Sexting to lesbian teacher melissa moore gina valentina katie morgan

Sexting to lesbian teacher melissa moore gina valentina katie morgan
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Day One The women stood in a frightened line, hands duct taped behind their backs. They were hooded, gagged and naked. It was a mixture of types and ages. From a well preserved matron to two teenaged girls. "Nice haul." the burly man said looking over the captives with as apprising eye.

"I saw the van in the shed. You're sure you got the right group?" The other man grinned. "Sure thing Boss, the 'Church of Swallows' sign was taped on the side of the bus. It was right where it was supposed to be. The plan worked perfectly." "Good job Two." He smiled. "Seven bitches counting the older one. How old is she?" "According to her drivers license she's fifty one boss." He smirked.

"Marlee is her name, she looks to be in fine shape for an old broad. Can't wait to try her out." The boss grinned. "Fine tits too. I hope her ass is virgin." He grinned wider thinking about what he would do to her. Both of them laughed then. The Boss rubbed his thick cock through his pants. It was growing in anticipation of the fun ahead. They laughed again. The one called Two liked to hear them scream as well. The fourteen-year-old black girl was the one he wanted first.

He thought of Nine, his friend. The horny stepsister casey calvert is shared by best friend sixteen-year-old red head would be his choice. In all, there were fifteen eager dicks for the seven pussies and seven asses. The bitches would be well used before it was over. They would upeksha swarnamali xxx sri lankan actress a few quarts of cum during the next weeks of fun.

"Is everything set up?" The boss asked. "Just like you wanted." Ten said. "Lots of Wood for the fire. Plenty of water and food in the main room." He thought for a second.

"Four cubbies off the central area just down the hall. The extra water line I added did the job. The showers and the toilets near the cubbies are working." He chuckled then. "The best thing is whole this damn place echoes, just the way you hoped." Number One, the boss laughed. "Good job boys. Let's inspect the catch now." He told the group of smiling men. * * * The last thing Marlee remembered was the rental parked bus stopped running.

Then there was a hiss and a strange odor filled the bus. It took only seconds to knock them out. When Marlee woke up, she was groggy and confused. It took a few minutes for her to realize she was naked with a hood over her head. Apparently, she was lying on a rubber mat, in a moving van of some kind. When she realized her wrists were bound behind her back, panic crawled up her back. In the darkness of the hood, Marlee heard the frightened gasps and sobs of the other women and girls who accompanied her on the bus.

Then the van slowed down and stopped. Then initial panicked confusion turned to terror. Shortly they were pulled to their feet, one by one, by gruff hard voiced men, who freely groped tits, pussies, and asses. When any of the terrified women spoke out asking questions, they were told in no uncertain terms to, "Shut the fuck up." Then they were rewarded with hard slaps across their tits or asses.

The cowed, terrified women were herded down a steep ramp to sandy ground. The early morning sun was already hot. It beat down on their exposed skin harshly. A warm breeze promised blistering heat later in the day. The men quickly arranged them in a line. Then to keep them together, they knotted a long thick rope around their necks. "Ok bitches." One of them shouted. "Get your pussies moving!" Then he slapped Marlee's tits and jerked her into motion.

Sobbing and wailing in terror the captives walked behind Marlee. The loose sand was hot, almost burning to their bare feet, as they stumbled toward an unknown horror. After an eternity of hot sand and sweat, their feet touched wonderfully cool gritty soil. "Don't stop ladies." the voice was heavy with derision.

"We're not there yet. Come along." The command was punctuated with gropes and slaps on naked asses and tits. The captives couldn't tell they were in a long concrete corridor with a dirt floor. All they knew it was getting cooler, cool enough to make their sweaty bodies shiver now that they were out of the sunshine.

They turned a corner, then another, and then several odd twists and turns as they were pulled along to the unknown. Finally they stopped.

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The hoods were removed giving them their first sight of hell. The room was large, perhaps a hundred feet in diameter with a high domed ceiling and rough concrete walls. The floor was packed dirt with a few inches of loose sand on top. Lights, hung on iron pipes and walls were widely spaced. Piles of boxes and crates stood against one wall. A fire burned in the center of the room giving scant heat to combat the chill. Five dark doorways, not counting the one they came through, led to as yet unknown horrors.

In an alcove set in one wall, there were four exposed toilets. * two guys slam a milf in stockings * horny latina teen gets banged in doggy style * "Nice job Bud." Number One said. "It's just about perfect. "Thanks Boss." Fifteen grinned. "Them mats and blankets are for the whores." He said pointing.

"Our beds are through that there door. See the poles and chain over there?" He pointed to iron poles not far from the fire. "All the tether poles are ready for the whores." "Good, Fifteen," The boss remarked, and then asked.

"You prefer seconds don't you?" Fifteen nodded. "Yep, I like Sloppy seconds best. My dong slips in jizz filled whores easer an' they don't scream as much." He laughed patting a huge bulge in his pants, then asked. "Are we going inspect the whores soon?" Fifteen grinned. The 'inspection' was humiliating to say the least.

Fifteen ruthless men, surrounded the five naked helpless women and the two naked equally and helpless teenaged girls. The boss carried a clipboard with a list of their names. Thick fingers were roughly poked in pusses' and asses' checking who was virgin and who was not.

Before the 'inspection' was, finished two of the woman dropped to their knees and began to pray. "This shit happens every time we pick up a church group." Three snorted in disgust. He stepped in front of the raven haired beauty listed as Ruth.

"You stupid whore." He smiled." That God doesn't give a damn." He pulled out his dick and waved it in her face, "Open your mouth and meet your new God." Ruth was indeed beautiful. She had an angel's face, firm 'C' cup tits with thighs and an ass to drive a man crazy. She looked down refusing to look at the cock waving in her face. "Suck it whore!" Three snarled. "I can't. That's a sin." she whispered tears running down her flushed face. He grabbed a hand full of long raven hair pulling her face up until he looked in her dark eyes.

"You will suck my dick or I'll rip you face off Bitch." He shouted. Then he backhanded her face twice. "You got that whore!" Ruth whimpered blood ran out of her mouth. She closed her eyes raised her chin and opened her mouth. She flinched when the dick head slid over her puffy lips. The other woman Beth, was a dark golden color, opened her mouth without protest to take Sixes cock deep in her mouth.

Her blush covered her face shoulders and the tops of her conical 'B' cup breasts. Six smiled viciously, her ass would be the first one he fucked if the dice rolled right. Beth and Ruth learned how to swallow cum within minutes of each other. * amateur redhead does bj until facial cumshot * * In the dim light of the large room, the captives languished in silent fear on their assigned spaces.

They could only move around in an area the radius of six feet. They were spaced far enough apart they could not talk to each other. Each captive was leashed, by a chain, to an iron pole set in concrete. The chain was attached to their new leather collars. Additionally they were fitted with leather wrist and ankle bands The dice game to see which man got first choice was nearly finished.

The captives watched with apprehension. They knew the raucous game had something to do with them, but exactly what, other than being raped, they could only guess. Then the men were silent. Thee men broke away from the others and approached the captives. They stopped near the captives. As the women watched, three men took off their shorts, leaving their shoes on.

They were a heavyset six foot black man, a tall lean dark Hispanic with garish tattoos, and a medium sized nondescript white man. * * * The three naked men shook hands and separated, each headed toward their prize. The black stopped by the only true blonde women captive. Faith was twenty six, pretty, not beautiful, otherwise she a sailors dream. Not tall, about five feet six, curvy legs with wide hips, slim waist, lush body, and tits made to suckle on.

She was married to the assistant pastor of the church the group attended. Unfortunately for her, she was very pious, a prude and a bitch. "Stay away from me Satan!" She hissed her blue eyes wide with fear and loathing. "Don't touch me or God will smite you to down!" She had backed to the full length of the chain.

"Your god means nothing here whore." He said in a tranquil voice. "This is your new god." He waved his thick cock at her. "You're going to worship it like nothing you have before." She covered her reddish blonde bush with one hand. "Never!" She snarled. He smiled, and then unhooked the chain from the post. "Come with me whore." He said, pulling her toward him as he pulled loops in the chain hand over hand.

Faith braced herself, digging her heels in. To no avail, her heels made to furrows in the sand, until he grabbed a handful of blonde hair and jerked her to her knees. "How do you like that bitch?" Laughing he wrapped the chain around her arms and body pinning her arms tight. "You're a fighter I like that. Get up you fucking piece of shit." When Faith was on her feet, he pushed her toward a door. "After you whore." Sally was a slim and only five feet two, she was a sixteen all natural college blondie samantha rone fucked sweet eighteen and first time old girl with flaming red hair and green eyes.

Her tits were small, high on her chest but well shaped with long pink nipples. She was on her knees, her arms crossed over her tits, whimpering in fear.

She cringed when he walked up to her. "A little red haired whore." He remarked, as if he was telling her what time it was. "I never fucked a red head before." Large tears ran down her flushed face." Please don't hurt me." She whined in a little girl voice. "As long as you don't fight too much I won't slap you around…much." He said. He unhooked her chain and gave it a tug.

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"Follow me slut, it's time for a little fun." Sally staggered to her feet, and then followed him on weak shaky knees, sobbing brokenly. Eve was a twenty four year old divorc?and new to the congregation. She had short brunette hair and blue eyes. An attractive woman about twenty pounds over weight and stood five feet one.

Eve stood rock still, sweat dripping off her big lush tits, her mouth open, staring at her prospective rapist with horror. When he got to Eve, he stopped a few feet away and looked her over smiling. "Shit I love chunky broads." He quipped. 'Kneel whore!

"He commanded. Eve didn't move. She just rough hate sex and revenge slave bondage this is our most extreme case file to date there, eyes wide, mouth open. "On your knees, you stupid bitch!" He shouted. "Eve blinked, then trembling settled to her pudgy knees. "That's more like it." He said stepping up to her. He waved his prick in her face.

"Have a taste slut. Your mouth is open, you must want to suck dick. Eve's mouth snapped shut. "Don't try that shit on me!

You fucking tease!" He snorted. Open you shittin' mouth and suck my cock! You know what happens if you don't." "In front of everybody?" She whined, "Please do I have to?" Her eyes pleaded with him.

"In front of everybody and god!" He hissed, with one hand balled in to a fist. "Do it whore. Suck now!" Eve hesitantly pushed the foreskin back and guided his cock in to her open mouth. Then without urging, she began bobbing her head on his hard cock. After a minute or two, he pulled his hard dick out of her mouth. "That's enough bitch." He said.

Then he unhooked her chain. "Come with me…I know a nice place to do this right." He tugged on the chain and told her to walk ahead of him.

Eve was obviously in a state of shock. She flinched but didn't protest when he hooked his thick thumb in her ass. * * * It was still and hushed in the large room.

The four remaining women huddled by their tether posts terribly alone. Edna a slightly graying thirty two, the pleasingly plump woman silently leaned against the iron tether pole weeping. Helen, twenty five, a slim brunette with a charlyse bella takes care of morning wood pov attractive face and the mother of two had her legs spread wide pressing her cunt against the tether pole between her legs.

She clutched the pole desperately, pulling her crotch tight against its iron coldness. Her dark eyes saw nothing as she rubbed her dark thatched mound up and down against the pole. The black girl Reba, laid curled in a fetal ball trembling. Once in a while, she would look at the men and sob. Marlee sat on her heels staring at the men with an unreadable expression on her face. Tears ran down her cheeks. * * * The first faint indistinct sounds of a woman in pain echoed in the room. Whoever it was, was pleading for him not hurt her.

There was the meaty sound of a slap, then loud sobbing. "Oh God no!" She sobbed. "It's too big! The male voice was louder, and very distinct. "Hold still Whore! Stop moving!" Then there was another loud slap. Her voice rose to a near shriek "No! Not there! Please no!" Her scream rolled through room full of agony and despair. "Aaaaah! No! Eeeeeeee! Take out! Take it out! It's too big! Oh, god help meee! "The male voice came back louder.

"Scream bitch scream! No one is going to help you!" The sobbing rose to a hysterical pitch. Then came the faint slapping sound of flesh on flesh. " Stop! Stop!

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No, No! Oh please no! No!" She chanted. Her voice rising in volume and pitch with each repeated, plea, until it became a shriek of pain. Another shrill scream of denial rose from a different source. "No! Don't do this vile thing!" A girl's voice pleaded. Then she shrieked loud enough to drown everything else out.

Silence ruled for a few seconds. Then ended with a mans shout of triumph. From one of the dark doorways, a third female voice screamed in pain and horror once, twice.

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Then just the sound of flesh on flesh came from the darkness. About forty five minutes after the first woman was led away. Faith came staggering back pulled along by the chain attached to her collar. The black man smiled broadly. Faith was a little worse for wear. Cum ran down her thighs and was on her face plus she sported several burses on her face and tits.

Her blue eyes were blank as if know one was roxy reynolds fucks the shit out of lex steele. The tall Hispanic man carried Sally back. Her arms were around his neck, her head lying against his chest. Her slim legs wrapped around his waist. It was easy to see that his long thick cock was still buried in her freshly used cunt. When he laid her down on the sandy floor, her virginal blood on her thighs was easy to see.

She laid there moaning. "Please don't hurt me. Please don't." over and over. Eve staggered as well.

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When she reached her tether pole, he pushed her down roughly to sprawl face down in the sand. Her ass was covered with red handprints, cum oozed out of her ass. Her assailant grinned viciously at the other women as he walked by. "I'll be fucking your asses' later whores." * fantastic blonde floozy pleasures a long dick big tits and cumshot * * Helen stood up, looked at the men lounging by the fire.

She held her pussy open while she thrust her hips at them. Then she shouted. "What are you waiting for you mother fuckers!

Fuck me! Rape me!" She fell to her hands and knees sobbing brokenly. "I can't stand it any more. Get it over with, all of you animals can fuck meeee!" she shrieked. She collapsed on the sand clutching her pussy sobbing. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me." Helen kept repeating, her voice getting weaker and weaker as it trailed off in to an agonized whisper.

Twelve men broke away from the fire leaving three others behind. Grinning and joking they walked toward the tethered captives. When they reached Helen, they formed a circle around her. The man named One sneered at her. "You're going to get what you asked for whore." He said, stepping out of his shorts.

The others fallowed suit. They didn't form a line, they descended on her like a swarm of locusts. Continued …………&hellip.