School girls village xnxx storys

School girls village xnxx storys
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Please read Tranny Attack (the first part of this story) and also on XNXX. Thanks for the great feedback. Here is part two. I encourage you to send in more ideas of what you would like to see happen.

"You'll be hearing from me again, sweety!" With those words Julia had kicked me out of her apartment. I dragged by bruised and ass-fucked body home. Thankfully, Jane was not back as yet. All through the journey back to my house images of the previous night kept playing through my head.

Discovering Julia's cock, of being tied up and buggered, of sucking her cock, and of having Julia piss on me. And it was all on camera! And who had she sent the videos to? If she blackmailed me, what would I do. I could pay her off quietly, since we were cherie deville and kennedy leigh threeway on small bed traditional household and Jane never said anything about the finances. Hell, Jane did not even have a bank account.

A maelstrom of thoughts coursed through my mind like tiny electrical shocks. I could never tell Jane and my kids about this. For God's sake, this was ME!!!

I had to bathe and get out before Jane mom and sister fuch son. I stripped and examined my body in the shower. And once again, the thoughts of the previous night came back to me and of all things my cock began to harden. I hated myself but I knew that I had drawn pleasure from the buggery I had been subjected to the previous night.

I hated myself even more when I began to visualize Julia's enormous cock and heavy balls, black, and sinfully, deliciously, beautiful. My cock was rock hard now and despite myself and my self-loathing, I began to jerk and soon spurted cum onto the floor. When I had finished a stricken sob choked me. What had I just done?

Yes, I do jerk off every now and then, but to thoughts of a black cock? Is this what I had come to? I changed and left the house, swearing that it was over. I would never let such a thing happen again. I would triumph and resume my normal life, and never again would I stray from the straight and narrow.

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I am a web consultant and make a handsome living out of telling people too lazy to build their own web sites, how to go about it. And so I got to my office and got on to the internet to check the state of the world. And then I found my mind starting to stray. Of course, I knew of internet porn and loved to see a few hot naked babes, but nothing kinky, all strictly white and vanilla. Would there be transsexual porn?

Would there dancers showing ladies swinging wang striptease hardcore pictures of girls were they girls like Julia? My cock began to harden again. I could just take a little peek, it would not hurt, and I would then close the chapter on this sordid part of my life.

I called my secretary and asked her to hold my calls. I then opened up a search box and typed 'transexual pictures.' What came up was amazing. There were so many sites, and I could see mentions of transsexuals, transgenders, shemales, t-girls, trannies, ladyboys, and cross-dressers. What was the world coming to? But as I opened site after site I was in thrall of the images.

These girls looked so hot!!! They had female features, long-hair, superb breasts, but they also had cocks! And some of the cocks were so big!

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And some were so beautiful! And there were there from even country and race, Latinas, Thais, Italians, Americans, Brazilians, Turks and lots of Brits!

I was totally engrossed, enjoying this visual feast of shecock. My cock was hard and ready to burst. Damn, I was going mad! I was fantasizing about these women. These were not men, these beauties were women!

And I wanted them. And my mind began to drift to the one shemale (I liked that term) I did know - Julia. And I was scared and yet excited. I knew where she lived. . no, I could not possibly even think of it. But try as much as I could, images of Julia fucking me and of me sucking her cock (her beautiful cock) kept flashing through my mind.

I spent the entire day looking at shemale porn but could not get Julia (and her beautiful cock) out of my mind. And then before I left office, bleary-eyed from too much surfing, a message arrived on my mobile.

It was terse: 'Be at my place at 10 tom morning sweety. Julia.' I was furious! How dare this woman, this shemale, this freak, try to blackmail me!

I would go down there in the morning and I would sort her out and end this. When I returned home Jane remarked that I was unusually quiet and that I must be very tired. Hot blonde teen perfect ass after putting on yet another lengthy backyard sunbathing replied in the affirmative, mind constantly returning to Julia.

At night I could not sleep and tossed and turned, images of Julia's cock dangling in front of my face. The next morning, telling Jane that I had urgent work, I rushed off determined once again to tell Julia where to get off. By this time I had decided that it had been fun, but I had also decided that it was wrong and that it had to end.

I rang her doorbell with every sense of purpose intact, but nothing could have prepared me for the way she greeted me. She was wearing nothing, except for a lacy white thong, a thong which stood out against her black flesh, and a thong so tiny that her cock strained against it stretching the thong to its limit. "Er.," I stammered as Julia reached out and hauled me into her flat slamming the door shut. "Hello, sweety," she purred in those golden tones that had ensnared me and dragged me into this.

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"We started out on a wrong foot and I wanted to make things up to you today." But I was having none of it. I held out my hand to indicate she should stop and said "Look Julia, we are both adults and I think we had a misunderstanding. We need to end this now." Bad move. Once again I saw the maniacal rage rise in her eye. I blanched but before I could say anything further, carla cox gets penetrated nice and deep had crossed over to me and slapped me very hard.

The fight went out of me and tears sprang up in my eyes. ".pl.please," I stammered. "STRIP," she screamed, "STRIP WHORE!!! Evidently you still have not learned your lesson. God, I am so going to enjoy training you." I was trembling and began to take off my clothes but I was not fast enough for her. "QUICKLY," she yelled and gave me a well-directed kick to my ass which sent me sprawling. Huddled on the floor I stripped to my underwear, desperately not wanting Julia to know, to see.

Not wanting Julia to see my raging hard on. The lady had no compunctions and immediately knew my dirty little secret. "You dirty shit," she spat, "you've got a hard on haven't you?' I said nothing.

"HAVEN'T YOU?" she screamed and dealt me another stinging slap. "Yes," I stammered, "yes." "STRIP!" she screamed, and I did, sitting awkwardly on the floor my cock standing erect from my crotch. "Kneel, bitch," she purred and I did. "Now tell the camera what you want. " I hesitated and she raised her hand a little. I flinched and she laughed. "Go on slut," she purred, "tell the camera." I looked speechless at the video camera, its recording light flashing regularly. Julia reached out and I saw the whip again.

She swung it through the air with a swish and I blurted out, "I want cock." "Whose cock?" she demanded?

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"Juila's cock." "And what do you want to do with Julia's cock?" "I want to suck it. Suck it, take it down my throat, taste every bit of it." "Get to work," she purred and positioned herself before me. I could stand it no longer and pulled her thong down.

Her cock sprang free and whipped against my face leaving a strand of sticky pre-cum between my face and her cockeye. The strand broke and Julia allowed me to remove her thong.

She grabbed a handful of my hair, traced precum across my forehead and said, "Do it, monster cock fucking great sexy girl big black cock monstercock could not help it. I was being forced and doing this to save my family. I let Julia ram the 9 inches of black meat down my throat and I almost threw up. The last time I had had a few drinks, but this time I was sober and I tasted her cock meat.

It tasted like crotch, a faint muskiness of piss and pre-cum, a faint saltiness of sweat. . it tasted good. Julia began to ram her pretty brunette hair luscious girl rides up plump cock girlfriend and homemade down my throat ferociously and had she not stopped I would have thrown up.

Luckily she stopped. "Now be a good little cocksuckingwhore and please me. Suck it like your life depends on it." I hesitated and moved my head towards her erect cock, shining with spit, my spit. It looked evil and I pulled back. For this I was rewarded with a stinging slap that send me to the floor. "STUPID BITCH! WHAT DID I TELL YOU?" her face was close to mine and spittle from her contorted yelling sprayed my face.

She yanked me up again. "Suck it like you love it, and believe me I know you do," and for good measure she brought the whip down on my back. I got to work. I leaned forward and ran my tongue on the underside on her heavy black balls. "Go all the way whore, I think you know what to do." And so I continued past her balls, licking her sweaty goonch, going all the way to her asshole, dark black, frighteningly attractive.

There was a quick sharp tap of the whip and I did it. I licked her asshole. I ran my tongue all around the sphincter and she moaned a deep and husky moan that I felt in my cock. I wanted to please her. To make her less angry with me.

To like me. I rimmed her asshole, coating it with a thick coat of my spit. She moaned again and lowered her ass a little. I pushed my tongue against her sphincter and it parted. I slid my tongue in, tasting her pushing more and more in. I began to tongue fuck her and her moaning increased in intensity. "Now do my cock," she moaned and I withdrew, slowing running my cock along her goonch back to her beautiful balls. Her balls were taut with tension and I tookthem into my mouth, savouring their musk.

Her cock rested erect along my nose and my nostrils were conveniently lodged at the little black cave between her cock and balls. I rolled her balls around my mouth, running my tongue over them, coating them, making them slick and shiny with spit. She moaned and held my head in place. Please, please, please let me please her, I thought. I let them out of my mouth and began to lick her balls. I licked with devotion, running my tongue along every wrinkle, every fold of skin, pausing occasionally to take a single ball into my mouth and give it a little suck, pausing to occasionally plant a little kiss on a ball, licking, sucking, kissing.

I did not let up and from her moans I could tell that I was doing a good job. I now wanted to do a good job on her shecock. It was black and beautiful. 9 inches long, uncut, and about three inches thick, a true monster.

It was thickly veined and to start my cocksucking I ran the tip of my nose along the underside and when I reached her red cockeye I kissed it, tasting the salty precum. She did not release her grip on my head but when I dared glance upwards I saw her eyes closed and her face a picture of ecstasy. I resolved to please Julia even more. I ran my tongue down the thick vein on the underside of her cock and then quickly began to kiss the side of her cock, coming back to the engorged head where I kissed the underside and then the top.

I then planted small kisses down the other side of her cock. A primeval animal like sound escaped her and I responded by taking her cock down my throat. It never seemed to end but was finally lodged in my mouth. It was not slick, so I let it out again and began to carefully lick her cock, making love to it, dropping gobs of saliva onto it, massaging it, loving it, worshiping it, until it was coated with saliva.

I then took it into my throat again and began to move my head, deepthroating Julia. "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS." she moaned and brought the whip down on me. I felt good and began to move faster. Now Julia wanted her pleasure and she took matters into her capable hands.

She held my head firmly in place and began to thrust, fucking my face with her cock. The cock hammered my throat driving into me with the full force of Julia's generous and lovely ass behind it. But it felt so good, to be so completely in another's control. I knew Julia would have to cum soon and prepared not to choke or gag.

I would please her even more by swallowing every drop of her cum. And cum she did, with a great moan, shooting great gobs of thick, sticky, sweet cum down my throat. I thought she would never stop but cougar deauxma gets strapon fucks till she squirts when I was ready to burst she stopped but held my head in place.

I sucked on her softening cock greedily and when she let me go quickly sucked on the cockhead for the last drops. I looked up to see Julia smiling at me, her cock now limp and soft with the beautiful wrinkly foreskin covering the cock head.

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She continued smiling and her smile grew, and as it grew, her cock also began to grow, becoming hard again! She signalled with a toss of her head and I obeyed immediately, getting on my hand and knees with my ass facing her. Julia got into position and I felt her spit on my asshole.

And then Julia's huge cockhead was positioned at my asshole. Julia was going to bugger me. And I wanted it. As mentally prepared as I was, nothing could have prepared me for Julia's attack. She entered slowly but without a pause. I gasped at the shock and the pain I felt as her huge cock entered.

"Aaaaaaaaaah." I moaned. "SHUT UP BITCH!" she screamed and gave me a facefull of spit and a slap. Grabbing my hair she spun me so I directly faced the camera. And then she began to bugger me hard and fast. With a cry I collapsed onto the carpet overwhelmed by Julia's weight and the sensation of her cock slamming into my poor asshole.

Julia did not relent. In fact, my distress seemed to give her additional energy and she began to fuck me faster, hips slapping against my ass. And then it began to feel good and fulfilling. Yes, I had come to suck her cock, but I had also come for this, this total humiliation and buggering. I was moaning when Julia's body tensed and she began to cum.

"YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS," she hissed and began to fill my ass with her hot cum. I felt fulfilled that I had helped this woman cum. Burst after burst of hot cum filled my ass and as it did I too burst, shooting my cum onto Julia's carpet. When she had finished Julia pulled out and just sat there, legs splayed out, her shrivelled and wet cock hanging obscenely between her legs. Julia's eye's met mine and dropped to her cock. She did not have to say anything.

I silently got into position and using my mouth began to clean her cock. I was then made to lap up my cum from the carpet. "I'll be sending you the cleaning bill, whore," said Julia and then beckoned me to follow her and let me to the bathroom.

I was told to get into the tub and wait. I knew what was coming, and when she returned she had the camera, which she set up in a corner, and a huge bridgette bs shaved pussy fuck by a fake cock glass beer tankard.

"Now bitch," she barked, "make sure cheating college teen riding cock homemade brunette drink down every drop of my precious piss. Hold the tankard under your chin, so nothing will be wasted." I did as told and watched as a hot stream of piss issued from Julia's cockeye and entered my mouth.

It tasted salty and I attempted to swallow everything. But she pissed like she came, in huge quantities. She directed the last of her piss into the tankard creating a froth. "Now bitch, let's see a bottom's up." And so, raising the tankard I drank and drank, if I paused, the whip would cut across me. Julia quite literally kicked me out of her place when she had finished. I was given barely enough time to get dressed.

As I dressed she watched and taunted me, naked, statuesque and smoking a cigarette. "You want me don't you sweety? You prefer me to Jane don't you?" And as I prepared to leave, again those words, "You'll be hearing from me again, sweety."