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Milf con tette grosse si prende un bel cazzo in culo
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Night Burglar pt 4…Jason meets his match Jason replayed the video almost nightly agile rubber makes out with slut hardcore and massage always had a explosive orgasm as he watched the eyes of Jennifer as she knew her last moments of life was near.

At times Jason wished he could spend more time torturing his victims, sexy women pursuaded to flash their titties for money flashing and reality he would get so lost in his need to watch them die.

Having his own little retreat afforded him the luxury of drastically shortening his time between victims and although he had just snuffed Cynthia and Jennifer last week, Jason was hoping to find more girls tonight. It was trick or treat night in town and Jason was sure he could score big on this night. Marin and Karen done everything together from the time they arose in the morning until they turned out the lights at night. Although twins Karen liked to tell everyone she was the oldest since she was delivered 15 minutes before Marin.

Their shimmering long black hair only made their green eyes more luminous and they had a dark sexy look about them. Even though they were only fifteen years old, they were filled out nicely and both had perfect 36c breasts with large dime sized nipples. They were only about 5 feet tall and Jason figured didn't weight more than 100 lbs.

For Halloween they had dressed up as cat woman and their body fitting cat suits accentuated their young but hard bodies. Jason had done some work for their parents and knew the logical route home after they were finished with their trick or treating would take them down one unlit alley way.

Jason stepped from between the two garages as soon as the sister's past and with one fluid movement he was able to grab both girls. Although they struggled at first, Jason's size and the chloroformed rags tightly pressed into their young faces subdued them quickly. Jason placed the girls in the trunk and headed to a vacant and dark lot about three blocks away.

Backing up next to a hill on the end of the lot, Jason then took his time in tying his victims securely. Karen came to just as he was about to put the duct tape over her mouth so he took great pleasure in having to punch her with his fist to shut her up before fully securing her. Jason was pleased with his catch on this night and as he was cruising unnoticed through town he had wonderful images of how the twins would crumble under his sadistic demands.

Jason noticed her as he was fueling up his car at the local Quik Mart and knew even though he had the twins in the trunk he wanted this girl also. She was seventeen to nineteen years old and had this arrogant and bad girl look about her.

Jason overlooked her short cropped green hair and instead concentrated on her tattooed arms and pierced lips and nose. Her black leather short shorts with sterling silver studs only added to her bad ass look. Jason almost had an orgasm just watching her walk over to her car as he fantasized about beating this bitch into dasha amp mia anal foursome nasty sluts dpedrs. She was driving an older model Nissan Sentra with Virginia plates.

Jason knew she could just be traveling through Ohio on her way to Virginia or recently moved here. Either way, Jason thought he had a better chance of no one noticing her missing for a day or two. Flashing his lights and intermittently blowing his horn once they were out of town and cruising on the back road leading to his cabin Jason finally got the girl to pull over. Walking up to her car he introduced himself and she just said whatever, "what do you want".

Jason told her she didn't have any tail lights and in this town that's a hefty fine. He offered to look at them to see if maybe a wire just came loose and since it was an older car it meant she would have to manually unlock the trunk. When she said she would have it looked at by a garage in the morning and began to roll up her window, Jason instinctively struck her violently on the big ass milf needs four fingers to cum of her head.

The blow had stunned her long enough for Jason to use the stun gun on her and now he did cum in his pants knowing she was his. Placing her in his trunk along with the twins, Jason then drove her car about 100 yards and into the lake. He remained there for several minutes as he watched the car slowly sink into the murky water. Taking her ID from her wallet Jason learned her name was Crystal and she was 18 years old.

The twins looked so sexy and helpless hanging spread eagle with their backsides touching each other. The dark mascara from the night before stained their young cheeks as the begged for Jason to stop the pain. Jason had fashioned the device himself and was pleased to see how much pain he could inflict on the sisters. It was forged from a two foot long and 1 ½" diameter pipe and formed to resemble the letter "U".

Jason had inserted the device into Marin and Karen's anal cavity and every time they would jerk or twist their bodies, the dildo would stretch and cause more damage to their virgin asses. Jason would let them calm down and the pain subside before he would strike one of them again with the wide leather strap. When the strap landed on the soft white skin the twin involved would jerk violently, tearing more of not only her asshole but also the asshole of her sister.

"You call that torture, Ha" Jason heard from across the room and knew that not only was Crystal awake but she was just as feisty as he was hoping she would be. "I've seen little girls inflict more pain than that" Crystal chided as Jason headed across the room to her cell.

Reaching the cell, Jason unlocked the door and grabbed the chained girls head and slammed her face into the concrete wall. Spitting out blood, teeth and a piece of her tongue, Crystal told Jason she loved watching torture and had some creative suggestions for him. Letting her talk for a few minutes, Jason then left her cell and went to his wall with all his tools.

Looking back at Crystal, he touched several different whips before Crystal nodded he observe the wild group sex smalltits homemade the correct one.

Judging the distance needed to snap the tip of the whip onto the unsuspecting twins to do the most damage Jason landed the first strike just on the underside of Karen's left nipple. Blood poured from her breast as Jason noticed he had all but removed the nipple from the breast. Both girls screamed as the "U" shaped dildo dug into the intestinal walls again from Karen's convulsing body.

Whish, this time the left nipple flew into the air at least three feet and Jason's cock was twitching wildly. "Make her sister eat it" Crystal called out from her cell. Jason had to almost choke out Marin before she finally opened her mouth and let Jason shove her sister's nipple in her mouth.

Jason kept his grip on her neck until he was sure the girl and chewed and swallowed the meat and then slap her and told her great job.

Jason didn't even mind when the dildo slipped from the twins asses and fell to the floor. The shiny chrome pipe man bonks his oriental adorable gf hardcore and blowjob now red from their blood and Jason also could see some fecal matter from where the girls almost shit themselves. The reason Jason didn't mind was because he was having so much fun following Crystal's lead and inflicting as much pain as possible with the whip.

Not only had step sexy mom and son removed all four nipples from the twins with the whip, he also had closed one eye on each girl with strategically placed hits. Jason sucked on the girls mutilated breasts and loved the warm sweet taste of their blood as he drank greedily.

After a few minutes of sucking on their breasts and drinking their blood Karen got brave and began demanding he let them go or he would be sorry. Standing back, Jason cocked his fist and was ready to flatten the bitches nose when Crystal yelled for him to stop.

Although Jason told Crystal to shut the fuck up and that he was in charge, he secretly was turned on knowing this young tattooed woman was as sadistic as he was. Relenting to her requests, Jason undone Crystals legs from the leg irons and with an eight foot long chain attached to her handcuffs he let her approach Karen face to face.

With eyes of steel, Crystal peered into Karen's and without an ounce of emotion told Karen she had no right to back talk the master. Jason's ego soared ten times over as the word Master resonated in his mind. He never thought of himself as a master, only a sadistic evil man who loved to inflict severe pain upon his victims. Jason liked being called master and in turn he really liked this girl Crystal.

She would become his mistress and together they would be unstoppable.

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amateur teen slut wants to be assfucked Knowing she had Jason in her control at least for now, she asked him if he would hand her the pruning shears hanging on his wall.

Jason began stroking himself as he stood back and watched Crystal cut both thumbs from Karen's hands and take two classy harlots share a massive boner group sex big tits and made her sister chew the meat from the bones. Using a torch, Jason closed the wounds on Karen's hands to keep her from bleeding to death.

Jason knew he had to take back control and show Crystal he was more sadistic and evil than she so he told Crystal to get back to her cell and not say another word. Crystal was a master at mind control and as she slowly headed to her cell, she bowed and kept saying "Yes, Master" whatever you say sir.

Jason released the chain holding Marin's arms above her head and told her to get on her hands and knees so he could fuck her up the ass. Marin stood upright defiantly so Jason doubled her over by planting a fist deep in her flat teenage stomach.

Grabbing her by the hair and lifting her back to a kneeling position, Jason took the pruning shears and cut her bottom lip off. When Jason ordered her again to get down she did willingly and as Jason fucked her raw and still bleeding asshole he pushed her forward.

With her face pressed against her sister's crotch Jason told her to either eat her sister's cunt or he'd remove her other lip. Jason pounded her sweet tight ass with total abandonment as she sucked and licked her sister's juicy cunt. No matter how hard Karen resisted the urge to have an orgasm, her sister's tongue was driving her crazy.

Just as Jason filled Marin's ass full of cum, Karen filled her sister's mouth with a large load from her own body. Not a bad day for the first day Jason thought as he put the twins in their cells for the night and at same time locked Crystal's cell door also. As he headed up the stairs he heard Crystal's voice say "Goodnight Master, I can't wait until you use me tomorrow for you own pleasure" Jason had to find out if Crystal was playing with him or if she really did consider him as the master so he had a plan for the next morning.

Jason put a bowl of cereal on the floors of the twins cells and told them to eat it like the fucking dogs they were. He got a pleasure watching his two little victims putting their faces in the bowls and eating like animals. Opening the door to Crystal's cell and then sitting down on a chair just outside of it, Jason told her to come and suck his cock.

Crystal crawled to him on all fours and like a humble servant eagerly began sucking on his cock and stroking his cum laden balls.

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When she failed to slow down when Jason commanded her to, sexy melody gets profoundly fucked hard inside the taxi pulled her head from his cock and planted a solid right fist to her face, breaking her jaw in two places. Crystal apologized for her disobedience and begged him for forgiveness.

Jason allowed her to complete her task of sucking his cock but while she did, he repeatedly punched her in the ribs, breaking them one by one. Crystal never cried out in pain nor did she release her sucking lips from Jason's cock until he unloaded his full load into her swallowing mouth. She thanked Jason for feeding her his life giving serum as she humbly crawled back to her cell and closed the door behind her. Strapping Marin to the table while on her back, Jason told her she looked gross with no bottom lip but still with a mouth full of teeth.

Jason pulled a strap tightly across Marin's forehead, locking her head in place before grabbing her lower jaw and pulling hard. When he heard the bone snap he knew he had dislocated it.

Letting go, her mouth hung open. One by one, Jason pulled all of Marin's lower teeth with a pair of hook nosed pliers and then made her swallow them as he pinched her nose shut and filled her mouth with water so she would have to swallow. With three back teeth to go on the left side, the water bottle was empty and when she refused to swallow, Jason once again pinched her nose shut but then he began pissing in her mouth and didn't stop until he unloaded his bladder down the bitch's throat.

Sliding down her body, Jason pushed his cock inside her dry pussy and plowed her like a Wildman. Trying to scream but with her jaw dislocated and her mouth constantly filling up with blood from her bleeding gums all she could do was shriek.

Choking Marin to the point of her passing out, Jason was able to revive her three times before finally exploding inside her tight pussy. Before releasing her and sending back to the cell, Jason cut the tendons on the backside of her legs at the knees. With these tendons cut it would make it impossible for her to ever walk again.

Just rolling her off the table and letting her hit the floor like a bag of potatoes, Jason kicked her in the face and told her to crawl back to her cell. After lunch Jason returned to his chamber for some fun times with the other twin Karen. As he looked into Marin's cell she was still whimpering from her earlier ordeal and although Crystals chest was swollen from the broken ribs she greeted him enthusiastically and again thanked him for reminding her of her place.

Karen was still pretty lively and feisty, after all losing her thumbs was mild compared to her sister losing her lip, all of her lower teeth and then of course the small matter of never being able to walk again.

Karen learned quick there was no limit to Jason's sadistic ways when she made the mistake of telling him to go fuck himself when he ordered white teen hairy pussy creampie first time disobeying daddy to crawl to the table.

Getting a claw hammer from the wall Karen was certain he was going to crush her skull and in fact in a way she would welcome death. Telling her once again to get on all fours she done as he asked and then her entire body froze as a piercing pain like she never felt before tore at her lower spine. Jason had swung the hammer and embedded the claw end of it into her ass while lifting her off the floor at the same time.

Weighing only a hundred pounds it was no effort for Jason to carry her with the claw buried in her ass over to the table.

Once there, Jason ordered the now battered 15 year old twin to get on the table and lie on her back. Once she was secured to the table, Jason asked Crystal if she would like to play with Karen for a little while.

Not wanting to take any unnecessary chances however, Jason did keep one foot shackled and only allowing enough movement to work around the table area. Crystal told Karen that evidently she didn't listen yesterday when she was told never to defy her master and now she would have to pay once again. Taking the cordless drill Jason had just given to her with the ¼" bit attached Crystal asked Karen if she had a hearing problem.

When Karen glared at her defiantly, Crystal said maybe she just needed her ears cleaned out. The whirring sound of the drill as it slowly entered Karen's ear canal brought a look of total fright to karens one good eye.

Her screams were more piercing than Jason had ever heard as blood squirted from her left ear as the drill bit penetrated the ear drum. Leaning over her, Crystal sadistically asked her if that was her deaf ear and if she could hear ok from the right ear. When Karen said she could hear good now and she was sorry she ever old principal with lolly small the master Crystal just laughed and said she didn't believe her.

Taking twice as much time on the right side Crystal almost drove the girl mad as she had to listen to and feel the bit just barely graze her ear drum. Finally tiring of the wait, Crystal destroyed Karen's right ear drum while kissing her to muffle the screams. Jason walked over and shoved his cock into Karen's mouth and told her to suck him while he got off watching the blood running from this girls ears.

Forcing all seven inches into Karen's mouth Jason repeated held her head as the head of his cock blocked her breathing. When she would turn blue from the lack of oxygen, Jason would pull his cock back and punch her in the chest to get her breathing again.

He face fucked her for over a half hour before finally flooding her throat with a hot bath of cum.

Jason fucked Crystal two times that afternoon, the second time with more tenderness than controlling and he was formulating his plan to become a team with her in the future. Jason was smart however, and he knew it would take time before he could fully trust Crystal, but in time she would become an extension of himself.

Before going to his own room in the cabin Jason assured the twins their suffering would all be over the next day. It didn't surprise him when Marin gave him a look of resignation but he was surprised when Karen said she welcomed it.

He was sure she would fight him to the very end, but if she thought it would be quick and painless she was in for a real eye opening the next day. Jason decided to do Marin first, making Karen watch him slowly take the life of her sister.

Making her drag herself across the floor and onto the table, Jason kept kicking her in the ribs to try to make her go faster. She was a beaten woman and gave very minimal resistance when Jason strapped her wrists and ankles in place. The table top was on a hydraulic system and Jason was able to raise the top so it was at a 45 degree angle. With the top facing her sister Karen, the twins would be able to see each other, that is until Marin expired and then only Karen would be able to see.

Jason was pretty sure Marin was a virgin until he began fucking all her holes and abusing her. She was still so tight as he pushed and twisted his hand for several minutes before he finally had his had up to his wrist inside her convulsing young body.

Her screams were repeatedly stifled by her own vomit as she wretched from Jason's hand squeezing xnxx bhai na ghar par xnxx story pulling her insides. Marin's cervix was strong and healthy and it took all he could muster to split it open enough to get his hand into her womb. With her cervix destroyed Jason poured baby oil over his driving hand and fist fucked her until his arm was inside her up to his elbow.

Whenever she blacked out, Jason slap her brutally with his free hand. Her pussy was so torn up and blood was pooling under her hips and beginning to drip off the edge of the table. Jason continued to fuck Marin's cunt with his fist until there no longer was any resistance from the tearing of the inner walls.

Jason wanted to punish Karen in a more sadistic way so after he finished fist fucking Xxx hot sex stories full saxy story he wrapped a soaking wet thin leather band around Marin's neck with enough pressure to impede her breathing but not kill her.

Pushing the table right against Karen's cell but a foot out of reach of Karen Jason told the twins he was going to go have some lunch and will be back in a couple of hours.

Jason knew as the leather band dried out it would also shrink and slowly Karen would be force to watch her twin die from asphyxiation. There was something so erotic watching a woman die while her sister or other family member was so close but couldn't save her. While eating lunch, Jason kept his eyes fixed to the monitor mounted on his wall. He was watching a live feed coming from the chamber and seeing Marin's body jerk from time to time as the leather strap got tighter had him ready to cum again.

Karen was lunging almost nonstop, trying to reach the table and stop the torture. In a way Jason was upset with Crystal for destroying Karen's hearing.

He wished Karen could hear the gurgling and gasping of Marin as she done everything possible to suck air into her lungs. Sitting at the table stroking himself Jason was getting close to climaxing as Marin's body jerked more and more in quick spurts, indicating it was beginning to almost become impossible for her to draw air into her lungs.

Jason shot a load of cum inside his pants as he watched Marin's fingers twitch and become rigid as the last air in her lungs expired. Karen just dropped to her knees and begged to die. That's exactly what you are going to do, Jason thought as he headed back to the chamber. It was understandable to Jason when Karen glared at him with her one good eye with a deep seated hate and refused to help him get her to the table. Taking her by the hair, Jason pulled her onto the now level table and placed her on top of her dead sister.

Once Karen realized he was going to strap her to her sister she did try to fight, but Jason was just too strong and she was so weakened from the loss of blood. With Marin strapped on her back and Karen strapped on her stomach, she was looking directly into the eyes of her dead sister as Jason prepared to bring them together once again. Crystal was cheering Jason on the entire time and telling him how excited she was watching him waste the bitches.

Jason liked having Crystal in his corner and rewarded her by letting her suck his cock before getting busy with the task at hand with Karen. Pushing the base of a nine inch dildo into Marins throat and forcing Karen to deep throat the other end of it, Jason climbed on top of the twins.

As he pushed his cock into Karen's tight little pussy he would raise and lower her head making her suck the dildo as if it was a cock. Jason fucked her slow and deep making her pain and disgust last as long as he could. When he finally couldn't resist any longer, as he plunged his cock deep into her asshole, he shoved her head down so violently that the end of the dildo was visible as a lump on the back of stunning brunette alison tyler gives blowjob and gets fucked by the pool pornstar foreplay neck.

To Jason there was nothing hotter than way a woman's body gripped his cock as she took her last dying breaths and like all the past times, Jason filled her full of cum just as her body constricted for the last time. That night Jason led Crystal from the chamber to his cabin but he did keep her wrists and ankles shackled. As they sat and watched the video of the days demise of the twins, Crystal was asking all the right questions to find out if the place was secluded and how much privacy he had out here.

Jason assured her not only was the place secure and secluded but since he paid cash for it, he had no ties to a bank or mortgage company so didn't have to worry about any surprise inspections. Crystal confided in Jason that she had been on her own for a year and knew how to make it on her own. She wanted to be Jason's slave and promised she would do anything for him, including killing others for his amusement.

After giving him another fantastic blow job and thanking him for being such a giving master, she asked Jason if there was any way she could possibly take a shower.

Jason agreed but told her he would have to leave the shackles on but he would assist in bathing her. Jason filled the oversize tub with warm water to threesome in latex corset gloves and stockings point where it came up to Crystals neck.

He had put bubble bath in the water and Crystal closed her eyes and let the warmth sooth her bruised rib area and her sides. Jason said he'd let her soak for a while and then he would come back and bathe her as promised. Crystal loved the idea and asked Jason to give her twenty minutes to just let the water caress her battered body.

Soaking in the bath, Crystal fantasized about having helpless young girls and boys in the chamber and using them for her pleasure until she tired of them. Jason would see it her way soon, that she was sure of and then she could stop looking for her niche in life. "MMMMMMMMMMMMM, yes master, that feels so good" Crystal cooed as Jason tenderly began to clean the clotted and dried blood from her face.

"I know I don't deserve this treatment master and you know I will do anything in the world for you sir" Crystal continued caressing Jason's ego. Jason's fingers massaged Crystal as he slowly worked his way down her upper torso, taking extra time to massage her bruised and battered ribs. As his fingers caressed her upper inner thighs Crystal raised her shackled hands up to allow him better access. Once he moved near her knees, Crystal brought her hands down with all asian beauty has sex outside after a massage might and with the chain cutting into the back of Jason's neck, she forced his head underwater.

No matter how hard Jason tried to fight back, Crystal had the added leverage from the shackles and eventually the last air bubble surfaced the water. Crystal held his head underwater for another five minutes, not wanting to take any chance of him reviving.

Fishing the keys from his pocket, Crystal undone the shackles and while Jason's head remained underwater she got out and dried herself off. Such a nice big bed Jason had in the cabin and the down comforter felt so good against her skin. Crystal knew after a good night's sleep she would feel strong enough to continue and everything would work out fine. It was so nice of Jason to confide in her and telling her the perfect location to bury bodies and even mentioned to her about the garden he was planning on planting while using the decaying bodies as natural fertilizer.

Yes, by tomorrow evening there would be no trace of the twins or Jason and the chamber would also be sanitized. While mentally taking inventory of his torture gear the past couple of days, Crystal knew she would have to add to the collection to give it her own personal touch.