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Sinsiyer man and girl saxx
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My mom worked nights and sometimes if my step-dad or grandparents were unavailable, she would leave me with her old friend (Brenda) from her old high school. Brenda had a daughter (Shay)who was fifty shades of grey xxx veronica avluv age and a son who was a 2 years older (Dante).

Brenda was the kind of mom who was either drunk or strung out most of the time; she would park herself in front of the TV and either zone out or fall asleep for hours. When I was at their house taking a bath before bed Dante would sneak into the bathroom and stare at me when I was in the tub. Sometimes he would help rub soap all over my body. Sometimes he would still his hand down his pants and move it slowly up and down. Brenda would usually have us go to bed around 9pm and she would go to her room and pass out in front of the TV in there.

I slept on the couch when I was with them. One night after everyone had gone to bed I was laying on the couch playing with my pussy under the blanket (I played with myself a lot growing up). Around 10pm I heard someone come in to the living room, I pulled my hands out of my panties and I kept my eyes closed so I didn't get in trouble for being awake.

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Whoever it was kneeled down near me. I felt the blanket being pulled back so I tried to stay lipm in case Brenda was was seeing if I was really asleep. My nightgown had ridden up from me playing with myself so my tummy and panties were exposed. The cool air from the lack of blanket made me want to tense but I did my best to stay limp.

Then I felt fingertips at the edge of my panties. They slid their hand over my warm bald pussy and ran sleep mom sister and fuckbrother finger down the slit. I sighed and the hand pulled away. I pretended to be asleep hoping that they would continue but whoever it was hurried out of the dark room.

I laid there scared and thrilled because someone was playing with me the way I liked to play with myself but I was scared because I didn't know what member of the household did it. I thought that it was probably Dante, but Shay and I had often explored and played with each other when we took baths together, I considered that it was unlikely to be Brenda but not impossible.

The next day I tried watching them all more closely but they seemed totally normal.

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I couldn't wait for bedtime. I was determined to give them a chance to finish what they had started. I had rubbed my pussy a bit after everyone had gone to bed, I was so excited about the potential of being touched that my pussy felt swollen and wet. 10pm arrived and no one came, my stomach was turning with worry that they wouldn't come, but around 10:20 I heard movement. Whoever it was, was creeping near me. I heard a doctor hasham daraz fucking story and realized that it was Dante.

This time he caressed my face with his hand and he ran his thumb along my lower lip, slightly putting his thumb in my mouth to touch the wetness of my saliva. I let my mouth fall open as he held my jaw with his thumb on my bottom teeth and his index finger under my chin.

He proceeded to stick his thumb further into my mouth until he was stroking my tongue lightly. He let go of my jaw and I heard movement just before I felt something firm yet wonderfully soft touching my lips.

I realized that it was his penis and that it was hard and big. He slowly rubbed it along my lips and then he would move the head of it into my mouth and then he would rub it around my lips again and then slowly dip it back in my mouth. This went on for a while but I was in heaven. I loved the feeling of it in my mouth and I loved that every few moments it seemed like his cock would seem to leak a bit of fluid that was salty and tasted great.

He was breathing hard and mumbling words too soft for me to understand. After slowly fucking my mouth for a while he stopped with the head of his cock in my mouth. Though his head wasn't going any lustful women cadence lux and brett rossi lesbian sex into my mouth I could feel movement which I realized was him stroking his cock like he did when Bbw german mature fucked hardcore and blowjob was in the bath.

A few moments of this went by and the tip of his cock was tasting even more salty. He took in a sharp breath and withdrew his cock head enough so that it was barely touching my lower lip and he blew his load in and around my mouth. He dipped his cock in my mouth a few more times and then withdrew.

He had brought something with him to wipe off my face but the bit of cum that had gotten in blonde babe loves a nicec hard cock mouth was mine to keep.

Dante went back to his room and I laid there rubbing my pussy in heaven with the taste of cum in my mouth. The next day I was scheming on how to get more time with his cock. Just after lunch, Dante left the dining room saying that he was going to take a shower. It was the opportunity I needed. I decided that since he walked in on me in the bathroom often I could do the same. Brenda was passed out in her bedroom and Shay was just starting her favorite TV show in the living room.

I turned the bathroom door handle hoping he hadn't locked it. To my relief the handle turned without resistance. As I entered, Dante poked his head out of the shower curtain. I tried to act shy and said, "I really have to pee, I'll be really quick". Dante looked hesitant but said "okay" and closed the shower curtain. I went pee and flushed.

Then I slowly moved to the shower and tried to peek through the gap in the curtain. He was turned so I could only see him from the side but I could see his soft cock and part of his nut sack. I was enthralled and my mouth started to water and my pussy got warm and wet. He turned and suddenly I was looking at the whole package, and I realized that he was looking down at me.

"What are you natural busty teen bangs outdoor for cash he asked. I turned bright red and was terrified as I tried to think of a lie so I said, "I wanted to see what a boy's thing looked like, a girl at school was talking about it and I wanted to see for myself", I looked down at the floor hoping he believed me. He put his hand under my chin and said, "I'm not mad. I understand, I know that girls your age are curious, but you should probably go back out so my mom doesn't get mad.

I'm not sure she would understand your curiosity." It made sense to me so I left the bathroom thrilled that I had seen it. I sat on the sofa while Shay laid on the floor watching TV. After a few episodes Dante had gotten out of the shower and sat next to me on the couch. He was wearing a white wife beater and red baggy basketball shorts. I kept glancing at his crotch and after a while I saw that the bulge in his pants was growing. After a few minutes it looked like something a little smaller than a cucumber was creating a thick line in his pants.

We both glanced at Shay from time to time but she was absorbed in her show. Dante grabbed the blanket from the back of the couch and put it over his lap. I was disappointed so I focused on the TV for a moment and when I looked back at his crotch he was holding the edge of the blanket up and had his thumb hooked in his shorts miley cyrus cum tribute compilation I was looking at the head and a few inches of his cock sticking out of the top of his underwear.

I looked up at him and he was focusing on the TV, I think he was doing it so that if his sister looked back she wouldn't see what he was doing behind the blanket and so she didn't wonder why we were both looking at her brother's lap. We heard a door squeak and knew Brenda was coming out of her room and Dante lowered the blanket over himself. After Brenda passed through the living room into the kitchen, Dante leaned over to me and whispered so softly that it was barely the sound of breath, "come into my room tonight after everyone is asleep and I can tell you more about boy privates".

The next few hours went by terribly slow. At 10pm I got out of bed armed with the lie that I was just heading to the bathroom (just in case I encountered Brenda or Shay) and made it to Dante's door.

I entered quietly and made sure to gently shut the door behind me. Dante was wearing what he had been wearing earlier. He told me to crawl into the lower bunk of his bunk bed near the wall so that if anyone walked into his room they wouldn't see me because his larger body would be blocking me from view. I did as he said and he crawled in after me. It was a small bed so we were pretty close as we both laid our heads on his pillow.

He began to whisper, "okay, so we can't move too much because the bed creaks and we have to whisper because my mom will hear us." I nodded and whispered "okay". He continued, "a penis has two stages: soft and hard" he adjusted himself in the bed and said, "it's soft right now, reach down and touch it" I reached down and touched his squishy soft cock.

Dante said, "yeah, just like that, now pet it and it will grow and get hard" so I did what he said.

I rubbed it and petted it and it got hard pretty quick. I already knew most of what he telling me but him thinking that he was teaching me was giving me a chance to play with his cock. He then said, "When a cock gets hard it means that a guy is ready to squirt this special white stuff that makes guys feel good and that girls really like.

There are lots of ways to get the white stuff out and there are lots of things to do with it. I'm going to show you some of it. So first I want you to scoot down under the blanket until your mouth is is in front of my penis." I did what he said and scooted down until his cock touched my chin, he had pulled his pants down below his butt so his whole package was out.

He said, okay, I want you to put your mouth over the tip and I'm going to move it in and out of your mouth, so just hold your head still". I put my mouth over his cock head and locked my lips right behind the rim of his cock head.

He began to slowly pump his hips back and forth letting his cock gently touch the back of my throat and then withdrawing.

The salty taste was back and I was loving it. "Okay, come back up here he said", I let his cock slide out of my mouth and I wiggled back up. He then started to fumble with my panties getting his hand under the waist band and over my slit, "Now there are a few places that guys like to squirt their white stuff: in a girl's mouth, in a girl's butt hole, in a girl's vagina or all over the girl's body.

Girl's are supposed to want guys to give them their white stuff. Do you want to try to get some of my white stuff?" I nodded and tried not to seem too eager. He continued, "now a guy can only let out white stuff once every few hours and sometimes only once a day". He was fingering me as he spoke, "A penis can make a girl feel really good pretty much anywhere but girls really love a penis to touch their vagina and go inside it. I don't think you are ready for it to go inside of your vagina but I think you might like the way it feels against your vagina.

He pulled down the front of my panties and moved his hips forward until his cock was touching the top of my slit. He kissed the top of my forehead and said, "you just try to lay still and I'll do all of the movement so we stay quiet." he wrapped his arm around me and held me close.

My face was pressed to his chest as he pushed his dick against my pussy lips. I was so wet that his cock slid between my legs easily. His cock was trapped in a tight grip between my thighs, pussy lips and the the elastic band of my underwear. He humped me a slowly, his cock gliding over my clit made me cum. When he would ask if it felt good I would nod my head against his chest lost in pleasure. He said, "oh, your doing so good, you are going to make me squirt." he pumped a few more times and I felt a hotwe wave of cum splash all over my pussy, his continued humping left my pussy smeared with his fluid and I was content.

I went back home the next day after promising Dante that his teachings would be kept secret. It was 3 weeks before I was back at Brenda's house. At around 8:30 that night I had just finished brushing my teeth and about to leave the bathroom when I turned to find Dante leaning in the open doorway.

He was wearing a t-shirt with jogging pants. He lifted his t-shirt up to reveal that his hard cock was pointing up at his belly button pressed tight against his stomach by the waist band of his pants.

His cock head was swollen and luscious, the veins stood out under the skin. He lowered his shirt smiling, obviously pleased at how instantly distracted by his cock I was and said, "I was thinking I could continue teaching you more about boys tonight" I was so pleased teen escort unhappy with huge facial dumped on her excited that I just nodded.

He lifted his shirt one more time and gave me a wider smile, lowered his shirt and left. That night I snuck into his room again and crawled into bed against the wall. This time he said that his cock needed more excitement to squirt and that we could make a little more noise because his mom had a lot to drink that day and would be passed out.

He had me take off my panties and he pulled his pants and boxers down to his knees. He told me to kneel over his face because he was going to make my vagina feel good while I made his cock feel good. He had me suck his cock while he licked my pussy and it felt so good that at one point he had to start lifting his hips off of the bed and start sort of humping young teen daddy taboincest rape gay face because his tongue probing my pussy felt so good.

After a while he had me turn around and straddle his waist so that his cock was pressed between my pussy stella daniels in stockings gets a bbc and his stomach.

He humped while I rubbed my pussy over his cock making myself cum. He grunted and humped but at one point he got frustrated and had me lay on my back while he climbed over me.

He pushed his cock against my slit humping and grinding against me. I came two more times. He stopped for a second and then said, "I want to try something, if it hurts you have to be quiet, you can tell me to stop but you have to be quiet because if we get caught I won't be able to teach you anymore". I nodded and whispered, "I'll be quiet". He nodded and lined his cock head up with my pussy opening and he whispered, "I'm going to go slow".

He began to push, he got a few inches in and shuddered and whispered, "oh your little pussy feels xxxxxxsex wow xxxxxxsex mom sex stories good" he slid further into me. My pussy felt so warm and was so wet, every time he would move or his cock would pulse my pussy would clamp down in excitement. He pulled back and I was about to protest and tell him to keep it in but he started a sliding it in and this time he slid all the way in until his body was pressed tight to mine.

My eyes rolled back into my head and my mouth fell open as I drooled in mind numbing pleasure. He barely pulled back when his body stiffened and he plunged back into me, his dick throbbed and spasmed as he shot his load deep into my cunt. The next night when I crawled into his bed he had me lay on my stomach so he could play with my pussy and ass. He licked my ass and probed me with his tongue and I loved it. Once he had licked my ass, fingered my pussy and stroked himself to his hearts content he climbed on top of me with his legs straddling my thighs and he entered my pussy from behind, he said "I've been watching some adult videos that teach about what men a women do to each other, this is called 'prone bone' and all you have to do is lay flat on your stomach." he rubbed his cock head over my ass hole and slowly down until he was lined up with my pussy hole and he started to push.

He pulled in and out a few times before going as deep as he could.

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He humped me from behind saying things like, "mmm you feel so good" and "damn your pussy feels so good". With his body pressed in a tight line to mine he whispered in my ear from behind, "Your my secret girlfriend now, you can't tell anyone ever or you won't be allowed over here" he began to hump faster. he started to speak in between thrusts "do" thrust "you" thrust "understand" thrust. I nodded.

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He thrust a few more times before I felt him spasm inside of me as he came. I just laid there and wished he could keep cumming in my pussy.