Silvia saint stockings and high heels compilation

Silvia saint stockings and high heels compilation
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************************************** Hotel Hookup**************************** I met Tom online he said he was into Cd's so after a few chats we agreed to meet.

There is a hotel close by that has "short stays". you can "rent" a room for a few hours. Tom got the room then text me the room number. He left the door unlocked and wanted me to change then text him and he would come in. It was a average room, clean and no frills.

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I laid my clothes out on the bed and started getting dressed. I first put on my silky jet black pantyhose, then my 4" high heels, then walked over to the window in just my heels and hose and opened the curtains a little. I then put on my short skirt, blouse, wig then applied my lipstick(bright red) and makeup. I then text Tom and told him I was ready.He entered a few minutes later and immediatly walked up to me and kissed me deeply.

His hands were all over my ass and chest.He then turned me around and had both of his hands all over my breasts as his hard cock was grinding into my ass.I leaned my ass back harder into him as he dry humped my ass.We then went over to the bed and I had him sit on the edge and I took off his pants and his cock sprang out.I knelt in front of him and sucked his cock and licked his balls. I ran my tongue up and down his shaft then slammed my mouth over the head and sucked him deep and hard.He liked this and was moaning outloud.

Tom then had me on all fours on the bed and was rubbing my feet and legs thru my pantyhose, I was so hard from that and Tom noticed it and started rubbing my cock thru my hose.He then ripped a hole in the back of my pantyhose and began playing with my ass.

He pushed a lubed finger into my asshole and wiggled it around, this got me even real drunk wife tricked intthreesome he put two fingers up me.

I was now begging him to fuck me. He laid on his back and I climbed on him and put his cock inside me. He started to fuck me slowly till i got used to it, then he started to go faster and harder.after a few minutes of riding his cock, I told him I wanted to be fucked like a bitch. He then rolled me over onto my back took my legs and put them over his shoulders as he eased his cock into me.He grabbed my hips and lovely horny milf chanel give teen janet teaches her to blowjob his cock deep inside me,It felt so good going in, but better on the out stroke.

We both were really getting into it.

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when out of the corner of my eye I saw a guy watching us thru the window. That turned me on more and I started to thrash my body around even more and moan even louder.we fucked in all kinds of positions and I ended the time giving him a foot job with my pantyhosed feet.

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He then got dressed thanked me and said he was going to bring the key back to the office and I should get changed and leave shortly.Once he left I took off my skirt and just sat on the bed in my pantyhose and heels and just reminised about what just happened.

I was feeling sexy dressed in my hose and heels so I started to jerk off. I had my eyes closed as I was pulling my dick and when I opened them there was the same guy in the window who was watching us.When he saw that I seen him He came over to the door and opened the door. He said He was the manager and He had to clean the room and I had to go.I started to get changed and he just stood there staring at me. Then he said you know You could stay a while longer if you like.

I said what you have in mind?? He said what you think? as he was rubbing his crotch. I walked over to him and felt his crotch, He had a huge bulge I felt it up some more then unzipped his pants and I reached in and pulled out . a sock! He he was kinda embarrased. But I pulled down his pants and underwear and he had a very small cock it was about 4 inches and thin.I rubbed it and rubbed it but it didnt get much bigger just harder.

So I licked it and put his balls and his whole dick in my mouth at the same time, this drove him wild. He said he wanted to fuck me doggy style, I told him i dont want to fuck. He said sexy webcam girl does foot fetish show with stockings would give me a room for free next time I wanted, if he could fuck me.

I said How will I know you will be here?

He said he is the only one who works here, he is the manager,maid,maintance.everything. I said ok He xxx pakistsni porn sel pak me to bend over on the edge of the bed. I was bent over when he came up behind me and started to feel my feet then my legs then ass, his hands were all over my pantyhosed body.

He said he is turned on by pantyhose and loves the feel of smooth legs in pantyhose( I shave my legs every day) after groping me for a few minutes, he finally entered me. He grabbed my pantyhosed hips and drove his cock into me and fucked away.

I barely felt anything with his cock being so small.

after a few minutes of him rubbing my pantyhosed feet, just as I did when he was watching me through the window. He stood by the end of the bed as I was on my back he kissed my feet as he took off my high heels. I then took his dick in between the soles of my feet and worked his tiny cock to hardness.

I was getting turned on doing this. I was on my back with my pantyhosed feet around some strangers cock and I was pulling my dick as I worked his dick over. I shot a few long ropes of cum all over his cock and my feet.Seeing this got him excited and he came very shortly after me. I got changed thanked him and told I will definatly be back for that free room, and maybee I will give him another footjob too