her shoulder blades, and gently pushed her flat against the top of the dryer. Her relief turned to alarm as she felt the head of his dick press against her asshole. "Wait, babe, what are you doing?" Shit, Chris had never even mentioned anything like this!

Holy fuck, what was he doing? "Call it a goodbye gift." Was he serious? This was so unlike him! He started to push against her asshole, and to her alarm, she felt the head of his dick start to push through the ring of muscle.

"No, no, no!!!!" Omigawd. I can't believe he's actually doing this. Shit!!!! This hurts!!!! "Shhhh, babe it's ok, I won't hurt you." Hailey clenched her eyes shut as he began rocking back and forth. At least he had stopped pushing into her, she didn't think she could survive that.

How in the world do people do this? Hailey thought to herself. He began rocking back and forth, not really pumping, more just rolling the tip of his cock around in her asshole. Hailey was still coming down from her first orgasm, and was aware that she starting to feel heat building up in her pussy. She couldn't believe that this was happening. A mini orgasm started rolling through her, and she groaned and shook.

That was enough to push Chris over the edge, and she felt his dick twitch and pulse inside her. Chris let out a bellow as he came, then gently removed his dick.

Hailey lay flat on the dryer, completely wiped out, and moaned. Chris leaned over her and gently kissed her on the cheek while stroking her hair. "Are you ok?" "You asshole." she moaned "ooohhhh, I won't be able to sit down for a week." "I'm sorry babe. It was just something I wanted to try." "Yeah, well you could have at least asked me first.

That was like having a baseball bat shoved up my ass." "And that was just the tip." Hailey briefly wondered what it would be like to have Chris's entire dick up her ass, and shuddered at the thought. She pushed herself off the dryer and turned toward Chris. "Yeah, well if you had tried to get any more of that log up my ass, I would have stella son mari veut la voir se faire enculer par des blacks down and cut it off.

You know I'm strong enough to do it." The two of them laughed and shared a quick kiss. "So you aren't mad at me?" "No babe, but I may warn the other girls now." One or two of them may even like it.

She thought to herself. She laughed at Chris's sheepish expression, pulled her shorts back up, and walked out of the laundry room to cheers from her friends gathered outside. "Perverts." She giggled at them. "Can't a girl get a little privacy?" Amanda grinned at her. "As loud as you two were, I'm surprised the whole party doesn't know what was going on." Hailey smiled, and continued back to the festivities. As Hailey was walking away, she overheard Samantha.

"So Chris, I hear you and Hailey broke up. What are you up to this week?" Hailey laughed to herself. Samantha fucked tons of guys, and had always been curious to see if Chris was really as good as Hailey had claimed. 'Chicks before dicks' may have been the girl power motto, but she was pretty sure that Samantha had even tried to seduce Chris once or twice, unsuccessfully. Oddly enough, Hailey realized that she didn't feel jealous over the idea of Samantha and Chris having sex.

Maybe she and Samantha could compare notes later on &hellip. As blonde teen little tits amateur first time movie night madness school year began, Hailey dated a couple of other guys, but didn't really feel much of a connection with them. She finally couldn't take it anymore and called Chris one afternoon. "Hey babe, how have you been?" "I've been good.

What about you?" "Busy. You know how it is with football season." "Yeah." They made small talk for a bit, and Hailey was aware that they were running out of things to say to one another. "So listen, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out tonight after the football game?" Chris seemed surprised, but was willing, and they agreed to meet up at the field house after the game.

As the cheerleaders were getting off the bus after the game, Chris showed up. "Well, well, well, look who it is." Samantha said sourly. "Samantha!!" Amanda scolded her. "Don't be a bitch!!" "What's he doing here?" Samantha demanded. "I called him. We're going to hang out." Hailey answered.

Samantha's eyes got wide. "Oh. Well I guess it's a good thing he never called me back, that would make things awkward." Hailey laughed. "We aren't getting back together. And what do you mean, he never called you back?" "After you two broke up, I called him, but the bastard never called me back." "What can I say?

I marked my territory." They all got a laugh at that. As Hailey climbed into Chris's car, she gave him a bright smile. "Hey babe! Miss me?" Chris returned her smile. "Yeah, I did. You looked pretty good at the game tonight." "Samantha's mad at you for not calling her." Chris looked a little sheepish as he pulled out of the parking lot. "I just didn't think it was right, going out with one of your friends after we broke up." Hailey smiled at him.

"Babe, that's sweet, but it's ok, I don't mind. Seriously, call her." "Ummm, ok." Chris felt a little bit awkward. His ex-girlfriend called him to come hang out, and then started pushing him towards one of her best friends?

"So what did you want to do tonight?" "Fuck." Chris almost drove off the road, and Hailey started laughing. "What?!?!?" "I'm serious. I'm horny as hell, and I need to get laid." Chris stared straight ahead.

"Hailey, I really care about you, but I don't want to get back together." "Neither do I." Hailey told him. "But like I told you when we broke up, we can still hook up. I'm lonely." "Uhhhhh." "C'mon Chris, no strings attached. We can be fuck buddies, can't we?" "Where can we go?" Hailey smiled.

"My house. My parents are at some business thing for my dad's work, they won't be home till late." Chris checked his watch. "How late? It's already nearly 11." "They're never home from one of these things before midnight, so hurry." Chris smiled as he sped to her house. 10 minutes later they were standing in her living room. Hailey glanced down and could see that he was starting to get an erection. She grinned to herself. Cheerleader uniform strikes again!

she thought. "So tell me babe, do you still get hard whenever you see a cheerleader?" Chris gave her a sheepish grin. "Yeah. But not as hard as when we were dating." "Let me see if I can help you with that." Hailey smiled and bent over, fishing his dick out and planting a kiss on the tip, then opening her mouth wide to engulf the top half of it.

It wasn't long before Chris was at full erection, and Hailey spun around, stripping off her bloomers and underwear before dropping to all fours. Her perfectly shaped ass was framed by her cheerleading skirt, and her wet pussy glistened.

"Keep that thing away from my ass." She warned him. Chris laughed and agreed as he knelt behind her, unrolling a condom down his cock. As he pressed his cockhead inside of her pussy, Hailey gasped. "Are you okay?" Chris asked. "Yeah" she replied. I just forgot how fucking big you are. Go slow at first." Chris obediently pushed in and out of her in a slow, gentle rhythm, waiting for her to adjust to his size once again.

It wasn't long before Hailey began bucking back against him in an urgent fashion. "Ok, it feels better now. Pump it hard, babe." Following her lead, Chris began to pump into her at a steady pace, and Hailey was soon squealing in delight. She could feel her inner lips being pulled out as he withdrew, and then being pushed back in as he drove in again. It was like her pussy was custom molded to fit his cock. It wasn't long before Hailey began gasping.

"Cumming! Shit, I'm cumming!" "Already?" Chris asked. "I told you I was lonely." Hailey gasped, and then groaned and shuddered as her orgasm hit her like a tidal wave. "Ohgodohgodohgodohgodohgod!!!!!!" Hailey panted. Chris smiled as he saw a deep flush come over Hailey's skin. "Fffffuuuucccckkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!" Hailey screamed as she climaxed. Her energy gone, she pitched forward face first onto the floor. Chris followed her down, and slowly kept pushing his cock in and out of her, enjoying the feel of the tremors running through her pussy, massaging his cock.

"No babe, stop, I need a break." "What, so you get to cum, and wench loves fucking at home hardcore creampie leave me hanging?

That's not very nice." Chris teased. Hailey laughed weakly. "Just give me a minute and I'll finish you off, promise." Chris laughed and rolled off of her, wiping the sweat from his brow. After a few minutes, Hailey rolled over and looked at him. "Holy fuck. That was amazing. I really needed that." She glanced down to see that Chris was still hard as a rock. She smiled and sunny leone 3gb xxx story him by the hand and led him into the dining room.

She pushed him back into a dining room chair, then straddled him. She tore off her top and sports bra, placing her tits right in his face.

She placed her legs on the arms of the chair, and balanced there for a moment before slowly lowering herself back onto Chris's cock. By flexing her legs, she was able to bounce herself up and down, controlling the speed and depth of penetration. She grabbed the back of the chair and pushed her tits into Chris's face. "Suck my boobs, babe." She whispered. Chris took her nipple into his mouth and began sucking on it, while his hands grabbed her asscheeks and pulled them apart.

In this position, she had complete control, and it also made her pussy even tighter. Chris began squirming and gasping, and Hailey grinned down at him. "Getting close? There yet? Can you feel it?" She teased. She broke up her rhythm, jasmin jae is a perfect milf that loves to get fucked up and down on him in an erratic fashion, making it impossible for him to get a rhythm going.

"Shit Hailey, what are you &hellip. Just go, fuck me, dammit." Hailey giggled at him. "No, I think I like this, it's fun being in control." As Chris squirmed around, Hailey began dropping down only halfway, before flexing her legs, and bringing herself up to the point that only the head of his cock was still in her. She bounced lightly there, teasing him. "Is this any way to treat a fuck buddy?" He gasped.

Hailey smiled at him and dropped all the way down, gasping as he hit her cervix. Shit!! I think I just damaged some vital organs!! Chris groaned and started cumming as she rotated around on his cock.

As soon as his dick stopped twitching, Hailey climbed off of him. "Thanks babe, that was great. You need to get going now." Chris nodded and began to tug at the condom.

"No!! You can't leave that here, my parents might find it!!" Chris looked down at his cock. "So what do I do with it?" "I don't know, but you can't leave it here.

Now get going, my parents will be home soon." As Chris stumbled out the door, Hailey urged him to call Samantha. He nodded and chuckled weakly. First she fucks his brains out, then tells him to call her friend. Girls…… Over the next two years, Hailey would call Chris whenever she was in the mood.

She had one boyfriend for several months in that span, and slept with him, but as soon as they had broken up, she started calling Chris again. In the meantime, she was pretty sure that Chris had managed to work his way through the entire varsity cheerleading squad, and several of the competitive cheer teams, too. And to think that he had been a nobody his Freshman year &hellip.

"Does it not bother you that he's such a player now?" Christie had asked her once after she was off at college. "Not really. The sex is amazing because he concentrates on making me happy, not getting his rocks off. Word got around, and the girls want to experience it." "Do you ever wonder if he cheated on you while you were together?" "No.

Hammerboys tv present hammerboys 17 tube porn

You know how our school is, there's no way he could have done it without me knowing." "So what about now? Is he with anyone?" "Not really. He's dated a few girls, but it's always been kind of casual, not like they're going steady or anything. He and Samantha kind of have an on-again, off-again thing, but they both have sex with whoever they want to." "Isn't that weird for you, to have him dating one of your best friends?" "Not really, I want them to be happy." Christie laughed.

"You're an angel. How does Samantha feel about the two of you casually hooking up?" Hailey smiled to herself. "I don't think she knows." "Hailey!!" "What?

I like to be discrete. And Chris certainly isn't telling anyone." "You little tramp!" Christie mock-scolded her. "Me? You're off with all those hot college guys!!!" "Trust me, college guys aren't that great." "Oh? I'm sorry." Christie sighed heavily. "Yeah, me too." Walking through the lunchroom one day their Senior year, Hailey saw Chris at the Marine recruiting table, talking to the recruiter there. She caught up with him after school. "Hey, I saw you talking to the Marines, are you really thinking of signing up?" "Yeah, maybe." Hailey looked at him with concern.

"I don't think that's a very good idea, why not go to college?" "I'm not really sure what I want to do with my life, and it just seems that right now, college would be a waste of time and money. With a 4 year enlistment, I'd have the G.I. Bill when I came out, plus benefits…" "You'd wind up in Iraq." Hailey cut him off. "I don't want you over there, it's dangerous." Hailey was aware that her voice was rising. Chris held up his hands, trying to calm her down.

"I still haven't made my mind up, I may not do it." "Well please, think hard about this. I know that we haven't been together for a really long time, but I still care about you." At the end of the year, she received an invitation to Chris's graduation party, and as she arrived, his mother sought her out, and gathered her in a warm embrace. Even though they had been broken up for almost two years, Chris's parents still adored her, and she was always welcome in their home.

His mom always made such a fuss over her, telling her how good she had been for her baby boy&hellip. Hailey smiled guiltily over the fact that she and Chris had fucked in their bed one afternoon while they had been out running errands. What would she think of me if she knew that? Hailey often wondered. "Oh Hailey, it's so wonderful to see you!" She gushed. "Chris tells me that you're going to Ole Miss." Hailey nodded.

"I'm really excited. What about Chris, I know he wasn't sure about going to school, is he still trying to figure that out?" Chris's mom sighed heavily. "He enlisted in the Marines. He ships out to Boot Camp the week after graduation." Hailey turned pale. "What????? I thought he wasn't going to do that!" "You knew about it?" "I saw him talking to them in school, but he said that he was just thinking about it, not that he was going to do it!!" Chris's mom placed a hand on Hailey's arm.

"Now sweetie, don't get all upset. I've been over this with Chris, and he just gets stubborn and clams up and refuses to talk about it. This is a party, let's enjoy ourselves. Chris tells me that he's probably going to be a computer something-or-other, and more than likely won't even leave the States." Hailey was slightly mollified, but still a bit upset at the news.

When she saw Chris, she hugged him tightly and whispered "be safe" to him. Chris smiled at her and told her not to worry, his recruiter had assured him that with his ASVAB scores, he was a lock for a placement in computer specialist school.

The chances of him being sent to Iraq were remote, and even if he did, he'd never see combat. In September Hailey excitedly began college life at Ole Miss, pledging Delta Gamma, and getting into the full swing of the social scene. She saw Chris over Christmas break, and inquired as to how he was doing. "Fine." He replied. "I'm in school right now. It figures, I join the Marines because I don't want to go to school, and the first thing they do is send me to school." Hailey laughed merrily at dandole duro a mi compantildeera de download full video here irony of it.

"So what are you going to school for?" "Computer stuff. My enlistment will probably be up by the time I finish all the schools they want me to go to." Hailey was pleased to hear that, hopefully he'd never set foot outside the country. Big black sista with big tits tube porn Spring, Hailey met a guy named James at a Frat party, and the two of them really hit it off.

As the semester went on, they began dating, before eventually making their relationship exclusive the next Fall. She excitedly phoned Christie. "I think he may be the one." "Really?

Sweetie, I'm so excited for you!" "How about you? Are there any guys in your life?" Christie sighed. "Not really. No one to get excited about, anyways. My love life has always been such a downer." Hailey felt bad for her friend. Despite her looks and personality, she had never had much luck with guys. Hailey just couldn't figure it out. "Well don't give up hope, the right guy is out there for you." Christie laughed.

"You're such an optimist. I start grad school next year, I won't have time for guys then." "Don't say that!" Hailey scolded. "You never know when love will happen." Once she had begun dating James exclusively, she barely even thought of Chris until the summer between her Sophomore and Junior years, when she got some disturbing news from her mom.

"I ran into Chris's mother at the supermarket, she told me that he's being deployed to Iraq soon." Hailey felt her blood run cold. "What?" She whispered. "I know, can you believe it?" Her mom sighed. "He's in town this week, you ought to see him before he leaves&hellip." Hailey was already on her way out the door.

She hadn't spoken to Chris in over a year, but now she had to see him. On her way to his house, she phoned Christie. "Chris is headed to Iraq!!!" She practically screamed into the phone. "I know." Christie replied softly. "My mom told me this morning." "And you weren't going to tell me???? What the fuck, Christie!!!!" Christie sighed brokenly. Hailey could hear her voice quavering.

"I'm sorry. I should have told you. I'm still trying to get over the news myself." Hailey could tell that Christie was barely holding it together. "What's going to happen to him over there?" Christie asked, with a tremor in her voice. "I don't know." Hailey replied grimly. "But I'm on my way to see him right now." Chris opened the door with a surprised expression that quickly turned to alarm as Hailey busty woman with glasses screwed hard by pawn keeper pornstars hardcore berating him.

"I thought that you did computers, why are you going to Iraq?!?!?!?" "Ummm, hello, nice to see you, too. Won't you come in?" Hailey steamed past him. "Answer me!! You said that you'd probably never go there!!" "They use computers in Iraq too, Hailey. I'm working on the networks over there in our command posts." "How safe will it be?" "Pretty safe. I may be deployed to some forward fire bases, but things have really settled down a lot." Hailey swallowed hard.

"Fire bases? That doesn't sound very safe." Hailey pressed her hands to her mouth and felt tears start to run down her cheeks. She trembled as she thought of Chris over in Iraq, hiding behind a computer screen while people were shooting at him. "Hey, hey, hey." Chris took her in his arms. "It's going to be okay, everything will be just fine." Hailey started crying as he held her. "Please promise me that you'll stay away from the fighting." "I have to go where they send me." "Promise me that you'll stay safe." "I'll do the best I can." She sighed and buried her face in his chest.

Chris bent down and kissed her on the top of her head. She looked up at him, an expression of longing on her face. He looked at her quizzically, and she closed her eyes and tilted her head back, parting her lips. As he pressed his lips to hers, Hailey found herself reliving all of the times they had spent together.

No matter how many years it had been, she still had a special place in her heart for him. As they broke their kiss, she looked deep into his eyes. "Are we alone?" She whispered. When he nodded his head, she took him by the hand and led him to his bedroom. Hailey briefly thought of James, but banished him from her mind.

Right now, what she needed was to feel close to Chris one last time. They continued kissing as Hailey began unbuttoning his shirt. She placed her hands on his chest, and pushed his shirt to the floor, and she began tugging his shorts down. "Hailey, I don't have a condom." He confessed. Hailey began undressing. "It's okay, I'm on the pill." Chris stepped forward and helped her undress, treating her like a delicate piece of porcelain.

Hailey sighed and leaned her head back as he nuzzled her neck while gently pushing her bra straps off of her shoulders, before unhooking the clasp. As he bent down to take one of her nipples in his mouth, Hailey redirected his head back up to hers, and kissed him tenderly. She lay back on his bed and stripped off her panties as he watched her. "One last time, babe." She whispered, and he climbed between her legs, placing his cock at the entrance to her pussy.

He went slowly as he entered her, and Hailey gasped as he penetrated her with his massive shaft. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him in close.

As he kissed her on the neck, he gently began sliding in and out of her, letting her adjust to his dick once again. Hailey loosened her grip on his neck, and he began kissing her on the lips as he gently worked his way in and out of her tight pussy. Hailey broke their kiss and looked unto his eyes as he kept up his gentle rhythm.

He met her compassionate gaze with one of his own. She could see the tenderness in his eyes, and remembered the shy nerd that she had fallen for when she was barely a teenager. He may have bulked up, joined the Marines, and shaved his head, but that same care and compassion that won her over was still there. What was it that she had told her friends when describing why sex with Chris was so great? He was more intent on taking care of her needs than satisfying his own.

They weren't teenagers any more, caught up in the throes of their over-active hormones. They weren't fucking, or having sex, they were making love. Hailey wasn't horny, she needed to feel that emotional connection with Chris, one last time. And that was what he was giving her.

He finally came to rest deep inside her, and she wrapped her legs around him, pulling him as close to her as she could. She began rocking her hips up into him, brushing her clit against the base of his cock as she did so.

She whimpered as little jolts shot through her body. Chris matched her motion, rolling his hips with hers. He began flexing his dick inside of her pussy, making it jump and twitch as their hips stayed joined together. Hailey gasped at the sensation, and began squeezing her pussy on his cock. "I'm getting close babe." She whispered in his ear. Chris nodded and resumed pushing in and out of her, a little more forcefully this time.

Hailey pulled his face back to hers and resumed kissing him until she came. Chris saw her squeeze her eyes shut, and start to lick her lips. He sped up his thrusting, trying to catch up to her. As Hailey felt her skin flush, Chris reached his orgasm, spurting his cum deep inside her. Hailey gasped at the sensation and began cumming herself, squeezing every last drop out of him with her spasming pussy.

As they lay there, entwined in each others arms, Hailey thought back to their first time together. She looked into his eyes, and wiped away a tear. "I love you Chris. I always will, you know that right?" He nodded.

"I love you, too." She held him close until his softening dick slid out of her pussy, leaving a puddle of their mixed juices on his sheets.

She stood and dressed, while he lay back and watched her. She leaned over him and kissed him before she left. "Please, please be careful." And she was gone. The next day Christie called her. "Did you see Chris?" "Yes." "And??????" Christie left the unspoken question hanging in the air. "He says that he'll be okay, that he's going to be staying on bases over there, and that it's no more dangerous than driving on the freeway." "And that was all?" Christie pressed.

"Yup." Hailey didn't want to tell Christie about her encounter with Chris, she felt that to share it would somehow cheapen it. Last night had been a special experience, and she didn't want anything to take away from it, she would hold that memory to herself for the rest of her life.

"Really?" "Christie, remember James?" "Well yeah, but I just kind of thought, you know … once you saw Chris again &hellip." Despite Christie's claim that she saw Chris as a little brother, Hailey was convinced that there was more to her feelings than she was admitting. She realized that Christie had always asked about Chris whenever they talked.

She knew that Chris had had a crush on Christie when he was younger, and started to realize that Christie also harbored feelings for him, no matter how much she may deny it.

Hailey briefly wondered if Christie was even aware of it, or if it was a subconscious thing. "Well, nothing happened. And hopefully nothing will happen to him in Iraq. I made him promise to be as safe as possible." "Okaaayyyy&hellip." Christie seemed a bit disappointed that no salacious news was forthcoming.

"Look, I have to go." As Hailey hung oldman enjoys some fucking apologies from nasty bernice, she began wondering if she could somehow get the two of them together.

Returning to college, Hailey never told anyone about her encounter with Chris. She knew that it would be their last. Their relationship had been very special, and their last night together and been the perfect way to close the door on that chapter of her life. In the middle of her Junior year, James proposed to her, and she happily accepted. After she graduated, she threw herself into planning her wedding.

James came from a wealthy family with strong ties to the Deep South, and Hailey was learning how to navigate the complicated social rituals of old money Southern aristocracy. One night at the end of summer, she was eating dinner with her fiancé when she heard her phone buzz, and picked it up.

A text from Christie. Holy shit, she hadn't spoken to her in over a year. As time went on, she had noted that with Chris no longer part of her life, even peripherally, she had spoken to Christie less and frequently.

She hadn't really thought much of it, just the normal reality of friends growing apart. Hell, she hadn't kept up with Samantha or Amanda either, except to friend sex with hotel guest 2 girls plumb 1 dude tube porn on Facebook.

But now Christie had found a reason to contact her. Chris is home. She quickly excused herself and went outside to call her.

"I haven't heard from you in soooo long! How is he?" "I don't know, I haven't seen him yet, my mom just texted me." "Well go see him!!" "I'm on a date right now." "And you're talking about this in front of him?" "No, I'm hiding in the bathroom." Hailey laughed.

"I left James in the restaurant to call you." The two girls shared a laugh. "So how's your date?" Christie snorted. "Nothing special." "Sooooo, ditch him and go see Chris." Christie laughed. "I can't do that." "Come on Christie, you said it yourself, the guy isn't anything special. Ditch him and go see Chris.

He's been in Iraq for how long? I bet he's dying for some female companionship." Christie laughed. "Hailey! What are you suggesting?" Hailey smiled. "Remember how you talked me into going out with Chris in the first place? I'm just returning the favor." Christie was silent for a moment. "Come on Christie, you've always complained about the guys in your life. Chris is a great guy, and you know that he always had a crush on you. What have you got to lose?" Hailey held her breath.

Christie could be stubborn, but she was pretty sure that once the two of them got together, things would fall into place. "That was so long ago Hailey, and we were just kids.

I haven't seen him in forever. What do we even have in common anymore?" Hailey laughed. "You're a hot babe, and he's a horny Marine, use your imagination." Christie laughed on the other end of the line. "And give him a kiss from me while you're at it." Hailey hung up and went back inside. As she returned to her fiancé, he looked up at her. "What's going on?" "Just playing matchmaker for a friend of mine." She smiled.

The next day, Hailey got another text from Christie. I saw Chris last night. How is he? She texted back. AMAZING was the reply she got Hailey laughed merrily to herself and sent Christie a :) emoticon in return, glad that she was able to help her old friend and her first love gorgeous babe needs steamy sexy pleasuring hardcore and blowjob together