Dani daniels sleep sex full story

Dani daniels sleep sex full story
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The Decision She sat there, dressed in black. Her eyes were a deep, beautiful blue, even through the redness one could see how captivating they were. Her cheeks glistened with the tears.

Her blonde hair was behind her ears, she put her fingers through them as she sat on the couch. Her father came over and sat next to her, feeling worse for her than he had for himself. She was too young for this, too young to have her mother taken from her. As he put his arms around her and reassured her it was going to be okay. He wasn't ready for this himself, but she had no idea what to do. Her mother was her everything, her guardian angel, as she always called her.

And now the little girl of five was all alone in this world. Her father knew he could never take a mother's place, but he vowed to try.

As the people came around to offer their condolences the wake drew to a close and the man and his daughter went home, though it felt like didn't feel like home to either of them. The weekend came, and they didn't talk much, the girl tried to stay strong through it all, and the father thought about a decision that he and his wife had made together, and what to do about it now. When Sunday came, they went to church, the father giving a most heartfelt opening sermon, it was a different day at church.

The people all offered more condolences, especially to the little girl, whose eyes were still puffy and red, cheeks never dry. She tried to smile and say thank you, but whenever she opened her mouth to talk she broke down crying. She could barely look anyone in the eye, feeling slightly ashamed she couldn't stop crying.

Monday came, and he allowed her to stay home from school, for one day, he told her. She stayed up in her room for most of the day, and he stayed down stairs with a photograph of a toddler, who needed a home.

The decision his wife had made with him, he didn't know if he could take on another child, he didn't know how he could take care of one.

He cooked dinner that night, and invited his daughter real french maid fucks her ass and pussy with dildo live on with him, he was pleasantly surprised when she came down. She sat at the table and smiled for the first time since her mother passed. Her cheeks soft and smooth, eyes glowing brightly like they always had before.

He thought he saw some makeup on her, though he had forbidden it, he felt he could let it pass. Seeing his daughter normal again was worth it. She went back to school Tuesday, and he made the call, his daughter had helped him decide.

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He dialed the number for child services, hand trembling with nervous tension. But he had his sex appeal gals fucked pornstars and hardcore blessing and, to him, that was as good as the Lord's. The lady on the other end made sure that he wanted to take on another daughter, and he reassured her that they could do it, with his daughter's help, he felt he could do anything.

Noticing Ten years later their father was hosting a cookout. Sarah, now fifteen, with golden blonde hair flowing three quarters of the way down her back, and eyes as blue as the sky, was the first outside. She was in her two piece bathing suit, the first her father let her wear. And it was the first time swimming of the year, she couldn't be happier.

She leaped from the side walk and dove right into the pool. Close behind her was her younger sister, Alexis, whose skin was slightly darker than Sarah's and hair a dark brown. Alexis had brown eyes, but some said they rivaled the beauty of Sarah's.

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She was in a one piece, but wasn't at all distraught over it. She was going swimming, and that made her happy. Sarah came up from under the water right as Alexis did a cannonball into the pool. As soon as Alexis surfaced, Sarah playfully splashed her with water. And the fight began. The other kids at the party soon jumped in the water and joined the fun. And the small water fight turned into a war as each team went to their side of the pool.

There, floating in the water at the other end of the pool, Sarah noticed something, something she hadn't notice before, it was the beauty in her younger Sister's eyes. And when Alexis caught her eyes back, Sarah smiled, and blushed slightly. It felt as though her heart stopped and her stomach went in knots, her skin instantly got covered in goose bumps. The feeling only lasted a second though, as she noticed Alexis and her team charging at them.

She laughed and picked up her noodle and charged back. The two teams met somewhere in the middle of the pool, and battled in the water like medieval warfare, except with water. It only lasted a minute before their father called them out of the pool, saying lunch was ready. The sister's stayed behind and let everyone else out first, their father always instructed manners on them. As Alexis got out, Sarah caught herself watching her little sister's butt as she climbed up the later.

She got the same feeling again, but shook it off quickly and climbed out. Sarah helped served the kids table, as the oldest one still being called a kid. Then she sat down with her own plate of food, directly across from her sister.

Towards the end of their meal she felt a stream of water hit her in the stomach. She looked directly at Alexis, who was looking away whistling, playing innocent. After the meal, as Sarah was picking up the plates and cups of the kid's table Alexis squirted Sarah again in the back with the squirt gun.

Sarah quickly through them out and chased after her little sister. "No running around the pool!" they heard their father shout at them. So Alexis dove right in squirting at Sarah feverishly. "Swimming after lunch isn't any better!" he shouted again, but it was too late. Sarah had jumped in after her, and in seconds the splash war had began again.

Their father wanted to be piss soaked euro babes cumsprayed in orgy european cumshot, but all he could do was smile and shake his head. His daughter's were smiling and having fun, and nothing felt better than that. No Time for Love That spring, Sarah had made the varsity field hockey team at school.

She felt lucky to be only in tenth grade and accepted onto the team. Being on the team also made her more popular among that older girls, and many of the older guys as well. The first game of the year was a close one, it came down to the last few minutes, when Sarah scored the winning goal. When the game was over, the students came rushing off the stands onto the field, and they all cheered her name, they even held her up as they cheered. Her father watched, proud of his little girl, happy to see her so happy.

After the put her down and everyone continued congratulating her, she caught the eye of a boy through the crowd. He was looking at her and gave her a feint smile, she smiled back, blushing hard. He slowly made his way towards her, and Sarah recognized him as a senior from school. When he got to her he smiled, "Hey, great game." Sarah felt nervous and began toying with her hair, "Thanks." "Do you think, maybe you'd want to go out with me?" he asked suddenly.

She didn't know why, but it caught Sarah completely off guard. She'd never liked him daisy summers nasty little whore up pornstars hardcore, didn't ever talk to him, but she'd never been asked out before either. She thought it must of been fate bringing them together like this, she instantly thought she was in love with him and nodded shyly.

He smiled and pulled her into him, kissing her lips lightly. She hesitated for a moment and then began kissing him back, soon it grew, and she put her hand on his cheek as their lips locked together. She felt his tongue lightly poking on her lip, but she'd never kissed anyone and was nervous. It felt like a long time as she decided whether or not to let his tongue in.

In what was really only a few seconds time her decision was made for her. "Get your hands off my daughter!" her father yelled running towards them.

Sarah immediately got more red, and looked at her new boyfriend. He took off the moment he caught glimpse of her father running towards them, running straight for the parking lot. She wish he had picked her up and taken her away with him. All of the sudden she wanted nothing more than to run away and be with him forever.

"Sarah, get into the car, now!" her father yelled at her. Her head hung low as she walked for the car, everyone staring at her. The ride home was quiet, her father said nothing, didn't even look at her. She felt like the ride was taking longer than it should have.

Stealing a glance at the speedometer she found out why, her father was driving ten miles an hour under the limit. He was doing it on purpose, making her sulk and think.

She didn't understand why he was so mad, what she'd done wrong, and why her boyfriend had ran away. When they arrived at the house he quietly told her to go wait in her room, that he'd be up shortly. Sarah did as she was told, closing the door behind her.

She sat on her neatly made bed and looked over at her sister's.

It was a mess, she sighed and walked over to make it. She always made her sister's bed for her. She didn't mind, she sort of liked the idea of looking after her. Her moment thinking about this was short-lived, her father was coming up the stairs. He didn't run, and he didn't stomp, but still it sounded like every footstep was a boom of thunder. He walked into her room, found her sitting on her own bed and shut the door behind him. Sarah thought she could hear Alexis watching T.V.

the split second before her father went off on her. She'd never heard him scream so much, look so angry. Sarah's father told her how wrong it was she'd even think of dating a boy at her young age. How he'd reminded her many times that she has no need of a boyfriend until she's done with school, and how she shouldn't want one until then.

Sarah didn't understand most of what he was saying, but knew it was all to the same point, she's too young, and she needs to be more respectful to God, and blah blah blah. She had gotten the speech many times before, she had it memorized.

The only difference now was that her father was angry with her, yelling at her. He accused her of breaking her vow of celibacy and sleeping with him. It was an accusation she stood up and denied instantly, saying she'd never do that. It was something her father knew wasn't true.

He trusted his daughter, and knew her better than that. He shouldn't of accused that. The yelling didn't last long, mostly because the father ran out of things to say. He stormed off and down stairs to start making dinner. Sarah couldn't stop thinking of why her boyfriend ran away, not that it matter, she couldn't date him now. She heard footsteps on the stairs again, lighter ones, softer ones. Steps one might expect an Angel to make. Sarah smiled, it was her sister, the only person she could think of to resemble an Angel, though many people told her nasty bombshell opens up her cunt and enjoys hardcore sex did.

Sarah always felt Alexis had more Angelic qualities. She poked her head into the room, seeing Sarah sitting on the bed, cheeks wet with tears, eyes red from being rubbed. She ran up and hugged her sister tightly.

"It's okay, Sarah," Alexis said reassuringly. Just having her younger sister there made Sarah feel much better. After a few moments Alexis got up and pulled her sister up to. "And just think, if you'd run after the ball as fast as that boy ran from daddy, it wouldn't of been such a close game!" she giggled.

Sarah couldn't help but laugh, not so much from the joke, but the sound of her sister's laughter always cheered her up to the point where she had to laugh. Sweet Sixteen Sarah was asleep, but someone was trying to get her up, shaking her. She could hear a voice faintly, as if a great distance away.

Slowly it got louder, and louder, the shaking got more intense, but she was still in dream land. When it stopped she started to stir, then it started again, "Sarah!" she heard. "Sarah get up!" in her dream it was an Angel speaking to her, speaking softly. Then the Angel shouted loudly, "Sarah! Get up!" the up was exaggerated.

She stirred some, but stayed in dream land, as the Angel got closer she recognized it's face, it was her sisters. Then, out of nowhere, she got suddenly cold, and felt two cold hands on her shoulders, shaking her some. "Up!" she opened her eyes, looking deep into Alexis's eyes instantly. Sarah smiled and noticed Alexis was straddling her. Alexis got up and ran over to her sister's dresser pulling clothes out. Sarah noticed her cute butt in her pink panties, and the small of her back exposed through her cami.

It was the same types of clothes Sarah wore to bed, Alexis had started copying it almost a year ago. Alexis through the clothes she chose for her sister on the foot of Sarah's bed. "No, five more minutes," Sarah said rolling over to face the wall, closing her eyes.

"Nooooooo! Daddy already let you sleep in until ten!" Alexis pushed on her back lightly. It did surprise Sarah that her father let her sleep in so much, even if it was her sweet sixteen. But still, she shook her head no and held her pillow tighter. "Fine, I'll go tell daddy!" Alexis opened the door, and Sarah shot up, standing up in her green panties and a cami, rubbing her eyes, her blond hair covering her face.

Alexis shut the door, turned, and jumped on her big sister. The sudden extra weight and movement cause Sarah to fall back, instinctively holding her sister on her. Soon she was lying on her back on her bed, Alexis's arms and legs around her, her arms around her hairy black snatch gets shaved and fucked after shock sister.

She instantly felt a knot in her stomach and her nipples begin to harden, she noticed her sister wasn't wearing a bra yet, though she'd obviously showered. The smell in Alexis's hair was intoxicating, and Sarah breathed it in deep.

She though she felt her little sister's nipples harden as well as their breasts were mashed together. It felt good, she didn't know why, but her nipples and breasts altogether felt good, pleasurable, a feeling she couldn't quite define but knew she liked it and wanted more. As her sister began to move, it did feel better, the movement on her breasts made them feel fantastic, her sister's small budding breasts not only pressed against hers but moving around too.

Then blonde suck fuck and cumshot noticed Alexis was getting up, and as she lifted her head, she found herself looking down her cami. Though Alexis had small breasts, Sarah though she noticed some cleavage.

Instantly she felt a jolt of electricity go right to her vagina. She remembered from sex ed in school that this was her getting turned on. Alexis smiled and left the room, then Sarah realized it, she had just been turned on for the first time in her life, by her younger sister.

Needing Help The room was dark, only the feint glow of Alexis's purple engulfing a hard toy dick hardcore and bondage light illuminated them, but Sarah didn't need to see, she was feeling. Her lips were locked with her sister's, their tongues were dancing. She moaned into her younger sister's mouth.

Sliding her hands up the back of her cami, feeling her bare skin. Sarah herself was only in her panties, feeling Alexis on top of her, pushing her body against her, they humped into each other slowly, yet firmly. Alexis moved off to the side of her big sister, their lips never breaking contact, but slowly trailed her fingers to her breasts, squeezing her nipples lightly, making Sarah moan in pleasure.

Their kiss deepened, Sarah rested one hand on the back of Alexis's head, the other gently massaging the young girl's butt through her panties.

Almost to slowly for Sarah to notice the fingers trailed from her nipple down her stomach. As she broke the kiss for the first time she moaned loudly as Alexis cupped her older sister's pussy. Even through the fabric it felt amazing to Sarah, she knew she was wet, she was soaking. She pulled her sister back in to kiss her deeply, passionately, as her fingers rubbed her pussy through her panties.

Alexis rubbed harder and faster, Sarah had to break the kiss to breath and fat cock in the ass for blonde teen aloud.

She was sweating, Alexis was too, she didn't care, she pulled her in again to kiss as she got close. Then she woke up, vagina wet from the dream, sheets soaked with sweat. She pulled her hand up and rested her head on her pillow, right in a wet spot. She guessed it was either drool or had been making out with her pillow, probably both.

She looked across the room, saw her sister asleep, her angelic eyes hid behind her eyelids. The soft purple glow illuminating her. Sarah couldn't take it, she rolled over to face the wall. It wasn't the first time she'd had this dream, but she didn't remember the first time, or how many times. Just that it was always the same, except each time it got a little further.

It had been starting to bother her slightly. She couldn't have these dreams, especially not about her younger sister. The wants and these desires, they had to be just in dreams, anything can happen in dreams.

She tried to convince herself every time, but more and more she'd catch herself noticing her sister in ways no girl should notice another girl, let alone their own sister. She had to do something, but she had no idea what. She couldn't get back to sleep, so she kept thinking hard about what she could do.

She knew she had to at least prove to herself that the dreams meant nothing, and they were just random dreams she, unfortunately, kept having. Now that she was a junior she was taking psychology, surely her psych teacher would know something about dreams. She decided during her free period the next day she would go see him.

Hopefully he had it free as well. Luck was on Sarah's side, she'd asked her psych teacher if she could talk to him during her free period, and he'd agreed. Now she just had to wait until then. For some reason, it seemed to take an abnormally long time, especially lunch with her sister.

But then it was one more class then off to speak with him.

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As her class slowly grew to a close she began to get nervous, she didn't know what to say to him, or how to say it. Should she give him the details, even that it was a dream about her sister, or just keep it general. Maybe she should just say it was a sexual dream, and leave it at that.

She couldn't figure it out, and it consumed her so much she didn't hear the bell ring, or notice the rest of the class had already left. After her current teacher snapped her out of her trance she walked briskly to her psych teacher's office. She knocked on the door lightly and peeked in. She could see his short brown hair as he faced away from the door, working on his computer. "Come in," he said pleasantly, turning around. Sarah shyly stepped in and closed the door behind her.

"Ah, Sarah, you didn't give me much to go on before, just that you had a question about dreams? What was it?" his voice was soft and reassuring. Sarah took a seat from another desk in the office and brought it up across from him at his. She didn't know what to say, and ran a hand through her blonde hair, and tried to relax. "Are dreams, things that we want? Like does every dream have a meaning?" she asked, she was more nervous than she thought she'd be. "All dreams have a meaning, though not every one of them is a want, what was this dream exactly?" his voice was reassuring but his question scared her.

She looked down and fiddled with the books in her lap. Breathing in deep she said, "It was a sexual dream." she left it open a little bit, not quite sounding like she'd finished her sentence. Her teacher paused for a moment, as though thinking hard. She though she could tell that he had the answer, but was trying to figure out how to word it. "Well, I don't want you to go into detail about it, if that was the type of dream.

And because of that, I can't be sure exactly what to tell you." Her heart sank, she was going to speak but then he continued, "But most sexual dreams are random desires, and at your age, they can be crazy and seemingly out of control. It may seem like things you didn't know existed, or liked, but because of hormones have manifested themselves in your mind. It doesn't mean you like them or want them, but it could.

I'm sorry my answer is vague, but there's so much behind those types of dreams, that it could really be anything. I'm sorry, Sarah." Sarah was a little confused by his answer, he hadn't really told her anything. But she understood, and knew he couldn't tell her any more, after all, he did go to Church every Sunday with her and her sister where her father was the priest. And she knew that if her father found out about her having sexual dreams, he'd be most furious.

She smiled and said, "Thanks," though she realized it didn't really sound like she meant it. Right as she opened the door he heard her teacher say, "Oh and, Sarah?" She turned to face him, hair falling over one of her eyes, leaving only one beautiful blue eye exposed.

"Could you do me a favor, and not tell your father about this. It's my obligation as a teacher to help you, and I'm more than happy too, but I do like going to your father's services, and I'm quite sure I wouldn't be welcome there if he found out you were coming to me with problems like these." She let out a small laugh and nodded, "I'm sure I wouldn't be allowed to sleep if he knew I had those types of dreams." With that they both laughed slightly, then she turned and walked out, more confused and wondering what to do than before.

With her psych teacher unable to help, and the dreams becoming more frequent, and even lasting longer, Sarah just became even more confused as the time passed. It was made even worse with for her fourteenth birthday Alexis got a two piece bathing suit, and Sarah had noticed all her curves, her growing breasts, and her bubble butt.

Sarah often found herself staring at her younger sister. Math class was boring her like always, she couldn't stand math. She didn't even notice it when suddenly there was a test in front of her. She looked up at the time, still a half hour to go in the day. Sighing, she picked up her pencil and wrote her name down and read the first question. She didn't even finish reading it when she knew she was going to do bad on this test. Sarah got off the bus and noticed her father wasn't home, she was kind of happy, she'd have a moment to rest before he came home and gave her a list of chores to do.

When she opened the door, her sister was wearing her two piece bathing suit, laying on the couch. Noticing her big sister come home Alexis got up and walked over to her. She immediately reached up and wrapped her arms around Sarah. Her bag fell to the floor as Sarah peered into Alexis's eyes, the look in them was the look she wanted to see. Alexis's eyes screamed the same thing Sarah wanted, to kiss.

As their faces got closer and eyes closed, their lips met. The kiss was instantly intense, their tongues dancing, Sarah's hands grabbed her sister's hips, pulling her closer to her body. After a few minutes of kissing, Alexis's hands dropped down Sarah's body. They glided down her stomach to her pants, unbuttoning the khakis and slowly pulling the zipper down.

They both watched the young girls hands, then they looked into each others eyes. Sarah nodded, wanting to feel her angelic touch where she'd never been touched before. Her eyes closed as Alexis kissed her again, cupping her big sister's pussy through her panties. Sarah moaned loudly and woke up. She shook her head wildly and looked at the clock, ten minutes until she went home. She glanced down at the test, only her name written on it.

She hurried through the test, knowing she was most likely going to fail anyways, thankful her teacher hadn't noticed her day dreaming. Selpa sate k xxx storys the bell sounded, she got up to turn it in and noticed a wetness between her legs. She briefly recalled her day dream, making her vagina tingle. Rushing to turn in her test and get home she didn't talk to any of her friends.

The bus ride home wasn't long, but it felt like hours. Her father's car wasn't in the drive way, her heart skipped a beat when she noticed this. Maybe her day dream would come true. As she walked towards the door her heart was pounding, beating harder and harder as she got closer to the door. With each step, the door actually seemed to get further away.

She was actually hoping her sister would be inside in her bathing suit, and she couldn't believe it. Sarah unlocked it and turned the knob, Alexis would always lock it when home alone.

For an instant she thought she saw her, but when she blinked she realized her sister wasn't there. Then she remembered she was at soccer practice, and her heart sank. But her vagina still tingled, she still felt like she needed to be touched. In an instant she knew what she had to do, she dropped her bag and ran up to her room.

Laying down on her bed Sarah unbuttoned and unzipped her khakis, then paused. What was she pick up first time anal hi slut to do? Was she about to touch herself? She knew she couldn't do that, but she knew she wanted to know what it felt like so bad.

She pushed down her pants and looked in the mirror, her pink panties had a little wet spot right between her legs. Out of embarrassment she closed her legs and blushed. Then, she moved her hand down, and rested it on her thigh, her other hand pulling pillows under her head. She slowly touched the wet spot on her panties, the feeling went straight up from her pussy up her spine making her body tingle and shiver briefly, it was like electricity.

She touched it again, and got the same effect, one more time made her moan softly. She was lost in herself, she didn't know what came over her, but she pushed her panties down, staring at her shaved pussy. Sarah shaved when she started growing hair because of the itching. Sarah had no idea what to do, she just knew that touching herself made her feel like she was on top of the world. She lightly touched herself again, with no fabric between her finger and her pussy the shock was at least ten times as great.

She moaned loud, and touched again, keeping her finger on her pussy lips. Her hand began moving up and down slowly, she felt how wet she was, and it turned her on more. She began moving her hips on and down slowly on her finger. With her pussy getting wetter she started rubbing faster, and putting a little more pressure on her pussy, she moaned louder and louder. She discovered her own clit, and how it felt when she touched it.

She slid her other hand down to rub her pussy lips and rub her clit at the same time. In her mind, she was thinking of her little sister doing this to her, and began softly moaning her name. She stopped everything when her own finger slipped inside her pussy.

Then, when she began to pull it out, she moaned loudly and pushed it back in. The feeling she got when she pulled her finger out was ecstatic, she loved it and wanted more. Combined with her fingers on her clit she couldn't imagine anything feeling better. She found her hymen, she knew from sex ed what it was, and knew she couldn't break it, but could still go deep enough to make herself feel good. Her eyes clamped shut and she raised her ass off the bed, the hand on her pussy lips going around behind her leg, the other still rubbing her clit faster and faster.

Sarah put her finger back inside her pussy. She moaned louder, and louder, both her hands moving faster. "Alexis, Alexis, Alexis!" she moaned louder. Her entire body began to shake, and she got hot all over. She was worried something bad was happening to her, but couldn't stop. The heat grew, she started to sweat, her shaking was worse, but she kept going faster and faster.

Her ass now lifted a foot off the bed as she screamed "ALEXIS!" With that her hand felt like it was pushed out of her pussy, and a liquid came squirting out. She kept rubbing her clit and screaming her little sister's name.

The hand recently freed pulled her sheets up and over her as she collapsed on the bed, still in orgasm and squirting. She could feel each time the liquid squirted out horny bffs raven and nicole dripping wet pussies fuck one cock threesome and lesbians her.

After she had calmed down, she pulled the blankets over her instinctively and fell asleep. Help It was only a half hour later when she woke up, instantly she was terrified someone would see the mess she'd made. Sarah still couldn't believe it herself, that she'd just touched herself, that she'd just given herself her first orgasm, and all while screaming her little sister's name. She couldn't believe any of it, and knew she needed to get help, as soon as she could.

She looked over her sheets, it was obvious something happened, and the room stunk, she quickly tore the sheets off her bed and put her panties and pants back on. Alexis would be home from practice soon, and her father shortly after that. After getting her sheets in the wash Sarah ran back upstairs and opened a window. The scent in the room was obvious that something had happened, though she didn't think Alexis would notice, she didn't want to take any chances. Next she had to clean herself, she dashed into the bathroom just as Alexis walked in the front door.

The sound of footsteps on the stairs told Sarah her little sister was running right up to their room. She hoped she didn't notice the smell, turning on the shower and getting undressed she noticed how messy she was, she could still feel her juices on her skin all over her hands and legs. As she jumped in the shower, her sister knocked on the door, "Sissy! Are you in there?" Sarah decided it best to ignore her, hoping she didn't want to ask her about the smell in their room.

Alexis called for her once more, and then Sarah heard her run down the stairs. Though the sound of her voice and the hot water running over her naked body started to excite her. She reached a hand down her stomach slowly and pulled it back up.

"No," she told herself, "I can't." The next day at school, Sarah decided to talk to her school psychiatrist, thinking that she'd be able to help. During her free period she went to her office and asked her if she had a free period she had to talk to her tomorrow.

The psychiatrist told her she had one right now and invited her in. Sarah thought she'd have at least a day to think about what she was going to say before she actually talked to her, she was instantly overwhelmed with nervousness. But she thought she'd try to explain to her what was going on none-the-less. "I've been having.weird dreams, lately," she explained, her face going red. The psychiatrist removed her glasses and sat back, relaxing in her chair.

"And what are these dreams about, Sarah?" "I'd rather not say, it's gross, and very personal," Sarah replied, almost shaking from being so nervous. "Sarah, I understand it may seem that, and it may be that, but if you don't tell me what the dreams are about, I can't help you define them. And no one will ever know what you tell me, unless you tell them. I promise." So there was a definition to the dreams, they did mean something, this both lifted Sarah's spirits and sank them. It meant that the dreams meant something, and she was scared to know what.

"Well, in the dreams, I do stuff." The psychiatrist motioned for to continue. "Like, sex.and it's with a girl." Sarah's face turned a bright red and she looked down, ashamed. "There's no need to be ashamed, Sarah." She said, obviously noting this look. "Thinking about girls this way, is very natural for a girl your age.

It's part of growing up, if you spend most of your time with girls, and you get to this age, that is what your hormones are going to cause you to focus on." "So it, it doesn't mean anything?" Sarah asked, smiling some, relieved to hear that it didn't mean she was a lesbian.

The psychiatrist sat forward and crossed her legs. "Tell me, Sarah, are you attracted to boys, or girls?" The question caught Sarah off guard, she knew she found boys hot, but she never stared at any of them the way she did her sister. "Well, like.I'm definitely attracted to boys, but the dream's always about a girl, and I.it." she struggled for the words to explain it. "I think I'm attracted to her too." "So it's always one girl in particular?" Sarah just nodded.

"Well do you find her more attractive than any of the boys?" Sarah had to think about this a moment, even though she knew she did, but she didn't want to admit it to herself. After a long pause, Sarah nodded. "How long have you been having these dreams?" "A few months, since around the beginning of summer.

And each time I have it, it gets longer and we go farther. And yesterday I daydreamed about it too, and I just feel like I really shouldn't be having them." "Well, you are young, Sarah. Many girls your age have sexual dreams, and many that spend their time mostly around other girls will have these dreams about girls. You're at a phase in your life where your body and mind are growing and maturing. So, they will most likely pass.

But if you'd like, I can arrange a bi-weekly meeting. Where we dad got firecrotche daughter pregnant meet and discuss this, and see if they grow, or start to go away." "I would like that," Sarah smiled, finally she was going to get some help.

A couple of sessions later, around Christmas time, she was in a session, after having a very vivid dream the night before she was able to describe it better. "Sarah," the psychiatrist said after Sarah described the dream, "if you wouldn't mind my asking, but who exactly are these dreams about?

You always say its one girl, and always the same girl, and that even outside the dream you're physically attracted to her." Sarah turned bright red at the question, she knew slutty bffs gina valentina and ashley adams share one cock pornstars big dick had to tell her, it would help her better.

She put her head down, twiddling her thumbs, "Alexis," she said quietly. "Alexis, as in.your sister?" Sarah nodded, almost on the verge of tears, but she managed to say, "She's not really my sister by blood, my father adopted her when I was real young.

But I never even thought about that until recently, she's always been like a sister to me. And I've never thought of her as anything less than my sister. I love her like my sister, I just.I don't know." Sarah broke down, she started crying, lightly at first, but quickly she was crying hard. The psychiatrist handed her a box of tissues and patted her on the back. After waiting a few moments for her to regain her composure she began talking again, "Sarah, what I think is happening, is that because your mother died when you were young, and you got a sister who was younger than you at about the same time, your brain has become confused on a subconscious level.

You didn't get the female attention of a mother, but it was replaced by a female attention of a different kind; a little sister. This might have confused you in a way you don't fully know. And now that you're at that age where your body is growing and changing, it's making matters worse. You've known her your entire life, you're closer to her than you are to anyone else, but you've always known you weren't ever related to her.

I think you've developed an attachment to her, beyond sisterly, beyond friends." Sarah looked up at her, "So, do you think.like that it will still be only a phase?" It was the psychiatrist's turn to swallow hard and think long about what she was going to say. "I don't know, under normal conditions I would still say yes, but your case is special. Even though you've never thought about her as anyone but your sister, you've always known she wasn't. I think you may have actually developed feelings like those you'd get in a relationship with someone." "So, so I'm a lesbian?" "I can't answer that, only you can answer that question.

But I have to advise you to stick to our plan of just waiting it out, maybe even taking next summer off from being around her and take a long vacation." Christmas Christmas time came, and the day Christmas break started the girls and their father went out of state, to stay with cousins. They did this every year, for their aunt and uncle had the biggest house of anyone in the family.

Though with a new addition to the family this year, forcing Sarah to sleep in a room with Alexis. The sister's argued the entire trip there, and most of Christmas Eve over who would get the bed. Eventually their father decided that Alexis, being younger, would get the bed, and Sarah had to sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag. Dinner went over well, the kids all begging to open a present early, but to no avail. The problems only arose when Sarah and Alexis went to their rooms.

Sarah took a shower first, getting dressed in her panties and nightie and coming out and laying in her sleeping bag. However when Alexis came out from her shower, she was only dressed in her panties, her small perky little breasts instantly aroused Sarah, she cringed trying to hide how suddenly turned on she'd become.

Luckily, Alexis didn't seem to notice and threw on a nightie and climbed into her bed. They said their good nights and cuddled up in their respective beds. Sarah noticed when she was adjusting her position that she had become wet, very wet, almost like the time she touched herself. She thought she could do it again. As her hand slid under her panties she remembered how her orgasm had went, she had moaned and screamed her sister's name as loud as she could, and it squirted out of her and got everything messy.

She couldn't do that here, not at her aunt's and uncle's, especially not in the same room as her sister. Sarah decided to pull her hand out and try to get some rest. She shut her eyes and tried to sleep. It seemed like hours had gone by and she still couldn't sleep, so she poked her head up to check the clock, it had only been twenty minutes.

Alexis was tossing and turning her bed as well, the covers thrown off her, Sarah thought she noticed a small wet spot on her little sister's panties. This excited Sarah even more, she felt her vagina tingling more than it ever had, and her nipples hardened, her stomach felt like a pretzel. Sarah put her head back down, determined to get the disgusting thoughts and images out of her mind and get some sleep.

Just as she was doing so she heard Alexis's voice, "Sarah, I can't sleep." Alexis had said it softly, as though she didn't want to wake her older sister, but thought she was already up.

"Just take a deep breath, little sis. A deep breath and relax your head on your pillow and close your eyes." "I tried, but it didn't work." She sounded sad a little, Sarah knew she was putting her pity voice on, and her face. She could see her sad face in her mind, eyes big, gorgeous brown hair lightly covering her face, lips pouted. Her little angel was so adorable like that, and she could never resist anything she asked. "I don't know how to help, Lexie, I'm sorry." "You could come up here and hold me, I'm sorry I made you sleep on the floor.

But we can both share the bed, it's only two nights." Sarah couldn't say no, even though she knew the twin bed was not big enough to hold them both apart comfortably. And Alexis hadn't asked to share a bed with her big sister for years.

Sarah knew it wouldn't go over well, especially in her current condition. But she just couldn't say no. Sarah climbed out of her sleeping bag and up onto the bed with her sister, pulling the blanket up with her.

She got in behind her sister, curling up to her, spooning her from behind. Alexis sighed and held her Sarah's hands tightly, pushing back against her. Her butt pushed firmly against Sarah's pubic bone felt so great to Sarah, she moaned, trying to disguise it as a moan of her own.

Shortly Alexis fell asleep, but Sarah was still restless, even more so now that she had start humping her sister's ass lightly. She knew Alexis was a heavy sleeper, thank god!

Otherwise she'd wake up and probably be scared and scream and let everyone know how perverted her big sister was. Sarah shook her head violently, trying to get the images and thoughts out of her head once more. She laid her head on the pillow, cutie college blonde babe perform her best fucking style in the pawnshop nose in Alexis's hair, smelling her shampoo, feeling the tickle of the ends of her hair on her face.

Sometime in the night, Alexis had rolled over onto her back, Sarah was lying halfway on her, a leg between hers, pushed up against her pussy, her pussy grinding on her little sister's leg. Sarah was humping her little sister, even had a hand on her boob, squeezing the young girl's tit gently.

She looked up, her sister still sound asleep as she started moaning. She'd never felt such a good feeling as her pussy and clit grinding on Alexis's bare leg. Sarah knew the juice was soaking her panties, and her sister's leg. But, she thought she could feel heat and a slight dampness on her own leg, from her Alexis's little, young pussy.

It turned her on so much more, and she ground against her leg harder and faster, moaning a little louder. Sarah didn't know what come over her, but she pushed Alexis's nightie up over her bare boobs. Taking one in her mouth, gently pinching her other nipple. Her free hand was holding tightly to her shoulder, pulling on her as she humped up. Just as Sarah thought she was going to cum, her sister busty milf reagan foxx joins with teen couple fucking way. She thought she'd been caught, and looked up from the young girls tit, releasing it from her mouth.

But Alexis's eyes didn't open, she didn't make another sound, Sarah knew she was still asleep. She continued, looking back at the young nipple, glistening in her saliva. She loved how it tasted, sucking it again, harder now. She humped Alexis's leg harder and harder, grinding her own leg into her sister's pussy, feeling it get hotter and wetter.

Then, she felt Alexis's hand slowly sliding up her nightie and cupping her bare breast, it sent Sarah over the edge, and she had to suck hard on Alexis's tit to keep from screaming, but was still moaning loud. Instantly her panties became drenched in her cum as she came hard.

Alexis's hand was still squeezing her boob, playing with her nipple as Sarah humped and came harder and harder. When her orgasm was over she looked up at her little sister, still sound asleep.

Her own leg was very wet, she wondered if her sister had cum too, but didn't think so, she thought it'd be much wetter. Especially after comparing it to how wet her own panties were, and her young sister's leg, glistening in the moonlight from her cum. She rolled over, instantly after the time skip nico is on a mission with the straw hat pirates she adventures off on her own an sister spooned her from behind.

Sarah smiled, feeling Alexis's pubic bone pushed against her ass, she pushed back on it. Placing her hand over Alexis's, still on her bare breast, she pulled the covers all the way up and fell asleep shortly, thinking that this had been the best dream ever. Early Christmas morning Sarah woke up, remembering her dream from last night, a smile across her face before her eyes even opened. Even if it was wrong, that dream was still amazing. Shifting her legs she noticed that she may have even came during the dream, she hoped she wasn't loud enough to wake her sister.

Then Sarah noticed something, she wasn't in her sleeping bag, she was in a bed. And someone was touching her, where she'd never been touched by anyone, not even herself, save for the shower. As she stirred slightly to see a small hand squeezed her breast lightly. Sarah rolled over, noticing she was getting wet again fat ass girls big butts white asses bubble booty saw she was sleeping next to Alexis, and her hand was on her breast.

She saw that her younger sister's shirt was hiked up and a large red spot around one of her nipples. It wasn't a dream! She had actually humped her sister's leg until she came harder than she could ever imagine. She'd actually sucked her sister's breast, felt the young hand on hers.

Quickly she ran to the shower, scared out of her mind, what if Alexis was awake, or what if she noticed the red spot. Sarah took a long, hot shower to calm herself down. When she got out into her bedroom Alexis was up, looking at her nipple in the mirror. Hearing her big sister enter the room she asked, "Sissy, there's a red mark on my boobie. Is this bad?" Alexis had a sound of fear and sadness in her voice.

Sarah swallowed hard, she was glad her sister hadn't been awake during their encounter, but didn't know what to tell the young girl either. She thought about it, and looked at it from the other side of the room, afraid what she would do if she got closer. "It's probably just a small rash or something sissy, you should wait a few days and see if it goes away. Maybe put some Vaseline or ointment on it." "Okay!" Alexis said, cheerily as she skipped into the bathroom.

It was rare that her spirits ever got down. Christmas went over well, the second night Sarah fell asleep in barzzer sex com and sleep fuck h q sleeping bag long before Alexis even had a chance of inviting her back, she couldn't risk a repeat of the night before. Summer The week she got back to school she fought with herself over whether or not to tell her psychiatrist about the incident.

She knew she had to tell her, at least tell her that it was a dream, and how she woke up. "I had a dream again," Sarah began. "But it was different than all the others, it was more real, and it was weird how it happened." "How was it different?" "Just like, the things that we did were different. And when I woke up, I was in her bed, and her arm was.like.on me, under my shirt." Sarah thought it would be best not to tell her about the hickey left on her little sister's nipple.

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"And my underwear was.like all stiff.like I came in." The psychiatrist cut her off, "Please, Sarah, you don't need to go into so much detail. Vague descriptions of it are fine. It does sound like the dream could have been brought on by the touching. And, I suppose, if a sexual dream is strong enough, you could have an orgasm is one. But how would you end up in her bed?" "I don't know." Sarah dragged out the ending of the word, looking away, obviously guilty, doing a terrible job of hiding it though she was truly trying.

"It wasn't a dream, was it, Sarah?" she asked, leaning in closer. Sarah shook her head and rubbed her teary eyes. Just as she started to say something her eyes flooded and she started crying.

The psychiatrist handed her a tissue and moved her seat closer to Sarah's. After a few minutes and the tears has stopped and Sarah's nose had been cleared she continued, "Does your sister know?" Sarah simply shook her head again, wiping her nose. "Well that's good, I don't want to tell you to distance yourself from your sister. But I do think you should take a vacation this summer, go see some family. I know your father is very family oriented and wouldn't object to it.

Although, I do think it'd be best not to give him the exact reason why. Sarah nodded. So that summer, Sarah did just that, she took big booty girls suck dick by strangers on cam more back to her aunt's and uncle's to spend the summer with them. It started out hard, especially leaving, when her sister cried and Sarah just couldn't bring herself to tell the young girl why she had to go.

The dreams had started coming every night, she even masturbated two more times, once in the shower after she saw her sister come out naked, forgetting her clothes when she future possibilites of teen dna cloning are amazing hers. She knew this probably wouldn't help, she knew it wasn't a phase.

Sarah knew, that she wanted to have sex with her sister, she even dared look at lesbian porn once at a friends house, just to see how it was done.

She needed this though, time away from her sister. Maybe, just maybe, it would help. It took a month, and it did help, she went a few nights without having the dream, she met a boy who'd taken her out a couple times. She thought she loved him, she also thought he was the key to taking his mind off of Alexis. And she thought that maybe, the only way to lose sex stories hind prond xx story lusting feelings for her all together and forever was to break her vow.

Her first day back, she hadn't had the dream in over a month. She came home, Alexis was in the pool. And she didn't get turned on by her two piece, or when she got the biggest hug from the little girl. She was now seventeen and couldn't be happier. After the cookout her dad hosted for her Alexis came up and asked to sleep in her bed with her again. With her newfound confidence of being able to not get turned on by the slightest sexual sight of her younger sister, Sarah agreed.

Sarah took her shower first, and got into bed right after. She laid there reading while her sister took her shower, the thoughts never returning to her mind. Even when Alexis climbed into bed, Sarah was still without the feelings and the urges and the desires she used to have.

But when Sarah pushed herself against her younger sister to hold her tight, and Sarah pushed her cute, pert, little butt against Sarah's pubic bonem Sarah felt the shock, not even the boy gave her these shocks. It made Sarah look back, and made her realize how much her sister had grown, how her breasts were filling out, and how much better her butt felt against her.

She wanted Alexis so much more now, more than ever, but she had to fight the urges. She knew she did. Denial "So, did your summer vacation help?" her psychiatrist asked her. Sarah fought herself over whether or not to tell her about the relapse.

"It did, until Alexis slept in my bed last night, it brought all the feelings rushing back." Sarah said, looking down and frowning. "Well, a little relapse is normal, I'm sure over time it will become less and eventually go away all together." Over the next few weeks Sarah, refused to believe she was still attracted to her sister.

She told her psychiatrist at school that she didn't have them any more. Even spending another night with her sister, she refused to believe she was turned on by and attracted to her younger sister. She didn't get any sleep, forcing herself to be awake all night to resist the urges. It was getting worse, each urge was greater, and each desire was hotter, but she kept denying it.

She refused to believe she wanted to be with her little sister. One morning, she woke up, from the dream she had everynight again, her hand down her panties, rubbing her soaking wet pussy furiously. She looked over and saw her sister was gone, she was happy she could finish.

As she slid a finger inside her pussy she noticed a pair of the young girl's panties on the floor near her bed. For once Sarah was happy Alexis never picked up after herself. Turning them inside out she pushed the bottom of them into her mouth, trying desperately to taste her pussy. Fingering herself harder and faster, trying to finish fast before her sister came in. Just as Sarah was about to cum, she shoved the panties down into hers, soaking them in her cum.

Hearing the shower turn off, Sarah pretended to be asleep, and wake up shortly after her sister came in. She still told herself that the entire time she was thinking of a guy, and she only grabbed her panties to soak up her juices so she didn't mess up her sheets. Yet, in her heart, she knew it was always her sister on her mind. Christmas Christmas came again, and Alexis begged Sarah to share the bed again, saying she loves sleeping with her big sister.

Sarah knew exactly what was going to happen, she knew that it'd be just like last year. But she stupidly agreed, instantly regretting it. Christmas Eve came and went, slowly. Sarah tried to keep denying her attraction to Alexis, but the young girl's playful mood and cuteness was too much for her to handle.

After dinner, Sarah went up and showered quickly, almost tempted to touch herself in the shower, hoping it'd end the urges. But she couldn't do it, not on Christmas. So she finished her shower, put on her panties and nightie and climbed into the small bed. Shortly after Alexis came up and jumped in the shower, Sarah was reading her book when Alexis came out of the shower, in just her panties. Two giant toys for a lusty blonde solo and anal small, perky breasts, with her little nipples turned on Sarah immensley.

"Sis, I forgot to pack a nightie," Alexis said frowning, looking so cute and innocent. "Can I borrow one of yours?" Sarah had to look away and swallow hard, "I umm.I only brought one, little sis." Alexis walked over to the bed, playing shyly with her long brown hair, her angel eyes giving Sarah a look to make her heart melt. "So I have to sleep without one?" "It's okay, baby sis. I'll sleep like that too if it'll make you feel better." Sarah regretted saying it the moment it came out of her mouth.

Alexis bounced shaking her head, smiling beautifuly. Sarah reached under the owari nseraph 2 sub ita and pulled off her shirt, her hard nipples hitting the cool air, making them harder. "We should just sleep nakey!" blurted Alexis. Before she could even think Sarah replied, "Okay!" But before she could say she was kidding Alexis was bent over, pushing her panties down and stepping out of them.

"No, baby sis, I was kidding." "But you already said yes." Alexis pouted. Seeing her angel pout was the worst sight Sarah could imagine, so she quickly pushed her panties down. Alexis jumped up happily as Sarah through her panties to the floor. Alexis climbed in the bed, facing away from her big sister.

Looking back, Alexis kissed her older sister on the cheek, almost hitting her lips. Feeling the warm, soft flesh of Alexis's butt pushed against Sarah's curvy brunette has her moist beaver drilled bone sent her wild.

Wrapping her arms aroung the young girl, careful not to touch her boobs, Sarah pushed her breasts on Alexis's back. The sensation on her hard nipples was amazing, Sarah started lightly humping against Alexis's ass. She froze when Alexis turned over, laying on her back. Looking at her face in the moon light made it even more beautiful.

Her perfect lips slightly parted, her angelic eyes covered by gorgeous lids. Sarah couldn't resist, she leaned in, and kissed her lips. She didn't know what she was doing, but she couldn't stop herself. After a moment with no resistance, Sarah slowly slipped her tongue into her sister's mouth. Alexis woke up instantly when her big sister's lips touched hers. At first she put her hands up to push her away, but the slid around her back when the tongue entered her mouth and pulled her in.

Feeling her older sister's body pushed against her own excited her. She allowed her tongue to go out and meet Sarah's. She was actually making out with her younger sister, Sarah couldn't believe it, and best of all, she knew she wasn't dreaming. She put a leg between her sister's, making sure to press it against her young pussy, grinding her own pussy on her sister's leg. This little angel was taking her straight to heaven, Alexis even lifted her leg allowing Sarah to hump it better.

They both moaned into the kiss, Sarah put her hands on Alexis's face as the both humped into eachother's legs. Sarah lifted her chest and put it down, trying to center up her nipples with Alexis's. After a few tries she finally got it, and their hard nipples connecting made them both soar to a new high. Alexis broke the kiss, "Sis.you're making.my leg.so wet." she said between breaths as they continued slowly grinding on eachother's legs.

"And you're making mine wet too little sis," Sarah replied, leaning down to kiss her neck. Alexis moaned, and Sarah moved her hand over to the young girls boob, squeezing it softly. Her pussy felt like it was on fire as she kissed down her chest to her boobs.

She didn't know what came over her, she knew she should stop as she took a nipple into her mouth, her hand now moving down Alexis's stomach.

Slowly her hand passed over her belly button and over the young girl's lower stomach. As she passed over her pubic bone she noticed she was so cleanly shaven she could've passed as waxed.

Her big sister's mouth was over her nipple, hand heading for her flower. Alexis never thought she'd be in this position, she'd never even been turned on before, only just learned about it in school. And never been attracted to her big sister, or any girl, but now she was turned on by her big sister, and so attracted to her. She gasped as Sarah's hand touched her pussy.

Even Sarah lifted her head up to watch where she was touching. Alexis propped herself up on her elbows to watch as well. Sarah explored the folds of the young girl's pussy. It felt so wet, so slippery, so silky. She wanted to push her finger deep inside, but knew her sister was still a virgin and couldn't do that, at least not yet.

She spent a long time feeling all her folds, rubbing circles around her clit, pushing her finger between her pussy lips. All the while Sarah watched Alexis's face, her reactions turning her on so much more than she already was.

As she looked back down to the young, virgin pussy she knew she had to taste it. Sarah began sliding her finger tip up and down her slit, slowly at first, but very gradually picking up speed. She moved down between her sister's legs, getting a good look at all of her pussy in the moon light. She looked up to her younger sister's eyes, they were looking right back down at her.

As if they were begging her to kiss her clit. Sarah obliged, kissing it lightly. Instantly, Alexis's back arched and she moaned loud. Alexis grabbed a pillow and put it over her face to muffle her screams creampied blonde fucked hard watch more of her here ulacamcom Sarah licked her pussy. Sarah moved her finger up and down the slit faster and faster, taking the clit into her mouth and sucking lightly. As she moved her finger faster and sucked harder, Alexis sat up, breathing hard, moaning loud.

"Big sis.I'm gonna.I'm gonna.I'm gonna pee!" she said, trying to keep quiet. Sarah just removed her finger and simply dove her tongue inside her little sister's pussy, knowing that she was going to have her first orgasm.

She licked all over inside and outside her pussy until she felt Alexis's pussy begin to contract. Alexis bit the pillow hard and screamed into it as she came hard, it squirted out of her pussy all over Sarah's face. What did get into Sarah's mouth she swallowed happily, never tasting such a sweet taste in her life. She saved some in he mouth, and licked up Alexis's body slowly, never bringing her tongue up, tasting her sister's entire angelic body.

She passed some of her own cum on to her little sister in the deepest kiss imagineable. Alexis pushed Sarah over onto her back after swallowing the sweet tasting juice that came out of her own pussy. She wanted to give Sarah that same amazing feeling. So she took her hand and squeezed her big sister's tit, just like Sarah did hers, soft and gentle, yet firmly.

After a minute, when she could tell Sarah was out of breath Alexis moved her hand down Sarah's body slowly. When she reached her pussy, just as she felt the heat coming from it, Sarah grabbed her hand lightly. Sarah was moaning loud, her boobs felt amazing after being squeezed by Alexis. But when she felt her younger sister going for her pussy she wanted to look deep into her angel's eyes as she touched her for the first time.

Alexis's eyes were full of love, as Sarah held her hand and pushed it against her pussy. She let Alexis explore her pussy for several minutes. All the while she never lost eye contact with young girl. Her fingers making her pussy feel as though it was on fire. Each time she touched her clit Sarah humped up, an electric shock going up her back quickly. As Alexis started running her finger tip up and down her slit, just like Sarah did to her, she grabbed her hand and guided her finger into her hole.

"Baby sis, with me, you can go inside," Sarah said as she pushed her finger inside her pussy, her own finger going in slowly as well. She was looking deep into the angel's eyes as they both entered her pussy.

Sarah closed her eyes tightly and arched her back. Sarah's finger slipping out of herself as Alexis began working her's in and out slowly, then leaning down and taking her big sister's nipple in her mouth. The young girl's mouth on her nipple was pure extacy to Sarah. She felt her mouth sucking, and her tongue swirling around her nipple. Then another finger slid inside her pussy, making her back arch even more, lifting her ass off the bed, grabbing the same pillow and screaming into it.

Her little sister's fingers sliding in and out of her pussy faster and deeper and harder. Then she felt the young mouth travelling down her stomach slowly, and she wanted to scream louder. Hardly able to contain herself when Alexis's mouth began sucking her clit lightly. She almost came hard when she felt her younger sister's tongue swirling around her clit as she sucked on it. She relaxed her back and looked down at her sister, whose eyes were looking right back up at hers.

Those angel eyes looking right up into her eyes, they were filled with lust, extreme latin swinger man lets her horny wife gets fucked by two strangers while he records everythi love.

She grabbed onto her sister's hair and pulled it lightly, humping against her face as she pulled her head into her. Alexis must of known she was close because she pulled her fingers out and slipped her tongue inside her pussy. It sent Sarah over the edge, she bit the pillow hard, screaming as loud as she could into it, arching her back as much as she could as she came harder than ever.

She felt every contraction of her pussy as she squirted her cum out onto her younger sister's face. Alexis did the same thing her sister did, licking up her body adorable gal acquires nailed so hard hardcore blowjob and kissing her deeply, passing some of her own pussy juice on to her.

Sarah swallowed it happily and held her little sister. They were both clearly exhausted, and held eachother tightly, silently. They kissed eachother lightly. After a few minutes of cuddling Alexis turned to face away from Sarah, who came up and held her tightly, no longer in any torment over the situation. "How come, I could put my finger's inside you, but you didn't do that to me, sis?" Alexis asked softly. "Because, I'm not a virgin, remember sissy?" She told her sister everything, and was sure to tell her that she lost her flower to a boy on her vacation, though the one thing she never thought she'd tell her was her feelings for her.

Alexis turned to face her sister, "Ohhhh." Before Alexis said any more, Sarah cut her off, "Make sure you save your flower for someone you'll love and be with forever." Alexis kissed her on frisky stunner gets cumshot on her face swallowing all the spunk lips lightly, yet lovingly.

"I'll save it for you big sister, I love you." "I love you too," Sarah replied kissing her sister deeply. As they drifted off to sleep together, facing eachother and holding eachother, Sarah thought she heard the door click shut, but pushed it off as a sound of her latina in panties goes solo on the bed. She drifted off to sleep in the arms of the person she loved, in the arms of the person she loved, her angel.

She was in heaven.