Hot office fuck with small tits petite brunette giselle leon

Hot office fuck with small tits petite brunette giselle leon
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The Library Fenton woke up as soon the wagon came to a halt. He sat up slowly, and rubbed his eyes as he tried to adjust to the sun light.

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-We're here- said the wagon driver as he walked around the wagon towards Fenton's luggage. Fenton looked towards the large, majestic marble walls that stood before him. He jumped off the wagon and walked towards the enormous, jewel encrusted, golden gates of the Great Library.

As he walked closer to the entrance, he noticed the large amount of people walking in and out of the library. He could also hear many others talking about medicinal herbs, magic cults, history, etcetera.

He was amazed, never, in his entire life had he heard such elaborated conversations, and they almost seemed to be out of reach compared to his insignificant level of knowledge. -Well, you must be Fenton- said a young man who was approaching him. Fenton analyzed him as he got closer to him. His ginger colored hair brother spying step sister masturbating medium sized, and it curled in an attractive way at the tips.

He had joyful emerald eyes that seemed to be fixated on his own eyes. He seemed to be a tall, and thin young man, but he couldn't really tell, due to the elegant red robe that he had on. -Yes, it's a pleasure to meet you…- was saying Fenton, before he noticed he didn't know the man's name.

The young man let out a small laugh as he saw Fenton's evident feeling of embarrassment. -My name is Clyne Hill- said the young man with a ravishing smile. -Nice to meet you- replied Fenton with a slight blush.

-Here are your things- said the wagon driver as he placed them on the floor next to him. -Thank you- said Fenton without taking his eyes off Clyne.

Fenton reached into a small leather bag he had, and took out a pair of gold coins and gave them to the driver. -For your troubles, and I hope you have a safe trip home- said Fenton with a kind smile.

-Thank you, I wish you luck lad- said the driver with a large smile before leaving. As Fenton watched the man leave in his wagon, Clyne couldn't help but look at him. He felt strangely attracted to him in more than one way, he was fascinated by his seemingly perfect young body, and good looks. -Let's go- said Clyne as he took some jamming for cute oriental japanese hardcore of Fenton belongings and entered the library.

-Sure- said Fenton as he rapidly took his final belongings and ran behind Clyne.

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They seemed to have walked for a couple of minutes as they walked through the maze like paths of the courtyard. With every turn they made, Fenton felt even more excited, he has amazed by the beautiful architecture of the library, its glorious gardens, and it's sublime art work. Soon enough, they stopped in front of a finely crafted wooden door. Clyne opened it, and walked inside.

Fenton followed. -Well, here we are casa dolce casa, or if you don't know what I just said, home sweet home- said Clyne as he sat on one of the two beds in the room. -Wait, so I'm going to live here with you? asked Fenton curiously as he closed the door behind him and placed his belongings on the wooden table in front of him.

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-Yes, or is there a problem? - asked Clyne as he began to undress. -No not rea…- was saying Fenton before he turned towards and Clyne, who was already completely naked. Fenton was stunned at the sight of Clyne's strong muscular back, and his toned round ass.

He couldn't help but gulp down saliva that had begun to form in his mouth. -You were saying- said Clyne as he turned towards Fenton, that way revealing his chiseled abdomen, and his long soft 10cm dick. Fenton could only stare at Clyne's perfect body.

-Hello, Fenton? - said Clyne with a chuckle. -Oh, I was just saying that I didn't mind sleeping with you at all- said Fenton with a smile, before realizing how wrong that must have come out.

Well, not sleeping with you, as in the same bed, but in the same room- said Fenton as his face got flushed with a bright red color. Clyne laughed a bit and threw himself on his bed, his dick slightly rocking from side to side after hitting his body. -Hope you don't mind my nudity, I just love being like this while I'm home- said Clyne as he passed his hand gently over his chest.

-Don't worry, I'm perfectly fine- said Fenton in a somewhat pleasurable tone. -Good- said Clyne with a smile as he placed his hands behind his neck. After talking all evening, the moon raunchy amateur blonde pleasures her wet twat finally risen, and darkness engulfed the room as well as the rest of the library. Even though it was feint, but Clyne could still make out Fenton's now nude body.

It had taken him a while to convince him to sleep nude, but it was worth it. His beautiful skin glowed in the dim moonlight that entered the room through small gaps between the curtains.

Clyne stood up quietly, and walked over towards Fenton. He almost seemed angelic as he slept. Clyne got down on his slowly, and placed his hand gently on top of Fenton's chest. As he slowly caressed Fenton's soft skin, he outlined his slightly toned abs.

Clyne smiled as he noticed Fenton's dick had begun to throb and grow slowly. Clyne gently took Fenton's dick in his hand, it seemed to be half hard. Clyne looked down at his own dick, and noticed he was rock hard. Clyne slowly began to slowly masturbate Fenton's dick until it was completely hard.

He could feel his mouth watering, and he couldn't bear to resist any longer. He gently wrapped his soft lips around Fenton's dick and began by slowly bobbing up and down his shaft. Soon enough, the taste of his dick became addicting, and he increased the speed.

Before he noticed it, he felt a hand on his head that was gently, but quickly guiding him up and down his shaft. Fenton moaned in pleasure as Clyne's soft, wet mouth engulfed his dick. He was so dazed by the ecstatic feeling of Clyne's tongue playing with his head, he didn't even notice he had begun to thrust his horny babe gets plowed at the gym, ramming his dick deep into his mouth.

Fenton got to the point where his thrusts were at full speed, and he was pushing Clyne's head deeper on to his dick, but Clyne didn't seem to mind, he kept on sucking on his dick like a rabid animal.

-I'm going to cum- moaned Fenton. As soon as he heard those words, Clyne began to suck him even faster. Soon enough he obtained what he wanted, as string after string of warm cum burst in to his mouth. He swallowed every single drop, and fell back as he tried to recover his breath. Fenton stood up and tried to walk over to Clyne, but ended up falling next to him.

His legs still felt numb. He dragged himself over to Clyne's dick, and held it in his hand, but before he could wrap his lips around it, Clyne pushed him away gently. Fenton looked at him confused. -Not today- said Clyne as he got up and sat on his bed. We've had enough fun for today, amazing blonde angel masturbating babeblondenerdyglassesblowjobwebcampovmasturbationdeepthroatsmall want you to be tired tomorrow on your first day of studies- said Clyne as he laid on his back.

Fenton got up carefully, he still felt somewhat shaky, and threw himself onto his bed. He felt disappointed, but at the same time, relieved. Memories of Bryce had begun to invade in his mind, and he couldn't help but feel he had somehow betrayed him, but at the same time, wondered if he had done right by leaving him in the past for that brief moment.

Fenton looked towards Clyne, he had fallen asleep. Whatever the case, he knew it would be difficult to resist his sexual urges with him here. -I'm sorry- whispered Fenton to himself as he closed his eyes.