Mom step my boy son

Mom step my boy son
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So I was on a business trip a while back. The day started out normal enough but turned out to be anything but normal. I got up early and kissed the wife and kids goodbye and was off to the airport. The flight left on time, landed early, and my rental car was luscious girl acquires her holes licked pornstar hardcore and waiting. As I a driving to the hotel I get rear-ended (an not the good kind) at a light.

I get out to check the car and the other driver and passenger get out to check their car. Being someone that is not into drama it was no big deal, just some slight damage to both cars but we were all fine with nobody hurt. So I chatted with these two guys while we waited for the police to arrive. A bystander it turns out called the police. As we chatted I came to find out they were in Denver for a week's vacation and I told them I was here for work, also for the week. Information exchanged, police report taken, and we were on our way.

I get to the hotel, check into my room take a shower and head down to the bar. As I am approaching the bar who do I see sitting there? You guessed it, the same two guys from the accident.

I came up behind them and ran into the back of the chair of the guy who was driving saying sorry. They turned around, looked at me, and then we all started laughing.

I sat next to them and we bought each other a couple round of drinks and chatted. So here we are staying at the same hotel and if it were not for the accident I would not even given them a thought, most likely anyway. So during out conversation I came to find out that they were a couple and they were here to visit some old friends that had moved to Denver a few years back. Once I found out that they were a couple, and after a few drinks, I became very horny.

I am just a man after all. After a few more drinks I confessed to them that I was bi and told them about my experiences as a bottom. Let's just say that after talking about it I was not the only one that was horny. They let me know that one of them was a top (David) and the other (Robert) was versatile which was perfect as far as I was concerned. I asked the bartender for a bottle f wine to take to my room.

I told the guys that I was going back to my room with the wine but I hate to drink alone and invited them to come with me. There was no hesitation.

The elevator ride up was fun - hands were everywhere, bodies grinding. As we entered my room I put the wine down, turned to them ad started to rub their cocks through their pants. They were already getting hard.

Robert said he morning sex with a creampie natural tits cunnilingus going to open the wine so I turned my attention to David. I began to undo his belt and then slid his pants and boxer briefs down to his ankles and got on my knees. I started licking his balls and stroking his now hard cock.

He took off his shirt as I took his pants and undies off. He had a great body, toned but not muscular, clean cut look, and a 7.5" cut cock that was to die for. Robert sat on the bed with is glass of wine and watched as I began taking David's cock into my mouth.

Slowly in an out taking more and more in each time until it was buried in my throat. As I was angel dark with glass dildo in armchair I was taking of my clothes.

Robert kept watching as he took out his cock and started stroking. David told me to get up on the bed on my hands and knees. I did as I was told and he started to kiss my back, working his way to my butt where he proceeded to start rimming me. God that felt good. He told Robert to get undressed and join us. Once naked, he laid down on the bed in front of me so I could start sucking his cock. Meanwhile David stopped rimming me and before he could ask I told him I had lube and condoms in the night stand drawer.

I began to suck Robert deep and slow while David lubed up his cock and my ass. He put the head up to my hole and was sliding it up and down. I wanted so much to feel his cock inside me while I was sucking the other. It is a feeling like I imagine heaven would feel like. David slowly put the head of his cock into me and began to slide it in and out going just a little deeper each time until he was buried in my ass.

I let out a series of moans as he did while making sure Roberts cock was being taken care of.

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As David's thrusts became faster I eagerly sucked Robert's cock taking it all the way in and holding it there. He then started thrusting up while holding my head.

Having both my holes being used at the same time was almost more than I could take and precum was flowing out of me. David was grabbing my hips and thrusting deeper and harder now. I was moaning and sucking and pushing back to meet David's thrusts. He was moaning louder now and said he was going to cum so I reached back and pulled him in tighter and told him to faketaxi party girl gets fucked in taxi in me.

A couple more thrust and then I felt him explode. I was having an orgasm too as my cum started leaking out of my cock. As I squeezed David's cock with my ass he slowly pulled out and now it was Robert's turn to take my ass.

His cock was 7" and rock hard as he entered me. My ass was already lubed and he went in easily. David was now laying down in front of me after cleaning off his cock so I started to suck him while Robert began to fuck me wildly and I can tell he was getting close to cumming.

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He was moaning, I was moaning, and I could feel another orgasm sneaking up on me too. Robert leaned forward grabbing me by my shoulders as he pounded me deep and hard. He started tensing and I could feel his cock pulsating as he began to cum.

After sliding his cock out of me he told me stand up. I stood up and he took my cock into his mouth. Almost instantly I stated to cum in his mouth. He swallowed every last drop I had left. We layed around naked, talking and finishing the wine. Before they left we made plans to meet the following evening after my meetings were complete.