Electrifying sex toy masturbation hardcore and blowjob

Electrifying sex toy masturbation hardcore and blowjob
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Authors Note Hey guys this is my first story here ad this is a series but i will only continue it if you want me too but i will probably just do them anyway. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. So enjoy Sam and Claire Sam walked down the road whistling with the tune blaring out of his headphones.

He was in a happy mood as his parents had left for the weekend leaving him home alone all of Saturday morning which he spent jacking off and playing video games.

And now he was walking to his friends place to spend the night. Sam was 5'8, lean, muscular and fit boy of 14 who regularly swam and played soccer. He was sort off popular at school but was very bright and went to the top school in the state.

He had a 6 inch cock which was 2 inches in thickness and jacked off regularly every night. His friend was George who was 14, tall, skinny kid who didn't like sport so much and preferred the books to the boots.

This made their friendship really weird and mainly shared their friendship when playing video games as they both had a PS3. But George had a very hot mum who was the exact definition of a MILF who had just come out of a divorce 3 months earlier which was strange as he had many freckles on his face and was a little ugly.

One of the best things of going over to George's house in Sam's opinion was George's mum. *****INSIDE THE HOUSE***** Claire moaned quietly to herself and she slowly grabbed and squeezed her breasts with both hand as she looked intently at the screen dorm room college orgy with afro sluts cunt banged hardcore a porn movie showing a large breasted woman having her tits sucked and licked by two well hung men.

Claire started to pull at both her nipples and sometimes pushing her breast up to her mouth to give the nipple a quick lick. As one of the guys on the screen went down past the woman's breast slowly licking down her stomach so did Claire's hand, tickling her stomach with light touches of her finger.

When the guy on the screen arrived at the woman's pussy and slowly started to lick up and down the slit sometimes going in but just enough to tease the woman. Claire, on the other hand, had arrived at her cleanly shaved pussy and started to stroke her full pussy lips sometimes slipping a finger in. As the guys on the screen started to roughly tongue fuck the woman, Claire quickly shoved 3 fingers deep into her causing her to moan slightly louder.

The guy on the screen started to suck at the woman's clit causing the woman to moan loudly on the other man's cock which was deeply shoved down her throat while Claire roughly pinched her clit between her fingers resulting in an electric shudder through her body reaching the tip of her toes to the ends of her hair.

As the guy on the screen started to mount the woman, who still had the cock down her throat, and gracefully slid his 9 inch cock into the woman's pussy and proceeded to thrust into the woman, Claire reached over with one of her hands and opened a drawer on her bedside table to fumbled around until she found two things: a small 6 inch dildo that vibrated and a container of KY Jelly.

She placed the lube beside her and placed the head of the dildo and the opening of her pussy and in time with the guy on the screen she slid the dildo into her soaking pussy until the base of the dildo was rubbing against her clit causing her to release a small scream from her which had been building up.

After a couple of thrusts with the dildo, Claire flipped on the vibrator in the dildo which caused a rippling pleasure throughout her body. Soon Claire was on the edge of her orgasm and started to slow her thrusts until she was doing long and slow strokes. Once she had gain control of her orgasm she left the vibrating dildo in her pussy and with her other two hands she opened the container and started to smear lube over her crinkled, pink asshole.

She shuddered at the touch of her cold fingers but continued to smear the lube over it until it was slippery and then removed her left hand and placed it on the dildo. On the screen the one guys was up her ass while the other one was in her pussy and while looking at the screen Claire started to thrust the dildo in and out while with her right hand she rubbed her finger lightly over her asshole and briefly slipping her finger in.

She could feel herself coming closer to the edge and started to thrust faster with the dildo until it was a blur. She could feel her orgasm rising up from the depths of her body and when she was on the brink of her orgasm she roughly shover her finger up her asshole which tipped her over the edge of her orgasm.

She felt like she was on fire with every nerve of her body was on fire so that her whole body was untouchable. She breathed in and was still for a few seconds while the volcano inside of her was erupting and then she let out her breath and writhed and moaned on the bed nearly tearing the sheets apart with her clenched hands and toes. She continued this for some time until she was till once again and got her breathing under control and to anyone watching her it would appear as though she was shining as the warm soft sunlight caught the fine sheen of sweat that covered her skin.

While she was lying in her bed she heard distantly the doorbell ringing but she decided to ignore it and thought "The postman can leave it on the doorstep or the door to door sellers can go away. " When the doorbell rang again, more loudly and more urgently Claire shouted out "I'll be there in 5." With that Claire sat up in her bed and looked at the TV screen where the woman had both loads of cum dribbling from her melons while she rubbed some cum into her skin above her melons.

She chuckled to herself as she picked up the remote and switched the TV off and got up off her bed and sauntered to her chest of drawers in a happy mood. She quickly picked out some mia khalifa sex story time 20 minimum jeans cut off just below her waist with no panties and a tight tank top that showed some cleavage and no bra. As she walked down the stairs in a bouncy post-orgasmic mood she thought "I need to do that more times or get laid regularly" Claire was 33 after having George when she was 19, 5'7, toned and very fit from working out seductive teen blonde hottie hitchhikes and gets pounded pornstars hardcore the gym and going for regular runs around the neighbourhood.

She had nice pert 36D breasts that had very little sag and a clean shaven pussy and ass which she shaved weekly. She and her ex-husband, Frank, had been high school sweethearts and had married when they were both 28. However as time went on Claire's work became very important to her and relieving Frank of his sexual needs was lost at night so Claire wasn't really surprised when she found out that Frank was doing the lady down the street.

She quickly divorced him and but she didn't really mind the divorce as Frank had a very small dick of 4.5 inch and couldn't really use it.

She was the head of the Australian and Asia team for a large insurance company which paid very well and allowed Claire to travel around quite a bit. She thought about work that needs to get done as she opened the door. "Hi Claire" said Sam when she opened the door.

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George and Sam had been friends for a long time so a Sam was on a first name basis with Claire. "Oh hi Sam, I wasn't expecting you" replied Claire. "Is George around?" "Ah no, he's at his dads place until tomorrow afternoon." "But I thought that I was having a sleepover here tonight?" "Oh shit, I knew there was something that I had forgotten to change when George went to his dads.

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I'm sorry Sam but I made a mistake and there's no sleepover here tonight. I call your parents to explain what happened and they can come and pick you up." "Don't bother", said Sam, "they are overseas at the moment and which was why I was coming here for a sleepover." "Oh so what are you going to do now?

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I can give you a ride home." "Go home watch some TV, play video games, order pizza and then go to bed." "Oh now I feel really bad about getting this whole thing mixed up. You can spend the night here if you want to." "Really because I can just go home an-" "No you can stay here the night and I will drop you home late morning tomorrow.

OK?" "OK, that sounds a lot better than sitting at home watching TV." "Come on in and just dump you bag at the bottom of the stairs", said Claire as she took a step backwards into the house and started to walk down the corridor and into the kitchen.

Sam followed behind her and watched her ass sway as she walked down the corridor. "She has the hottest ass known to man", thought Sam as her dumped teens love big cock xxx the dual cronys daughter agreement bag down and followed her into the kitchen. 'Do you want anything to eat? She asked innocently as she looked into the pantry bending down to see food at the bottom which hugged her butt tightly and started to ride down a bit until Sam could just see the top off her butt crack.

He quickly moved his eyes away as Claire stood up and turned around and she could swear that he was looking at her ass. They started to chat talking about school, sports, news and weather and even Claire asking Sam if he had a girlfriend which he denied. During this chat Claire busied herself around the kitchen, unstacking the dishwasher, putting away plates and glasses and then restacking the dishwasher. During this time, Sam had had many looks at her shapely ass or even down her shirt to see her lovely breasts.

By the end of their chat and Claire's chores in the kitchen, Claire was sure that Sam was looking at here ass and tits. Only then did Claire realise that she had not had a shower since her explosive orgasm and she needed to get clean and clean her pussy and asshole.

"I'm going to have a shower, Sam, so you can just watch the TV." "Ok" Sam replied as he switched on the TV. He quickly flicked through most of the channels and found as old episode of Modern Family that he hadn't seen and decided to watch it.

However it only had 10 minutes left and when that had finished Sam flicked through the rest of the channels and found nothing good to watch so he turned the TV off.

He could hear the water for the shower running so Claire was still in the shower so he decided to take his bag up to his room for the night. When he got to the top of the stairs he could either take a right into Claire's bedroom or left along walkway with rooms branching off to the right with the bathroom at the end.

Sam went left and walked down towards his room and when he got towards the end he couldn't believe his eyes. Claire had left the door slightly open, just enough for Sam to see Claire naked in the shower. He quickly put his bag down in the room and walked closer to the bathroom and ducked into the next room along the walkway.

He slowly edged his head around the corner and got a full view of Claire's naked body with the water trickling over it. Claire was turned sideways facing out the window so she couldn't see Sam. This was the first time that Sam had seen a naked woman in real life and he was sure going to remember it. Her breasts stuck out quite a bit and looked very firm with the nipples being very hard and were sticking out considerably. She took the soap in one hand while and started too soaped up her left breast while her right hand was pinching and pulling at the right nipple.

Once the left breast was glistening with soap she switched roles so that her right breast was being soaped up while she pulled and pinched on her left, slippery nipple.

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After she had finished she rubbed the soap man and woman sex in bed her hands to get them slippery and then started to rub her breasts. She stated in circular motions on each breast, avoiding the nipples but then changed to rubbing them together and finally pinching and pulling each nipple which caused a shudder to run through her body.

Once her breasts were clean she started to soap up her flat and toned stomach in a snake motion to get all the skin covered in soap. Then she moved slowly down until she was just above her pussy onto her lower and then ever so slowly she inched her way down until the soap came into contact with her clit. Sam could see her knees nearly falling out from underneath her and Sam could hear the faintest gasp. Although Sam could not see her pussy from this angle, he still could see her hand movements and he could still hear her.

She slowly stroked the bar of soap along each of her pussy lips and then put the tip of the soap in between her pussy lips and started to move the bar up and down going deeper every time. Sam could hear her moaning very quietly now and the volume was starting to grow. Claire suddenly took the soap out of her pussy and started to rub it feverously over her clit causing her to whimper like a dog, but her lower lip and shoved face into her arms.

Once she had finished rubbing her clit and got her breathing under control, Claire lathered up a digit and slowly slid it into her pussy causing her to groan louder than before.

She started to finger herself while twisting her finger as she went in. At this point Sam went quietly to his room and returned within a matter of seconds with a handful of tissues.

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He then undid his belt on his shorts and brunette teen fucked anal on webcam homemade amateur them down carefully trying not to make a sound.

He then slid his boxers down so that his hard cock sprang up and hit his t-shirt covered stomach. He then spat into his right hand and started to slowly stroke his cock. Claire on the other hand was still fingering her pussy with her eyes closed oblivious to Sam wanking less than 8 metres away. She felt her orgasm coming so she slowed done and removed her finger. Sam jumped back into the doorway as she turned away from him to that her ass was facing him.

He peeked his head out and once he knew he had not been found he continued to stroke his cock slightly faster this time. Claire's ass was perfectly formed with beautiful curves and beautiful tan with no tan lines which means she must tan nude. As Claire was soaping her legs she bent down revealing her pussy and asshole to Sam.

He almost lost it there but managed to hold on and sink his orgasm by tightly shutting his eyes and thinking of algebra.

While Sam was doing this, Claire look between her legs and saw Sam standing there with his cock in his hands slowly stroking it with his eyes tightly closed and his mouth slightly open.

She gasped very quietly as she looked at the first real cock she had seen in 3 months. In that short period of time Claire thought "Let's put on a show for Sam and then I'm going to seduce him and fuck his brains out. " So with that thought, Claire bent down even more and looked away from Sam which exposed her pussy and her asshole even more.

By this time, Sam had opened his eyes and was slowly rubbing his cock to postpone his orgasm and was shocked when he saw Claire's finger slowly enter her pussy once again and start to finger herself. However this time Sam got a front row seat and clearly saw he finger penetrating her pussy.

Suddenly she added a second finger to her pussy and started to go a little bit faster and then she added a third stepmom sarah vandella licks her stepteen cadence lux pussy started going much faster.

Sam was stroking his cock in time with Claire's fingers pumping in and out of her cunt. And then he realized "She's masturbating too and I'm going to cum when she does!" So with this new realization and thought, Sam concentrated on controlling his orgasm until the time as right.

Then Claire's other hand can from nowhere with the bar of soap and started to rub each of her cheeks with it and then up and down her crack until it was shining with soap. The soap then disappeared and Claire's fingers in her pussy started to speed up like Sam's fist.

So their hands were both a blur and Sam was looking straight at Claire's pussy when the other hand came up and roughly slid into her asshole. "SHES FINGERING HER ASSHOLE!!!!" This pushed Sam over the edge and he let loose rope after rope of hot jizz into the wall and moaning to himself.

At the same time Claire had her orgasm and was moaning much louder than Sam and was writhing on the shower floor still pumping her fingers into her pussy and asshole. Sam looked over Claire after he had finished his orgasm and realised that he had came all over the wall so he hastily cleaned that up, put his shorts and boxers back on and quickly went back downstairs.

By the time Claire had gotten to her shaky feet and managed to stay upright for more than 2 seconds she couldn't see Sam anywhere except for the slightly whiter bit of wall which Claire smiled at and thought "Tonight is going to be fun."