Shy russian teen casting lets party you playfellows sons of bitches

Shy russian teen casting lets party you playfellows sons of bitches
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Frankie was Vanessa's first love. They were both only 16 years old, and had recently discovered the pleasures of sex. "Do you have any idea how much I love you? " Frankie asked Vanessa one day after smoking a few joints at his house. "How much?" answered Vanessa "Enough to give you full power over me." Frankie says.

After some silence Vanessa says "I have had this one fantasy recently" "Anything" "Would you be my slave?" Frankie considered this for a second then firmly said "Yes" "Call me Mistress. Say yes mistress" She was beginning to get excited/ "Yes, Mistress" Vanessa hops into bed and orders Frankie to join her.

"Yes Mistress", he obeys. She starts kissing him until they're in a full intense make-out lock. Vanessa presses her body and tits against him and Frankie can feel her little perky nipples.

He runs his hands up her stomach and grabs them and starts pinching and caressing her nipples. She reaches her hand down to his crotch and feels how hard he already is. She'd experienced Frankie's massive dick before and she loved it.

She was fondling his hard-on over his jeans and ordered him to put his hands in her pants. After he started doing so, she began kissing his neck and taking his shirt off. Vanessa kissed his broad firm chest, his stomach, moving downwardly.

Once she reached his dick she took his jeans off and his hard throbbing cock became apparent through his white boxers. She grabbed and clenched his dickkissed his stomach once more then removed his underwear, all the meanwhile giving him a hand job. She slid her soft hand and fingers up and down his huge throbbing cock until it stood so upright.

Then, Vanessa looks Frankie right in the eye, smiles and puts his dick into her soft little red mouth and moves upwardly and downwardly all the while grabbing his the bottom of his shaft. Frankie felt the vibrations passing through his body and wanted this amazing feeling to never end.

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The most beautiful girl in the world was giving him a blow job. He'd never felt so alive. "Don't cum yet, slave" She ordered "Yes, Mistress" Frankie answered ,quivering because his hard throbbing cock just couldn't hold it in anymore. "Undress me, Slave" Frankie hurries to take off her shirt and black lace bra almost unable to unhook her bra because of his body shaking from pleasure holding back his cum. "Cum on my tits, you dirty slave" "Whatever you say, Mistress" Frankie's warm cum surrounded Vanessa's gorgeous round firm tits.

Vanessa takes off her pants and panties looking at Frankie with disgust for not having been able to take them off earlier.

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Vanessa lights a joint, lays down on the bed and says "Go down on me ,slave, now." Frankie does as he's asked and first begins by teasing and torturing her barely licking her clit with soft strokes and smiles and she moans from the wanting and temptation.

"Faster, slave. Put more mind if stepmom joins you full on ezzerscom into it" Vanessa says before she take a puff.

Frankie's tongue moves up and down her pussy pressing down on her clit while fingering her and sticking a finger in her pussy. She proceeds to scream "FRANKIE" while her entire body vibrates from the pleasure. She grabs Frankie by his hair and pulls him up to her face then slaps him. He's so shocked and Vanessa seems startled so she grabs his head immediately and starts kissing him frantically.

She then lays him down and tells him to wait for her.

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She heads for her bag and pulls something black out of it and goes to the bathroom to put it on. Frankie got a hard on as soon as she came out of the bathroom wearing dark purple silk lingerie.

She looked so gorgeous he almost came right then and there. Vanessa climbs on top of him making out with him and pressing her entire body against his in the perfect places, Her perky tits rubbing up on his bare chest and her legs spread along his dick ,just pressing down his hard on.

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"Sit up, slave" Vanessa orders Frankie sits up and then she wraps her long legs around him. His dick is throbbing for her wet pussy and he cannot wait any longer.

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Vanessa slaps him again and then orders "Fuck me nowslave" She grabs his head and holds him as he puts his huge dick into her tight little pussy, working so hard to fit it all in.

Frankie then massages her clit while pulling his dick in and out of her. "FASTER, SLAVE, HARDER, SLAVE" "yes mistress" Frankie obeys. He's now fucking her so fast and hard with his huge thick throbbing dick while he feels his pre-cum coming on. He hits her G-spot and she has one of the best orgasms she's ever had moaning 'oooohh, Frannkiiieeeeee' He's about to cum and she says "Wait fooorrrrr meeeee, slave" And they both cum at the same time and collapse on the bed.

Vanessa moves towards him, hugs him and says, "That was really great Frankie. I really love you, good job" Frankie just smiles feeling so happy having pleased his Mistress.

That's all he wants to do. He's hers.