Jonny sins anf natasha nice

Jonny sins anf natasha nice
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Tammy and I had been working hard the last couple of months. I was gone for weeks at a time in my tractor trailer so we were missing each other a lot. When things slowed down some I was planning a trip to Sarasota for us without talking to Tammy about it.

So, I was coming in on Thursday afternoon with the truck and was going to be home for a week or so. And Tammy and I loved the beach so I figured Sarasota would be a great idea now we had been to Sarasota many times so I set the trip up. Now Sarasota had a topless beach area at the time called North Lido Beach. But you had to walk up the beach a long way to get there. Which was ok with us Tammy loved to show of her body but at Lido beach there was no way of getting in trouble.

Well almost anyway it was topless but if you walked further north a lot of ladies would go naked and that's where Tammy wanted to go just about every time.

So, when I got home on Thursday and Tammy came home from work I asked her if she would like to go to Sarasota for the weekend. She was worried about getting the time of but I had already taken care of that with a phone call to her boss the day before. She was jumping with joy at the idea So I told her I would take her to work in the morning and pick her up around 2 the next day for the trip south. Now at the time we lived in South Tampa FL and her twin sister lived about 4 blocks away so getting someone to watch our dogs was never a problem.

After dropping Tammy at work, I went home to pack us a little travel bag, we weren't coming back till Monday afternoon but it's the beach so just how much do you need really. Two bathing suits each and a couple of beach towels and a couple of sun dresses for Tammy and 2 shorts and a couple of shirts for me done. I washed and cleaned the car and filled the gas tank and put a couple of towels on the front seats, after all its FL and seats get very hot.

I picked Tammy up at 2 and we got on the road going south when Tammy decided she wanted out of her work clothes and in to a bathing suit. Now I almost always drive in the left lane because Tammy is an exhibitionist and the idea of someone seeing her gets her going quickly. She never looks behind us when she changes in the car, I silvia saint stockings and high heels compilation to make sure there's no law around but I don't tell her unless it could be a problem.

I am on the interstate with the cruise set at 68 so traffic can go by on or right and the truck drivers were having a great time. We had a light blue 2 door Chrysler Cordoba with white leather interior there's a lot of room in the front of that car. It's was a beautiful day around 80 and the windows were down as she pulls her top of over her head and tosses it in the back seat then comes the lotta big clit top tube porn. She sits up to slip of her slacks which puts her breasts in view even to cars near us.

The slacks, panties and shoes follow the shirt and bra to the back seat. Now naked she leans the seat back and stretches out and smiles asking me if she looks ok. I told her she looked great to me and judging by the amount of trucks lining up on our right she must look great to them also. Tammy just smiled and closed her eyes and slipped her hand down to her crotch rubbing her pussy lips and pulling it open like a blossoming flower for the whole world to see.

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Now it's about 80 miles to Sarasota and Tammy looks like she's napping but every once in a while, her hand would move.

After about 50 miles she sits up and ask me if I am hungry she skipped lunch so she could leave early and was very hungry. There was a sign for a barbeque place of the next exit so I asked if that would be ok? Yup was the answer so I took the exit and went west to the place about a ¼ miles down. As I pulled in the dirt parking lot there were like 10 cars there with big black guys standing all around like they were waiting for some lunch or so thing also.

Now Tammy is still naked when I parked the car only then did she reach into the back seat for the bag to get a sun dress to pullover herself. Half the guys there saw her reaching into sluts face hole and fur pie get rammed back and started to talk with the others about the naked white girl. I looked them over and ask Tammy if she still though this was a good idea? She said yes what are they going to do rape me?

After all you can't rape the willing right dear? So, I pulled me shirt on and we got our flip flops out and walked inside for some barbeque. Now all Tammy had on was the sundress and flip flops I had shorts and a t-shirt my hard-on had gone down when the guys followed us into the restaurant.

Tammy was flirting with the waiter he was about 6' 6" and 245 or so and told Tammy he was on the high school wrestling team. She made a comment about wrestling with him would be fun. As he was bringing us our drinks Tammy turned in her seat and put her leg up on the bench so he could see her pussy as he came over to us.

Now the guys from outside were now seating over to our left so they could not see her but the poor kid could. We had the best service ever the kid came to our table every 3 minutes or so and when he was not there he stood in the front by the salad bar to looking.

The poor kid was hard as a rock by now and Tammy was looking making comment's she even asked him just how big he was?

When the kid said 6'6" Tammy smiled at him looking in his eyes and said no not tall how big are you down there as she pointed to his crotch. The poor kid had no idea what to say so Tammy said it looks about 9 or 10 inches from here? Now you could see his outline in his jeans and she was right at least that big.

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Finely he says yes mam it's over 10 inches and as big as a soda can around. If you're going to be around here in 5 hours I get of work, then and you can find out for yourself. She explained to him we were going to Lido beach and if he and his friends what to stop by there we would be there all weekend way up on the north end also.

It was getting a little late by now so I called the hotel on the north end of the beach that we were going to, to make sure our room was still waiting for us. And pulled back on the interstate Tammy was laughing and talking with me about the black restaurant we had lunch at and all the black guys looking at her little white pussy.

And how it would have been nice to get one or two of those big black cocks to fuck her if we only had the time. It looked more like 8 or 9 black cocks not a couple of them to me. I told her if she had fucked all of them there would be no fun at the beach she would have been too sore to play at the beach. Now Tammy and I had only my step mom caught me spying brazier married for a year or so at this point and sex stories story jaber jasti sexy bedeshi galls had been a virgin when we met so she had only been having sex for about 15 months now.

But we had gone to several Adult Book Stores by then at least once or twice a month so she had about 50 different cocks in that 15 months. Sometimes 4 or 5 at a time so she could have done all of them but I do think she would have been sore tomorrow.

Tammy changed her sundress to the short almost see through one I had packed in the hotel parking lot as I was getting out the rest of the stuff I packed from the trunk. I had parked down by the end of the parking lot so the blankets and things for the beach were closer to the beach for tomorrow. When Tammy walked back to the trunk with me and said I think I will change to the other sundress and pulled the one she had on over her head and folded it up and placed it in the trunk.

Standing there naked she held the other one in front of herself and asked how it look. I called her a little tease and told her to get dressed so we could check in. Tammy smiled and said she was not a tease if I want to have sex right here she would and I believe she would have at that. But we needed to get checked in and look around some so I told her later love get dressed. Now we had stayed at this hotel before on several trips to Lido beach and the crew knew about Tammy's love for being almost naked all the time and did not mind at all as long as she did not upset any of the other guests.

As I walked in to get checked in Tammy walked next to me and was smiling all the time.

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She knew that her dress was like a white bathing suit when it was wet it was see through. In the light her dress left very little to the imagination if not for her dark nipples you would not be sure it was like looking at two brown spots that moved around and it was short too.

There was a new guy on the counter so Tammy just leaned up at the counter as I filled out the registration card to talk with him she asked him if he could bring up some ice for her when he gets of work. I glanced over at her and knew she was hot and wanting to just fuck all weekend. So, I went back to filling out the info but I took my time about it letting her enjoy herself some.

The first thing she did was open the sliding doors and curtains all the way and strip of her dress. We were on the second floor so you had to be across the street on the beach to see into the room.

Tammy said the young man at the desk was getting off in a half hour did I want to stay and watch or go across on the beach and watch. I knew Tammy wanted selena santana her vocal skills turns into wet pussy fucking to herself so said I would walk across the street with the binoculars and watch her have fun.

Now Tammy was only 21 or 22 and the kid at the desk was about 19 I though and the thing I did not know is she had asked him if he had any friends he could bring with him.

Anyway, I dressed in black shorts and a black shirt and kissed her good by as I walked out she came to the door to get another kiss and stood there on her tippy toes kissing me as people walked by.

You could see she had no clothes on but she was behind me so you could not see anything else. I went across the street to the beach and climbed the life guard tower to get a better view. I could see the whole room without the binoculars but with them I could see details YES!

Now you might thing were a little odd but I love watching Tammy get fucked as much as she likes getting fuck by different size shape and color cock all the time. About now Tammy was on the balcony looking for me dirty session by a adorable hottie with melons she turned around and looked at the door looking back at me she smiled and walk to the door to answer it. The young man was standing there with a friend and I think they both almost shit themselves when she opened the door naked.

They both were looking around for me I think when Tammy said something to them and they both laughed and walked in. The one kid had the bucket of ice so Tammy put the Champagne in it for later, then she told them to get naked before she started to put her clothes back on. Tammy started to kiss the first kid as the other started to strip, Tammy loves to French kiss it turns her on and makes her so wet.

She lined them up so I could see from across the street and got down on her knees so she could take turns sucking on their cocks. This went on for about 5 minutes till one of them started to grab her head and force his cock down her throat. Now both of these guys were about 7 to 8 inches in length but one of them was as big around as my forearm luckily for Tammy it was not the guy choking her now with his cock. But the kid was not small by any means anyway he pounded her face several times then pulled her all the way into his crotch and held her there as he pumped his load down her throat.

Tammy got up choking and sat on the bed looking at the kid and saying something to him. He looked ashamed but happy all the same. Tammy took the other kid and laid him on his back she had learned the hard way nu oll xxx story 2019 to let someone with a cock like his get on top to start with. That's a different story but her pussy was sore for a couple of weeks after that one. Tammy climbed on top of this kid and slipped his cock just inside her pussy and pushed down some but his cock head would not go in it seemed to be too big.

I was not sure if I needed to go back over to keep Tammy from getting hurt when other kid handed her some lube she keeps with her. She sat behind the kids cock and started to jerk him off with the lube getting him all lubed up when she was ready she climbed back on to the kid and started all over again.

This time she was able to get his head in and then she just rocked back and forth trying to get him inside her the look on her face was unbelievable her eyes were closed and almost looked like she was in pain.

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But she kept going when she had about 4 inches in she sat up a little pushing even harder and then the kid start to hump up at her real hard trying to drive it all the way in I could see his face and could tell he was about to cum. Tammy just went limp and let him pound away she was cumin all over the place when the kid grabbed her by the hips and pulled her down holding her still as he strained to go deeper. He filled her pussy with his cum and just went limp also.

Tammy laid there for a minute or two then pulled up of him and laid down on the end of the bed. She was holding her hand over her pussy to keep the cum from hot angel goes from giggles hardcore bondage out when the first kid asked if he too could fuck her pussy.

She moved her hand and reached out for him and he just slipped right in to the hilt no problem and it did not take long for him to empty his load also. Japanese teens neck fetish strangle had gotten down and was on my way across the street because I knew Tammy was going to be waiting for me to clean out her pussy with my tongue.

As I was climbing the stairs the two kids were walking down the hall from our room. When I got to the room door it was just push open a little and dark inside so I walked in and closed the door behind me. I stripped of my clothes in the dark and followed the buzzing sound to Tammy's pussy. She had the boys turn off the lights and pull the drapes and leave the door open some. I found her legs spread open and her hand still holding in the cum in. In the dark without saying a word I worked my way up to her well used pussy with my tongue.

As I got there she moved her hand and let the cum run out into my waiting mouth. After I finished cleaning her pussy up and she came again in my mouth she opened the drapes and had me sit on the balcony and gave me a very long blow job. Every time I got ready to cum she would stop and tell about what the boys had said and done to her. I had seen it all but hearing it from her pushed me over the top Tammy had stopped and was talking some more when I pushed up at her face and without even her hands on me I came pumping my cum all over her face and hair.