Cassie young les perversion 04

Cassie young les perversion 04
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I always knew Simon had fancied me, I mean, You can't help but notice when you sit next to him in class and he goes red and stutters. He always helped me with work if I didn't understand any of it but if someone else asked he'd tell them where to go. He was kind of sweet. It was a really hot day, In fact it had been hot all week, So I decided to wear a skirt to school. The only skirt I had and actually liked was really short and white, So you could see straight through it.

I've always been slim with 34D tits, I'm fairly tall so this skirt really complimented my legs. I wore a white top with it and white underwear. My first lesson of the day was maths, The lesson I sat next to Simon. I was a little bit late so all the geeks that get to class early where there, Including Simon. He took one look at me and I swear ebony superheroine fucks a group of big dick aliens nearly came in his pants!

I smiled at him and sat down. The lesson was boring, As usual, So I decided to amuse myself. Simons hand was on the table so I placed my hand on his discreetly and moved it onto my leg. I heard him gulp hard and his hand started to shake!

I like the reaction I was getting so I moved it up slowly, Getting closer and closer to my wet pussy.

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It was so close when the teacher asked him to hand out papers. I sighed and sat back in my chair. I watched him walk over to the teacher.There wasa HUGE bulge in his pants! I couldn't take my eyes off it. He sat back down and I leant over. Purposly pushing my breasts together to give him a good look.

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"Can I come to your house at lunch? I need some help with something" He nodded reluctantly. The lessons before lunch flew by and we both walked to Simons. It wasn't to far from school so we didn't walk to far. Just aswell really, If I had to wait any longer I think I would have made him fuck me in the street!!! As soon as we walked through the door we started kissing. He was a little clumsy but I put that down to nerves. "Lets try and calm you down shall we" I got onto my knees and pulled his trousers down.

He was hard again. Which was good. I hated sucking limp cocks.

Not that I got many! I took every inch into my mouth and nearly gagged! It was huge. I heard him moan, Pushing my head down slightly. I knew he was starting to get into it so I carried on for what seemed like hours before he pulled me upstairs into his bedroom and threw me on the bed.

"Your such a cock tease, You look so damn hot in those clothes". This made me blush, This was soon replaced with a gasp as I felt his hand enter my small panties and feel the wetness in between my legs. I looked into his eyes but he wasn't looking at me, He was looking at my tits, squeezed tightly into my top. I smiled and took it off, His fingers slammed into my hard as his mouth wrapped around one of my nipples. My whole body shook with excitement.

I had to have him. NOW! I pushed him back onto the bed and straddled him, Slipping onto his huge cock.

It slid in so easily. I couldn't believe how wet he had made me! I fucked him so hard his bed creaked!

His hard throbbing cock felt so good as it entered me, then slid back out again. We both eventually came together in screaming unison and collapsed. We bunked the whole afternoon and fucked over and over and over and over and over. My pussy was red raw by the time it came for me to go home. We've fucked LOADS of times since then and everytime is as intense and erotic as the next. If you give this good comments. I might tell you about them ;)