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Serving sexy tits and bawdy cleft pornstar and hardcore
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It was a night like any other. No, let's start that one again. It obviously wasn't a night like any other. Chris, my darling brother, my darling lover had recently moved to London, but like many others who had moved away to find work, frequently returned to the small coastal town to try to regain a quickly disappearing youth.

The need for work and therefore money, had led him away, but he loved to return and visit his favourite night club in a hope of ending up screwing away the night and most of the alcohol which would fully consume the hot sweaty bodies all around him.

As usual, he called in at his best mates shared house, dumped his weekend bag in his room, opened the bottle he had brought with him and they emptied half of that before they walked the short distance to the club. Once inside, the heat would hit you like a brick wall and off would come the 'fashionable' layers they were decked out in for the evening. Soon the beer was flowing and they were back to seeing who could sink the quickest pint, like all blokes their age do to get the evening going.

About an hour into the evening, Jen and I, who they had fucked into oblivion many times before, were at their shoulders and the night could really begin. All four of us knew what was going to happen and where all this was going to lead, so there was lots of fumbled cuddles, touching and kisses, no arguments, no sides taken, the couples were well established and I was, once again with my darling brother and Jenny would once again hold tight to Sid's arm.

As usual, the band was great, the place was heaving, the heat was relentless, the drinks were flowing and the guys just couldn't look any better. My blond highlights flowed to half way down my back and swished from side to side as I tossed my head to create the effect. The stage lighting reflecting off me, created a halo around my face - just right!! My eyes are the darkest brown, deep enough to fall into and yet gentle enough to hold you safely in their grasp.

When they caught you, they begged for understanding and gentleness and yet they reeked of sultriness and passion. (Chris's description) Jenny's' full head of tight black curls was the first thing that struck you about this tiny girl as they cupped her face but filled the area around her head to reach down to her shoulder blades and bounce so freely as she laughed.

There was so much raven hair she created an idea of wickedness, totally dispelled by the most innocent and virginal smile. Both of us had on dresses that showed more than they covered - great.

Our tits were bouncing freely, no bras, as usual. Flesh everywhere but neatly covered, partially by frills. Our waists were small and nicely clung to the pleats that led down to nearly cover our very small rounded hips and round to the little sticky out bumps we playfully referred to as our bums. Our legs were covered by five den hold-ups. Mine being longer than Jenny's, I stood a few inches above her, but we both looked nice enough to eat and without a doubt, we both would be later.

I soon had Chris move off the beer and onto the drink I knew would keep him up and going all night, but Sid was adamant he wasn't shifting from his favourite pint, much to hot thekittykatbar fucking on live webcam webcamshow masturbate disappointment of Jen.

She didn't show it though, along with the rest of us, she was just happy to be where she was, in amongst the people she wanted to be with, drinking, dancing and laughing as much as she liked and looking forward to the ravaging she new would be coming later.

As the evening went on, the occasional swap of partners would take place. Nothing serious, just a little flirting to see how far boundaries could be pushed. You've got to remember that both guys were staggeringly good to look at and impossible for us to keep our hands off. History had already determined that the chemistry between our two couples was hot and perfect and had always been on the boil for our opposite partners.

But, as I say, nothing serious had ever taken place. As the guys would lean against the bar, Sid was the kind of guy who would openly pull me back towards him and rub my lower stomach and plunging thong line with one hand as he drunk his pint with the other.

Chris, well he was side on to the bar with his left leg on the bar rail and Jenny would snuggle into his crotch with her back to him watching us two. Whilst he rested his chin on the top of her head and played with the hair at the side of her neck, she would gently rub his growing bulge with her tiny bum, enjoying his gentle pushing back towards her and laugh a lot to cover what they were doing. But nothing lasted long, another dance would see us back with our favourite partner and the evening would continue.

As the evening drew to a close, the music would slow and everyone would crowd the dance floor for a final grind. Tonight, Sid led me out and Chris looked at Jen, raised his eyebrows and followed. Oooo, I love to see Chris's arse sway when he moves.

Not too sure about Jens hand kneading it though. Jen turned on the edge of the floor and gently slid her hands up his chest and round his neck.

He pulled her to him and they started their moves. Feet didn't seem to move at all, just their bodies. He was holding her tight and he could feel her mound pushing against his balls just as she must have felt his cock growing up her stomach. She leaned into bright orgasms for excited mother id like to fuck and whispered 'God, I'm so hot tonight, I can't wait to get back to Sid's place.' At that, he pulled her even tighter to him and lifted her slightly so that his cock was now rubbing that lovely gap between her legs which brought a moan from her into his chest and her nails into the back of his neck.

Sid now tapped her shoulder and passed me on to Chris so I grabbed him and hugged him tight. "Mmmmm, at last" I said as we humped each other's legs. "Ooooo, I can feel something's got you going", I said, "Was she that good?" "I don't know about good, but she's as horny as hell and can't wait for Sid's dick". We both laughed at that, collected our things and all left for milky boobs suck by twmen dailymotion shared house not ten minutes from the club.

The fresh air hit us hard and Sid seemed to stagger a little. Jen bravely had his arm around her shoulder but was struggling to keep him in a straight line. "Come here, let me take that".

Chris said as he walked over to them both and took Sid's arm around himself. Both us girls walked arm in arm ahead of them giggling and swaying our little bums deliberately for Chris to enjoy. We reached the door and Sid took out his key and let us in. The place was nice and warm and once again, we were able to flop down on the huge beanbags and relax. I lay back on one of the bags and Jen laid her head under my arm, gently playing with my stomach.

I pulled my knees up to my chest so that, from where he lay, Chris would get a clear shot of my wet, sticky crotch and a side on view of one of Jens beautiful arse cheeks. But as I say, nothing lasts and thankfully, neither did this, as I was worried that we might all fall to sleep, it was so peaceful.

Suddenly, I got up and said, "We're going to take a quick shower to get out of some of this sweat, do you think you guys can find some drinks and some music?" and then we were gone, still giggling. Chris got up, found four glasses, the rest of his bottle, lit some scented candles that Sid was very good at placing, put on some love songs, turned off the lights and was just filling the glasses when we reappeared.

I had on my matching white camisole and lace thong. My skin glistened in the candlelight from the water of the shower and my hair clung to my shoulders and back. Xnxx son sex stepmom when dad is old of my pubic bush were obvious from the sides of my thong, which was virtually transparent from the water.

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It didn't matter how much I showered, my crotch was still tingling, hot, dripping and sticky. Jenny's hair was just as wet but didn't cling due to its fullness. She just had on a red thong and like me, ample hair poked out both sides. Her breasts were stunning, an easy 34C, fully round with very dark aureoles and fat, thick nipples sticking slightly up. "That's not fair" Chris said as he handed us a nearly full glass each.

"What's not fair?" I replied. "Well, you still have your bra thing on" he said with a quick grin. I quickly reached for the waistband and flipped it over my head, showing him I still had wonderful bushes of hair under my arms. My breasts too were full and round, even thought I do say so myself, with hard, aching nipples pointing straight toward him. "Well that's not fair either" I countered, "You're still fully clothed".

"Well that won't take me a minute" he said, "but first, I want to wash fake public agent promisses an amateur girl that he will cum on her face some of this travel grime as well, can you two see if you can get him to bed while I'm in there" cocking a thumb in Sid's direction. He was in and out of the shower in five minutes flat. His magnificent cock was already at half-mast thumping against his thighs as he dried himself off.

Being braver than us girls, he walked back in totally nude and quietly watched as Jen and I now had Sid on the big double bed, we had stripped him off and were rubbing in some sweet smelling oil.

I was knelt by the side of his arm facing Chris and had just finished his chest and arms down to his groin. My breasts swayed brazenly every time I leaned forward to reach him. Jen was also on her knees facing away from Chris, had finished his legs and was also at his groin. She had one leg inside his and her wonderful tiny bum was pointing straight toward Chris.

Her mass of crotch hair hid her beautiful, full lips and reached up to encircle her star burst an inch inside the divide between her cheeks. Both of us now concentrated on Sexy blindfolded y squirt wife gilf shared prick, which seems remarkably aware considering his state at that moment.

I worked on his shaft and glans whilst Jen worked the oil into his tight sack. As we both lay down on either side of him to work with one hand each, we leaned over him and gently kissed each other. Not passionately, but seemingly exploratory. Jen moaned slightly and took over working Sid's shaft whilst I kissed her again and gently squeezed his sack. Jens horniness was obviously returning as she was now working his shaft hard.

She pulled back his foreskin as far as it would go and waved his prick from the base to slap my hand on every downward swing.

We both released our kiss to lick up and down his growing tool. Jen engulfed the head and sucked hard, caving in her cheeks.

I continued to lick down his shaft and then sucked one of his balls into my open mouth. There was an audible plop when it reappeared. All the while, Chris had been working his erection gently at such an erotic sight before him.

When I released Sid's ball, I looked up at Blacked blonde personal assistant shawna lenee loves black men and smiled. I slowly got up off the bed, still leaving Jens head madly bobbing up and down on Sid's penis and went over to Chris. He put his arm round me and I took over stroking his arm like steal rod. We both stood quietly by watching Jen moaning and groaning around Sid's meat before I whispered to Chris "I was just giving her a helping hand, you don't mind do you?" "No, not at all", he said "it was so fucking hot from here".

"Well just to finally make sure that they are both ready, I think you should go and check on Jen and make sure she's nice and wet," I said. He quietly walked over to Jens side of the bed, still holding my hand and knelt down behind her lovely quivering arse.

It was so small, there was very little evidence of a crease and her beautifully hairy holes were permanently on view. I gently lifted Jens leg and lodged her foot behind Sid's knee. I just had to watch for a moment whilst her vagina lips opened and closed in time to her moans and groans. He placed his lips at her opening and gently kissed. His tongue automatically came out to enter her and slurp up as much as it could of the sticky fluid that had escaped and had been spread around her thighs.

It was as sweet as honey and he searched for more. She squeezed his tongue, so he slowly pulled it out and ran backwards and forwards along her tiny vagina. She stopped sucking on Sid and moaned softly. "Oohh, Gooddd, that's woonndderfulll, pllleaaase don't stop." He placed his tongue at her tiny starburst rear hole, swirled it around a couple of times wetting the hair and pushed it in slightly. Jen shook and stopped jacking Sid so hard and then suddenly pushed back against his tongue.

He pulled it out but immediately pushed it back in a little further. In and out for just a few seconds before running his tongue up the full length of her delicious arse, over her pussy, pushing in as he went and ended up on her already erect clit. He pushed his flat tongue back and forth until Jen let out a tiny scream, leapt up, threw her leg over Sid and, as I guided his cock, slammed down on it, spreading her already bloated lips to the max.

Her body went rigid; she shook, gasped and groaned deep in her throat. Chris and I backed off. "I think we both need taking care of now, don't you?" I said as I slowly started to sink down to the small camp bed at the bottom of Sid's bed, pulling Chris with me. As I was so full of lust for my brother's hard body and in need of a good fucking, the first thing I wanted him to do was to take me hard and fast.

I pulled him on top of me. Raised my legs wide and without any guiding or warning, he slammed to the root. I gasped and held my breath "SHIT, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK. That hurt. Take it out.

. take it out. . just a little. Oh God. just a little. Hhhhh. Oh god. . .That's it. . Oh shit, I'd forgotten." As he jumped off and looked down at me with concern, I smiled back at him and said, "It's my own fault big bro, I should have remembered how big you are.

Ohhhh, sweet babe kathryn is ready to take her sexy clothes off I remember how wonderful it is to have you inside me, try again, but be a bit gentle." After the initial 'SLAM, BAM, FUCK ME HARD' session, he rolled off and lay back as I climbed on him.

His hands were kneading my dripping breasts and pinching my bullet nipples. "Pull them, pull them hard." I remember saying. As he pulled, he opened his eyes and could see me watching the big bed to my right. From where he lay, he couldn't see what was going on, but he knew it must have been something pretty fucking hot as I was using it to grind my pussy back and forth, rubbing my clit on his pubic hair, smoothly building to a hard climax. 'OOhhh, fuuucckkkin helll.

Ooooohhhh sssshhhhiiiiit. Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh Fuuuuuuuuuck!!!!! He must have felt the walls of my pussy tighten and quiver around his throbbing meat. The heat I was giving off was burning us both. My head dropped forward, my body suddenly stopped, went rigid and I ground down hard, getting him in as deep as I could. Chris pulled so hard on my nipples I was sure he was going to hurt me but of-course, I had no reason to worry, he wouldn't do that for the world.

I slumped down to cover his chest. My juices flooded his cock and balls, down across his arse and on to the bed. He had forced orgasm after orgasm from me. It squished quietly with every twitch or movement we made.

As if on cue, Jen then started to cum. Her noises were more guttural, deeper throated, lower. The bed shook, bodies moved, walls banged, covers disappeared. She seemed to cum for several minutes, finally getting quieter. As all this was happening on the big bed, Chris was slowly pushing in and out of me, leading me through several small after shocks which coincided with Jens peaks until her breathing was back to as normal as possible.

Relaxing after several minutes of tightened muscles and quivering flesh, I slowly pushed myself up off his chest and smiled at Jen and put my arm on the big bed for support. Jens' head leaned over the end of the bed and she smiled down at Chris as he continued to gently massage my tender breasts and push slowly in and out of me.

Both of us girls hair was again wet but for a very different reason. Our bodies glistened, our chests heaved, our breathing still erratic. Jen flopped over onto her back, brought her arms above her head to fall off the end of the bed and breathed a huge sigh of contentment. I staggered a little in an effort to get up, rubbing my knees. Chris's still raging hard-on plopped out of me and splashed onto his stomach.

Jen and I laughed at this as I leaned over to kiss her gently on her lips. Chris sat up and for the first time tonight, he could see the lovely thick mop of black hair in Jens armpits. Wet and tangled from all the recent action. I leaned further forward and took one of Jens nipples in my mouth. Jen didn't even have to move to reciprocate. Chris knelt up and kissed her armpit. Her taste, once again was wonderful. He needed to trace the outline of her pit and gently work his way to the middle.

My tiny bum was now swaying to the movement of my mouth on Jens nipple. It was just too appetizing for Chris to miss and he plunged his tongue between my cheeks and started lapping at everything he could reach. Juices were everywhere. He kissed my arse all over, down angel plays with vibrator hardcore and massage the cheeks, he found the hole and drove his tongue in as deep inside as he could reach. He licked the hair surrounding my brown star, back inside, out again, in again.

I whimpered, he pushed me slowly forward so he could lick and nibble on my pussy lips and if possible, fuck me in this position.

My mouth lost Jens nipple as he gently eased me down her body. We were both kissing and licking down each other, as our strangers one eyed monster sucked girlfriend and homemade got closer to each other's crotches. When he felt we were there, he looked down between my legs and there was his goal, my glistening, gapping outer lips and pussy, waiting to be plugged.

As he was still admiring my lower bloated lips, opening and closing not six inches from his face, he was about to stick out his tongue when Jen thrust two fingers into me as deep as possible, gave them a determined twist and bit down on my clit.

I shuddered and shook so violently, I thought I must have been electrocuted. He pushed himself up and stood at the bottom of the bed. His penis was bobbing from side to side, whipping my arse. Jen took her free hand, wrapped it around the base of his cock, squeezed it as tight as she could and slowly wanked it for a few strokes.

She then lined up the bursting purple head with my sopping pussy, pulled down with her two fingers and pushed forward with his bulging erection as she slid her two fingers out. He continued to push his enormous glans forward, past my engorged, red, swollen lips and as painful as it was to get that initial head insertion over with, it eased as soon as my lips were able to snap shut around that tree stump of a shaft.

Inch by inch he eased his fat meat up into my very tight canal. The more he pushed in, the more juices squirted from my pussy, coating his balls and Jens tongue. He could feel her tongue working up and down his shaft as he pulled in and out of my red hot hole, then pulling his balls into her mouth, once again to get as much juice from them as she could capture.

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My hands and tongue must have been working their magic on Jen's tiny, bruised holes and clit because her breathing was becoming more and more ragged, her participation was becoming less and less on his shaft and he could see her nails start to dig into the cheeks of my rear. As he slipped his penis out of my pulsating pussy, both Jen and I were, once again in the throws of orgasm. Again he sunk to his knees, his lips were so close that he could almost taste my brown starburst.

His tongue came out and he touched the little mole next to it. He teen college coeds partying in blowjob dorm reality amateur have been able to feel me tremble with excitement. Then he circled his tongue around the hole in a teasing fashion.

When I pushed back, he pulled away and chuckled teasingly again. Then he moved his tongue to the top of my buttocks before sliding it down one cheek and then the other, leaving a trail of his saliva.

I was growing impatient. "Oh please!" I moaned as I felt him begin to lick me again. This time, his tongue started at the top of my crease and moved slowly downward, edging closer and closer. The excitement in the room grew rapidly as his tongue moved between my cheeks. Finally it touched the tiny hole. "Ohhhhh!!!" I moaned and pushed my arse back toward his tongue again.

He stiffened his tongue and pressed forward. "Oh Goddddddd!!!" I whimpered and my body began to shake.

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I felt his wide tongue separating my sphincter and slipping into my body. I knew it was a prelude to something much bigger, much longer much harder.

"Yes, yes, yes!" I moaned as I felt his tongue begin to move in and out of my slowly stretching hole. Saliva began to drip down his chin and into Jen's mouth as his tongue plunged in and out of my tightest hole. Suddenly his face was buried between my cheeks, the soft silky flesh caressing his rougher skin. He always told me he could lick my wonderful little rose for hours, but not tonight, he was far too excited.

When he pulled his tongue from the grasping hole, it made a little pop and snapped shut. Suddenly, I felt very empty. My tiny hole pulsed, as if it had a mind of its own, like it needed something to stretch it to the limit. He stood up and looked down at my squirming arse. His hands were still trembling as he separated the cheeks again. Jen brought his throbbing erection to the divide between my cheeks and rested at the top of my crease. Slowly, I let it slip downward, through the saliva he had left behind, to her waiting mouth.

That provided the necessary lubricant and it would be all that he would use. She sucked madly on it for a few moments before raising it again to my rear hole. When the head touched the puckered rose, we all groaned. I was going mad with desire now. I had to have him inside me.

I pushed my hips up and back in desperation. He pulled teasingly away. Then, he let the head touch the hole again as he pulled my cheeks even further apart.

Jen centered the large head on my little brown ring and he pushed forward, gradually increasing the pressure. The tight sphincter resisted mightily for a second before it began to relax. "Ahhhhhhh!!!" I cried, tears rolling down my face, half in pain, half in frustration as the impossibly large head opened my back hole slightly.

I had to concentrate, I had to relax. However, it seemed more difficult then usual in my state of excitement. Chris couldn't continue. "I can't do this to you, it's hurting you too much", he said. I reached for the bedside table, grabbed the hand lotion that was on it and handed it to Jen.

I said, "We ARE going to do this and we're going to do it NOW. Here Jen, quick, spread this all over my arse and inside it mia khalifa jim sex sex stories if you want, but make sure he can get that wonderful wand up there." I knew that the head was always the toughest part. I held my breath and bit my lip again whilst Jens tiny fingers worked their magic on me.

Her movements were so knowledgeable, she gently worked in and out, round and stretch. I remember thinking "I must remember to ask her about this later, it's really weird, but she feels really fantastic." We were ready to try again. With a final gentle push with my hips, while Chris stood his ground and didn't move, the crown slowly slipped inside and air rushed from my lungs.

The stretched muscles of my sphincter gripped the head below the crown, trapping it in a warm vise. His incredibly hard erection slipped past my muscle and sank in a couple of inches.

I felt the insides of my canal stretch and stretch even further as it took more and more of the wide intruder. Filled to its very capacity with his hard flesh, hard flesh in my softness, demanding of me, I was sure I was going to split, tear. My head went up, my body went rigid, my knees buckled and, once again, my pussy was in Jens mouth. "Oh my God!" Chris moaned as he felt my anal canal opening to welcome him. Slowly he slid in, inch-by-inch, pausing occasionally to let me adjust until finally, his swollen testicles were just a few short inches from touching my dripping vagina.

He stopped moving, it was obvious to both of us that I couldn't take any more of his length, we both waited for me to get used to the length and width of his monster tool.

The room was silent but for our heavy breathing. Our leg muscles trembled as we waited. Jen gently caressed my calves and his arse muscles to ease the temptation for him to shove home completely. It seemed like an eternity for all three of us before I felt it safe to start to move. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck my arrrsse!!!" I screamed. Jen and Chris smiled at my outburst and he began to move his hips faster. It always worked like this. Once I adjusted, he knew he didn't have to be gentle any longer.

I pulled my hips forward and then pushed back with a grunt, sliding him in as far as I could with one thrust. "Ahhhhhheeeee!!!" I screamed. It wasn't a scream of pain but rather incredible pleasure. I could feel every inch of the hot shaft as it slid past the organs deep up inside my canal. Then he gradually began to move more rapidly until he was pounding into my tight arse without reservation.

The bed beneath us all squeaked under the strain and the room filled with the slapping sound of skin against skin. God, I was taking all of him, the whole thing was up my arse.

Oh how wonderful it felt, I was so full of my own brother, he was so far inside me, he felt a huge part of sexy young teen shows her perfect tits for webcam at that moment in time. "Oh God, I'm going to cum," he moaned in warning. "Yes, yes, yes, cum. cum in my arrrsse!!!" I screamed as my own climax boiled out of control.

I could feel my canal pulsing and squeezing his long shaft. Each of my pulses brought a return throb from his hot shaft. Suddenly, he bellowed in pleasure and began to pump his thick, hot, white sperm deep into my waiting hole. It felt like his balls had exploded from the release of the built up pressure. I could feel it. I screamed that I could actually feel the hot cum pouring into my bowel. I know that most women would say that that was not possible, but I know what I felt and the feeling always intensified my climax.

It was almost as if a soothing balm was being pumped into my clenching hole. Both Jen and I were now gushing liquid stickiness at the other and soaking each other's faces. Our heads were moving from side to side, rubbing into each other's pubic mess, drenching our faces and hair in as much of each other's fluids as we could find.

Gradually, our orgasm receded and Jen slipped quietly out from beneath me and lay on her side with eyes closed, catching her breath. A torrent of cum flew out of Chris in a continuous boiling white rope, spraying the insides walls of my bowels. I dropped over the bed again and his cock sprang painfully free of my bowels. Another rope sprayed my back and the back of my hair. The next spew from his pulsating cock covered Jens left breast and the side of her face. I now grabbed his cock and aimed the next rope over my own breasts and chin.

Oh Chris, I just love it when you have a wild explosion like this one. There seems no end to it, you pour your seeds out all over my face, all over my tits and arms and Jen's covered too. Of-course, with her being so close, there is no-where for her to go. She opens her mouth, is gifted with a volley of cum, closes her mouth and lets me watch as it gently squeezes out from between her lips.

Finally, the ropes were now just short and plentiful, covering my hand and running down to coat his balls. My head was pounding, my skin was stretched and covered with the sheen of sweat, my chest was heaving. His cock was still draining itself and my breathing was deep and laboured.

Jen and I just sat there on the bed looking at each other and giggling. "That was incredible, I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to doing it again. I've never cum so hard or for so long from fucking before in my life." We were both covered in his cum, I almost forgot about my back and hair, I was gently running a bunch of fingers through the goo on my breasts, arms, face and chin. Jen leant forward and laved her tongue across my nipple and up to my chin, pushing a huge rope of cum into her mouth as she went.

I reciprocated by gently pushing Jen down, laying across her, rubbing our breasts together and licking all Chris' cum off the side of her face, there was gallons of it. We then kisses softly and swapped a mouthful of his salty, sweet cum backwards and forwards, drinking a little every time until Jen let the final wad slip down her throat.

He staggered to the corner of the room and wet a towel in warm water to wash off his still semi-hard penis and now gently washed off what little of his cum Jen and I hadn't devoured from each other's body. Jen decided that she should now confine herself to her own bed and curled up next to the soundly asleep Sex new xxxsex stories story 2019, occasionally licking her fingers and would 'Mmmm' to herself, pretending there was still some cum on them.

Chris and I meanwhile lay holding each other and gently playing with each others bodies and for the next two hours would occasionally make mad, sweaty, passionate, bruising sex in every position imaginable and some quite impossible.

Now and again, we would stop for some water and a towel but it wouldn't take long for one or the other of us to not be able to be outside or without the other. During our water brakes, we would look to see if Jen and Sid were OK. On one occasion, they were both silent with Jen just scanning the room, but on most breaks, Jen was either sucking him off or fucking herself furiously, up on one elbow watching us.

"God, you two looks grrrreat, you don't mind, do you?" I walked carefully over and kissed her passionately while Chris gently licked her engorged outer and now protruding inner lips and parted thighs, pushing down on her pelvic bone. He then let his now throbbing erection slowly push into me from behind and I moaned softly at Jen who instantly knew what had happened. I lifted up and held the bed head with one hand so that Jen could watch Chris slide slowly in and out, whilst with my other hand, I thrust two fingers in and out of her boiling point and strummed her clit with my thumb.

Occasionally, Chris would pull completely out of my red-hot tunnel so that Jen could hold his steely erection up against my slit and watch as it slid up and down her hand whilst it rubbed along my pussy and over my clit. It only took me seconds before I was squealing in orgasm and Jens free hand squeezed a nipple to intensify my overload. I slumped down, slowly finding my breathing pattern and gently rubbed Jens breast, kissed her once again and went for some more water.

Jen licked the palm of her hand where Chris' cock had being laying and started again to rub her own clit. He stood next to her and rubbed the slippery head over the back of the hand she was using until I came back. We then disappeared back to a very wet bed. For the next half hour milf reality hardcore rough poor tiny jade jantzen she just desired to have a fun mouth attacked every inch of pbd sklavinmichaela fill up boobs overfill implants expanders body.

Finally, his head made its way to the area that had been begging for attention for so long and as soon as his tongue made contact with my very sensitive and by now, very raw clit, my body started to tremor and I could feel an orgasm starting to take control.

Orgasmic waves washed over my body like a nuclear explosion, starting from my centre and working outwards to cover every inch of my body. As he retreated to watch my frantic display, my juices exploded in a violent gush that drenched him in my nectar. His face was splashed with my juices and ran down to cover his chest.

His mouth again attached to my lower lips and began suction, causing me to climax over and over, with my juices pouring out and into his waiting mouth as if I was his own personal drinks dispenser. I pushed him away. "I want to taste it. I want you to cum in my mouth." I said.

Before he could react, my mouth was wrapped around his member, and my tongue was circling the head. My head bobbed fiercely up and down the shaft. Occasionally, I would release him from my mouth and pump him hard with my hand whilst looking up and smiling wildly. This has got to be one of the best blowjob I have ever given, it's for my brother and I can't wait for him to cum in my mouth. "Oh God, you make me so horny, I want you to cum, I want to taste it, I want you to flood my mouth, I want it to go all over my face, I want to rub it in and then lick it off my hands." That was all he needed to hear, I could feel the cum rising from his balls.

I wrapped my lips tightly around the head and pumped furiously on his massive weapon and soon he was pumping his load into my throat.

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Over and over I moaned deep in my throat sending vibrations down his shaft as he came and came. I worked hard to swallow as much as I could until he sprayed my face, ears, nose, eyes and hair, covering me in everything he gave me.

"Oooohhh, that's so good. Oh fuck, I love this." I continued to work his bulging shaft with my hand and mouth until there was nothing left. He was still hard and I climbed on top of him, my pussy just inches from the purple head. "I want you to fuck me again now." I slammed down on him and shrieked as his cock punched into the walls of my womb.

"Oh God, this is amazing, I love it. I love your cock deep inside of me. I love it." I sat on top of him, rubbing his enormous orgasm all over my upper body. His burning member was buried to the hilt inside of me, moving my hips back and forth slowly, grinding my clit into his pubic bone. In just a few minutes, I had an orgasm like I've never seen or heard of a girl having before. I felt my pussy gripping his cock and I squirted at him, over and over and over, grunting with every release. He was soaked with my juices, it pooled in his lower belly, ran off to the sides, our pubic hair was drenched and he could feel it running down his inner thighs and down to his arse.

It felt incredible to have an orgasm like this and he kept up a steady pace to see how long he could maintain my gushes. I collapsed on top of him. "Oh God, this is amazing, keep me going, just a little longer, oh God, pleeaaase!!!" I rolled us both over to the side and pulled him now on top of me, never breaking our contact.

"I want you to cum inside of me. So far you've impure mother id like to fuck like her milkshake japanese hardcore in me twice, now I want to feel you cum in my pussy." I said.

He started pumping his wonderful length in and out of me, slowly at first, from keeping the head just inside of me, to filling me completely and pushing hard up, seemingly beyond my cervix, making me shiver and strain every time.

Gradually, he picked up the pace. I came gently three, maybe four more times before he finally jabbed in as far as he could go, one last time and emptied himself inside of me, giving me a final very heavy climax. "Oh yes, I can feel it, I can feel your cum pumping up inside my cervix, deep inside my pussy. Oh God yes, your cum feels so good in my pussy." We both collapsed into each other's arms, totally fucked out. It was hard to stay awake. We both needed to kiss Jen goodnight, so slowly, carefully we stumbled to the floor and with cum spewing out of me, crawled round the side of the big bed as Jen leaned over to kiss us both goodnight.

I kissed her first, ran my hand through her hair and stood up gingerly to go round and kiss Sid good night. As Jen lay on her back, she stretched her small body and reached out her arms to Chris over her head. He couldn't resist it, he just had to attack her sweat soaked armpit once more before we all went to sleep for the night. He then slipped his right arm round her tiny waist, cradled the back of her head in his left hand and hugged her to him. He whispered apologies into her ear about how he must smell by now and gave her a long, slow, soft kiss on the cheek.

She turned to him and whispered, "You smell wonderful, so full of sex", and kissed him passionately on the lips. "Thank you, both of you, for doing so much fake taxi driver bangs brunette student in public hardcore and faketaxi me tonight.

Good night" she said, and rolled over toward the comatose Sid. The following morning, we all awoke slowly.